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Abstracts 2014 Art Exhibition October 2014

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October 2014 – Abstracts Art Exhibition Event Catalogue Our competition for September was the 5th Annual “Abstracts” Art Competition. 2D and 3D artists (including photography) from around the world were called upon to make online submissions for possible inclusion in to the Gallery’s October 2014 online group art exhibition. Artists were asked for their interpretation of the “Abstracts” theme by submitting their best nonobjective or nonrepresentational art for this competition. The art competition and the submission process for the artists began in August 2014 and concluded on September 26, 2014. The gallery received 896 entries from 21 different countries from around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. In addition, the gallery received entries from 35 different states and Puerto Rico. In addition, to this catalogue, the entire art exhibition can be viewed online at Please Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains the copyright to these images and the images may not be reproduced without the written consent and permission of the artist. In addition, some images may have been cropped or resized due to formatting requirements of this catalogue. To see the actual and correct image ratios visit the Exhibition Archives on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.

The Winning Artists in the Overall Category

1st Place - Overall - Mandy C Thompson - "Natural Flourish"

2nd Place - Overall - Sally M Tuttle - "Conditions"

3rd Place - Overall - Terry C Pellmar - "Mountain View"

4th Place - Overall - Kathy B Roman - "Inner Eye"

5th Place - Overall - Gene B Cheltenham - "Engine Number One"

6th Place - Overall - Patricia A Bingham - "Starfish"

7th Place - Overall - Ethna R Gillespie - "Ziggy"

8th Place - Overall - Margie Agoston - "Yellow"

9th Place - Overall - Catherine Roberts Leach - "Landing"

10th Place - Overall - Irina R Cupcea - "Emotionally Drained"

Abstracts - Special Merit Awards

SM - Stephen A Atkins - "The Fog of War"

SM - Danielle Austen - "Bubble"

SM - Barbara Bailey - "Coins"

SM - Christopher Bekins - "Blue Storm"

SM - Mike Bell - "Blue Shore 1"

SM - Jeff A Besgrove - "Planets"

SM - Jean-Claude Bise - "Two Hand 007"

SM - Marnie J Blum - "Accidental Bliss"

SM - Marie D Brennan - "Rasberry"

SM - TLynn Brentnall - "Aspirations"

SM - Elinore B Bucholtz - "Askew"

SM - Ordi Calder - "Geometric Dimension"

SM - Kathy Cantwell - "White Verge"

SM - Sandrine (aka Sanya) A Colson-Inam - "Fall Transition"

SM - Coco Costello - "Moon Dresses"

SM - Jane C Cowles - "Shelf Life"

SM - Jo Ann E Daly - "Sonoran Zen 1"

SM - Felix DeQuesada - "Second Step"

SM - Carolyn J du Brin - "Don in Red"

SM - Jesse Ensling - "Leaning Back for a Rest"

SM - Karyn I Estela - "Night Lake Crossing"

SM - Carolyn S Goodridge - "Heavenly Chorus"

SM - Claudia W Grimm - "Developing"

SM - Paulo Guimaraes - "Untitled 2"

SM - Philippe Halaburda - "Red Theo Butter"

SM - Sylvie A Hamou - "Untitled"

SM - Marilyn L Harris - "A Bird's Eye View"

SM - Charles Hezsely - "Pearls of Nature"

SM - Helen Kagan - "Bridging Eternity"

SM – Katarina Kalmanova - "Dancing Cubes"

SM - Freya Kazemi - "Childhood's Cottage 2"

SM - Taylor M Kennedy - "Garden"

SM - Valeriya Khomar - "Passion"

SM - Larry E Klink - "The Leaf"

SM - Michael Kucera - "Day Knight Rider in Fight"

SM – Candace Law - "Fire and Ice"

SM - Carole Lerman - "Summer Warmth"

SM - Carol Levin - " Flower Bed"

SM - Jon G Lutter - "Red Tide"

