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Waukee Sends Delegation to Washington D.C. Community Leaders Attend Meetings with Legislators SUMMER 2002

In June, members of the Waukee City Council and City staff traveled as a contingent of the Greater Des Moines Partnership to meet with


Special Interest Articles: • Waukee’s Delegation Meets With Legislators In Washington DC 1 • 2000 Census Numbers Released 1 ƒ Triangle Business District has New Look


ƒ WCD Group Conducts Planning Sessions


ƒ City Conducts Park Survey


the State’s Legislative delegation in Washington D.C. Waukee’s delegation was led by Mayor Pro-tem Bill Peard and consisted of council members Nicholas Gruber, Mike Watts, and Donald L. Bailey Jr. Also attending were City Administrator Mark Arentsen, Director of Community Development Jody Gunderson, and Chamber of Commerce Representative Dierck Oosten. "I thought we were very well received by our Congressional delegation," said Mayor Pro-tem Peard.

Left to right: Nick Gruber, Dierck Oosten, Mark Arentsen, Bill Peard, Congressman Tom Latham, Donald L. Bailey Jr., Mike Watts, and Jody Gunderson.

The Waukee contingent focused primarily on gaining funding support for a proposed interchange at I-80 and Alice’s Road/105th Street. continued on page 5

2000 Census Demographic Numbers Released Waukee Ranks 17th in the State for Median Household Income New Developments: ƒ Waukee to Participate in Laborshed Study ƒ Waukee to Televise Council Meetings ƒ Traffic Volume Study Released ƒ Waukee Launches GIS Initiative





Iowa's highest median incomes are concentrated in the fast-growing suburbs of its largest cities, particularly Des Moines, according to a 2000 U.S. Census report. Waukee is the fastest growing city in the fastest growing county in the State of Iowa. Median household income is the midpoint where half of the families in a given community earn more than the amount and half earn less. Iowa's median household income was $42,808 in 1999-2000 - slightly more than the nationwide median of $42,168. Warren and Dallas counties reported the state's highest median household incomes, at $50,349 and $48,528, respectively. Waukee’s Director of Community Development Jody T. Gunderson, said businesses are beginning to discover the market potential that exists in our community. “Waukee’s residential building has remained

Metro Income Household income and state rank of Des Moines and its suburbs: City Johnston Clive

Income $ 76, 094 74,127

State Rank 2 4

Pleasant Hill












Polk City



Windsor Heights






West Des Moines









Des Moines



United States Census Bureau

steady, and is projected to increase significantly from 2001,” said Gunderson. continued on page 5


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Waukee to Participate in Laborshed Study Study will include all cities within the Des Moines Metropolitan Area

Did You Know… Dallas County and the area around Sioux Falls, S.D., are the only spots between Denver and Chicago and Minneapolis and Branson, Mo., where more than 30% of the housing was built in the 1990s. Census Bureau statistics show that 33 percent of the housing in Dallas County was built between 1990 and 2000. The new housing, of course, follows population growth. “Dallas boom unmatched in Iowa” Des Moines Register 7/14/2002



On May 20th, the Waukee City Council granted Mediacom a 15-year franchise agreement. The arrangement requires Mediacom to provide a public access channel and finance the cost of equipping the city’s Council Chambers with broadcasting equipment.



$5 0 $1 $1

1.5% $3 0 $5



$2 00 0,0




,00 0


Ab ov e

50 ,0


99 ,9


00 t




99 , 99



Le ss ,00





14 9

tha n$



50 , 00

,99 9





Source: United States Census Bureau 2000

Percent of Waukee's Housing Years Built

10% 11%




-79 196


performing their duties when the public is engaged in the process...We hope this will encourage residents to become more informed about the issues before Council.” The dedicated channel will also be used to broadcast other community events such as: parades, ice cream socials, public service seminars, high school sporting events, and groundbreaking ceremonies.

City Councilman Nick Gruber, who led the effort, said he hopes that broadcasting council meetings will provide a window Waukee’s public access channel is through which Waukee residents gain a better understanding of the issues that are scheduled to begin broadcasting in midimportant in their everyday life. Gruber said, September on cable channel 7. “The Council is always more effective at

Waukee’s Downtown Triangle Has a New Look


-99 1990 -89 1980

Gunderson said, “Information is a valuable commodity to both companies and cities.” Companies are able to use the information to better understand the workforce...Cities use the information to recruit new businesses and assist existing businesses operate more profitably in the community.

