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NFusion HD Receiver Review “Nfusion HD is down right now but you don’t have to be  without T.V Click Here!” NFusion HD receiver may be the most sold free to air HD receiver because of the IKS option and it has a reasonable price compared to the other HD receivers. After testing the NFusion HD receiver for about half a year I decided to write this review. The price for a NFusion HD receiver at a time I purchased it was $450 and the price has dropped to $370 at this moment. Although the receiver is a HD receiver it needs additional equipment to receive HD channels, most satellite dealers now days will sell you the preinstalled 8Psk module for additional $60. At that time that the NFusion released this receiver they have been dealing with a lot of lawsuits from dish network and that is the reason why 8Psk module was not included in the price. Installing the module was very easy with the help of FTA professionals. The black sleek finish is very pleasing on the eye and remote-control is very light and easy to use although the range of remote is very weak. But the only competitor Sonicview 8000 HD is dealing with the same remote control problems. Removing the front cover and adjusting the sensor helped out a little bit, some more expensive remote extenders will fix the problem. After testing all the other free to air receivers I have to admit that this one is probably the easiest to set up. First thing you will see is your language option, then you will be asked if you would like to proceed using automated or manual set up. For first time users I would recommend the automated process as it makes it very simple, you will be asked to check mark the satellites that you have set up and then the receiver will automatically set up all your dish settings for you and scan for the available channels. The menu display from factory settings is set up to orange but you can change it to blue in your user settings. The guide works very well and after pressing the F4 button it will populate seven day EPG which is very impressive compared to the other receivers. The channel surfing is very fast maybe even a little too fast but that can be adjusted in your user settings. PVR option is also available and it works very well with all hard drives that I have tried, over the period of six months it failed to record about 10% of the shows programed to record. Yes it is not perfect but it will do the job.

USB plug-ins are available on the front and back which makes it much easier to hide your ugly cables for the hard drive in the back and use the front USB plug-in to update files when necessary. The receiver is equipped with the option to update files from the Internet but is not working very well so the best is just to use your USB stick. Simply go to FTA professionals NFusion HD files section and download the latest updated file to your USB stick and then using a remotecontrol update your receiver. One of the most frequent question I have seen is if this receiver needs to be connected to Internet at all times? And the answer is yes. Currently there is no standalone file available so the only option is Internet key sharing, NFusion is running a public server so you will not need to pay any additional fees for that. Because this is a public server they are still having some issues when it becomes busy, mostly on weekends. Another big question is how much freezing to expect? Well overall it's not bad, uptime is about 90% as long as you keep it up-to-date and have very good signal and quality from your dish you can expect little or no freezing. And for the final commonly asked question, how safe are you using Internet key sharing? I would say if the providers start looking for your they will find you but there's things you can do about it. One thing is to use a proxy, NFusion HD receiver has a option to use a proxy server so that you can hide your IP address even though the NFusion representatives are promising that the system is not keeping track of your IP address. You can get a free proxy but it may cause quite a bit of freezing you just have to try a few until you find the one that works well for you.

“Nfusion HD is down right now but you don’t have to be without T.V Click Here!” Considering the price I would rate this receiver 7/10 and the support at FTA 10/10. To make the set up and FTA files update process as simple as possible visit FTA Files Article Source:

NFusion HD Receiver Review  

NFusion HD Receiver Review- NFusion HD receiver may be the most sold free to air HD receiver because of the IKS option and it has a reasonab...

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