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Books in the History of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, and MEDICINE 2017–2018


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Johns Hopkins University Press  1

SCIENCE Our Germans Project Paperclip and the National Security State

Brian E. Crim A gripping history of one of the United States’ most controversial Cold War intelligence operations. 2018

264 pp., 12 b&w photos

78-1-4214-2439-2 $39.95 hc  Also available as an e-book

The Ruin of J. Robert Oppenheimer And the Birth of the Modern Arms Race

Priscilla J. McMillan foreword by Martin J. Sherwin, coauthor of the Pulitzer Prize–winning American Prometheus

The true story of the government conspiracy to bring down J. Robert Oppenheimer, America’s most famous scientist.

Johns Hopkins Nuclear History and Contemporary Affairs Martin J. Sherwin, Series Editor 2018

392 pp., 23 b&w photos

978-1-4214-2567-2 $29.95 pb  Also available as an e-book

The Problem with Pilots How Physicians, Engineers, and Airpower Enthusiasts Redefined Flight

Timothy P. Schultz An illuminating look at how human vulnerability led to advances in aviation technology. 2018

288 pp., 10 halftones

978-1-4214-2479-8 $44.95 hc  Also available as an e-book

Creatures Born of Mud and Slime The Wonder and Complexity of Spontaneous Generation

Daryn Lehoux How did the concept of spontaneous generation survive for so long?

Singleton Center Books in Premodern Europe 2017

192 pp., 1 halftone

978-1-4214-2381-4 $44.95 hc Also available as an e-book

From Madman to Crime Fighter The Scientist in Western Culture

Roslynn D. Haynes The story of the scientist in Western culture, from medieval images of alchemists to present-day depictions of cyberpunks and genetic engineers.  Johns Hopkins University Press  2


424 pp., 23 halftones

978-1-4214-2304-3 $34.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Young William James Thinking Paul J. Croce How did youthful struggle give rise to the William James of philosophical legend and popularity? 2017

384 pp., 16 b&w photos

978-1-4214-2365-4 $54.95 hc Also available as an e-book

SCIENCE Science and Religion A Historical Introduction

second edition

edited by Gary B. Ferngren An essential examination of the historical relationship between science and religion. 2017

496 pp.


$32.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Reading Galileo Scribal Technologies and the Two New Sciences

Renée Raphael How did early modern scientists interpret Galileo’s influential Two New Sciences? 2017

280 pp., 28 halftones, 2 line drawings $54.95 hc Also available as an e-book


Natures in Translation Romanticism and Colonial Natural History

Alan Bewell Understanding the dynamics of British colonialism and the enormous ecological transformations that took place through the mobilization and globalized management of natures. 2016

416 pp., 12 halftones

978-1-4214-2096-7 $60.00 hc Also available as an e-book

The Age of Analogy Science and Literature between the Darwins

Devin Griffiths “Griffiths takes a strikingly different approach to the connection between literary studies and the history of science, exploring their shared intellectual and rhetorical medium in the emergent discourse of comparative historicism.”—Ian Duncan, University of California– Berkeley 2016

352 pp., 7 halftones, 3 line drawings

978-1-4214-2076-9 $55.00 hc Also available as an e-book

Righting America at the Creation Museum Susan L. Trollinger and William Vance Trollinger, Jr.

Medicine, Science, and Religion in Historical Context Ronald L. Numbers, Consulting Editor 2016

344 pp., 11 halftones, 2 line drawings $26.95 hc Also available as an e-book


Johns Hopkins University Press  3

“The book is at its best when it situates the Creation Museum within the longer history of how we present objects and organize knowledge.”—Los Angeles Times



Science and Technology in World History

DeWitt Clinton and Amos Eaton

An Introduction

third edition

Geology and Power in Early New York

James E. McClellan III and Harold Dorn

David I. Spanagel

“If I could attach bells and whistles and flashing lights to this review I would do so because McClellan and Dorn’s book deserves to be brought to the attention of all professional historians—and indeed the general reading public.”

“A significant contribution to our current understanding of the history of science between the first scientific revolution of the early modern period and the emergence of modern, professionalized science . . . Provocative and compelling.” —American Historical Review

—Canadian Journal of History/Annales canadiennes d’histoire

2014 284 pp. 7 halftones, 3 line drawings

2015 552 pp. 36 b&w illus., 83 line drawings


978-1-4214-2400-2 $24.95 pb

$29.95 pb

Also available as an e-book

Also available as an e-book

Ethical Imperialism

Alfred Wegener

Institutional Review Boards and the Social Sciences, 1965–2009

Science, Exploration, and the Theory of Continental Drift

Zachary M. Schrag

Mott T. Greene

“A powerful indictment of the IRB regime.”—Law and Politics Book

“A magnificent, definitive, and indefatigable tribute to an indefatigable man . . . Greene beautifully puts the record straight with a portrait of Wegener as a respected ‘cosmic physicist.’”