City Council strikes a deal with Mediacom


Housing Values

will develop information about the area’s workforce, which will be useful to both new and existing employers. The University of Northern Iowa’s Institute for Decision Making pioneered this process.

Waukee to Televise City Council Meetings


City of Waukee

On July 22nd, Waukee’s Director of Community Development Jody Gunderson announced that Waukee and its economic development affiliates would be partnering with Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) to complete a Laborshed employment study for the Greater Des Moines Area. The survey is projected to begin in early to mid September. The study will develop an estimated total potential workforce for each community’s Laborshed, which is the region from which Des Moines Metropolitan area employers draw their employees. Gunderson said the study


0-69 1

9 950-5 1940

Source: United States Census Bureau 2000


On September 28th the City of Waukee will officially reintroduce the community to its revitalized downtown business district.

City’s commitment to maintain the aesthetic appeal of all areas within the City.

Geoff Warmouth, owner of Waukee Hardware and In March, Sternquist Chamber President said, “For Construction was awarded the years the Triangle has been $750,000 redevelopment an important focal point for the contract for improvements to City…As the City continues to the downtown triangle and grow I think it is important that adjacent streets. we maintain a family friendly pedestrian business district.” City Administrator Mark Arentsen said the project serves as an example of the


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Community Development Group Conducts Strategic Planning Session Institute for Decision Making Facilitates Discussion type of employers that will be attracted to Waukee for several reasons: the skills and training of the community and area’s residents; the image of the community based on the value preserving development standards established by the City; strategic location; and the availability of superior development locations in the community compared to other metro locations. Regional Real Estate Developers. Commercial real estate developers interested in the Des Moines metro area have a variety of location options. The During the month of June, members of the WCD group believes the challenge that Waukee Community Development (WCD) exists for Waukee is to have these group met with consultants from the individuals/organizations consider Waukee University of Northern Iowa’s Institute for as a possible option for their project. The Decision Making to discuss marketing City needs to communicate a message of strategies for the City. Don Chaplain, Waukee’s eagerness to welcome quality Senior Program Manager, and Deb development projects as indicated by: a Hartman, Program Associate, facilitated the cooperative city government; viable meetings. The WCD group focused on the development locations; available economic following areas they believe the City needs development incentives; comprehensive to address in their marketing efforts. planning to protect development investments; and convenience to the metro Existing Residents. The WCD group believes the marketing message needs to area. encourage residents to become more New Residents to the Community. involved in the community. The City needs Waukee has a segmented local media that to provide information about not only city appears to provide no unifying source of events and services but also those of other information about community services and entities that provide a benefit to the programs. The WCD group believes the community’s residents (i.e. Waukee School City of Waukee needs to fulfill this function District). The group believes the City could and provide the “welcoming” voice for the reach most of this audience by utilizing its community, reinforcing new residents’ new public access channel. The ultimate decisions to locate in Waukee and make goal is to create a more cohesive them aware of the benefits of locating in the community with shared goals. community. Existing Employers. Although Waukee The Waukee Community Development does not have a large number of major group will be meeting over the next several employers, the WCD group thinks it is months to fine tune the City’s marketing important that businesses and their strategies. The group will evaluate what management be acknowledged for their methods will be undertaken to meet the economic contributions to the City. In objectives outlined in the City’s marketing addition, these employers need to be plan. reminded of the willingness of the City to assist them with contemplated expansions Councilman Wayne Johnson said, “This or in addressing barriers that may be community has a lot to offer its residents impacting their existing operations. and businesses…We need to do a better job communicating the intrinsic value of New Employers. The WCD group living and doing business in Waukee. It is examined potential new employers from a truly an exciting time to be a resident of number of perspectives. Ultimately, the Waukee.” group thinks the City needs to target the

What They’re Saying About Waukee "The Highway 6 corridor dissects the fastest growing area in the Des Moines Metropolitan...Land along this corridor has become among the most desirable in the Metro.” Gerry Neugent, President Knapp Properties

