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Black Label

At Fret-King® we have a saying... “Knowledge is Power.” What does this mean?

Black Label

Decades of listening to guitar players’ needs has taught us that while we have some great ideas, it is your goals which must be ours too! With a design team led by the legendary Trev Wilkinson, the father of Fret-King, we use our knowledge positively; we have a determination to produce guitars with flair, and creative innovations that give you an amazing, tactile and emotional guitar playing experience. Our love for what we do means that we create with a passion. Trev Wilkinson's decades of guitar building expertise and unrivalled guitar know-how mean that we can go where other guitar makers don’t, using innovative, meticulous construction methods and premium materials and components throughout the whole Black Label building and finishing process. We embrace obsession, follow our hearts, not our heads, and revel in detail to make Fret-King guitars stand apart, consistently outclass the established benchmarks, yet be comfortable, friendly and familiar. Our passion for thinking outside the usual constraints, while keeping a close eye on the styling cues we are all comfortable with, and the classic tones we all enjoy produces guitars you’ll feel you’ve played all your life. Our vision is to inspire you.

Eclat Standard


Country Squire De-Luxe

Country Squire Semitone


There are standards to be acknowledged, surpassed and improved upon. Fret-King meets these three tasks head on. The result, Fret-King Black Label™ – the newest member of the Fret-King family. Part of the Black Label design brief was to actually listen to pro players, and to work with them to create their ideal guitar. Hugely experienced players like Jerry Donahue, Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell, Gordon Giltrap, and Geoff Whitehorn - all players who have definitely paid their dues and reflect a huge variety of styles. As well as being great players, they know a thing or two about guitars, and have collaborated with us to create a series of artist-inspired guitars featuring attributes that all players will find valuable, useful, and above all, musical. Because you deserve the best, with no compromise, Black Label takes a fresh view of how to build in real custom shop high end features, the benefits they bring, and the advantages you get from instruments designed to be professional working tools.

Eclat faces up squarely to the acknowledged benchmark. With peerless classic looks, enhanced ergonomics and its sophisticated tonal palette, the Eclat is many guitars rolled in to one. Country Squire, a magical fusion of the familiar, with contemporary, yet subtle dynamic improvements, and tone circuitry which takes this familiar body style into new territory while sticking like glue to its heart and soul. Elise, a body style debuting with the new Fret-King Black Label,nods towards a guitar heritage that spans all musical styles. The Elise features a chambered mahogany body, solid maple cap, and Fret-King’s signature ‘Vari-Coil’™ tone circuitry a for breath-taking breadth of tone. Corona, a ‘moniker’ associated with high end, UK-built Fret-King guitars for two decades recognises the roots of the double cut, as refined by Fret-King. The Black Label Corona blends masterbuilt qualities, classic and contemporary tone, great feel, and, of course, that Wilkinson trademark, a vibrato with unrivalled return to pitch whether you play like your guitar is in the shadows or covered in criss-cross black tape. Super-hybrid illustrates Trev’s radical/sensible/useable ethic; 24 frets and sharp cutaways for speed-driven shredding, hard tail for ultimate tonal coupling, Hum/Single/Hum and ‘Vari-coil’™ for a million tones. Oh, want to play acoustic too? No problem, just kick in the ‘Acoustibridge’™ for a journey from ‘...the driest levée’...’ to the ‘...dark side...’ in the spin of a knob. Perception; a bass for real bass players and a name synonymous with benchmark bass quality. The all new Black Label Perception four and five string basses have those Fret-King bass hallmarks; unshakeable journeyman bass player feel, perfect balance, high access necks, comfort-contoured body and distinctive, instantly recognisable, rock solid tone. Fret-King Black Label; moving forward in the footsteps of history.

