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We’re always looking for the best, aren’t we? We don’t want to settle for a mediocre mechanic, a faulty financial adviser, or even the second-rated butcher. And of course, that makes sense. We’re trusting these people to take care of things that are important to us, things that we’ve invested in. But there is something far more important than your automobile, your finances, and especially your steak: your health. It’s been said that if you have your health, you have everything. Perhaps that is why so much revolves around keeping our health intact. We are constantly bombarded with the newest ways to add 10 years to our lives, improve our memories, and keep our hearts pumping. And for good reason: our health, and the health of our loved ones, is what matters the most. It’s the thing we’re most invested in. On the pages that follow, read about the best of the best in medicine these days. From a cutting-edge medical procedure to a young girl changing the world after her own cancer diagnosis, we’re starting more conversations about your health, how you can maintain it, and whom to look to should it begin to falter. After all, this is what matters most.



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Under The current state of anesthesia care— and what patients need to know to have better surgical experiences. Written by James Boyce, M.D., F.R.C.P. (C.)


s anesthesiologists, our ultimate goal is to keep patients both safe and comfortable for any planned procedure requiring anesthesia or deep sedation. We tend to focus our attention on cardiovascular and pulmonary issues, but in reality we have to be general physicians who are also specialists in anesthesia. There aren’t many other specialists who take care of everyone, from tiny babies to people who are 100 years old, and people with liver disease, kidney disease, and every disease known.

The biggest change I’ve seen during my 30 years of practicing anesthesiology at UAB has to do with the preoperative evaluation clinic. Years ago we would first see the patient in the hospital, usually the night before surgery. There was little opportunity to assess anything ahead of time—and if there were issues that needed further investigation to plan a safe anesthetic, then the surgery had to be cancelled. That could be a huge disappointment for the patient. He or she had just made all kinds of preparations, whether with family or work or both, and then to have the procedure cancelled could be costly and very

upsetting. But now that can be prevented with a scheduled interview before patients are scheduled for their surgical procedures. As we look to the future, one area in which we can expect to see further advances is genomics. As we’re able to identify a specific patient’s genetic profile, we can understand more clearly which agents are going to be more effective for treating symptoms—for example, pain. We are going to learn about other areas like nausea, cardiovascular changes, blood pressure, and arrhythmias. A lot more will be revealed as we understand the genetic makeup of each patient and their preB-METRO.COM


dictable responses to our pharmaceuticals. As for the profession itself, the future needs are not necessarily for more anesthesiologists, but for better anesthesiologists. Today we take care of patients who would have never made it to the operating room in the past. They were considered too sick to be put to sleep. But now we take all comers, even the most severely wounded and afflicted. This is why intensive critical care training of our anesthesiologists is so imperative and is growing, making our younger physicians skilled in dealing with severe illness before, during, and after surgery. For anesthesiologists like me, the brief time before heading to the operating room provides an important opportunity to better know and listen to a patient, even though it’s a short period of time. Because of the intensity of the situation, the patient may have fears previously not expressed, and the anesthesiologist may be the last person he or she has a chance to talk with about their concerns. I consider it a privilege to allay their fears and to be able to provide comfort both by what I can say and by what I can administer through an I.V. I look for an appropriate moment to comfort in any way I can, including praying with them.


We asked Dr. Boyce to share his answers to some of the most common concerns patients may have before their surgical procedures. What if I have a cold or congestion before surgery? We will need to determine the severity of the upper respiratory affliction and the urgency of the case to decide whether or not to proceed with the scheduled surgery. Be sure to tell your anesthesiologist about any medical conditions that you have. What if I have a high tolerance for medication and am afraid I’ll still feel the surgery? Well-trained anesthesiologists will carefully monitor all your vital signs to provide the depth of anesthesia to prevent sensation but still keep you safe. What if I’m recovering from substance abuse and I’m afraid to have drugs? Some


We asked the faculty of the UAB Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine to share what’s on their radar regarding some of the field’s most recent research findings and news: Breast cancer patients may have better outcomes with blocks rather than general anesthesia. Anesthesiologists are studying the impact of using paravertebral analgesia—an injection into spinal nerves—for mastectomies and whether this can help prevent metastasis. Pediatrics: Is anesthesia safe for children? The general consensus today is that children under three years old should not undergo elective procedures requiring general anesthetic agents. Studies have shown that anesthesia can impact the rapidly developing brains of primates. In a report in the February 2015 New England Journal of Medicine, researchers noted that based on data from animal studies, large-scale clinical studies are warranted. See the International Anesthesia Research Society’s for more info. Technology is making a difference.  Anesthesiologists have sophisticated new non-invasive tools to measure perfusion, or blood flow, which can have an important impact on big surgeries—for example, multi-level spinal fusion, major reconstructive surgery, or major abdominal surgery. These improved tools help anesthesiologists make sure that vital organs are getting enough blood flow during very long and complicated surgeries, keeping the organs from being injured. Memory problems may increase after surgery. Some issues with postoperative cognitive dysfunction, including memory loss and impaired executive function, may present themselves after surgery. The most recent data suggests that if a person is having memory problems before surgery, this can get a little worse, but memory should return to normal in a couple of weeks. However, sometimes memory issues can last for quite a while, even up to a year. If memory problems are an issue before surgery, tell the anesthesiologist. He or she may modify the anesthetics used to reduce the chance of this happening.

patients have had bad experiences with drugs and/or alcohol and worry about addiction. Postoperative pain and anxiety can be harmful, and adequate treatment is important. Proper use of anesthesia and post-surgery medications do not increase a patient’s risk of substance abuse. What if I’m elderly and have had bad experiences with anesthesia in the past? Sometimes it’s impossible to know why bad anesthesia-related problems have occurred in the past. The preoperative visit will provide an opportunity to answer concerns such as these and take the necessary precautions to prevent any recurrence. What if I would prefer to stay conscious instead? Some procedures are appropriately done with regional techniques (such as spinal anesthesia for cesarean sections). Discuss-

ing your options with the anesthesiologist before going to the operating room can help you establish the best plan. What if I wake up during surgery but can’t speak or move? Well-trained and vigilant anesthesia care team members will minimize the possibility of intraoperative awareness. In the United States, the incidence is one per 1,000 anesthetics, with the majority of those occurring in sicker patients whose safe depth of anesthesia is much more difficult to establish than that of a relatively healthy individual. What if you were having surgery—what would you want done for your anesthetic? I would want the anesthesiologist to do what we do best: My preference would be to go to sleep. I like the idea that I can hand it over and give him or her total charge.

Dr. James Boyce has practiced anesthesiology with UAB for 30 years. He received his medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1966. He is a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors, the Christian Medical & Dental Society, and the International Anesthesia Research Society. 118


James Boyce, M.D., F.R.C.P. (C.) Photo by Beau Gustafson







A cutting-edge procedure brings relief.

Written by Bill Mylius


y active lifestyle suddenly stopped when the spinal disc between my fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae rebelled, ruptured, and pushed hard against my sciatic nerve. It wasn’t just goodbye active lifestyle…it was goodbye walking, goodbye standing. A herniated (or slipped or ruptured) disc is one of the most common causes of lower back pain and the often paralyzing leg pain of sciatica. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, up to 80 percent of people will experience serious back pain at some point, with a high percentage having the impact of a herniated disc. Sometimes, a combination of rest, medications, and therapy will correct the prob-


lem. But for those who find little or no relief, surgery can be the only recourse. Until now. Bradly S. Goodman, M.D., is a physiatrist—a physician trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation—with Alabama Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Medicine Associates (AOSSMA). He’s been addressing serious pain issues with his patients for 21 years while remaining at the forefront of the everevolving field of interventional pain management. More than once, Dr. Goodman had given me pain blocks designed to alleviate symptoms and hopefully allow my body to repair itself. The blocks are administered using rather long needles to inject medications to targeted areas of pain. Sometimes it was an in-office procedure to help an almost immobilized shoulder or back; other times it was an outpatient surgical procedure—with

anesthesia—to hit a hip joint or spinal disc. But now these blocks provided little or no relief, and the herniated disc pushing on my sciatic nerve kept a constant and fluctuating pain in my lower back, through my left hip and down my left leg, seemingly impacting every bone, joint, and muscle along the way. According to figures compiled by the American Academy of Pain Medicine, some 100 million people in this country suffer from chronic pain—more than the diagnoses of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer combined—with the No. 1 condition being lower back pain. But even with that staggering level of suffering throughout the population, medicine gave me only two options: one, live with the pain which, in reality, wasn’t an option for me; or two, undergo a standard surgical procedure by a spine surgeon to trim away the protruding disc from B-METRO.COM


the nerve. Fortunately, Goodman gave me a third option: join a clinical trial that used a procedure similar to a pain block with the goal of achieving surgical results. Basically, injectable surgery. Along with his regular medical practice at AOSSMA, which will soon relocate from St. Vincent’s East to a new free-standing facility near the Pinnacle on U.S. Highway 11, Goodman serves as a primary investigator for a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical trial testing the safety and outcomes of a biologic procedure developed by Tejiin, a Japanese medical drug company. Over the past year, Goodman had injected the herniated discs of nine selected patients with the biologic enzyme MMA (matrix metalloproteinase) that slowly dissolves the core of the disc, allowing the outer layers to retract inward and effectively eliminate the disc protrusion—the herniation—that pressed against the nerve. He told me that, on average, his patients had experienced an 80 percent improvement in functionality—a godsend percentage for me. After all, what little sleep I got was relegated to a recliner, and my daily walking regimen had fallen from a three-tofive-mile average to nil, along with my regular weekly gym visits. So I was more than excited to be his 10th patient to end the first of three clinical trial phases. At 8:10 on a Tuesday morning I was rolled into a surgical suite at the Outpatient Care Center on University Blvd. and was 122


