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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Birmingham; The Birmingham Zoo; Foundations Early Learning & Family Center; Hilltop Montessori; Jimmie Hale Mission; Junior League of Birmingham, Inc.; McWane Science Center; Parkinson Association of Alabama; The Arc of Central Alabama; The Dance Foundation; The Learning Tree, Inc.; and United Way of Central Alabama





GIVERS During this holiday season, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham celebrates our community of givers and the joy behind their giving. PHOTOGRAPHY BY BEAU GUSTAFSON

The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham is a network of individuals, families and businesses that have come together to leverage the power of collective philanthropy. We are grateful for our generous donors who are committed to giving back to the community. Together, we build a stronger, more vibrant future for our community.

SEEDING A FORCE FOR UNITY Building unity and a sense of shared fates: these are the central tenets of the Instruments of Hope Unity Fund and what founding donors, Gail and Jeffrey Bayer, believe are the key cultural shifts that must occur to allow all people to thrive in the Birmingham region. In response to the increasing divisiveness of the country, Gail and Jeffrey chaired the effort to bring Violins of Hope to Birmingham in April 2018. The unifying effect of Violins of Hope inspired Gail and Jeffrey to think about creating a more lasting effort to cultivate a greater sense of unity within our community. With the guidance of the Aspen Institute, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham and community members, they decided to seed a Field of Interest Fund at the Community Foundation that will provide a permanent resource to

support education and grantmaking that fosters civil discourse and action toward addressing the most complex challenges facing the greater Birmingham area. “We are a fractured community and if we want all people to thrive, we have to understand that we have shared fates,” reflects Jeffrey. “That means bridging the gap of our differences, breaking down the barriers that separate us and finding common ground,” adds Gail. “The Community Foundation had the credibility, infrastructure, objective thinking, aligned vision and ability to reach across divided lines to help bring people together – it became obvious that they were the right organization to help lead this effort,” says Jeffrey. Gail and Jeffrey believe that Birmingham, particularly the city’s younger generation, is ready for change and rec-

ognize that for Birmingham to thrive and grow, all must thrive. Their goal for the Instruments of Hope Unity Fund is to foster the mutual understanding and respect needed for inclusive growth. “We purposefully didn’t name the fund the Bayer Unity Fund because we want the Fund to belong to the whole community,” says Jeffrey. “We chose ‘Instruments of Hope Unity Fund’ because we all need to be an instrument – an engaged actor – to seek common ground and create a stronger community that is diverse and unified,” adds Gail. “We hope that in providing the seed capital the Fund grows and with it the strength of its efforts and impact. Our goal is for the Fund itself to embody its goal and be a unifying force that everyone can be part of it, whether as a donor, a grantee or part of the dialogue.”

If you would like to be a part of the Instruments of Hope Unity Fund through a donation or would like to find out more about grant opportunities, contact Zhaundra Jones or Nicole Carpenter at 205.327.3800 or visit our website at cfbham.org/unity-fund.




Gail and Jeffrey Bayer with Zhaundra Jones, Senior Program Officer at the Community Foundation, at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. The church was one of the venues for Violins of Hope Birmingham, a series of concerts featuring violins from the Holocaust that was made possible by support from the Bayers. Their work with Violins of Hope inspired them to establish the Instruments of Hope Unity Fund at the Community Foundation. B-METRO.COM




GIVERS Kathryn, Lindsey and Robert Ring at Smile-A-Mile Place. Smile-A-Mile provides year-round programing for children with cancer and their families. From the moment of diagnosis through the years beyond treatment, Smile-A-Mile serves as a supportive network, resource and place of respite for thousands of children and their families throughout their cancer journey.

