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Olympic great speaks of dedication as key to success BBC star launches inaugural School MUN Portraits the focus of Spring Term Art Hockey goes from strength to strength as U14 stars shine


Welcoming guests and inspiring young minds


Hard work the key to success, Sir Matthew Pinsent tells John Lyon boys


It's one small step for John Lyon at new annual lecture series


John Lyon Union sees Science and The Simpsons from Singh King's College professor offers glimpse of 5G future Founder's charity chief tells boys of ongoing work


Dragons' Den star brings inaugural MUN to order


Oxbridge offers focus students' minds ahead of A-Levels


Pupils continue to sharpen their linguistic wits


John Lyon heads to the Beeb for a day of work away from School


"You're a quizard, Harry"


Maths, kayaks and ants - all in a day's action on Thailand exchange It's Disney and Da Vinci for Year 7s in Paris Laos the destination as half term brings rewarding hard work for Sixth Form students


Harrow's Jewish community helps boys remember the scars of genocide It's all downhill for half term Italian tourists Culture and food join language in Spanish class


The door is open for Sixth Form students to talk Diversity in all its forms celebrated in week of events


Portraiture and the human form the focus for Spring Term Art Top artists go on digital display at johnlyon.org


Jude takes a sad song and makes it better


Spring Concert goes stateside Music Junction crescendoes to big May concert


Sell-out performances see Anything Goes sail into the sunset


Young actors turn detectives in 1920s Berlin


The Standard long read - John Lyon's Foundation


The robots are coming to life John Lyon pulls out all the stops with newest instrument


Barcelona tour the target for rapidly improving Hockey stars


John Lyon's rackets come out top of the Borough Knowledge shared as Cricket continues apace throughout winter


Small John Lyon team makes quite a splash at Harrow


OLs lead the way inspiring pupils for their future careers

Front cover: Romesh De Silva (9RS) and Tristan Doyle (9FLE) prepare for an U14 Hockey match Additional photography: Usmaan Khan (U6LH) and Rachel Marchant


Welcoming guests and inspiring young minds

Miss Katherine Haynes, Head

One of John Lyon’s greatest strengths, I believe, is that everyone is made to feel welcome. Whether you are a pupil or parent, a prospective John Lyon family attending an open day, visiting us from another school for a day of learning, or here for a meeting about best practice in learning and teaching, we are delighted to have you here with us. The guest sign-in book in reception is filled quickly and replaced regularly. This sense of activity and motion – new knowledge and ideas coming through our doors – is hugely encouraging for a School that is constantly seeking to better itself and the opportunities it creates for its pupils. You’ll see in the opening pages of this edition that in the 12 weeks of Spring Term we have welcomed an Olympic Champion, a leading ecomomic journalist, a renowned mathematician, a space expert

and even tapped into the knowledge of our neighbours here on the Hill. And these are just the headline events – the Blue Book diary and the website calendar will give you the full picture: Friday Union speakers, guest authors and a regular stream of noted Old Lyonians. In the case of our Musician of the Year judge, as well as insightful feedback on our boys’ performances, we were even treated to an impromptu performance (pictured above and article on page 16). We also hoped to have been able to boast the visit of a leading name in UK politics within these pages, but, alas, parliament’s recent busy schedule has seen that put on hold…for now. Guest speakers add so much for our boys. An instantly recognisable face, a high-profile success, or academic renown can command the attention of Year 7 and Upper Sixth boys alike and leave a real

impression on young minds. As a mathematician myself, I was particularly excited to welcome Dr Simon Singh (page 4) to lecture on the concept of proof. From Euler’s conjecture to Fermat’s Last Theorem, and the secrets of mathematics hidden in The Simpsons, I was suitably reminded of my own experience as a teacher taking students to hear inspirational speakers. To see Simon Singh here at John Lyon promoting the value of mathematics through a compelling Union lecture, was as satisfying for me as it was hugely interesting for our boys. We have more guests lined-up and we hope many of you will come to hear them speak. Of course, if you happen to know a leading sports star, top politician, award-winning actor or Nobel Prize winner who may wish to speak to our boys, do let us know! They, like you, are always welcome.

Spring Term 2019


Sir Matthew Pinsent gave a wide-ranging and often humorous talk to boys and their families. Below, the rower shows off his Olympic medal haul to Sixth Form students

Hard work the key to success, Sir Matthew Pinsent tells John Lyon boys The four-time Olympic champion reveals a steely determination and the willingness to go beyond perceived limits were the ingredients of his success

tried to book Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Matthew delivered a wide-ranging and often funny talk which took the audience from the end of his school days, through university and into the UK's elite rowing programme.

At a special John Lyon Excellence Programme event in February, the rower who won gold medals in Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney and Athens told an audience of pupils, their parents and siblings, as well as Harrow-on-the-Hill residents, that focus and dedication were key to becoming one of Britain's most decorated sporting superstars.

He spoke about the mindset needed to put his body on the line each four-year Olympic cycle that boiled down to a single six-minute race. He said that the rowing team had a mantra – "Even when no one is watching" – to sum up the focus and dedication needed not just on the global competition stage but also during the long, early morning sessions on cold rivers.

After being introduced by Sixth Form student Rohan Batchelor (U6AKF), who joked, nervously, that we had initially

One audience member who was particularly struck by Sir Matthew's talk was Koen Philippa-Gradillas


THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

(11BRD). He said: "Grit, drive and tenacity: greatly valued characteristics that Sir Matthew Pinsent has honed throughout his unparalleled rowing career, reflecting the transferable skills developed in rowing that are highly sought after in all sectors. "Sir Matthew mastered the balance of sport and academics: graduating from Oxford University with a Geography degree the same year as winning an Olympic gold medal in a coxless pair. “His ability to win four Olympic gold medals shows his ceaseless ambition to be victorious, making him an icon in his field. Truly inspirational."

Clockwise from top left: Husain Abedi, Jeremy Curtis, Adam Zoromba, Dick Barnatt, Mr Robert Ellis-Paul, Michael Gollings and Lucy Baker all gave their own varied interpretations of the theme 'space'

It’s one small step for John Lyon at new annual lecture series The concept and reality of ‘space’, interpreted in numerous ways by subject experts, pupils, teachers and notable members of the Harrow-on-the-Hill community creates a memorable first Talks-on-the-Hill

The keynote speaker was Jeremy Curtis, Head of Education and Skills at the UK Space Agency, who talked about how man’s explorations beyond our world do so much to add to our everyday lives on earth. The other guest speakers were all Harrow residents: photographers Dick Barnatt and Lucy Baker, and architect Michael Gollings.

