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From financial planning to facelifts, mortgages to new cars, we've rounded up some expert opinions to help navigate a complex world.

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Financial Planning and wealth management

fi-Plan Partners

5825 Feldspar Way • Birmingham, AL (205) 989-3498

Greg Powell, CIMA, President/CEO, Wealth Consultant


Front Row: Mac Frasier, Quint Cook, Amy Marquis, Renee Frank, Back Row: Laura Baker, Keri Fish, Franklin Bradford, Amanda Robinson, Jon Roberts, Chris Davis, Ashley Page

fi-Plan Partners The financial industry is changing and it is critical that investors work with financial advisors that are adapting for their benefit. In the old model, financial advisors ask their clients a few questions, take their money and invest it using the same formula they use for all their other clients. fi-Plan Partners, a financial planning and wealth management firm in Birmingham, AL, has developed a new model. “Our unique approach takes it to the next level,” says Greg Powell, the President/CEO and Wealth Consultant. “We’ve developed and own the rights to a unique financial planning process called, Your Financial House®, and we’ve created a true team approach to guide our clients in growing their wealth and managing their assets.” “The Your Financial House® process takes in to consideration all the relationships, goals, and values in someone’s life,” Powell explains. “Then, we create a custom financial blueprint designed to help achieve those goals. We ask many questions that most advisors do not

ask. It has nothing to do with investment products. It’s about creating a custom plan to help a client build the kind of life they want to live.” Many times an investor will work with just one financial advisor. How can one advisor keep up with all the needs of their clients, watch the portfolios, and research the changing markets? At fi-Plan Partners, the client works with an entire team of specialists. “Our advisors have specializations that bring customized strategies to often complex issues,” says Powell. Investors often take too much risk in an attempt to reach their goals. By matching the client’s financial planning goals to portfolio performance, fi-Plan Partners gives clients the knowledge of how much risk is actually needed to work toward their goals. Powell emphasizes, “Your Financial House® gives each client a custom financial blueprint based on their life, and a team of wealth management specialists to help guide them toward their goals and maneuver through changing market conditions.”

More information can be found at and

Securities Offered Through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC.

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Slate Barganier Building

3172 Cahaba Heights Rd. birmingham, Al 35243 205-637-3373 •

Slate Barganier Building In 2011, Tison Barganier and Cameron Eaton joined forces and combined their knowledge and experience into a singular vision resulting in the incorporation of Slate Barganier Building. That vision, to establish a personal relationship and partnership with each client, has been the mission of the company ever since. “We believe the relationship and the working friendship is the most important ingredient in every project. While homes are made of bricks and mortar, relationships are formed from stronger materials – namely trust and integrity. Much goes into a successful relationship. We must provide solutions, not problems,” says Barganier. “We must be proactive to remain on budget and on schedule. Most of all, our word should be the footing of every project. We should offer assurances, not excuses in the construction of any project, giving our clients absolute confidence in a successful outcome.” Slate Barganier Building’s detail oriented process relies on time tested approaches that include precise planning and construction schedules, project managers, construction superintendents, and constant communication with every client. Eaton adds, “Our role is to make your project extraordinarily easy for you. With our emphasis on communication, honesty, and proactive problem-solving, we strive to allow our clients to breathe more easily, knowing that their construction company is looking out for them.

Throughout every project, we address every detail from the relationship to the craftsmanship. To us, quality is not just craftsmanship and precision. It is a belief that client satisfaction with the relationship is just as important as their satisfaction with the finished product.” Other than Barganier and Eaton, Slate Barganier Building’s team includes office manager, Kristi Tomberlin, project managers Keith Staub, Victor Wright, Mike Ross, John Peerson, and Stan Weldy, and estimating manager, Gary Speegle. Barganier says that the construction experience and knowledge of the team is vital to the success of each project. “Our team has a vast amount of experience in all facets of construction. That’s extremely important for our clients to trust that they are in good hands, and that we are using our experience and knowledge to construct to the quality that they expect.” Slate Barganier Building specializes in new construction, home renovations, additions, and outdoor living spaces. With an office centrally located in Cahaba Heights, the majority of Slate Barganier Building’s work is in the “Over the Mountain” area, but the company includes completed projects from Lake Martin to Huntsville, and Tuscaloosa to Talladega County. For more information, contact Slate Barganier Building at (205) 637-3373 or email


Your Vision. Our Partnership.

