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Brand New Resources to Deepen Faith and Invigorate Spirituality For Australian parishes, schools and individuals


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Pope Francis Pope Francis has captured the world’s attention; his humility and ability to connect with the young, the poor and the forgotten speaks to the hearts of Catholics around the world. But how well do we really know him? Get to know the many dimensions of Pope Francis—not just as a Pope, but as a man, a leader, an inspiration … and as the future.

A Call to Serve: Pope Francis and the Catholic Future Stefan von Kempis Philip F. Lawler (ed) Did you know that Pope Francis loves the tango, was trained as a chemist and had a girlfriend whom he planned to marry? Not many people do! Celebrate the election of Pope Francis—his fascinating life story and the promising Catholic future he heralds—with this ground-breaking photo journal, which includes full colour photography on every page and insights from the Pope’s friends, family and even his childhood sweetheart. Includes Pope Francis’ own reflections on the heart of Christian faith and his relationship with Jesus. RRP $29.95 Sophia $23.96 9780824550059

Open Mind, Faithful Heart: Reflections on Following Jesus Jorge Mario Bergoglio Learn about the spirituality of Pope Francis … in his own words. Let Pope Francis inspire your heart, as well as your mind, as he describes his understanding of Jesus and the Christian calling. Much more than just a book, here, Pope Francis gives us a life guide and a path for prayer. The best introduction to what makes the Pope the engaging pastor he is. RRP $49.95 Sophia $39.96 9780824519971

Pope Francis: Why he Leads the Way he Leads Chris Lowney Acquire an understanding of the stirring leadership style of Pope Francis, one which we can all aspire to and use in our communities, churches, companies and families. Paperback RRP $29.95 Sophia $23.96 9780829440911

Pope Francis: Speaks to our Hearts Be both challenged and filled with hope with this book of short excerpts from the homilies and addresses Pope Francis has given since his elevation. Reflect on his warm pastoral style as he covers themes that we can expect from him again and again: the mercy of God, the scandal of poverty and the challenge to become true disciples of Jesus … not just ‘part-time Christians’. Makes a thoughtful and beautiful gift. RRP $18.95 Sophia $15.16 9781593252472

Walking with Pope Francis: 30 days with the Encyclical ‘Light of Faith’ Pope Francis chose the topic of faith for his first ‘letter to the world’. Spend thirty days reflecting on his beautiful and tender teachings about faith to help you experience the deep joy of a faith-filled life. RRP $3.95 Sophia $3.16 9781627850025


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Fall in love with the Bible all over again ... or for the first time The Bible for All Catholics including Young Adults in the Twenty First Century them: pick it up and simply start reading. The Message will send you back to your other translations with new insight and curiosity. An example:

The Message Translated by Eugene H. Peterson with William Griffin The Bible is meant to be read. Revive your own interest, or the interest of others in reading the Bible. Foremost a reader’s Bible, The Message is written in every-day contemporary language, making the Scriptures come alive again by translating them in a way that people can understand what God is trying to say to us today. The Message is not intended to be a substitute for your other bible translations; it is meant to complement

The Catholic Children’s Bible Sr Mary Kathleen Glavich and Brian Singer-Towns editors The first ever complete Catholic children’s Bible that not only inspires but empowers children to read, live and love the full Word of God. Fascinate and arouse the curiosity of young Bible readers. Vibrant illustrations, borders and easy-to-read text have been

Perfect for young adults

The Message

The Bible – NRSV – Catholic Edition

God, God save me! I’m in over my head. Psalm 69

Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck. 2 I sink in deep mire, where there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, and the flood sweeps over me.

Hard cover RRP $64.95 Sophia $51.96 9780879464950 Paperback RRP $49.95 Sophia $39.96 9780879464943

designed to foster an interest and affection for the Bible from an early Ideal age. Easy-to-understand definitions for ages of difficult ‘vocabulary’ words marked 6 to10 in bold are provided to improve young readers’ literacy skills and help children develop a deeper understanding of their faith. Each bible story includes an ‘Understand It! Live it! Tell it!’ section, ensuring students comprehend the passage and can apply the meaning of each story to their own young lives. Hardcover RRP $54.95 Sophia $43.96 9781599821788 Paperback RRP $44.95 Sophia $35.96 9781599821771

The Catholic Children’s Bible Activity Booklet

The Catholic Children’s Bible Leader Guide

RRP $64.95 Sophia $51.96 9781599821818

RRP $74.95 Sophia $59.96 9781599820422

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Coming November 2013

Young Tasmanian, Sam Clear pledged himself to a mission: to walk around the world—yes, the world—in an effort to urge and inspire all Christians to unite. He didn’t think it would be easy; but he had no idea how hard it was going to be… walk with Sam and share the journey. Discover that unity means much more than just a name on a parish sign post. Don’t miss this compelling true story – it will take you on a journey that will have you laughing out loud as much as moving you to tears. 9781921946981

