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Why does it take an outpouring to reintroduce the church to the power of God? Why are movements like Azusa, Brownsville and Toronto special and rare? Why is it so difficult, in most cities in America, and in many more around the world, to find a church on fire?

I've met countless people who are confounded at the lack of wildfire. Many are frustrated and deeply discouraged, wondering if they will experience revival in their lifetime. As the years pass, it seems more and more unlikely.

The maddening truth is that revival was never meant to be rare. Costly, yes. All-consuming, absolutely. But rare? No. Revival is biblical normalcy. It's the manifestation of the Spirit of God upon a church that's living according to the life-altering revelation found in the Word of God.

When the Holy Spirit is operating in freedom in our churches, there will be little need for a jolt from Heaven to get us normalized. But, until then, we must cry out for a lightning strike of revival in our cities. We need to apply the paddles to the heart of the church to break off hinderances and shock it back to life.

In an example of a divine, supernatural shock, God moved in remarkable power at an event in Detroit several years ago. Here’s one testimony:

“John, I’ve NEVER experienced what happened to me last night. It’s explainable but incomprehensible…If it hadn’t happened to me I couldn’t understand it in it’s fullness!!! That white hot fire… When you said..I’m not talking about your weaknesses…I’m talking about ANOINTING…that FIRE hit my chest like only something I’ve seen in a a comet hitting earth is the only way to describe it..that’s how it felt and lasted for what seemed like forever…burn in me God!!

What was the prevailing theme at that event? Encounters like this are actually to be very normal in the church! An average Sunday morning should exhibit the wind and fire of the Spirit of God. The pursuit of revival is non-negotiable for us in these critical times.

We are in the midst of a national crisis–a national church that has a form of godliness but denies the power. It’s a Sadducee spirit that radically minimizes or discounts altogether the supernatural power of Jesus. It’s common to hear about the resurrection in our pulpits, but rarely see resurrection power.

It's time to contend in costly intercession, die to self, stand in faith and awaken to the abundant life Jesus promised.

Bring on the paddles.

REVIVAL X exists to gather forerunners who are unified in the mandate to initiate REFORMATION in the church and REVIVAL in the region.

As carriers of the FIRE OF GOD, we are single-minded in our mission to rally a generation that will embrace the CROSS OF CHRIST, pursue RADICAL HOLINESS, engage in FERVENT PRAYER, live a life of REPENTANCE and experience both the FREEDOM and the FEAR OF THE LORD.



While we love a good revival meeting, and will be involved in many as the ministry progresses (hey, how about a good old fashioned tent revival some day!), Revival X is a prayer and equipping hub for the region. We are currently focused on developing a culture that can help facilitate legitimate revival on a city level.

If you are hungry for revival and are ready to get trained in intercession, the prophetic, revival and other key end-time topics, Revival X would be a great fit for you and your friends/family!


Revival X is a part of the regional and global church and functions primarily in intercession and the pursuit of revival in the context of the end-time season we are currently in.

While many will certainly consider Revival X their home church, others may notice that we are a little different than the typical church that we've all grown familiar with. Simply, we are focused on equipping in prayer and revival and in developing relationships with others hungry for a move of God.

As a regional prayer and equipping hub, our assignment is to prepare pastors, leaders, intercessors, revivalists and others in the region.

The result will be a full-blown outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will overtake churches, businesses, politics and every sphere of society.


Be prepared for something that is definitely not "church as usual" as we contend in intercession and train in the prophetic, prayer, revival, deliverance and other similar topics.

Our times together are marked by praying in the Spirit, decrees of Scripture, strategic teaching and a prophetic atmosphere.

There may or may not be a worship leader. We may or may not preach long messages. There may or may not be a large crowd. We will always advance together in prayer. We highly value the Word of God and will declare its truth with faith and expectancy.

If you have kids, they will enjoy the atmosphere with you.

Simply, when we meet together, it's prophetic and unscripted, yet in an environment of great zeal and expectancy.

As a training and prayer center, we understand the atmosphere may not be familiar to some. However, our passion is to host the Holy Spirit, go deep in Jesus, prepare for revival and equip people in the region.