Designed by the John Lyon Excellence Programme as a series of short lectures in February, Talks-on-the-Hill: SPACE saw the audience given glimpses of outer space, great outdoor spaces, space as a visual and architectural medium, the challenges to our environmental space and how the concept of space has shaped human history for millennia.

The John Lyon ‘home team’ was made up of talks by Learning Support teacher Mr Robert Ellis-Paul, who talked about his love for the great outdoors and Lower Sixth students Husain Abedi (L6CKL) and Adam Zoromba (L6CKL), who spoke with passion and eloquence on the subjects of manmade climate change and how space affected the Ancient Egyptians respectively.

The experience was truly magical and having an audience enticed and interested in the various talks made the experience monumental, and thoroughly enjoyable.

After the event, Husain said: “I found the process of giving a speech to a crowd in such a setting to be a phenomenal experience. I had to battle with my racing heartbeat and adrenaline filled body, but seeing the look on my parents' faces as well as the laughs from the crowd made it all worth it.” Adam added: “The experience was truly magical and having an audience enticed and interested in the various talks made the experience monumental, and thoroughly enjoyable.” Full words and pictures at www.johnlyon.org/talks-on-the-hill Spring Term 2019


A well-known face on television, Dr Singh spoke with passion about his love for maths and science

John Lyon Union sees Science and The Simpsons from Singh The Science hidden within the world’s most popular television programme was the Friday afternoon focus for students as Simon Singh MBE addressed Union. The popular theoretical and particle physicist and author came to School in January to give boys from Year 11 to Upper Sixth a whistle-stop review of the many books he has written over the past two decades. Entitled From Theorems to Serums, From Cryptology to Cosmology … and The Simpsons, Dr Singh’s talk discussed his works Fermat’s Last Theorem, looking at one of the biggest mathematical puzzles of the millennium; The Code Book, focusing on the secrets of

cryptology; Big Bang, exploring the history of cosmology; Trick or Treatment, asking some hard questions about alternative medicine; and The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets, delving into the world of the most popular TV show on earth. Focusing on the mathematics of Pierre de Fermat and the number of eminent mathematicians who had turned comedy writers on The Simpsons, Dr Singh talked about how those involved in maths approach solutions to problems in a different way, and highlighted the passion that many mathematicians have for their subject that may not be noticed by those outside the field.

John Lyon has a long history of welcoming guest speakers to talk to pupils to help inspire them in their learning and pursuits. Digging through the archives we found this image of the inimitable Mrs Mary Whitehouse from the 1970s. A social conservative – both revered and reviled – who became a household name owing to her staunch opposition to social liberalism, we wonder what she spoke about here and how she was received by her teenage audience

King’s College professor offers glimpse of 5G future

Dr Lynne Guyton also met Upper Sixth students to discuss the work of John Lyon's Charity

Professor Mischa Dohler FREng, FIEEE, FRSA, FIET, of King’s College, London, came to School in December to talk about his work developing Fifth Generation mobile technology. To a packed Boyd Campbell Hall, Professor Dohler – one of the world’s foremost experts in wireless communications – revealed how 5G would be a passport to real-time communications and a ‘tactile internet’ going in both directions without any compression or delay. 4

Founder’s charity chief tells boys of ongoing work The important work of the charity that bears our founder's name has been the subject of John Lyon Union. Professor Dohler gave pupils a glimpse of their mobile futures

It would, he said, even benefit online gaming – a fact warmly welcomed by boys.

THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

In March the School welcomed Dr Lynne Guyton, Chief Executive of John Lyon's Charity, to give an insight into the important work of her organisation across nine boroughs in North and West

London, distributing grants to a range of organisations that seek to promote the life-chances of children and young people through education. John Lyon's Charity, alongside John Lyon School and Harrow School, forms the wider John Lyon's Foundation, which you can read about on page 20.

I witnessed two days of high-stakes debating, fierce competition and the occasional song or dance.

Top to bottom: BBC star Evan Davis addresses the conference in front of Husain Abedi, Patrick Miles and Deven Ruparelia; Ygor Colmerauer (L6ND), Sajan Sandhu (L6PDB) and Ken Houghton (L6KML) take part in a committee debate as Brazil, North Korea and South Korea; Harsh Hingorani (10CAB), Varun Valentine (9AJF) and Vivek Nanwani (L6KML) discuss business as the UK and South Africa

Dragons’ Den star brings inaugural MUN to order Renowned economist Evan Davis inspires delegates as Sixth Form students arrange John Lyon’s first Model United Nations

The two-day event, held across a weekend in March, saw 54 students from six schools come to John Lyon to take part in the MUN, with delegates representing countries and debating resolutions aimed at addressing key global topics. What made John Lyon’s first MUN more special was its organisation, led entirely by four Lower Sixth students, Husain Abedi (L6CKL), Patrick Miles (L6PDB), Deven Ruparelia (L6CKL) and Adnan Kachwala (L6ND). Such was their dedication, they even secured a keynote speaker of which even the biggest and most established school MUN would be proud: economist, journalist and presenter of BBC Television’s Dragons’ Den, Evan Davis, who spoke with enthusiasm and passion to attendees for over an hour. The event then saw smaller committees debate resolutions before coming together as a General Assembly, where the major resolution was on the subject of lunar ownership.

Reflecting on a successful event, the MUN’s Co-Secretaries General, Husain and Patrick, felt huge relief and reward. Husain said: “I thought that the event went really well, despite my worries the night before. But the moment Patrick and I banged the podium with our bare hands (as we didn’t have a gavel) to open the conference, many of these obscure and irrelevant worries evaporated and I witnessed two days of high-stakes debating, fierce competition and the occasional song or dance.”

Patrick added: “We must credit a large part of our success to Evan Davis, who to most was a unique opener to a conference of this sort. I found that his words inspired the people sitting in the hall to focus on the true meaning of a conference like this – that if you want to change something don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and act on it.” You can read Husain and Patrick’s full thoughts on MUN, as well as see full pictures, at www.johnlyon.org/blog

Spring Term 2019


Time and time again we see that students who are busy and engaged outside the classroom as well as inside achieve all the things they hope and work hard for – this is the real success of a John Lyon education.

