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NEW WAUKEE MAYOR City of Waukee Taps Former Community Development Board Member as Its New Mayor


He has also given thought to whom he will appoint to various committees in the city.

Special Interest Articles: • Waukee’s New City Library • Waukee Conducts Community Survey


Mayor Mark Leslie 3

ƒ Waukee Receives Transportation Funding 3 ƒ $ 21 million School Bond Approved


ƒ Residential Growth Remains Strong


ƒ Waukee Enters Into Agreement with Schools To Develop Park 6

Mark Leslie, who was elected mayor in November, said he is excited about his upcoming term as mayor. Leslie stated his first priority would be to get better acquainted with the City’s budget. Leslie said he has been meeting with city staff, department heads and local organizations to help him prepare to serve as mayor.

Beginning in the spring, Leslie said he would like to start neighborhood town meetings. Leslie said he and council members would meet with citizens in their neighborhoods. "We can sit down in a casual atmosphere and discuss the matters that are important in their lives," Leslie said. Leslie stated, as mayor, he will likely spend half of his time governing the city and

"I am going to spend a good part of my time marketing the city," Leslie said. He said the city needs to play up its strengths in neighboring communities and throughout Iowa. "Obviously, our school district is one of the best in the Midwest," Leslie said. Leslie said people are seeking to live and work in communities that have superior schools, safe and clean streets, and recreational opportunities. "There's no doubt this is an exciting time for Waukee," Leslie said.

Waukee YMCA Officially Opens Its Doors

New Developments:

The development of the facility in Waukee was made possible through a partnership with the Waukee School District.

ƒ DMACC’s New High-tech Facility 4 ƒ HickoryTech Completes Fiber Optic Network 5 ƒ Waukee Awarded RISE Funding 5 ƒ Sugar Creek Senior Apartment Complex

"Come January, I want to hit the ground running," Leslie said.

half of the time acting as an ambassador for the city.


“The YMCA of Greater Des Moines is very excited about being a part of Waukee,” said program director Kim Stewart. th

On June 12 , 2001, the Waukee YMCA held its Grand Opening ceremony.

and office space. Kim Stewart stated that Waukee is growing so fast, she anticipates the second phase of the facility occurring much sooner than was anticipated.

The facility includes a 25 yard, four-lap lane, family friendly pool. The pool has Source: Dallas County News a shallow area for toddlers, and a slide bay for children. The facility also includes a fitness center, locker rooms, nursery, aerobic rooms, multi-purpose space, social/teen center

W AUKEE C OMMUNITY D EVELOPMENT Waukee Community Development

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NEW WAUKEE LIBRARY Construction Began in March 2002

to meet with the demands of our residents, said library director Linda Mack.

“We have been working on this for quite some time; this is an important night for our community.” Joe Schmidt, president Library Board of Trustees

Construction of the new Waukee City Library began on March 11, 2002 and is scheduled to be completed by February 2003. The 14,000 square foot building will replace the 4,000 square foot library located downtown.

The library will be built on 5.3 acres across the street from the Waukee Middle School. The community has grown so fast in such a short period of time, the current facility is unable

The new library was designed by FEH Associates, Des Moines Architects and Rochon was chosen as the General Contractor. Mack said her next goal is to raise funds that will furnish the library in a manner befitting of this facility and the community.

Waukee Conducts Community Survey Results Consistent With 2000 Census

Westwood Plaza

“We believe Waukee has tremendous potential. This community is doing all the right things, which gives confidence to developers like me.” Arun Kalra Owner, Westwood Plaza

In April 2001, a community survey was sent out to Waukee residents in their utility bills. The following information was excerpted from the survey and represents a 95% level of confidence. The confidence level indicates how certain the surveyor is about the accuracy of the results. Most researchers use the 95% confidence level. When asked to rank the priority of community improvement projects in Waukee, the Library ranked the highest, followed by widening of University Avenue, bike trails/skate park/park improvements, sidewalk repair, aquatic park, development of an I-80 interchange, and other. Bus service was ranked the lowest. The survey also asked

Waukee Residents Employment Destinations Other

Western Suburbs

Downtown Des Moines

Eastern Des Moines

State Capitol area

Waukee citizens where they worked. 49.8% of the respondents work in the Western Suburbs (which includes WDM, Urbandale, Clive, Windsor Heights, and Waukee), 32.0% in Downtown Des Moines, 9.5% in a community other than metropolitan Des Moines, Waukee Employment Characteristics Student Other


Homemakers Retired Laborers Office/Clerical

5.8% in eastern Des Moines, and 3.0% work in the State Capitol area. Another question asked for the occupation of the respondent. 66.4% stated that they are in the Professional/Managerial field, 10.6% in Office/Clerical, 4.1% are Laborers, 7.2% are Retired, 2.9% are Homemakers, 2.2% are in Retail Sales/Restaurant, 6.0% are Other Category, and .5% are Students. There were 0% of respondents that fell into the Unemployed category. Professional/Managerial


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CITY OF WAUKEE TO RECEIVE $500,000 For Widening of University Avenue recommendation of the Funding Committee for FY 2005 projects.

