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new horizons 速

the magazi ne of the n ational ffa orga nization

FFA exists to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Learning To Do, Doing To Learn, Earning To Live, Living To Serve.


FFA New Horizons Magazine and Soci Multiple platforms for the advancement of your brand Educate, Inform, Connect and Entertain Serving as the primary communication link to FFA members, families and teachers, FFA New Horizons provides vibrant, relevant content to teen members while engaging them with language that is easy to understand.

• Maintains year-round presence with full FFA membership • Speaks to FFA members at home with family and online with friends • Delivers your message in the context of sought-after editorial • Establishes your brand with identified affinity audience of 12-21 year-olds • Offers cost-effective “direct mail” and “opt-in” link to national youth audience

From Readex 2009 Survey • 62% of respondents read or looked through at least 3 of the last 4 issues of NH. • 65% read half or more of each issue • 66% of respondents save the magazine as a resource • 80% of respondents are interested in reading about agriculture facts/features • 78% are interested in reading about college/ career information

Media: al Network

Cross Platform Capabilities • Provides multiple connection points in the context of consumer choices and career decisions • Integrates print reader engagement with social network online relationships • Supplies specialized content marketing as setting to endorse your message

Readership Profile: • circulation: 550,000, including parents, teachers and alumni • Chapters: 7,487 local chapters • Urban reach: Chapters located in 16 of the 20 largest U.S. cities • Residence: 66% rural, 34% small town or suburban/urban • Gender: 58% male, 42% female • Age: Average 17 years. 89% of members in grades 9-12 • Education/Career Interest: 87% career exploration, 81% college preparation, 81% technology • ABC audited


• Mailed directly to the homes of 550,000+ members teachers and supporters • Pass-along readership of 1.2 million

• magazine mailed directly to homes Quarterly



IN PRINT … FFA New Horizons highlights the programs, interests and accomplishments of the National FFA Organization and its members through exciting features and departments – all of which aggressively drive readers online to extend their FFA New Horizons brand experience.

Features: • National Officer Q & A • cool careers • healthy lifestyles • ffa faces • how to …

Premium Positions available: • Inside Covers • Back Cover • Feature Adjacencies

Statistics show…

75% of teens read magazines.


Magazines drive web search more than any other medium – more than double Internet advertising and social media.2 1 MRI Teenmark 2008, pg. 78 of MPA 2009 Magazine Handbook 2 BIGResearch Simultaneous Media Usage Study or survey (SIMM13), December 2008, pg. 70 of MPA 2009 Magazine Handbook.

And Online at … Strengthen your print campaign with FFA New Horizons’ companion web element. FFA’s official social network is exclusively comprised of members who subscribe because they want to be connected to other members.

FFA Nation members can: • Upload and share photos • watch videos • Create groups • Participate in discussions • Message each other • Explore the digital version of FFA New Horizons • Search for research topics • Explore expanded content in depth A variety of ad units and sponsorship opportunities can be customized to achieve advertiser goals.

Ad Specs/Digital Submission Supplied files policy

Submitted Print Ads:


Journal Communications Inc. is not responsible for enhancing advertisers’ digital files or resizing to match the ad space purchased.

• Submit as a high-resolution PDF (PDF/X-1a). Username: ads Password: client

If any additional work is necessary or if files deviate from the size or specifications on this form, the files will be rejected and must be resubmitted. Please proof your ad carefully before submission. Resubmitted files will be subject to a $50 processing fee.

• Submit in one of the following formats – GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG, Flash. If submitting Flash, also supply a backup GIF to serve to users who do not have the Flash plug-in.

Any extra charges incurred by Journal due to problems with supplied files will be billed to the advertiser with a detailed explanation of the problem. proofing policy We do not provide a proof for ads submitted digitally. It is understood that the files are set up as the advertiser intended, were approved prior to submission and will output as supplied. Please supply a color proof for content reference (SWOP preferred). Please note: The quality of materials is the responsibility of the supplier.

Submitted Online Ads

• Upload files and complete the contact information form. Once files are uploaded, a message indicating a successful transfer will be posted. Detailed FTP instructions are available from your sales rep.

• Files may not exceed 30 KB.

E-mail (

• Linking URL must be provided.

• Compress your files into a single compressed, self-extracting file. We can only accept file sizes less than 10 MB.

Please note: The accuracy and quality of materials is the responsibility of the supplier. Please proofread your ad before submission. • Submit logo as an .eps or other format that supports a transparent background • All rich media ads must be submitted as a .SWF or .FLA file with a click through URL. • All ad units must be coded properly for click tags and launch a new browser window when clicked on. • If files do not contain the proper coding or deviate from the specifications on this form, the file will be rejected and must be resubmitted.

Print Ad Sizes

• Include business name, magazine name and ad size in your e-mail message. E-mail to Disk: • We accept Mac-formatted CDs/DVDs. Please e-mail all PC-formatted files. • We hold supplied disks until publication. If you would like your disk returned, submit a self-addressed stamped envelope. Allow 6-8 weeks after publication for a returned disk.

Online Ad Sizes

(Only a full-page ad guarantees exclusivity on the page.)

Two-Page Spread Bleed: 15.75"w x 10.75"h Trimmed to: 15.5"w x 10.5"h Live area: 15"w x 10"h (.25" gutter on each side) Set your document up to the bleed size, keeping all images/text in live area.

Full Page

Virtual Magazine Sponsor

Wide Skyscraper

728 x 90 pixels

160 x 600 pixels


Medium Rectangle

728 x 90 pixels

300 x 250 pixels

Submitted Video Ads – up to 30 seconds

Bleed: 8"w x 10.75"h Trimmed to: 7.75"w x 10.5"h Live area: 7.25"w x 10"h

File format requirements:

Set your document up to the bleed size, keeping all images/text in live area.

• High-resolution Quicktime .mov or .dv file, uncompressed

Back Cover Bleed: 8"w x 8.125"h Trimmed to: 7.75"w x 8"h Live area: 7.5"w x 7.875"h


Half Banner

180 x 150 pixels

234 x 60 pixels

• Aspect ratio: 16:9 • Submit via FTP

Set your document up to the bleed size, keeping all images/text in live area. Special size to accommodate mailing address and indicia.

2/3-Page Vertical

1/2-Page Horizontal

1/2-Page Vertical

1/3-Page Vertical

1/3-Page Horizontal

1/6-Page Vertical

4.4375"w x 9.5"h

6.75"w x 4.5"h

4.4375"w x 6.5"h

2.125"w x 9.5"h

4.4375"w x 4.5"h

2.125"w x 4.5"h

725 Cool Springs Blvd., Suite 400, Franklin, TN 37067 (615) 771-0080 • Fax: (615) 771-0079 •


new horizons


the magazi ne of the n ational ffa orga nization

From a Zoomerang 2008 ffa membership Survey • My favorite place to shop for clothes is: American Eagle 38% J.C. Penney, Target 34% Kohl’s 36% FFA Unlimited 33% Walmart 35%

• My favorite place to just shop is: Walmart 55%

Tractor Supply 42%

Target 41%

• My favorite fast food place is: Subway 62% Wendy’s 40% Taco Bell 43% McDonald’s 39%

• If I suddenly had a bunch of money and could buy one thing, I’d totally get... New Car/Truck, Pay off College, New Tractor, A Farm, computer or an ipod

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Effective Date 9/10

FFA New Horizons 2010-2011 Media Kit  

FFA New Horizons is the official member publication for the more than 500,000 members, parents, advisors, alumni and supporters of the Natio...

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