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Cool Careers in Veterinary Medicine

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bout animals? Passionate about animals and animal care? Then the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) would love to hear from you. AVMA, the organizing force behind the nation’s 75,000-plus veterinarians, has identified what they’re calling a “growing crisis” in the veterinary workforce. Simply put, there are too few veterinary professionals to serve all the pets, livestock and other animals that need care. And according to AVMA spokesperson Joanne Clevenger, you’re just the type of person they’d like to bring onboard. “FFA members have the ability to make good decisions and be leaders,” Clevenger says. “They also have the maturity and the training that it takes to succeed in veterinary medicine, plus the love for animals, agriculture and science. They’re the cream of the crop.”


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Veterinarians … • Help keep our pets and service animals healthy through medical examinations and vaccinations. • Protect the health of livestock to ensure healthy dairy and meat products. • Inspect our meat and many other foods for harmful bacteria before they are approved for people to eat. • Work in research labs to find cures for animal and human diseases. • Monitor our lakes and rivers to keep the water safe for aquatic animals and people. • Work with wildlife and in zoos to preserve endangered species and discover new ways to protect and restore their habitats. Source: AVMA,






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connection A Veterinary Medicine supervised agricultural experience program (SAE) is a great way to explore the field of veterinary medicine. Students in the program work with veterinarians in clinical practice, research facilities, colleges of veterinary medicine, the animal health industry and in a number of other capacities. Those who take part in the program may compete for proficiency awards at the chapter, state and national level. The awards, which are sponsored by the AVMA, include $1,000 for the national winner.

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“I’m going into veterinary medicine because I know this is what I want to do. I’m doing it because I want to be happy more than anything else.” Liz Pritchard, Texas FFA member

Veterinarians protecting the health of animals and people

The Possibilities are Endless! Where do veterinarians work? • Aquariums • Classrooms • Farms • Hospitals and clinics • Laboratories • Zoos …almost anywhere!

FFA Cool Careers  

FFA Cool Careers in Veterinary Medicine. Sponsored by the AVMA

FFA Cool Careers  

FFA Cool Careers in Veterinary Medicine. Sponsored by the AVMA