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1160 Road Edwardone Jones received the highest numerical scoreBeaverwood among 15 brokerage firms in the J.D. Ottawa Senators mascot Spartacat low-5’s a young runner on Mill St. near the finish line of the family miler during 8th annual ManMewsStudies. Of Manotick Power 2013-2016 Canadian Full Service Investor 2016 study based on 5,159 otick Miler on May 6. This year’s event was expanded, as the Manotick Miler merged with the Barrhaven Run for Roger ON K4M 1A3 total responses, measuring the opinionsNeilson ofManotick, investors whoHouse. use full-serviceThis investment year’s Manotick Miler was a fundraiser for the Sens Foundation and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. For more 613-692-2776 on the event, see

page 9 and visit the Manotick Messenger Facebook page.

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1160 Beaverwood Road . 1160 Beaverwood Road Mews Of Manotick * Includes locked-in plans, Life Income Funds (LIFs), Locked-in Retirement Income Funds (LRIFs) and Prescribed RRIFs Manotick, ON K4M 1A3 Mews Of Manotick 613-692-2776 Manotick, ON K4M 1A3 www.edwardjones.ca Pat Connor www.edwardjones.com Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund . Keep more of what you save. Call me today.

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The MessengerNEWS


Light rail expansion to Limebank Road expected to help local commuters By Charlie Senack Light Rail Transit won’t be rolling through Barrhaven anytime soon, but an expected expansion of the Trillium Line to Limebank Road will make commuting in and out of Barrhaven a little easier. On Thurs., May 3, Mayor Jim Watson, alongside Liberal Members of Provincial Parliament Bob Chiarelli and John Fraser, announced that the Ontario Provincial Government is putting $50 million toward expanding the Trillium Line of the O-Train out to Limebank Road. As a result, those who live in Riverside South and Barrhaven are expected to have an easier time with public transit. Property developers Urbandale Corporation and Richcraft Homes, two of Riverside South’s bigger property developers, have also stated that they are going to throw an additional $30 million into the pot. That will bring the government funding of the project to $80 million. That money will come from special levies that will come from the sale of homes in the area. “This funding is in addition to the one billion dollars Ontario has already invested in stage two of the LRT project, and adds to the single largest investment any provincial government has made to support Ottawa’s public transit,” said Bob Chiarelli, MPP for Ottawa West-Nepean and the minister of infrastructure. A similar plan was introduced when Chiarelli was Mayor of Ottawa, but it was scrapped in 2006 because the public felt it was “a train to nowhere” as council called it. The plans being scrapped resulted in Chiarelli losing

his re-election as Mayor shape under stage two to Larry O’Brien later of LRT,” he said. “Its the South End that is going that year. Mayor Jim Watson first, then the East End, says this project was a and then the West End.” Terry Nichols, the long time coming. He said it will help serve the president of Urbandale residents of Riverside Corporation said this exSouth — an area that pansion will really help currently houses around serve the residents of 16,000 residents, and is Riverside South, espegrowing by around 2,000 cially with the population expecting to reach a year. “Anyone that trav- 55,000 within 10 years. “(It’s) one of the first els down to Riverside South and Barrhaven communities in Ottawa knows the tremendous to be built and designed growth that is taking with rail transit already place there,” said Mayor in place prior to a sig- Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson was flanked by municipal and provincial politicians and officials as Watson. “Literally every nificant percentage of he announced the expansion of the LRT line to Limebank Road. Charlie Senack photo month I go down I see the build out already a new subdivision pop- being completed,” said tive Party sat down with said more needs to still ground. The trip from Nichols. He added that Watson a few weeks ago, be done, and the city is Limebank to downtown ping up.” on the Trillium Line is The expansion will the stop at Limebank and said he was support- working on that. It is unclear when expected to take around begin at the current will be surrounded by ive of the project. Mayor Watson says shovels will be put in the 25 minutes. Greenboro Station, and what will soon be the continue south to Lime- town centre. A library that in his survey he will bank Road. The line will and community centre be sending out to all also branch out serving are soon to be built in the local candidates for the provincial election, residents in the Uplands the area. It’ goal is also to help he will be asking them area, and will travel to reduce emissions, and whether or not they supthe airport. s Watson said that the to keep more cars off of port the second phase of Installation , e ic v r e S , city is thrilled to be given the road. Their hope is LRT. Sales DIRECT RESPONSE MEDIA GROUP Although the expanthat more residents and the funding from the Well PumPs 2285 Wyecroft Road their families will take sion of light rail transit provincialOakville, government ON L6L 5L7 Canada submersible & Jet Pressure Tanks (905) 465-1233 | 1 (866) 993-0600 for the 3.4km extension, the trains around the city will not be going out to info@drmg.com | drmg.com and said that trains are instead of using their car. Barrhaven, it is expected sumP/AnyeffluenT/ seWage PumPs correction to the ad must be requested by the customer within 48 If Premier Kathleen to help shorten Barexpected to beREQUEST rolling HOURS of receiving this approval request in order to meet the closing APPROVAL PumP dates, & elecTrical moTor rePair TP rhaven ARTIST: residents’ comwhich vary from one issue to another. into Riverside by Wynne loses the prov-PRODUCTION PUBLICATION: SOLOSouth CARD MAy 7,in 2018 AD SIZE: 10.875”w x 5.25”h mute and out of the PLEASE NOTE: YOUR AD conversions WILL RUN “AS IS” UNLESS CHANGES ARE MADE incial election in June,DATE: 2021. Well exTensions and TO THIS PROOF, SO PLEASE CHECK OFFERS, EXPIRY DATES, CONTACT DOCKET NUMBER: 158188 community. 06 “The Trillium Line there are some concernsREVISION: INFORMATION & ALL WRITTEN COPY. PUBLICATION DATE: MAY 2018 Watson said the line South extension is one of that the funding could SOLO CARD SIDEmajor 1 Thank you for using DRMG to promote your business the three main ex- be scrapped. Doug Ford, connects bus service to prioritypumps@gmail.com tensions to Ottawa’s light Leader of the Ontario Barrhaven via the Vimy www.prioritypumpservice.ca rail transit system taking Progressive Conserva- Memorial Bridge. He