“Land along the four lane highway is now Waukee's hottest spot for commercial development. Developers say building in Waukee rather than the other western suburbs of Des Moines is a logical business move. The school district is the fastest-growing in Iowa, and about 140 homes are built in the town every year.” “Developers grab farmland along highway to Waukee” Des Moines Register 4/22/2002

“A person who lives in Waukee for a year has a good chance of meeting the mayor, while people in West Des Moines or Des Moines probably wouldn't meet the mayor unless they attend a political function featuring the mayor. A person feels like he could go to a city council meeting and actually be heard." “Dallas boom unmatched in Iowa” Professor Gary Mattson, Associate Professor of Community and Regional Planning at Iowa State Des Moines Register 7/14/2002


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Candidates for Iowa’s Senate Seat Celebrate Fourth of July with Waukee Residents Senator Tom Harkin and his challenger

“With the growth in the community there was a need for the YMCA. There are a lot of people who participated that made this happen...This is something I choose to do. We try to give back to the community." Tom Gratias, of Gratias Construction and Village Classics Homes L.C., commenting on their gift of $148,000 to the Waukee Family YMCA’s capital fund.

Senator Tom Harkin & Congressman Greg Ganske

Congressman Greg Ganske took time out of their busy schedules to be a part of Waukee’s annual Fourth of July parade. Both candidates campaigned along the parade route on a hot and humid July afternoon. The Senator and Congressman were extended invitations to be a part of the parade during the Waukee delegation’s meetings as a contingent of the Des Moines Partnership’s Washington D.C. trip.

Traffic Measured on City’s Major Arterials Focus on Highway 6 and University Avenue Numbers reflect the average weekday 24 hour traffic count. The data was collected for a two week period th beginning May 8 and concluding on May 22nd.

Source: Dallas County News

Mean Travel Time To Work In Minutes

18.3 Johnston

18.1 Urbandale



18.0 W. Des Moines

20.7 Waukee

18.5 Iowa Source: United States Census Bureau 2000

Last May traffic counters were placed at six locations on Highway 6, and two locations on University Avenue. The City conducts traffic volume counts for a couple of reasons. Developers and commercial prospects use traffic volumes as one variable they consider when determining the marketability of a particular location. The City uses the information gathered to plan improvements to the transportation system.

Traffic counters were placed in areas that would give the most accurate measurement of the traffic volumes at various locations and times of the day. In this instance, an effort was made to minimize the affect of traffic volumes produced by a particular business activity (i.e., strip mall businesses). Traffic volumes were tabulated on an hourly basis and are available at the Community Development Office in City Hall.

Waukee Launches GIS Initiative Data collected for Waukee and Surrounding Area

Percent Population Change Des Moines Metropolitan 1990-2000 Waukee 104% Altoona 43%

West Des Moines 46%

Ankeny 47% Clive 72%

Bondurant 17% Carlisle 8% Des Moines 3%

Urbandale 24%

Norwalk 20% Johnston 84%

Pleasant Hill 38% Grimes 92%

Source: United States Census Bureau

In the strictest sense, a Geographical Information System (GIS) is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information; i.e., data identified according to locations.

scenario or argument. Director of Planning Chad Weaver said it will be a lengthy process to assemble the data, but it will serve as an important tool for planning and developing as the City continues to grow.

A grid of Waukee will be generated to serve as the base to which layers are added. Census demographics and information about the City’s infrastructure are then added to the system. Layers of information can then be added to assist the operator graphically presenting a

The City of Ames uses GIS to measure traffic volumes and accidents on their transportation system to assist them in developing their capital improvement plan. Developers use the information to determine the market potential of commercial locations.

W AUKEE C OMMUNITY D EVELOPMENT Washington DC trip continued...

"I think our delegation’s message was consistent and concise," said Councilman Mike Watts. The delegation had meetings with Senators Charles Grassley and Tom Harkin, and Congressmen Tom Latham, Greg Ganske, Jim Leach, and Leonard Boswell to discuss federal funding of the proposed I-80 interchange. Senator Charles Grassley said he was impressed with the Waukee delegation. Grassley met with Waukee officials twice:

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once with the Greater Des Moines Partnership group and once with just Waukee. "They had all their facts in order," Grassley said. Median Age (years)

Grassley said he was pleased that Waukee came in with one agenda and didn't have different interests from different city representatives. "That way we can spend our time helping Waukee and not refereeing," Grassley said.