Oxbridge offers focus students’ minds ahead of A-Levels Two offers each from Oxford and Cambridge are the highlight of another encouraging year of university application success

Asher Weisz (U6JWP), Classics, Balliol College, Oxford. Arjun Cheema (U6TCF), Chemistry, Wadham College, Oxford. Jude Hedges-Robinson (U6JWP), Classics, Christ’s College, Cambridge. Eugene Rahbari (U6SJA), Music, Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 6

THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

And for Asher, Jude, Eugene and Arjun – who hope to follow last year’s Oxbridge students Owen Marshall and Lami Mabifa – it is clear there is plenty of hard work still to come to fully realise their potential and the commitment they and their teachers have shown throughout their seven-year John Lyon education.

Asher said: “I am overjoyed to have received this offer, and would like to thank everyone at School who has given me so much of their time. I have received invaluable help, both from the Classics Department and from the School’s Oxbridge preparation scheme. I now plan to knuckle down and make sure I get the grades.” Jude added: “The application process as a whole has been a really great experience, teaching me to be self-motivated and independent, whilst also doing something I love. It was a great feeling to be given an offer by such a prestigious college at the best university in the world, and it’s all about getting the grades now!” Alongside the Oxbridge offers are invitations for John Lyon boys to study across the UK on prestigious courses at leading institutions. September 2019 will see John Lyon’s current Upper Sixth students head to the likes of Edinburgh, Belfast, Durham, Manchester, Warwick, Nottingham and Bristol to study disciplines such as as Medicine, Economics, Law, Engineering, History, Politics, and Architecture. And once again, application success to London’s leading universities will see many remain within the capital at Imperial, KCL,

Ismael Doghem-Rashid speaks with passion as Jack Ellis and Wesley Pardo look on Asher Wiesz, Arjun Cheema, Jude Hedges-Robinson and Eugene Rahbari are well-prepared for tough A-Level exams ahead

Pupils continue to sharpen their linguistic wits

UCL, Queen Mary, City, Royal Holloway and SOAS.

The continuing popularity of debating sees increased competition and success for boys from all years

As well as these, some students will pursue different routes – moving directly into the workplace or taking productive gap years before applying to study in a year’s time.

Spring Term has seen no let-up in the busy debating calendar, with regular practice and competition bringing joy for both junior and senior teams.

John Lyon Head, Miss Katherine Haynes, said: “Everyone at John Lyon has been thrilled to learn four of our students have received Oxbridge offers. This success, alongside the news of all other university offers, helps confirm what we know John Lyon offers to all our pupils and students – a solid academic grounding which creates a path to both higher education and the workplace. "But beyond this, it is crucial to realise there is so much more our boys learn and achieve beyond the classroom – our Classicists Asher and Jude spend an afternoon every week teaching their own Classics course to local primary school children; Jude and Eugene are a big part of our current Music Junction project, which provides opportunities for children all across North West London; and Arjun is part of John Lyon’s Peer Mentoring programme, is a regular on the Football pitch and helped raise more than £8,000 for the Movember charity.

In February the junior team made it safely through to the third round of the London Debating League competition, with judges praising John Lyon boys’ clarity of speech, delivery, teamwork, assertiveness, politeness and excellent appearance. Congratulations to Jack Ellis (7SRP), Wesley Pardo (7LA), Ismael Doghem-Rashid (8RAR), Emmanuel Wang (8RAR), Mehmet Yalcin (8GES) and Aryan Rajan Gupta (8GES), with a special mention to judge Ken Houghton (L6KML). There was also plenty of action further up the school, as Head of English Mr Jonathan Peel, writes: Spring Term has seen the senior debaters in a number of forums, from the Oxford University Schools’ Competition to the International Competition for Young Debaters.

Whilst we have not won through to the national finals rounds, we have had success with Asher Weisz (U6JWP) and Imad Rajput (U6TCF) being knocked out only in the last count of the marks – they had won through to the top room, only to be unseated by some spectacular work by the girls of St Paul’s Girls’ School. Four Year 9s travelled to LSE on a bitter Saturday winter's morning and performed very well in a competition dominated by students from Year 10. Lucas Antoni (9LHF) and Lucas Saliba (9LHF) were placed second in their three debates – pipped to first place in one of them by Varun Valentine (9AJF) and Abhay Gill (9AJF). It's pleasing to see John Lyon performing well against students from the South of England in all age groups. This is the point of debating here: it is not only the competition in school which is so valuable, but also the chance to challenge those from further afield.

Spring Term 2019


What struck me was how the atmosphere in the office had no tension. This may be because the people in the team are fantastic at collaborating and working together as their ultimate aim is to get a good show on air.

Rafi Smith gives his thoughts to The One Show presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones at a planning meeting

John Lyon heads to the Beeb for a day of work away from School The One Show is the destination for one pupil as parents give their sons a glimpse of their working lives on Take Your Son to Work Day Now an annual fixture in the John Lyon Calendar for Year 9 pupils, Take Your Son to Work Day gives boys an experience of what goes on in a workplace, helping them identify new areas of interest that may help widen their subject choices, at a particularly good time for this with GCSE options just around the corner. Rafi Smith (9PWM) looks back on his day at the BBC's The One Show: My Dad has worked at The One Show for nine years and I have often heard him say his job is one of the best and most enjoyable in British television. The first thing I did was to attend a meeting where we did a quick run of the show's script with presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones and viewed the clips that 8

THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

would be on the show. What struck me was how the atmosphere in the office had no tension. This may be because the people in the team are fantastic at collaborating and working together as their ultimate aim is to get a good show on air. This has made me realise that being a member of a team is very important in television. What I also noticed is that no matter what role people do, everyone speaks up and has their say about things they feel passionate about. I also went to visit the editor, Tracy, in one of the edit suites. She was adding music and words to an item about a new film on Mary Queen of Scots for that evening's show. She was working from a script written by the director, Steven. This helped her know where to input the different audio and text on the pictures. Steven’s job was to then check if the information was all factually correct. It was a real insight to see the process behind the short films and how much work goes into them.