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The MessengerCOMMUNITY Sapling from a Vimy Ridge acorn planted at Claudette Cain Park

By Messenger Staff A piece of history from the Battle of Vimy Ridge has been planted at Claudette Cain Park in Riverside South. Members of the Royal Canadian Legion Barrhaven and South Carleton branches were on hand as an oak sapling was planted at Claudette Cain Park Monday morning. The sapling descends from an acorn of an oak tree picked up at the site of the Battle of Vimy Ridge more than 100 years ago. “This bridge was named Vimy Bridge to honour and remember the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers,” said former city councillor and deputy mayor Steve Desroches. “There is great symbolism having those trees here.”

Also on hand at the ceremony were Councillors Jan Harder, Scott Moffatt, Michael Qaqish and George Darouze. Nepean-Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod was also on hand, and got emotional in saying that it was her last official event representing the riding. “I was there to help rebuild the Legion in Manotick when it burned down, and I was there for the opening of the Barrhaven Legion,” said a teary-eyed MacLeod. She will be running for the Progressive Conservative Party in the newly created Nepean riding next month. Allan Haan of the Manotick Legion said that members of both Legion beaches were excited to see the sapling dedicated. “It’s a perfect and fitting piece of history,”

Local dignitaries joined members of the Royal Canadian Legion Barrhaven and Manotick branches for the dedication of a Vimy Oak sapling at Claudette Cain Park last Monday. Jeff Morris photo

Haan said. He described how an oak forest was destroyed at the Battle of Vimy Ridge in France, and how a Canadian sol-

dier grabbed acorns after the battle and brought them back to Canada. “Those acorns were planted in southern On-

tario, and the sapling are from acorns of those trees,” he said. A sapling from a Vimy Oak was also planted in

Barrhaven. “Eventually there will be plaques there to commemorate the Vimy oaks,” he said.

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AST20225_Half_10.25x6.indd 1

2018-04-23 4:40 PM

AST20225-01 OAB Awareness – (Half) 20225-01

Barrhaven Independent

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DiDn t see “” U CAn MAKe MY nAMe sMALLeR tO MAKe ROOM...ALsO sinCe 1988




• Reno’s • Additions • Basements • Bathrooms • Kitchens

Paul McCulloch sinCe 1988

• Garages • Repairs • Commercial • Residential • Insurance Restoration OFF: (613) 749-0209 Email: mot666@rogers.com


Laurysen recognized as sponsor Corey, Mike and Bill Laurysen of Laurysen Kitchens are proudly standing under their logo at the recently expanded 2018 Recognition Platform. A major contributor and supporter of Richmond’s bi-centennial Laurysen Kitchens has grown from crafting custom cabinets to providing complete design and installation services since 1970. The 2018 Organizing Committee wishes to thank Laurysen Kitchens for their generous sponsorship and support to the village.

Supporting Richmond’s 200th Chris King, owner of King’s Independent represents another local business showing his support for Richmond’s 200th Anniversary. Proudly standing on the 200th Recognition Platform, Chris continues to be one of the most generous supporters of local events and community groups. The 2018 Richmond 200th Anniversary Organizing Committee wishes to thank Chris for his generous sponsorship of several anniversary events. All other local businesses are encouraged to show their support. There are still sponsorship opportunities for the June 15-17 weekend celebration. Contact Tino at tbevacqua@rogers.com for details.

Church Directory

*All churches wheelchair assessable* ACCESSIBLE

Come... Share in God’s Love Knox Presbyterian Church 5533 Dickinson Street, Manotick Sunday Services 10 am Church School for children

Nursery Care provided

Rev. Philip Kim Knox Office: 692-4228 www.knoxmanotick.ca knoxmano@bellnet.ca

Historical photo exhibit A new photo exhibit featuring eight historical photos of Richmond has opened at the Richmond Public Library. Produced by the Goulbourn Historical Society, it is one of the ways the Society is helping to celebrate Richmond’s 200th anniversary. The photo exhibit will hang on the Library’s Artspace wall until the end of June. There are two laminated information sheets on the filing cabinet underneath the exhibit that tell something of interest about each of the photos. There is also a display of historical items on open shelves nearby. The photos come from the Historical Society’s Archives, and the public is most welcome to come and have a look at the exhibit.

ST. JAMES’ ANGLICAN CHURCH 1138 Bridge Street, Manotick –Serving South Barrhaven, riverSide South and Manotick–

Sunday Services

Holy Eucharist at 8:15 & 10:00 a.m. with Sunday Kids’ Club at 10 a.m. “A Christian community joyfully serving & growing in God’s love”

(Elevator Access Provided) Church Office (Hours: Tues-Thurs, 9-4) 692-2082 Rev. Andrea Thomas e-mail office@stjames-manotick.org Web site: www.stjames-manotick.org

Manotick..United. 692-4576 Church 5567 Main St. Sunday Service at 10 a.m.

Church Office: Tuesday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Church Office:

with Sunday School Christian Meditation on Wednesdays 4:30 - 5:15 p.m.