Also available in February 2014


Journey into scripture The Friendly Guide Series If you would like to deepen and enrich your understanding of Scripture and important Catholic beliefs, but don’t know where to start—then start right here! Journeying into Scripture does not have to be difficult, tedious or academic. This easy to comprehend series has been purposefully written at an introductory level. Written by some of Australia’s leading scholars, theologians and scripture experts, the Friendly Guide series, is vibrant, engaging and laden with maps, timelines, ‘did you knows’, colour charts, summary boxes, comparisons to modern day living and summations. The Friendly Guide series, is a great way to delve a little deeper, to understand a little more, to enrich your faith. Each volume is a sheer delight to read. A Friendly Guide to the New Testament Francis J Moloney 9781920721947

A Friendly Guide to Luke’s Gospel Stuart Moran 9781921946318

A Friendly Guide to Matthew’s Gospel Dorothy A Lee 9781921946332

A Friendly Guide to John’s Gospel Mary L Coloe 9781921946325

A Friendly Guide to Mark’s Gospel Francis J Moloney 9781921946202

A Friendly Guide to Jesus Andrew Hamilton 9781920721978

A Friendly Guide to the Mass Tony Doherty 9781920721954 A Friendly Guide to Prayer Michael Whelan 9781921946141 A Friendly Guide to Vatican II Max Vodola 9781921946301

& Coming Soon in November 2013

RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 each

Friendly Guide to Paul Chris Monaghan 9781921946998

Buy 10 or more copies for $20 each (Sophia $16 each)

A Friendly Guide to the Old Testament Marie Turner 9781921946974

Special Offer*

*Offer valid until October 31 2013. No further discounts.


32 Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Journey into scripture continued ... World Religions and Contemporary issues: How Evolving Views on Ecology, Peace, and Women are Impacting Faith Today Brennan R. Hill Significantly deepen your understanding of how the five major world religions make sense of world events, the roles they play and how they respond to some of the most critical social issues of our time: ecology, peace and women’s rights.

Creation, Power and Truth: The Gospel in a World of Cultural Confusion Tom Wright Critique and reconsider common cultural assumptions of the biblical story with author Tom Wright, and explore some unexpected connections between ancient and contemporary worldviews. Give fresh voice to God’s truth in today’s world. RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780281069873

RRP $59.95 Sophia $47.96 9781585959136

The Ethical Being: A Catholic Guide to Contemporary Issues

Creation is Groaning: Biblical and Theological Perspectives Mary L. Coloe (ed) Learn what Christianity must do to change human behaviour in a way that helps to restore the destruction of the environment. Read the views of highly regarded theologians and scripture scholars who establish a firm foundation for a new ethic that promotes the flourishing of all planetary life and a just global community.

Scott Kline Making ethical decisions is a complex endeavour. Learn the art of ethical decision-making so that you can make decisions relating to controversial social issues such as same-sex marriage, new reproductive technologies, embryonic stem-cell research, economic globalisation, the consumer culture and poverty. RRP $39.95 Sophia $31.96 9782896463244

RRP $34.95 Sophia $27.96 9780814680650

Scanning the Signs of the Times

The Book of Enoch

Thomas F O’Meara & Paul Philibert

R.H. Charles & Paula Gooder Understand the earliest origins of Christianity with this invaluable resource which sheds light on many of the concepts found in the New Testament. RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780281068814

Be inspired by the stories of the seven Dominicans, who are widely acknowledged as being responsible for ushering in Vatican II and for the renewal of Catholic theology. Learn from their vigour and their ability to read the signs of the times to teach us how to bear witness to the Gospel in the twenty-first century. RRP $34.95 Sophia $27.96 9781922239167

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The importance of personal prayer The Australian Catholic Youth Prayer Journal

Written especially for Australian secondary-school students

Ann Rennie Inspire teenagers to experience—possibly for the first time— the beauty, stillness and power of prayer. Well known RE teacher and author, Ann Rennie, provides beautiful and inspiring words to encourage young adults to look at their own lives with honesty and gratitude. She also uses feeling and thought-provoking stimulus questions to lead them gently into the right space, to ensure their prayer or reflective writing is personal and focussed. Also consider as a thoughtful gift for a special occasion.

