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Booz Allen Hamilton Chooses John R. Math Photography Jupiter, Florida – June 1, 2008 - John R. Math is pleased to announce that the firm of Booz, Allen, Hamilton has purchased several seaside abstract images for the common areas of their San Diego, California office complex. Booz Allen Hamilton is a leading worldwide strategy and technology consulting firm. They work with government agencies, corporations, institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. The Booz Allen Hamilton website can be accessed at The sale of the artwork was arranged by Francine Ellman, owner and founder of Art Source L.A., Inc. Art Source L.A. is a leading art consultant and art project coordinator, since 1984. Art Source L.A. is located in Santa Monica, California with additional offices located in Chicago, Illinois, North Bethesda, Maryland and Ashville, North Carolina. The Art Source L.A. website can be accessed at #####

About John R. Math Photography John R. Math Photography is based in Jupiter, Florida. Mr. Math specializes in photographic abstracts and impressionistic landscapes. Living near the ocean, John also shoots horizons, seascapes and waves. He creates “Focus Images” which depicts the essence of a natural object or place. This essence may be a distinguishable element of an object or an overall feeling that one would derive from being subjected to that particular focus. Mr. Math’s photographs have not been manipulated with any type of digital software or by any digital filter system or technique. His portfolio can be viewed here Contact: Telephone: Email:

John R. Math 888-490-3530

Booz Allen Hamilton Chooses John R. Math Photography