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The Digital Compendium

Moving into the Digital Space

John Batman Group has been providing hotel guest solutions, guest directories and travel publications since 1963. We are constantly adapting and updating our guest services, moving into the digital space with the Digital Compendium.

Incorporating nearly 60 years of accommodation, travel and tourism experience our wealth of information, knowledge and experience makes the process of extending our in-room guest directories and travel guides with digital guest solutions seamless. There have been significant changes for us all with COVID-19, new regulations, cleaning procedures, check-ins and digital technology becoming a more prominent part of our everyday lives.

Embracing these changing times, we have developed a Digital Compendium solution which provides a quick and easy way to pass on all your guest services information digitally to guests via a QR code which is easily accessed on your guests’ own phone or tablet no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

• Contactless

• Simple QR scan

• Instant access

• Fast information

• View anywhere, anytime

Using a QR code is common practice these days and your guests can now access your directory information in this convenient and digital format. Providing your guest information as a Digital Compendium is incredibly handy because your guests can refer back to your information at any time on their own device. You can send the code to guests before they arrive so they can plan their trip and it is instantly accessible at any time on the go. Using this service, guests can find out about your services, local businesses, attractions and information, view maps, shop online, order meals and even book accommodation.

It is the perfect way to promote your establishment, increase revenue and boost tourism in your area.
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Digital Compendium Solution

Present your guest service directory and local area guide digitally.

The Digital Compendium allows your guests to quickly and easily view your guest service directory using their own smartphone or device, providing a contactless digital viewing experience.

The Digital Compendium provides an interactive and engaging way to present your information, services and the local area guide all the way from the booking, pre-arrival, check in and check out process. By providing your guest information as a Digital Compendium you can send the link to guests with their booking confirmation and pre-arrival email, they can access it by scanning the QR code on arrival and guests can refer back to it at any time.

The Digital Compendium provides instant access to all the information and services your guests need during their stay along with the local area guide for things to see and do, calendar of events, maps, local business and essential services which is accessible at any time on their own device.

It is the perfect way to promote your establishment, increase revenue and boost tourism in your area.

Simply scan and view, no account or app required.

Fast and easy access to guest

Guests can use their own phone or device “In today’s world, guests want information instantly and easily”
OR GO TO OR GO TO No app or download required, just scan the QR with your phone camera to view. For information on our guest services and facilities, as well as the Welcome to Airlie Beach area guide, simply scan and view our digital compendium on your own device. Accounts are finalized on arrival. We ONLY accept Visa, Mastercard Debit. 1.5% credit surcharge applies to credit transactions. NO Refunds for Early Departures. contact reception and they will kindly assist you. TELEPHONE Guests can Dial on room phones to contact reception. Welcome to the Shingley Beach Resort Book Direct Tours Contact Follow us on Instagram @shingleybeachresortwhitsundays WELCOME TO AIRLIE BEACH THE WHITSUNDAYS History Markets Maps Essential Services Guest Services Things To See & Do Facilities Calendar Of Events Check out our digital compendium and area guide. Featuring Guest Information OR GO TO Check out our digital compendium and area guide.

Q & A

Promote & Inform

Do I need an app to scan the code?

No, you can simply open your camera on your phone or device and it will automatically scan and read the code.

Should I display the printed compendium or the digital compendium?

You don’t need to choose, you can elect to display both options. Our compendiums and plastic display pockets are easy to clean and wipe down.

Same Content, Different Format

What will my guests see once they scan the QR code?

Your personalised guest service directory will appear for your guests to find out about your facilities alongside the Just Brilliant Guides area guide if there is one in your area. Your directory with the Professional QR package will also will also display your establishment on Google Maps, can click on your website and call directly when clicking on your phone number, and include quick links to other pages on your site such as you rooms, restaurant and booking pages (eg. Book direct and save button).

How else is the digital directory useful?

Your Guests By Sending

A Link When They Book

You can send a copy of the digital link to your expected guests with their booking confirmation in advance of their stay. This allows them to view your establishment information along with the area guide before they arrive and encourage travellers to extend their stay.

Simple & Easy

To Use

Will my guests understand how to scan the code and view the digital directory?