Corona SP


Perception 4-string

Perception 5-string


FKV1DC Original Classic Burst

"The way the Eclat DBC guitar rings, even acoustically, is just incredible. I love P90 pickups – and I have done ever since I saw Steve Marriott and Mick Ralphs using them – so the Wilkinson W90B is the business. The thumb scoop is a great idea too, and it allows me easy access to those high frets, even when the guitar is slung really low. The DBC is exactly what it says it is – a pure rock 'n' roll guitar, and I’m pure rock 'n' roll; I love it!"

v a D

Bu ‘ e

’ t e ck

ll e w Col

Black Label Eclat ‘DBC’ A hard working and hard playing rock guitar-meister, Bucket’s talents have seen him playing to thousands of fans across the globe in his tenures with Paul Rodgers’ Bad Company, and working with the likes of Humble Pie. A songwriter of note too, Bucket has written for Iron Maiden, and latterly with his Bucket & Co. project cooperated with the likes of Steve Conte, Edwin McCain, Danny Bowes, Spike from The Quireboys, Jaz Lochrie and Adrian Smith. The DBC is a no-fuss rock machine inspired by a workhorse instrument Bucket has played for years. With its no-nonsense single Wilkinson W90 ‘Dog ear’ pickup, wrapover combined bridge/tailpiece and its innovative thumb-scoop for great upper fret access, the DBC is a one-stop attitude machine. Strap it on, feel the culmination of 50 years of guitar history rolled in to one and enjoy monster tone, monster fun and all out rock ‘n’ roll. Eclat DBC Specification. Body: two-piece, centre-jointed mahogany. Neck: mahogany. Fingerboard: rosewood, 12” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, pearl dots. Scale: 24.75”/628mm. Nut: graphite. Pickup: Wilkinson WP90. Controls: volume, tone. Bridge: direct mounted wrapover tailpiece/bridge. Tuners: Wilkinson WJ15. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.


"I love playing both acoustic and electric guitar, and my Black Label Elise GG model brings together the best of both acoustic and electric worlds. I loved the whole process of working with Trev Wilkinson to design a guitar for my needs, and it looks like we’ve given birth to a classic and innovative design which will find favour with discerning players looking for the ultimate semi-acoustic hybrid guitar.” FKV3GG Cherry Red

trap l i G n o Gord Black Label Elise ‘GG’ Gordon is a contemporary of great players like Bert Jansch, John Renbourne, Mike Oldfield, and John Etheridge. Throughout a career as a guitarist and composer which has crossed and combined styles and genres, spanned five decades, and over forty albums, Gordon has cooperated with the glitterati of the guitar world. The Elise GG is capable of articulating Gordon’s unique mix of acoustic and electric playing with an incredible tonal palette. The neck-mounted P90 and vintage voiced bridge humbucker provide traditional semi-acoustic guitar voicings, but with additional breadth, complexity and versatility. With comfortable familiarity, yet distinctive and forward-thinking design, the GG is vibrant, light, well balanced, and a joy to play. The direct mounted tune-o-matic ‘Acoustibridge’™ piezo system faithfully reproduces the sonorous pure acoustic tones of the tuned, chambered, mahogany body. All pickups are able to be used separately, or blended in almost limitless combinations to create a spectacular range of sounds from ‘50s rock, to sparkling acoustic, using traditional passive tone controls, and an active three-band EQ. The ‘cool-as’ single sided black faced headstock, metal tulip tuner buttons, double carved maple cap, and flame top add style and luxury. Sure to introduce yet another generation to Gordon’s incredible talents, the GG will also inspire the creativity of many another guitarist. Elise GG specification. Body: solid mahogany chambered body with double carved solid maple cap and figured flamed maple top. Neck: mahogany. Fingerboard: rosewood, 12” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, pearl dots. Scale: 24.75”/628mm. Nut: graphite. Pickups: Wilkinson WVC humbucker with solid nickel cover and backing plate, Wilkinson WP90, Wilkinson designed tune-o-matic piezo saddles. Controls: separate magnetic and piezo volumes, passive magnetic tone, three band active for piezo circuit, three way toggle for magnetic pickups, and three way mini-toggle to select piezo/piezo, piezo/magnetic and magnetic/magnetic only. Hardware: direct mounted tune-o-matic style with stop tailpiece and Wilkinson WJ01 tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.


“I'm extremely proud to have a Fret-King with my name on it. The GW plays great, looks great, feels great, stays in tune, and the natural sustain is superb.”

