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INTRODUCTION After many years of development in bioscience and research, we have succeeded in creating this amazing new agricultural product. With our “one of a kind” completely green, innovative tonic water, we can improve agriculture significantly, enabling you to bring the future to everyday agricultural life with immense benefits for all. Our Tonic Water will replace the use of all kinds of pesticides and minimise the use of fertilisers. Tonic Water is a biostimulant which enhances the plant’s health. It enters the roots of the plant and enhancer the plant’s immune system. This makes the plant more resistant to fungi and insects while also improving photosynthesis. The plants will also have enhanced resilience to drowning or drying out as the roots are significantly enlarged by the use of our tonic water. This unique green Tonic Water increases plant productivity by up to 35 percent. We bring you the future, so that you can use this 100 percent organic solution and reduce the use of chemicals in agriculture. A farmer’s fundamental task is to grow crops efficiently and cost effectively, whilst simultaneously maximising quality and profitability. Tonic Water is a new and dynamic biostimulant and foliar tonic, which can accelerate photosynthesis and the production of sugar a basic function of all plant cellular systems. When Tonic Water is used on a regular basis, it increases internal sugar levels in the plant, which provide it with natural pest and disease resistance (systemic acquired resistance or SAR), while at the same time improving crop quality and shelf life. Increases in yield and quality are well documented when tonic water is sprayed onto crops, trees or plants. Brix level increases with 50 percent or more are not uncommon, and levels as high as 80 percent have been observed in difference trials.

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WE BRING BACK NATURE IN TO AGRICULTURE Benefits Improves the plant’s photosynthesis, resulting in a higher level of sugar (brix) production. Eliminates the use of pesticides Minimizes the use of fertilisers Improves a plant’s sap electrical conductivity and optimises pH for a more efficient output. Improves fruit quality and flavour. Improves storage periods and the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. Improves the nutritional qualities of grains. Improves the soil’s biomass and water holding capacity by increasing sugar conductivity to the root structure Enhances plant’s natural pest and disease resistance or systemic acquired resistance Ensures better germination and improves the strength of early seedlings. Increases crop yield by 10 to 30 percent . Shortens crop growth cycles due to greater plant efficiencies. Helps lower farm production costs by reducing the need for pest and disease control measures, due to the systemic acquired resistance (SAR). Maximizes the conversion of carbon dioxide into sugar. This means it may be possible to claim carbon credits. Offers a completely non-hazardous and non-toxic product, safe for use by humans and animals, while at the same time being beneficial to the environment when used according to directions. Provides a safer, cheaper and more productive means of increasing crop production than is available from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

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Newest green technology Tonic Water is the culmination of advanced developments in colloidal chemistry, which makes it possible to produce a microscopic particle called a micelle. The micelle is comprised of a collection of linear molecules or fatty esters and fatty acids clumped together in the shape of a sphere that is about the size of 20 hydrogen atoms, or about one to four nanometres. What is just as exciting is that Tonic Water is a truly “green” product, made from extracts on the list of FDA approved GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and EAFUS (Everything Added to Food in the United States) food stocks and food additives. Tonic Water trials have increased sugar levels in a variety of plants by up to 80 percent, and the results are even more spectacular where normal plant nutrition is limited or compromised. When this higher sugar level [referred to as Brix] is achieved, plant production increases, also helping to boost what is called systemic acquired resistance or SAR. With higher sugar/brix levels, the plant has an ability to defend itself from attacks by pests and pathogens, as a result of having a good supply of nutrients coupled with a high sugar level. The overall effect and benefit from using Tonic Water is that crops are able to produce healthier, more nutritious food for humans and animals, with a greater yield increase, in some cases as much as 33 percent higher, as well as fewer growth problems. Increased Carbon Dioxide Utilisation in the photosynthesis process, for which the following formula applies 6CO2 + 6H2O + Sun light = C6H12O2 + 6 O2. Plants use 6 molecules of carbon dioxide and 6 molecules of water to make 1 molecule of basic sugar and 6 molecules of oxygen that go back into the atmosphere. In trials, Tonic Water work has achieved increases in sugar/brix levels of up to 80 percent compared with the control groups across a number of trial sites and involving various plant species ranging from Macadamia nut trees to lettuce and wheat. This means that Tonic Water is efficient at increasing photosynthesis with a corresponding increase of carbon dioxide utilisation.