Special Offer

Buy 20 or more copies and pay only $15 each; Sophia $12

RRP $19.95 Sophia $15.96 9781922152053

No further discounts

Draw Near to God: Prayer Journal 2014 Draw closer to God through the daily reading of Scripture, prayer and reflections. This prayer companion for adults provides ample space for writing, and contains an inspiring selection of prayers and quotations. RRP $22.95 Sophia $18.36 9781593252267

Rhythms of Remembering: An Everyday Office Book Hannah Ward & Jennifer Wild Your desire for daily prayer is supported by this convenient book that invites people to try out a method of prayer that has been used for centuries. It is compact, easy-to-use and provides everything you need for prayer away from home. RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780281070794

The Power of Daily Prayer: The Way to Experience God’s Love Bert Ghezzi Discover the importance of daily prayer and how it drives our spiritual growth. Learn with practical examples how: to be transformed from the inside out, to listen to God’s word, to pray in the Spirit, to pray with Scripture and to intercede with others. Helpful questions for reflection are provided as to what actions we can take to strengthen our commitment to daily prayer. RRP $19.95 Sophia $15.96 9781593252465


32 Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Advent Make your celebration of Advert and Christmas this year, a powerful time of growth and healing. Use the following resources so that the mystery of Advent and Christmas may really touch and inspire you.

Resources designed to really bring Christ back into Christmas Sacred Space for Advent and the Christmas Season 2013–2014

Waiting in Joyful Hope: Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas 2013-2014

The Irish Jesuits

Jay Cormier

Use this simple six-step method, first developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola, to grab a few moments to read, reflect and pray in the midst of your busy days. RRP $2.95 Sophia $2.36 9781594714368

Enrich your personal prayer life during the seasons of Advent and Christmas. RRP $3.95 Sophia $3.16 9780814634783

Great price

Joy In the Waiting: Daily Reflections, Actions and Prayers

People of the Nativity: Living the Christmas Story, Then and Now

Alice M. Camille Take a comprehensive look at the people who make our Advent community – from Abraham and Jacob to Elizabeth and Zechariah.

Marci Alborghetti Imagine how wonderful Christ’s birth must have been to the people who actually witnessed it! Enrich your Christmas experience by placing yourself directly into the lives of the people who witnessed the birth of Jesus.

RRP $2.95 Sophia $2.36 9781585959280

Resources for small groups

RRP $22.95 Sophia $18.36 9781585959181

Advent and Christmas: Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton

A Time of Fulfilment: Spiritual Reflections for Advent and Christmas Anselm Grun

The Merton Institute for Contemplative Living

Receive fresh meaning for traditional texts of the season and experience the deep peace promised by this holy time of year.

Gently lead small group participants on a journey toward spiritual transformation and a more contemplative and peace-filled life. Each eight-session booklet provides readings and prayers and contains questions for small group dialogue.

RRP $26.95 Sophia $21.56 9780814638095

RRP $10.95 Sophia $8.76 9781594711954

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Advent continued ... Preparing children for Advent and Christmas Jesus is Coming! Daily Thoughts, Activities and Prayers

Meeting Jesus through the Jesse Tree: Stories and Activities for Advent

Kathy Hendricks Engage children with plenty of Advent activities to help them understand and embrace the seasonas they pray, share and care for others.

Anne E. Neuberger

View our full range of resources at

Capture the interest and imagination of children as we anticipate the birth of Jesus. Features twenty-four enthralling tales, each pointing the way to Jesus, and includes suggested prayers and scripture citations. Brimming with learning activities, projects and symbols for Advent

RRP $32.95 Sophia $26.36 9781585959174

RRP $2.95 Sophia $2.36 9781585959303

Living Liturgy Joyce Ann Zimmerman, Kathleen Harmon & Christopher W. Conlon Fully enrich your preparation for the celebration of Mass with these indispensable resources that support ministers of all types in preparing well for the celebration of Mass for Sundays, solemnities and select other days. Written by a pastorally experienced team with expertise in Scripture, spiritual direction, liturgy and liturgical music, Living Liturgy provides powerful preparation material for priests, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion and Cantors.

Living Liturgy: Spirituality, Celebration, and Catechesis for Sundays and Solemnities:Year A 2014 RRP $29.95 Sophia $23.96 9780814635032


Living Liturgy for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Year A 2014

Living Liturgy for Cantors: Year A 2014 RRP $17.95 Sophia $14.36 9780814635018

RRP $17.95 Sophia $14.36 9780814635025

32 Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Liturgical resources Twelve Months of Sundays Years A, B & C: Biblical Meditation on the Christian Year

Table Talk Year A: Beginning the Conversation on the Gospel of Matthew

Tom Wright

Jay Cormier

Deepen your understanding of the Bible and New Testament with these insightful reflections from Tom Wright on the Sunday readings for Years A, B and C. For the first time, in one volume, this enriching resource weaves together knowledge, history and insights into the world and language of the Bible.