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Dr. Paul Howard 205-871-3361 205-877-PaUl 800-734-liPO


Dr. Paul Howard,

A Real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Home of the One Facelift a Day Promise What is the Most Important Decision when Choosing a Facelift? Most people believe that the most important aspect of achieving good results in facelift surgery is the choice of Surgeon. Dr. Paul Howard is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon which reflects the doctor’s years of experience and the training necessary to perform complex surgical procedures. Dr. Howard says, “Choosing a real board-certified surgeon helps patients feel confident about their decision to pursue cosmetic surgery. They can feel assured that their surgeon is an expert in the field and that the surgical outcome is a positive one. “Facial aging is complicated by genetics, environment, sun damage, smoking, and drinking. There is not a single procedure that works for everyone, therefore it is important that individualized evaluation leads to an operation which is specific for that person. The uniqueness of all faces and the patient’s desired outcome may lead to a slightly different surgical approach for each individual. The one-size-fits-all facelift has become antiquated. To facilitate individualized care, I prefer to look at each part of the face separately leading to a unique surgical treatment plan. “Like most people considering facial rejuvenation, my patients have expressed an interest in procedures that are less invasive and shorter in duration with less swelling, bruising, and a much shorter down-time, and no one wants to go to the hospital.“ To provide less invasive face-lifting, Dr. Howard developed a system called The Howard Lift. The Howard Lift is the base procedure taking care of the cheeks and jawline. The Howard Lift uses local anesthesia with sedation rather than general anesthesia; this adds great flexibility in tailoring the degree of anesthesia to the needs of the patient to lessen edema, bruising, and to expedite recovery. Procedures are performed in the doctor’s office, and patients recuperate at home where they can be most comfortable. In addition, each patient receives a complete assessment with appropriate procedures considered for the neck, eyelids, brow, and nose as needed. A complete skin care evaluation is also done with suitable skin care including chemical peels. Follow-up is provided exclusively by Dr. Howard and his staff; there are no covering physicians or strangers involved in your surgical care or follow-up.

The face-lift operation as practiced by Dr. Howard and other Board Certified Plastic Surgeons continues to evolve as surgical science and cell biology uncover new applications which can be utilized to improve already outstanding results. Responding to the wishes of patients, Dr. Paul Howard’s operations have tended to become less invasive and shorter in duration with less swelling, bruising, and a much shorter down-time. The blending of the improved Howard FaceLift with the lower eyelids and less invasive neck surgery when possible is Dr. Howard’s vision of a modern facelift. Following the teachings of Sydney Coleman in New York City, he has added structured fat grafting to the lips, cheeks and nasolabial folds improving the mouth area and enhancing the cheeks. Dr. Howard believes that fat grafting as now practiced is a huge step forward in facial rejuvenation completely replacing foreign body fillers such a Juvederm® and Restylane® Dr. Howard believes that the number one way to achieve happiness with a plastic surgery result is to be fully informed and develop an excellent working relationship with your Plastic Surgeon. For an in-depth explanation of Dr. Howard’s philosophy of practice and opinions on the surgical issues of the day, log-on to his web site and access his photo galleries and informative Faceliftology® Blog. BEFORE


Dr. Paul Howard is a Real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Birmingham, Alabama. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Howard, call 205-871-3361.

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White Collar attorney

The Dodd Law Firm 205-327-8388

The Dodd Law Firm When you are contacted about a white collar investigation targeting an individual or business what are the immediate concerns you want to address? First, I must identify the various ways in which my client might be vulnerable. The increasing complexity of state and federal criminal statutes, regulatory issues and tax matters demand a multi-disciplinary approach to any client’s situation. Ideally, the client has the ability and foresight to seek counsel early in the process, before any decisions to charge the client have been made. My greatest success stories are those that never make the papers, because the clients are never charged. What is your personal history as a white collar crime attorney? I began my career focusing on white collar criminal trial practice, and over the years have acquired a great deal of experience dealing with civil litigation, state and federal regulatory agencies as well as the IRS. White collar investigations rarely confine themselves to a single category. An investigation that begins as an administrative matter over regulatory compliance can quickly evolve into a matter of civil or even criminal liability. The focus of my career has been in acquiring the knowledge and experience

to deal with each of these potential areas of liability with a unified approach. What role do relationships play in your particular practice? They are vital. Foremost, the relationship with the client and the clear lines of communication you establish are essential to both a positive work experience and a positive outcome. This is especially true when the client is a corporation, where there are a number of competing interests that must be taken into account and balanced with whatever legal strategy is implemented. I know my positive experiences with judges, prosecutors and regulatory officers during my career make it easier to reach common sense resolutions to most problems. Finally, I have a network of lawyers across the state on whom I rely to provide case specific expertise in their respective fields should the need arise, and those relationships ensure each client gets the most comprehensive and cost effective representation available. To learn more about how the Dodd Law Firm support their clients, contact Hube Dodd at 205-327-8388 or visit