moved from the gurney to the operating table. As the surgical staff introduced themselves in a manner designed to put me at ease, I focused on the nurse anesthetist who was preparing to send me into twilight with an injection of milky-white Propofal. No one wants to be awake and alert for a four-inch needle to a spinal disc. I awoke less than a half hour later. With pain blocks, it’s normal to awaken pain-free due to the pain-killing medication that’s part of the procedure. But that medication quickly wears off and it usually takes several weeks for the full impact of the procedure to take place. It’s the same with the biologic enzyme I received. But unlike the standard pain block, where I would return home almost immediately following the procedure, this time I was part of an investigative clinical trial and would spend the night at the outpatient center, having blood drawn every few hours to determine if the enzyme was beginning to work. Additionally, as part of the study, I keep a daily pain diary, make regular visits to Goodman’s office for evaluation, and eventually will undergo another MRI to determine the condition of the herniated disc. Within a week of the procedure I noticed a difference; in two weeks I was back to daily walking and within a month, I’d all but forgotten I’d had a problem. If the average for Goodman’s other nine patients had been 80 percent improvement, I was feeling

far ahead of the curve. At this point I’m sure the future MRI will show the herniation has retreated if not disappeared, but I don’t need that as proof of the procedure’s success. I’m back to an active lifestyle, back to the gym, back to occasionally embarrassing myself on the golf course, all with no surgery, no surgical recovery, no scar or scar tissue. Welcome to the future of pain relief. According to Goodman, it’s not pain management—it’s minimally-invasive pain intervention. And while this new technique, and others like it, account for only 10 percent of his current practice, it represents his vision for the future. As proof, he points out another biologic procedure he’s using called PRP, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. “The human body’s initial response to any soft tissue injury is to deliver platelet cells to the injured site,” he explains. “These platelets are loaded with healing and growth factors to initiate a normal repair process, and they also attract the assistance of the body’s stem cells. PRP intensifies this healing process by delivering a much higher concentration of platelets directly to the injured area.” In PRP, the patient’s blood is drawn and the platelets are separated in a small centrifuge. Goodman often adds hyaluronic acid to provide a framework or structure for the platelets to work. This mixture is then injected into the point of injury, usually a joint such as the knee, literally jump-starting and significantly strengthening the healing process. “This is not a band aid—it’s a repair,” he says. “It’s actually regenerative medicine.” While the other 90 percent of his practice is currently addressing spine and joint pain through standard procedures, he sees biologic treatments like the Tejiin MMA enzyme and PRP as a natural evolution. Most advances, he says, at least in the near term, will be made with treatments similar to the enzyme, as opposed to PRP, since “biologics that destroy tissue work faster than biologics that regenerate tissue.” In the longer term, he sees the regenerative process being enhanced even more by the addition of stem cells, which he notes can be added to a PRP mixture to produce potentially better results. This is not some abstract vision: Goodman is also the primary investigator for yet another FDA clinical trial that is using commercially available stem cells, which have a higher cell count than those pulled from the Photos this spread by Beau Gustafson

patient’s own body, to inject into spinal discs as a treatment for degenerative disc disease. “Consider this,” he says, offering one possible course for the future. “When you’re born, your umbilical cord is absolutely loaded with your individual stem cells. In the future—and I’m talking maybe our grandchildren’s children—people will be able to bank their umbilical cords at birth, and then use their very own stem cells throughout their life to repair problems with their body.” Along with these new developments in the biological procedures, Goodman also points to developments in the mechanical procedures of his field. One company, Vertiflex, is addressing spinal stenosis, the abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal frequently caused by osteoarthritis that can put often crippling pressure on the spinal nerves. The company has received FDA approval for a minimally invasive procedure using an implant that is placed as a spacer between vertebrae to separate them and relieve the pressure. It is also developing specialized and minimally invasive tools to remove excess soft tissue from the spine that can cause serious nerve pain. As active as Goodman is with his AOSSMA practice, his role as investigator in clinical trials and his ongoing efforts to focus on new developments in his field, he still finds time to share his expertise with new physicians through his fellowship program. He currently has four fellows—doctors who have completed their residencies in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) and seek additional training—and has, by his count, trained more than 40 of these physiatrist fellows over the years. He sees the benefits as two-fold: first, with more physiatrists under his direction, he can serve more patients; and second, he can enhance their skills with training not provided to them in their medical education and residency. “The specialty of physiatry is primarily focused on restoring maximum functionality to patients who are impaired due to injury or stroke, and that often means controlling physical pain,” he says. “When you receive a medical degree and do a residency in PMR, the primary focus is on the ‘R,’ the rehabilitation. Neither medical school nor the residency offers much training in the ‘PM,’ the physical medicine, to provide the skills to do what I do… specifically, the ability to evaluate a patient’s

Bradly S. Goodman, M.D. clinical issues in the context of X-ray and MRI images, and the ability to deliver medication precisely to the problem. The first is basically radiology training; the second is anesthesiology training. These were skills I had to seek out and learn on my own; through the fellowship program, I can pass them on to new physiatrists.” Being driven to acquire new skillsets and to seek out the new frontiers of his field is probably the reason that Goodman doesn’t

see himself in a traditional physiatrist’s role as a pain management specialist. Rather, he describes himself as a “non-surgical orthopedist” and defines his specialty as an “interventionalist.” “It’s not pain management that I want to achieve for my patients,” he says. “I don’t want to manage pain; I want to alleviate it.” At least for the moment, I’m walking— and I do mean walking—proof that he can do it. B-METRO.COM



LARGER PURPOSE The young founder of Open Hands Overflowing Hearts shares how she turned her devastating cancer diagnosis into something bigger. Written by Katie Turpen



Photo by Beau Gustafson



Cancer. The word can be absolutely debilitating—especially if

One of the organization’s campaigns is 100 Days 100 Ways, a challenge that calls for unique and creative fundraising ideas using social media. “It gives people the opportunity to get involved however they can, and when people have an opportunity to do something good, they take it,” Perry says. “My favorite is seeing the kids that get involved. Kids give so selflessly. There are kids doing bake sales, kids breaking open their piggy banks, kids asking for donations instead of birthday presents. And whether it’s $4.38 or $438, every kid’s donation reminds me to give “Neuroblastoma is a pediatric cancer that sacrificially with the same cheerful heart as typically presents itself in very young children they do.” OHOH has several fundraising events in and infants, so from the very beginning of my diagnosis, my doctors knew I had a rare the year ahead including Answer to Cancer, case,” Perry explains. “I received the standard which will be held on Dec. 6 at Regions Field. protocol of therapy for my disease—weeks of The event will feature live music, a silent inpatient chemotherapy, radiation, a bone auction, food and drinks, trip giveaways, marrow transplant, and immunotherapy— and more. “Answer to Cancer is a really fun along with several other treatments along event that is the last big hoorah of the 100 days, and it is a the way. The entire huge part of our process took about 15 months.” While in Hawaii, Perry started fundr aising,” Perry says. Through her own experiencing nosebleeds Also in endless hospital visits, and other unexplainable December, surgeries, scans, and symptoms. When she moved there will be tests, Perry has used a show house every spare minute to to Kenya, the nosebleeds presented by inspire others across increased in frequency, and Christopher the country fighting eventually, doctors told Perry Architects, and battles of their own. she needed to return home. into the spring “Never give up hope. and summer Never stop planning months, there and dreaming. Never stop making goals,” Perry says. “Find will be a race and other fundraising events. something in the future to work toward, and “I’m so excited about all of this, and I can’t wait to see where our second year takes us,” never look back.” The doctors told Perry that the chances she says. Perry is currently a sophomore at Auburn of her ever being cured are extremely low. “Researchers know very little about University and enjoys spending time with neuroblastoma, and believe me, it’s not loved ones and pursuing her dreams of being because they’re not interested,” she a nurse practitioner in pediatric oncology. says. “Pediatric cancer research receives For all the children fighting on the eighth so little funding, it is very hard for floor of Children’s Hospital and for those anyone to learn more about it.” Perry beyond its walls, Perry’s message is clear: It’s could have let this grim news consume never too late to fully embrace your life. “Don’t settle for the years you’ve already her and given up all hope of living a fully embraced life. Instead, she lived,” she says. “Live every single second took action, founding OHOH with a that life has to offer you.” For more information on how you mission of raising funds for pediatric cancer research in all areas where can be involved with OHOH, visit funding is lacking.

you’ve just graduated high school, eager to go out into the world in active pursuit of your dreams. But when one local teenager received her diagnosis, she felt called to serve a greater purpose of improving her life and the lives of countless others. Twenty-year-old Kayla Perry’s nonprofit organization, Open Hands Overflowing Hearts (OHOH), has raised more than $600,000 for pediatric cancer research to date. She estimates that if the generosity continues, they will reach the $1 million mark by the end of 2015. “I think the coolest thing I’ve discovered is that people truly, genuinely, passionately want to make a difference in the world,” Perry says. “They want to do something good.” In 2012, Perry graduated high school a year early and the following January, moved to Hawaii where she studied photography, videography, and journalism, preparing to go to Kenya and Uganda with a Christian youth organization. While in Hawaii, Perry started experiencing nosebleeds and other unexplainable symptoms. When she moved to Kenya, the nosebleeds increased in frequency, and eventually, doctors told Perry she needed to return home. Perry underwent a series of tests and ultimately was diagnosed with high-risk stage IV neuroblastoma, a cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body.








Perhaps more than any other area of a hospital, the emergency department seems to operate as the red-hot center of medical care. For the new Grandview Medical Center on Highway 280, the development of the department has been central to its mission of creating a new hospital. “It is probably one of the most amazing journeys I have ever lived through. I came to Trinity four and half years ago and was fortunate enough to be involved very early in the Grandview process,” says Michael S. Gaither, director of emergency services. “The emergency department is part of my life because I helped from the beginning on the design, implementation, and seeing it through to completion. It was just an amazing journey, a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Because you hardly ever get a chance to start over.”