Spark conversations around the parish table about the Gospel of Matthew with these helpful reflections from Jay Cormier, who follows both the Roman Catholic lectionary and the common lectionary used by many Protestant churches. Perfect for homilists, catechists, RCIA teams and individuals.

RRP $42.95 Sophia $34.36 9780281065813

RRP $29.95 Sophia $23.96 9781565483521

Abiding Word: Sunday Reflections for Year A Barbara E. Reid Contemplate the true meaning of Sunday’s lectionary readings and incorporate them into your everyday life. This collection of reflections helps readers make the connection between Scripture and everyday living. RRP $32.95 Sophia $26.36 9780814633144

Our Family Mass: Year A Bernadette Sweetman Whether setting up a family liturgy or refreshing an existing one, Our Family Mass: Year A is a unique resource offering useful material that can be incorporated into liturgies with children. Dramatisations of the Gospels, visual aids, as well as strong home–school– parish links are just some of the materials designed to inspire families with children. RRP $39.95 Sophia $31.96 9781847302465

Living God’s Word for Year A

Intercessions for Mass

Terrence Prendergast

Mary Grace Melcher

Find new reflections on the Sunday readings and fresh insight into the land and people of the Bible. Also included are reflections on those Feast days that occur on Sunday and replace regular liturgies as well as Christmas and Easter.

Enrich your community’s liturgy with beautiful and inspiring intercessions. Cycles A, B and C for Sundays and the two-year cycle for weekdays are included. RRP $69.95 Sophia $55.96 9780814634813

RRP $39.95 Sophia $31.96 9782896462308

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Inspiration for homilies The Story Revealed: Homilies that Sustain, Inspire and Engage

Between the Ambo and the Altar: Biblical Preaching and The Roman Missal, Year A

Willian J. Bausch

Fire Starters: Top Igniting the pick Holy in the Weekday Homily

Guerric DeBona Richard J. Sklba

Breathe life into your homilies and recapture the original ‘wow’ of the Gospel; using the art of story-telling in your homilies achieves both. Find plenty of story-telling wisdom, humour and material here for every liturgical season and cycle, feast days, funerals, holidays and the current issues of the day.

Enrich your homilies with an exploration of the relationship between the Sunday readings and the new Roman Missal. Be guided through a study of the language of the Missal and the parallels to the Sunday lectionary. Practical homiletic strategies—using core themes and images—are also provided.

Resources to assist preparation of weekday homilies can be quite difficult to find. Be inspired in the preparation of your weekday homilies with ‘sparks’ of ideas from Bishop Sklba, who provides meaningful insights from his considerable expertise as a scripture scholar.

RRP $49.95 Sophia $39.96 9781585958832

RRP $38.95 Sophia $31.16 9780814634592

RRP $69.95 Sophia $55.96 9780814634158

Being a Catholic Leader The Mission and Education Series Take your Catholic school leadership to the next level with this cuttingedge, thought-provoking series – the Mission and Education Series, created, in partnership with The Broken Bay Institute. Written for everyone engaged in Catholic education, the Mission and Education Series explains the extraordinary potential Catholic schools have for evangelising mission. Explore this potential with highly-acclaimed Australian Catholic educators and authors, Jim and Therese D’Orsa. A vital resource for all those committed to the education of young people in Catholic schools.

Explorers, Guides and Meaning Makers: Mission Theology for Catholic Educators

Catholic Curriculum: A Mission to the Heart of Young People

Leading for Mission: Integrating Life Culture and Faith in Catholic Education

RRP $47.95 Sophia $38.36 9781920682187

RRP $49.95 Sophia $39.96 9780987306005

RRP $49.95 Sophia $39.96 9780987306012

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Buy all three titles and save $30! RRP normally $147.85 – Special price $117.95; Sophia $93.36

32 Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Building a modern, thriving parish Rebuild, Re-energise, Reconnect, Rejuvenate, Revive, Renew … your Parish Stop everything and change focus!

Rebuilt: Awakening the Faithful, Reaching the Lost and Making Church Matter

Rejuvenate your parish using the tried and tested, practical, no-cost, easy-to-do tactics used by authors Fr Michael J. White and Tom Corcoran. More than trebling Sunday Mass attendance, these tactics also contributed to increased-giving, flourishing ministries; and a vibrant, solidly Catholic spiritual revival. This hands-on advice is suitable for all parishes: large/small, urban/rural, rich/poor. The books are supported by the website

Michael J. White & Tom Corcoran RRP $29.95 Sophia $23.96 9781594713866

Tools for Rebuilding: 75 Really, Really Practical Ways to Make Your Parish Better

Special Offer

Buy Rebuilt & pre-order Tools for Rebuilding for only $20*

Michael J. White & Tom Corcoran RRP $29.95 Sophia $23.96 9781594714443

*Offer valid until 30 November 2013. No Further discounts. Purchase and order must be in the same transaction to qualify for the discounted price.

