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Do you  know  your  Sport?      Read  what’s  inside  it  will  blow  your  mind.    


Read about   Lionel   Messi      

Fun Quiz’s  and  puzzles            



Which Sport  Has  The  Coolest   Type  of  Ball/s?     49  people  surveyed  

Football Baseball   17%  

Basketball 6%  


8% 6%   10%  


Cricket Soccer   Hockey   Quidditch  


46 grade   5   students   said   which   sport   has   the   coolest  ball  and  3  grade  five  teachers  voted.      

Learn more  about  your  favourite  ball  

Most people  voted  Quidditch,  having  4  balls  and   will   be   in   the   magazine   on   page   16.   Then   football  on  page  17  having  got  17%  of  the  vote.                      


What sports  grade  5's  like  playing   25  

Number of  students  





0 basketball  



The  sports   I  know  that  basketball  is    the  most  popular  sport  and  that   grade  5  students  don't  enjoy  playing  footy  as  much.  



How to  kick  a  footy  

Items you  need:     A  footy  ball     A  giant  space     A  friend     Steps:     1. Firstly  you  need  a  friend  to  kick  to   2. Then  grab  a  footy  and  put  both  of  your  ring   fingers  on  the  line.   3. Thirdly  you  need  on  point  of  the  footy  facing   your  feet  and  the  other  point  facing  your  chin.   4. Finally  look  at  the  person  you  are  kicking  to,  take   one  step  and  drop  the  footy  onto  your  foot,  and   follow  through.   Conclusion:  When  you  kicked  the  footy  it  should   be  spinning  backwards  and  towards  your   partner.      


It’s your  chance  to  get  new  Kobe’s  be   Kobe  Bryant.     Better  hurry  Kobe’s  shoes  run  out  quick  and  if  you  buy   these  all-­‐star  Kobe’s  you’ll  be  the  all-­‐star  of  your  team  so   buy  them  now!!!     Get  these  all-­‐new   limited  additions   Kobe’s  now!!!  


These  new  galaxy   shoes  aren’t  to  wear   they  are  to  soar.  


Or get  your  limited   addition,  hot,  hot,  hot   Kobe’s.  



Interview with  Lebron  James    

Hi I’m  here  with  Lebron  James  basketball  legend.  I’m   going  to  ask  him  some  interesting  questions.   Why  did  you  choose  6  for  your  number?   Well  I’ve  had  this  number  since  I  was  a  kid  and  all   through  my  childhood  it’s  brought  me  good  luck.     Ok.  How  did  you  feel  when  you  won  your  first  grand   final?   Once  I  won  my  first  grand  final  I  new  I  chose  the  right   team.   What  are  your  strengths  for  your  position?   Well  I’m  fast  so  I  can  get  into  the  basket  quickly  and  I   love  to  shoot  so  that’s  my  role.   How  come  you  changed  to  Miami  Heat?   Well  I  changed  to  Miami  Heat  because  I  wanted  more   money  and  I  thought  I  might  win  a  grand  final.   Which  team  do  you  like  better  Miami  or  Cleveland?   I  like  Miami  better  because  I  got  more  money  and  I   feel  that  my  teammates  in  Miami  work  better  with   me.   So  Lebron,  which  MVP  do  you  like  the  most  and  why?   Well  I’m  thinking  about  picking  the  one  most  recent   when  Miami  beat  Oklahoma  all  players  played  great   and  it  was  one  of  the  most  exciting  games.   Lebron,  my  fans  really  want  to  know  what  your   favourite  position  is  and  why?   Well  my  favourite  position  is  power  forward  because   it  involves  shooting  and  dribbling  the  ball.   What  other  things  do  you  enjoy  besides  b’ball?  


I like  NFL  because  I’m  really  aggressive  and  I’m  really   fast.   What  is  your  play  and  why?   Well  I  really  enjoy  the  alley-­‐oop  because  when   Dwayne  Wade  throws  it  to  me  at  rim  I  can  do  any  sort   of  dunk  like  the  windmill,  which  is  my  favourite  dunk.   What  influenced  you  to  become  a  basketball  legend?   Well  you  know  Magic  Johnson     Yes.   He  was  a  b’ball  legend  and  on  his  adds  he  would  say   ‘practise  every  day  if  you  want  to  become  a  basketball   legend  like  me.’  So  that’s  what  influenced  me.   OK.   That’s  all  the  time  we  have  with  Lebron  James  hope  to   see  you  next  time  on  the  sports  channel.                              




   Try  and  find  the  hidden  words  good  luck     Z   M   Q   B   R   A   K   O   B   E   B   R   Y   A   N   T   T   D   F  

A I   V   B   A   O   A   X   C   X   W   S   T   D   E   V   E   A   T  

R C   T   C   B   S   T   Y   V   Z   A   U   R   C   G   F   S   N   Z  

X H   V   D   P   R   T   Q   R   B   S   I   Q   R   G   W   H   N   U  

W A   S   A   D   Q   E   S   O   Y   A   S   S   I   H   D   I   Y   M  

Y E   Y   V   Z   F   L   E   V   N   V   S   P   C   M   J   F   A   I  

S L   Z   I   E   Y   B   M   L   A   M   E   K   K   O   I   O   L   C  

W J   R   D   R   M   A   A   C   P   K   M   L   E   M   H   O   V   H  

X O   Q   A   T   H   Y   J   K   B   O   L   M   T   T   N   T   E   A  

T R   P   A   Q   J   R   N   I   L   H   E   J   K   I   B   B   S   E  

Z D   V   R   U   G   A   O   P   W   N   N   L   Z   J   R   A   A   L  

U A   O   D   N   I   G   R   D   L   G   O   G   S   C   F   L   L   C  

V N   N   S   X   G   H   B   O   P   Y   I   F   O   H   F   L   L   L  

C B   D   M   B   A   S   E   B   A   L   L   B   C   K   A   G   D   A  

W M   L   A   Y   J   V   L   K   T   X   D   E   C   E   J   O   H   R  

A F   C   E   Z   K   W   X   V   S   D   N   N   E   K   C   I   J   K  

X D   A   N   E   S   W   A   N   R   Q   P   O   R   I   M   E   L   M  


Basketball                Gary  Ablett                        David  Aardsma       Cricket       Kobe  Bryant                    Lionel  Messi     Baseball       Michael  Clark    Dane  Swan       Football       Lebron  James    Danny  Alves       Soccer                                 Michael  Jordan          