Review 2010

Also available as an e-book

The World of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, Mathematician of God

—Nature  Johns Hopkins University Press  4

2015 696 pp. 28 b&w photos, 42 line drawings


264 pp.

978-1-4214-2402-6 $24.95 pb

Massimo Mazzotti

$44.95 hc

Also available as an e-book

The fascinating true story of female mathematician Maria Agnesi. UniversityPress

Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Mathematics, Ronald Calinger, Series Editor 2007

240 pp., 7 halftones


$24.95 pb

Also available as an e-book


Instrumental Intimacy EEG Wearables and Neuroscientific Control

Melissa M. Littlefield A critical examination of the rise of wearable EEG monitors. 2018

176 pp., 12 halftones

978-1-4214-2465-1 $42.00 hc Also available as an e-book

The Textbook and the Lecture Education in the Age of New Media

Norm Friesen Why do the basic technologies of education—the book and the lecture—endure in our digital age? A Hopkins Series on Education and Technology

Back on Track American Railroad Accidents and Safety, 1965–2015

2017 192 pp. 25 halftones, 5 line drawings

Mark Aldrich

Also available as an e-book

A fascinating account of one of America’s most important industries and its dangers.

Hagley Library Studies in Business, Technology, and Politics Richard R. John and Erik Rau, Series Editors 2018 312 pp. 26 b&w photos, 17 line drawings


$59.95 hc

Also available as an e-book

A Telephone for the World

Tiger Check Automating the US Air Force Fighter Pilot in Air-to-Air Combat, 1950–1980

Steven A. Fino How did American fighter pilots respond to the challenges posed by increasing automation? 2017 448 pp. 45 b&w photos, 30 line drawings

978-1-4214-2327-2 $79.95 hc

Iridium, Motorola, and the Making of a Global Age

Martin Collins

Also available as an e-book

Before the Refrigerator How We Used to Get Ice

2018 272 pp. 18 b&w photos, 5 line drawings

$44.95 hc

Also available as an e-book

Jonathan Rees How increased access to ice— decades before refrigeration— transformed American life.

How Things Worked Robin Einhorn and Richard R. John, Series Editors 2018

144 pp., 10 b&w illus., 2 maps

978-1-4214-2459-0 $19.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Johns Hopkins University Press  5

In a post–Cold War world, the Iridium satellite network revealed a new age of globalization.


978-1-4214-2433-0 $32.95 hc

Technology NEW IN PAPERBACK The Cybernetics Moment Or Why We Call Our Age the Information Age

Ronald R. Kline “Readers have in The Cybernetics Moment the first authoritative history of American cybernetics.”—Information & Culture

New Studies in American Intellectual and Cultural History Jeffrey Sklansky, Series Editor 2015

352 pp., 6 halftones, 4 line drawings

978-1-4214-2424-8 $24.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Engineering Victory How Technology Won the Civil War

Thomas F. Army, Jr. “A comprehensive, highly erudite history of military engineering in the Civil War. The standard work against which all others are measured.” —Michael C. C. Adams, author of Living Hell: The Dark Side of the Civil War

Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology Merritt Roe Smith, Series Editor 2016

392 pp., 18 halftones, 10 maps

978-1-4214-2516-0 $24.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Making Tobacco Bright Creating an American Commodity, 1617–1937

Barbara Hahn In her sweeping history of the American tobacco industry, Hahn traces the emergence of the tobacco plant’s many varietal types, arguing that they are products not of nature but of economic relations and continued and intense market regulation.

Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology Merritt Roe Smith, Series Editor 2011

248 pp., 21 b&w illus.


$19.95 pb Also available as an e-book

MEDICINE Cesarean Section An American History of Risk, Technology, and Consequence

Jacqueline H. Wolf Cesarean Section is the definitive history of this surgical procedure

and its use in North America.  Johns Hopkins University Press  6


368 pp., 17 halftones, 8 graphs

978-1-4214-2552-8 $49.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Living in Death’s Shadow Family Experiences of Terminal Care and Irreplaceable Loss

Emily K. Abel Challenging assumptions about caregiving for those dying of chronic illness. 2017

184 pp.


$39.95 hc Also available as an e-book


Burdens of War Creating the United States Veterans Health System

Jessica L. Adler Drawing readers into a critical debate about the level of responsibility America bears for wounded service members, Burdens of War is a unique and moving case study.

