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garratt education 2015 Primary School Education Catalogue

Connecting Young Hearts and Minds to Jesus Christ

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New for 2015 New for teachers and students alike New Big Books

Books as big as the topics they teach!

New poster-sized books to wow your class as you teach them about Catholic beliefs, traditions and values.

Available May!

Includes CDs with additional activities and assessment sheets to make teaching easier.

Encourage kids to wonder ... not just learn.

New Bible Story Big Books!

New ways to teach students ethical and intercultural understanding.

Highlighting five of the most loved New Testament stories.


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New for 2015 Engage your RE class in new ways A Landmark Series for Catholic Students Bible literacy unlike anything you have seen before! Explore the Bible in a truly unique, contemporary Australian context. These first two titles bring to life science and ancient knowledge and answer questions all modern-day students will want to ask.

The Catholic Children's Prayer Book

Start With Your Heart: Catholic Traditions

Heart of a Catechist from the Church of Mercy by Pope Francis

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Big Books Created Just for Them There's no bigger way to engage, stimulate and entertain students Wow your class as they learn about important Catholic beliefs, teachings, traditions and values. Poster-sized Big Books – proven to engage students and capture their attention in the classroom.

Pope Francis Ann Rennie Garratt Publishing RRP $149.95 | Sophia $127.46 9781925009811 » Introduce students to Pope Francis, his life and role as the leader of the Catholic Church, his spiritual views, and his vision for a reformed Church. » Enable students to understand their role in shaping the future of the Church, with activity-based learning exercises on every page.

Available May!

» Let Pope Francis inspire your students in new ways! We Celebrate the Eucharist Margaret Smith Garratt Publishing RRP $149.95 | Sophia $127.46 9781925009552 » Teach the importance of the Eucharist in the Catholic faith. » Explore and explain the symbols, rites, rituals, actions and parts of the Mass with simple language and child-friendly illustrations. » Also an ideal Sacramental Preparation resource.


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Big Books on faith, traditions and Bible messages Catholic Traditions Big Book Rosanna Morales Garratt Publishing Big Book: RRP: $149.95 | Sophia $127.46 9781922152879 Student Books (Pack of 10): RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 | CTBBSB » Share the history and structure of the Church with students, with a special focus on the Australian Church. » Celebrate the rich traditions of the Church and explore the importance of the Holy Trinity, the Saints, Mary, prayer, Jesus and more, in our daily lives and throughout the liturgical seasons. Living Faith Big Book Helen Carboon Garratt Publishing RRP $149.95 | Sophia $127.46 9781925009491 » Define for your students, in simple ageappropriate terms, what faith means and how to live a faith-filled life. » Discuss how God is ever-present, how faith is a relationship of trusting, commitment and believing, and how it is up to us to listen, ponder, pray and believe.

Did You Know?

Our Big Books are not only great for shared reading, but take home literacy tools as well! Student versions of selected Big Books are now available in class sets. See here for more...

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Big Books Created Just for Them Ideal for shared reading The Bible: God's Great Book of Books Kathryn Robinson Garratt Publishing RRP $134.95 | Sophia $114.71 9781921946929 » Educate kids on how to read the Bible! » Explore the Bible's history and what the Bible means to them today. » Each page contains a series of questions to facilitate classroom dialogue.

Sacred Objects and Symbols Big Book Kathy Horan Garratt Publishing RRP $134.95 | Sophia $114.71 9781921946387 » Take students on a visual tour of Catholic sacred objects and symbols. » Explore their tradition, use and importance, even today.

Visit our website HERE to see our complete range of unique Big Books!


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Perfect for stimulating classroom discussion 10 New Big Books Highlight the Most Loved Bible Stories to educate and delight kids! New Testament

Old Testament

The Baptism of Jesus: 9781599827315 RRP $84.95 | Sophia $72.21

David and Goliath: 9781599826592 RRP $84.95 | Sophia $72.21

The Forgiving Father: 9781599827353 RRP $84.95 | Sophia $72.21

God and Samuel: 9781599826677 RRP $84.95 | Sophia $72.21

The Good Shepherd: 9781599827391 RRP $84.95 | Sophia $72.21

Jonah and the Big Fish: 9781599826639 RRP $84.95 | Sophia $72.21

Jesus Feeds a Huge Crowd: 9781599827438 RRP $84.95 | Sophia $72.21

Noah and the Flood: 9781599826554 RRP $84.95 | Sophia $72.21

The Last Supper: 9781599827476 RRP $84.95 | Sophia $72.21

Moses and the Ten Commandments: 9781599826714 RRP $84.95 | Sophia $72.21

Also Available Ideal for use in conjunction with The Catholic Children's Bible.

r ages o f l a e Id 2 6 to 1

Enhance students' literacy capabilities with Old and New Testament Stories. Student Books, Tell It Cards and Vocab Cards will reinforce key messages, words, and phrases in an engaging and fun way. Learn more!