We welcome all, who with God’s help, work to build a better world. HALL RENTAL AVAILABLE Rev. Elaine Beattie www.manotickunitedchurch.com

ST. LEONARD ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH 5332 Long Island Road, Manotick

Pastor: Rev. TiTus egbueh

Mass TiMes

saturday 4:30p.m., sunday 9a.m. lla.m. & 7p.m. Weekdays Wed., Thu., Fri. 9:30a.m. Office: 692-4254 www.stleonardsparish.ca Office hours: Tuesday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. eMaiL: office@stleonardsparish.ca


The MessengerCOMMUNITY

Friday, May 18, 2018 Page 5

Five years after kidney transplant, Manotick man encourages others to become donors By Charlie Senack It was in 2008 when Manotick resident David Presley found out his kidney was only working at a 13 percent function rate, and he would need to get a transplant or else he would die. Now, five years after getting that life saving transplant, he and his wife Lyn are encouraging everyone to become an organ donor. Their journey started after a routine visit to the doctor’s office. After a few rounds of blood work, it was determined his kidney was failing, and he was rushed to the hospital. Their they kept him for five days until letting him go — saying they would think about dialysis after Christmas. Sadly, Presley wasn’t able to wait that long and was put on hemodialysis which cleans the bloods toxins three times a week, and was on that from November 2008 until March 2009. “I was having a little bit of trouble with the hemo because the lines were blocking,” said David Presley. “They said ‘we are going to have to move you onto another type of dialysis’ so then

they put me on another one which caused a catheter to be put in my stomach.” The catheter was installed by surgery into the stomach, which went into the peritoneal cavity. Its purpose was to drain dialysate, a fluid used in dialysis, into the cavity, a process which takes about half an hour, and is done four times a day. Patients are usually only able to stay on this method for about five years. David received a call on March 29, 2013 — five years after first being put on the list – saying they had a kidney available. They rushed up to the hospital immediately, and had the surgery that night. “It was quite the journey, but we had a lot of faith through it,” said David’s wife Lyn, recalling the day they first got the news. “So much of the journey is staying positive saying ‘this is going to be okay, it’s going to work out fine.’ Just keep believing, and if you do keep believing, I think it’s going to happen.” Since then, the Presleys have become organ donor advocates, and have been a part of mul-

tiple groups and organizations including The Kidney Foundation and The Gift of Life. In December, they were also among 150 Nepean-Carleton residents to win an Inspiration Award at MPP Lisa MacLeod’s Inspiration Awards Ceremony, a special event MacLeod held for the Canada 150 celebrations. When news broke that 21-year-old Logan Boulet, one of the 16 people who died in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in Saskatchewan, donated all his organs after his death, David and Lyn took to social media to encourage others to do the same. “It’s not right that we bury or burn usable organs that you can live long with and Logan Poulin was the prime example,” said Lyn. “Six people live on because of Logan’s decision, and the recipients’ families now get to celebrate.” Poulin’s godfather, Neil Langevin said in a Facebook post, “Logan had made it known, and made it very clear to his family, that he had signed his organ donor card when he turned 21 just a few weeks ago.” Lyn says that there are more than 15,000 people in the province of On-

Lyn and David Presley of Manotick are encouraging everyone to become an organ donor. Mike Carroccetto photo

tario that are waiting for an organ transplant, and the waiting list is over five years. Since the Humboldt bus crash, there has been an increase in people across the country putting their names on the registry list.

For anyone who is waiting for an organ transplant, David has one piece of advice. “I tell people not to consult Doctor Google because I started doing that myself,” said David. He said all that came up was

the lists of complications, and what could happen. “Consult your own doctor and ask him anything you want.” Anyone who is interested in becoming an organ donor can visit beadonor. ca.