Like many ten year olds, Kathryn Ring is full of energy and giggles, but spend a few minutes with her and you will be struck by her maturity and sweetness of spirit. Kathryn’s parents, Lindsey and Robert Ring, recently opened a Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation. Their professional advisor recommended the Foundation for the convenience of keeping track of all their giving in one place but they quickly turned it into an opportunity to share their passion for giving with their daughter. The Rings set aside a portion of their annual giving for Kathryn to choose how to give. “We wanted her to experience first-hand seeing the needs of the community and the importance of helping others,” says Robert. “We believe that by involving her in giving at a young age, it will become a lifetime habit.” Kathryn embraced the challenge and began researching giving opportunities. She knew several families that were dealing with cancer so she wanted to focus on children’s cancer. With the help of Nicole Carpenter, Director of Donor Stewardship at the Community Foundation, she decided to contribute to research projects of the most critical need at Children’s of Alabama and Smile-A-Mile’s hospital outreach program for children with cancer. 68


“I wanted my gift to be for kids with cancer,” says Kathryn. “I wanted to support research because it affects the most people and some cancers don’t have a cure yet, which is especially hard for those kids and their families. I also wanted to donate to Smile-A-Mile because kids that are in the hospital should be able to do the same fun things as other kids.” With her generous heart and infectious smile, Kathryn is an inspiration to her friends, teachers and parents. “She has a passion for helping other people and her friends and teachers recognize it,” says Lindsey. “We know this about her, but it makes us happy that others see that as well.” For the Rings, their fund at the Community Foundation helps them incorporate philanthropy into their family life supported by the deep local knowledge and broad connections of the Community Foundation staff. If you are looking for ways to help your child think about philanthropy consider the following: Take your children to visit and volunteer at a local nonprofit organization. Talk to your children about where you give and

why, and include them in decisions related to your giving. Help your children budget using separate piggy banks for “save,” “spend” and “share.” On their birthdays or special holidays, allow your children to make a donation to their favorite charity in celebration of that day. Like the Rings, you can open a Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation and allow the entire family to participate in giving decisions.


ABOUT THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF GREATER BIRMINGHAM Founded in 1959 and created by and for the people of Greater Birmingham to exist in perpetuity, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham is the largest foundation in Alabama. The Community Foundation is a permanent resource that leverages philanthropic investments and connects philanthropists, nonprofits, leaders and citizens to build a stronger more vibrant future for our community. Together, with our partners, the Foundation serves Blount, Jefferson, St. Clair, Shelby and Walker Counties.

The Community Foundation’s Lora Terry with Eddie Friend, one of the original Catalyst Fund donors and Tanya Shunnara, a member of the inaugural class of Catalyst Fellows.

VISION, MISSION AND VALUES Our vision is for a just, prosperous and unified region where every person is empowered to reach their full potential. The mission of the Community Foundation is to ignite passion for transformational change in our community. Our values are to lead, inspire, innovate and include.

GENEROSITY IS A CATALYST FOR CHANGE To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Community Foundation in 2009, a group of generous donors who cared deeply about the Birmingham region came together to launch the Community Catalyst Funds. This special pool of assets was designated to support transformational, catalytic projects throughout our region. In the ten years since, the Catalyst Funds have helped with revitalization efforts in downtown Birmingham by funding Birmingham Lights, the light installations in the underpasses that connect the north and south sides of town; have been integral in spurring the move toward regional cooperation by funding the Together We Prosper study and subsequent cooperation efforts; and helped drive innovation in the region by providing seed funding for Innovate Birmingham. “The Community Catalyst Funds have substantially increased investments available for targeted, high-impact work,” says

Christopher Nanni, President and CEO of the Community Foundation. “The foresight of my predecessor, Kate Nielsen, alongside these Catalyst donors to invest in such a unique project has allowed the Foundation to lead the region to continued growth and success and truly transformational change.” As part of their strategy for the next ten years of investment in our community, the Catalyst Fund recently introduced a Catalyst Fellowship Program. Led by the Foundation’s Vice President of Philanthropic Services, Lora Terry, the program pairs some of our community’s most dynamic young leaders with the Foundation’s Catalyst Funds. “The goal of the program is twofold,” says Terry. “It will train the next generation of leaders to utilize the power of philanthropy to better our community while also working to identify and develop projects for potential investment from Catalyst Funds.”