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Wondering Books Teach children to 'Wonder' Our Wondering Books are designed to stimulate lateral thinking and discussions about important social and personal issues, such as interfaith and intercultural understanding, making decisions, caring for others and caring for God's Earth. Making Decisions Rose Inserra Garratt Publishing » Encourage students to 'wonder' about the notion of a moral compass and how to make ethical decisions. » Explore what the Bible tells us about ethics and the importance of doing the 'right thing'. RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 9781922152824 Student Book (Pack of 10) RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 MDWSB My Culture, Your Culture Julie Haydon Garratt Publishing » Support students' intercultural understanding by helping them learn about the languages and beliefs of cultures other than their own. » Encourage students to recognise commonalities and differences with others to develop and cultivate respect for all. RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 9781925009385 Student Book (Pack of 10) RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 MCYCWSB


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Stimulate their hearts and minds Ideal for shared reading – and now take-home reading! CDROMs include e-book versions for displaying on whiteboards. Additional activity and assessment sheets included.

Jesus and Justice Luke Edwards Garratt Publishing

» Discover what the Gospels reveal to us, how and when Jesus lived, and where he carried out his ministry. » Explore ways students can live in the mission of Jesus by making justice real in their homes, schools and communities, and encourage them to reach out to those in need.


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RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 9781921946943 Student Book (Pack of 10) RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 JJWSB

Caring for God's Earth Mary-Anne Casanova Garratt Publishing

» Allow students to consider their role in looking after the Earth that God has given us to care for. » Have students consider and develop tangible ways to support and care for each other, their surroundings and the environment as a whole. » A great way to promote critical, creative and lateral thinking on one of the most important issues close to the hearts of students of all ages!


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RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 9781921946936 Student Book (Pack of 10) RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 CGWSB

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Becoming Catholic Australia's newest Sacramental preparation program

Becoming Catholic is the most comprehensive set of resources available to guide young Australian students on their journey to becoming lifelong Catholics.

Practical guides for students and their families

Âť Uniquely designed for students and their families to come together and celebrate the joy of the Catholic faith. Âť Separate guides for each Sacrament offer fun activities, meaningful prayers and reflections to use in the classroom and at home.

10 <

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Let students experience the joy of the Sacraments Eucharist: A Practical Guide for Families Kathy Horan Garratt Publishing

Contact us on 1300 650 878

Bulk Discounts Apply!

Pricing: Eucharist: A Practical Guide for Families

Reconciliation: A Practical Guide for Families

Confirmation: A Practical Guide for Families

RRP $11.95 | Sophia $10.16 9781922152022

RRP $11.95 | Sophia $10.16 9781922152039

RRP $11.95 | Sophia $10.16 9781922152046 ACARA

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Becoming Catholic Involves Parents Designed to engage parents as well as students Becoming Catholic: A Parent’s Guide to Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist & Reconciliation Kathy Horan Garratt Publishing

» Reminds parents of their own initiation into the Catholic faith.

» Encourages parents to join in their child’s preparation to receive the sacraments.

RRP $12.95 | Sophia $11.01 | 9781922152008

Consider changing to Becoming Catholic – Australia's new Sacramental program TODAY! Becoming Catholic Series Review Pack RRP$29.95 | BCRP2014 no further discounts

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(Includes Parents Guide to Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist and Reconciliation and each of the family workbooks on Eucharist Recconciliation and Confirmation).

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Becoming Catholic Big Books Sacramental resources to support teachers

Baptism and Confirmation

Reconciliation and Eucharist

RRP $89.95 | Sophia $76.46 | 9781922152756

RRP $89.95 | Sophia $76.46 | 9781922152763

Âť Becoming Catholic includes a comprehensive range of Big Books to help teachers with fun activities and imprimatur-approved content to lead kids through the excitement and joy of each Sacrament.

Âť Additional Garratt Publishing Big Books help celebrate the Eucharist, take students through sacred objects and symbols, and highlight important Catholic traditions.