Jody T. Gunderson Dir. of Community Development

The Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Policy Committee approved funding in the amount of $500,000 for the first phase of the University Avenue Project. The first phase will consist of adding an additional lane from 142nd Street to Waco Place/98th Street. The MPO Policy Committee unanimously approved the

Waukee has been a member of the MPO since 1993, but until this year, has not been successful at receiving funding for its transportation projects. Waukee Mayor Mark Leslie stated, “Our community is growing extremely fast…This year we will begin construction on a new city library, our School District recently passed a 21 million dollar bond referendum, and commercial and residential development continues to grow at a steady pace. Waukee will need to continue enhancing our

transportation network to accommodate our growth.” Leslie stated that since taking office in January, he has had the opportunity to meet with many of the Metropolitan community leaders and discuss the growth Waukee has been experiencing. “I am very pleased with the support given to our community by our Metropolitan neighbors.” Waukee’s Director of Community Development, Jody T. Gunderson stated, “Transportation infrastructure will continue to be one of Waukee’s major priorities…Waukee is on the fast track.”

“This is a good start, but make no mistake, this is only the beginning.” Jody T. Gunderson Waukee Community Development Director

Voters Approve $21 million School Bond Waukee Community School District residents overwhelmingly voted to approve a school bond referendum of $21 million on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2002. The bond passed with 87 percent of the vote. "I'm very pleased," said School Board President Russ Wiesley. "The support of our communities for the district is just outstanding." Kevin Vinchattle, co-chair of the Waukee Citizens for Education Committee, said he was pleased with the vote and that voters supported the district's plans. "It's always been about keeping the voters of the district informed about what we want to do and why we want to do it," Vinchattle said about the Committee's efforts.

The bond will be used to build a facility for grades 89 located east of the high school. Eight additional classrooms will also be added to Eason Elementary and four additional classrooms at Brookview Elementary. A portion of the bond will be applied toward the future expansion of existing elementary buildings, and the enhancement of infrastructure to the football field. "We're overwhelmed with the support from our community," said Superintendent Veronica Stalker. "It's the good things that happen in our buildings every day that build the trust which lead to outcomes like we have seen in this bond referendum."

The bond referendum was the largest ever for the district, Stalker said. The referendum also generated the largest voter turnout and the highest percentage in favor. Wiesley said that the School Board will be receiving bids for the classroom additions at the next School Board meeting on Feb. 12. That work will begin as soon as weather allows. He said the additions should complete by the 2004 school year. Wiesley said committees will be meeting to decide how the buildings will be designed. The goal is for the construction to be completed by August of 2004. The building will have the capacity to house 600-800 students. Source: Dallas County News

Waukee High School


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Residential Development Remains Strong ”Waukee has become a brand name....Our school district continues to grow, our residential and commercial construction continues to grow…..When you think of Waukee you think of economic growth.” Jody Gunderson Dir. Community Development

Residential Permits 180 160 140 120 100 80 60

It was during the mid to late 1990’s that Waukee began to witness a significant increase to its residential base. While the 1990’s experienced an annual growth rate of 7.4%, Waukee plans to be slightly cautious when

determining its 20-year growth projection. That is because, as a community grows in population, a relatively stable number of new homes per year will result in a decreasing percentage. For that reason, RDG, consultants for Waukee’s Comprehensive Plan, believed that a 6% annual growth rate would be more appropriate. Application of a 6% annual growth rate results in a year 2020 population of 16,440 as depicted in

the Chart “Population Projections, 2000-2020”. Waukee is poised to capitalize on the Western suburban residential growth. In the months of January and February 2002, the City of Waukee experienced a record number of residential permits. Dennis Dowell, Waukee Code Compliance Officer, believes this year is on pace to be a record year for residential construction.


40 20 0 4 19 9

5 19 9

6 19 9

7 19 9

8 19 9

9 19 9

0 20 0

1 20 0

Commercial Permits 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 4 19 9

5 19 9

6 19 9

7 19 9

8 19 9

9 19 9

0 20 0

1 20 0

“In a field where technology becomes quickly outdated, the school's challenge will be offering the latest equipment and software. Partnerships with hightech companies including Microsoft, Compaq and Palm Computing help the school keep pace.” Charles Pytleski, Network Administration Instructor

Population Annual Growth Rate People per Household Households Projected Vacancy Rate Housing Units Average Annual Output





9,180 6% 2.58 3,558 4.4% 3,721 164

16,440 6% 2.58 6,372 4.4% 6,663 294

2.58 1987 4.4% 2,078 142

Change 2000-2020 11,314 4,385 4585 152

DMACC Opens Its Doors to New High-tech Facility FOCUS IS ON TECHNOLOGY DMACC's West Campus, located in West Des Moines, is touted as a one-of-a-kind school in the Midwest for technology education. The sleek $10 million building made mostly of glass and silver aluminum paneling now is located just south of Waukee in West Des Moines. Students have the option to focus their curriculum on majors in the field of information technology, network administration, business information

systems and telecommunications. Majors will be updated and expanded as the market requires. This is truly the college campus of the future. Students work at flatscreen Compaq computers that sit atop

nearly every desktop in the building. Instructors jot notes on Smart Boards at the front of each classroom and then print the notes for students. Handheld computers are a requirement for most students. Source: Des Moines Register