Spirit-filled churches are increasingly falling into the trap of becoming a "typical church."

I've given leadership to revival-style churches and ministries for decades. It's grieving how few Spirit-filled churches are truly taking people unapologetically into the depths of surrender to Jesus. Instead, the preference is to grow wide and shallow in the hopes that the seats stay full, the money keeps coming in and the programs are staffed.

Of course, the majority of churches, Charismatic included, aren't pretending to be concerned about revival at all. The pursuit of a wild-fire, other-worldly, supernatural habitation of the Spirit of God never even comes to mind.

The cost is too high. The chances are too slim. To most, it's not worth it.


The truth is, revival churches don't see dramatic impact, big crowds and overwhelming wonders in the early stages. The wells of revival must be dug. The hours of prayer must be invested. Repentance, consecration and a radical devotion of time must be constant. Few are willing to buy in at this level, and pastors know it.

The preferred church growth method is to create a "healthy, vibrant" atmosphere that's focused on meeting needs and fulfilling expectations. The shock and awe of God's glory is traded for a more naturally familiar environment that's sprinkled with some worship, teaching and fellowship. Nothing too deep, expensive or disruptive.

Of course, not every church has descended into what I'm calling a typical church. And, not every church will have done so on every point. Some are hanging strong in some areas while slipping on others.

And, it should also be said that legitimate revival churches can fail on some points that typical churches are stronger in. However, I do believe the comparison is generally valid.

I've identified nine differences between typical churches and revival churches in graphic form. Read the content between the bullet points online at


Typical Church: Participation is encouraged Revival Church: Consecration is encouraged


Typical Church: Prayer is rare Revival Church: Prayer is constant

THREE Typical Church: Church growth is the goal Revival Church: Regional revival is the goal

FOUR Typical Church: Relationships are a key goal Revival Church: Relationships are a byproduct

FIVE Typical Church: Demons remain hidden Revival Church: Demons are exposed


Typical Church: Encouragement driven Revival Church: Prophetically driven


Typical Church: Driven by expectations Revival Church: Establish expectations


Typical Church: One stop shop Revival Church: A specialized ministry


Typical Church: A family gathering Revival Church: A school of fire

I encourage you to head over to our website to explore the differences in more detail.

God is awakening people who are done with church as usual and who are absolutely starved for a shift in church culture that will result in a mighty habitation of the Spirit of God.

I believe you have been born in this hour for such a time as this. God is stirring in you and so many to contend in great faith, with great passion for reformation, revolution and revival!






The Culture is our set of core values at Revival X. It sets the pace and clearly communicates the culture we are called to establish and steward.

Our Mission is Your Freedom

The mission of freedom from sin, sickness and poverty drives everything we do at Revival X. We reject a casual approach to God and affirm abundant life, passion and fire for all.

Honor Is in Our DNA

Honor is something we are, not something we do. No matter the issue, you can’t stop us from honoring you! We believe that honor is a condition of the heart and not dependent on someone’s actions toward us.

We Rally Around the Vision

Revival X is built on the vision God gave John. As a company of burning ones, we are passionate defenders and champions of it. Every person is responsible to catch fire and burn hot every day. The resulting corporate torch will inflame our region with revival.

We Are a Threat to the Status Quo

This is a ministry of extreme reformation. As we storm against the prevailing flow of the church and society, we fully believe many will be provoked to turn and follow our lead into freedom.

There Is One Church in the City and We Aren't It

Revival X is one department of many in the landscape of the city church. Our focus is regional impact and the increase of the harvest that will be felt far and wide.

We Affirm Ridiculous Faith

We simply believe that God is extreme and his plans are bigger than what we can imagine. If it doesn’t look ridiculously insane, it’s less than what God has in mind.

We Are All About the Numbers

We are unapologetically intense in our mission to gather and equip people of destiny while impacting innumerable people in the region.

Corporate Mission Prevails

We are focused on preparing for the influx of zealous people the harvest will bring to Revival X. We launch and support only those endeavors that fit into the corporate mission.