Sprayed 2x with Tonic Water


Carrots after 3 1/2 week


Sprayed 2x with Tonic Water

Radishes (Labanos) after 3 1/2 week

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RIC Ciherang Variety, Location: CARIU/JONGGOL HARVEST: April 2016 (With Tonic Water): 105 days after planting Harvest: With Tonic Water: 11,5 MTon/Ha (absence of disease Traditional: 3 –4 MTon/Ha (many diseases detected)

For us, the result was amazing. We are adding Tonic Water every 3 weeks diluted to 1:1000 water and Tonic Water. We have increased our rice yield by more than 60 percent, the cost of Tonic Water has been very low and our profit immense compared to the last 10 years. Our fields survived 2 storms during the season, thanks to the crops’ larger roots.


Tonic Water

RICE Ciherang variety, Location: Dist. Bogor Harvest: 10 August 2016, Harvest:

Tonic Water

With Tonic Water, dosage 1:2000 : 9.5 Mton /Ha, absence of disease Traditional, without Tonic Water: 3.3 Mton /Ha, many diseases detected

Gaining so much more rice yield from the fields is amazing and something we only dreamed about before we started using Tonic Water in our agriculture. The rice grains are even bigger than normal. The Tonic Water is working perfectly. We used a mix of 1:2000 water with Tonic Water and it was very easy to use.


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APPLES DISEASES "For just two years ago, my apple orchard became infected with the bacterium Xanthamonas, resulting in a major loss of apples. It was impassabel for us to control it. My entire harvest was affected and it had high costs, we lost so many apples.. Then I tried spraying two of my trees with Tonic Water solution, every three weeks, and the result was perfect and made a huge change for our trees." Inspection of the trial was completed in the beginning of October 2015. The two treated apple trees only lost seven apples to disease over the season, while the untreated lost ninety-five apples during the same season. Our green Tonic Water solution offers great protection against infection. An improvement of 90 percent and the apples was much bigger at the same time.



Performed in May 2018 through July 2018, in Östergôtland Sweden, we sprayed an area with a mixture at 1:500 of Tonic Water Natural Plant Enhancer and rainwater. At the end of the period, the treated area was almost twice as big, much stronger and greener.


Tonic Water

LETTUCE SEEDLING TRIALS Purpose of the test: To determine the effect of TONIC WATER on lettuce seedlings growing in a greenhouse environment. Entire seedlings, as well as various parts of the lettuce plants, will be weighed for size comparison and brix readings will be taken to determine if there is any increase in sugar content. Test method: Seeds were dipped in TONIC WATER for two to four hours prior to being planted and were then sprayed periodically during the first month following germination. Conclusions: After just four weeks from being planted, the tiny lettuce plants, as well as the tops and roots sprayed with TONIC WATER, showed an increase in weight of 15 to 18 percent. The brix sugar content readings were 31 percent higher. Both of these indicated a remarkable rate of growth for such a short period of time. In addition, none of the seedlings were subject to the usual exposure of harsh and expensive petrochemicals and fungicides.

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Tonic Water is used as a completely green plants stimulants, which will improve the root system of the difference plants it is applied upon, the ability to grow, and resist external fungal diseases.

Observations results: The tomato plants in the treated area looks stronger and much bigger, than the untreated area. The leaves and the plants in the treated area looks greener and with less stress. The tomato plant develops much quicker tomatoes compared to the untreated. We can see a huge difference in the treated area with Tonic Water already after a few weeks. In this control area (untreated), there were normal conditions with water and fertilizer.

Trial Sweden:

The aim of the experiment is to increase the productivity during the summer season, improve the plants quality and minimize fungal attacks on each area.

Improvement: Observation results in the indoor tomatoes was about 31% - 35% increase, in both size, amount and colors. In the treated area the harvest was starting much earlier than control plants.

Tonic Water has been sprayed over the plants during the morning hours, without direct sun contact as this may result in reduced effect and quality in the trial period.