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WAUKEE AWARDED $326,239 RISE GRANT For Brick Business and Industrial Park Tuesday, December 11, 2001 Gateway Center, Ames, Iowa Iowa Department of Transportation Commission Meeting The City of Waukee was awarded $326,239 for the development of street improvements in the Joe Brick Business and Industrial Park at the December 11th Iowa Department of Transportation’s Commission meeting in Ames.

The intent of the Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE) program is to promote economic development in Iowa through construction or improvement of roads and streets. RISE funds are only eligible to Iowa counties and communities. Waukee’s Director of Community Development, Jody T. Gunderson, stated that he was very pleased with the Commission’s decision to fund Waukee’s project.

“Waukee was successful in attracting funds under the local development component of this program. Based upon the criteria of the program, I think it is fair to say that the Commission had a favorable view of Waukee’s economic prospects.” Gunderson credited Gary Reed, project engineer for Kirkham Michael Consulting, as being extremely instrumental in the success of the City’s grant proposal.

Kurtz Dental

Greenview Corporate

Waukee Welcomes Sugar Creek Estates

Commercial Valuation

Apartment Complex Seeks To Attract Seniors $50,000,000

Construction began in December 2001, on Sugar Creek Estates. The 46 unit complex is an independent living facility restricted to adults ages 55 and older. The facility is located just south of the City’s Public Safety Building on L.A. Grant Parkway.

$40,000,000 $30,000,000 $20,000,000 $10,000,000 $-

Financing for this project is provided by WESCAP Investments Inc., a

company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.





Residential Valuation $300,000,000 $250,000,000 $200,000,000 $150,000,000 $100,000,000

HickoryTech Installs Fiber Optic and Cable Lines in Waukee fiber optic and cable and telephone cable the week of Nov. 27, 2000. In November 2001, a new company completed installing new communication infrastructure throughout the City of Waukee. HickoryTech, headquartered in Mankato, Minnesota, began the multi-million dollar project of installing communication lines, including underground

The services the company will provide include local telephone, long distance telephone, Internet, and high-speed digital subscriber line (DSL) technology. "Our objective is to provide the residents of Waukee with choice, simplicity and technological innovation unparalleled in most metropolitan areas," said

$50,000,000 $-





Milo DePhillips, general manager of sales and services for HickoryTech of Iowa. The company had expected to complete installation of the new lines and equipment by the first quarter of 2002. HickoryTech already provides services for Urbandale, Des Moines, West Des Moines, Clive, Adel and other Iowa cities. Source: Dallas County News

"We believe that Waukee offers us significant growth opportunity…This project is a great opportunity for both the company and the residents of Waukee." Milo DePhillips GM of Sales and Services HickoryTech


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Jewish Residents Celebrate Opening

City of Waukee 230 Highway 6 Waukee, IA 50263 PHONE: (515) 987-4522 FAX: (515) 987-1845 E-MAIL:

Cultural, recreational site is a $3 million "Dreamland." The metro area's Jewish residents celebrated the public opening of a $3 million recreational area th "dreamland" on June 24 2001. Caspe Terrace, a 46-acre tract on Waukee’s southern border, is a cultural and recreational


Debbie Gitchell, president of the Jewish Federation said Caspe Terrace is a "very exciting, challenging project The recreation facility for our community" that includes a clubhouse, began with a simple desire to auditorium with stage, buy 3 acres of land for a Movie Theater and space to children's day camp. house the Iowa Jewish Historical Society. Sources: Des Moines Register

Waukee Enters Into Agreement with School District Development of Outdoor Recreation Complex in Centennial Park

Contact Us on the Web

site developed by the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines.

The City of Waukee has entered into an agreement

with the Waukee Public School District to jointly develop a Recreational Complex. The project will enhance the recreational opportunities for citizens of all ages.

Additionally, the development of the complex will create a more cohesive school campus. Construction on the first phase of the project is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2002.

Other New Commercial Developments… ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

Stoneridge Business Park Westwood Plaza Kurtz Dental Office Warrior Plaza Midstates Ford Greenview Corporate Farrell’s US Martial Arts

Community Development Board Chairman: Vice Chair: Board Member: Board Member: Board Member: Board Member: Director:

Wayne Johnson Joe Schmidt Linda Pound Steve Blumenthal Nancy Horsch Dierck Oosten Jody T. Gunderson

Newsletter Spring 2002  

• Waukee Conducts Community Survey 3 Mark Leslie, who was elected mayor in November, said he is excited about his upcoming term as mayor. Le...

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