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Monitoring Surface  Change  on  Debris-­‐Covered  Glaciers:   Volcán  Chimborazo,  Ecuador  

Jeff La  Frenierre   Ohio  State  University,  Dept.  of  Geography;     Byrd  Polar  Research  Center  

Debris-­‐Covered Glaciers  and  Climate  Change  

Ostrem, 1959  

Boulton, 1978  

Challenges of  Monitoring  Debris-­‐Covered  Glaciers  

Terrestrial LiDAR  Scanning  (TLS)  

From Laser  Scanning  for  the  Environmental  Sciences,  Heritage  and  Large,  2009  

Volcán Chimborazo,  Ecuador  

Chimborazo Glacier  Change  1986-­‐2012   2012   1986  

Chimborazo GLOF,  2007  

Reschreiter Glacier  

Scanning the  Glacier  –  Phase  1  

Scanner Output  –  Phase  1  

Scanning Challenges  

Photo by  Bryan  Mark  

Photo by  Ollie  Wigmore  

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Jeff La Frenierre: Monitoring surface change on debris-covered glaciers Chimborazo Ecuador  

This Powerpoint slide show will be supplemented with Jeff's transcribed lecture. It was presented to the High Mountain Adaptation Partnershi...

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