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Shaun Kardinal

Conformation No. 7 Hand-embroidered oversize postcard 9 x 6 inches.

Maurizio Anzeri Giovanni 2009

Maurizio Anzeri Rebecca 2009

Maurizio Anzeri makes his portraits by sewing directly into found vintage photographs. •

Anzeri’s embroidered patterns add intricate detail to the portraits transforming what was once an anonymous person into something quite extraordinary. •

The antique appearance of the photographs contradicts the sharp, often geometric lines and silky shimmer of the threads. The combined media gives the effect of a dimension where history and future converge. •

Stephen Gill

Untitled from the series Hackney Flowers 2006

Untitled from the series Hackney Flowers, 2006

Julie Cockburn

Venus 2011

Incognito 2011

Ryo Ohwada

Daniele Buetti

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