What was developed essentially divided the emergency department in two halves, one for critical care and one for the more general health care offered in the ER. “So we have two teams working side by side, one on critical care, one on more regular care. Two teams keeping the speed of the train going and moving at the same time,” Gaither explains. Gaither has counted the steps that keep the department running smoothly— as smoothly as an ER can. “The cath lab is 80 steps from the ER, 60 steps to the CAT scan, 60 steps to X-ray. Critical care patients generally present by ambulance so they are in immediate proximity to everything they will need. That has made a huge difference,”

multi-purpose. We were able to fix that here with, for example, bigger, more spacious critical care rooms. It has made a big difference.” The new department is poised to manage the influx of patients it is sure to see. “All ERs are busy. It depends what you are busy with,” Gaither says. “We did a lot of primary care at Trinity, and we did a lot of critical care. We were not that high in volume. Here I think we have already seen that the volume is going to come. We have already seen a lot of really sick, sick folks.” Seeing those sick patients is what brings Dr. Jeremy Rogers to the hospital every work day. “I wanted to be the kind of doctor who could work to help patients no matter what they were confronted with. It is rewarding to be there at a paSeeing those sick patients is what brings t i e n t ’ s Dr. Jeremy Rogers to the hospital every g r e a t e s t of work day. “I wanted to be the kind of doctor hour need,” who could work to help patients no matter Dr. Rogwhat they were confronted with. It is re- ers says. Rogwarding to be there at a patient’s greatest ers started hour of need,” Dr. Rogers says. working at TrinGaither says. “The cath lab at Trinity was a ity back in 2006. Today he is the associate couple of floors away. Trinity looked like ev- medical director for emergency medicine at ery other ER. You had to make every room Grandview. From 2010 to 2015, he was the 130


medical director and chairman of the department of emergency medicine at Princeton Baptist Medical Center. He is also past president (2009–2012) of the Alabama Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Standing in one of the trauma rooms, Rogers looks around at the newness of everything. “It is not very often that you see a brand new hospital being built,” he says, with a hint of amazement in his voice. “How many would love to be able to start from scratch? But you rarely see that. We have brand-new equipment with the latest technology available.” Technology is a bonus for ER nurse Anai Smelcer—her focus is on people. “The most rewarding aspect for me as a nurse is seeing the patient or family reaction when I am able to help, or calm, or help them feel at peace. I like being able to turn something bad into something manageable.” Smelcer began working as an emergency room tech at Trinity and then decided she wanted to go to nursing school. She continued working in the ER while enrolled at Jefferson State Community College in the nursing program. She graduated and became a nurse in December 2011. “I like the quick, on-your-feet feeling of the ER,” she says. “There is something different all of the time.” Photos this spread by Beau Gustafson



Top 2015 Doctors Our survey of Birmingham’s Top Doctors was put together by Professional Research Services (PRS)

• 3,828 postcards were mailed directly to local physicians inviting them to participate in an online peer survey. • Four email blasts were sent directly to doctors in our local area. • More than 2,600 physicians voted online answering which doctors they would refer a family member to in a variety of specialties. • The resulting votes were tallied and checked against the Alabama Medical Board list for a clean and current record.



UAB is the first certified Comprehensive Stroke Center in Alabama, which means you have access to the highest level of care for any kind of stroke 24/7/365. Our specialists are on duty, not on call.

If you think someone is having a stroke , dial 911 .

Top 2015 Doctors


Dr. Clara K. Chung Birmingham Allergy & Asthma Specialists, PC (205) 943-1197

ADDICTION MEDICINE Dr. Bradly S. Goodman Alabama Orthopedic Spine Center (205) 838-3900 Dr. Peter S. Lane UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011

Dr. Joseph B. Larussa Children’s of Alabama (205) 933-5599

ADOLESCENT MEDICINE, PEDIATRIC Dr. Toren J. Anderson Greenvale Pediatric Association (205) 939-9100 Dr. Nefertiti H. Durant Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9100 Dr. Robert A. Levin Alabama Pediatrics (205) 879-7888

Dr. Carol A. Smith Birmingham Allergy & Asthma Specialists, PC (205) 943-1197 Dr. Weily Soong Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center (205) 871-9661

Dr. Joaquin G. Arciniegas Alabama Cardiovascular Group PC (205) 939-0139

Dr. David S. Geldmacher UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999 Dr. Marissa C. Natelson Love UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999

Dr. Marsha S. Sturdevant Children’s of Alabama (205) 558-6701 Dr. Stephenie B. Wallace UAB Adolescent Medicine Center (205) 638-9345

Dr. Andrew M. Dewitt Birmingham Bariatric Surgery (205) 502-4400

ALLERGIES & IMMUNE DISORDERS, PEDIATRIC Dr. John T. Anderson Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center (205) 871-9661

Dr. Helen Krontiras UAB Medicine (205) 934-3028 Dr. April J. Maddux Breast Care Center of Birmingham (205) 877-2987

Dr. Todd M. Brown The Kirklin Clinic Cardiology Clinic (205) 801-8800 Dr. Harish Doppalapudi Cullman Regional Medical Center/ UAB Hospital (205) 934-3614

Dr. Massoud A. Leesar UAB Interventional Cardiology (205) 934-7898 Dr. Hugh T. McElderry Jr. UAB Hospital (205) 934-2525

BREAST SURGERY Dr. Philip J. Fischer II Saint Vincent’s Birmingham (205) 939-6888

Dr. Michael B. Honan Cardiovascular Associates PC (205) 599-3525

Dr. Jayleen M. Grams UAB Hospital (205) 934-8047 Dr. John L. Mathews The Surgeons’ Group (205) 780-7150 Dr. Richard D. Stahl UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999

Dr. Thomas P. Atkinson Children’s of Alabama (205) 934-4011 Dr. Suthida S. Kankirawatana Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9072

Dr. Vera A. Bittner UAB Hospital (205) 934-6600

Dr. Stephen E. Bakir Cardiovascular Associates PC (205) 599-3525


Dr. Chandra V. Ellis University of Alabama Hospital (205) 934-9999 Dr. Jeffrey D. Kerby UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011


Dr. John C. Brockington UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999

Dr. Tina Y. Simpson Children’s of Alabama ACC 604 (205) 638-9345




Dr. Cleon L. Rogers IV UAB (205) 934-9999


Dr. Marshall McLean Urist University Alabama Hematology/Oncology (205) 996-6074

Dr. Vance J. Plumb UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Mark F. Sasse UAB Hospital (205) 801-8000 Dr. Jose A. Tallaj UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011

CARDIOLOGY, PEDIATRIC Dr. Waldemar F. Carlo UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999


It’s like photo retouching before you get your photo taken. If the skin on your face, neck, or hands is not telling the story you would like, you have the power to change your message. Fraxel® is a laser treatment that utilizes fractional laser technology to treat specific areas of the skin. It is a suitable treatment for scarring, stretch marks, melasma, acne, sun spots, and other signs of aging. Through a few treatment sessions, after which there is no downtime, the appearance of skin discolorations and scars is greatly reduced. Dr. Hartman, Dr. Dyck, and their amazing staff are well known in Birmingham for their dedication to quality dermatologic care and excellence in customer satisfaction. To schedule an appointment, call 205.871.7332.





For appointments, call 205.871.7332 or visit us at HOMEWOOD 1920 Huntington Road, Homewood, AL 35209


CHELSEA 398 Chesser Drive, Suite 3, Chelsea, AL 35043

TUSCALOOSA 922 Fairfax Park, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

Dr. Edward V. Colvin UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999


Walter H. Johnson Jr. UAB Pediatric Cardiology (205) 934-3460

Dr. Daniel I-Hsin Chu UAB Hospital (205) 975-1932

Dr. Jeffrey A. Alten Pediatric Cardiology (205) 975-3123 Dr. Santiago Borasino Children’s of Alabama (205) 536-6568 Dr. Michele Y. F. Kong Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9387





Dr. Clifton T. Pannell Lewis Princeton Cardiothoracic Surgery (205) 786-2776 Dr. Russell S. Ronson Lamberth and Ronson, PC (205) 877-2627

Dr. David W. Bernard Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9587 Dr. Melissa L. Peters Children’s of Alabama, Emergency Medicine (205) 638-9587

Dr. Elizabeth S. Jacobson Inverness Dermatology (205) 995-5575 Dr. James M. Krell Total Skin & Beauty (205) 595-2411

Dr. Mark A. Parker Alabama Colon/Rectal Institute (205) 458-5000 Dr. Steven D. Scarcliff Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates (205) 933-1199

Dr. James K. Kirklin UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011


Dr. Corey L. Hartman Skin Wellness Center of Alabama (205) 871-7332

Dr. Melanie S. Morris UAB Medicine, The Kirklin Clinc (205) 934-8047

Dr. Nancy M. Tofil Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9387 Dr. Margaret K. Winkler Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9387

Dr. Craig A. Elmets UAB Medicine, The Kirklin Clinic (205) 996-7546

Dr. Martin J. Heslin UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011


Dr. Robert J. Dabal UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999

Dr. Leslie W. Hayes Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9387

Dr. Frank B. Pearce UAB (205) 934-5151 Dr. Robb L. Romp UAB Pediatric Cardiology (205) 934-3460 Dr. Yung R. Lau UAB Pediatric Cardiology (205) 934-3460

Dr. James E. Davies Jr. UAB (205) 996-9256

Dr. Kathleen M. Beckum UAB Hospital (205) 934-5188

Dr. Brian T. Guffin Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates (205) 933-1199

Dr. Evans C. Bailey Surgical Dermatology Group (205) 977-9876

Dr. Jamie A. Cannon UAB Medicine, The Kirklin Clinc (205) 934-9999

Dr. Mark A. Law Children’s of Alabama (205) 934-3460 Dr. William S. McMahon UAB Pediatric Cardiology (205) 934-3460