The inaugural class of the Catalyst Fellowship includes ten emerging leaders in the region: Grant Brigham, ARC Realty; Kaija Flood, TheraNest; Kendra Key, Maynard Cooper & Gale; Bernard Mays, Jr., UAB; Chaz C. Mitchell, City of Birmingham; Tanya Shunnara, Sirote & Permutt; John Smola, Alabama Power; Jeff Sokol, Acacia Partners; Mashonda S. Taylor, Woodlawn Foundation; and Whitney Wright, Cook & Bynum. They have committed to a two-year program that includes education focused on philanthropic strategy and community knowledge, research around community issues and the opportunity to learn from community leaders. Thanks to the generosity of this group of thoughtful donors the next generation of philanthropists will have the community knowledge and understanding of the history and effectiveness of charitable initiatives needed to continue to drive catalytic change in our region.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Through the years, we have helped thousands of families and businesses achieve their charitable goals and built a permanent source of community capital for our region. You can visit our website at cfbham.org or contact us at 205.327.3800 for more information about opening a fund or supporting the work of the Community Foundation. B-METRO.COM


Give Birmingham 



OUR MISSION: Inspiring Passion to Conserve the Natural World.


The Birmingham Zoo…

•Was the first Zoo in the country to implement a sensory-inclusive experience for guests with special needs and was awarded the Angela Peterson Excellence in Diversity Award for our Sensory Inclusive Zoo Initiative.

•Is the only Zoo in Alabama accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

•Provides formalized STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) based educational programs for children up to 14 years of age.

•Educates 80,000 children every year through field trips, camps, and classes.

“The Birmingham Zoo was the perfect place to show me that my love of animals could translate into a career path.” – Kaylin

Kaylin visited the Zoo for the first time with Spire ZooSchool in seventh grade. Her experience during that week showed her that she could have a career working with animals. Now, she plans to go to college to become a marine biologist. It all started at the Birmingham Zoo. When you make a donation, you inspire so many of our neighbors. You ignite a passion for the natural world and you support a vital and beloved community resource. Please consider making a year-end gift today. The Zoo also accepts appreciated stock. For more information, please contact Karen Carroll at 205-397-3856 or kcarroll@birminghamzoo.com. Get Up. Get Out. Get Your Zoo On! BIRMINGHAM ZOO, INC. 2630 CAHABA ROAD BIRMINGHAM, AL 35223 205-397-3856



Give Birmingham 


OUR MISSION: Foundations’ mission is to provide access to a quality preschool education in a Christ-centered environment in Fairfield, AL, helping shape minds and change lives!

OUR VISION: Foundations’ vision is to be a beacon of light and hope in the Fairfield community, working with families to help prepare their children for success in both school and life.

WAYS TO CONNECT: The mission and work of Foundations would not be possible without the generosity of community friends and partners. Your time and gifts are an investment in helping shape minds and change lives. Ways you can get involved and make a difference are: •Make a year-end, tax-deductible gift •Provide student scholarships •Purchase books or classroom supplies •Help sponsor enrichment programming •Volunteer in our classrooms, at parent meetings, events or work days •Invite Foundations to speak to your church or community group

Be a part of our story…

Foundations Early Learning & Family Center, a Christ-centered preschool in Fairfield, believes that all children should have access to a quality preschool education. Since 2013, Foundations has worked with over 300 children and their families to help prepare them for success in school and life. Research shows that developmental delays can emerge without proper interactions and stimulation, but with quality preschool programming and parent involvement, different outcomes are possible. Our programs seek to prevent delays while fostering school readiness. Coming alongside parents to equip them to best facilitate their children’s development and education is at the heart of our mission.


PO BOX 59 P. O . B O X 3 2 0 3 0 9 7000 GRASSELLI ROAD BIRMINGHAM, AL 35232 FA I R F I E L D , A L 3 5 0 6 4 205-769-0034 205.588.5454

Give Birmingham 



OUR MISSION: We minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the poor and hurting in Jesus’ name.

ORGANIZATIONAL FACTS: 1. Just $1.95 provides a complete meal to someone homeless and hungry. 2. Serving those in need since 1944. 3. Last year alone, more 200,000 meals were served at the Mission’s three shelter facilities. 4.Since 2006, more than 1,300 men and women have secured employment through the Mission’s learning centers. 5. The Jimmie Hale Mission is a family of ministries that includes Jessie’s Place for women and children, Shepura Men’s Center, Royal Pines, after-school Bible clubs called Discovery Clubs, and three learning centers for education remediation and job readiness.