FKV6GW Vintage White

W f f o e G


n r o iteh

Black Label Corona ‘GW’

With a career spanning over four decades, Geoff has featured in iconic, seminal rock bands like Crawler, where he filled the shoes of the incomparable Paul Kossoff, he's been the long-time guitar sound of Roger Chapman's band, and featured as Procol Harum's lead guitarist since 1991. An in-demand and tasteful player, Geoff's also worked with the likes of Eric Clapton, Sir Paul McCartney, Bad Company, The Who, Kevin Ayers, Elkie Brooks, Manfred Mann, Billy Ocean, and many others, so if anyone needed a versatile, consistently high-performing guitar that cuts through the mix, it's Geoff Whitehorn. The 'GW' Corona is a thoughtful take on a classic, but with an edge, and like Geoff's playing, is precise, melodic and articulate. Sonically, with the somewhat unorthodox pickup combination of a P90 in the neck position, a throaty single coil in the middle, and a roaring Wilkinson 'Prizefighter’™ humbucker in the bridge position, the GW covers an immense range of fundamental tones. With a control layout orthodox in appearance, but more comprehensive than meets the eye, the GW has master tone for the neck and middle pickups, and separate tone control for the bridge humbucker. Add to this a ‘push-push’ switch on the neck/middle pickup tone control which switches the neck and bridge pickup together, as well as a second ‘push-push’ switch on the bridge pickup tone control which taps the 'Prizefighter' to single coil and as Geoff says, "if you can't find the sound you want with this guitar, maybe it doesn't exist."


Corona GW specification. Body: two-piece centre-jointed American alder body. Neck: Canadian hard rock maple. Fingerboard: rosewood, 10” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, pearl dots. Scale: 25.5”/648mm. Nut: graphite. Pickups: Wilkinson humbucker WP90B, Wilkinson WHS vintage voiced single coil and WHHBCa ‘Prizefighter’. Controls: volume, two ‘push-push’ tone, and five way lever switch. Hardware: Wilkinson WVS bridge and WJ07 E-Z Lok tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.

“My JD cranks out five of the blazingest tones associated with the three most popular solid body guitars ever. Decades of tone in one guitar!

‘JD’ Pickup Selections

FKJDOCB Original Classic Burst

ONE: This neck pickup yields the rich, sparkling tone of the traditional three-pickup guitar. The result: that unmistakable single-coil sound that echoes the soaring, majestic blues tones of the '60s and '70s.

TWO: The neck pickup (now with a special cap engaged) affords this position a special tonal quality you would ordinarily expect to hear from a full-body jazz guitar! Engage an overdrive and you capture that classic late '60s ‘Woman Tone’.

THREE: The neck and bridge pickups are in a customised parallel wiring, producing an enhanced, more contemporary version of the customary middle position timbre on the classic two-pickup guitar.

FKBKJD Natural


: By combining both pickups with a capacitor and resistor in a controlled degree of reversed phase, this position offers the popular ‘in-between quack tone’ found in this position on three-pickup guitars.

FIVE: This is an updated stock-style bridge pickup with symmetrically staggered polepieces for great string balance and a special wind for increased sustain. It captures that amazing gutsy lead sound found on the very best of those traditional two-pickup guitars!

Of all the special guitar projects I’ve ever been involved with in my quest for the perfect guitar, the JD beats them all – at any price, it’s the best, and the most affordable… I couldn’t be happier!”

e u h a n o Jerry D

Black Label Country Squire ‘JD’ Jerry Donahue, doyen of the string benders, and founder member – with Will Ray and John Jorgensen – of the legendary Hellecasters, is a player whose outstanding talents have seen him feature with artists as diverse as Fairport Convention, Fotheringay, Joan Armatrading, Gerry Rafferty, Robert Plant, Elton John, The Proclaimers, Johnny Hallyday, George Harrison, Cliff Richard, Chris Rea, Warren Zevon, Bonnie Raitt, Hank Marvin, Roy Orbison, Nanci Griffith, The Beach Boys and The Yardbirds. Jerry knows a thing or two about tone, and when the opportunity to cooperate with Fret-King and Trev Wilkinson to create a guitar he could be 100% happy with arose, the gauntlet was thrown down. With its single coil pickups custom wound to Jerry’s exact recipe, and five way switch wired and tuned to his specification, the JD meets his vision of a single guitar which really can sound like all of the most instantly recognisable solid-body sounds of the last 50 years. Country twang, to rich, dark midnite jazz chords, to that elusive ‘in-between quack-tone’ in just the flick of a switch, and more, it’s all there in spades. Country Squire JD specification. Body: two-piece centre-jointed American alder with bound ash top. Neck: custom profiled Canadian hard rock maple. Fingerboard: maple, 10” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, black dots. Scale: 25.5”/648mm. Nut: graphite. Pickups: custom designed Wilkinson WJDTn/WJDTb single coils. Controls: volume & tone, custom wired 5 way lever switch. Hardware: Wilkinson WTBS bridge and WJ05 tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.