When the show was on air I was sitting in the gallery, which is a large room full of multiple TV screens – each of the six cameras has its own screen in the gallery. The gallery also shows links to other TV shows that are on air at that moment, so everything feels live and you always know what is going on. Visiting The One Show has been a fantastic experience and it has been very eye opening for me to see how this kind of career works and what it involves, it’s given me a real insight into the workings of live TV. It’s really exciting but I’ve learnt that it’s hard work and you have to be on top of a lot of complicated jobs at one time. I also realised that being collaborative and working as a team is really important as is trust and respect for your colleagues. This excerpt is from a longer account of Rafi’s day, which can be read in full on the new John Lyon blog: www.johnlyon.org/blog

Library Assistant Ms Sarah Greene and Librarian Mrs Rita Halsey quiz Daniyal Zia (8JEB) on all things Harry Potter. Below, Christian Silcott looks for the answers on World Book Day

“You’re a quizard, Harry” Pupils’ impressive knowledge of the most famous boy wizard was on display in the Library, while World Book Day proved as popular as ever, writes School Librarian Mrs Rita Halsey

Our eager Potterheads assembled in the great hall at Hogwarts – aka Gordon Surtees Library – in February, to celebrate the annual Harry Potter Book Night. Bolstered by a tasty selection of Honeyduke treats, the boys entered a Mastermind-style quiz, complete with big black chair, with first-round questions

on the specialist subject of Harry and his friends before a round of general knowledge. We were hugely impressed with the boys’ knowledge and quick-fire answers and we offer our congratulations to the winner, Arrun Sahota (8JEB). There was a definite feeling of ‘reading is power’ on World Book Day in March. This global celebration, which champions the importance of authors and illustrators, but most of all reading, began with the distribution of free books and WBD vouchers to pupils in Years 7 and 8. The fun continued with a specially adapted book-themed lunch menu and the

Librarians’ book recommendations placed around the New Memorial Hall. Excited pupils then gathered in the Library to enjoy the party atmosphere and to take part in a competition to identify the titles of well-known books with just an image of the front cover as a clue. Congratulations to the overall prize-winner, Camron Ahmadi (8JEB) for his persistence in finding the correct answers, and to the runners-up, Christian Silcott (8GES) and Yusuf Shaikh (10SGJ). Neither event would have been as well-prepared or run as smoothly without the unstinting support of Javier D’Souza (U6AHR) and Nathan Cuttica (U6LH). We offer our grateful thanks to them both. Spring Term 2019


Maths, kayaks and ants – all in a day’s action on Thailand exchange Two weeks in Thailand may conjure up thoughts of sun, sea and sand, and while there has certainly been some of that, pupils on the annual exchange trip with Harrow International School Bangkok have learned and experienced so much more The 16-day visit to the Thai capital has been well documented in photographs and words, all of which you can see and read on the new John Lyon blog: www.johnlyon.org/blog Here, Arturo Patanè (9AJF) looks back on one varied and fun day: On Monday 11th March we had a rather relaxed day when compared to our weekend, and having woken up at our usual time and having had our usual

breakfast we headed off to school. After Maths, English and RSP lessons we marched to the lake in our PE kits to attend another kayaking lesson. We took a crash course around the lake and upon arriving at our destination were introduced to a new game, Sponge! The game was to take aim at your opponents and hurl a sponge at them, then the person who threw the sponge paddles away while the victim attempts to throw the sponge at someone else.

The game soon devolved into kayak tipping war with only a few boats standing. We returned to dry land and kicked the ants out of our shoes and changed back into our school uniform to get ready for upper school assembly. In assembly we were told about Harrow Bangkok’s charitable exploits and Suriyothai House (my adopted house here) reigned victorious for almost all the competitions, as they should. We then left as the students took off their blazers and

Students also managed some sightseeing while in Laos She’s behind you. The young tourists soaked up a lot of culture in a short visit

It’s Disney and Da Vinci for Year 7s in Paris The cultural life of an 11-year old, it seems, is very eclectic. On a short February half term trip to the French capital, our boys managed to fit in both the Louvre and Disneyland … as well as Montmartre, the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and a crêperie or two. Très bien! 10

THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

Laos the destination as half term brings rewarding hard work for Sixth Form students With most school pupils looking forward to a week of rest in February, six Sixth Form students headed to South East Asia for a week of rewarding work in Laos. The students’ first stop was the Harrow International School in Bangkok, one of John Lyon’s sister schools within John Lyon’s Foundation. After a night in the boarding houses there, it was time for

another flight across the border to Laos, where the John Lyon boys would head to Ban Nong Jong village to help with work constructing a new dormitory for a local school. To read the reflections of three of the Sixh Form group and see pictures of the trip, visit www.johnlyon.org/laos

Year 9 boys learn more about the horrors of genocide on Holocaust Memorial Day

Front row left to right: Yousuf Datoo (9LHF), Dhilan Bartlett 9(AJF), a Harrow Bangkok pupil, Aryan Agarwal (9PWM) and a Harrow Bangkok pupil. Back row left to right: Karun Kapoor (9AJF), Mr Stephen Mepham, girls from Royal Masonic School in Rickmansworth and Joel Cuttica (9LHF)

Harrow's Jewish community helps boys remember the scars of genocide Varun Valentine (9AJF) writes about his visit to the Mosaic Jewish Community to mark Holocaust Memorial Day

boaters and listened to a school band, Zyclone, sing to us as we left. We headed to the bus and returned to the hotel where we either slept or swam until 6.00pm, when we had our exceptional dinner and headed to bed quite early, looking forward to another day in Bangkok.

At the end of January, fifteen of us in Year 9 had the opportunity to visit the Mosaic Jewish Community and Harrow Synagogue. When we arrived at the Synagogue we were warmly welcomed. We saw replicas of the Holocaust Memorial Quilt, which was created in honour of those who were in the Holocaust, with patches made by a Holocaust survivor or their children.

We then took part in a workshop where we learnt a lot of facts about the Holocaust, such as there were six million victims and it lasted from 1941 to 1945. Finally, we had a talk from Julia Burton, the daughter of Holocaust survivor David Herman. She talked about how dreadful her father’s life had been and how he was segregated from his family. She explained to us about genocides and talked to us about the hard labour and torture her father was put through simply because of his faith. From this educational visit, we have learnt about the tragedy that was the Holocaust and we have learnt what racism can turn into.

Pupils tuck into Haroon’s delicious croquetas

Blue skies and lots of snow made for excellent skiing conditions

It’s all downhill for half term Italian tourists Sestriere was the destination for the 2019 February skiing trip, with 28 boys making the trip to Italy. Blue skies and plenty of snow meant it was a successful trip, made even better when all 28 made

it home without a single broken bone. Details of the 2020 trip will be announced in due course.

Culture and food join language in Spanish class Learning about culture and tradition has been adding more to Year 9 Spanish lessons. A mini food festival saw Haroon Khan (9LHF) make croquetas for the whole class before explaining their ingredients and origin as well as when and why they are eaten. ¡Delicioso! Spring Term 2019


John Lyon Blog John Lyon's new blog – www.johnlyon.org/blog – gives pupils, teachers and other members of the School community the chance to talk about what they have done and what is important to them.