(Available December 2013)

Social networking

Parishes in pastoral transition

Extend and share the Good News far beyond the churchbuilding. Social media can help you build church, deepen faith and extend your reach in previously unimaginable ways. In these easy-to-understand, step-by-step guides to digital ministry, gently learn not just ‘how’ to use social media, but ‘why’ using it is important.

A change in pastors can be one of the most difficult times in parish life. The Navigating Pastoral Transitions series provides the tools to make the transition smooth and successful for priests, parish leaders and staff. All three guides are designed to be used together.

The Social Media Gospel: Sharing the Good News in New Ways Meredith Gould RRP $26.95 Sophia $21.56 9780814635582

Navigating Pastoral Transitions: A Parish Leader’s Guide Marti R. Jewell 9780814638064

The Parish Guide to Social Media: How Social Networking can Recharge your Ministry Clarissa Valbuena Aljentera RRP $16.95 Sophia $13.56 9781585959020

Navigating Pastoral Transitions: A Priest’s Guide Graziano Marcheschi (ed) 9780814638057

1300 650 878

Navigating Pastoral Transitions: A Staff Guide Barbara Kerkhoff 9780814638071 RRP $17.95 Sophia $14.36 each

(03) 8545 2922

> 11

Creating effective Ministry The ‘So You’re’ Series Monsignor Tony Doherty AM Introduce new-comers to the Catholic faith for the very first time, or welcome those wishing to reconnect with the Church, with this delightful, engaging series, written by well-known, highly respected priest and author, Monsignor Tony Doherty AM.

So You’re Seeking to Renew Your Faith: A Friendly Guide to the Catholic Tradition

So You’re Working for the Catholic Church: A Friendly Guide to the Catholic Tradition

So You’re Sending Your Child to a Catholic School: A Friendly Guide to the Catholic Tradition

RRP$14.95 Sophia $11.96 9781920721671

RRP$14.95 Sophia $11.96 9781920721589

RRP$14.95 Sophia $11.96 9781920721664

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Empowering Young People

Redeeming Administration: 12 Spiritual Habits for Catholic Leaders in Parishes, Schools, Religious Communities and Other Institutions

Christian Fini OMI Unlock the potential and gifts of young people in your parish to help them foster personal and spiritual growth. Consider the importance of youth leadership and the need to include and train the leaders of the future. Utilise the expertise and experience of Christian Fini as he outlines a process for the establishment of and—more importantly—the maintenance of a vibrant, inclusive youth ministry. RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9781921946240

Ann M. Garrido Find spiritual meaning in your day-to-day administrative work as a Catholic leader with these thought-provoking and inspirational spiritual habits. Learn from the saints how to: grow personal awareness, let go of pettiness and excessive fixations, and create an environment where people can flourish. Find questions for personal reflection and group conversations. Free downloads include retreat outlines and small-group resources. RRP $26.95 Sophia $21.56 9781594714283

Sacramental program Check out our comprehensive sacramental program for your parish—incorporating engaging resources for parents, children and the classroom. See


32 Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Living faith: marriage Planning the wedding ceremony So You’re Planning a Wedding

Why Get Married in the Church? The Lifelong Blessings of a Catholic Wedding

Staff pick

Monsignor Tony Doherty AM Congratulations! You are in love and plan to marry. Appreciate the importance of a church wedding and the true meaning of a Catholic marriage. Whether introducing a non-Catholic partner to the importance of a Catholic ceremony, or just needing assistance to plan the readings and music, this friendly guide to Catholic marriage is an excellent resource for all couples wishing to marry as a sacrament in the Catholic Church. RRP $14.95 Sophia $11.96 9781921946271

John Bosio Discover the grace, mystery, strength and wonder of the Catholic sacrament of marriage, and why marriage is a vocation from which all couples can draw unique grace and strength from. RRP $3.95 Sophia $3.16 9781585959075

Readings for Weddings Ed by Mark Oakley Make your wedding ceremony memorable and meaningful with this extensive collection of Bible quotations, poems, hymns and prose. Ideal for church ceremonies, services of blessing and secular weddings.

Special Offer

Purchase 20 or more copies of So You’re Planning a Wedding for $12; Sophia $9.60

RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780281070954

Living a happy, successful Christian marriage Just Married: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Five Years of Marriage

101 Tips for a Happier Marriage: Simple Ways for Couples to Grow Closer to God and to Each Other

Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak

Jennifer Roback Morse & Betsy Russel Kerekes

Use this well-researched resource to help you and your new spouse create a master plan in the all-important first five years of marriage. Discover that building a strong bond and learning critical skills in the first five years is essential in ensuring that you both live ‘happily ever after’.