SM - Brigitte G. MathĂŠ - "Musical Abstraction 2"

SM - Ryota Matsumoto - "Those Who Affirm the Spontaneity of Every Event"

SM – Paul McCloskey - "At last my thoughts lay silent"

SM - Fran A McNeely - "Abstract Bleu"

SM - Charlann Meluso - "Barge Bumps"

SM - Richard L Mittelstadt - "Separation"

SM - Shahrnaz Monfared - "Untitled 2"

SM - Gail Morrison-Hall - "Jazz Series: Blues Wail"

SM - Jose Luis J Mu単oz - "Planet"

SM - Benjamin Murphy - "STUDY NO. 19"

SM - Jennifer Mutton - "Andalusite"

SM - Linda Neel - "Being Koi"

SM - Danielle Nelisse - "Rare Tornado"

SM - Antonio Paez - "Planetary Ring Seen From Above"

SM - Margaret M Park - "The Storm Intensifies"

SM - Steven J Perkins - "Untitled"

SM - Paul Pinzarrone - "Aerial View 2"

SM - Kristi A Richter - "Fragments of Memories"

SM - Carol F Roullard - "Opposing Fields"

SM - Richard Rownak - "Egg Glass Floor Side 23"

SM - Ayesha Samdani - "Blue Strokes"

SM - Diane S Shaw - "Night Fire"

SM – Toni Silber-Delerive - "Waterslides"

SM - Howard Sills - "Blue Black White 1"

SM – Julie Simon - "Sky: 4.10.11"

SM - Judith Lynn Smith - "Energy"

SM - Garima Srivastava - "Bleeding Mountains"

SM - Sallie-Anne Swift - "Drawing Breath"

SM - Mary Thompson - "Abstract of a Woman"

SM - Joe Vargas - "Twisted"

SM - Carolyn H WarmSun - "Drifting"

SM - Leslie B Weissman - "Untiled Grids in Black and Blue"

SM - Anita Wexler - "New Beginning"

SM - Helen M Wheatley - "Taking Flight"

SM - Marti White - "Carnival"

SM - Serg W Wiaderny - "Blue Firefly"

SM - Sheri A Wilson - "Garden Dance"

SM - Yulianus Yaps - "Untitled"

SM - Ju Y Yun - "Memory of Fear”

SM - Yaryna M Yuryk - "Infinity"

SM - Jaclyn L Zacharias - "Out of this World"

Abstracts - Painting & Other Category

1st Place - Painting – Mandy C Thompson - "Natural Flourish"

2nd Place - Painting - Sally M Tuttle - "Conditions"

3rd Place - Painting - Kathy B Roman - "Inner Eye"

4th Place - Painting - Patricia A Bingham - "Starfish"

5th Place - Painting – Margie Agoston - "Yellow"

Hon. Mention - Painting - Nancy Belle - "Hour to Hour"

Hon. Mention - Painting - Julio J Bordas - "TSUR"

Hon. Mention - Painting - Marie D Brennan - "Abstract Thinking"

Hon. Mention - Painting - Irina R Cupcea - "Emotionally Drained"

Hon. Mention - Painting - Kay Layne - "Untitled"

Painting & Other Category – Special Recognition

SR - Richard G Allen - "September Again"

SR - Ingrid Arencibia - "Monsoon"

SR - Kristine N Augustyn - "Sailing Seas"

SR - Amadea Bailey - "Sunrise"

SR - Edward Barboza - "Protrusion From The Unknown"

SR - Molly W Benson - "Listen"

SR - Mary Kate Bergh - "The Peak"

SR - Anne H Bevan - "Music in the Dream"

SR - Patricia A Bingham - "Syncope"

SR - Marnie J Blum - "Soundscape"

SR - Krzysztof Bobrowski - "The Streets of Cordoba"

SR - Steven K Bogart - "Le Gibet"

SR – Julie A Bond - "Julie, Self-Portrait"

