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My Teaching Philosophy

I believe education is a process in which you gain knowledge by some experiences you encounter while interacting with society. I fully believed in Lev Vygotsky’s Social Constructivism which states that a person learns through the interaction with society and then internalizes what has learn in order to have meaningful learning. A classroom using social constructivism will have seats arranged differently according to the activities but mostly in groups. In the school there should be clubs and organizations that will have to turn in a project on how they contributed with society. For example a recycling club can make a project of collecting many newspapers and taking them to the recycling center, and then they will have to expose the reasons for doing it. I also believe that the teacher would have a very challenging job. The teacher will have to analyze the students need and interests in order to plan thematic units centered on issues of our society and enabling social transformation. The teacher should foster creativity, leadership and diversity in every class. I believe it is important to make the students aware of the problems we have in society and how our values and knowledge can help us transform our society into a better one.

My teaching philosophy  
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