Love and appreciate your spouse anew and nurture your Catholic marriage with this concise, practical and sometimes humorous guide. Create and sustain a more joyful, peaceful marriage, as you grow closer to God and to each other.

RRP$27.95 Sophia $22.36 9781594712807

RRP $22.95 Sophia $18.36 9781594714467

1300 650 878

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> 13

Living faith: parenting Parenting Teenagers: A Guide to Solving Problems, Building Relationship and Creating Harmony in the Family Revised Edition

Six Sacred Rules for Families: A Spirituality Guide for the Home

Danielle Bean & Elizabeth Foss

Time & Sue Muldoon

Learn how to have a more satisfying and enjoyable relationship with your teenager. Discover how you can establish a more balanced approach to parenting, being both supportively involved in your teenager’s life, while also providing firm boundaries.

Cultivate faith in everyday family life with this practical book for parents. Far from being extra things to do, the six sacred rules mean doing what is already done with a new attentiveness. Learn the six sacred rules that encourage, stretch and revitalise family faith and cultivate a vision of spiritual life in children.

RRP $19.95 Sophia $15.96 9781847304360

RRP $26.95 Sophia $21.56 9781594713729

John Sharry

Small Steps for Catholic Moms: Your Daily Call to Think, Pray and Act

Receive a full year’s worth of daily inspiration, wisdom and hope to help you, a busy Catholic mother, attain that elusive balance between action and contemplation in everyday life. A perfect prayer companion for busy mothers, looking for ‘bite-sized’ spiritual nourishment. RRP $29.95 Sophia $23.96 9781594714269

Maintaining faith in a doubting world Living by Faith, Dwelling in Doubt: Seeking God in a Secular Age Kyle R. Cupp

The Thorny Grace of It: And Other Essays for Imperfect Catholics

Believe? Tell Me Why? Conversations with Those Who Have Left the Church

Brian Doyle

Is faith all or nothing? Is faith something that we either have or have not? For anyone who may doubt their own faithfulness and wonder where to go when conflicted by uncertainties, discover how to cope with doubt and still find true freedom in faith.

Get excited about your faith again! Don’t let your spirit and passion wither away. Find reassurance, in this enjoyable collection of more than forty essays, that the Catholic faith—as imperfect as it may be— is wildly aflame in hearts and lives everywhere.

RRP $22.95 Sophia $18.36 9780829438949

RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780829439069


Jose Antonio Pagola For those who may have distanced themselves from their faith, be guided in how to find the path to return. RRP $34.95 Sophia $27.96 9781934996560 Exploring Faith with New Eyes: Addressing the Crisis of Belief in a Secular Age Jose A. Pagola, Delores Aleixandre Parra & Juan Martin Velasco RRP $44.95 Sophia $35.96 9781934996607

32 Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Spirituality: change in the church Cultural change within the Church: the conversation we have to have! The question of what is to be done about the disarray the Catholic Church finds itself in over the sexual abuse issue just won’t go away. Make up your own mind, but first hear the views of those in the know!

For Christ’s Sake: End Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church … for good!

Best seller

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson was elected by the Australian Bishops to investigate alleged sexual abuse cases and coordinate the Australian Catholic Church’s response. He calls for action and urges the new Pope to call a Council of the whole Church to address the systemic issues that have caused this dreadful problem. Read his recommendations and sign the petition at RRP $19.95 Sophia $15.96 9781922152602

Child Sex Abuse, Society and the Future of the Church Hilary Regan (ed) This collection of essays address the issues in Australia, from the perspective of the victims. RRP $29.95 Sophia $23.96 9781922239242 Creating the Future of Church: A Practical Guide to Addressing Wholesystem Change Keith Elford RRP $27.95 Sophia $22.36 9780281070770

Spirituality: social justice The Language of the Unheard

Social Justice: Fuller Life in a Fairer World

Faith In Dark Places new edition

John Falzon

Bruce Duncan

David Rhodes

The current CEO of St Vincent de Paul, John Falzon, draws our attention to the plight of Australia’s dispossessed and paints a picture— in poetry and prose—of what the future might look like if we continue not to hear their voice.

Enrich your understanding of how biblical and Catholic traditions may be applied to social justice issues—both from historical and contemporary perspectives. From climate change to economic crises to the plight of Australia’s indigenous peoples, this is a must-read for anyone interested in a fairer world.

Explore the revolutionary idea that the poor and homeless are speaking to the rest of us, and that it is from them that we can truly learn God’s love.