3 4 2 0 2 N D AV E N , BIRMINGHAM, AL 35222 72 2B-METRO.COM 05-323-5878

The Jimmie Hale Mission started out in 1944 as a storefront chapel in Birmingham and has grown to include a 160-bed homeless shelter for men, which serves an average of 13,000 meals a month, a shelter for women and children, a 16-week, in-residency recovery center for men and learning centers for education remediation and job readiness. Jimmie Hale was known as the town drunk before his Christian conversion. He immediately set out to extend his newfound hope to homeless men. In March of 1944, he and his wife Jessie founded the Mission. Eight months later, 39-year-old Jimmie died and Jessie made sure that Jimmie’s dream carried on. Today, the Jimmie Hale Mission serves a seven county area. About 150 employees and more than 7,000 volunteers are committed to assist needy people at our three residential facilities and through our various programs, providing thousands of meals, nights of lodging, clothing, GED preparation and other educational services, and assistance in finding a job. Whether you feel led to give of your time, treasure or talent, there are many ways you can help men, women and children in need.



Give Birmingham 


OUR MISSION: To spark wonder and curiosity about our world through hands-on science experiences.

OUR VISION: To excite and inspire inquiry and innovation through science.

DETAILS: McWane Science Center offers the following programs: •Hands-on Exhibit Experiences •Engaging Science Shows and Demonstrations •Educational Field Trips •Classroom-Based Outreaches in the Community •An IMAX Dome Theater •Teacher Workshops •Home School Laboratories •Special Science Events

Changing Lives through Science and Wonder!

At McWane Science Center, we believe everyone can do science. We are helping inspire a love for learning while also equipping our citizens with the knowledge and the experience to understand and use science. How we do all of this is the exciting part - We Make Science Fun! In our museum and in our programs, science is not learned from a textbook. We believe you have to see it, touch it, hear it, manipulate it, and discover it for yourself. As a not-for-profit institution, McWane Science Center depends upon our supporters to help us bring science to life for children, parents/ grandparents, teachers, and individuals of all ages. Ways you can help: •Make a donation to our scholarship fund: $10 to the Educational Scholarship Fund helps support the cost of funding a trip to McWane Science Center for one child. Go to http://www.mcwane.org/join/give/donate-now/. •Become a Member: http://www.mcwane.org/join/membership/

Visit us online at:


P. O . B O X 3 2 0 3 0 9 2 0 0 19 T H ST R E E T N . BIRMINGHAM, AL 35232 BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203 205-769-0034 2 0 5 - 714 - 8 3 0 0

Give Birmingham 




To improve the quality of life for patients, caregivers, and families affected by Parkinson’s Disease in the State of Alabama.

DETAILS: April 11, 2019

Taste for a Cure

Haven, 6:30 p.m., tastings from restaurants from around Birmingham, with silent and live auction. Please contact Mary T Miller at maryt@parkinsonalabama.org for more information and for sponsorship opportunities.

Founded in 1978, the Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to a singular mission: To improve the quality of life for patients, caregivers, and families affected by Parkinson’s Disease in the State of Alabama. We do this in a variety of ways that include: providing support, distributing information, increasing awareness, amplifying local programs, encouraging collaboration, and supporting local research to lead to new and improved treatments for Parkinson’s disease that will ultimately lead to a cure. New project: The PAA/ADPA (American Parkinson’s Disease Association) resource center is our newest endeavor at the PAA. We now have our first Care Navigator, Cindy McMinn. She has been hired to be a resource for patients, caregivers and family members. Newly diagnosed patients can contact her for information ranging from symptoms, side effects of medicines, exercise options, to home health and nursing care. She has spoken to many support groups around the State and been a much needed addition to the PAA. For more information on our new Resource Center, you can visit www.pdlink.org and/or contact Cindy at pdnavigator@pdlink.org. P O B OX 5 9 014 6 BIRMINGHAM, AL 35259 1-833-4PD-LINK



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OUR MISSION: The Arc serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families through comprehensive and quality programming, advocacy efforts, education, and awareness, all in an effort to ensure each person affected by I/DD has the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential for the most independent life possible.