• • • •  

How To  Hit  A  Cricket  Ball     Things  You  Need     A  cricket  ball   A  cricket  bat   Some  space   A  friend   What  To  Do  

1. Get your  friend  to  hold  the  ball   2. Take  five  steps  back  and  hold  the  bat   3. Bend  down  a  little  and  have  the  bat  just       behind  your  foot   4.  Stand  side  on  and  face  your  partner  so  they   can  throw  the  ball  to  you   5. Swing  the  bat  at  the  ball  and  hit  it     Evaluation       You  can  keep  practicing  and   you  will  be  able  to  direct   your  hit.      


Sudoku Puzzle  1        











See answers  on  page  17  


Sudoku Puzzle  2          














See answers  on  page  18  



Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi  is  an  amazing  soccer  player  for   Barcelona.  He  has  an  important  part  for  this   great  team,  He  can  play  second  striker,   attacking  midfielder,  right  wing  or  deep  lying   centre  forward.     Amazingly  this  great  player  never  went  to   school,  but  he  adored  soccer.     Every  day  he  would  be  in  the  backyard   practising.  Now  he’s  playing  one  of  the  biggest   teams  in  the  world.     Well  he  plays  for  2  teams  Argentina  the   national  team  and  Barcelona  the  club  team.     Born  on  June  24,  1987,  in  Rosario,  Argentina,   soccer  player  Lionel  Messi  moved  to  Spain  at   the  age  of  13,  after  the  FC  Barcelona  club   agreed  to  pay  for  hormone-­‐deficiency   treatments.     Messi  became  a  star  in  his  new  country,   scoring  at  will  while  leading  his  club  to   championships.  In  2012,  he  set  a  record  for   most  goals  in  a  calendar  year,  and  afterward   was  named  FIFA's  "Player  of  the  Year"  a   record  fourth  time.    


Fire bolt  Review     The   Fire   bolt   is   an   international   standard   broomstick   and   used   in   the   wizard  and  witch  sport,  Quid  ditch.     It   is   36   inches   long   and   has   metal   handles   and   pedals.   The   broom   is   made  of  ash  wood  and  birch  twigs.     Who   makes   the   broomstick   is   still   unknown   although   it   has   great   speed   and  can  reach  150  miles  per  an  hour  in   just   10   seconds.   The   Fire   bolt   has   a   great  turning  ability,  as  it  turns  so  fast   that   it   feels   as   though   the   broom   is   doing   what   you’re   thinking   instead   of   controlling  it.     There   aren’t   many   negatives   and   it   is   the  best  broom  so  far.     I  give  it  9½  snitches  out  of  10.      


Football, football,  come   get  your  football.  Sherrin   footballs.      

Football,  football,  come   get  your  football.  Sherrin   footballs.          


Baseball Quiz                                    Do  you  know  your  baseball?    

Q1. Who  has  hit  the  most  home  runs  in  the  Yankees?     Q2.  Who  is  there  oldest  player  for  Yankees?     Q3.  Is  the  Minnesota  twin’s  stadium  inside  or  outside?     Q4.  Who  has  hit  the  most  home  runs  in  the  history  of  baseball?     Q5.  What  is  the  name  of  the  Tampa  bay  baseball  team?                                                                                                


                        Q1.  Babe  Ruth     Q2.  Mariano  Rivera   Q3.  Inside   Q4.  Barry  Bonds   Q5.  Tampa  bay  Devil  rays    



Quidditch has   four   balls   and   six   hoops,   three   at   each  end.  Seven  players  fly  on  brooms  and  try  to   score   points   by   throwing   the   quaffle   throw   one   of  your  team’s  three  goals.  The  opposing  team’s   keeper   and   three   chasers   will   try   and   stop   you.   The  two  beaters  fly  with  bats  and  nock  the  two   bludgers  at  the  opposing  team  to  knock  players   of   their   broom.   The   game   will   end   when   a   seeker   catches   the   snitch.   The   snitch   being   caught   by   a   seeker   results   in   one   hundred   and   fifty  points  for  their  team.  Every  time  one  of  the   chasers   gets   the   quaffle   in   one   of   the   hoops,   their   team   is   rewarded   with   ten   points.   When   the   snitch   is   caught,   whichever   team   has   more   points  win.  



Eighteen players  form  each  team  on  the  field  at   a  time;  there  are  thirty-­‐six  players  on  the  field  at   a   time.   There   are   four   twenty   minute   quarters.   The   aim   is   to   get   the   most   points;   you   get   points   by  kicking  the  ball  through  two  tall  posts.  There   are   two   small   posts   on   either   side   of   the   tall   posts.   If   the   ball   is   kicked   through   a   tall   and   small  post,  you  earn  one  point.  


Answer:                                            Sudoku  Puzzle  1        



Answer:                                                Sudoku  Puzzle  2          


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