Additional resources for use in the classroom

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The Catholic Children's Bible The first complete children's Bible created just for them

Ideal for ag 6 to 1 es 2

The Catholic Children’s Bible is the first-ever complete children’s Bible that not only inspires but empowers children to read, live, understand, and love the Word of God. The stories of our Catholic faith come alive with vivid, awe-inspiring artwork, larger text, and many more design features that not only enhance comprehension but create enjoyment as well. The Catholic Children’s Bible Hardcover RRP $79.95 | Sophia $67.96 | 9781599821788 Paperback RRP $62.95 | Sophia $53.51 | 9781599821771

14 <

I Can Read It! Intentional design elements such as fonts built for early readers, increased line spacing, bold vocabulary words, colourised text, minimal hyphenation, and simple column dividers help make this a Bible children can read on their own. I Can Find It! Unique navigational features such as colourised tabs, large chapter and verse numbers, full Scripture references, and clear and concise story titles, are all designed specifically for early readers and to help children easily locate passages and stories. I Can Understand It! Young children will be able to understand and relate to God’s Word through the Understand It! and Tell It! sections, bold vocabulary words and easy-to-understand definitions, realistic artwork and borders, introductions to the Old and New Testaments, and the many pictures, maps, and timelines that are included throughout the Bible.

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The Catholic Children's Bible Let students Read it, Find it and Understand it!

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The Catholic Children's Bible See stories of our faith come alive! 1









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Children will know and understand Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plan, revealed through 125 featured-story spreads highlighting key Bible passages.

Key words are outlined to help children who have difficulty reading coloured text, so they can identify those words as important and different.

1 Vibrant illustrations and borders immediately engage children and allow them to 'dive into' Scripture and become immersed in the stories.

5 Bold vocabulary words help improve young readersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; skills by providing easy-tounderstand definitions for the more difficult words in the story.

2 Clear and concise story titles enable children to quickly and easily identify the main idea of the story.

6 Understand It! enables children to comprehend central themes by using childfriendly backgrounds and commentary.

3 Scripture references guide young readers to the complete Bible passage.

7 Live It! encourages children to apply the meaning of each story to their lives through engaging activities and prayers.


Leaf navigation appears in both the featured story and where the full Scripture passages appear in the Bible, which enables children to navigate between the two elements easily.

16 <

8 Tell It! frames help children to retain and comprehend the passage by having them retell the story in their own words.

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The Catholic Children's Bible An ideal literacy and faith formation tool in one! 1


3 2




The additional resources included in the Bible, such as the Bible timeline, maps, and Catholic prayers and practices, will help children develop a deeper understanding of their faith. 5

1 Bold, colourised headers at the top of each page help children to navigate through the Bible on their own.

Children can easily read this Bible on their own because the fonts used are larger in size and specifically designed for early readers.

2 The title of each Book of the Bible is spelled out completely, with no abbreviations, to enable young readers to find specific Books easily.

6 Simple column dividers help 'train' childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eyes so they can quickly learn to read a two-column format.

3 Bold, easy-to-find chapter and verse numbers enable children to easily find specific passages and stories.

7 Colour-coordinated Bible sections empower early readers to navigate through the Bible quickly and easily.

4 Leaf navigation encourages children to navigate between the featured story and the full Scripture passage.

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The Catholic Children's Bible Leader Guide A teaching aid that enhances your understanding of scripture The Catholic Children’s Bible Leader Guide was designed to be your faithful companion as you lead young students toward a deeper understanding of God’s Word in Scripture. The Leader Guide is a treasure box of ideas offering a variety of reproducible teaching aids, such as numerous background articles for understanding Sacred Scripture, practical strategies for building biblical literacy, ideas for using Scripture in prayer with children, hands-on techniques for teaching navigation using the special colour-coding features of The Catholic Children’s Bible, and surefire methods for breaking open the Word with children.

The Catholic Children’s Bible Leader Guide

Also included are engaging scriptural prayers and activities that connect to the major feasts and seasons of the liturgical year. Using The Leader Guide in conjunction with The Catholic Children’s Bible will help you prepare children for a lifetime of reading and understanding Scripture.

Saint Mary's Press RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 | 9781599820422

18 <

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The Catholic Children's Bible Activity Booklet Make their faith come alive through fun and creative activities The Catholic Children’s Bible Activity Booklet is a wonderful way to expand upon a collection of 40 featured Bible stories from The Catholic Children’s Bible. For each story, the activity book offers two levels of activities: Level 1 for younger children and Level 2 for older children. Each page also offers an exciting Seek and Find feature that helps children explore the beautiful illustrations found in The Catholic Children’s Bible. Through the use of these reproducible activity pages, you will have the perfect tool to introduce children to Holy Scripture, reinforce the Scripture message, and help children incorporate that message into their daily lives. The Catholic Children’s Bible Activity Booklet Saint Mary's Press RRP $89.95 | Sophia $76.46 | 9781599821818