SR – Julio J Bordas - "Awakening"

SR - Linda Braun - LTTD 88

SR - Guy K Brock - "Proverbs Wisdom"

SR - Ed Burke - "Lady Of The Snow"

SR - Kevin P Callahan - "Peggy Guggenheim's Bed"

SR - Emma Campbell - "Poseidon"

SR - Yi Shin Chiang - "Unknown"

SR - Michael P Coll - "Beneath The Canopy"

SR – Jean A Cormier - "A Different Kind of Disturbance"

SR - Bob Craig - "Untitled"

SR - Tobias R Cresci - "Untitled"

SR - Irina R Cupcea - "Colors of Pain"

SR - Kalina E Czerepko - "Form"

SR - Gay L Forster - "Flowers in the Rain"

SR - Iris K Fragoso - "Celebrating Coming Together"

SR - Antoinette M Gaynor - "Tricolor Airwaves"

SR - Mary-Bryan Giroux - "Breathe"

SR - Sayeeda I Goriawala - "Deep Down"

SR – Nick A Grant - "Liquid Hills"

SR - M K Gross - "Butterfly in Flight"

SR - Hwi Hahm - "Composition #2 "

SR - Rick Heck - "Too Soon to Tell"

SR - Janine A Heffernan - "Take Me Away"

SR - Jianing Hu - "Impression"

SR - Jeannine Hunter Lazzaro - "Pod"

SR – Cara S Jankovich - "Rise"

SR - Tim Joensen - "Sight"

SR - Robin Jorgensen - "Red"

SR - Katarina Kalmanova - "Gone With The Summer"

SR - Therese L Joseph - "Hangover"

SR -

Gayane Karapetyan - "Pomegranate Tango"

SR - Angelina M Keating - "$"

SR - Rossana Kelton - "Wild Ride"

SR - Taylor M Kennedy - "Pamela"

SR - Valeriya Khomar - "Hug"

SR - Kris Kireeva - "Depth"

SR - Sonali Kukreja - "Journey"

SR – Dimitrina S Kutriansky - "Being Connected"

SR - Nadya Lapets - "On the Doorstep of the Unknown"

SR - Candace Law - "Unrestrained"

SR - Lola Lonli - "Different Spaces. Intro"

SR - Susana G L贸pez - "Thinking Brain"

SR - Milena S Loveritas - "Pulled Up"

SR - Raymonde R Loyer - "Magma"

SR - Barbara Z Lyons - "Earth's Edge"

SR - Minal S Mahajan - "Happy Together"

SR - Pierre Paul M Marchini - "Acelli"

SR - Frances Marino - "Spooked"

SR - Brigitte G Mathé - "Colors Déluge"

SR - Lucy Matta - "The One"

SR - Judith Mitchell - "In the Realm of Barbelo"

SR - Shahrnaz Monfared - "Untitled 1"

SR - Erika Morrison Bunda - "Metamorphic Angel"

SR - Jose Luis J Mu単oz - "Planet"

SR - Linda S Nedilsky - "Internal Battles"

SR - Linda Neel - "New Dimensions"

SR - Danielle Nelisse - "Mountaintop Rearranged"

SR - Yana Nersesova - "Soap Bubbles"

SR - Nancy Norton - "Realities"

SR – Margaret M Park - "The Trial"

SR – John L Paul - "Poet's Window"

SR - Nell-Lynn Perera - "Cathexis"

SR - Amanda Phipps - "Stairway"

SR - Margie K Reed - "Sea, Sand and Sky Meet"

SR - Kathy B Roman - "Blue Mantra"

SR - Carol A Sabo - "Searching For ET"

SR - Denise A Saleh - "Blue on the Rocks"

SR - Aparajita Sen - "Metamorphosis - ll"

SR - Niloufar Sharifi - "The Blue"

SR - Maksim Spasiuk - "Circle of Diversity"