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Messenger Editorial


In it for all the right reasons

Charges to hockey coach leave parents wondering

When a friend or someone you know passes Brockville Bob,” I replied. “He had this real away, most of us think of the last time we saw thing about sticking up for Prescott, like we that person. Where were we? What were we were Springfield and the rest of Leeds-GrenLocal minor hockey coach Mi- in any Sensplex programs. Programs wearing? What did we talk about? What did we ville was Shelbyville.” chael Hull was charged recently for operated by the Sensplex have certisay to them? Did we leave on good terms? He totally agreed with the Simpsons referallegedly exposing himself to minors, fied coaches that have police check Our COmmunity When you see a friend, you never expect ence. and the charges have raised some clearance. However, individuals can that it may be the last Then, he said something questions for Messenger hockey parents. Editorial rent the ice at the facility to run their time you see that person. that stuck with me forever. According to a news release from own private lessons. They require inBut sometimes, fate “I didn’t get a chance to talk FROM THE the Ottawa Police, the charges stem surance, but not police youth vulnersteps in and leaves us to you at your dad’s funeral,” Are you more Canadian from an investigation that began able sector checks. jaw-dropped, confused, he said. “But I wanted to tell March 14, 2018. TheaOttawa alGregg Kennedy, who coaches than fifthpolice grader? guilty, and basically you what a great guy he was. I lege With thatCanada Michael J. Hull 49, exposed locally for the Upper Canada CyDay approaching next week, it is a good time for us all to drags us through the always looked up to him and himself places businesses in clones, says that unsanctioned spring reflect onin what it means and to be Canadian. emotional garden. really enjoyed spending time Do we take being Canadian for granted? Ottawa’s west end where children hockey “is like the wild west” due Better yet, how do new Canadians feel about being Canadian? Some of us We all lost a friend last with him.” by Jeff Morris look upon andwere refugeespresent. as opportunists, not wanting to give butof structure. He said that under the immigrants age of 16 to the lack week. He paused for a moment as very willing to take. Perhaps, for some people, that is true, but when you Hull Fri., April Hull’s police check would likely preattend aappeared celebration for in new court Canadians, such as the one hosted by NepeanL e e d s G r e n v i l l e he reflected. Carleton Pierre Poilievre at Mother Teresa High Schoolvent in Barrhaven 20 to faceMPcharges of an indecent act, him last from being anything other Thousand Islands and “You know, it was your dad month, you can see the excitement and the thankfulness in the eyes of every criminal harassment, breach of pro- than a parent in the stands in a sancnew Canadian. Rideau Lakes MP Gord Brown was the last who got me into politics and convinced me to They and understand, betterofthan all of us, what it meansminor to be hockey organization. bation, twoperhaps counts indecent tioned guy we thought we would lose this way. He run for the Conservatives,” he said. Canadian. exposure to the a rest person under the age “The most important thing a parSo how can of us have that feeling? Bev McRae went photo played hockey in the morning, to work, My father had been heavily involved in the TheThe Conservative government has a two solid idea. of 16. charges come years ent can do when puttingParty, a Manotick Co-operative Nursery School honoured its longest-servAt theyou school’sare 50th Anniversary Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism was carrying on with his day, and then he was Progressive Conservative Party back in the day, ing teacher/volunteer within a memorial after charges covertly kid in are a chalprogram like that, or pri- garden bench, which will be installed with a plaque in the school’s andHull Andrewfaced Cohen, President of thefor Historica-Dominion Institute, could do was justasbe stunned and whether it was Leeds-Grenville or Grenvilleplayground. Left to right, MCNS Director Sandy gone. Erler and All June we Hodge celebrate June’s 29 years a suplenging middle and high school students to take the citizenship test. recording women with his iPhone vate lessons with someone, is just do ply teacher, teacher and volunteer. The Canadian Citizenship Challenge, funded in part by CIC and run by the – forgive the implication of foul language – give Carleton. Gord was one of the “Young Conunder the stall ofInstitute, the change room at Discover some homework,” he said. “Start with Historica-Dominion will see students study Canada: the a collective WTF. servatives.” He was also a national kayaking Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship and then take a mock citizenship thetest. Ogdensburg (NY) Walmart. Hull a Google search and see if anything it’s best just to say nil Sometimes Being in this business, we form relation- champion and competed for Canada at the be a of fun way students to learn about and feel up. proud Ask some questions to was “This alsowill one 80 for people who alsoCanada comes ships with politicians. theyisare friendly World Championships. I’m finding myself at one of those bizarre crosswonder about things like how Usually, come “underneath” of our shared history and accomplishments,” said Minister Kenney. “As we faced charges people. just Ihockey. roads it’s wherenot everything love about sports is about a word but no one ever says “overneath” when the learn child about ourpornography past and the people and events thatin madeother Canada what it is And to us because they need positive publicity. We A year or two after we connected at St. to collide with a large to swatch the population work- discussion pulled me back into soccer. today,2016, we becomefollowing more proud to beaCanadian. We are inspired to see how we April, provinceI would encourage parents doofthat ing diligently to grate my nerves. learning so much watching need “Chelsea them isbecause we byhave tothewrite about Mark, Gord invited me along with my oldest can defend our rights and live up to our responsibilities and we feel much wide OPP investigation. if their kids are doing piano It’s this whole World lessons, Cup thing. Don’t you find World Cup,” said the mom wearing Crocs. “We are more strongly how valuable it is to be a citizen of Canada.” current Developing with son, Jack, who was in elementary school at the that people where are just a little too into it? studyingissues. each country before the game.friendships She has be training our young the citizens At“Our theschools timeneed oftothe charges, hepeople wasto become scouts, or anything you are I found myself in line in front of two nouveau really become fan ofalways Arr-hayne-TEE-na, she is it always politicians is anot easy –and nor time, to join him for lunch on Parliament Hill. of tomorrow. Citizenship is not only about new Canadians, it’s about all theCanadians, coach young of the Snipers 2005 trusting someone soccerwith fan your moms children at Your even wants us to go there on our and Myers old,” said Andrew Cohen. “The Canadian Citizenship desired – because we have to hold them acI teased Gord for years over the fact that he forIndependent Grocer the other day. vacation next year. Perhaps we Challenge will encourage students to learn more about what means to be or two FROM Triple-A spring tournament team. foritan hour at a time.” I was kind of in my own little can even go back to Brrra-seeel.” Canadian and then put that knowledge to the test.” countable. And in the of your mind, you got to tell me I had to wear a jacket. I showed THE mental in the checkout line, That caught my attention. While Hull’s probation and Institute po- will beKennedy theworld situation involvStarting this summer, the Historica-Dominion encouraging said always know thatArr-hayne-TEE-na? if you left journalism and be- up in khakis and a golf shirt, and when I arscanning the tabloid and maga- OTHER more than 5,000 middle and high school teachers to register their classrooms liceforrecord would prevent him from ing Hull in 2016 put a black zinedid coversnot and wondering what Are youfor kidding me? the Challenge. Each classroom will receive a set of the new citizenship came a guy working a company sitting in a rived they looked at me in disgust and “found” SIDE Justin Bieber’s first major scandal The other mom – the one with coaching orwithvolunteering in a activities. sanc- Themark hockey. guide, along specially designed learning teacheron will minor also By Jeffrey cube, you become just another constituent to a jacket “in the back.” It was a dark green size would be. I was just about to rethe Birkenstocks – piped in. receive copies of a mock citizenship exam. Students will take the citizenship Morris tioned minor hockey association, his “It was the enter opposite,” Kenthe world aftersaid some quality “They are a wonderful football exam as a class and the teachers will return the completed exams to the some politicians. 