We Refuse to Live Below the Biblical Norm

Healings, signs, wonders, miracles, extreme love and bold prophetic teaching were and are the standard.

Poverty Has No Chance

Extravagant giving in every sphere of life, whether it’s in the church or a big tip at the coffee shop, will displace a spirit of poverty, transform individuals and reform the economy of our region.

Sickness and Disease Have No Right to Torment Believers

The Lord Jesus Christ has been given power and authority over all sickness and disease. He has delegated that authority to us.

We Err on the Side of Freedom

Revival is messy and is to be stewarded, not controlled. We embrace an atmosphere of bold prophetic declaration and Holy Spirit initiated freedom.



The Bible

The Bible is the inspired word of God. The 66 books which constitute the Bible are entirely reliable and truthful, and the Bible stands as the central authority over our lives, our faith, and the direction of our church. We are committed to standard formulations of biblical inspiration such as the "Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy." (2 Timothy 3:16; Matthew 5:18)

The Trinity

Three persons eternally share the Divine Nature. The Bible refers to these persons as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is both self-existent and personal. (John 14:10, 26; 15:26)

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, the Son, is fully God and fully human. He lived a sinless life, died for the sins of humankind, was resurrected bodily on the third day, ascended into heaven and is coming again as King and Judge. Jesus Christ is the only provision that God has given for people to be reconciled to Him. Jesus’ life on earth also serves as the model for the Christian life. (John 14:6; Acts 4:12)

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God. He indwells us at the moment we place our faith in Christ. He empowers us to live an effective Christian life by affirming our salvation, encouraging us and giving us the strength to live a life that is pleasing to God and personally fulfilling. The Holy Spirit also endows each believer with a unique spiritual ability to serve the church and the world. (John 14:16; Ephesians 1:19-20; 1 Corinthians 12)

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a gift from God as promised by the Lord Jesus Christ to all believers, and is subsequent to the new birth. The experience is often accompanied by the evidence of the speaking in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gives utterance, though some that are baptized in the Holy Spirit choose not to speak in tongues. (Acts 2:38)


Salvation is reconciliation with God through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. God offers us salvation by His grace alone and we receive it as a gift through personal faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. This right standing before God must be received and cannot be earned. God freely offers salvation to all people.. (Ephesians 2:8,9; Romans 8:38,39; Ephesians 1:13; 2:4)

Water Baptism

Baptism in water is by immersion, and is a direct commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ. Baptism is for believers (those who accepted Jesus Christ as an act of personal faith) only. The ordinance of baptism is a symbol of the Christian's identification with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection.(Romans 6:4)


The Bible teaches us that without holiness no man can see God. We believe that sanctification is a definite, yet progressive, work of grace commencing and continuing until the consummation of salvation.(Philippians 1:6)


Satan is the personal, spiritual adversary of God and God’s followers. Satan actively opposes the work of the church and the spiritual vitality of Christians. We therefore take seriously, but in a balanced way, the reality of personal, spiritual opposition. Satan is doomed to final defeat and judgment when Christ returns. (Ephesians 6:12; Revelation 20)

There's more! Read the rest of our beliefs including the church, the Second Coming, and the afterlife online at


Could you not pray for one hour? ~Jesus

Prayer doesn’t typically come naturally. Actually, it comes supernaturally, but even so, there is a learning curve.

At Revival X, I am excited about the opportunity to help train hungry people in the art and science of impactful, fiery, powerful and supernatural intercession. Once we are struck by the shock and awe of prophetic prayer, we will crave interacting with God night and day.

Could you not pray for one hour? The obvious answer is no. They couldn’t. Or, actually, they didn’t. They could have. They should have, but the impetus was not there. The passion had faded. The urgency was gone. Carrying the burden of another requires that we are impacted by the Spirit of God at a pretty deep level. This is what makes an intercessor.

This isn’t an involved teaching on the matter, but these are some simple tips and truths that will help make intercession much more enjoyable and meaningful. We’ll want to pray, without ceasing, as Scripture directs.


Burdens for intercession become weighty and tangible when we understand, adopt and own the assignment. What is the purpose of your intercession? Is that purpose captivating you? If not, go to battle over your mind and emotions and avail yourself to the Spirit of God.