r t n u o

e r i u q yS FKV2BS De-Luxe Butterscotch

Black Label Country Squire The Fret-King Country Squire is a subtly and sensitively reworked timeless classic. Built from the timbers which we’ve all come to accept as classic tonewoods the Country Squire uses traditional two-piece centre-jointed American alder body, Canadian hard rock maple neck and rosewood fingerboard to create a solid platform. Continuing the legacy with well-considered design features, the Country Squire has a gently offset body with sculpted heel and slim horn, providing terrific balance, enhanced upper fret access, and an extended tenon neck/body join for outstanding sonic coupling, and solid stability. Unique pickup and control configurations allow for the tonal character, which is the heart and soul of this style of guitar, to be the bedrock of all Country Squire models, complemented by a myriad of additional and eminently useable tones. Players like Fret-King because we give more than is expected, and the Country Squire De-Luxe and Semitone are no exception. Improving upon classics is tricky, but with the Black Label Country Squires, Trev just may have done it!


e x u L e-

Country Squire De-Luxe Design details are important, and we like to do it all right; the beautiful Country Squire De-Luxe’s first impression belies its versatility. It’s got all the ‘classic’ tones – plus the staggered pole piece humbucker has a secret… check the tone pot, it’s a ‘push-push’ for neck humbucker down to neck single coil. Now, flick the selector switch down to the flat pole piece bridge pickup, and the same ‘push-push’ toggles between authentic vintage ’52 ‘Nashville Snap’, and a creamy, focused single coil sound with enhanced mids and increased power. The Wilkinson WTB bridge features a steel baseplate which surrounds and enhances the magnetic field of the alnico V loaded bridge pickup. Adjustable, pre-intonated barrel style natural brass saddles allow spot-on tuning, and two strings per saddle solidly anchor the saddles to the bridge baseplate ensuring the maximum mechanical coupling so crucial to giving you all the power and tone you need.


Country Squire De-Luxe specification. Body: two-piece centre-jointed American alder body. Neck: Canadian hard rock maple. Fingerboard: rosewood, 10” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, pearl dots. Scale: 25.5” /648mm. Nut: graphite. Pickups: Wilkinson humbucker WHHB3+3 (N) tapped single coil alnico WVOBT (B). Controls: volume & tone/coil split, 3-way lever. Hardware: Wilkinson WTB bridge & WJ05 tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.

Lee Hodgson

FKV2HBK Semitone Black

e n o t i Sem

Country Squire Semitone Elegant and capable, the semi-acoustic, chambered-bodied Country Squire Semitone is traditional and versatile all at the same time. Twin hum to the eye, the Semitone sports an extra mini knob controlling the Fret-King ‘Vari-coil’™ circuit, which progressively rolls back the humbuckers to custom voiced single coils, so in the spin of a knob you can go from roaring high output bridge humbucker, to sweet mellow neck single coil, then back again in an instant to that oh so familiar single coil bridge bite.

Country Squire Semitone specification. Body: semi acoustic chambered two-piece centre-jointed American alder body with tortoiseshell binding. Neck: Canadian hard rock maple. Fingerboard: rosewood, 10” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, pearl dots. Scale: 25.5”/648mm. Nut: graphite. Pickups: Wilkinson WHHB3+3 (N) WHHB (B). Controls: volume, tone & Vari-coil (humbucker to single coil), 3-way Lever. Hardware: Wilkinson WTBS bridge and WJ05 tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.