44 jacket. I am a 50-tall with a 38” sleeve. I on Planet and launch nation,” she said. “My husband, Dominion Institute for grading. probation did not prevent him from nedy. “It was time good for Jeff sanctioned into my weekly way-to-reward-your-customers-by- But of course, wearswasn’t the azure like and cheers for Italia, Gord that. He but was a friend looked way more ridiculous with the jacket on Results will be announced by the Dominion Institute on Flag Day working ayears. private hockey, because we know that charging-us-five-cents-per-bag-and-claiming-it’sfavourite team has been MAY-heee-co. (Februaryas 15)an eachinstructor year for the nextfor three For moreminor information about first,Zachary’s and politician than without. OPERATEDvisit to-save-the-environment rant when I unexpectedly They didaa school project onsecond. MAY-heee-co last year the Challenge please the Historica-Dominion Institute website at &A BY rented hockey clinic which ice at the with the regulations in place, someTED PDER ERATED P O O & BY locked in on the conversation behind Dme. and he has even insisted that we go to out to eat and & BY Distant second. Although most of our conversations were www.historica-dominion.ca. 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His annual charHB “Oh, I know,” said the one wearing Birkenstocks. and scoped it out, looking for a puppy or a bird or Y O U R I N D E P E N D E N T G R O C E R G I E N O B though after visit to the complex, youth hockey development caught O B U R N Ea Hit YOUR IN D E P E N D“Zachary E N T Ghas R OaCtournament ER U R N Eand next weekend anythingtime that would pry my mind out the IGH Y Oof Uwith R IshackN DGord E P E N Dwas E N T at G R O ity C E Rhockey game for the United Way became I Gthe first I reconnected Shopping locally puts face to thehave business would been so in the spirit of the World Cup to les that these two soccer moms had put me in with we learned that Hull was not involved with its apants down. Mews of Manotick, Manotick 3777 Strandherd Dr., Napean a public meeting for Eastern Ontario farmers one of the marquee annual events in Leedshave all They Page lost their for all your grocery needs. Page x Page x of us blowing our vuvuzela horns. x conversation. 613-692-2828 613-843-9413 two-nil and then three-nil. They need all of the supA busloadHigh of seniors from a nearby retirement Nepeanat St. Mark School in Manotick. Grenville. port they can get.” home had pulled up and passengers were getting Carleton Poilievre Fittingly, the last time I spent some quality SERVING MANOTICK AND SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES Nil? Who says nil? Really. off. I wasMP trying Pierre to, in my head, name all ofhad their asked me “Oh, I know,” said the mom wearing Crocs. “The walkers as an escape. 1165 Beaverwood Rd., P.O. Box 567, Ontario K4M 1A5 INManotick, OSGOODE, RIDEAU AND SOUTH GLOUCESTER to emcee the meeting. Gord was there, along time with him was at a hockey game. He and horns are such a beautiful part of the South African Unfortunately, they pulled me back in. www.manotickmessenger.on.ca culture.” “My cousincontingent lives in Australia, and he was devaswith a large from Leeds-Grenville. his wife, Claudine, were in a suite at Canadian The Manotick Messenger is published every Wednesday in Manotick, Ontario. The Manotick I wanted to jump in andNamed say something, buttop I three tated when Germany beat them 4-nil,” said the Messenger is mailed to bona fide subscribers in Rideau and Osgoode Townships for $36. The one of Ontario'sThe Conservatives were the opposition at Tire Centre and we watched the Senators’ refrained. I couldn’t do it. mom wearing Crocs. publication is available by carrier for $36 or at newsstands for $1.00 per copy. Letters will be edited community newspapers for 2008, 2009 for length, clarity and libellous statements. Display, National and Classified rates are available on If you are unfamiliar with the vuvuzela horn, then At this point, it anymore. session Mount that time, andI itcouldn’t wastake a venting on how game together. It was a great night, talking request. The Manotick Messenger is not responsible for the loss of unsolicited manuscripts, photos or you have not tuned into CBC over the past two Patience erupted and out came sarcasm lava. other the5, 2011 Liberals on local about everything and nothing, but sharing a VOL.material 28 • Nused . 1 for publication purposes. MANOTICK, ONTARIO WEDNESDAY JANUARY weeks. If you stumble across a World •Cup soccer “I saw that were match,” Iturning said. “I can’ttheir believebacks Ausgame on CBC, you will hear what sounds like TRY-lier looked insipid against Deutschland.” farmers and anso opportunity for the Conserva- lot of laughs and smiles. Publisher: Jeffrey Morris 50,000 bees swarming the field. They are not bees. The mom with the crocs was not impressed. Managing Editor: Jeffrey Morris tives to how rural-friendly The thing we will always remember about They are people blowing on cheap, plastic, gimTheshowcase mom with Birkenstock’s wasn’t either, but they were. Reporters: McRae Publisher: Bev Jeffrey Morris Phone: 613-692-6000 EsauMorris micky horns. she did stuck acknowledge me with auntil response. Managing Editor: Jeff Jeffrey John Green:Gord around most had cleared Gordie is that he rose above party politics. He Fax: 613-692-3758 Reporters: Bev McRae The funny thing about these horns is that they “Who is your team?” she quipped, condescend2010 Marketing Mgr: Gord Logan Jeff Esau out because he wanted to chat. We shook was driven by serving all constituents and have become what has definedOur the 2010 WorldPerson Cup. ingly. email: People who have been following theof World and I did the exchanged only thing I couldsmiles. do, shouting as loudseen him at theCup Year hands and I had making Canada a better place for everyone. Office: Marketing Mgr:Angie GordDinardo Logan Advertising: advert@bellnet.ca people who have only seen 20 minutes of it in pass- as I could. Photographer: Mike Carroccetto Greely-area rescue specialist Editor: newsfile@bellnet.ca my father’s funeral His Private Members Bill, the Knife Bill, would ing have commented on these annoying yetpictured relent“USA! USA! USA!” the year before, but I didn’t John Green, with Office: Angie Dinardo News/ Sports: newsfile@bellnet.ca Grace has Agostinho of the less horns. Ironically, while the world learned to FrenchThey turned their heads in disgust. The next 45 Photographer: Mike Carroccetto get chance to talk toand him. 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Agostinho was our Advertising deadlines: DISPLAY, Monday 3 p.m.; CLASSIFIED; Monday 4 p.m. seen nor heard a vuvuzela horn atperson a sporting “Would you like plastic bags?” of the event, year for 2009. He laughed. the community, and a great Canadian. He was All layouts and composition of advertisements produced by employees of Manotick Messenger For the story,just see page 2.“Yes please,” I replied. and that the South African people find thefullnoise Inc. are protected by copyright invested in the publishers of the Manotick Messenger. liketo your in politics for all the right reasons. as annoying as the rest of the world does. “You I hadsound never beenjust so happy pay five dad,” cents for he a said. “He Member, Ontario Community Newspaper Association Apparently, some now wealthy marketing genius bag just to get theme hell Gananoque out there. wasplastic always calling Gord.” But most of all, he was a great friend. Canadian Community Newspaper Association came up with the idea to mass produce and market you were always GananFor all of us. these horns as a World Cup novelty. The plan I laughed. Jeffrey Morris“Yeah, was the 2008 OCNA Columnist of worked, and now the rest ofx,the worldSingle must endure the Gord Year. His book, From the Other Skide, is avail-was always Vol. 27, Number X Manotick, Ontario Wednesday, Month 2010 copies $1 oque and Bob Runciman God bless you buddy. the shrilling sounds of his quick buck. able at Manotick Office Pro, Barrhaven UPS Store,