Checking into places using a QR code on your phone is common in most places these days and guests will simply scan the digital compendium in the same way without the need to enter any personal details. Simply scan & view.

Display The QR Code

For Guests to Scan

How do I display the code for my guests to see?

We can provide you with a number of display solutions that you can use within your rooms and at reception. Within the rooms you can select between printed information sheets, stickers, key tags, door signs and display signs. If you are also displaying the printed compendium we will include an information sheet for presentation within the sleeves.

No App Required
or BOTH!

Features & Benefits

By digitising the hotel experience, your guests can access your guest service directory and the local area guide with points of interests, attractions, information, businesses, calendar of events and maps, all at their fingertips in a quick and easy to use format.

Using the personalised QR code displayed within your rooms and at reception, guests can simply scan the code using just their camera, no need to download any apps. They can read your information on their own device which is a great solution during the current climate and the way of the future.


• Interactive & engaging

• Enhance the guest experience

• Connect with guests in an innovative way

• Promote guest services and amenities

• Increase direct bookings & reduce commission costs

• Increase revenue via quick links

• Boost your reviews

• Improve efficiency

• Reduce time for staff

• Modernise your property

• Ease of access to information

• View anywhere, anytime

• Stand out against the competition

• Improved marketing

• Share the link

• Track opening results

• Ability to integrate with most smart TV systems

• Professional design

• We do the work for you

• Easy to use

• Simple scan and view

• No account or app required

• Contactless - guests use their own device

• Pre-sell meals and other services

The Digital Compendium will increase revenue, enhance your guests’ experience & free up your front desk staff.

What is Included?

Your Digital Compendium will display your property’s guest service directory along with a Just Brilliant Guides local area guide (if there is one in your area).

Your personalised Guest Service Directory will include information about your establishment such as:

• Property facilities and services

• Check in and check out times

• Reception hours

• WiFi password

• Restaurant details

• Room service menu

• Pool hours

• Disabled access

• Events

• Site map

The Just Brilliant Guide s local area guide is a comprehensive travel information experience which includes:

• Attractions

• Things to See & Do

• Information & History

• Photography

• Maps

• Calendar of Events

• Markets

• Travel Information

• Essential Services

• Local Businesses

• Quick Links

With the Professional QR package We also add your location into your guest service directory. Guests then simply click on the link and Google maps directs guests back to your property.

In addition, you can add multiple links within your guest service directory. Increase bookings and revenue via direct links to your booking or contact page as well as your room service or restaurant page. By adding links to your booking page you are encouraging your guests to book direct, saving you 15-20% in booking fees when using booking agents.

Boost tourism expenditure in your local area with links to affiliated local businesses when displaying the Just Brilliant Guides area guide. The Just Brilliant Guides local area guide includes quick links to attractions, things to see and do, restaurants, businesses, essential services and more.

Instantly access all the info & services your guests need as well as the local area guide for things to see and do, accessible any time on their own device.
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Distributing & Displaying

The Digital Compendium provides an interactive and engaging way to present your information, services and the local area guide and you can provide it to guests in many ways:

1. Booking Confirmation - When guests make their bookings, you simply email the personalised link with their booking confirmation and your guests will instantly be able to view your guest information.

2. Pre-Arrival Email - You can send the link with your ‘We are looking forward to welcoming you soon’ email sent before they arrive.

3. Check In - We will provide you with printed QR codes on information flyers that you can display at reception and within the rooms of your establishment for easy and effective communication. We can also provide stickers, welcome cards, key tag inserts and display stands.

4. On the go – Guests can access it anytime, anywhere.

5. Sharing - You can also share the link via your social media channels and guests can share the link with family and friends.

We will provide you with a personalised link and QR code on printed information sheets, insert cards and stickers (based on the package you select) to display at your front office desk, in the foyer, high-traffic areas and within the rooms of your establishment.

You can also purchase our display stands and key tags separately for the perfect presentation solution.

When displaying both the printed in-room compendium and the digital compendium we will include a printed information sheet to be displayed within each of your compendiums.

Some Australian Examples..