Conclusion: No question about the positive effect on using Tonic Water on tomato plants. The outcome was much bigger in size and in numbers. Just by spraying 2 times with Tonic Water, we can see the improvement in the strength and in the growing speed. The outcome speaks for itself.

In this trial we have treated tomatoes, potatoes, cherries, strawberries and blueberries with the green biodegradable Tonic Water and compared it against conventional plants which has been treated with normal fertilizer and pesticides.

Cherry Trial

The trial period has been over the summer 2018 in Sweden.

Trial place: Trial place: Östergôtland – Sweden Period: Start May to ultimo June 2019 Application: 2-3 timers doing the periode Weather condition: between 20-25 degrees Crops: tomatoes, potatoes, cherries, strawberries and blueberries Controller: Søren David Finsen / Quality Manager Nordic Reed AB

The full from Sweden trial is available online

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Observations results: The cherry trees leaves in the treated area was already attacked with diseases as fungus and aphids. The cherries trees in the treated area was much weaker than control area before the test. After just one application with Tonic Water the fungus diseases disappeared and the aphids on the leaves was almost gone. After second application with Tonic Water, the cherry trees in the treated area looks stronger and much greener. The treated cherry trees with Tonic Water was without any diseases and the number and size of cherry was much bigger than in the control area. One could clearly see the difference in the 2 areas. The treated cherry trees look more green and healthier. In this control area (untreated), there were normal conditions which included water and fertilizer. Improvement: Observation results in the treated area with Tonic Water on cherry trees was about 22% - 25% increase, in both size, amount and colors. In the treated area the harvest was starting much earlier than control trees. Conclusion: Even though the cherry trees we used in the treated area was infected before the trial, the test period shows the huge effect in using Tonic Water on the trees. The diseases disappeared because of the use with Tonic Water, the treated cherry trees were only a few weeks to outgrow the control area. So, the Tonic Water is also having good skills as a pesticide, meanwhile it is producing even more cherries than on the control cherry trees. Very impressive.


TRIAL FROM SWEDEN POTATOES Observations results: The potato plants in the treated area with Tonic Water already outgrow the control area in just few weeks. In the middle of the season the treated potato plants were about 30-40 cm higher comparing to control area. The strength in the plants for the treated area was so much stronger comparing to without. The flowering was almost twice as big on the treated area. It was very easy to see the difference between the 2 areas on the many potato plants. For both areas it was without diseases under the trial period. In this control area (untreated), there were normal conditions which included water and fertilizer. Improvement: Observation results in the treated area with Tonic Water on potato plants was about 28% - 30% increase, in both size, amount and colors. In the treated area the harvest was starting much earlier than control plants. The plants itself were about 32-35% bigger than without the use of Tonic Water. Conclusion: The tried potato plants with Tonic Water, were about 32-35% bigger comparing to control plants. We couldn’t wait to see the effect under the ground on the potatoes. The potatoes on the tried area were much bigger in size and a huge amount on the quantity. You could see from the start that the photosynthesis was improved on the plant which was treated with Tonic Water

Tonic Water



Strawberry The strawberry plant in the treated area with Tonic Water looks much stronger and with many flowers on them. You could see that the strawberry plants in the treated area were much bigger comparing to control area. The treated area did get the berries much quicker and it keep producing flowers for new strawberries for a much longer period than without the use of Tonic Water. The size of the berries was already much bigger after second application together with the numbers of berries. For both areas it was without diseases under the trial period. For both areas, there conditions were very good this year, because of the many hours of sun. The control area was treated which water and fertilizer.


Improvement: Observation results in the treated area with Tonic Water on strawberry plants was about 18% - 20% increase, in both size, amount and colors. In the treated area the harvest was starting much earlier than control plants. Conclusion: It has been one of the best strawberry seasons in Sweden and although these condition Tonic Water increased the plants skills together with expanding the harvest cause of the continuing flowering on the strawberry plants.