RRP $29.95 Sophia $23.96 9781921946356

RRP $34.95 Sophia $27.96 9781921946295

1300 650 878

RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780281070411

Fresh, thought provoking material to attract a new generation of readers

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> 15

Spirituality: meditation & stillness The Art of Pausing: Meditations for the Overworked and Overwhelmed Judy Valente, Paul Quenon & Michael Bever

Staff pick

Feeling overworked and overwhelmed? Learn how to pause. The Art of Pausing uses abstract photos of nature and vivid descriptive language to deepen our awareness of the stillness within. RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780879465094

Still Caring: Christian Meditations and Prayers Dorothy M. Stewart There comes a time when a loved one needs more caring than can be provided at home. This can be a difficult time for carers who can often by pained by guilt and loss. Be encouraged, comforted and supported by this realistic and practical companion, written especially for carers negotiating the many ups and downs at this difficult time. Meditations and revitalising self-care suggestions make this a realistic, upbeat book for anyone going through this emotional journey. RRP $22.95 Sophia $18.36 9780281069835

Resources for Effective Meditation The Meditatio Series Spiritual awareness and growth are high priorities for many people today. Following tradition, the space for the expansion of our spirit is to be found in meditationâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;considered to be the path to spiritual and personal growth. The practice of meditation is quite simple, but requires discipline in repeating a mantra again and again. Once rooted, it flourishes. Learn and practice meditation with the following indispensable resources. RRP $22.95 Sophia $18.36 each From Anxiety to Peace: Meditatio Series John Main 9781934996515

The Prayer that Jesus Taught Gerry Pierse 9781934996522

Meditation with Children Laurence Freeman (ed) 9781934996539

Meditation in Retreats For almost five hundred years, The Spiritual Exercises were available only to priests and religious who could spend thirty days in silence under the guidance of a spiritual director. Now they are available for everyone, at any stage of spiritual growth, as four, simple to follow retreats on inner peace. The First Spiritual Exercises: Four Guided Retreats Adapted by Michael Hansen RRP $32.95 Sophia $26.36 9781594713781


The First Spiritual Exercises: A Manual for Those Who Give the Exercises Michael Hansen RRP $32.95 Sophia $26.36 9781594713804

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Spirituality: nourish your spirit Atchison Blue: A Search for Silence, a Spiritual Home and a Living Faith

Visions in the Night: Hearing God in Your Dreams

Judith Valente

Russ Parker

Whether you are a Catholic reader inside the Church or one longing to reconnect, enliven your spirit with this rousing, personal journey of a woman holding onto her faith in a Church that seems out of touch as she struggles to bring balance to her frayed life. Journey with her, as she is forced to confront aspects of her own life that needs healing. RRP $26.95 Sophia $21.56 9781933495583

Streams of Contentment: Lessons I Learned on My Uncle’s Farm

Dreams have fascinated us for thousands of years. In today’s sceptical culture, we tend to dismiss dreams as having little or no importance; but in the Bible, dreams and visions were seen as powerful ways in which God communicated with his people. Recall many of these famous dreams and be encouraged to believe that God still speaks to his people today through dreams, offering fresh opportunities for healing and growth. RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780281070831

Discernment: Reading the Signs of Daily Life

Robert J. Wicks

Henri Nouwen with Michael J. Christensen & Rebecca J. Laird

What spiritual lessons can we learn from a boy who, living in New York, spends holidays in the country on his uncle’s farm? Explore with bestselling author and spiritual guide, Robert J. Wicks, the crucial lessons that we all need to learn—the surprising power of humility, the enormous power of present moment awareness and that what matters most in life is to be content with who and where we are.

What should I do with my life? Henri Nouwen believed that spiritual life is a journey of faith and transformation. To fully understand our calling and mission we need to be discerning and open to the people we meet and the circumstances we find ourselves in.

RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9781933495606

RRP $32.95 Sophia $26.36 9780281071449

Christian Belief for Everyone Series From the

Understand the Christian faith with the first and second volume of the Faith and the Creeds bestselling author series. Non-denominational and written for both church-goers and those outside of the church, of The Dawkins Delusion these easy-to-read guides provide a comprehensive look at what Christians believe, how we can best understand Christian ideas and the difference Christians make to the world. Volume 1 – Faith and the Creeds Alister McGrath RRP $22.95 Sophia $18.36 9780281068333

Volume 2 – The Living God Alister McGrath RRP $22.95 Sophia $18.36 9780281068357

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Enrich your spiritual life in 2014 with prayer Words of Life 2014: Daily Wisdom from Women Monastics

Sacred Space: The Prayer Book for 2014 The Irish Jesuits – Jesuit Communication Centre