SR - Jessica A Speer - "Beauty Through Him"

SR - Seshadri Sreenivasan - "The World Is Flat"

SR - Cheryl A Stevenson - "Lovely Fragments"

SR - Ingrid Stiehler - "Ups and Downs"

SR – Christine R Stoddard - "Sunset from Clouds"

SR - Janice L Sugg - "Fall Pond Mosaic"

SR - Sean P Sullivan - "Green Jubilee"

SR – Tess Taaca - "Fractal In Green"

SR – Ana M Tamara - "Arched"

SR – Tom M Trubshaw - "92114"

SR – Sally M Tuttle - "Ranged"

SR - Dana L Vacca - "Botanical"

SR - Riana van Staden - "Abstract Orange"

SR – Vani Vani - "Impressions"

SR - Carolyn H WarmSun - "Midnight In The Walled City"

SR - Leslie B Weissman - "Untitled"

SR - Amanda J Wells - "Digit In Another Space"

SR - Marti White - "Spirit Take Flight"

SR - Sean M Wirth - "Organic Primative"

SR - Nan Xu - "Light of Dream"

SR - Yulianus Yaps - "Untitled"

SR – Tina A Ybarra - "Simply Skin"

Abstracts – Photography & Digital Category

1st Place - Photography - Terry C Pellmar - "Mountain View"

2nd Place - Photography - Gene B Cheltenham - "Engine Number One"

3rd Place - Photography - Ethna R Gillespie - "Ziggy"

4th Place - Photography - Catherine Roberts Leach - "Landing"

5th Place - Photography - Sheryl Hess - "Two"

Hon. Mention - Photography - Joe D Calleri - "The Iron Grid"

Hon. Mention - Photography - Peggy O Curtis - "Critter"

Hon. Mention - Photography - Dolores M Kiriacon - "Downtown"

Hon. Mention - Photography - Patricia P Schnepf - "Forms Structures Texture"

Hon. Mention - Photography - Walter W Weaver - "Water World"

Photography & Digital Category – Special Recognition

SR - Cheryl Armon - "Flying Mantis"

SR - Cheryl Armon - "Point Lobos Revisited"

SR - Danielle Austen - "Streams"

SR - Manss Aval - "Broncos and Ganeshas"

SR - Bee Bantug - "New Conception"

SR - Jeff A Besgrove - "Nebula"

SR - Eldred G Boze - "Webbed Leaves 8"

SR - Eldred G Boze - "Umbrella Woman"

SR - Pamela S Brekas - "Minden Rust"

SR - TLynn L Brentnall - "New Beginnings"

SR – Noel C Buttler - "Haunting Birds"

SR - Joe D Calleri - "Imbroglio"

SR - Gene B Cheltenham - "Against the Wind"

SR - A.M. Clark - "ORD"

SR - Peggy O Curtis - "Rusty Hinge"

SR - David A Dobbs - "Atlantic Ocean"

SR – Matt A Dombrowski - "Abstract #1"

SR - Linda A Duffy - "RTLkuP21"

SR - Layne R Fenimore - "Pareidolia"

SR - Sandy Friedkin - "Butterfly Fantasy"

SR - Stephanie J Funke - "Blueberry Taffy"

SR -

Joel Gendelman - "Palomino Falls"

SR - Abby R Ganong - "Untitled"

SR - Ian Gilmour - "Bus Shelter Headingley Leeds"

SR - Linda D Greenwood - "Floral Curl"

SR - Spring R Hansen - "Abstract I"

SR - Marilyn L Harris - "Underneath the Crusty Bark of a Fir Tree"

SR - Charles Hezsely - "Night By the River"

SR - Nancy O Hoffmann - "Tiles Swirled"

SR – Kelly J Hudson - "Brilliance"

SR - Nicole Kather - "Anchor"

SR - Terri LeSaint Keller - "Canoe Botttoms"