WELCOME TO PORT DOUGLAS Offering hundreds of publications throughout Australia and the Pacific

Just Brilliant Guides

John Batman Group is the producer and publisher of Just Brilliant Guides which are industry leading directory and travel guides for accommodation establishments. The publications are displayed within establishment rooms in the form of printed compendiums and magazines and are now also available anywhere in a digital format. The guides are the perfect tool for guests to explore your area and plan their itinerary, prior to arrival and during their stay.

Just Brilliant Guides are developed travel information guides which are unique. Together with the local council, information centre, accommodation venues and local businesses, the Just Brilliant Guides area publication is a culmination of information, tips and expertise to provide guests and travellers with the best experiences in you area, whether it be for work or leisure.

The Just Brilliant Guide local area publications are individually tailored and feature local businesses which accommodation venues recommend and are happy to be aligned with.

Local feedback and genuine high quality survey information is compiled through the John Batman Group team. Staff are on the ground, they are in contact with clients, local council and visitor information centre to compile and produce a high quality and informative publication for its accommodation clients and enhance the guest experience.

Just Brilliant Guides brings local information to the world with its connection to a multitude of clients from B&B’s to large hotels and its locations far and wide.

John Batman Group has been producing service directory and travel guides throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific since 1963.

We currently have over 120 Just Brilliant Guides area publications throughout Australia and the South Pacific and we are always looking to grow new areas.

Boasting picturesque beaches and lush mountain views, Rarotonga offers fun water and leisure activities as well as excellent walking treks. Beautiful Rarotonga The lagoon surrounding Rarotonga is a shallow haven for people of all swimming abilities and is very popular with families and keen snorkellers. Nude and topless bathing are deemed offensive in the Polynesian culture and visitors are reminded to wear appropriate swimming attire when visiting the beaches. The beaches on the north/north eastern side of the island are best suited for surfers as the reef lies close to the shore. It is recommended that you surf with a local. On the north coast of Rarotonga, about five minutes drive from the international airport, Avarua Town is a pleasant seaside township with a number of restaurants and boutique shops. The Saturday morning market is a fantastic place to buy local produce, such as fruits, vegetables, handcrafted items and souvenirs. There are also two international banks and a local bank with ATMs and supermarkets available here. MURIBEACH Set on the south-east corner of Rarotonga, Muri Beach is a popular spot for watersports, including kitesurfing and Spectacular Marine Life Boasting the most pristine waters in the world as well as a stunning range of marine life, the Cook Islands draw divers and snorkellers from all over the globe. Credit: It is extremely important to remember that the reef is delicate eco system that is under constant threat from modern day interference. Visitors are encouraged to view, swim through and admire the reef, but are asked to avoid walking or stepping on coral. It is also recommended that you shuffle your feet so that you don’t crush the delicate sea flora and For divers to the region, Rarotonga alone sports over 30 dive sites. The east coast offers up Avana Passage, while the north is abundant in sites including Maritime Reefer, Croc Caverns, Alberto’s Paradise, Swiss Reef and Sand River. In the south, try The Pinnacles, Rarotongan, Papua Passage and Avaavaroa RAROTONGA DIVE CHARTERS Adventure Cook Islands Reef To See 22 212 21 873 22 KIA ORANA & WELCOME TO THE ATTRACTIONS - MAPS - EVENTS - SERVICES COOK ISLANDS Hagen show Annual mask festival in (Tokua) 6 15 DESTINATION PAPUA NEW GUINEA A BIG PLACE… Understanding scuba diving in Papua New Guinea requires a brief lesson in the country’s geography - starting with the huge island of New Guinea, the second largest in the world, the eastern half of which is “mainland” of PNG while the western half is the Indonesian province of West Papua. Then, over in the east, is the long, musket-shaped island of New Ireland and in between is the large island of New Britain. Together, those three are the “main islands” of Papua New Guinea with the other 600+ smaller islands that make up the country arrayed around them. The lifeforce of the Coral Triangle’s biodiversity is a complex network of nutrient-rich regional and equatorial currents. Unique to the six countries that form the Coral Triangle, only Papua New Guinea is touched by all those currents making it a true biodiversity hotspot! PAPUA NEW GUINEA Destination CULTURE & TRAVEL THROUGHOUT PNG

Creating Your Guest Service Directory

Moving into the digital space may be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ll do all the work for you.