No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

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Vein DisorDers

Alabama Vascular & Vein Center

John Kingsley, M.D. 700 Montgomery Hwy, suite 210 Birmingham, AL 35216 823-0151

John Kingsley, M.D. Vein disorders are common. They are not only cosmetic problems but represent significantly abnormal circulation problems which can destroy a patient’s legs. The Alabama Vein Center physicians and staff are not only highly trained, but participated in the development of some of the modern vein treatment methods. Our patients can be assured they will receive the very best diagnosis and treatment methods the world has to offer. Leg pain and swelling, painful bulging veins, spider veins, restless legs and night time cramps bring patients to us seeking relief. Blood clots in the legs are also fairly common, both superficial and deep clots. Treatment options have changed a lot over the years and what we do is nothing like the stripping procedures of the past. Treatment is performed in our AAAHC accredited surgery centers in Vestavia Hills, Tuscaloosa, Prattville, and Atlanta. There is very low pain and risk with these procedures. On occasion patients will suffer a blood clot although this is usually minor, pain and swelling and bruising are fairly common. Forty percent of our patients reported no pain at all from the procedure and up to 80 percent had very little pain. No patient has died, no patient has suffered a major serious complication, among the more than 15,000 patients we have served since the beginning of our practice.

Recovery is rapid. The only day to be relatively quiet is the day of the surgery. Many patients return to work the following day. Because of our experience, we instruct other physicians through our Alabama Phlebology Training Institute, and we have now trained more than 400 physicians and staff from around the U.S. and internationally. We travel to Australia and Japan almost yearly to speak and to teach physicians how to perform the modern vein procedures. The Tokyo Vein Center which is now the premier center in Japan was patterned after our Alabama Vein Center in Vestavia Hills. Fully credentialed in the diagnosis and treatment of our vein patients, both Dr. Melanie Petro and I are Board Certified Diplomates of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Diseases. Many physicians refer their patients to us from all over the South. I personally perform vein diagnosis and treatment as my only specialty now. Dr. Petro is also a cosmetic surgeon, and many of our vein patients appreciate the additional cosmetic procedures with which she can enhance their new beautiful legs. We have worked very hard to develop one of the very best vein centers in the world. Our patients can be reassured they will receive the gentlest, kindest and most sophisticated care possible for the diagnosis and treatment of all vein disorders.

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Multiple ScleroSiS care

The Tanner Center for MS (Alabama Neurology Associates) 509 Brookwood Blvd Birmingham, alabama 35209 205-803-2210 •

Tanner Center and Foundation for MS A Novel Approach to Specialized Care Imagine waking up and not being able to see, feel, walk or move. In essence, that’s precisely what happens in Multiple Sclerosis. It is an autoimmune condition that targets the central nervous system affecting the brain, spinal cord and visual pathways. There are an estimated 5,000 cases of MS in Alabama, primarily affecting young adults. Fortunately, there have been incredible scientific discoveries along with advancements in technology which have changed the landscape for those diagnosed with MS. “It is a very exciting time to be a Neurologist caring for individuals with MS”, says Dr. Emily Riser. Dr. Riser has been committed to the mission of enhancing the lives of individuals

with MS for over a decade. As Medical Director for the Tanner Center for MS, she believes passionately in the multidisciplinary approach to managing this condition and acknowledges that the outcomes are significantly improved by utilizing this model. Specialized services offered at the Center include: advanced medical approaches, MS specific nursing credentials, infusion therapy, neuroimaging, physical and occupational therapy, licensed professional counseling and clinical research. The Tanner Center is affiliated with the National MS Society and is the first clinic in Alabama to be designated as a Comprehensive MS Center.