Page 6, Manotick Messenger, Wednesday, June 23, 2010















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*OCNA General Excellence Awards, Class 1 Circulation




I was just about to drift back into ADD world and

and Pages in Prescott.

Letters to the Editor welcome – email to newsfile@bellnet.ca

Letters to the editor welcome — email newsfile@bellnet. ca or fax 692-3758

Friday, May 18, 2018 Page 7


The MessengerOPINION Is Doug Ford that uninformed, or does he think we have no idea?

The Editor, I have to admit that the comments attributed to Ontario PC candidate for Nepean, Lisa MacLeod, which appeared in the last edition of the Manotick Messenger, have suddenly started to seem rather humourous! MacLeod had been describing the comparative sizes of crowds at both Liberal and PC rallies, and she had informed The Messenger that, “Ford’s crowd size was much bigger.” Her words seem laughable now, given the recent revelation that at the June 7 debate professional ac-

tors were hired to portray Doug Ford supporters for the TV cameras. Apparently crowd sizes at PC rallies are not a reflection of popular support, but rather are more an indicator of how many actors the party has under contract at a given time. What was very much less humourous was the chilling statement attributed to Doug Ford, in which he announced his intention to, “fire the CEO of Hydro One.” I don’t know if Mr. Ford is really this uninformed, or if it was merely an attempt by him to appeal to

a base that he’s convinced has no idea how things work. First of all, the CEO of Hydro One doesn’t decide how much to charge for Hydro or its delivery— that decision is made by the official government regulator, known as the Ontario Energy Board. The OEB is your typical government agency, complete with a giant, bloated bureaucracy boasting executive compensation in the multi-millions—all of which comes directly from the taxpayers of Ontario. Ironically, Doug Ford is more than happy to keep them all on the

Former city councillor and deputy mayor says thanks to local Legion branches The Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank the members of the Barrhaven and Manotick Royal Canadian Legion branches. Through their leadership and generosity, two Vimy Oak trees were planted in the shadows of the spans of the Vimy Memorial Bridge. These trees are direct descendants of oak acorns

that were transported to Canada from the scarred and bloody battle fields of Vimy Ridge in 1917. We can thank Canadian soldier Lt. Leslie H. Miller who sent home the acorns and planted them on his farm in a peaceful setting he called Vimy Oaks. Lt. Miller’s legacy lives on today through these Oak trees and reminds us of our solemn duty to reflect on the service and sacri-

fice of Vimy. The Vimy Memorial bridge is important in our daily lives for transportation and recreation. The structure however serves a higher purpose of commemoration. The bridge site is the largest tribute in Canada to the soldiers of Vimy thanks to those who have pledged to never forget. Steve Desroches

Manotick Classic Boat Club promotes appreciation of antique and classic boats THis week,

THIS MONTH by Larry Ellis

International Antique and Classic Boat Show hosted this August by the village of Westport. MCBC has an on-line presence and offers advice from enthusiastic members. Contacts and many resources are available at the Club’s website www. manotickclassicboatclub. ca It is fitting that the owners of old boats choose to congregate on our local (UNESCO) World Heritage site, the Rideau Canal, to show off their treasures

to the public. It is also fitting that two of the Club’s founders - Syd Herwig and Jimmy Potter - will be honoured with chairs at the planned Mahogany Harbour landing. Both these men were great friends of mine - Syd and I were Boy Scout leaders at the same time - Jim and I lived across the street from each other many years ago. I never owned a boat but have appreciated the Mahogany Harbour area for a long time! There are now 108 paying family memberships. They grow greyer and older with fewer new young members willing to sign up for responsibilities. They missed one “annual” boat show....thus that change.

lution Cuba! And as far as the CEO of Hydro One is concerned, what, exactly, has he done wrong? Given that Hydro One is now in the private sector, the CEO’s job is to maximize dividends to shareholders, not provide cheap electricity to consumers. All reports seem to indicate that he’s currently meeting all of his corporate obligations, and he’s only receiving that six million dollar annual salary because the board of directors has determined that it is appropriate. Considering that T:5.063” Canada’s top 100 CEOs

are now each receiving an average of $14 million per annum, Hydro One’s CEO is actually at the low end. His replacement may well cost even more! Anyway, I salute Comrade Ford in his quest to rein in these greedy corporate capitalists, but why stop at Hydro? Ontarians are also being ripped off by insatiable Telecoms, greedy banks and rapacious oil companies. Could Mr. Ford look into firing their CEOs as well? Andy Braid, Kars ON

Election Day is June 7, 2018. Polls are open from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. ET / 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. CT. To vote in this election, you must be: • 18 years of age or older on June 7, 2018; and • a Canadian citizen; and • a resident of Ontario. To find out where you vote, visit elections.on.ca, check your Voter Information Card or call us at 1.888.668.8683 (TTY: 1.888.292.2312). Each voting location will have magnifiers, Braille ballot templates and other tools to help you vote. Don’t forget to bring your ID and Voter Information Card when you go to vote.