With nearly 60 years of experience in providing compendiums and publishing directories and travel guides, you can be assured that the process is in capable hands. Simply send us your service directory information and we will create your professional service directory.

Once you have approved the final design, we will convert your service directory information and the local area guide (if applicable) into your personalised Digital Compendium. You will be provided with a simple link which you can copy and paste and send it to your guests. You can even integrate this into your automated booking confirmation pages.

We will also send you the printed QR code as an information sheet for guests to scan at reception and within your rooms on printed pages and stickers (based on the package selected).

If there is a publication in your area, we will be sure to feature it in your Digital Compendium as a handy local travel guide.

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Simply send us your guest service directory information, images and logo and our creative team will do the rest.

Service Directory Features

Transform your Service Directory into an interactive hub that guests can use as an invaluable resource prior and during their stay.


All service directories include basic contact information, however the professional Digital Compendium contains ease to access links to your website, your location in Google Maps as well as one-touch call and email buttons.


Assist guests by providing helpful links to third-party services like tour bookings, parking permits, transport services, etc.


The Interactive directory page helps links guests to your web pages such as, booking pages, affiliated restaurants and social media.


At the end of your service directory you will find the applicable Just Brilliant Guides area publication providing an in-depth look at your local region.

MOST POPULAR CUSTOM PACKAGE • Custom Digital Compendium • Many aditional features OR GO TO OR GO TO OR GO TO OR GO TO OR GO TO FREECALL 1800 339 493 JUSTBRILLIANTGUIDES.COM.AU Package Examples Scan below to see just a handful of the many kinds of Digital Compendiums we have created and what we can do for you! PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE ENTERPRISE PACKAGE • Interactive Digital Compendium • Multiple links included • Multiple versions • Multiple updates per year Professional Example 2 Enterprise Example 2 Professional Example 1 Enterprise Example 1 Custom Example 1 Custom Example 2 OR GO TO
With over 120 Just Brilliant Guides area publications throughout Australia and the South Pacific, click here to see if there is a publication in your area. Packages vs Features Professional Enterprise Custom Personalised link ✓ ✓ ✓ Digital Compendium Hosting ✓ ✓ ✓ Printed Compendium (including your custom guest information & the Just Brilliant Guides publication for your area) ✓ ✓ ✓ Free annual update ✓ ✓ ✓ JBG Accommodation Listing ✓ ✓ ✓ Personalised QR Flyer Receive 1 for each room plus 10 extra copies for front desk, foyer, etc. ✓ ✓ ✓ Personalised QR Sticker Receive 1 for each room plus 10 extra copies for front desk, foyer and other areas ✓ ✓ ✓ Links to your website (eg. Direct to your booking page, contact page, restaurant, ordering pages, etc.) ✓ ✓ ✓ Option for Additional Updates Additional updates can be purchsed at $150 per update ✓ ✓ ✓ Google Map Integration ✓ ✓ ✓ Multiple versions of your Digital Compendium The ability to host additional versions of your guest information: - This can be a menu or a completely different service directory - ✓ ✓ Multiple updates to your Digital Compendium Up to four updates per year - ✓ ✓ Integration between documents Such as linking to menus, seasonal events, etc. - - ✓ Fully Custom Designed Digital Compendium With as many links, images and content as desired. - - ✓ Package Features *conditions apply

QR Display Products

Once you have your Digital Compendium set up, you will need to display the QR code so your guests can access it.

Compendiums See the full range at See the full range at DCAS120 120mm x 230mm Slim Acrylic Magnetic Sign $13.90 INC. GST 170mm x 240mm Wide Acrylic Magnetic Sign DCAS170 $17.95 INC. GST 210mm x 297mm A4 Acrylic Magnetic Sign DCAS210 $21.95 INC. GST 105mm x 150mm Small Acrylic Magnetic Sign DCAS105 $16.95 INC. GST Super Strong Key Tags SSKT Items per box: 10 items Minimum Purchase: 3 Boxes $6.05 INC. GST
Factory 12, 64-86 Beresford Road, Lilydale Industrial Gardens Estate, Lilydale Victoria 3140 Australia PO Box 726 Ringwood Victoria Australia 3134 FREECALL 1800 339 493 Digital Compendium Enquires E | P | FREECALL 1800 339 493 FREE DOWNLOAD

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