Connect with John Lyon


THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

The door is open for Sixth Form students to talk School Counsellor Mrs Laura Herman encourages John Lyon’s older boys to be open with their thoughts as part of the School’s Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE) programme At John Lyon, our commitment to our boys’ mental health and wellbeing is paramount. As an in-house counsellor and psychotherapist I am able to thread my professional mental health expertise through the fabric of the school, providing help and support to pupils, parents and staff in a variety of ways, including counselling, training, consulting and parenting courses. A significant part of this provision is to arm our Sixth Form students with some insight and understanding to enable them to take better care of their own mental health and to give them guidance in identifying when they may be in need of additional help.

Mrs Laura Herman also trains and supervises Sixth Form Mentors, including Antony Rogers (L6ND) and Shaurya Garkhel (L6ND), who play a significant role in contributing to the wellbeing of the School community

Part of the PSCHE programme for Sixth Form includes topics such as bereavement, relationship breakdown, anxiety, stress, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, identity, times of transition and addiction, among others.

need arises either in School or later in life. For further information about PSCHE or any related matter, please contact me at Laura.Herman@johnlyon.org

The sessions are led by me, where I facilitate discussion amongst the boys and talk about strategies for keeping safe and well, both now, at university and in the future. We trust that if boys are aware of the difference between what are healthy responses to life experience, albeit distressing and painful, versus more problematic symptoms, they will be better able to access appropriate help and look after both themselves and others if the

Opened in February, our new Sixth Form Cafe offers students a new place to meet, eat and study

Usmaan Khan (U6LH) gives his talk on feminism

Diversity in all its forms celebrated in week of events Faith, sexuality and gender, as well as international cultures, lesser-known sports and unusual musical instruments were all on the agenda for John Lyon’s first official Diversity Week. Organised and driven by Sixth Form students for the benefit of their fellow pupils, and with a focus on exploring how other people around us believe, think and act, the week in December introduced new ideas to pupils through a series of talks, events and activities. Deputy Head Boy Javier D’Souza (U6AHR), who helped spearhead Diversity Week, said: “We hope the programme of events allowed boys from all years to reflect on things that make us all different and how they can be celebrated." Spring Term 2019


The Mall walls were full of portrait work for the January exhibition

Dhanesh Jegatheesan (L6ND) at work in the life drawing masterclass 14

THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

Portraiture and the human form the focus for Spring Term Art New art club and GCSE pupils turn the focus on themselves in the term’s big exhibition while Art Scholars take part in a life drawing masterclass with leading university tutor The introduction of a new Portraiture Club to the School’s Extra-Curricular Programme has paid great dividend in the Art Department with a large number of boys turning the focus on themselves and their friends. Run by Art Technician Mr Nick Brown, the Portraiture Club has enabled pupils from Year 9 to the Lower Sixth to see the techniques used to create realistic portraits, with Mr Brown using a step-by-step process on his own self-portrait as the main guide. Mr Brown said: "The boys have all exceeded my expectations by working both to a high level of quality but also at the same pace through the process. They

have shown great dedication to the club and I believe it has enhanced their painting skills and knowledge." Some of the works from Portraiture Club were displayed in January's Spring Term exhibition, which also included the portrait work of Year 10 pupils, who had explored the human figure through drawing to create an exciting body of work as part of their GCSE coursework. The exhibition gave pupils, parents and staff the chance to see some of the completed Year 10 portraits, alongside works-in-progress by Lower Sixth students who are developing a body of work based on the theme 'people and place', as part of their A-Level studies.

The boys have all exceeded my expectations by working both to a high level of quality but also at the same pace through the process.

The human form was also the focus of a special full-day life drawing masterclass in January, at which Art Scholars were guided by Grace Adam, a practising artist and lecturer at the University of the Arts London, a world-renowned institution which includes Central Saint Martins amongst its colleges and boasts more than half of all Turner Prize winners amongst its alumni. The masterclass helped boys develop their observational drawing skills and their ability to record visually using a variety of different media.

Top artists go on digital display at johnlyon.org The best artworks produced by boys across all age groups are now on display each month on the John Lyon website. Artwork of the Month showcases a selection of the best work from the John Lyon Art Department, with a work from each of Years 7 – 9,Years 10 and 11, and Sixth Form. To see the most recent selections, visit www.johnlyon.org/aotm

George Allen's (7LA) apples were selected as an Artwork of the Month in January

Spring Term 2019


Jude Hedges-Robinson showed many emotions during his winning performance

Jude takes a sad song and makes it better Esteemed judge is moved by the winning performance in hotly contested John Lyon Musician of the Year final A moving rendition of Franz Shubert’s Du bist die Ruh has seen vocalist Jude Hedges-Robinson (U6JWP) take the title of John Lyon’s leading musician. The Sixth Form baritone delivered a nuanced performance of the romantic work, which moved the competition’s special guest judge Mr Valentin Schiedermair. The London-based German concert pianist praised Jude for his emotional interpretation of the song, the title of which translates as You are rest and peace. 16

THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

The competition final saw 17 works across two categories: Grades 1-4 and Grades 5-8 with each performer having been the winner of a category in the House Music Competition earlier in the term, won by Moore House. In the lower grade category, pianist Ethan Jayesinghe (10TM) took the spoils with a performance of Yiruma’s River Flows In You, which included improvised elements which impressed Judge Schiedermair.

Judging the competition was clearly a difficult task for Mr Schiedermair, who took time out of his busy international concert schedule to be with us, providing useful feedback to each performer and also treating the audience to a short impromptu performance at the start of the evening. The packed Music Hall audience was

treated to a total of 12 different instruments across the evening, from bass guitar to bassoon via the drums and dhol. A special mention must go to Patrick Colson (10NGA) who performed four times, on accordion, drums, clarinet and piano. But it is Jude who adds his name to the roll call of winners and who received the de Mello Cup, named after and awarded by Mr Joe de Mello, a long-standing supporter and former member of support staff in the Music Department. Jude said: "It was an honour to win such an esteemed competition at John Lyon and I very much enjoyed performing Du bist die Ruh, especially for a judge who could understand the lyrics. It feels especially great to see my House, Moore, win the overall House Music competition in my last year at John Lyon.”

