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E-mail to the Secretary of Energy regarding Ultra Clean Stack Technology for Coal-Fired Power Plants.. October 9, 2019 Honorable Minister of Coal, Mines & Parliamentary Affairs Ministry of Coal Shastri Bhavan Delhi, DN, 110001 India Dear Minister Joshi: The message below was sent to the U.S. Secretary of Energy on July 8, 2019 regarding my June 16, 2019 article Ultra Clean Stack Technology for Coal-Fired Power Plants is Now Available. This technology is capable of reducing coal plant stack emissions of greenhouse gases to levels comparable to the majority of renewable energy sources. I appreciate Prime Minister Modi's concerns for preserving our global environment, and I have the utmost confidence in your support for his concerns in this arena. Coal is a truly valuable natural resource, capable of proving a multitude of carbon-based industrial and household products. Regrettably, there appears to be little to no interest in the U.S. coal industry and electric utilities in adopting the Ultra Clean Stack Technology in order to keep our fleet of coal-fired plants operating and to preserve tens of thousands on coal mining and electric utility jobs. That is why I am reaching out to you to find out how you feel about implementing such a technology in India. The attached article is the latest of 11 articles I have had published in, coal's foremost on-line publication. Since 2017, I have been promoting the use of coal for producing a multitude of products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, synthetic gas, naphtha, metallurgical coke (which is superior to the petroleum equivalent), heavy metals, bulk CO2 for fire suppression systems and oil well injections, carbon fibers for use in manufacturing aircraft, automobiles and other products, rare earths, cleaning agents, food preservatives, and many more. In addition, coal is one of the principal fuels needed to consistently meet the baseload electricity demands of industry because most renewables aren't that reliable. You are welcome to read all of my articles on coal if you wish. You may find them to be of interest, especially since I have an operating and engineering background the electric 1

utility industry. All of my articles are posted in my LinkedIn profile. You can also click on "Previous Articles" on the homepage, then type "Clinton Crackel" in the Search window, and all articles should quickly populate. See here. I can even send you PDF versions of the articles if you wish. I have also attached our approved Quantum Dynamic Sciences Master Marketing Document to give you a better understanding of our technologies available for capturing atmospheric emissions and converting them to usable products. We just need to be able to construct and test a demonstration unit to verify the efficiency its optimum efficiency. Further, I am confident that if the test results are as predicted, the technology will virtually sell itself. Please bear in mind that our new website is currently under construction. However, Quantum Dynamic Sciences, Inc. has a group in LinkedIn that contains a lot information on the technology. You should be able to visit that group site by going to In closing, I wish to thank you for any consideration you may give to this matter, and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this subject. Also, perhaps you could share this with your industry counterparts in the event someone would be interested in funding a demonstration unit. Most respectfully, Clinton E. Crackel Executive Consultant to Quantum Dynamic Sciences, Inc. and Signature Sponsor, 603 Graham Road North Aurora, IL 60542-9119 USA +1-630-202-1307


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Letter to Ministry of Coal India about Ultra Clean Stack Technology (Clinton Crackel) USofA  

Letter to Ministry of Coal India about Ultra Clean Stack Technology (Clinton Crackel) USofA