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The Catholic Children's Prayer Book Encourage the habit of daily prayer Daily prayers, learned by heart, are a wonderful way for children to stay close to God. The Catholic Children’s Prayer Book was designed to introduce young children to the beautiful prayers of our Catholic faith. Saying these prayers in their daily lives – when they awake, when they eat, at Mass, or before they go to sleep – will help children learn to talk to and listen to God while being reminded of how He is always with them and how much He loves and cares for them. The Catholic Children’s Prayer Book presents these prayers of our Catholic faith in an easy-toread, beautifully illustrated keepsake that can be personalized for each child. Children will learn these prayers for a lifetime and develop a deeper personal and communal prayer life as they continue to grow in their relationship with God. The Catholic Children's Prayer Book

Saint Mary's Press RRP $18.95 | Sophia $16.11 | 9781599827889

Become a Sophia BookClub member and SAVE Our Sophia BookClub Membership will enable your school budget to stretch that little bit further and enable you to receive exclusive offers, benefits and resources! An immediate discount of up to 15% is available off RRP prices from our complete range of religious resources from Australia and around the world*. And your orders will receive priority shipping too. So if you're planning to spend $325 or more a year on books and resources, then turn to Garratt Publishing, join our Sophia BookClub and reap the rewards TODAY. A Sophia Membership is $48 for a 12 month membership. Contact us today! * This 15% discount is not available on The Catholic Youth Diary, its Digital edition or any other customised and specially developed titles.

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Learn to pray with Pope Francis Inspired by Pope Francis Praying With Your Five Fingers Not to be missed!

Pope Francis Paraclete Press RRP $7.95 | Sophia $6.76 | 9781612614687 Introducing our new 21x27cm, laminated prayer card, designed for pre-kindergarten through to 2nd grade children, to help them learn the prayer method taught by Pope Francis. Each finger on their hand represents a people to pray for – from family and friends, to world leaders and those who are ill.

Simple & Fun!

Also available: Praying With My Fingers Board Book RRP $16.95 | Sophia $14.41 | 9781612615257

» Supporting Australian Catholic schools for over 20 years.


» Locally owned, operated and staffed with those with teaching experience. » You’ll always have the confidence that all locally produced resources carry ‘Nihil Obstat’ imprimaturs. » Local authors produce our RE resources in ways that are sure to engage modern-day learners, simplify teaching for busy teachers, and retain a true Australian flavour. » Our resources are developed to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum’s General Capabilities. » For students and teachers alike, we carry the widest range of books, on the widest range of topics, from the best Catholic publishers from around the world.

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The Importance of Prayer The Flying Pizza and the Other Primary School Assemblies

Blessings and Prayers through the Year: A Resource for School and Parish

Alan M. Barker SPCK

Elizabeth McMahon Jeep Liturgy Training Publications

Quickly and easily hold faithfilled primary school assemblies with this invaluable resource for school teachers. 30 brand new and 15 updated favourites are included. All assemblies reflect upon life and faith in ways that are inclusive, engaging and enjoyable.

This beautifully illustrated collection of prayers, blessings, and rituals, includes 2 CD-ROMs with vocal instruction and musical accompaniment.

RRP $39.95 | Sophia $33.96 | 9780281072385

RRP $99.95 | Sophia $84.96 | 9781568543697

Words for the Journey for Kids: Ten Minute Prayer Services for Schools Lisa Fremantle Novalis Perfect for the classroom or a whole school setting, these prayers are firmly rooted in the Word of God, designed to involve students, and easy to implement for teachers. RRP $39.95 | Sophia $33.96 | 9782896462391 365 Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Prayers Bethan James Garratt Publishing Beautifully illustrated, this collection of prayers will help Bestseller children pray about all the different experiences they have day by day and to learn to share them all with God.

RRP $16.95 | Sophia $14.41 | 9781920682323

22 <

Loved throughout the world

Hardcover with 2 music CDs:

Prayer Kids Peter and Rosemary Atkins Pleroma Press Inspire kids aged 6â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10 to pray. The 40 prayers and accompanying illustrations focus on encouraging children to pray on topics such as family, friends, school, Church and special occasions. A perfect reward for young children, as a sacramental gift, and even a great resource in the RE classroom. RRP $16.95 | Sophia $14.41 | 9780473128760 Let's Pray! : Prayers for the Elementary Classroom Heather Reid Novalis A user-friendly book for busy Catholic teachers. Includes prayers for the liturgical seasons and feasts, the school year, special days, and all those happy and sad times that every school goes through as well as traditional prayers. RRP $33.95 | Sophia $28.86 | 9782895078456