Dr. Maria M. Marks Inverness Dermatology (205) 955-5575 Dr. Elizabeth S. Martin Hoover Internal Medicine Associates (205) 682-8022 Dr. Patricia Mercado UAB Hospital (205) 934-5188 Dr. Gary D. Monheit Total Skin & Beauty (205) 933-0987 Dr. Sarah B. Sawyer Dermatology & Laser of Alabama (205) 870-3303

Dr. Jenny O. Sobera Village Dermatology (205) 877-9773 Dr. Vera Y. Soong Baptist Health Centers Inc. (205) 781-6995


Dr. Amy J. Theos Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9100 Dr. Corey L. Hartman Skin Wellness Center of Alabama (205) 871-7332

Located on Hwy 280, east of I-459

Dr. Maria M. Marks Inverness Dermatology (205) 955-5575 Dr. Snehal A. Khatri Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9100 Dr. Annalise Sorrentino Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9587

Dr. Joycelyn A. Atchison UAB Hospital (205) 939-9107


EMERGENCY, PEDIATRIC Dr. Peter W. Glaeser Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-6040 Dr. Kathy W. Monroe Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9100 Dr. Michele H. Nichols Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9587


Dr. Bruce E. Burns Baptist Health Centers Inc. (205) 783-3500 Dr. Charles A. Khoury UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999 Dr. Henry E. Wang UAB Medicine, The Kirklin Clinc (205) 934-9999 Dr. Janyce M. Sanford UAB Hospital (205) 996-4480


Dr. Glenn E. Peters UAB (205) 934-9766 Dr. John R. Porterfield Jr. UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center (205) 934-0916

ENDOCRINOLOGY, PEDIATRIC Dr. Ambika P. Ashraf UAB Hospital (205) 939-9107 Dr. Hussein Abdul-Latif UAB Hospital (205) 939-9107



Dr. Tom B. Vaughan III UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Fernando Ovalle UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 801-8490 Dr. Richard S. Rosenthal UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Amy Warriner UAB Hospital (205) 996-3636 Dr. Maria Prelipcean Southview Medical Group, PC (205) 933-4640


Dr. KayEllen W. Willoughby Medhelp PC (205) 408-1231 Dr. Ankrehah T. Johnson Brownstone Total Family Healthcare (205) 202-5650 Dr. Elizabeth C. Stevenson Medhelp PC (205) 408-1231 Dr. Billy E. Salser Jr. UAB Family Medicine (205) 934-9700 Dr. Bonnie H. Armour Red Mountain Family Health Center (205) 933-4520 Dr. J. Scott Davidson Columbiana Clinic (205) 669-3138 Dr. Michael S. Vaughn Medhelp PC (205) 930-2950 Dr. Kathryn A. Moore Grandview Medical Group (205) 968-5988 Dr. Jeffrey J. Clifton Seale Harris Clinic (205) 595-5504

Dr. Tracy M. Harrington UAB Health System (205) 934-9109 Dr. Morris L. Roebuck Jr. Southview Medical Group, PC (205) 933-4443 Dr. Rita Goyal Baptist Health Centers Inc. (800) 822-8816

GASTROENTEROLOGY Dr. Brendan M. McGuire UAB Hospital (205) 934-6060 Dr. Charles A. Dasher UAB Hospital (205) 930-8289 Dr. Chad M. Burski UAB Hospital (205) 996-9752 Dr. Christopher D. Truss UAB Hospital (205) 934-6060 Dr. Frederick H. Weber Jr. UAB Hospital (205) 934-6060

Dr. Greg L. Champion Gastroenterology Associates (205) 870-0256 Dr. Klaus E. Monkemuller UAB Hospital (205) 934-6060 Dr. Charles M. Wilcox UAB Hospital (205) 934-6060 Dr. Joseph R. Newman Gastroenterology Associates South P.C. (205) 933-0960 Dr. Peter J. Mannon UAB Hospital (205) 934-6060 Dr. Raymond Tobias Birmingham Gastroenterology Associates (205) 271-8000 Dr. John C. Shallcross Jr. Birmingham Gastroenterology Associates (205) 271-8000


Featured Physicians //

Dr. James Grotting and Dr. Al Cohn GROTTING & COHN PLASTIC SURGERY

Dr. James Grotting and Dr. Al Cohn are honored and thrilled to be selected, once again, as two of B-Metro’s Top Plastic Surgeons in Birmingham. Providing over four decades of combined care in Birmingham, our office has focused on providing world-class surgical results with attention to the highest-standards in patient safety. We recognize that the relationships we have with our patients, colleagues, and community are very important. It is especially rewarding to be acknowledged by a community with which we are so connected. Whether we are your first conversation about an aesthetic issue, a weekly visit during your breast reconstruction, whether you are exploring the options available through our skin care services or if you are one of our many happy surgical patients, we value the relationships with our patients above all. Our entire (fantastic) office team looks forward to many more years of meaningful patient care. May the upcoming holiday season bring all of Birmingham best wishes for a year filled with health and happiness. We look forward to furthering partnerships with our colleagues and patients over the coming season.

We promise to remain committed to meeting the very individualized needs of the many wonderful patients we encounter day after day in a setting that is inviting and familial. We remain excited about the wonderful field of plastic surgery and the happiness it is able to bring into so many people’s lives.

DR. JAMES GROTTING AND DR. AL COHN One Inverness Center Parkway, Birmingham AL 35242 205-930-1600

GASTROENTEROLOGY, PEDIATRIC Dr. Jose R. Mestre Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9418 Dr. Mitchell B. Cohen Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9650 Dr. Reed A. Dimmitt Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9918 Dr. Traci W. Jester Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9918 Dr. Jeanine L. Scarber-Maclin Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9918

GENERAL SURGERY Dr. William J. Tapscott Anesthesia Resources Management (205) 933-6440 Dr. Brendon Haikes Birmingham Surgical PC (205) 877-2910

Dr. Jeffrey B. Albright Birmingham Surgical PC (205) 877-2910

Dr. Jamie A. Cannon UAB Medicine, The Kirklin Clinc (205) 934-9999 Dr. John D. Christein UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. John R. Porterfield Jr. UAB Hospital (205) 532-2313 Dr. Martin J. Heslin UAB Medicine, The Kirklin Clinic (205) 934-9999 Dr. Samuel T. Windham III UAB Hospital (205) 975-7521 Dr. Philip J. Fischer II St. Vincent’s Birmingham (205) 939-6888 Dr. Michael B. Littleton Surgical Associates (205) 930-8010


Dr. Benjamin J. Pearce UAB Department of Radiology (205) 934-3460

Dr. Robert W. Heidepriem III Birmingham Vascular Associates (205) 423-2495 Dr. Thomas C. Matthews UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 934-2003 Dr. William R. Harvey III Vascular Institute of Birmingham (205) 939-0160 Dr. William D. Jordan Jr. UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011


Dr. Bruce R. Korf UAB Hospital (205) 934-4983


Dr. Nathaniel H. Robin UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011

Holiday Season...



Let us shorten your “to do” list this

3300 3rd avenue south birmingham, alabama 35222



Featured Physicians //


Dr. Bailey and his team at Surgical Dermatology Group have one true passion: outstanding patient care. He spends considerable time with each patient making sure they are well-cared for and for this reason, many physicians refer patients to him. He is currently President of the Alabama Dermatology Society, a testimony to the respect of his peers. Dr. Bailey has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin cancer. He is a board certified dermatologist and a fellowship trained skin cancer and reconstructive surgeon. He also completed an advanced fellowship in cosmetic and laser surgery. He lectures nationally and internationally on skin cancer surgery and reconstruction. As co-director of a nationally accredited surgical and laser fellowship, he trains board certified physicians in laser surgery, skin cancer surgery and advanced reconstruction. He is a surgeon at the Callahan Eye Hospital where he specializes in cancer surgery of the eyelid and tearduct. Furthermore, he is first author of the chapter on cutaneous melanoma management in the foremost textbook of dermatology, Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology in General Medicine, co-written with melanoma experts from the University of Michigan and Harvard University. Dr. Bailey has one of only two facilities in the state that perform mole mapping for patients with large numbers of moles. Dr. Bailey has a Ph.D. in skin cancer genetics and identified why certain genetic changes lead to skin cancer. He now studies the use of new chemotherapy medicines to shrink tumors prior to surgery in select patients.

In addition to his cancer work, Dr. Bailey performs a wide range of laser and cosmetics procedures, utilizing his surgical experience to improve outcomes and safety. He uses 3-dimensional facial modeling to help patients identify areas of concern and track their progress. He is part of a network of physicians performing laser surgery to trauma and burn scars to restore function and appearance. He has an extensive assortment of lasers and devices to treat virtually any skin condition from unwanted fat, excess hair in all skin types, tattoos, birth marks in children and adults, surgical scars, acne scars, and signs of aging on the face and hands. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and five children. His hobbies include gardening and cooking.

