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Jo達o Rodrigues Audiovisual Producer Communication Designer / Graphic Designer Director / Producer Script Writer Jo達o Rodrigues | All Rights Reserved | 2013

João Rodrigues 07502327231 @ 37 Dalefield Avenue, Normanton | WF6 1HS

I m a Communication Designer and Audiovisual Producer


ABOUT ME João Rodrigues born in Portugal in 1990, has a degree in Design Communication and Audiovisual Production by the Applied Arts School of Castelo Branco. He completed the 12th grade in the Technological course of Design Equipment, then decides to take a degree in Design Communication and Audiovisual Production to deepen knowledge. It is very creative, organized and pro-active. His favorite area is the audiovisual, because that's where he feel more comfortable. In is school made several short lms, including most importantly the "Cross re" (2011), who participated in the contest "Mutter", organized by the Lusophone University and SIC Radical, "Repentance Time" (2011) and "One Rose and Four Thorns" (2012), both selected for the "III Festival of Valadares Short Films". In 2012, as a nal project for graduation, produced and directed, together with Francisco Manuel Sousa and João Garcia, the short lm "Cool", an adaptation of the homonymous tale of Luis Paulo Gonçalves.

PROFISSIONAL SKILLS Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects Adobe Speedgrade Microsoft Of ce Corel Draw Google Sketchup Autodesk 3DMAX

PERSONAL SKILLS Creativity Communication Organization Team Work Responsability Motivation Skills


Acrialbi Publicity / AQD Graphics Graphic Designer, Criative and Audiovisual Producer Acrialbi and AQD are a proud company, who makes pre-printing and printing, visual identitys, stickers for mx/quad s motos and publicity works like t-shirts, viatures, outdoors.

2009/ 2013

ESART SHOW Participant For four years my short lms was screened in this short lm s show organized in Castelo Branco by the ESART University.


Publicitary Spot for Sabores e O cio Freelancer Director and Producer in the Online Publicitary Spot 'Sabores e O cios' with Neel Naik (RaAtelier).


Short lm COOL Director, Producer and Actor COOL is a ctional short lm produced under the Degree in Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas of Castelo Branco.

EDUCATION 2009/ 2012

Degree in Communication Design and Audiovisual Producer Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas of Castelo Branco

2007/ 2009

Technological Course in Equipment Design Escola Secundária Amato Lusitano of Castelo Branco



NERCAB Associação Empresarial da Região de Castelo Branco Creative and Graphic Designer Nercab is a Business Association in which I was assigned to the department graph, where realized many design projects.


Concept Publicidade Graphic Designer Concept is a small company of brand design where i developed many projects for the city of Castelo Branco

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INFORMATION Full Name: João António Gonçalves Rodrigues Adress: 37 Dale eld Avenue, Normanton WF6 1HS | Wake eld, UK Mobilephone: 07502327231 E-mail: Websites: Nacionality: Portuguese Date of Birth: 07 July 1990 Gender: Male Driver License B and B1 Skype: joaoagrodrigues


- Seminar about Pré-Press, taught by professor João Carlos Póvoa; - Workshop about tridimensional equipments to communication taught by professor Miguel Estima; - Workshop designated DreamLab , taught by Diogo Valente;


- Lecter about Information design, taught by Paul Mijksenaar; - Sisley Seminar for DOC Richardson, taught by FORDOC; - Workshop designated by Typographic Safari , taught by designer Eduardo Herrera; - Olimpics about Communication and Marketing, taught by FORDOC; - Lecture about Web 2.0/3.0 and Product Design , taught by professor Eva Dominguez from Universidade da Estremadura; - Workshop about image editing, taught by Rui Madruga [RTP] - Lecture about DSLR cameras, taught by Rui Madruga [RTP]


- Workshop about television graphics, taught by Nicolau Tudela [RTP] - Lecture Brands Power , taught by the company Invity Brand Corporation - Lecture about Inclusive design", taught by the company Metropolitano de Lisboa - Workshop about Tipography , taught by the tipographer Jorge dos Reis;


-Basic Skills in Information technologies, taught by ESNA.

LANGUAGES Portuguese Spanhish English

GRAPHIC SKILLS 65% What i can do? Pre-printing and digital printing, Visual identitys, stationarys, outdoors, packaging, editorial publications, signs, MX/Quad's and helmets graphic kits, newsletters, backof ce management, decorations of viatures, PVC cards printing, t-shirt design. Softwares i use: Autocad, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Of ce, Corel Draw x6, Rasterlink Pro 3, Finecut 8, Corel Photopaint, Gimp, Nexus Font, Adobe Lightroom, Perfect Effects 4. Machinery: MIMAKI CJV30-100 (Impressão Digital) | Digital Printer MIMAKI CG-130 FX II (Plotter de Corte) | Cut Plotter MIMAKI CF2 1218 (Plotter de Recorte de Mesa) | Table Cut Plotter Roland VP-540I (Plotter de Impressão e Corte) | Digital Printer and Cutter Prensa de Transfer Térmica para T-shirts | T-shirts Transfer Impressora de Cartão PVC Magicard Avalon Duo - 2 faces | Card Printer Laminadora Royal Sovereing RSC-1650-LSH


- Director and Producer of the short lm COOL - Participate in the event "Mostra de Vídeo Mapping na ESART" - Director, Producer, Script Writer and Video Caption in the short lm Uma Rosa e Quatro Espinhos Organizer and participant in the event "Mostra de Curtas Metragens no Cineteatro Avenida de Castelo Branco"


- Editor in the short lm O Momento by Rui Madruga - Director, Producer, Script Writer, Video Caption and Editor of the two online ads Autobook - Director, Produer and Script Writer of the short lm Fogo Cruzado


- Director, Producer and Video Caption of the documentary Nercab, o futuro passa por aqui - Director, Producer and Script Writer of the short lm Arrependimento no Tempo - Director, Producer Script Writer of the publicitary Spot Viver o Cineteatro - Director, Producer and Script Writer of the short lm WCI White Castle Investigation - Director, Producer, Script Writer, Film Editor in the online ad 'Raia Viva'.

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What can i do? Film and Editing, Color Grading, Post-Prodution, Visual and Special Effects, Sound Editing, Script Writing

IPL - International Procurement & Logistics Ltd Operative Operative in the food industrie at the factory IPL International Procurement & Logistics Ltd.


Softwares knownledge: Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Encore e Speedgrade, Final Cut 7, Resolume Arena 4, Final Draft, Red Giant Plugins, Magic Lantern.

Mostra de Curtas Metragens Organizer and Participant Organizer and participant in the event "Mostra de Curtas Metragens no Cineteatro Avenida de Castelo Branco»


PT Comunicações Telemarketing employee Telemarketing employee for PT Comunicações in Call Center of Castelo Branco


Coffe Shop São Simão Barman Barman in the coffe shop São Simão in Castelo Branco

Video cameras and acessories: Canon EOS 550/600D/650D/5D Mark II, Nikon D5100, Sony HVR-Z1N HDV 1080i Minidv/Dvcam/Hdv, Sony DSR 250/300 DV CAM, Sony XDCAM HD422, Go Pro Hero II, DSLR RODE Microphones.

HOBBIES & INTERESTS I am a hard working person with great character and a great desire to produce new things and enjoys many things in life, such as the media arts, music, script writing, and anything that involves design. I really like hanging out with my friends, play video games, listen to good music, visiting museums and watching many movies. My real passion is everything related to video and video.

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João Rodrigues Resume / CV  
João Rodrigues Resume / CV  

What can i do? #Graphic Designer #Comunication Designer #Audiovisual Producer #Script Writer #Director #Actor