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Revalidation – Key Facts for Paediatricians The Revalidation Process For many doctors revalidation will not mean any significant change in what they do now. Paediatricians will be appraised annually by designated appraisers. Appraisers will link to a Responsible Officer (RO), a statutory role, usually the Medical Director of the organisation. The RO will review documentation at the end of a five-year cycle and make the formal recommendation to the General Medical Council (GMC) as to whether a doctor should be revalidated or not. The GMC will make the final decision. Annual Appraisal and Revalidation The RO’s recommendation will be based upon documentation from annual ‘strengthened’ appraisals. This will be supplemented within the five-year cycle by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records, multisource feedback (peer and patient), clinical governance data (depending on the doctor’s job plan), statements about the doctor’s probity and health and confirmation of resolution of any outstanding concerns. Paediatricians undertaking annual appraisal will be expected to demonstrate that they have met standards agreed by RCPCH against those defined in the GMC’s Good Medical Practice (GMP) Framework (see box A). Supporting Information Supporting information (see box B) can be used to demonstrate attainment of more than one attribute as selected by the individual doctor. Over five appraisals, sufficient information will need to be collected and assessed, e.g. 250 CPD credits, for a positive recommendation for revalidation to be made. Cont. overleaf.

Box A: GMP framework for appraisal and assessment Domain 1 – Knowledge, skills and performance Attribute 1 - Maintain your professional performance Attribute 2 - Apply knowledge and experience to practice Attribute 3 - Keep clear, accurate and legible records Domain 2 – Safety and Quality Attribute 1 - Put into effect systems to protect patients and improve care Attribute 2 - Respond to risks to safety Attribute 3 - Protect patients from any risk posed by your health Domain 3- Communication, Partnership and Teamwork Attribute 1 - Communicate effectively Attribute 2 - Work constructively with colleagues; delegate effectively Attribute 3 - Establish and maintain partnerships with patients Domain 4 - Maintaining Trust Attribute 1 - Show respect for patients Attribute 2 - Treat patients and colleagues fairly and without discrimination Attribute 3 - Act with honesty and integrity

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health October 2010

Assessment of supporting information Assessment of supporting information against the GMP domains will be at the level of GMP attributes. The appraiser will verify supporting information and discuss and assess its relevance using national guidance issued by the GMC, the Revalidation Support Team, and the RCPCH. Where decisions are complicated additional guidance on interpretation may be available directly from Royal Colleges and their designated advisers. What Can Paediatricians Do to Prepare for Revalidation? Maintain a portfolio (preferably on computer) that collates supporting information from the below areas for easy access and review prior to appraisals. Putting supporting information in a portfolio through the year means that the process of data collection and presentation is less time-consuming. The portfolio of information should be augmented by a matrix noting which piece of information relates to which GMP domain(s) and attribute(s). Box B: Summary of supporting information for revalidation • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Five signed appraisal forms Five Personal Development Plans (PDP) including review of previous PDPs Evidence of 250 CPD credits spread over five years One peer Multi Source Feedback (MSF) in five years One Patient Feedback (PF) survey in five years Evidence of clinical audits (against relevant clinical guidelines) Evidence of any non clinical work (teaching, management, research) Critical events and incident reviews Clinical governance information Review and resolution of complaints Probity self-declaration Health self-declaration GP registration

Additional information can be provided by doctors to demonstrate the depth and breadth of their practice against the standards if required Timeframes Revalidation and strengthened appraisal are being piloted extensively across the UK. Pilots are due to complete Spring 2012. The first revalidation recommendations are likely to be made after pilots are fully evaluated, no sooner than end 2012. All paediatricians should start to collect information now in readiness. Further information and more detailed guidance on revalidation can be found at: Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health October 2010

Revalidation Guidance Leaflet  

Rvalidation Guidance for paediatricians

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