Reconfiguring American Political History Ronald P. Formisano, Paul Bourke, Donald DeBats, and Paula M. Baker, Series Founders 2017

368 pp., 4 b&w photos, 3 b&w illus., 1 map, 6 graphs

978-1-4214-2287-9 $49.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Essential Readings in Medicine and Religion Gary B. Ferngren and Ekaterina N. Lomperis An indispensible collection of sources chronicling the relationship between medicine and religion from ancient to modern times. 2017

296 pp.

978-1-4214-2290-9 $32.95 pb Also available as an e-book

The Lomidine Files The Untold Story of a Medical Disaster in Colonial Africa

Guillaume Lachenal translated by Noémi Tousignant

Tracing the nightmarish effects of the “wonder drug” Lomidine in preventing sleeping sickness in Africa. 2017

240 pp., 15 b&w photos, 2 maps $34.95 hc Also available as an e-book


On the Other Hand Left Hand, Right Brain, Mental Disorder, and History

Howard I. Kushner Does being left-handed make a person different in any way that matters? 2017

216 pp., 15 halftones, 4 line drawings

978-1-4214-2333-3 $26.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Fixing the Poor Molly Ladd-Taylor How state welfare politics—not just concerns with “race improvement”—led to eugenic sterilization practices. 2017

304 pp., 10 halftones, 2 maps, 1 graph

978-1-4214-2372-2 $54.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Johns Hopkins University Press  7

Eugenic Sterilization and Child Welfare in the Twentieth Century


Artificial Hearts The Allure and Ambivalence of a Controversial Medical Technology

Mad-Doctors in the Dock Defending the Diagnosis, 1760–1913

Shelley McKellar

Joel Peter Eigen

A comprehensive history of the development of artificial hearts in the United States.

A captivating history of the defense of the insanity plea in England.

2017 376 pp. 32 b&w illus., 9 color plates


978-1-4214-2355-5 $54.95 hc

Also available as an e-book

Also available as an e-book

Imperfect Pregnancies A History of Birth Defects and Prenatal Diagnosis

Ilana Löwy How has prenatal testing, once offered only for high-risk pregnancies, become standard medical care for pregnant women today? 2017

296 pp.

978-1-4214-2363-0 $44.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Life Histories of Genetic Disease Patterns and Prevention in Postwar Medical Genetics

Andrew J. Hogan  Johns Hopkins University Press  8

A history of genetic testing warns that such tests may tell us more than we want to know. 2016

280 pp., 24 halftones

978-1-4214-2074-5 $40.00 hc Also available as an e-book

224 pp., 3 line drawings

978-1-4214-2048-6 $40.00 hc

Murder and the Making of English CSI Ian Burney and Neil Pemberton The engrossing account of how science-based forensics transformed the investigation of twentieth-century murders and in the process invented CSI. 2016

248 pp., 37 halftones

978-1-4214-2040-0 $24.95 hc Also available as an e-book

A History of Global Health Interventions into the Lives of Other Peoples

Randall M. Packard A sweeping history explores why people living in resourcepoor areas lack access to basic health care after billions of dollars have been invested in international-health assistance. 2016

432 pp., 15 halftones


$35.00 pb

Also available as an e-book



Pathologist of the Mind Adolf Meyer and the Origins of American Psychiatry

S. D. Lamb “Many, perhaps most, psychiatrists know that Meyer is an important figure in American psychiatry, but usually don’t quite know why. Dr. Lamb’s superb book makes the reasons pellucidly clear.”—Francis Mark Mondimore, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 2014

320 pp., 16 halftones, 6 line drawings $22.95 pb Also available as an e-book


Immunity William E. Paul, MD A leading figure in immunology takes readers inside the remarkably powerful human immune system. 2015

280 pp., 14 halftones, 10 line drawings

978-1-4214-2528-3 $18.95 pb Also available as an e-book

The Great Stink of Paris and the Nineteenth-Century Struggle against Filth and Germs David S. Barnes “Tells an intriguing tale and prompts us to ask how our own cultural contexts affect our views and actions regarding environmental and infections scourges here and now.”—New England Journal of Medicine 2006 328 pp., 11 halftones, 4 line drawings 978-1-4214-2565-8 $34.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Marrow of Tragedy The Health Crisis of the American Civil War

Margaret Humphreys “An immensely readable synthesis of what [Humphreys] terms ‘the greatest health disaster that this country has ever experienced.’” —The News & Observer 2013

400 pp., 19 halftones

978-1-4214-2277-0 $29.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Jeremy A. Greene “An enlightening and passionately written work, Generic opens the ‘black box’ of the pharmaceutical world.”—Siddhartha Mukherjee, Assistant Professor of Medicine, author of The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer 2014

376 pp., 8 halftones, 9 line drawings

978-1-4214-2164-3 $24.95 pb Also available as an e-book

Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins Press 9 University Press  9

Generic The Unbranding of Modern Medicine

ENVIRONMENT Hydrocarbon Nation How Energy Security Made Our Nation Great and Climate Security Will Save Us

Thor Hogan Understanding the complex history of US fossil fuel use can help us build a sustainable future.