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Tonic Water



Purpose of the test: Trial with tea from India Determining the efficacy of Tonic Water in mature clonal tea for crop promotion by conducting the study as per the study plan and adopting standard protocol. Test method: A field trial is conducted to determine the physiological and biochemical attributes; harvesting of tea shoots at specific intervals and preparation of tea samples for sensory evaluation were followed as per standard protocols. Physiological and biochemical analysis at the test facility were performed adopting standard procedures, as per study plan. Number of sprays with Tonic Water: Four (Two in May, one in September, and one in October 2015) Yield and yield attributes: Application of Tonic Water at 0.5 L/ha resulted in significant crop improvement with an increase of 18.6 percent. Foliar application of Tonic Water recorded significant reduction in banji (dormant shoots) content in the harvest. When considering the mean yield of the field, Tonic Water-treated plots showed improvement in yield potential which indicates the positive impact on crop promotion. Harvest 2015: Yield, kg tea produced/ha* Untreated Control: 2600 kg tea produced/ha Season Tonic Water: 3083 kg tea produced/ha Season increased with 483 kg or 18.6 Conclusion: Application of Tonic Water 0.5 L/ha with a spray volume of 200 litres during crop seasons gave significant improvement in yield. Photosynthetic rate monitored in this study also substantiated the significant crop improvement. Polyphenols, catechins, and amino acids of green leaves improved marginally where the tea bushes received foliar application of Tonic Water. No quality deterioration and taint were observed in produced tea samples prepared with green leaves harvested from Tonic Water-applied experimental plots.

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Approvals Tonic Water has the FDA approval What is equally exciting is that Tonic Water is a truly “green” product made from plant extracts and approved by the FDA. The product has been approved under the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and EAFUS (Everything Added to Food in the United States) categories associated with the rules and regulations governing food additives. Tonic Water, a bio-based, biodegradable product also meets the definition stipulated under Section 9002 of the FSRIA (the Farm Bill of 2002). "Bio-based products are commercial or industrial products that are composed, in whole or significant part, of biological products or renewable domestic agricultural materials." Tonic Water and U.S. government OSHA rating Completely non-toxic to humans, animals, and plant life, Tonic Water qualifies for a zero (“0”) U.S. government OSHA rating as a completely non- hazardous product. Even over-usage of the growth enhancer will not result in adverse effects and problems related to swallowing difficulties, skin absorption, irritation occurring due to contact with skin or eyes, and any allergic conditions due to inhalation. Tonic Water is registered in EU and in most of the world.

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Latest news from CleanShield Group Supported byUNIDO

Burani, Miamba and Mtongwe in Kenya "In the event on bring sustainability and increasing the productivity in a green way, we are doing difference trials with the support from UNIDO in Africa. . The local community managing this farming project is impressed with the results of the natural solution Tonic Water which helps the crops . 'As seen in the photos, the land has sand soil which normally is poor in terms of crop production, because of limited nutrients and poor water retention capacity. However the crops look healthy and vigorous because of the natural plan enhancer Tonic Water. Kind regards, Mr. John - Agronomist in Kenya" .


Payment and packaging

We deliver to many different parts of the world and if you want to use our completely green solution, simply write us an email or contact our local distributor partner. Please contact us for more info, so we can help you regarding this green solution and with the user’s manual for CleanShield Disinfectant. Origin: Denmark and permits & local certificates are done by local distributor Payment terms: 100% upfront & Ex Works, How soon to receive first shipment: All products are on stock – 2 to 9 weeks Packaging: 1, 5, 10, 20 or 1000 Liters Disinfectant, Tonic Water or Cleaner (Raw form) (To be mixed with water locally)

Potential exclusive distributor CleanShield Group creates an enormous difference around the world in bringing natural solution into agriculture. We embrace quality and customer needs, without harming the environment in any way. We offer bacterial and virus-free environments throughout the world, as well as agriculture without the use of chemicals, and even much better protection. Our concept is already implemented in many countries and we look forward to entering new markets in collaboration with new partners in new parts of the world. There is already a great demand and potential for our green products and service solutions, and this demand will only increase in near future. We are looking for potentially exclusive distributors all over the world, so if you are interested in becoming a part of this, feel free to contact us to hear more about the concept and its immense potential and how to become partner or customer.

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Glarmestervej 1 - 7000 Fredericia - Denmark - Headquarters Phone: +45 61 460 451

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