1300 650 878

The Importance of Prayer School Liturgies Made Easy Lisa Freemantle and Carmela Caporiccio Novalis Great for your parish priest or Sacramental Coordinator, or both! Use this outstanding resource to prepare for Mass and prayer services, suitable for primary school students. Find all the tools necessary for preparing a Mass or a prayer service. This excellent resource describes the various parts of the Mass and gives practical, easy-to-use ideas for setting up for liturgy, selecting music and involving students, all for the purpose of creating meaningful liturgies. RRP $33.95 | Sophia $28.86 | 9782896464081

REmail supporting Primary Teachers connect kids to Christ REmail â&#x20AC;&#x201C; A complimentary service, brought to you each term, by Garratt Publishing. If you're spending too much time constantly looking for new RE material, and you want some new information and lesson plans to teach traditional topics â&#x20AC;&#x201C; then REmail will be your new best friend. REmail is a complimentary service, offered to enrich your RE teaching. Register now at To view past issues, visit:


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25 Question Series


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Loved by school teachers and students Australia wide, the 25 Questions Series is a great way to build Catholic literacy and identity with your pupils













All books $14.95ea (Sophia $12.71) Buy the class set of 12 titles for $120.00 (Sophia $102.00)

24 <

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The Australian Children's Mass Book A fun and informative guide to Mass The Australian Children's Mass Book Tricia Murray, illustrated by Geoff Hocking Garratt Publishing Enable children to become full participants in the Mass from an early age â&#x20AC;&#x201C; thanks to The Australian Children's Mass Book. Written in a simple, easy-to-follow way, children are gently guided through the order of the Mass using colourful diagrams and prompts. RRP $9.95 | Sophia $7.96 | 9781921946004 ACARA

See Back Page

Ideal Sacramental or Graduation Gift

Special discounted prices for bulk orders. Call us on 1300 650 878 or email:

Enliven your classroom or worship space.

Order of the Mass Laminated Poster Set from The Australian Children's Mass Book

The Australian Children's Mass Book: CDROM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Supplementary Material

RRP $44.95 | Sophia $38.21 | 9781921946073

CD-ROM contains both sets of posters in a digital form for projectors.

Prayers of the Mass Laminated Poster Set from The Australian Children's Mass Book

RRP $9.95 | Sophia $7.96 | 9781921946042

RRP $44.95| Sophia $38.21 | 9781921946066

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Children's Books Every School Should Have Ideal for take home reading or for use in class Psalms for Young Children

Just for Today

Marie-Helene Delval Eerdmans Books

Saint John XXIII Eerdmans Books

The simple yet powerful language used in this collection of paraphrased psalms will give children a pattern for how to talk to God about their feelings.

Provides a perfect reminder of how to make the most of each day. 'Good Pope' Saint John XXIII's advice for everyday life will be a source of inspiration and provide a sense of peace for students as they savour each page.

RRP $34.95 | Sophia $29.71 | 9780802853226

RRP $34.95 | Sophia $29.71 | 9780802854612

Images of God for Young Children

Saints: Lives and Illuminations

Marie-Helene Delval Eerdmans Books

Ruth Sanderson Eerdmans Books

Simple, lyrical language will help young children discover many ways that God is revealed to us.

Glimpse into the lives of over 70 remarkable saints, both renowned and lesser-known.

RRP $34.95 | Sophia $29.71 | 9780802853912

Thank You, God


J. Bradley Wigger Eerdmans Books

Anselm Gr端n Eerdmans Books

This joyful, charming book offers readers the perfect chance to reflect on all the things they have to be grateful for. RRP $34.95 | Sophia $29.71 | 9780802854247

26 <

RRP $29.95 | Sophia $25.46 | 9780802854025

Young students read about the life of Jesus, witnessing the Nativity, the important miracles and lessons, the crucifixion, and the glorious resurrection. RRP $34.95 | Sophia $29.71 | 9780802854384

1300 650 878

Enriching Their Faith Enriching Faith: Lessons, Activities and Prayers on What Makes Us Catholic Janet Schaeffler Twenty-Third Publications Have students discover the rich tapestry of Catholic customs, traditions, rituals, and symbols with this creative and practical resource. With a wide variety of hands-on approaches and easy-to-manage activities that appeal to many abilities, ages and interests, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be able to help your students live their faith more deeply, personally, and joyfully, all year long. RRP $32.95 | Sophia $28.01 | 9781627850827

Enriching Faith: Lessons and Activities on the Bible Mary Kathleen Glavich Twenty-Third Publications Develop students' understanding and love of the Bible with these 30 fun and engaging lessons and activities. Included are creative ways to familiarise students with the Bible and techniques for using Scripture as a basis for prayer. Teaching ideas and fun reproducible activity sheets make this a must have faith resource.