Spring Concert goes stateside There was a definite American flavour to the Music Department’s big Spring Term concert as bands, groups and choirs treated a packed Boyd Campbell Hall to a hugely diverse programme. Music by John Williams, Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock and Bruno Mars was all on the programme, as well as some British and European fare from William Walton and Claude-Michel Schönberg. The concert featured the Brass Ensemble, Flute Choir, Jazz Band, LCO Music Junction Mentors, Percussion Ensemble, Pride of Lyon's, R&B Group, Rock Band, String Ensemble, Wind Band and Year 7 Choir.

Nikhil Bhatt (U6AKF) takes the lead in the Rhythm & Blues group, backed by a band of 17 including clarinetists Yash Patel (9PWM) and Shayen Vaid (9LHF)

The performance ends a year of music making designed to bring young people from very different backgrounds together.

Patrick Colson (10NGA) on the drums, his third of four performances on the evening

Music Junction crescendoes to big May concert The London Chamber Orchestra, John Lyon and Harrow Music Service will present the first Music Junction concert in Harrow. Pupils from John Lyon, Cedars Manor School, Kenmore Park School, Red Balloon Learner Centre and The Helix Education Centre will perform an LCO Music Junction premiere of a work by Tony Britten, composer of the UEFA Champions League anthem. Musicians from LCO will also perform L Mozart’s Toy Symphony and Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf.

Jude Hedges-Robinson (U6JWP) and Eugene Rahbari (U6SJA) take to the glockenspiel alongside primary school children

The performance ends a year of music making designed to bring young people from very different backgrounds together to promote confidence and nurture self-esteem. To book free tickets visit www.johnlyon.org/whatson Spring Term 2019


The full cast together in one of Anything Goes' show-stopping scenes. Below, top to bottom: Louis Tyrrell and Nathan Cuttica try to enjoy the transatlantic crossing; Omar Mustafa adds a touch of physical comedy to proceedings

Sell-out performances see Anything Goes sail into the sunset The ship sailed on another hugely successful John Lyon School musical after three wonderful sell-out performances of Anything Goes The Cole Porter classic, set aboard a 1930s cruise ship travelling from New York to England, was seen by almost 1,000 people across the three performances in December. The dress rehearsal proved just as popular, as 300 children from six local primary schools were invited to Harrow School’s Ryan Theatre to watch the spectacular musical. Audiences at the sell-out performances enjoyed the hugely professional shows, with outstanding acting, song and dance from the cast of John Lyon boys and girls from a number of local schools, accompanied by a West End band in the pit below. Lucy Cooper (St Helen’s School) as notorious nightclub singer Reno Sweeney was outstanding in the production’s most demanding role, leading the two most 18

THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

famous numbers, I Get a Kick Out of You, and Anything Goes with a strength belying her age, whilst Louis Tyrrell (11BRD) and Claire Gordon-Brown (Northwood College) were wonderfully lovelorn as Billy J. Crocker and Hope Harcourt, around whose not-always-straightforward relationship the show revolves. Laughs came regularly from the well-timed slapstick of Omar Mustafa (L6ND) as Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, Nathan Cuttica (U6LH) as Elisha J. Whitney, Usmaan Khan (U6LH) as Moonface Martin and Megan Allen (William Morris Sixth Form) as Mrs Evangeline Harcourt, while gangster’s moll Erma played by Cara McTiernan (Nower Hill High School) kept the sailors in check during an incident packed voyage which was kept on course by the ship’s Captain Ed Davey (U6ASL) and Purser Jack Salter (L6CKL).

A huge congratulations to the entire cast and crew with special thanks to director Mr Sam Jones, musical director Mr Huw Jones and choreographer Miss Aimee Finnerty.

Matthew Evens and Joel Cuttica (9LHF) with members of the wider cast. Below, clockwise from top left: Matthew Evens shares a train ride with Oliver Coupland (7LA); Joel Cuttica cuts Lucas Antoni's (9LHF) hair; George Neville-Alkiviades squares up to Otto Verden (8RAR); a moustached Rafi Smith makes a telephone call

Young actors turn detectives in 1920s Berlin Matthew Evens (9AJF) writes about Emil and the Detectives, February’s play starring boys in Years 7 - 9, in which he played the title role

Emil and the Detectives by Carl Miller and based on the novel by Eric Kästner is a tale about a young boy named Emil, who, in trying to deliver money to his grandmother, gets it stolen by a mysterious banker named Mr Snow, (Rafi Smith 9PWM). After this, Emil, with his newly found detective friends, Toots (Lucas Saliba 9LHF), Tuesday (Dhilan Bartlett 9AJF) The Professor (George Neville-Alkiviades 9AJF) and Pony the Hat (Krish Lakhani 9AJF), try to track down the thief and prove his villainy. After many high-intensity chase scenes and suspenseful moments, the play reaches its climax when they discover Mr Snow is a famous bank thief. Their detective work sees them share a large reward for catching the ‘Hanover Bank Thief’, and Emil finally giving the money to his grandmother. Auditions for Emil and the Detectives took place back in October, after which the cast and crew worked hard to refine the play. Rehearsals were high-concentration, in a lively and excitative atmosphere, allowing us to successfully portray our characters. On the performance day,

lighting was perfected as usual by Mr Luke Rao and the set and flats were all in place, having been masterfully painted by Mr Nick Brown. I think we

will all always remember this experience. We all want to thank director Mr Leon Felgate for his dedication to the production. Spring Term 2019


The Standard long read

John Lyon’s Foundation Almost 450 years after Queen Elizabeth I granted a Royal Charter for a Harrow farmer to create a school for 30 local boys, a number of organisations continue to foster and grow his vision “for the perpetual education, teaching and instruction of Children and Youth”

In fact, so successful was the vision of John Lyon, that his legacy is not just being seen in Harrow, or even in wider London, but around the world, as far as China and Thailand. But how do the different elements of John Lyon’s legacy work today, and how do they all fit together? John Lyon’s Foundation believes in the intrinsic value of education and the possibilities and opportunities that this can bring. Not a legal entity in its own right, the Foundation can most simply be seen as the coming together of three main elements: Harrow School, the original 16th century school which has grown to become famous around the world; The John Lyon School, established in 1876 as a school for boys from the local community and which is rightly seen as a leading day school in North West London; and John Lyon’s Charity, which grew out of a fund set up by John Lyon for the upkeep of two main thoroughfares, the Harrow Road and the Edgware Road, and which has existed in its current form as a grant-giving charity


THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

since 1991, serving the nine modern London boroughs served by those two roads. The two schools and the Charity provide opportunities to educate, enable and inspire children and young people through a broad range of activities, primarily the provision of education and learning, and through the awarding of grants. Day-to-day, the three bodies operate entirely separately, with their own staff and strategic priorities, but each gains great strength from being part of a greater whole with an agreed set of common aims: - To maximise the opportunities for children and young people by enabling them to realise their potential and broaden their horizons, allowing them to experience and enjoy a better quality of life. - To promote independence of thought, respect for others, creativity and responsibility in order to enable each individual to develop their full potential for the benefit of the wider community.

