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4 Things You Should Know How to Fix Windows XP  Error Messages ­ Resolve Windows Error Made Easy “Don’t wait fix your errors now at Error Smart!”

So you are looking for ways to fix Windows XP error messages? Here are four things you should know in case your system shows error messages. 1. Running registry cleaners - this can help to clear the Windows registry list of all the redundant information which in turn can speed up the boot process. After all, the registry has entries needed by the OS during the booting and running of your system and some erroneous entries find their way in when the computer has been in use for a long time. 2. Performing a boot defragmenting - By doing this step you can instantly ensure that the booting process speeds up substantially. When a boot de-fragment is carried out all the files that are required during the boot are placed right next to each other on the hard disk. This means the system can retrieve/ read these files from a single place (rather than fetching bits and pieces from different portions when they are fragmented) which in turn allows your system to fix Windows XP error messages. 3. Maintenance of Disk - When you use your system for a time there are so many applications you install, save many files and drivers that get accumulated. All this can serve to damage your disk and give way to bad sectors. Consequently the data access becomes difficult which could cause Windows XP error messages too. To repair bad sectors, you can click on Start-up - My Computer - Tools Check Now - Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors à Start. By getting extra RAM it is possible to add a burst of speed to booting as well as general performance of your system. There are programs that help you achieve this - by putting in a USB flash drive or an SD card the system can use this extra memory to speed up. 4. Optimizing the visual effects/ display settings - There are a number of options that add to visual effects but all these only serve slow Windows boot. So you can reset options to ensure that there are no shadows under menus, mouse pointer, no translucent selection rectangle, no drop shadows for icon labels found on

desktop and no visual styles for Windows, buttons etc. You could also disable almost all the settings so that booting speeds up considerably. Click on the following link to learn more about fixing Windows XP error messages using registry cleaners and other methods:

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4 Things You Should Know How to Fix Windows XP Error Messages - Resolve Windows Error Made Easy  
4 Things You Should Know How to Fix Windows XP Error Messages - Resolve Windows Error Made Easy  

4 Things You Should Know How to Fix Windows XP Error Messages - Resolve Windows Error Made Easy- So you are looking for ways to fix Windows...