For more information, visit elections.on.ca, email us at info@elections.on.ca or call 1.888.668.8683 (TTY: 1.888.292.2312). Disponible en français


Founded in 1975, the Manotick Classic Boat Club (MCBC) promotes the appreciation of historic, antique and classic boats. Membership includes people from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec who share a common interest in the preservation and the enjoyment of these fine craft. Vessels come in all shapes and sizes including: wooden canoes, sailboats, runabouts, cruisers, trawlers, race boats and even some of classic fibreglass. You don’t have to own a boat to become a member - just have an interest and passion for these beautiful watercraft! The Club promotes a number of local boating and social events including the Ottawa

public payroll, since it’s the private sector guy that he wants to see gone. But since when did the Ontario PC party start to think that it’s appropriate that the government should decide who the CEO of a private, forprofit, publicly-traded company (of which the province is a minority shareholder) should be? Shouldn’t that decision be entirely up to the shareholders? Isn’t that how it works in a capitalist system? What Doug Ford is proposing sounds more like something one would hear in post-revo-

Page 8 Friday, May 18, 2018


The MessengerCOMMUNITY Musician and ROSSS volunteer still going strong after 80 years in Germany and never returned.

By Deborah Luce One of my earliest memories as a 3-year old child was dialing up Dad on my Fisher Price phone, “Hello Daddy, are you in Autralia? Are you coming home soon?” My ability to pronounce the letter “s” and my understanding of the global phone system were typical of any 3-year old. When daddy didn’t reply, my mum explained that Australia was a bit far (from our home in Jersey, Channel Isles), so perhaps he could not hear well, but daddy would call us when he was closer. My father, Martin Luce, was born on the Channel Island of Jersey (the home of the Jersey cow), on May 21, 1938. The eldest of four siblings, he grew up on a picturesque farm called Appledale, where his family grew vegetables and raised pigs and Jersey cows, of course! Soon after he was born, the Second World War broke out. Jersey was occupied by the Germans from July 1, 1940 until May 9, 1945. Times were tough during those years. Many islanders went without basic necessities including food. Some perished and several islanders were sent to concentration camps

From farm to sea and across the pond

At sixteen years of age, Martin went to Naval College in England. Upon graduation, he joined the British Merchant Marines. He rose through the ranks quickly. He was soon a first mate navigating the waters around Africa and Australia, picking up commercial goods to bring back to England. Mum and I missed Dad during the many months he spent at sea. At age 4, when I still didn’t have a sibling, Dad decided to find another job that would keep him closer to home. That job ended up being in Canada! We crossed “the pond” in 1966 and made our home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Martin spent 10 years in the marine transport section of the Federal Ministry of Transport in Halifax. Our family grew, and I gained a brother and two sisters.

A new job in a new city

In 1976, Ottawa called, and Martin said yes to a position at the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport, in the Deputy Minister’s office. Subsequently, from 1979 to 1998, Martin ran the Canarctic Ship-

ping Company as its president, albeit this time from an office on Metcalfe Street and not at the helm of the ship. He still travelled a great deal from the Arctic to Scandinavia and Europe, arranging contracts to ship oil and minerals across the Atlantic.

Retirement: a time to slow down?

In 1998, Martin “retired” from working 9 to 5, but it was soon apparent that retirement would be more active than the days in the office! In that same year, he joined Rideau Township Community Services as a volunteer delivering Meals on Wheels. In 2001, Martin was elected to the Board of Directors and served as president. In 2008, Martin was awarded the prestigious United Way, Ottawa Community Builder Award for his volunteer services to the community. In 2011, Martin led the merger of Rideau Community Support Services and Osgoode Home Support Program to form Rural Ottawa South Support Services and negotiated the incorporation of rural Goulbourne into ROSSS. He retired from his position as chair of ROSSS in 2017 – his second retirement!

Martin Luce received a community builders award from the United Way of Ottawa last year.

Sharing music and the love of brass

Martin learned to play the trombone. He and Kazimier Samujlo founded the Manotick Brass Ensemble in 2003. Fifteen years and four CDs later, the Manotick Brass Ensemble (MBE) has entertained audiences across the Ottawa Valley, and internationally, from Cuba to Jersey, Ireland, Newfoundland, and a few places in between! The MBE plays more than 60 non-profit or fund raising concerts a year in senior centres, churches and at com-

munity events. They also teach the love of playing brass in schools around the region. The Manotick Musicale, which Martin instigated, has been running for 13 years and has raised more than $35,000 for ROSSS. Martin has also been a long-time worshiper and a part of the choir at Knox Presbyterian Church in Manotick.

Phone still ringing from down under

Dad and Mum now travel to Australia together sometimes to

visit their youngest child, Suzanne, who has now made that country her home. Now Sue calls Dad from Australia; no dialing on Fisher Price, but via Skype! The world has changed a bit. My siblings and I all hope we have the same good health and energy that Dad does when we are 80 years old. He has taught us by example that staying active keeps you young! Happy Birthday Dad! You are an inspiration! Love your children, Debbie, Chris, Janine and Suzanne.

June is Senior's Month

"Now's the Time to Start Something New"

Concert and dance

Join ROSSS in a month long celebration of seniors Special Activities and Events Prizes See the website and follow us on social media for details coming soon rosss.ca

Tickets $15

Saturday, June 2 in the Dickinson Day event tent Show starts at 7:30 pm Tickets available at Office Pro and online at yoma.ca

Fundraiser for Youth of Manotick Association


Friday, May 18, 2018 Page 9

The MessengerCOMMUNITY Right: Young Milers cheer on other Milers across the finish line. Mike Carroccetto photos

Left: Spartacat poses with Sean Reid and his wife Tori after they completed the Manotick Miler on May 6, 2018. Two of their children, Matthew, age 6, and Sydney, 3, seen admiring her medal, are also pictured. Missing from the photo is Andrew, aged 9 months, who is too young to crawl, let alone run.