- To embrace all young people of differing ability, background, religion or race. - To value excellence and to seek to inspire children and young people to discover and develop their talents and reach for distinction in everything they do. These aims are the focus of John Lyon's Foundation’s Philanthropy Committee, members of which include the Head of John Lyon, Head Master of Harrow and Chief Executive of John Lyon’s Charity, which meets once each term to discuss joint work and collaborative projects, provide strategic direction for joint initiatives and establish clear paths for boys at both schools to become involved in charity at a local level. The work of the Foundation is clear to see. Both Harrow and John Lyon schools work hard in the community, going out to local schools and community groups as well as welcoming them in, giving time and expertise in a number of areas. For example, Harrow School students volunteer at Spear, a programme that helps 16- to 24-year-olds get into work

One of John Lyon’s grade 8 musicians, violinist Nicholas Berezovsky (11MWV), helps pupils from Kenmore Park School at one of the LCO Music Junction rehearsal days, a project funded by John Lyon’s Charity. Below left to right: John Lyon's gravestone in St Mary's; John Lyon depicted in stained glass; the original 16th century charter; John Lyon and Harrow pupils join forces for the annual Commemoration Concert

or training. Harrow also hosts Lumina, a free course for Year 12 state school students who hope to study at the leading universities. Here at John Lyon, the first London Chamber Orchestra Music Junction will see children from a number of local schools perform with our boys in a big concert in Summer Term 2019, a project which has seen our pupils act as teachers and mentors. And behind these projects, and more, is the financial backing of John Lyon’s Charity, which invites grant applications from charities and schools looking to further education and opportunities for young people. Since 1991, the Charity has distributed over £100 million to a range of services for young people, including youth clubs, arts projects, counselling initiatives, childcare and parental support schemes, sports programmes and academic bursaries, including for boys to study at John Lyon and Harrow.

The Harrow Association and the Lyonian Association promote networks of former pupils; the Harrow Development Trust and John Lyon School Development Trust assist the schools in fulfilling their important charitable obligations; The Harrow Club works hard to provide youth programmes and activities for young people in West London; Harrow School Enterprises Limited provides a commercial arm for the original school; and franchise arrangements over the past 20 years have seen the creation of four international schools bearing the Harrow name, in Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok and Hong Kong. It's no wonder that we continue to celebrate our great founder with a church service and big concert each year, and work hard to keep his name, and legacy, alive.

John Lyon’s Foundation believes in the intrinsic value of education and the possibilities and opportunities that this can bring.

For more on John Lyon’s Foundation, visit www.johnlyonsfoundation.org.uk

Perhaps John Lyon could have predicted the success of Harrow School and maybe even the founding of a new day school in his name and the growth of his financial legacy. But it is unlikely he could have imagined the numerous offshoots within The Foundation Family, including a global reach. Spring Term 2019


The robots are coming to life Thanks to generous funding from OLs and parents, robotics are now an integral part of STEAM lessons Year 8 pupils got stuck straight in when the VEX EDR robots arrived at John Lyon early in Spring Term. The robots are at varying stages of life: some are being assembled, some are being coded, and some expanded to have more than one arm. John Lyon's Development Coordinator, Mrs Khadija Ansari, said: "Regular donations from OLs and parents have contributed directly to the purchase of these robots, which have given some of our younger pupils an excellent opportunity to develop their coding and engineering skills. We are still in the early stages, but this is proving to be a project well-received by the boys. Keep watching this space to see how it develops further."

Dr Florence Weinberg helps Myles Nagle (8GES) with his VEX EDR robot

John Lyon pulls out all the stops with newest instrument A gift from one generous Old Lyonian has helped fulfil a long-held desire for the School’s Music Department. A substantial and wonderful gift from David Reeves (OL 1956) means that we now have a digital organ in the School’s largest indoor space, the Boyd Campbell Hall.

Join us in supporting John Lyon’s 1876 Fund and enable us to continue to transform the experience of every pupil at the School with projects that have an immediate and direct impact on the pupils. For more information on how you can support John Lyon please contact the Development Office or visit the website at www.johnlyon.org/support Khadija.Ansari@johnlyon.org | 020 8515 9449


THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

A very happy Director of Music, Mr Huw Jones, was the first to put the new organ through its paces

With Hockey numbers continuing to increase, we aim to ramp up the number of teams playing competitively in 2020, particularly at the Senior end of the school.

James Otaruoh (9FLE) leaves an opposition player in his wake

Barcelona tour the target for rapidly improving Hockey stars Planning for next winter’s pre-season tour to the Catalonian capital is already under way as John Lyon’s newest Major Sport continues to flourish, writes Head of Hockey Mr Adam Ling

Both the U12A and U13A Junior teams continue to progress well and have recorded 40% and 50% win rates respectively, despite many of the team not having played Hockey before they joined the School.

It has been another particularly successful Hockey season with almost 80 fixtures this Spring Term.

It is the next year up, the U14As, who have yet again proved the stand-out team of the year, with a two-thirds win rate, competing against some of the strongest schools on our circuit, and claiming notable scalps including those of UCS Hampstead, Mill Hill and Berkhamsted.

An increase in participation across all the age groups and in particular the introduction of an U14B team demonstrates the development of Hockey, since it returned to John Lyon as a Major Sport just over a year ago.

Three of our U14 boys have already represented the Senior 1st XI squad and signs are pleasing for the future; Ali Malik (9FLE) has been a regular

at Senior level, with Taranvir Bansal (9PWM) and William Mitchell (9FLE) joining him more recently. With Hockey numbers continuing to increase, we aim to ramp up the number of teams playing competitively in 2020, particularly at the Senior end of the School. Planning is already under way to create a greater number of fixtures, enter into county cup competitions and go on a pre-season tour to Barcelona, which will help our most promising players hone their skills even further.

