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UNITED, WE do more. We are all interdependent and connected. When we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all.

United Way of Williamson County

United Way of williamson county – Creating opportunities for a better life for all.

We bring together the passion, expertise and resources of our community positive and lasting change that improves lives. LIVE UNITED is your invi TM

United Way of Williams

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of joining wit Community Care Fund Distribution “I can go to [the teachers] with anything – what goes on at home or school – and they are there for me with suggestions on how to help my child.”

2010 Total Allocations $1,896,005

– Chandra Dodson, mother of Taylor, 5, and Derrick, 7th grader Dodson’s children attended a United Way partner agency day care program dedicated to giving a strong foundation to early education.

Rebuilding Lives 33% or $625,800

“I love helping sick people; it’s my passion.”

Education 44% or $842,205

Health 19% or $354,600

 – Dr. Richard Anderson. Income 4% or $73,400

! Dr. Anderson, a primary care physician, volunteers at a United Way partner agency that provides working, uninsured adults with affordable primary health care.

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My Gift: ❒ $52

Please mail this fo United Way of Williamson County, 20 Or go online to donate by credit card


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programs and partner agencies.

“[The volunteers] who bring the meals are to be really commended. They bring me lunch five times a week, and it really helps my daughter out.” 

– Douglas Nelms

added value

with United Way. Did You Know? • Over 70 local volunteers carefully examine and review agencies and programs considered for United Way support

• Collaborating with Williamson County Parks &

Recreation and several corporate partners, we’ve installed learning trails in 3 local parks because we believe children are Born Learning

• Free Tax Assistance sites for low-income and

elderly citizens generated federal refunds and tax credits of $307,276 for community residents

• Working with schools and community partners

we provide tours of area colleges for teens who would be first-generation, college-bound students

• 87¢ of every dollar donated to United Way of

Williamson County goes back into the community

• Thanksgiving baskets of food and comfort were provided to 370 families in need through our program last year

• Helping Hands Food Pantry was established to assist residents in underserved areas

• We collaborated with companies and government agencies on an area Disaster Preparedness Plan to assist families and businesses in organizing before a crisis • 2-1-1, an information & referral phone number allows community members to connect with numerous services and resources

nd help families in Williamson County.

Nelms has meals delivered to him daily through a United Way-funded program that helps improve people’s health.

❒ Other $

orm with your contribution to: 09 Gothic Court, Suite 107, Franklin, TN 37067 d at and click on the GIVE link

“It always gives me a good feeling to know the clients are happy.” – Mary Ann Fish  Fish volunteers with a United Way program which offers free income tax preparation assistance to seniors and low-income individuals in an effort to help families become financially stable and independent.





I don’t just wear the shirt,

I live it.

Local Contractor

Helps Rebuild Lives.

I was invited to the Gulf Coast by a friend of mine immediately following the Katrina disaster to help in the early recovery effort. After just one week, I found myself dazed with concern over the devastation and needs of everyone who had been affected by this horrendous event. It was on that trip that my friend Rick Morrison and I committed to returning twice a year and to encourage as many from our local community to go with us. Each spring and fall we led groups of volunteers under the name of The Fairview Disaster Relief (named after our community of Fairview, TN) down to the Gulf to rebuild houses and try to restore some normalcy back to the lives of the people in that region. Fast forward to February 5, 2008, when own community was hit with disaster after tornadoes ripped through Fairview, devastating homes and lives. I realize now that through no control of my own and for no reason other than through God’s grace, my home was spared. During the days that followed, churches, civic groups, United Way, government agencies – even total strangers – started pouring into our small corner of Williamson County and bringing with them an amazing spirit of good will. The need to do something laid heavy upon the hearts of everyone involved, and the desire to make things happen sooner than later was even stronger. Rick and I both knew that our scheduled March trip back to Mississippi wasn’t going to happen. We could not ignore our own community when so many of our friends were in need.

Joe Chapdelaine, Chair, Williamson County Long Term Recovery Committee

Creative work donated by Journal Communications, Inc., proud supporter of United Way of Williamson County.

The community met to discuss direction for long term recovery, and United Way stepped in to assist with the creation of the Williamson County Long Term Recovery Committee. Officers were elected to steer the committee and address the community’s needs. Like so many others there that night, I had only wanted to know how I could help. (I have been in construction for a great number of years and I knew I would be able to help in the reconstruction just as I had down in the Gulf Coast region.) But there were other plans for me. I was nominated and elected Vice-Chair and a few months later Chair of the committee and have been serving as such ever since. The committee has faced some challenges the past few years, and currently is helping families affected by the May flooding. We always keep in the back of our minds that when our next disaster happens, we need to be ready for it.

Tractor Supply Co. proudly supports the community with United Way of Williamson County.


United Way of Williamson County brings together resources and people with passion and expertise to create innovative, positive and lasting c...