DR. EVANS BAILEY 2000 Stonegate Dr #112 Birmingham, AL 35242 (205) 977-9876

Dr. Susan L. Rutledge UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011

Dr. Mack N. Barnes III UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011

GERIATRIC MEDICINE Dr. Andrew S. Duxbury UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Paul D. Roller Alabama Geriatric Specialists (205) 916-0105 Dr. Caroline N. Harada UAB Hospital (205) 803-4038 Dr. Kellie L. Flood UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Marianthe D. Grammas Geriatric Medicine Clinic (205) 996-2770

Dr. Ronald D. Alvarez UAB Gynecology Oncology (205) 996-4662 Dr. John M. Straughn Jr. UAB Gynecology Oncology (205) 930-8600 Dr. Warner K. Huh UAB Hospital Gynecology Oncology (205) 930-8600



Dr. Kerri S. Bevis UAB Gynecological Oncology (205) 934-4986

Dr. Alison A. Heaton Henderson & Walton Women’s Center (256) 442-7740 Dr. Charles G. Banks Women’s Diagnostic Center (205) 877-2121 Dr. Charles W. Robinett Jr. Alabama Womens Specialists (205) 877-2802



Dr. Brian P. Gleason UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 801-8000 Dr. Holly E. Richter UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 801-8000 Dr. Frank O. Page Jr. Women’s Health Specialists of Birmingham, Page, Hudson & Taylor (205) 939-2806 Dr. William T. Hudson Women’s Health Specialists of Birmingham Page, Hudson & Taylor (205) 939-2806 Dr. Ashley D. Przybysz Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology (205) 933-8334 Dr. John Edwards Henderson & Walton Women’s Center (256) 442-7740 Dr. Kimberly H. Hoover UAB Women & Infants Center (205) 934-8865



Pub. Name: Birmingham Metro Pub. Contact: The Bullock Agency Pub. Issue: 2015 B-Metro

File Name: SD_B-Metro.pdf Half-page Ad Specs: Size: 7.25”W x 4.5”H Client Name: Scandinavian Design

Designer Name: Jonathan Granberry Designer Contact: (205) 213-6963 /


Featured Physicians //


Dr. Luna is a graduate of UAB’s School of Dentistry and attended a 2-year residency in Charleston, South Carolina. He has also received further education on cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Luna is a national and international speaker, and he has received numerous awards including a Fellowship Award in the Academy of General Dentistry, and being identified in the Consumer’s Research Council of America’s “Guide to America’s Top Dentists.” Dr. Luna has been interviewed multiple times on television, radio, and the local newspaper and has had the honor of having his work published in brochures and dental laboratory magazines across the country. Diamond Smiles, Dr. Luna’s practice, provides you with the most advanced, state-of-the-art dentistry available in a fun, relaxing atmosphere, where you are more than a patient, you are

family! For fun, Dr. Luna enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing. He is very involved with his church and leads many small groups throughout the year, including prison ministry. His favorite thing to do is to travel and spend as much time as possible with his wife and three children.

DR. EDGAR LUNA 5336 Stadium Trace Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35244 (205) 988-9700

Dr. Todd R. Jenkins UAB Kirklin Clinic (205) 801-8000 Dr. Heidi K. Straughn Brookwood Women’s Health, PC (205) 397-8850 Dr. Judith K. Favor Sparks & Favor, PC (205) 397-1286

Dr. Jeffrey D. Lebensburger Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9285 Dr. Lee M. Hilliard Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9285 Dr. Thomas H. Howard Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9285



Dr. Ekkehard Bonatz Southlake Orthopaedics Sports Medicine and Spine Center (205) 503-4060 Dr. Jean E. Oakes Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9146

Dr. Ashley C. Nichols UAB Center Palliative/Supportive Care (205) 934-9999 Dr. Heather L. Herrington UAB Center Palliative/Supportive Care 205) 934-9999 Dr. Rodney O. Tucker UAB Center Palliative/Supportive Care (205) 975-8197 Dr. Michael D. Barnett UAB Center Palliative/Supportive Care (205) 934-9999

Dr. Joseph M. Sherrill Sherrill Orthopedics Sports & Hand Center (205) 822-9595 Dr. Kathleen E. McKeon Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center (205) 939-3699 Dr. Victoria R. Masear OrthoSports Associates (205) 838-3090


Dr. Kathleen E. McKeon Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center (205) 939-3699

HEMATOLOGY Dr. Lisle M. Nabell UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011


Dr. Gregory K. Friedman Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9285




Dr. David A. Calhoun UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 934-3411 Dr. Suzanne Oparil UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 934-3411

Dr. Ruth C. Atkinson Alabama Oncology (205) 870-4783 Dr. Rita D. Paschal UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 975-2914



Dr. David W. Barnes Southview Medical Group, PC (205) 933-4685 Dr. Craig J. Hoesley UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. John W. Baddley UAB Hospital (205) 934-5191 Dr. Martin Rodriguez UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Michael S. Saag UAB Hospital (205) 934-1917 Dr. Peter G. Pappas UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011

Dr. David W. Kimberlin Children’s of Alabama (205) 996-6097 Dr. Richard J. Whitley Children’s of Alabama (205) 934-5316 Dr. Suresh B. Boppana Children’s of Alabama (205) 934-3092 Dr. Susan C. Hutto Children’s of Alabama (205) 934-2441


Dr. Alan L. Gruman UAB Hospital (205) 801-7500 Dr. David S. Gettinger UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 801-7500 Dr. Edwin A. Rutsky UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Erin D. Snyder UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999 Dr. Gustavo R. Heudebert UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 934-2836 Dr. James E. Williams Jr. UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 801-7627 Dr. Jason R. Hartig UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Katherine G. Romp Birmingham Health Care (205) 212-5600 Dr. Larry F. Gazzini Brookwood Internists PC (205) 877-2761 Dr. Lisa L. Willett UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999 Dr. Mary M. Balkovetz UAB Hospital (205) 801-7474


Featured Physicians //

Dr. Clara Chung & Dr. Carol Smith BIRMINGHAM ALLERGY AND ASTHMA SPECIALISTS Birmingham Allergy and Asthma Specialists see patients of all ages for their allergic nasal, eye, skin, and respiratory conditions, striving to tailor their treatment plans to the specific needs of each patient. Dr. Clara Chung is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Kansas School of Medicine. She also holds a Masters of Public Health degree in Maternal and Child Development from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She completed her Internship in Pediatrics at Emory University, then her Residency in Pediatrics and a three-year Fellowship in Allergy and Clinical Immunology at UAB. She has been happy to call Birmingham home since 1989. Dr. Carol Smith is a Tennessee native and began her career in an Immunology research lab at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She did Graduate training at the George Washington University in DC, then Medical and Residency training at UTMemphis. Another great experience was to participate in medical care in other parts of the world, from a teaching hospital in Jerusalem to a bush hospital in Zambia. She came to Birmingham in 1994 for her Allergy & Clinical Immunology Fellowship at UAB. Dr. Smith and Dr. Chung have been practicing together for over 15 years. They are both active in the community and share a concern for the overall health of their city and of their patients through their work with organizations such as The Indian Springs School and The YWCA Central Alabama. Both are board certi-

fied in Allergy, Asthma, and Clinical Immunology, and are members of local, state, and national medical associations. Birmingham Allergy and Asthma Specialists’ patients enjoy two convenient locations, extended hours to meet their busy schedules, and same-day appointments. Patients are welcomed to offices that are allergy and family-friendly, with state of the art HEPA filters, child play areas, homework stations, free Wi-Fi, and a friendly staff. There is a portable DVD player for every exam room and a selection of movies for children of all ages. The distraction can be helpful for kids undergoing allergy testing or who are waiting with their parent or guardian to see the doctor. They also welcome patients to use their tablets or phones to watch movies, surf the web, or get some work done while waiting in the office.

DR. CLARA CHUNG & DR. CAROL SMITH HOMEWOOD: 3125 Independence Drive, Suite 210 Homewood AL 35209

INVERNESS: 254 Inverness Center Drive Hoover, AL 35242


Dr. Noah J. Fitzpatrick IV Southview Medical Group, PC (205) 933-4684 Dr. Ryan R. Kraemer UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Roxanne R. Travelute Brookwood Primary Care, Homewood LLC (205) 879-2002 Dr. Stuart J. Cohen UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999 Dr. Stephen W. Stair UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 801-7474 Dr. David F. Wynne Summit Internal Medicine PC (205) 595-9222 Dr. David B. Hall Southview Medical Group, PC (205) 933-4433 Dr. John W. Farley Birmingham Internal Medicine (205) 930-2060 Dr. Morris L. Roebuck Southview Medical Group, PC (205) 933-4443 Dr. Tammy M. Leong Birmingham Internal Medicine (205) 930-2060 Dr. Walter M. Dunn Norwood Clinic (205) 250-8100 Dr. William G. Patterson St. Vincent’s Birmingham (205) 939-7000




2814 18th Street South Homewood, AL 35209 205.703.8596

7 South Church Street, Suite D Fairhope, AL 36532 251-929-0015



Dr. Vera A. Bittner UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 934-3411


Dr. Derek A. DuBay UAB Hospital (205) 934-3411

Dr. Joseph L. Cochran Birmingham Gastroenterology Associates, PC (205) 271-8000


Dr. Namasivayam Ambalavanan UAB Neonatology (205) 934-4680 Dr. Waldemar F. Carlo UAB Hospital 205) 934-4011 Dr. Carl H. Coghill III UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Virginia A. Karle UAB Hospital (205) 996-2244


Dr. Anupam Agarwal UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Ashita J. Tolwani UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Bruce A. Julian UAB Hospital (205) 934-9045 Dr. David L. Tharpe Nephrology Associates, P.C. (205) 620-6837 Dr. Eric L. Wallace UAB Kirklin Clinc Nephrology (205) 801-8166 Dr. Jeffrey H. Glaze Nephrology Associates, P.C. (205) 933-2389 Dr. Roman R. Brantley Jr. Nephrology Associates, P.C. (205) 933-2389 Dr. Harold E. Giles Nephrology Associates, P.C. (205) 933-2389 Dr. Vineeta Kumar UAB Hospital (205) 934-7220 Dr. Roslyn J. Mannon UAB Nephrology (205) 934-7220


Featured Physicians // • J. Scott Davidson, DO FAAFP // Board Certified Family Medicine • Introducing Megan V. Bullard, MD // Board Certified Family Medicine • Rhonda Carter, MD // Board Certified Internal Medicine • Anthony Ciulla, MD // Board Certified Family Medicine

Providing quality care to our community since 1958 Family Medicine Internal Medicine Acute Care X-Ray

CLIA Certified Lab on site. Clinical Psychology Orthopedics Ultrasound

Columbiana Clinic 22266 Old Hwy 25, • Columbiana, AL 35051 • (205) 669-3138

Featured Physicians // A graduate of the University of Alabama School of Medicine and board certified from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Steinmetz’ practice includes both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

B-Metro Top Doctor 2015

Highly regarded for his technical skills, Dr. Steinmetz places equal importance on providing outstanding service, communication and treating every aspect of your care with the dignity and respect it deserves. Dr. Steinmetz offers both surDr. Stephen Steinmetz gical and non-surgical services COSMETIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY to help you feel more confident about your appearance. He specializes in the latest techniques for body contouring and breast surgery. In a private, stress-free environment, Dr. Steinmetz will discuss your concerns and other procedures that will meet your needs.