FKV1HCSB Cherry Sunburst

James Bell Young Guitarist of the Year 2011



FKV1HTSB Tobacco Sunburst


t a cl

Black Label Eclat Standard The Eclat Standard is one of the electric guitar’s most enduring styles, and, for many players, a benchmark. Our decades of knowledge in tonewood selection and attention to detail in construction methods, electronics and pickups are all crucial in the creation of the Black Label Eclat Standard.

The solid, natural grain, ¾” maple cap, selected two-piece centre-jointed mahogany body, and mahogany neck with long-tenon neck joint all coalesce to ensure the foundations of a guitar with amazing sustain.

The Eclat body features a rear contour and forearm scoop for an even more comfortable and fluid playing experience. The subtly extended cutaway allows enhanced upper fret access while maintaining the Eclat’s purity of line and traditional elegance. Tonally, the Eclat is as authentic as you could ever hope for. Legendary Wilkinson WVC humbuckers (built to the original recipe created by Seth Lover, and gifted to Trev in the ‘80s) give the Eclat a voice which speaks with all the depth and clarity you’d expect from a signature twin humbucker single cut guitar designed by Trev Wilkinson. The Fret-King ‘Vari-coil’ control rolls those spectacular WVCs all the way down to single coil for a range of tones which go from searing, saturated bridge humbucker sustain, overloaded with delicious harmonics, all the way to tingling transparent single coil bridge tones. The Eclat Standard is truly one of the most versatile and useable guitars on the planet.


Eclat Standard specification. Body: two-piece, centre-jointed mahogany with carved solid maple cap. Neck: mahogany. Fingerboard: rosewood, 12” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, pearl crown. Scale: 24.75”/628mm. Nut: graphite Pickups: Wilkinson WVC humbuckers with solid nickel covers and backing plate. Controls: volume, tone, Vari-coil and 3-way toggle switch. Hardware: direct mounted tune-o-matic style with stop tailpiece and Wilkinson WJ01 tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.

FKV3HTSB Tobacco Sunburst

FKV3HHB Ash Blonde

Natalie McCool


Black Label Elise Inspired by a long heritage of semi-acoustic excellence, the Elise is an incredibly light, yet exceptionally resonant guitar with superior sonic performance and versatility. Carved from a solid mahogany blank, the Elise body has acoustically tuned chambers, a full length centre block, and double carved solid maple cap to create a vibrant semi acoustic body. The slick mahogany neck, with deluxe rosewood fingerboard, employs the Fret-King ‘long-tenon’ neck joint, which mates precisely to the body underneath the neck pickup, forming a rigid fixed bond between neck and body, maximising the retention and transmission of the Elise’s fundamental acoustic properties. Wilkinson WVC humbuckers give the Elise a voice with unassailable authenticity, definition and the power required for everything from mellow jazz to full bore blues. Fitted with the Fret-King ‘Vari-coil’, the WVCs can be progressively wound back to emulate a P90, or produce sparkling traditional single coil tone. The Elise sounds just like it looks, and then produces voicings never associated with this style of guitar, but which would be at home on Ocean Boulevard or a Nashville ‘Honkey Tonk’. Elise specification. Body: solid mahogany chambered body, solid maple cap and tortoiseshell binding. Neck: mahogany. Fingerboard: rosewood, 12” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, pearl dots. Scale: 24.75”/628mm. Nut: graphite. Pickups: Wilkinson WVC humbuckers with solid nickel covers and backing plate. Controls: volume, tone, Vari-coil and 3-way toggle switch. Hardware: direct mounted tune-o-matic style with stop tailpiece and Wilkinson WJ01 tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.


FKV6SPOCB Original Classic Burst



a n o r o

FKV6SPFR Firenze Red

Black Label Corona SP

The Corona SP is a tour de force, combining high-end building techniques, premium materials, player-friendly innovations and classic vintage tones with the usual Fret-King twist of delivering more than looks suggest.