Aliant Bank,

a division of UsameriBank

With over 100 years of experience, we have the resources to find the best loan for you. Visit us at or call 800-823-1727

Back row from left to right: Randy Nace, Brian Bauman, Rob Irby Front row from left to right: Yvonne Albaugh, KC Haririan, Daniel DiGuglielmo, Trey Fava *Not Pictured: Melissa Morse DeCarlo

Aliant Bank, a division of USAmeriBank As a strong, well-capitalized bank, Aliant Bank, a division of USAmeriBank can take a customized approach to mortgage lending. We understand the “one size fits all” approach does not work. As a result, our seasoned mortgage loan officers are equipped to be your mortgage lender of choice for your primary residence, second home, or investment property financing need. We believe that every borrower deserves a qualified professional to give them the right advice and good options. Aliant uses a team approach, working with our operations and credit analysts to match your credit, income and history with the best available mortgage products and a high level of

personal service. In this competitive real estate market, we advise you to get pre-qualified before you go home shopping. That way, there are no surprises on your credit score, and any concerns can be addressed immediately. Offering conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, AHFA and alternative lending products, Aliant’s mortgage division combines a broad array of mortgage options with state-ofthe-art technology that helps streamline the mortgage process. Our team is known for having one of the best construction and renovation loan programs around town.

Offices in Birmingham, Alabaster, Crestline, Gardendale, Pell City, Montgomery, Alexander City and Auburn 2013. Aliant Bank, a division of USAmeriBank. Member FDIC. All offers of credit are subject to approval.

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Residential lending


the experts



Escape Day Spa

205-414-6062 100 Broadway Street Birmingham, AL 35209

Escape Day Spa The cheerful but chaotic intersection of Broadway and Oxmoor in Edgewood is bustling with kids with ice cream dripping down their knuckles, cars hurrying past, and confusing walk signals as you cross the street on your way into Escape Day Spa. Thankfully, the experts at Escape have created an oasis that is calm, nurturing, and healing. Sisters Carrie Wheelock and Alicia Liddon are truly experts at creating this amazing environment and providing their clients with well-researched, high-quality, medical-grade products and services that are truly healing to the body and mind. Escape Day Spa offers many services and products that cannot easily be found in other spas throughout Birmingham. Escape proudly offers the Hylunia® line of skincare products. These truly-organic skin care products were specifically designed to be completely free of toxins and other inflammatory agents (inflammation is a known catalyst of early aging). Before using Hylunia® products, a micro-resurfacing facial using the new DermaSweep™ technology would be a great

start. DermaSweep™ uses an Epi-infusion option which allows specific skin treatments for skin conditions such as early aging lines, hyperpigmentation, acne, and scars to be deposited onto the skin during exfoliation. Escape’s services are not limited to the creation of rejuvenated and healthy skin. Escape also offers an array of services for everything from your eyelashes to your fingernails. Specifically, Escape is the only spa in Birmingham offering a healthy and toxin-free gel-nail alternative called Bio Sculpture as well as semi-permanent eyelash extensions by Xtreme Lashes® which are natural-looking, virtually weightless extensions safely added to your existing lashes. Of course, Escape Day Spa also offers a variety of spa packages for men, women, or couples complete with massage, pedicures, facials, and scrubs. Escape Day Spa is truly your place to escape and emerge beautiful, relaxed, and on your way to true healing.

energy efficiency

Eco Three

1500 1st Ave. n Birmingham, Al. 35203 205-314-3500 •

Eco Three What is Eco Three? Eco Three is your Energy Efficiency Expert! We specialize in home energy evaluations and upgrades. We want to make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and safe. Our focus is to do that the most costeffective way we can. We want to provide valuable and cost-effective information to each homeowner we work with. Our priority is a quick return on any investment made to upgrade the home’s energy performance. There are a number of proven things that homeowners can do and it is our job to aid them in the process. What is the Eco Three process? Our first step is to come to your home and perform our comprehensive energy evaluation. We use those series of tests to determine problem areas. We will focus on all of the working parts of the home. Some of our clients are having comfort issues where they cannot keep rooms or certain parts of their home the desired temperature.

Some call us because they just moved into a home and have received their first energy bills and realize they need to make a change. We address issues the homeowner is having, We will compile data collected into a customized recommendations report. We will give you prioritized steps that will help with the home’s performance. If a client decides that they want us to tackle the project for them, then we are more than qualified to handle it. We have our own network of contractors that can come in to perform the home upgrades, therefore most all of our projects take only one day. We never want to inconvenience the homeowners. What kind of energy savings do clients see? That varies from home to home. So far this year we have a 28 percent average reduction across the board on total energy costs. Some clients are seeing a 40 percent reduction and some see less. It really depends on the condition of the home and what items the homeowner chooses to upgrade.