The assignment might be naturally obvious, like praying for someone to be healed. Or, it may be sudden and unexpected. There are times I’m awakened in the night with a celebrity on my heart. It’s typically someone I never spend time thinking about, and I know the Lord has asked me to stand in the gap for them.

Understanding God’s assignments in prayer will also relieve us of other prayer focuses that aren’t as pressing or timely on God’s agenda. It takes some discipline to stop praying for

what we want to focus on to make room for what God is doing. Doing so is the first step toward intercession that’s fueled by God’s supernatural grace.

When we become “assignment-driven” instead of “issue-driven” in our lives, our prayer lives tend to erupt.


Prayer becomes a frustrating exercise of futility if we don’t understand our authority. If we don’t know without question that we cause things to happen simply by declaring and decreeing, commanding and enforcing, then we’ll fizzle out after just a few minutes of tiring prayer.

However, when we acquire a revelation of just how potent and powerful our words are, and how atmospheres and enemies have no choice but to submit to our Spirit-revealed directives, everything changes! We become super-charged, supernatural agents of the King.

We move mountains. We cast out demons. We war in the Spirit. We dictate breakthrough. We condition atmospheres. We truly are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


Bold tongues originating from the depths of our inner man should be erupting out of us from the beginning of the intercession session to the end. If I had to put a percentage on it, I’d say 95% tongues, 5% English. The Spirit knows exactly what needs to happen through our legislation. The most efficient way for him to move is praying in tongues. There is no comparison.

The Bible talks about groans “that can’t be uttered.” These are overwhelming spiritual unctions that overwhelm and overtake us as we take on the Holy Spirit’s burden. There is no need for words and there is no need for intellectual understanding when this occurs. We can rest easy knowing that God is actively, literally and immediately moving. Faith explodes through tongues and groans.


The Bible is true. It’s mandatory that we absolutely, without any doubt or hesitation, fully and completely believe it. We must never condition Scripture with our experiences, disappointments or personal insights. The Word of God rules.

When we believe Scripture at this level, our minutes of prayer can easily launch into hours.

Grab hold of a single scripture or a passage and decree it. Declare it. Enforce it. Meditate on it. If you aren’t seeing a particular biblical truth manifest in your life or in a situation, go to battle. Proclaim the truth to the enemy. Proclaim it to yourself. Command your mind and emotions to align with it.

When you are done, find another scripture and do it again. Another hour will pass before you know it.


It’s safe to say that a lot of prayer that’s offered up every day, possibly the majority, is little more than asking God for stuff as we wonder if he’ll answer. This is a recipe for intercessory failure. Our faith plummets. Our hope fades. Our relationship with God is negatively affected because we don’t truly understand his desire for us.

The easiest way to know God’s will is through the Word of God. If he wrote it, he means it. Review the previous point and get excited about all of the promises in Scripture that are chiseled in stone. God means what he says.


In specific situations that the Bible may not cover (like what job to take or how to spend our money), the next point will help. Suffice it to say, intimacy with Jesus is key. As we learn to hear God’s voice, our prayer time will take a dramatic shift. No longer will we gaze up into heaven wondering where God is and what he wants. We’ll move right past that point and have great confidence in our prayer. It will shift direction from asking God to commanding situations. We will be a walking, breathing, supernatural command center, enforcing God’s will, not aimlessly wondering what it is.

And, during the “in between,” the times between our intercession and the clear revelation of God’s will, pray in tongues and declare Scripture. Enjoy Jesus. Develop intimacy. Correct wrong theology (like God is resisting you, or that he doesn’t love or like you). Simply know that Jesus is interceding for YOU nonstop!


Prayer that isn’t infused by the Spirit of prophecy is doomed. It really is. We must learn how to receive revelation. This is a massive topic that can’t be even summarized here. However, we need to know that God is talking and the things he’s saying are weighty. Our job is to receive the transmission and respond accordingly.