Plastic Surgery

2700 10th Ave. S Suite 510 | Birmingham, AL 35205 | P: 205-930-0980

Featured Physicians //

Victoria R Masear, MD OrthoSports Associates

Dr. Masear is a prolific speaker and writer with more than thirty papers to her credit. National, regional and state professional associations have sought Dr. Masear’s expertise in orthopaedics for the development of various policy and treatment standards. Dr. Masear is Board Certified & Fellowship trained in hand surgery. NEW OFFICE ON STADIUM TRACE CROSSINGS, CONVENIENT TO THE HOOVER, HIGHWAY 150 AREA.


Dr. Mark R. Benfield Pediatric Nephrology of Alabama (205) 558-3200 Dr. David J. Askenazi UAB Pediatric Nephrology (205) 638-9781 Dr. Daniel I. Feig UAB Pediatric Nephrology (205) 638-9781 Dr. Monica T. Cramer UAB Pediatric Nephrology (205) 638-9781 Dr. Sahar FathallahShaykh UAB Pediatric Nephrology (205) 638-9781

NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY Dr. Barton L. Guthrie UAB Hospital (205) 934-7171 Dr. Blake E. Pearson Brookwood Neurosurgery & Spine (205) 250-6805 Dr. Kristen O. Riley UAB Hospital (205) 934-7171 Dr. Mark R. Harrigan UAB Hospital (205) 934-7171 Dr. James M. Markert Jr. UAB Hospital (205) 934-7171 Dr. Mark N. Hadley UAB Hospital (205) 934-7171




Dr. Thomas A. Wilson Neurosurgical Associates, PC (205) 933-8981 Dr. Winfield S. Fisher III UAB Hospital (205) 934-1430

NEUROLOGY, PEDIATRIC To make an appointment call 205-838 - 3090

Dr. Leon S. Dure IV Children’s of Alabama (205) 996-7850 Dr. Tony M. McGrath UAB Pediatric Neurology (205) 996-7850 Dr. Curtis J. Rozzelle Children’s of Alabama (205) 414-9572 Dr. James M. Johnston Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9653

Dr. Jayne M. Ness Children’s of Alabama (205) 595-4482

Dr. Jeffrey P. Blount Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9653 Dr. Walter J. Oakes Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-6914

OBSTETRICS Dr. Cynthia H. Brown Sparks & Favor, PC (205) 934-3259 Dr. Charles G. Banks Alabama Womens Specialists (205) 877-2121 Dr. Ashley D. Przybysz Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology (205) 933-8334 Dr. David S. McKee Jr. Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology (205) 933-8334 Dr. Sarah C. Davis Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology (205) 933-8334 Dr. Debora F. Kimberlin UAB Hospital (205) 975-8780 Dr. Joseph R. Biggio Jr. UAB Hospital (205) 934-6638 Dr. Judith K. Favor Sparks & Favor, P.C. (205) 397-1286


Featured Physicians //


When you visit Fagan Sports Medicine we become part of YOUR team. That means we listen to what is important to you. We work to develop a treatment plan uniquely right for you. A plan geared toward returning you to your active lifestyle or sport. You will feel the difference: short wait, quality care, personal attention. Our goal is to make your goal a reality! A native of Alabama, Dr. Fagan graduated from Auburn University, received her medical degree at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) and completed an internship and residency in Internal Medicine at UAB. She completed her medical training with a Sports Medicine fellowship at American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) under the guidance of Drs. James Whiteside and Jim Andrews. She is board certified in Internal Medicine with a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine. Prior to founding Fagan Sports Medicine, Dr. Fagan served as fellowship director for primary care sports medicine at the American Sports Medicine Institute. Previous positions include academic positions in both the UAB and Baptist Healthcare Sys-

tems, where she was actively involved in resident education, as well as care of athletes. Dr. Fagan contributes to her community by lectures, written word, and committee and board involvement to the sports medicine community on a local, regional, and national level. She cares for athletes ranging from T-ball to Olympic level. Her true professional love is teaching. Dr. Fagan’s true passion is finding a balance between a wonderful career she feels blessed to have and her equally wonderful family.


3125 Independence Drive, Suite 300A, Homewood, AL 35209 (205) 879-8206

Dr. Kimberly H. Hoover UAB Women & Infants Center (205) 934-8865 Dr. Chere M. Le Berte Stewart UAB Hospital (205) 996-3130 Dr. Heidi K. Straughn Brookwood Women’s Health, PC (205) 397-8850 Dr. Margaret M. Boozer UAB Hospital 205) 934-8865

Dr. Virginia R. Lolley Alabama Ophthalmology Associates (205) 930-0700

Dr. Christopher A. Girkin UAB Ophthalmology Services (205) 325-8660 Dr. Jason C. Swanner UAB Ophthalmology Services (205) 325-8110 Dr. Kristin C. Bains Alabama Ophthalmology Associates (205) 930-0700 Dr. Matthew G. Vicinanzo Alabama Ophthalmology Associates (205) 930-0700 Dr. Price M. Kloess Alabama Vision & Hearing Center (205) 592-3911 Dr. Thomas H. Metz Jr. Thomas Metz MD (205) 969-1900

Dr. Marc Michelson Alabama Eye & Cataract Center/Michelson Laser Vision (205) 969-8100



Dr. Alyssa T. Reddy Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9285 Dr. Gregory K. Friedman Children’s of Alabama 205) 638-9285 Dr. Kimberly F. Whelan Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9285 Dr. Matthew A. Kutny Children’s of Alabama (205) 603-0265

Dr. Raymond G. Watts Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9285


Dr. Frederick J. Elsas Alabama Ophthalmology Associates (205) 930-0700 Dr. Martin S. Cogen UAB Ophthalmology Services (205) 325-8620 Dr. Ann Arciniegas-Bernal UAB Ophthalmology Services (205) 327-6773

ORGAN TRANSPLANT Dr. Derek A. DuBay UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 934-3411

Featured Physicians // Congratulations to Stephen Bakir, MD, FACC and Michael Honan, MD, FACC for being recognized as Top Doctors in Birmingham. Cardiovascular Associates was founded nearly 70 years ago by Dr. John B. Burrett, the first cardiologist to practice in the state of Alabama. His legacy of dedication, skill and compassion remains at the heart of the practice. Today CVA cardiologists are at the forefront of new treatment options, focusing on research and using the latest technology to combat cardiovascular disease. Stephen Bakir, MD, FACC

Michael Honan, MD, FACC

With 33 physicians, 7 nurse practitioners, and 15 locations across Central Alabama, CVA is committed to providing advanced cardiovascular care close to home. To find a physician or to learn more about CVA call 205.510.5000, or visit 150



Featured Physicians //

Dr. Robert W. Heidepriem BIRMINGHAM VASCULAR ASSOCIATES Birmingham Vascular Associates is dedicated to providing complete vascular care for patients in the greater Birmingham and surrounding areas. They are conveniently located at Brookwood Medical Center and St. Vincent’s Birmingham. Dr. Robert W. Heidepriem is a vascular surgeon certified by the American Board of Surgery in Vascular and General Surgery. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and completed his general surgery residency at Baptist Health Systems. He completed his vascular surgery fellowship at the University of Tennessee, Memphis. He is a Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) and is one of few physicians in the Birmingham area that is PEVAR (Percutaneous Endovascular Aneurysm Repair) certified. Dr. Heidepriem has been in private practice since 2005. Vascular surgery is indicated when a patient has vascular disease that cannot be treated by less invasive, nonsurgical treatments. The purpose of vascular surgery is to treat diseases of the arteries and veins.

Dr. Heidepriem and his staff take a comprehensive approach to vascular disease through preventive services, diagnostic expertise, and the latest technology. They are able to assist referring physicians in a timely fashion to meet the needs of their patients. As leaders in the healthcare industry, Dr. Heidepriem and his staff study and train with the newest technology as it relates to vascular services. They review cases and determine the best devices and strategies to provide excellent outcomes for their patients. By conducting themselves with a professional and caring attitude, they have an extremely positive interaction with patients, referring physicians, and hospitals.

ROBERT W. HEIDEPRIEM III, M.D., F. A.C.S. 2018 Brookwood Medical Center Dr., Ste. 214 Birmingham, AL 35209 205-423-2495

Dr. Devin E. Eckhoff UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 975-7622 Dr. Stephen H. Gray UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999

ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY, PEDIATRIC Dr. John T. Killian Orthopedics for Kids (205) 933-8588 Dr. J. Scott Doyle Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9100


Dr. James Andrews Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center (205) 939-3699 Dr. Lawrence J. Lemak Lemak Sports Medicine & Orthopedics (205) 397-5200

Dr. Edward L. Cain Jr. Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center (205) 939-3699 Dr. Benton A. Emblom Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center (205) 939-3699 Dr. Brent A. Ponce UAB Orthopedics (205) 930-8552 Dr. Herrick J. Siegel Siegel Orthopaedic Surgery (205) 930-8339 Dr. Jeffrey R. Dugas Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center (205) 939-3699 Dr. Joseph G. Khoury Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9100 Dr. Michael J. Conklin Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9100

Dr. Robert G. Sorrell Alabama Orthopaedic Center (205) 802-6700 Dr. Steven M. Theiss UAB Orthopedics (205) 975-2310


Dr. Garima Agarwal UAB ENT (205) 934-9766 Dr. Bradford A. Woodworth UAB ENT (205) 934-9766 Dr. Kirk P. Withrow UAB ENT (205) 934-9766 Dr. Sheldon J. Black ENT Associates of Alabama PC (205) 933-9236 Dr. Glenn E. Peters UAB ENT (205) 934-9766 Dr. Paul F. Castellanos UAB ENT (205) 934-9766

We have the knowledge to help you through every stage of life.