RRP $32.95 | Sophia $28.01 | 9781627850278

Enriching Faith: Lessons and Activities on Prayer

Enriching Faith: Prayers and Activities on Service

Catherine Stewart Twenty-Third Publications

Leah Bradshaw Twenty-Third Publications

Let students see prayer in a whole new light. These fun and joy-filled ideas are designed to help you teach traditional, spontaneous, creative, and even meditative prayer that relates not only to Scripture, but importantly, to studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; everyday lives and experiences.

Help children become caring and compassionate followers of Christ with this collection of hands-on activities and learning experiences and joyful prayers. Each activity includes easy instructions, curriculum connections and more to help busy teachers enrich the faith of their students.

RRP $32.95 | Sophia $28.01 | 9781585959471

RRP $32.95 | Sophia $28.01 | 9781585959372

Buy the Enriching Faith series of 4 books for $99.95 (Sophia $84.76) Save Over $30! Set will be delivered in June once What Makes Us Catholic is released.

Raising Emotionally Health Children Dr. Paul Gilligan Veritas Ideal for teachers, parents and carers of primary school aged children with strategies and exercises that will help children reach their potential as emotionally healthy teenagers and untimely faith filled adults. RRP $36.95 | Sophia $31.41 | 9781847305916

1300 650 878

> 27

Start With Your Heart A guided, levelled reading with Christian themes

New Catholic Traditions Series

A contemporary guided reading series with Christian themes » Develop your students' literacy skills while helping them understand their relationship with God, Jesus, other people and the world around them.

» Grounded in Scripture, and presenting theology in a contemporary form, once read, Start With Your Heart titles are sure to stimulate Christian dialogue in and out of your classroom.

Levelled Student Texts All guided reading texts are levelled according to both reading ability and cognition of Christian concepts. Over 60 individual titles cover themes

including God, Jesus, Prayer, Scripture, Living Values, and new in 2015, Catholic Traditions.

GUIDED READING PACKS Each pack contains 6 guided reading texts of the same title with a copy of the Educator’s Guide.

Educator’s Guide

28 <


1300 650 878

Start With Your Heart A 'PM'-like program for RE Educator Guides Teachers are supported with guides that explore the themes in the student texts through a combination of literal, inferential and

‘wonderings’ questions. Each guide presents a replica of the student text with supporting questions and tasks.

Key vocabulary Concept words in the texts are highlighted.

Comprehension Literal, inferential and ‘wonderings’ questions engage with the text.

When I am Still – Levels 3–5

Christian dialogue A series of questions support Christian dialogue.

Writing task The final page of each text contains a writing or drawing task.

Interactive Assessments Comprehensive teacher notes, activities and assessment sheets are available to support each theme and individual texts.

For more information on our groundbreaking Start With Your Heart series, contact the exclusive distributors, Nelson Cengage Australia on 1300 790 853 or email : Published by Garratt Publishing. Distributed by Nelson Cengage Australia.

1300 650 878

> 29

Biblical Literacy A thoroughly modern Australian approach to the Bible Students and teachers can now explore the Bible in a truly unique, contemporary Australian context. These first two titles bring to life modern-day science and ancient knowledge and answer questions all savvy students will want answered.

The Two Hands of God Mary Coloe Garratt Publishing This first book in Garratt Publishing's new Biblical Literacy series tells the story of the 14 billion-yearold universe as a story of God reaching out to us to be known. It then introduces the biblical tradition as yet another way God reaches out through particular people and their history leading to Jesus. The book brings together current science, which speaks of an evolutionary and expanding universe, and the way some people reflected on the meaning of this universe in the Bible. While written for students in upper primary/lower secondary school, teachers and parents can use the information to confidently respond to questions about creation, what God is like, divine wisdom and how God communicates with us. RRP $29.95 | Sophia $25.46 | 9781922152848

Contact us on 1300 650 878 30 <

Class Sets Available

1300 650 878

Biblical Literacy Garratt Publishing's new landmark Biblical Literacy Series » Bursting with vibrant images sure to capture students' attention. » Interesting 'Did you know' sections will stimulate students' thinking. » Activities on each page will encourage students to explore Bible messages.

» Theology made accessible. Teachers will be confident in the Scripture messages they are teaching and even increase their own understanding of the Bible. » Nihil Obstat imprimaturs ensure all materials are doctrinally sounds and free from moral error.