It’s critical to flow prophetically during intercession so we get the right job done the right way. We don’t want to pray for something that God is actually opposing. We don’t want to focus on a point that God says to put aside. This is where tongues help (a lot). God will suddenly and overwhelmingly impact us with skyrocketing faith on a matter. He will tell us what to decree and how to contend. His will becomes obvious. What’s on his heart in the moment overtakes our heart.

When the prophetic meets intercession, miracles happen. This is where the realm of wonders exists.


When we pray, and when the prophetic is hot, miracles, signs, wonders, healings, revelations and great faith result. They become quite normal.

The key is that we must stimulate our faith and develop extreme expectancy. Tongues help. Scripture helps. Prophecy helps. Embracing our assignment helps. When all of this is working with synergy, the Spirit of God will often manifest.

A prayer-life without unwavering expectation of supernatural activity of the Holy Spirit is a prayer-life that’s truly on life-support.


When all of the above points are in play, they will ultimately expose the activity of the enemy. When that happens, we must fight!

Understanding our authority will make this an obvious next step. It becomes clear that the enemy has been working hard behind the scenes (and often right on stage) to steal, kill, destroy, disrupt, discourage and stop God’s activity in our life and situation.

The prophetic is an invaluable tool as it shines a bright light on the darkness. The enemy can no longer hide. However, it’s absolutely critical that we engage in serious warfare. The enemy doesn’t like the light, but he’ll gladly stand there exposed if he knows we aren’t going to do anything about him and his schemes.



If there's anything that will kill a life of prayer it’s petition.

Yes, there are times to petition God. Scripture is clear about this. However, when we become petition-dominant in our prayer, our faith plummets. So much of what people petition God for has already been settled and revealed in Scripture.

So much more would be made known prophetically if we had fine-tuned that spiritual skill. Remember, part of our responsibility in prayer is to discover what God’s will is. Very often, his will is ready to be revealed, or at least the part that we need to know in the moment is. We just need to find it. Most often, petition is not the quickest way there.


If I had to guess, nine times out of ten people pray about themselves or issues that directly impact them. There’s a time for this, but it’s certainly not ninety percent of the time.

Intercession demands we take on the issues on God’s heart. Keep in mind the assignment most usually will be mission oriented. Our call is to pray for souls, to contend for revival, to push back the enemy, to stand in the gap for others, to invade the darkness, to heal the sick, and on and on.

Intercession that’s focused outward is exponentially more potent than prayer for ourselves. Again, there’s a time to pray for our own situation. Even daily we can give time and energy to this. We can go to God with our desire for personal growth, concerns, questions and other such communication. We just need to know that staying in that place will drain us and weaken our faith. We were created to advance and to fight for others.

This is one reason why I personally feel prayer meetings at church shouldn’t focus much on their own church. Church growth, church needs, church challenges, etc. can be hit briefly in prayer, but don’t dwell there. Camp out on intercession for the city, for revival, for transformation and for regional and national issues.


No matter the struggle, no matter how silent God seems to be and no matter how ineffective you feel your prayer is, do not stop. Go deeper. Go longer. Pray more deliberately. Intercede with passion.

You have to practice prayer continually in order to break through into new realms, new experiences, new victories and new revelations of how God moves through our intercession.

Simply know, God absolutely, without question, hears you, is moving through you and is training you as a mighty warrior of atmosphere-shifting intercession!



Game changer! The most incredible, instructive and distinctive reading on prayer I’ve experienced in a long time. The writing is simplistic, refreshing and applicable. Every faithful Christian should read this to be renewed and empowered! ~Walkbyfaith

If, throughout the Bible, God causes men and women to do things that defy human logic, why do we default to common sense when making decisions in our lives? If God told Gideon to secure only 1% of his army to go into battle, which obviously defies solid and time-tested military wisdom, why don’t we consider that God may also cause us to advance in our lives via nontraditional and even bizarre means?

Job 11:7 “Can you search out the deep things of God? Can you find out the limits of the Almighty?”

The message of Revelation Driven Prayer will help launch you into the unusual and deep things of God that he has prepared specifically for you.

We are living in important times and YOU are absolutely critical for this remarkable end-time season!!


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