SR - Richard P Kendall - "Color Between The Lines"

SR - Catherine Roberts Leach "Flight"

SR - Carol Levin - "Fire Escape"

SR - Lisa Renee Ludlum - "Different Perspective"

SR – Terrence M Martin - "Mile High"

SR - William A McKissock - "Hold Me"

SR - Charlann Meluso - "Critical Juncture"

SR - Gaylord Mink - "Floater"

SR - Stacey Moore - "SURF: Three Pink Surfers"

SR - Charles G Opper III - "Perseverance"

SR - Charles G Opper III - "Return Fire"

SR - Pedro Pacheco - "Labyrinth"

SR - G W Palmer - "Journey 2014 - #2"

SR - Jessie M Parker - "Heavenly Light I"

SR - Louise Parms - "Swing Theory V"

SR - David Patterson - "Kaleidoscope"

SR - Terry C Pellmar - "A Walk in the Woods"

SR - Terry C Pellmar - "Pop"

SR - Michael V Przekop - "Abstract 008"

SR - Cheryl Rau - "I Can See Clearly Now"

SR - Joaquim Ribeiro - "Umbrelas"

SR - Richard Rownak - "TorusBlue7"

SR - Yiries Saad-Maura - "Abstract In Red"

SR - Marilyn Samwick - "Was Once An Orchid"

SR - Carel Schmidlkofer - "Dream of the Tulips"

SR - Brian Schorn - "Earth Stack"

SR - Karen J Shine - "Earth Sky"

SR - Karim M Shokair - "Rope of Hope"

SR - Stephanie R Sisson - "Peeling Layers #2"

SR – Jerry Solomon - "Just Wait"

SR - Phoebe K Surana-Mehit - "Book of Horizons"

SR - Elisabeth M Thorn - "By The Sea"

SR - Peter B Treiber - "Ethereal-Luminescence-27095"

SR – Georgina K Vinsun - "Hayley"

SR - Dana L Walker - "Abstract Spaces: Squared"

SR - David R Weppner - "Roundabout"

SR - Kent Williams - "Transformer"

SR - Daniel Zukowski - "Tulips"

Artist Contact Information Margie Agoston Richard G Allen Ingrid Arencibia Cheryl Armon Stephen A Atkins Kristine N Augustyn Danielle Austen Manss Aval Amadea Bailey Barbara Bailey Bee Bantug Edward Barboza Christopher Bekins Mike Bell Nancy Belle Molly W Benson Mary Kate Bergh

Lola Lonli Milena S Loveritas Raymonde R Loyer LisaRenee Ludlum Jon G Lutter Barbara Z Lyons Minal S Mahajan Pierre Paul M Marchini Frances Marino Terrence M Martin Brigitte G MathĂŠ Ryota Matsumoto Lucy Matta Paul McCloskey William A McKissock Fran A McNeely Charlann Meluso

Jeff A Besgrove Anne H Bevan Patricia A Bingham Jean-Claude Bise Marnie J Blum Krzysztof Bobrowski Steven K Bogart Julie A Bond Julio J Bordas Eldred G Boze Linda Braun Pamela S Brekas Marie D Brennan TLynn L Brentnall Guy K Brock Elinore B Bucholtz Ed Burke Noel C Buttler Ordi Calder Kevin P Callahan

Gaylord Mink Judith Mitchell Richard L Mittelstadt Shahrnaz Monfared Stacey Moore Erika Morrison Bunda Gail Morrison-Hall Jose Luis J Mu単oz Benjamin Murphy Jennifer Mutton Linda S Nedilsky Linda Neel Danielle Nelisse Yana Nersesova Nancy Norton Charles G Opper III Pedro Pacheco Antonio Paez G W Palmer Margaret M Park