Trev’s decades of hands-on experience with designing guitars and hardware have always had a focus on perfecting the vibrato bridge. The Wilkinson WV6SB ‘Five plus One’ knife edge bridge has little touches like a delrin bushed, adjustable tension and height arm, which makes it so easy to use. The tempered steel base plate, steel tone block, and vintage spec bent steel saddles provide superior tone. The stagger drilled tone block and Wilkinson E-Z Lok™ staggered post height tuners need no string tree and guarantee the best return to zero you’ll find. The bridge mounted Wilkinson P90 is stacked, and routed through a ‘Vari-coil’ control, allowing the pickup to be wound back to absolutely authentic bridge single coil. With tradition infusing the rest of the pickup and control layout the Corona will give you all the tone you need to do justice to its effortlessly classic vibe and your music. With a two-piece centre-jointed American alder body, Canadian hard rock maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, the Corona is tradition embodied. Featuring a sculpted heel design for easy access to the upper frets, and with an extended tenon neck/body join for outstanding stability and sonic coupling, the Corona SP is the journeyman player’s best friend.


Corona specification. Body: two-piece centre-jointed American alder body. Neck: Canadian hard rock maple. Fingerboard: rosewood, 10” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, pearl dots. Scale: 25.5”/648mm Nut: graphite. Pickups: Wilkinson stacked humbucker WP90SKb and two Wilkinson WHS vintage voiced single coils. Controls: volume, tone, Vari-coil and five way lever switch. Hardware: Wilkinson WV6SB bridge and WJ07 E-Z Lok tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.

FKV6HYOCB Original Classic Burst


d i r b y h r e p u S

Acoustic-Electric excellence. Black Label Super-hybrid The forward-thinking, unique design of the Super-hybrid offers a massive spectrum of sounds and this beautiful solid body electric/acoustic hybrid design gives the player a range of tones from super saturated overdrive for scorching rock solos and speed driven shredding, to chunky rhythm chords, to the classic out of phase sounds, and all the way to delicate acoustic voices for picking, and strumming, all with the flick of a switch and the spin of a knob. The split coil humbuckers and centre single coil pickups, supplemented by the piezo loaded Wilkinson ‘Acoustibridge’™ incorporated into a custom designed direct coupled bridge, provide truly inspiring tonal possibilities. With volume, tone and coil-tap controls for the magnetic pickups, and separate volume control and user configurable three-band active EQ for the piezo system, controllability is excellent, making the Super-hybrid one of the most useable and versatile guitars ever created. Traditionally constructed from two pieces of American alder, centre-jointed, and with tight edge radii, the Super-hybrid has deeper cutaways for easy access to the upper frets. The fast, low profile 25 1/2" scale Canadian hard rock maple 24 fret neck and close grain rosewood fingerboard gives this impressive and extremely capable cross category workhorse a great feel. Super-hybrid specification. Body: two-piece centre-jointed American alder body. Neck: Canadian hard rock maple. Fingerboard: rosewood, 10” radius, 24 medium jumbo frets, pearl dots. Scale: 25.5”/648mm. Nut: graphite. Pickups: Wilkinson WVC humbuckers in neck and bridge positions with single Wilkinson WHS vintage voiced single coil in centre. Controls: magnetic volume, magnetic tone control with ‘push-push’ pot for humbucker coiltap, five way lever switch. Piezo volume and user configurable three way active EQ. Hardware: Wilkinson custom designed bridge and WJ05 tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.


FKV4OCB Original Classic Burst

FKV4VW Vintage White

FKV4BK Black FKV4+1OCB Original Classic Burst FKV4+1BK Black

Jim Reece


n o ti p e c er

Black Label Perception

There's a low-end rumble in the Fret-King jungle with the Black Label Perception.

A fabulous, versatile workhorse that stands up to everything a bass player can throw at it, the Perception lays the foundation for a great groove.