SERVICES: The Arc provides 4 main services to people within the I/DD community. •RESIDENTIAL SUPPORT: Giving a home and support to those learning to live as independently as possible in one of Arc residences.

Every year, The Arc of Central Alabama picks a theme to represent its vision for the year. This year’s theme is “Redefining Disability”. Our vision is to cause the community to reevaluate the way we define people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and create new definitions using words of inspiration and encouragement. Words like respect, equality and inclusion represent the view we should all hold towards people with I/DD. They also represent the intangible factors which are so important to quality of life, and which The Arc works to provide every day. Dignity, independence and opportunity are just a few of the things that so many of us take for granted, but members of the I/DD community do not. Throughout the upcoming year, you’ll continue to see these words and how The Arc of Central Alabama provides a platform for their growth and development in our core programs, activities and events.

•ADULT DAY PROGRAM: Providing engagement through continuing education, community integration and social interaction. •EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: Providing training to people every year who want to earn and sustain a job in the community. •EARLY INTERVENTION: Providing in-home therapy, special instruction and resources to toddlers and their families.

700+ people served by The Arc in 5 core programs 390+ people served in one of 7 Adult Day Program campuses every weekday 320+ people served in one of 85 Arc residences 24/7, 365 100+ people served in Employment Services 200+ infants and toddlers served in the HOPE Early Intervention Program 600+ full and part-time staff employed to make it all possible Help change disabilities into possibilities by visiting


P. O . B O X 3 2 0 3 0 9 6 0 01 C R E S T W O O D B O U L E VA R D BIRMINGHAM, AL 35232 B I R M I N G H A M , A L 3 5 212 205-769-0034 205-323-6383

Give Birmingham 


OUR MISSION: The mission of The Learning Tree is to provide a warm and loving environment with individualized, empirically validated services and supports to persons with significant educational, medical and behavioral challenges; helping them develop and maintain a quality of life expected by non-disabled members of their family and community.


DETAILS: PROGRAM LOCATIONS ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE Executive Director Marc Williams, Ph.D., BCBA-D 101 S. Dubois St. Tallassee, AL 36078 PO Box 780639 (334) 252-0025 RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS Jacksonville Campus 6344 Roy Webb Rd. Piedmont, AL 36272 (256) 447-9349 Tallassee Campus 101 South Dubois St. Tallassee, AL 36078 (334) 252-0025

THE LITTLE TREE PRESCHOOLS 664 Powers Ave. Anniston, AL 36205 (256) 770-7323 HAPIE - Auburn Early Education Center 721 E. University Drive Auburn, AL 3683 (334) 887-4958 1176 Azalea Road Mobile, AL 36693 (251) 649-4420, ext. 1225

Mobile Campus 5451 Able Court Mobile, AL 36693 (251) 649-4420

GROWING INDEPENDENCE BEHAVIORAL SERVICES Birmingham Clinic (205) 718-9519 2233 Cahaba Valley Rd. Birmingham, AL 35242

Woody’s Song School 5465 Able Ct. Mobile, AL 36693 (251) 338-5944

Montgomery Clinic (334) 425-6418 2185 Normandie Drive Montgomery, AL 36111 Anniston Clinic (256) 770-7323 664 Powers Avenue Anniston, AL 36205 Mobile Clinic (251) 331-8021 5465 Able Court Mobile, AL 36693

Who do you reach out to when your child on the autism spectrum is struggling at home and at school? Like any parent you want your child to thrive and be successful. Families from across the state will find the help they need at The Learning Tree. Children there receive the highly specialized educational, health, and behavioral services they need in a warm caring environment. Our dedicated, compassionate teachers, nurses, and behavior specialists positively impact the lives of more than 600 children, ages 2 ½ - 21, every year. Educational programs, including three preschools, are located in Anniston, Jacksonville, Auburn, Tallassee, and Mobile. These programs provide services to children from than 40 counties. Growing Independence Behavioral Services clinics are now open in Anniston, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile. Every family’s situation is different and it’s hard to know who to turn to when you are reaching out for help for your child. Contributions from caring people like you have made it possible for The Learning Tree to serve children for 35 years, providing help and hope for families. Contact us today to coordinate a donation.