Joe D Calleri Emma Campbell Kathy Cantwell Gene B Cheltenham Yi Shin Chiang A.M. Clark Michael P Coll Sandrine (aka Sanya) A Colson-Inam Jean A Cormier Coco Costello Jane C Cowles Bob Craig Tobias R Cresci Irina R Cupcea Peggy O Curtis Artist’s Website Kalina E Czerepko Jo Ann E Daly Felix DeQuesada Artist’s Website David A Dobbs Matt A Dombrowski

Jessie M Parker Louise Parms David Patterson John L Paul Terry C Pellmar Nell-Lynn Perera Steven J Perkins Amanda Phipps Paul Pinzarrone Michael V Przekop Cheryl Rau Margie K Reed Joaquim Ribeiro Kristi A Richter Kathy B Roman Carol F Roullard Richard Rownak Yiries Saad-Maura Carol A Sabo Denise A Saleh

Carolyn J du Brin Linda A Duffy Jesse Ensling Karyn I Estela Layne R Fenimore Gay L Forster Iris K Fragoso Sandy Friedkin Stephanie J Funke Susana G López Abby R Ganong Antoinette M Gaynor Joel Gendelman Ethna R Gillespie Ian Gilmour Mary-Bryan Giroux Carolyn S Goodridge Sayeeda I Goriawala Nick A Grant Linda D Greenwood

Ayesha Samdani Marilyn Samwick Carel Schmidlkofer Patricia P Schnepf Brian Schorn Aparajita Sen Niloufar Sharifi Diane S Shaw Karen J Shine Karim M Shokair Toni Silber-Delerive Howard Sills Julie Simon Stephanie R Sisson Judith Lynn Smith Jerry Solomon Maksim Spasiuk Jessica A Speer Artist’s Website Seshadri Sreenivasan Garima Srivastava

Claudia W Grimm M K Gross Paulo Guimaraes Hwi Hahm Philippe Halaburda Sylvie A Hamou Spring R Hansen Marilyn L Harris Rick Heck Janinea Heffernan Sheryl Hess Charles Hezsely Nancy O Hoffmann Jianing Hu Kelly J Hudson Jeannine Hunter Lazzaro www.jeanninehunterlazzaro Cara S Jankovich Tim Joensen Robin Jorgensen Therese L Joseph

Cheryl A Stevenson Ingrid Stiehler Christine R Stoddard Janice L Sugg Sean P Sullivan Phoebe K Surana-Mehit Sallie-Anne Swift Tess Taaca Ana M Tamara Mandy C Thompson Mary Thompson Elisabeth M Thorn Peter B Treiber Tom M Trubshaw Sally M Tuttle Dana L Vacca Riana van Staden Vani Vani Joe Vargas Georgina K Vinsun

Helen Kagan Katarina Kalmanova Gayane Karapetyan Nicole Kather Freya Kazemi Angelina M Keating Terri LeSaint Keller Rossana Kelton Richard P Kendall Taylor M Kennedy Valeriya Khomar Kris Kireeva Dolores M Kiriacon Larry E Klink Michael Kucera Sonali Kukreja Dimitrina S Kutriansky Nadya Lapets Candace Law Kay Layne

Dana L Walker Carolyn H WarmSun Walter W Weaver Leslie B Weissman Amanda J Wells David R Weppner Artist’s Website Anita Wexler Helen M Wheatley Marti White Serg W Wiaderny Kent Williams Sheri A Wilson Sean M Wirth Nan Xu Yulianus Yaps Tina A Ybarra Ju Y Yun Yaryna M Yuryk Artist’s Website Jaclyn L Zacharias Daniel Zukowski

Catherine Roberts Leach Carole Lerman Carol Levin

Abstracts 2014 Art Exhibition - Event Catalogue  

Our competition for September was the 5th Annual “Abstracts” Art Competition. 2D and 3D artists (including photography) from around the worl...

Abstracts 2014 Art Exhibition - Event Catalogue  

Our competition for September was the 5th Annual “Abstracts” Art Competition. 2D and 3D artists (including photography) from around the worl...