Built with a two-piece centre-jointed American alder body, Canadian hard rock maple neck and close grain rosewood fingerboard, the Perception is traditional in feel yet contemporary in execution. With a sleek neck profile, full width fingerboard, positive feel, enhanced upper fret access and extended neck join, the Perception responds fluidly to your style and demands to be played. The pickups, specially created for the Perception, emulate the very best of classic vintage tone, with bell-like clarity, depth and power to spare. Notice too, the brass barrel saddles, which contribute so much to the positive tone of the Perception, fitted to a simple, stamped tempered steel base plate designed to transmit all that string energy to the body for maximum tone. The Perception captures the solid, precise tonality that underpins so much music, and demonstrates just how versatile a passive bass can be. Available in four and five string versions, this is a ‘go-to’ bass that players the world over will really appreciate. Perception specification. Body: two-piece centre-jointed American alder body. Neck: Canadian hard rock maple. Fingerboard: rosewood, 10” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, pearl dots. Scale: 34”/863mm. Nut: graphite. Pickups: Wilkinson WJBR and WPB. Controls: two volume, master tone. Hardware: Wilkinson WBBC bridge and WJBL 750 mini tuners. Luxury Fret-King carry bag included.


Black Label Carry Bag Luxury luggage is one of life’s pleasures; the designer carry bag which comes with every Fret-King Black Label guitar is no exception. Elegant, and bespoke to each body shape, with suede and leather external details, the super padded, snug fitting ‘teddy bear’ interior cossets your Fret-King, with zipped external storage space and accessory pockets to keep damaging objects away from your guitar. The elements and travails of life are shrugged off by the hi-denier, water resistant rip stop fabric, and heavy duty zipped closure. On the move, you’ll find an integral luggage hanger for easy storage, twin heavily padded ergonomically designed shoulder straps, with hideaway flap, for easy portability, and if you’re hand carrying, the soft touch, suede handle cover makes carrying your guitar a breeze.

.. . n o i t c e Prot Fret-King is the absolute pinnacle of British design, and we are dedicated to producing the best guitars you can buy, whatever the price. Initially known for innovative hardware, Trev Wilkinson ‘designs in’ the kind of features and value to Fret-King guitars that all guitarists really appreciate. Whatever we do, there’s a reason! With four ranges to choose from, there’s a Fret-King for you. Black Label™ Tradition, blended with boutique design, custom shop quality, pro playability and comfortable individuality. The Black Label design brief was to prove that it’s possible to create spectacular guitars that are totally acceptable as a real journeyman player’s working tool, fit for the highest profile player on the biggest arena stage in the world – and yet affordable to all. We love a challenge, so challenge yourself. You’ll be amazed at how far we’ve raised the bar.

Blue Label™ We’re all playing guitars designed in an earlier epoch: 50, 60 or 70 years ago, with all the limitations we’ve come to live with and work around. Do you think the geniuses who came up with those benchmark designs way back when didn’t want to innovate and improve? Sure they did, and they’d love what’s possible today. And you can have it; now. Exactly what you’re used to, with the improvements only Fret-King knows how to blend in, so you hardly even notice the traditional gremlins have been banished.

Green Label™ Exclusive, yet attainable. Each year we create a limited number of hand-crafted guitars in the Fret-King UK workshop. So subtly nuanced, these traditional designs are fettled to feel like the ‘go-to’ guitar you’ve played every day for 50 years, but imbued with modern reliability and all the benefits of Trev’s decades of knowledge of hardware, pickup design, fit and finish. Whatever high-end guitar you thought you were going to buy, avoid disappointment, and try the best first.

STVDIO Series™ Beyond exclusive, these unique atelier design exercises showcase the outside of the envelope of Fret-King’s capabilities. Created personally by Trev Wilkinson and his master builder Mike Smith, these one-off instruments blur the boundaries between guitars and art with off-the-wall cosmetics, mind-blowing configurations, tonal capabilities that will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, and playability to die for.


"You'd be foolish not to audition the Black Label range – the bar has been raised!" Dave Burrluck Gear Reviews Editor, Guitarist magazine.



JOHN HORNBY SKEWES & CO. LTD., SALEM HOUSE, PARKINSON APPROACH, GARFORTH, LEEDS LS25 2HR, UK. ©2012 JHS & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. Specifications and colours are subject to change without prior notice. Fret-King® is a registered trademark of JHS & Co. Ltd. Wilkinson® is a registered trademark of Trev Wilkinson Design Associates. Wilkaloid™, Vari-coil™, Acoustibridge™ are trademarks of Trev Wilkinson Design Associates.

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Fret-King Black Label brochure 2012  

Fret-King Black Label brochure 2012  

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