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the experts


New Cars

Hoover Toyota

2686 Hwy 150 Hoover, al 35244 Ben Calhoun - New Car sales Manager 205-978-2625 Tony Nieves - New Car sales Manager 205-978-2563 FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus

Hoover Toyota

A Totally Different Model

The customer always comes first at Hoover Toyota. The sales staff works hard to find the customer that perfect vehicle with easy to understand, transparent pricing that leaves both parties feeling great about the transaction. “Easing the anxiety of buying a car, is a goal of Hoover Toyota,” says New Car Sales Manager Tony Nieves, “We hire people with no car sales experience and therefore, no bad habits. They learn our process of making the client comfortable with no high pressure sales–which is unusual for the car business. The non-commissioned sales people are just as happy to sell you a Corolla as a Sequoia. They want the customer to be happy with their new car purchase. Most of the customers have done their homework on our website before they step on the lot. The car that the customer purchases will be the right vehicle for the customer–not what pays the most commission.” “Hoover Toyota is a totally different model of dealership in Alabama. With us, customer service comes first! When a customer has a good experience buying a car, they tell friends who come shop here from our word of mouth reputation. We also offer free car washes for as long as you own the vehicle,

free shuttle to and from work, and free pick-up and delivery for service of your car within a 10-mile radius of Hoover Toyota! Plus you get two years of free maintenance on your new Toyota!” From the marketing of the dealership to the personalities of the staff, Hoover Toyota is one of a kind. For the past decade the dealership has never advertised based on price, yet they have grown to become the largest new car volume dealership (of any brand) in the entire state of Alabama. But you will find plenty of marketing information from Hoover Toyota on the internet, along with plenty of entertaining videos on our YouTube channel. The staff is full of congenial personalities who are genuine people pleasers. So much more than traditional car salespeople, the folks at Hoover Toyota are cooperative information providers helping customers choose their perfect car in atmosphere of total transparency and genuine good will that is nothing short of refreshing. “Check us out at Hoover Toyota. Tony and I will make sure that your new car shopping experience is terrific!” says Ben Calhoun, a new car sales manager.

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AllSouth Appliance

Tyler Hillman - allsouth appliance 4 W Oxmoor Road Birmingham, al 35209 942-0408

AllSouth Appliance What sets AllSouth Appliance apart from the big box stores? We have over 10,000 sq ft. dedicated to appliances in full size kitchen displays. You don’t buy off the shelf at AllSouth. Purchasing is an experience that’s supposed to be fun and rewarding. Our experienced staff can find a solution to almost any kitchen dilemma. AllSouth keeps many specialty appliances in stock for immediate pick-up. Others we order and deliver according to your schedule. Many of the brands we carry require proper installation to operate at peak performance and our staff is trained to know if certain products are right for the customer. We offer full delivery, installation and service on the products we sell. With so many brands, how does one know which type of appliances will best suit their needs? This is what really sets us apart from most of our competitors. Our sales professionals will ask many questions like how often and for how many you entertain and cook for family. We showcase products to make the kitchen fun and easy to use. We will look at any budget and work to find our customers the most for their money. Do you carry the ice makers that make ice like Zaxby’s? That kind of ice, also known as pellet or nugget is a must have for ice eaters out there! Yes, we have several products that offer the

small ice either under counter or even in a counter top dispenser. Ironically they are more efficient than standard ice machines and definitely easier on the teeth. How is new technology making appliances more energy efficient? Small micro processors are controlling many areas of appliances. Reducing cooling time on refrigeration, washing and drying time on laundry and dishwashers and helping us run ovens less time. With energy efficiency we have learned that some things may not clean as fast or as thorough as products in the past. This is where our product knowledge is second to none and we can help guide the consumer to proper appliances. Are outdoor kitchens still popular? We did see a reduction in size and scope of outdoor kitchens during the past few years, but we are seeing more interest these days. We have so many products to fit all budgets and sizes of an outdoor space. It is really amazing. Some people may have outgrown the inside of their house and seem to be looking to expand the living areas. We are selling more Big Green Eggs and infra-red cooking appliances along with outdoor refrigeration these days. Those are the basics, a way to cook and a way to keep beverages cold!

Imagine yourself in the kitchen you’ve always wanted. See every Sub-Zero and Wolf product in its natural environment at The Living Kitchen. Make yourself at home. Get hands-on with the complete line of Sub-Zero and Wolf products as you move from one full-scale kitchen vignette to the next. Once you’ve been inspired by all that your new kitchen can be, our specialists will help you turn your dreams into reality.

4 W Oxmoor Road • Birmingham, AL 35209 • 942-0408 •

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