Jean Marie Dwyer Ed Find peace and solitude from the busyness of everyday life with the wisdom and deep spirituality of women monastics. Grow your own spirituality with these engaging reflections, based on the daily scripture readings of the Church year. RRP $29.95 Sophia $23.96 9782896465811

Make time for prayer in 2014! Being time-poor doesn’t have to mean being prayer-poor. Use this popular annual, daily prayer book, using Lectio Divina, to grab a few moments to read, reflect and pray in the midst of your busy day. RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780855724290

Spiritual guidance

Special Offers

Purchase Breath of the Soul, God's Tender Mercy and Songs of the Heart for only $24.95 (Sophia $19.96) save over $28!

Titles by Sr Joan Chittister The Sacred In-between: Spiritual Wisdom for Life’s Every Moment While we might like life to be perfect, what we need to understand is that life’s only perfection relates to it being perfectly capable of challenging us to be everything we are meant to be. In these challenges, find wisdom, hope and inspiration for living full and happy lives.

The Art of Life Find the best of yourself in this inspirational, thought-provoking book. Bestselling author, Joan Chittister, uses great works of art—one for each month of the year—to bring her daily reflections and meditations to life, which assists us in the search for fullness of self in our modern world. RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9781922152596

Songs of the Heart: Reflections of the Psalms RRP $16.95 Sophia $13.56 9781921946110 God’s Tender Mercy: Reflections on Forgiveness RRP $19.95 Sophia $15.96 9781920682231 The Breath of the Soul: Reflections on Prayer RRP $16.95 Sophia $13.56 9781920682057

RRP $16.95 Sophia $13.56 9781922152794


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2014: A Book of Grace-filled Days


Elizabeth M. Kelly & Santiago Cortes-Sjoberg Feel God’s peace and presence throughout your busy day with this extremely popular prayer book. Beginning with the start of the Church year in Advent 2013, and continuing through the 2014 calendar year, this book combines daily meditations with scripture readings that follow the lectionary. Every entry is short enough to be read in just a minute or two, making it easy to keep prayer in your day. RRP $19.95 Sophia $15.96 9780829436266

Purchase Falling Upward and the Falling Upward Companion Journal for $39.95 (Sophia $31.96)* Immortal Diamond: The Search for our True Self Delve further into an understanding of your ‘true’ self, described by Richard Rohr as: like a diamond, buried deep within us, formed under pressure, something that must be searched for, uncovered and separated from the debris of ego. Learn how the true self must, like Jesus, be resurrected if spiritual maturity is ever to be realised.

Titles by Richard Rohr Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life Learn a new way to understand one of life’s most profound mysteries: how our failings can be the foundation for our ongoing spiritual growth and why the second half of life can and should be full of spiritual richness. RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780281068913

RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780281070176

Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life – A Companion Journal Deepen the experience with The Companion Journal, which helps you to engage more deeply with the questions raised in the book. RRP $24.95 Sophia $19.96 9780281070572

*Offer valid until 30 October 2013. While stocks last.

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Christmas is coming ...

The Gift of Series

The Gift of Mary Ward 9781922152862

A beautiful series of very special books!

The Gift of Saint Francis 9781920721008

Throughout history, God has sent us many inspirational people—almost as ‘gifts’ to guide and awaken us. This attractive series captures in words, stunning pictures and calligraphy—the rare essence and beauty of these extraordinary people. You don’t need gloves to touch these exceptional books, but it almost feels like you should… The Gift of Series includes:

Staff pick

The Gift of Julian of Norwich 9781920721152

A thoughtful Christmas


The Gift of Ignatius of Loyola 9781920721862 The Gift of Saint Therese of Lisieux 9781920721992 The Gift of Don Bosco 9781921946103


Christmas cards

Limited stock

available of these designs


Madonna and Child Renaissance pack of 16 RRP $26.95 Sophia $21.56 WCR2047

Blessings & Peace To You pack of 20 RRP $21.95 Sophia $17.56 WCH4552

Stained Glass Holy Family pack of 20 RRP $18.95 Sophia $15.16 WCB4115

Peace To You At Christmas pack of 16 RRP $26.95 Sophia $21.56 WCR2045

Christmas Around The World Assorted Cards pack of 18 RRP $16.95 Sophia $13.56 WB533

Tender Peace Collection Assorted Christmas Cards pack of 18 RRP $18.95 Sophia $15.16 WB539

Birth Of Our Saviour Assorted Christmas Cards pack of 18 RRP $18.95 Sophia $15.16 WB538

Night Divine Collection Assorted Christmas Cards pack of 18 RRP $19.95 Sophia $15.96 WB549

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