Spring Term 2019


John Lyon’s rackets come out top of the Borough The School’s U14 Badminton players are Harrow’s number one team, but narrowly miss out on all-London finals Autumn and Spring Term served up an outstanding run of results for John Lyon’s U14 team. Taking on the best players from across the whole of the Borough of Harrow, they cruised through the preliminary rounds with six dominating performances, winning each one 7-0.

Officially the best in Harrow, the John Lyon U14 Badminton team

In the quadrangular final versus Nower Hill High School, Avanti House and Pinner High School the team continued their ruthless play, dropping just two games in three matches, which were scored at 7-0, 7-0, 7-2.

of defeat in a second match saw them narrowly miss out on a place in the all-London finals. Congratulations to (pictured left to right above) Abhay Gill (9AJF), Yash Patel (9PWM), Aaron Kibria (9AJF), Kahil Jariwala (9LHF) and Taranvir Bansal (9PWM) for their excellent hard work and performances.

The West London finals saw a huge step up in competition and despite winning one of their matches, their first taste

In other age groups, the U16 team played well in qualifying through the Borough preliminaries to the Borough final, while the Senior team performed well in a strong six-team tournament versus Harrow School, Eton College, Wellington College, Charterhouse and The Coopers’ Company and Coborn School.

Knowledge shared as Cricket continues apace throughout winter Indoor nets sessions see boys of all ages come together to learn from each other, as well as from skilled coaches

John Lyon’s Elite Cricket programme continues to attract the very best players, with boys from Year 7 all the way to Upper Sixth coming together each Thursday morning to learn new skills and develop their games. 24

Abhay Hirani (U6ASL) keeps his eye on the ball in Elite Cricket training

A number of positive relationships have been formed, notably when older students are given the opportunity to mentor younger boys, all with an end goal of breaking into the School’s 1st XI or improving their chances of success within their own age groups.

THE STANDARD The John Lyon School Magazine

The knowledge and experience of John Lyon’s new Director of Sport, Mr Shane Cloete, a former first class Cricketer in Zimbabwe, has also been invaluable and boys have been keen to learn from someone with such illustrious experience.

Even when the chance of victory had passed, each swimmer maintained a high level of resolve and discipline. Harrow School's pool was the venue for the well-contested gala

John Lyon Swimming team makes quite a splash at Harrow Head of Aquatics Mr George Seller looks back on a Swimming gala at which John Lyon boys performed well in a demanding programme A mid-February Valentine's Day gala saw our team of elite swimmers make the short trip up the Hill to battle it out in a competitive Swimming gala against Harrow. We arrived with a strong team of 25 boys to compete in a demanding programme of races across the U14, U16 and Senior categories. The gala began with the individual medleys; gruelling four-length displays of mastery of each of the swimming strokes. At this point John Lyon boys demonstrated they weren’t to be taken lightly with an outstanding 1st place finish for Jason Mahmutoglu (10KS) who came in a full four seconds ahead of Harrow's leading swimmer. This was immediately followed up by a tightly contested Senior medley race which saw

Nathan Beardwell (L6SOM) narrowly edged into second place. As the gala progressed it became clear that Harrow would have the upper hand thanks to the size and depth of their squad, which numbered almost 40. John Lyon boys were forced to push themselves to the edge of their physical limits and compete in more events than their Harrow counterparts, sometimes in back-to-back races, and by the midway point it was clear the fatigue was taking its toll. Despite this, there were several great individual achievements and personal bests, including for Aryan Agarwal (9PWM) who secured a brilliant second place in the U14 50m freestyle and a similarly impressive result for Nikaylen Reddy (9RS) in the U14 50m breast stroke. Despite eventual defeat there was great pride for John Lyon, praised by opposition coaches for their ability and

determination. Even when the chance of victory had passed, each swimmer maintained a high level of resolve and discipline. This gala marks the beginning of an exciting new era of Swimming at John Lyon. Summer Term will see a triangular gala series with Eton and Charterhouse and will include John Lyon's first home gala for many years. Spring Term 2019


OLs lead the way inspiring pupils for their future careers Former John Lyon pupils join parents and other professionals in offering advice and guidance at the annual Careers Evening

Miss Katherine Haynes Head head@johnlyon.org

Mr Andy Sims Deputy Head AJS@johnlyon.org Clockwise from top: A packed New Memorial Hall was the venue for Careers Evening; Jeevan Vasagnar OL offers advice to Sevraj Oberai (11MWV); Chetan Madhaparia OL speaks with Ayush Patel (9RS)

Mr Jonathan Pepperman Deputy Head JOP@johnlyon.org

Held every year in February, Careers Evening has become a popular event for OLs, allowing them to revisit the School and help future generations of Old Lyonians decide where they may want to go in their careers. This year’s event saw 40 individual desks set up in the New Memorial Hall with experts from a huge variety of fields on hand to assist boys in Year 9 and above. As well as the one-to-one sessions there were a number of presentations given in classrooms. Daniel Crehan (2003-2008) gave an insight into his work as a barrister, Tottenham Hotspur’s financial chief Paul English (1988-1993) spoke about his work at the Premier League club, and Daniel Connolly (1992-1999), founder of Consul Sports Club, talked about turning a passion into a career.

Other OLs included Stuart Childs (2001-2008), Matthew Goodger (2007-2014), Rian Karia (2004-2011), Amad Kayani (2010-2012), Chetan Madhaparia (1997-2004), Kishan Patel (19982005), Adam Penny (1986-1993), Sen Selvarajah (1996-2003), Darren Simons (1985-1992), Janaka Sirwardena (1973-1980), Neerav Trivedi (2007-2014) and Jeevan Vasagnar (1984-1991). We would also like to thank John Lyon parents and other experts who gave their time on the evening. If you would be interested in taking part in future Careers Evenings or would like to reconnect with John Lyon in any other way, please contact Alumni Relations Coordinator, Suzannah Chirnside, on 020 8515 9410 or at Suzannah.Chirnside@johnlyon.org

School Open Evening Tuesday 18th June 2019 5.00 - 7.00pm School Open Day Saturday 21st September 2019 9.30am - 12.00pm

www.johnlyon.org/opendays Mr Michael Gibson Bursar Michael.Gibson@johnlyon.org Miss Rebecca Davies Registrar Tel: 020 8515 9443 admissions@johnlyon.org John Lyon Middle Road Harrow-on-the-Hill HA2 0HN 020 8515 9400

www.johnlyon.org @johnlyonharrow

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The Standard - Spring Term 2019  

The Spring 2019 edition of the John Lyon School magazine

The Standard - Spring Term 2019  

The Spring 2019 edition of the John Lyon School magazine