The Gospels: God With Us Christopher Monaghan Garratt Publishing Open the door and allow students to journey into the world of the Gospels. This invaluable faith resource, in a deceptively simple way, brings to life the world of the Gospels and answers questions all modern-day students will want to ask. Provide students with a wealth of knowledge about the Gospels and their authors, and allow them to discover how the four Gospels were chosen, why and when they were written, where they overlap and how each is unique. Every page is bursting with colour and comes with insightful photos, explanations of special words and activities to encourage reading of the Gospel passages. RRP $29.95 | Sophia $25.46 | 9781922152855

1300 650 878

> 31

Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics The Bible that speaks to middle schoolers Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics is specifically designed for young people leaving childhood and entering adolescence. It offers distinct features to help make the Bible easier to read and understand, including full-colour inserts containing interviews and illustrations with key Bible people; introductions and 'Factoids' for each book of the Bible; Pray It! Study It! and Live It! sidebars; Catholic Connection articles; plus timelines, maps, and much more. Let students learn about the great people of the Bible, and see how God has been breaking through in human history and connecting with humanity for thousands of years. Most importantly, they will discover in the Bible how Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s messages to key people of faith have meaning for life today.

Ideal for ages 10â&#x20AC;&#x201C;13

Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics Brian Singer Townes Saint Mary's Press Hardcover: RRP $69.95 | Sophia $59.46 | 9781599823423 Paperback: RRP $59.95 | Sophia $50.96 | 9781599823393

32 <

1300 650 878


See Back Page

The Bible that speaks to middle schoolers

Breakthrough uses the Good News translation of the Bible.

See over for additonal teacher resources

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> 33

Additional Bible Resources for Young Catholics Give teachers the confidence to teach the Bible Breakthrough! Bible New Testament Leader Guide

Breakthrough! Old Testament Leader Guide

Joanna Dailey Saint Mary's Press

Joanna Dailey Saint Mary's Press

The New Testament Leader Guide invites young adolescents to get to know Jesus through his varied qualities and gifts and during different times in his life. Each chapter includes an overview, key Scripture passages, related Breakthrough! articles, correlations between the life of Jesus and the lives of young adolescents, and activities that familiarise them with stories from the Gospels and Jesus himself.

This leader guide helps Catholic middle school teachers further engage the students aged 10 to 14 in their exploration of the Bible. The special focus of this teacher resource is the people who have played important roles in Biblical history.

RRP $59.95 | Sophia $50.96 | 9781599822228

RRP $59.95 | Sophia $50.96 | 9781599822204

Breakthrough! New Testament Activity Booklet

Breakthrough! Old Testament Activity Booklet

Joanna Dailey Saint Mary's Press

Joanna Dailey Saint Mary's Press

The New Testament Activity Booklet contains worksheets that explore the life of Jesus and his teachings. Each worksheet contains a creative learning activity on one side that requires reading the Gospels to complete. The worksheet's other side contains additional background information, reading suggestions, and reflection questions.

This student activity booklet covers the same people as the Old Testament Leader Guide. Each biblical figure has a puzzle for the student to work with that guarantees that they have the basics of the story down, encouraging them to read about each person. A second page has a short introduction to the character that explains their place in salvation history. This page also contains reflection questions for students to consider as they make connections between this biblical figure and their own lives.

RRP $24.95 | Sophia $21.21 | 9781599822235

RRP $24.95 | Sophia $21.21 | 9781599822211

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Additional Bible Resources for Young Catholics Supplementary Resources for teachers Words For The Journey: Ten Minute Prayer Services for Teachers and Administrators

Breakthrough! Bible Posters New Testament and Old Testament Perfect for visual learners, the Breakthrough! posters feature key people from Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics. Each 28cm x 43cm poster features a large image of the biblical figure along with four or five facts central to that person's role in the Bible. Posters are laminated on the front for durability.

New Testament posters include: » » » » » » » »

Jesus the Christ John the Baptist Mary of Nazareth Mary Magdalene Paul Peter Priscilla and Aquila Timothy

RRP $52.95 | Sophia $45.01 | 9781599820361

Old Testament posters include:

Lisa Freemantle Novalis Find time for prayer during your busy day with these ready-made prayer-services which cover liturgical and secular themes. RRP $49.95 | Sophia $42.46 | 9782896461424

The Essential Catechist Bookshelf Jesus: the Master Catechist 12 Lessons from Jesus on Being a Catechist Bill Huebsch Twenty Third Publications Offering insights from the master of all catechists, this indispensable book will help educators integrate Jesus' gospel message into the whole of their being; and to inspire their students to do the same. NEW FOR 2015