You can make a difference in a child’s future today.







Kathryn and Raymond J. Harbert

Tocqueville Society Members since 1991 Kathryn and Raymond J. Harbert became members of the Million Dollar Roundtable in 2015 with their cumulative giving to United Way of Central Alabama. Raymond has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Harbert Management Corporation, an alternative asset investment management firm, since it was organized in 1993. Mr. Harbert serves on the Board of Trustees of Auburn University, where he is the past President Pro Tem. He serves on the Board of Trustees of the Robert Meyer Foundation, the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of Children’s of Alabama, and the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Birmingham Business Alliance. He also serves as a member of the President’s Advisory Board of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and is a member of Chief Executives Organization. Mr. Harbert is a past member of the Board of Trustees for the Alabama Trust Fund, Alabama Business Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, Leadership Alabama, Young Presidents’ Organization, and a former Alabama State Chairman for YPO. Kathryn Dunn Harbert grew up in the Carolinas and moved to Birmingham in 1981 after graduating from Auburn University with a BS in Public Administration. Kathryn is a community volunteer and serves on the Boards and Executive Committees of the YWCA of Central Alabama, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, and Red Mountain Theatre Company. She is an active member of the Junior League of Birmingham Choral Group and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. Kathryn and Raymond have three children and 4 grandchildren, all of who bring them great joy. “We have been very blessed and have always believed that to whom much has been given, much is expected. So we give because we can, and that is a great gift for us.”


The Tocqueville Society is recognized as the voice of philanthropy in our state. The Society is comprised of individuals and families who contribute a minimum of $10,000 annually. Tocqueville membership reflects philanthropy at its highest levels and a shared commitment to make our region a better place. The Society is named for the 19th century French diplomat, Alexis de Tocqueville, who admired the spirit of voluntary association for the common good.


Give Birmingham 

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of Greater Birmingham

The children in our communities have truly incredible potential. And now more than ever it’s on all of us to stand together as defenders of it. One of the easiest, most impactful ways to do that is by contributing. Because with each donation, a child like Malachi gets one step closer to being paired with a life-changing, potential-empowering mentor. And Malachi’s not alone. The list of Littles waiting for a Big keeps growing which is why your support is needed more than ever. So join us, together we are Defenders of Potential.

bbbsbhm.org (205) 939-5590

Give Birmingham 

HILLTOP MONTESSORI SCHOOL IS NOW ENROLLING FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHO OL YEAR 18 MONTHS - 8 TH GRADE Contact us at 437-9343 to arrange a tour of our campus, located in the picturesque town of Mt Laurel, conveniently located off Highway 280.



hilltopmontessori.com 78




Give Birmingham 

The Dance Foundation has been engaging the community through dance since 1975. Their unique approach to teaching inspires imaginative learning in young dancers -- with live music! -- and cultivates technique and artistry as they mature. More than 900 students, age one to adult, dance in their studio classes and summer camps. Tuition assistance for families in need is provided through community support. Their Community Partnership Program reaches an additional 1,000+ children each week at community partner locations all over Birmingham. These children are very young, have special needs, need English language support, or live in poverty.




1715 2 7 T H C T S • H O M E WO O D , A L 3 5 2 0 9 (205) 870-0073

Give Birmingham 

Engage. Inspire. Lead. We are an organization of nearly 2,300 women providing over 55,000 hours of volunteer service and $1 million in direct funding annually to those in need in the Birmingham area. Our members inspire voluntarism and develop the potential of women to become leaders of change. We serve women, children, families, the aged and homeless through 38 community projects. Our various fundraisers, such as Shop Save & Share, Market Noel, and Bargain Carousel allow us to have significant community impact. We have also pledged to raise a minimum of $1.25 million to fund a permanent home for One Place Metro Alabama Family Justice Center through the Community of Lights Centennial Campaign by 2022.

2212 20TH AVE. S. • BIRMINGHAM, AL 35223 205.879.9861




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