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Research Hypothesis: Building complex language and ideas in class dialogue. Coatesville Primary (International Baccalaureate, Public School) Avila College (Mid-range Catholic Girls School)

PATTO’s Strategic Plan • To create a personalised learning environment characterised by high achievement focus and high expectations amongst the whole school community.

The Lesson Plan • Avila: Yr12 80 minute Drama class Focus: solo performance • Coatesville: 2x Grade 6 Art Class, 50 minutes Focus: Collage techniques with Knights as stimulus The Structure: Routine Criteria Play Reflect

The ROUTINE: Environment In both schools we found:

•Students sit in same seat •Visual stimuli accessible throughout entire lesson •Personal storage areas for students •Displays of ‘quality work’ were often of ideas and processes rather than ‘final tasks’ •Laptop access in rooms •Class moved around space depending on focus at that time

THE CRITERIA: Setting up the Lesson Learning Intention made explicit at start of lesson –and referred back to throughout as it was on display throughout Students encouraged to independently referred back to learning processes required and criteria of task Standard of displayed language was complex –very difficult concepts explained.

Clear formatting Time management shown

THE PLAY: Inquiry Based THIS IS AN OBJECT APPLY IT TO THE LEARNING FOCUS •Learning begins with physical stimulus and student-centered discussion •Teacher’s questions open-ended •Focus of lesson brought back to stimuli •Student reflect throughout learning on appropriateness of stimulus •TRIALING AND PLAY ENCOURAGED

THE REFLECTION • Continuous throughout the lesson • Students encouraged to be critical of progress • Mistakes a healthy part of learning • Team reflection • Blog used as ongoing reflective and assessment tool.

Tips to Use at Home • Consistent seating arrangements • Move around the classroom –use learning stations!! • Group work • HAND IT OVER. Arm the students with the tools, introduce a prop and let them go. • Less is more. Say less, mean more. • Always demonstrate the upmost language standard. Scaffold it down.

Even preps can demonstrate complex ideas and language when they are encouraged to think and play.

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