9781627850629 Also available: 9781585959488 9781627850117 9781585959495

» » » » » » » »

Adam and Eve Abraham David Deborah Ezra and Nehemiah Isaiah Moses Solomon

RRP $52.95 | Sophia $45.01 | 9781599820354

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The Third Space Aid interfaith, intercultural and ethical understanding The Third Space Provide students with an opportunity to explore, understand and truly respect people of different cultural, racial and religious belief systems. This unique series of 13 novellas has been developed in response to the Australian Curriculum’s inclusion of the key elements of diversity competence, intercultural understanding, personal and social capability, and critical and creative thinking. » Provide a realistic, authentic and approachable entry point into belief systems and intercultural dialogue. » Specifically meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum Strand, Intercultural Understanding. » Enable students to recognise culture, develop respect and interact and empathise with others.

Each easily digestible novella presents students with a true-life story from the perspective of a young protagonist from a different ethnic, religious and cultural background living in modern-day Australia. The series is supported by a comprehensive Educators Guide that provides enriching activities and discussions for use before, during, and after students read the novellas. » Focus on mutual reciprocity as opposed to simply learning about diversity. » Allow teachers to understand interfaith and intercultural dialogue from students’ perspectives.


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LearningLinks Series Make RE learning fun » Ready-to-use, easy-to-implement activities for your classroom, across many topics!

» Ideal for new or experienced RE teachers alike.

» Designed for innovative teachers seeking new, inventive ways to capture the attention and imagination of modern-day students.

» Let LearningLinks help you mark RE fun and engaging, no matter what age your kids. Activities and ideas will appeal to younger and older children alike!









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Teaching Resources for All Catholic School Teachers Ideas to grow, deepen and develop teaching skills Heart of a Catechist from the Church of Mercy by Pope Francis Pope Francis Loyola Press A must-have message from Pope Francis directly to each teacher in your school.


These affordable pamphlets will inspire confidence in new recruits and help reenergize veterans! Pope Francisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; words will help all your staff connect deeply to their own spiritual path and call to spread Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Word. Available in packs of 50 for your whole teaching and administration staff. RRP $39.95| Sophia $33.96 | 9780829442410

So You're Teaching Religion! Some Strategies for the Beginner Dr Richard Rymarz Novalis

Australian Author

The essential guide and companion for new and veteran religious educators seeking to create engaging and dynamic faith formation classes! Find outstanding strategies for teaching Scripture, Sacraments, prayer, social justice and morality in schools.

31 Days to Become a Better Religious Educator Jared Dees Ave Maria Press There is no need to re-invent the wheel! Enhance your effectiveness as a religious educator and discover some practical strategies and exercises for fostering spiritual growth in the classroom.

RRP $19.95 | Sophia $16.96 | 9782896880423

RRP $21.95 | Sophia $18.66 | 9781594713842

5 Minutes with the Saints: More Spiritual Nourishment for Busy Teachers

5 Minutes with Christ: Spiritual Nourishment for Busy Teachers

Louis A DelFra CSC Ave Maria Press

Ideal for teacher retreats and staff meetings

5 Minutes with the Saints offers bite-sized moments of spiritual motivation and affirmation teachers need to continue their challenging and often thankless work. RRP $28.95 | Sophia $24.61 | 9781594714481

Ann Primus Berends Ave Maria Press Obtain a few minutes of spiritual nourishment during the school day with these purpose-written prayers and reflections for busy Catholic School teachers.

RRP $28.95 | Sophia $24.61 | 9781594712753

Buy the two 5 Minutes books for $49.95 | Sophia $42.45 38 <

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Primary School resources...... 4-29 4

Big Books on Big Topics… Creating life-long Catholics
















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Why use RE resources just in RE? Take a holistic view of your Catholic curriculum and support your mission across multiple subject areas. We’ve taken the guesswork out of how our resources correlate to the Australian Curriculum’s General Capabilities and cross curriculum priorities. Look for the following icons to determine where our resources will aid learning outcomes.

Becoming Catholic: Australia’s sacramental program… Involving parents in sacramental journeys… Becoming Catholic support materials…

10 11 12

Created especially for young Students The Catholic Children’s Bible... The Catholic Children’s Bible teacher resources… Teaching kids to Pray… The Australian Children’s Mass Book… Book’s every school needs… Start With Your Heart – a Christian themed literacy program… Biblical Literacy for students and teachers alike… Breakthrough! The Bible for upper primary students… Additional Bible resources for teachers... The Third Space – Intercultural understandings and literacy for upper primary students... Teaching resources for all teachers…

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