Welcome to a place where some of the brightest minds in medicine are improving the quality of life for patients with serious illness. For the past decade, the UAB Center for Palliative and Supportive Care has provided both inpatient and outpatient services focused on the whole person, going beyond physical symptoms to address emotional, social, family, and spiritual needs. We combine our knowledge and compassion with a commitment to making your world better. We are here to help, through every stage of life.

Learn more at




A Birmingham psychiatrist of seventeen years, Dr. Ioa-

ent forms of psychotherapy, diagnostic tests and treat-

na Shirley treats children, adolescents, and adults experi-

ment modalities. Embracing the concept of rational phar-

encing a variety of disorders or psychological conditions,

macology, Dr Shirley discusses medication alternatives

such as mood, anxiety, attention deficit, impulse control,

based on the patient’s specific constellations of symp-

obsessive compulsive, eating and psychotic disorders.

toms, medical conditions, genetic predispositions, and

Dr Shirley uses a modern, integrated and personalized


approach, where she seeks to understand and convey

In 2016 she will offer office based transmagnetic brain

to patients the intricate relationships between feelings,

stimulation, a safe and FDA approved alternative or addi-

thoughts and their molecular and neuro-anatomic origins.

tion to medications.

Her private practice offers a serene, and confidential space, where the patient- doctor team engages in differ-

Dr Shirley’s goal is to help her community reach optimum psychological and physical health.

PERSONALIZED AND INTEGRATED PSYCHIATRY AND PSYCHOTHERAPY SERVICES FOR CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS AND ADULTS Ioana N Shirley MD, Psychiatry Consultants LLC • 205-249-5369 2803 Greystone Commercial Blvd. Suite 16 Birmingham, AL 35242

Dr. William R. Carroll UAB Head and Neck (205) 934-0173 Dr. David M. Walters ENT Associates of Alabama, P.C. (205) 939-7000 Dr. Lev H. Bragg Birmingham ENT Group PC (205) 933-2952

OTOLARYNGOLOGY, PEDIATRIC Dr. Audie L. Woolley Pediatric ENT Associates (205) 638-4949 Dr. Brian J. Wiatrak Pediatric ENT Associates (205) 638-4949 Dr. Nicholas J. Smith Pediatric ENT Associates (205) 638-4949

PAIN Dr. Ashlee McQueen Fulmer Southside Pain Specialists (205) 332-3155

Dr. Bradly Sean Goodman Alabama Orthopedic Spine Center (205) 838-3900

Dr. James E. Elder Skin Pathology Associates (205) 949-2800

Dr. Mercy Adaobi Udoji UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011

Dr. Carolyn S. Ashworth UAB Pediatrics (205) 638-9096 Dr. Elizabeth C. Benton UAB Pediatrics (205) 638-9096 Dr. Patrick N. Farr Birmingham Pediatric Associates (205) 933-2750 Dr. Edward V. Colvin Children’s of Alabama (205) 934-3460 Dr. Terry L. Wall UAB Primary Care Clinic (205) 638-9096 Dr. Jennifer E. McCain Mayfair Medical Group (205) 870-1273

Dr. Ryan Matthew Almeida UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Thomas Richard Vetter UAB Hospital (205) 934-6600 Dr. Timothy John Ness UAB Hospital (205) 934-6600 Dr. Chad Austin Alabama Pain Physicians (205) 332-3160


Dr. David R. Kelly Children’s of Alabama Pathology (205) 638-9634


Featured Physicians //

Weily Soong, MD Board Certified in Allergy and Clinical Immunology

John Anderson, MD Board Certified in Allergy and Clinical Immunology



Congratulations to our board certified allergists, Dr. Weily Soong and Dr. John Anderson for being chosen as two of Birmingham’s Top Doctors. Dr. Soong and Dr. Anderson help make up one of the most respected and innovative allergy practices in the Southeast. Our board certified allergists at Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center provide customized and comprehensive treatment for both children and adults with allergic diseases including food, drug, insect, and environmental allergies, as well as asthma, sinus issues, skin conditions such as hives and eczema, and other immunological disorders. We are committed to treating our patients with dignity, kindness, and respect. Celebrating 50 years of care, Alabama Al-

lergy & Asthma Center is proud to offer six board certified specialists and five convenient locations to Birmingham and its surrounding areas. For more information about our specialists or to make an appointment call us at 205-871-9661 and visit us at



Featured Physicians //

Dr. Melanie Petro PETRO FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY MEDSPA Melanie L. Petro, M.D., is the founder of Petro Facial Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, which has moved to a new, larger facility at 905 Montgomery Highway. From the state-of-the-art operating suite to the breathtaking views from the lavish MedSpa, Dr. Petro’s new facility offers the perfect amount of seclusion without sacrificing the convenience of its Vestavia Hills location. “The opportunity to expand my practice was irresistible,” says Petro. “We will have two floors, one dedicated to surgery, and the top floor for the MedSpa.” Petro is board-certified in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Otolaryngology, Cosmetic Surgery, and Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. The expanded facility also allows Petro to introduce the latest in innovative treatments, from chemical peels, facials, and fillers to laser resurfacing and superior surgical options. “We researched everything new and bought only the very best!” Petro says, smiling. “We have the latest and greatest technology and look forward to showing you.” By taking a personal, individualized approach to each patient’s wants and needs, Dr. Petro instantly makes her clients feel truly cared for. Petro’s compassion and understanding for her patients delivers results that are more than skin-deep; they boost confidence from the inside out.

“I think that living up to your true potential requires that you look your best. No matter how many times we try to brush it off or ignore it, the need to look your best keeps coming back,” Petro says. Dr. Petro and her excellent support staff make Petro Facial Plastic Surgery and MedSpa the place to start your journey back to your best self. We’ll be sharing patient stories and previewing the latest treatments in the coming weeks, but you can learn more now at

DR. MELANIE PETRO 905 Montgomery Highway Suite 101 Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35216 (205) 420-8043

PERINATAL-NEONATAL MEDICINE Dr. Namasivayam Ambalavanan UAB Neonatology (205) 934-4680 Dr. Joseph B. Philips III UAB Neonatology (205) 934-4680 Dr. Waldemar F. Carlo UAB Hospital (205) 934-3460


Dr. Alvin B. Cohn Grotting & Cohn Plastic Surgery (205) 930-1600 Dr. Jorge De La Torre Mountain Brook Plastic Surgery & Laser Center (205) 934-4011 Dr. Richard J. Fix UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 934-9999

Dr. Daniel E. Rousso Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic & Med Spa (205) 930-9595 Dr. James C. Grotting Grotting & Cohn Plastic Surgery (205) 930-1600 Dr. Kevin M. O’Brien O’Brien Plastic Surgery (205) 879-2160 Dr. Andre Y. Levesque UAB Plastic Surgery (205) 801-8500 Dr. Peter W. Van Hoy Premiere Plastic Surgery (205) 930-9990 Dr. Stephen R. Steinmetz Stephen R. Steinmetz MD PC (205) 930-0980 Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein Michael S. Beckenstein, MD Plastic Surgery (205) 933-9308

PREVENTIVE MEDICINE Dr. Monika M. Safford UAB Hospital (205) 934-6883

PSYCHIATRY Dr. Joseph P. Lucas Grayson & Associates (205) 655-0585 Dr. Paul C. Weir TMS of Birmingham (205) 870-0619

Dr. Andrea Megan Thomas Grayson & Associates (205) 871-6926 Dr. Francis Cleveland Kinney UAB (205) 996-7008 Dr. Madison Bates Redwine UAB (205) 934-6054 Dr. Nathan Bert Smith II UAB (205) 934-6600


At Alabama Fertility Specialists, we can help make that dream a reality. Our fertility treatment success rates are among the highest in the nation, and our research has appeared in the world’s most prestigious journals. But high success rates are not all that we offer – we also give you the personalized attention that your complex problem deserves.

