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innovative cleaning

Indoor protection

Bacterial and fungal control

Indoor Revolutionary, eco friendly solution The treatment is an eco-friendly, transparent and water-based coating that eliminatesviruses, bacteria, mold and fungal growth effective up to 99.9% within a few seconds. Byusing features of the Nano particular titanium dioxide this treatment takesthe next big step in terms of environmental improvements and indoor climate. The green solution is one step into the next decades in bacteria control.The coating well also removes bad smell from the toilets, smoking and other bad smell. The indoor climate will become significantly improved for the benefit of allergy sufferers and asthmatic.


An ideal solution for

• Long-lasting elimination of 99.99% ofall bacteria and viruses.

• Off-Shore, Marina

• Effective and long-lasting air purification. • Self-cleaning properties. • Reduces cleaning costs by an average of 30% and keeping the chalk away. • Environmentally friendly. • Reducing sickness in your business • Living up to all EU health and safetyrequirements. • Tried and tested among bakeries, slaughterhouses,kindergartens and schools.

• Healthcare • Farmer • Kindergarten • Schools • Bakeries • Restaurants • Slaughterhouses • Hotels • Offices • Supermarket • Mobile office

Extremely effective - 100% SAFE The coating mainly consists of totally naturalproducts. The coating is applied with an electrostaticmachine on all surfaces -floor,walls and ceiling. The coating well be activated by the light.(Natural daylight or with the use of a lightbulb)This creates a photocatalytic process whichan active surface with eliminates harmful airborne pollutantssubstances. It also prevents the bacteria, viruses and molds in building up on thetreated surfaces. The coating is EU approvedand lives up to all European Security andhealth directives.

Effect and durability The indoor treatment is working for two years andis fighting bacteria continuously. The indoor treatment willduring the whole period keep the area bacteria andviruses free. (99% guaranty) At the same time the treatmenteliminate bad odors from For example. toilets,smoking rooms, mold and much more. Benefits is also a significantly improved indoor climate without mold,bacteria, viruses and odors. The indoor treatmentis transparent surface and corresponds to 1/20 a Hair thickness, although the abrasion resistance is 150,000 repetitions.

Project progress TTCLEAN Global is handling the entire project with our talentedteam leaders at the customer sites. We prepare thatdesired arrear, with our deep, clinical cleaning before the treatment. After cleaning the surface, the treatment wellbe coating on the surface and the premises can be used within hoursafter the treatment. The coating is performed withan electrostatic machine that makesthe result perfect. After the treatment, all of the treatedsurfaces are much easy to clean without any use of chemicals.

Contain: Water H2O . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95% Nano Titandioxid TiO2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2% Alcohol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2% TilsĂŚtningsstoffer: Ag, . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0,1%

Check cases on

Resultat Type of bacteria



Staphylococcus aureus/MRSA

ATCC 6538


Escherichia coli/intestinal bacteria

ATCC 10536


Enterococcus hirae

ATCC 10541


Pseudomonas aeruginosa

ATCC 15442


Listeria monocytogenes

ATCC 10112


Salmonella typhimurium

Nctc 12023 Result after treatment with CleanShield


99,9 %

Absalons Hotel in Copenhagen Absalon Hotel in Copenhagen has been renovated, this from the roof top of the hotel and to all the rooms. The hotel is now beautifully in an English style, and the visitors’ experience at the Absalon Hotel must always be in the top. With 161 completely renovated rooms, it requires a lot of time, to keep cleanliness in top daily. Particularly around the bathrooms rapidly arise lime problems. Hotel Director Karen Nedergaard has been at the forefront of the events. She ordered before the reopening of Absalon Hotel, a total surface treatment of all the hotel’s 161 bathrooms.

Hotels experience with our treatment The result of the Global TTCLEAN green solution is great. We have minimized our cleaning costs significantly. In addition, the treatment for the Absalon hotel has been protected bathrooms grout and therefore there will be no more attacks by mold. The treatment also keeps all bacteria and viruses away and that ensuring our guests. TTCLEAN Global treatment is highly recommended to other hotels because they save money on their solution. Kind regards Karen Nedergaard CEO

Bernstorff slot Bernstorff Castle was built in the years 175965 and over time was used as a holiday house for the Royals. Today the castle is used as a course and conference center. Bernstorff slot also functions as a hotel and restaurant. The Castle is located just outside Copenhagen and is beautiful just like a fairy tale from the book. The challenges of having to operate an old castle with all its charm and to meet the daily demands of all the castle’s visitors and users require much time and financial means. Their wish for the castle was to improve the smell and to get the moisture problems away from the Castle. If it also could do the daily cleaning easier, it was a solution they very much wanted to use in the castle. TTCLEAN Global presented them for the innovative green solution and they said yes with high expectations for the outcome. All the castle’s guest rooms were treated as well as their restaurant, kitchen, toilets and basement area. The project was planned in cooperation with the staff in the castle, so it did not affect their uses. TTCLEAN Global solution has now removed a lot of challenges in the castle and made their daily cleaning much easier and without any smell.