The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science 2018

464 pp., 19 line drawings, 2 charts

978-1-4214-2506-1 $59.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Making the Most of the Anthropocene Facing the Future

Mark Denny Humans have changed the Earth so profoundly that we’ve ushered in the first new geologic period since the ice ages. So, what are we going to do about it? 2017

224 pp.

978-1-4214-2300-5 $24.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Undermined in Coal Country On the Measures in a Working Land

Bill Conlogue “Bill Conlogue’s insightful book masterfully takes stock of transformations in the region’s present by uncovering much of its forgotten past.”—John Bodnar, author of Our Towns: Remembering Community in Indiana 2017

240 pp., 19 b&w photos, 2 maps

978-1-4214-2318-0 $32.95 hc Also available as an e-book

North Atlantic Right Whales From Hunted Leviathan to Conservation Icon

David W. Laist The fascinating story of North Atlantic right whales—from their evolutionary origin, through a thousand-year history of relentless pursuit by whalers, to ongoing efforts to rescue them from the brink of extinction. 2017

464 pp., 76 b&w photos, 12 maps, 6 graphs, 8 color plates

978-1-4214-2098-1 $44.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Energy Humanities An Anthology

edited by Imre Szeman and Dominic Boyer How can humanities scholars help us respond to growing concerns about climate change and fossil fuels?  Johns Hopkins University Press  10


616 pp., 6 color photos, 3 halftones, 7 line drawings

978-1-4214-2189-6 $49.95 pb Also available as an e-book

The Draining of the Fens Projectors, Popular Politics, and State Building in Early Modern England

Eric H. Ash How landowners, drainage projectors, and investors worked with the Crown to transform England’s waterlogged Fens.

Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology, Merritt Roe Smith, Series Editor 2017

416 pp., 17 halftones, 8 maps

978-1-4214-2200-8 $54.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Environment The History of the London Water Industry, 1580–1820 Leslie Tomory How did pre-industrial London build the biggest water supply industry on earth? 2017

336 pp., 34 b&w illus., 10 maps, 11 graphs

978-1-4214-2204-6 $54.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Aluminum Upcycled Sustainable Design in Historical Perspective

Carl A. Zimring Tracing the benefits—and limitations—of repurposing aluminum.

Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology Merritt Roe Smith, Series Editor 2017

216 pp., 18 halftones, 2 line drawings

978-1-4214-2186-5 $39.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Wild by Nature North American Animals Confront Colonization

Andrea L. Smalley “Placing animals at the center of the story of colonization, Wild by Nature is a provocative and persuasive book.”—Ted Steinberg, author of Down to Earth: Nature’s Role in American History 2017

352 pp., 2 b&w photos, 10 b&w illus.

978-1-4214-2235-0 $49.95 hc Also available as an e-book

The Slain Wood Papermaking and Its Environmental Consequences in the American South

William Boyd “The Slain Wood is a remarkable contribution to southern economic and environmental history”—Business History Review

Studies in Industry and Society, Philip B. Scranton, Series Editor 2015

376 pp., 7 b&w photos, 4 maps, 9 graphs 978-1-4214-1878-0 $55.00 hc Also available as an e-book

Coal and Empire The Birth of Energy Security in Industrial America

Peter A. Shulman “Offers an intellectual feast for both historians and modern energy scholars.”—Technology and Culture 2015

336 pp., 10 halftones

978-1-4214-1706-6 $49.95 hc Also available as an e-book

Johns Hopkins University Press  11

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Energy Humanities Edited by Dominic Boyer and Imre Szeman The Energy Humanities book series will showcase the very best books from a variety of disciplines that apply humanistic insights and methods to issues surrounding anthropogenic climate change and the unsustainability of the fuels we use to power our modern society.

Information Cultures Edited by Ann Blair, Anthony Grafton, and Earle Havens Information Cultures is an important new series of books on the intellectual and cultural circumstances that surround and shape the production, reading, and public consumption of texts as material and digital objects throughout history.


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JHUP Books in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine 2017-2018  

New and favorite books in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine from Johns Hopkins University Press

JHUP Books in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine 2017-2018  

New and favorite books in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine from Johns Hopkins University Press