To pursue your miracle, see the leaders in fertility care at

Alabama Fertility Specialists MICHAEL P. STEINKAMPF, MD AND BETH A. MALIZIA, MD 2700 Highway 280 Suite 370 East, Birmingham, Alabama 35223 • (205) 874-0000



DEGREES THAT PREPARE NURSES FOR THE FUTURE OF HEALTH CARE SAMFORD UNIVERSITY’S IDA V. MOFFETT SCHOOL OF NURSING • Licensure and certification pass rates that consistently exceed national averages 99% NCLEX-RN first-time pass rate for 2014–15 100% Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam 96% National Certification Exam first-time pass rate for Nurse Anesthesia class of 2015 • Ranked #90 nationally for graduate schools by U.S. News & World Report (2016) • Online graduate programs ranked #48 nationally (#42 nationally for veterans) by U.S. News & World Report (2015) • 100% job placement for May 2015 B.S.N. graduates


Dr. Paul Carlson Weir TMS of Birmingham 205-870-0619

Dr. Daniel W. Young Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9730 Dr. Stuart A. Royal Children’s of Alabama (205) 638-9730

Dr. Rachel Leah Epstein Fargason UAB (205) 934-5156 Dr. Rita Williams Patton UAB (205) 934-6600


Dr. Rebecca Jones Psychiatry South (205) 987-0724

Dr. Gordon W. Bates Jr. UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999 Dr. Janet M. Bouknight UAB Hospital (205) 934-1030 Dr. Mamie R. McLean UAB Hospital (205) 801-8225

Dr. Adrienne Lahti UAB (205) 934-4643


Dr. Gavin L. Brunsvold Hill Crest Hospital (205) 972-0264


Bundle up for a



and the


200 19th STREET NORTH • BIRMINGHAM, AL • (205) 714-8300 • WWW.MCWANE.ORG



Dr. Kathryn Honea ART Fertility Program of Alabama (205) 870-9784 Dr. Michael P. Steinkampf Alabama Fertility Specialists (205) 874-0000 Dr. Richard E. Blackwell UAB Medicine, Kirklin Clinic (205) 934-9999

Dr. Michael C. Dobelbower UAB Hospital (256) 329-7888 Dr. John B. Fiveash UAB Hospital (205) 934-5670 Dr. Kimberly S. Keene UAB Hospital (256) 329-7888 Dr. Susan P. Salter St. Vincent’s Birmingham (205) 939-7884


Dr. Cheri L. Canon UAB Hospital (205) 934-3186 Dr. David N. Bolus UAB Hospital (205) 934-7978 Dr. Desiree E. Morgan UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Joseph K. Smith UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011


Dr. William C. Hays III Birmingham Pulmonary Group, PC (205) 933-9258 Dr. Jay T. Heidecker St. Vincent’s Birmingham (205) 933-9258 Dr. James E. Johnson UAB Hospital (205) 824-6050 Dr. Mark T. Dransfield UAB Hospital (205) 934-2490

Featured Physicians //

HE ONCE UPDATED HIS DAD’S SMART PHONE, TABLET AND LAPTOP IN LESS THAN AN HOUR. ALL WITHOUT LEAVING THE COMFORT OF HIS FOOTIE PAJAMAS. C H I L D R E N A M A Z E U S E V E R Y D AY and at Children’s of Alabama we want to see every child grow up and live to their fullest potential. That’s why we recruit, train and retain the most inquiring minds, the most skilled hands and the most compassionate hearts in pediatric medicine. 1600 7TH AVENUE SOUTH BIRMINGHAM, AL 35233 (205) 638-9100


Dr. Jenny Oakes Sobera Village Dermatology In 2008, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jenny Oakes Sobera opened Village Dermatology in her hometown of Mountain Brook, Alabama with a single purpose: providing patients and families with the highest quality skin care available. She assembled a group of board-certified dermatologists, medical and aesthetic staff who share this vision. Together, they’ve earned a reputation for excellent care and impressive results. Along with a state-of-the-art medical facility, Village Dermatology includes the Skin for Life Boutique and the Aesthetic & Laser Center. All procedures provided by our doctors are performed in-office for a more convenient, comfortable and cost-effective patient experience. Village Dermatology is a comprehensive source for everything that healthy skin requires throughout a lifetime – a place where advanced medicine, beauty and innovation meet.

2900 Cahaba Rd. • Birmingham, Al 35223 205.877.9773 bMetro_COA_HeadlineAd_pajamas2.indd 1

9/21/15 1:50 PM



Dr. Michael R. Crain Princeton Baptist Medical Center (205) 783-3000 Dr. Robert B. Troxler Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9583 Dr. Patricia E. Patterson Birmingham Pulmonary Group, PC (205) 933-9258

RESPIRATORY/PULMONARY CARE - PEDIATRIC Dr. Christopher M. Makris Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9100 Dr. David J. Lozano UAB Hospital (205) 939-9583 Dr. Hector H. Gutierrez UAB Hospital (205) 638-9583 Dr. Wynton C. Hoover UAB Hospital (205) 939-9583


Dr. David A. McLain Mclain Medical Associates Pc (205) 991-8996 Dr. Kenneth G. Saag UAB Hospital (205) 934-6600 Dr. Laura B. Hughes UAB Hospital (205) 975-1932 Dr. Walter W. Chatham UAB Hospital (205) 934-6600 Dr. Stanley L. Bridges Jr. UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011

RHEUMATOLOGY, PEDIATRIC Dr. Timothy G. Beukelman Children’s of Alabama (205) 996-9191 Dr. Peter Weiser Children’s of Alabama (205) 996-9191

Financial planning and wealth management like it should be: strategic, collaborative and acting in your best interest.

3800 Colonnade Parkway, Suite 300 • Birmingham, Alabama 35243 Phone: (205) 208.8700 • • Bridgeworth, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser.



Dr. Randall Q. Cron Children’s of Alabama (205) 996-9191

SLEEP DISORDERS Dr. Amy W. Amara UAB Hospital (205) 934-0683 Dr. Jennifer L. DeWolfe UAB Hospital (205) 934-3866 Dr. Mary H. Maddox Children’s of Alabama (205) 939-9587 Dr. Susan M. Harding UAB Hospital (205) 934-6600


Dr. Edward L. Cain Jr. Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center (205) 939-3699

Discover The Newest Work Of Art FROM

European sophistication meets Bohemian botanical chic. The highly anticipated 100 room boutique hotel is nestled in the heart of Mountain Brook Village, just a stroll away from nearby restaurants, shopping, and cultural gems. At Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook, we celebrate creativity, deliver impeccable service and offer enriching experiences.

• Habitat Feed & Social, our vibrant rooftop restaurant and bar which opens onto the rooftop terrace • Grand Bohemian Gallery showcasing fine art, jewelry, glass and gifts

• Learn a new cooking technique at our interactive Cooking School • Play the role of a Vintner with a one-of-a-kind Bohemian Wine Tasting and Blending experience

• Indulge your senses at our Poseidon Spa


Dr. Benton A. Emblom Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center (205) 939-3699 Dr. Robert E. Agee Jr. Lemak Sports Medicine & Orthopedics (205) 397-5200 Dr. Jeffrey R. Dugas Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center (205) 939-3699 Dr. Kimberly M. Fagan Fagan Sports Medicine (205) 879-8206

(205) 935-3028 Dr. Martin J. Heslin UAB Hospital (205) 975-9729


SURGERY, PEDIATRIC Dr. Elizabeth A. Beierle Chen UAB Hospital (205) 939-9100 Dr. Mike Kuang-Sing Chen UAB Hospital (205) 638-9688


Dr. Carlo M. Contreras UAB Hospital

Dr. Benjamin Wei UAB Hospital (205) 934-5937 Dr. Douglas J. Minnich UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999 Dr. Robert J. Cerfolio UAB Hospital (205) 934-5937 UROLOGY Dr. Dean G. Assimos UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Jeffrey W. Nix UAB Hospital (205) 801-8000 Dr. Peter N. Kolettis UAB Hospital (205) 934-9999

Dr. Lewis K. Lloyd Jr. UAB Hospital (205) 934-4011 Dr. Soroush Rais-Bahrami UAB Hospital (205) 996-8765 Dr. Sunil Sudarshan UAB Hospital (205) 996-8765

2015 Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award Recipient

Dr. David M. Kitchens UAB Hospital (205) 996-8765

Featuring an evening with Smokey Robinson

Saturday, November 21, 2015 Alabama Theatre Program & Concert @ 7 pm

For sponsorship information contact 205-328-9696 x 202 B-METRO.COM

Order tickets at or ticketmast



2015 Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award Celebration Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.


Featured Physicians //


General Dermatology Dermatologic Surgery Psoriasis Treatment Phototherapy Acne & Rosacea Skin Allergy Testing Women’s Health Dermatology


Facial Rejuvenation Laser Skin Tightening Dermal Fillers & Botox Spa Services

“I am honored to have been selected as a Featured Physician. I look forward to continuing to serve our community and valued patients.”

Dr. Vlada Groysman is honored to be selected as a Featured Physician. She is the founder and medical director of Cahaba Dermatology & Skin Health Center, LLC and Board Certified Dermatologist. Dr. Groysman founded Cahaba Dermatology & Skin Health Center in 2013 out the desire to practice the highest level of dermatologic care. Dr. Groysman practices medical, cosmetic, and laser dermatology. Her primary focus is patient care. She takes the time to listen to her patients, arrive at the correct diagnosis and provide the best treatment plan for patient. This level of individualized and personal care is what sets apart Dr. Groysman and Cahaba Dermatology.

medical and cosmetic dermatology, Spa Cahaba offers a full suite of advanced and luxurious spa treatments provided by skilled estheticians. At Cahaba Dermatology, medical excellence is our mission, a commitment shared by our entire staff in every dermatological consultation, diagnosis and procedure.

About the Practice:

Dr. Groysman and the staff of Cahaba Dermatology are the complete dermatology solution for their valued patients. Superior medical care takes a highly trained doctor, clinical staff and patient focused administrative team. The most advanced cosmetic treatments are also available from dermal fillers to the latest laser technology. In addition to

DR. VLADA GROYSMAN 2290 Valleydale Road Suite 204 Hoover, AL 35244 205.214.SKIN (7546)


Featured Physicians //

Dr. Joseph Sherrill Our board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians consider it a privilege to provide premier orthopedic care to our neighbors in and around Birmingham. Dr. Joseph Sherrill, a third-generation orthopedist, has been serving this area for more than thirty years. He is well-known in the community as a hand specialist and surgeon. He is joined in the

Dr. John Young practice by Dr. John Young who, in addition to Dr. Sherrill, offers advanced orthopedic care relating to muscle pain and joint disorders, arthritis and other degenerative diseases, sports injuries, congenital anomalies and more. Dr. Sherrill and Dr. Young also offer minimally invasive surgical approaches for many of these conditions, when necessary.

DR. JOSEPH SHERRILL AND DR. JOHN YOUNG 200 Montgomery Hwy #125, Birmingham, AL 35216 (205) 822-4357

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