37.0 36.6




Grassley said he intends to propose the project for consideration for federal funding to the transportation committee for the next highway bill.

Census numbers released continued…

a w Io

au W

e ke

es W

Gunderson said, “Waukee is City of Waukee fortunate to be experiencing the Occupations According to Industry same quality of development that 5% 7% 12% is occurring in our bordering 9% communities.” Urbandale, Clive, and West Des Moines 1% 6% documented significant growth during the last decade.

Agriculture, forestry, fishing & hunting, & mining


s De


s ne oi


e iv Cl

n ba Ur

le da

st hn Jo


Source: United States Census Bureau 2000

Construction Manufacturing


Wholesale trade Retail trade

3% Transportation & warehousing, & utilities Information Finance, insurance, real estate, & rental & leasing

4% “Our school district is the 4% fastest growing in the State of Iowa…Commercial prospects are taking note of the market potential that exists in Waukee and the surrounding area,” said Gunderson.


Professional, scientific, management, administrative, & waste management serv. Educational, health & social services



Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation & food services Other services (except public administration)

Source: United States Census Bureau 2000

Public administration

Planning Department Conducts Parks Survey In May, results from a parks survey were released by the Waukee Planning Department. The survey was sent out last spring to Waukee residents with their utility bill, requesting their opinion on a variety of issues related to the City parks. Surveys were also delivered door to door for residents who do not receive utility bills. One section of the survey asked residents to rank park improvements according to their priority. While the priorities differed greatly from survey to survey, there were three clear favorites: ƒ Trails and walking paths ƒ An aquatic center ƒ Playgrounds

The survey also asked residents what funding mechanisms they would be willing to support for park improvements. User fees and park equipment levies were deemed to be the most desirable method for financing park improvements. Director of Planning Chad Weaver said he was pleased with the number of completed surveys that were returned. The survey had a ± 5% margin of error. “Waukee is attempting to develop its Park and Recreation facilities and programs based upon the priorities identified by our residents,” said Weaver. Weaver encouraged residents to bring their ideas and concerns to City staff and the Park and Recreation Board. The Park and Recreation Board meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7pm in the Waukee City Council Chambers.

A rendering of the conceptual plan for the 4th Street Park produced by RDG Crose, Gardner, and Shukert Inc. The plan was developed through the efforts of the Waukee Park and Recreation Board and a group of citizens representing the th neighborhood. On August 28 , a ceremony was held to officially rename the park to Warrior Park.


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Fooling Around in April Annual Event Raises Money for Waukee Library


Last April the Rotary Club sponsored the Annual “Fooling Around In April.” Proceeds from the event benefited the New Waukee Library. Rotary has committed to raising $20,000 for the new Library.

230 HIGHWAY 6 WAUKEE, IA 50263 PHONE: (515) 987-4522 FAX: (515) 987-1845 E-MAIL:

On September 28th, the Dallas County Crew Cut Cowboy Band will perform as a part of the Fall Festival celebration. Proceeds from the concert and dance will benefit the Library’s capital campaign.

Conductor Paul Huscher accompanied by the Waukee Big Band & Community Chorus.

Waukee Girls Soccer Team Runners-up at State Tournament Mayor's Proclamation Honors High School Girls' Soccer Team The Waukee High School Girls soccer team and coaches were honored at the July 1, 2002 Waukee City Council Meeting.

commending the girls for their performance and achievement as runner-up in the Class 1-A Girls' State Soccer Championship.

Mayor Mark Leslie read a proclamation

Other New Commercial Developments…

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The Haldane Corporation The Outpost Dyna Search Community Development Board Design Alliance Inc. Remember When Chairman: Wayne Johnson Bikers Alley Vice Chair: Joe Schmidt Board Member: Linda Pound Board Member: Steve Blumenthal Board Member: Nancy Horsch Board Member: Dierck Oosten Director: Jody T. Gunderson

Newsletter Summer 2002  

Waukee to Televise Council Meetings 2 Waukee Ranks 17 th in the State for Median Household Income "I thought we were very well received by...

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