Their housekeeper says about the green solution We are very happy for your pioneering indoor treatment which our have been carried out on large parts of Bernstorff Castle. TTCLEAN Global is an innovative cleaning company with hygiene green solutions for companies where hygiene expected to be a top priority. Their solution eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, and mold. The result is a better indoor air quality and a more effective cleaning and minimizes our sickness at work. The cleaning time and the amount of cleaning materials are reduced by 70% after the treatment. Guests noted that the indoor climate was much better. We have been very happy with TTCLEAN Global solution and this has helped us to make it as a green company and thereby exercising the opportunity to attract the big players in the conference market. Many thanks from Bernstorff Castle Gitte Hansen Housekeeper

Danish hearing center Danish hearing center wanted an easier cleaning in daily life, and less bacteria and viruses in their mutual center. This is important for their entire user coming from many different areas of the country. They’ve had challenges with bad smell and a lowering of their indoor climate when many people are crowded in a small area. TTCLEAN Global carried out the green solution in a weekend after ordering from the costumer, our agreed project. TTCLEAN Global did first started with a clinical cleaning so the place was completely free of dirt on all the walls and floor. Afterwards we coated the surface treatment in the center with our pioneering green solution and the result was according to plan. Clinically clean, no smell, and a better indoor climate.

The leader of the in the center says this about our solution I had plans to order deep cleaning to our offices in Support Centre in Copenhagen as TTCLEAN Global phoned and told about their groundbreaking solution. I agreed to hear some more about the solution, so we

arranged a meeting. TTCLEAN Global was obviously very professionally based and told very convincingly about their innovative solution without being ”an irritant salesman” We agreed a clinical cleaning and afterword’s a coating, which was planning to take place a weekend where we did not use center. There was no preparation for us, so I was very excited to come to work Monday morning. It turned out that everything TTCLEAN Global had promised proved correct - and still do here after 5 months. When I came that Monday morning, it looked as if rooms had a game of paint - without the smell of paint, of course. It all appeared clean and fresh. We can feel a much better indoor climate and the bad smell after cooking and many people in the same room is totally gone. Our cleaning man has gotten it easier in his work - it’s simply easier to keep the center clean today! Our work environment has received a boost! I highly recommend TT CLEAN Global the service and results is a real pleasure! Kind regards Hanne Steen

When mold becomes a problem Many homes are attacked by mold and with major consequences for the families. Longterm exposure to mold gives breathing problems and poor health. For a house just outside Copenhagen was no different, they had many challenges, many sick days, headache, poor breathing and constant tiredness. TTCLEAN Global was able to offer our unique green solution against mold and they were quick to decide to try it out. TTCLEAN Global was in charge of the whole project and the following day there was a huge difference on the indoor environment.

Customer’s experience with our project Thanks to TTCLEAN Global for doing a perfect job with the treatment in the house. The indoor climate is clearly improved, it has become easier to breathe, and my wife have clearly less headache, she wakes up with no more headaches in the morning, nice. I can once again go for walks without losing breath, which is a long time since. It smells almost like there is freshly painted and our home is again lovely to stay in. Yours sincerely Jørgen Heslou

Self-sanitizing GREEN Solution • Anti-bacterial, virus & anti-mold • Decontamination action 24/7-365 days/year


• Improvement of indoor air quality • Natural mineral and water based • Transparent, environmentally friendly • CFIA Registered/ EU Approved

Photocatalyst technology for permanent decontamination of building interiors Technology and application is simple; transparent coating, based on water solvent with near zero VOC and natural mineral titanium dioxide, already used for 30 years as a food additive is sprayed on almost all surfaces to create permanent, anti-bacterial, antimold, transparent thin film. TTCLEAN Global photocatalyst coating is activated by light and produces strong oxidative property on its surface, which removes harmful organic chemical substances or bacteria, mold touching onto the surface. With this principle, photocatalyst coating is utilized in many applications for environmental purification in a green pure manner without harsh or toxic chemicals. TTCLEAN Global self-sanitizing coating solution, certified by Canadian Food Inspection Agency has already been widely used globally in food, hospital and hospitality industry. Main objective is to create a permanent bio decontamination natural shield that is environment friendly and capable of permanent air and surface bio decontamination.





Ti02 Photocatalytic Reaction


Air Purification


Any disinfection done today protects surfaces only for few minutes or few hours. Installation of advanced self-sanitizing coating technology protects building’s interior such as walls, ceilings and other treated surfaces for few years depending on surface type and treated areas. Once coated, surface remains self-sanitizing provided that enough light is present to activate photo catalytic effect of titanium dioxide.

TTCLEAN Global Self-Sanitizing Coating Features

Economic benefits

• Powered by light, works with UV, natural and fluorescent light

• Reduces food contamination risk

• High performance and long lasting effect

• Enhances asset value and company profits • Optimizes sanitization process

• Decomposition of germ body and endotoxin

Wall, ceiling or other coated surfac

• Environment friendly and harmless to human beings and animals

Fluorescent light

• Approved by Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Environmental benefits • Improves indoor air quality • Reduces surface bio-contamination risk • Reduces toxic chemical use • Reduces cleaning and disinfection process time

Bacteria and organic matter purification Decomposition by strong oxidative power • Sterilizing • Deodorizing

Bacteria decomposition tests for TTCLEAN TiO2 coating* TTCLEAN Global photocatalyst coating technology is an environment friendly and unique solutions for sustainable surface sanitization and long lasting protection from bacteria, virus or mold bio contamination risk. The Inoculums Count The Inoculums Count of “0” hour (cfu/piece) after “24” hour (cfu/piece)

Bactericidal rate (%)

Escherichia coli

3.9 x 104

9.0 x 102


Staphylococcus aureus

6.8 x 103

1.1 x 102


Pseudomonas aeruginosa

2.8 x 105



Klebsiella pneumoniae

2.7 x 105

1.5 x 103


L. monocytogenes

2.8 x105



*Coated surface was irradiated by 40 W fluorescent lamps during testing.

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