May 19th Opening Day

All New BARRHAVEN 0.99%



with George Buys from 9:30-12:30pm. Free Admission


Heather's Cafe will be serving breakfast and lunch We have some new local artisans and growers this season. Market runs same time every Saturday until October 6th. Contact us at northgowerfarmersmarket@gmail.com and on Facebook Find us on Facebook Badge

Breakfast & Lunch

2397 Rogers Stevens Dr., Exit 49 off Hwy 416


S ' G KIN 5911 Perth St, richmond, on (613) 838-7255


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BarrhavenHonda.com 613-825-3777 530 Dealership Drive, BARRHAVEN by Costco

CMYK / .ai

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Limited time lease offers available throught Honda Financial Services Inc. (HFS), to qualified retail customers on OAC. Weekly payments exclude taxes, license, insurance and registration. 2018 Civic LX Sedan 6MT (Model FC2E5JE)//2018 CR-V LX 2WD CVT (Model RW1H3JES) on a 60-month term with 260 weekly payments, at 1.99% // 2.99% lease APR. Weekly payment is $57.00 // $75.64 with $0 down or equivalent trade-in and $436 // $600 total lease incentive included. Down payments, $0 security deposit and first weekly payments due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $14,775.79 // $19,665.62. 100,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/k

Our Garden Centre Is nOw Open!

Page 10 Friday, May 18, 2018


By Brian Cromie On June 1ST to 3rd Manotick celebrates Moss Kent Dickinson and the village he built around his 1860 Rideau River gristmill. Today, we cherish that history and our connections to the past. Two years after Dickinson Days began in 1976, the Kinsmen Club adopted it as their first community project. In the 1990’s, the Manotick Kiwanis added their support, and in the last 10 years, has hosted the annual event, aided by a number of Kinsmen who have become Kiwanis members. But the Kiwanis Club relies

on more than its 65 members; it relies on support from the Manotick BIA under Donna Smith, Watson’s Mill, ROSSS and YOMA, plus key business partners like Leimark Development Ltd., Royal LePage Realty, and Manotick Place, to make such a major event possible. Dickinson Days is truly a unique celebration by the community, for the community. The weekend includes a village parade on Friday evening, a children’s show and spectacular fireworks at Centennial Park. Saturday starts early with a pancake breakfast put on by former Kinsmen

members in the big tent opposite the Mill. This year, these Kinsmen celebrate 40 years of continuous service to our community. Over 100 vendors set up booths throughout the historic quarter to offer unique gifts and services. A Kid’s Catch and Release fishing derby attracts excited young anglers to the dam. On stage, the Manotick Brass, Denise Smith and Piqué Dance Studios, and Cooligan Martial Arts among others perform throughout the day. Knox Church and M&M offer BBQ and Yves Houle’s carnival and bouncy castles delight kids of all ages.

Saturday night in the tent, ROSSS/YOMA will host a concert by the Ottawa band Mystic Circle. This fundraiser is fast becoming a tradition of modern Dickinson Days. On Sunday, the Kiwanis Club will hold a BBQ luncheon in the tent in support of Doors Open Ottawa, as both the Mill and Dickinson House welcome visitors who come to learn about village life in 19th century Ontario. Please come and enjoy the festivities of Dickinson Days, celebrating our heritage and wonderful community.

E of MANoT AG ic l l





By the Community, For the Community

ANiMAl HoSPiTAl ANiMAl HoSPiTAl • Dr. Rob Kartes • Dr. Adrian Jones • Dr. Paige Willis • Dr. Jackie Sinclair • Dr. Mark Rowett • Dr. Kristin Isnor • Dr. Miki Shibata • Dr. Sharon Zhang

Beside Giant Tiger

Greenbank & Strandherd



(in Manotick)

(in Barrhaven)


Friday, May 18, 2018 Page 11


June 1 - June 3 2018 st


Manotick Kitchen and Bath Beautiful Kitchens and Bathrooms with Lasting Appeal Manotick Mews 613-692-7692

Dickinson Days June 1-3, 2018

An annual tradition which celebrates Manotick’s founder, Moss Kent Dickinson. Join the celebration and enjoy: • Parade • Fireworks • Live entertainment • Crafts • Wagon rides • Pancake breakfast & BBQ ...and more!

Visit Manotick.net/DickinsonDays for a detailed schedule

CONTACT SCOTT www.RideauGoulbourn.ca | Scott.Moffatt@ottawa.ca | (613) 580-2491 | @RideauGoulbourn

Page 12 Friday, May 18, 2018


DINING OUT g Featurin Fun Family Night Out

Tips for a fun family night out In its 2016 National Dining Survey, Zagat found that the average person dines out 4.5 times per week. That figure may seem high to some, especially parents with young children at home. While parents of young children may not dine out as often as the average person, there are ways for families to plan fun nights out on the town, no matter how young their kids might be. · Find family-friendly restaurants. The establishments where families choose to do their dining can make all the difference. Trendy hotspots or upscale restaurants may not be great choices for family nights out. Such establishments may be too expensive or fail to offer kid-friendly fare, and parents of especially young children may feel uncomfortable if their tots begin to cry in the middle of dinner. When choosing a restaurant for a family night out, parents should look for a

spot that’s naturally more noisy so a crying baby or excited child won’t make moms and dads or other diners uncomfortable. Diners or chain restaurants tend to offer kids’ menus in addition to plenty of dishes that kids will readily consume. · Choose the right time. Dining out at night can be difficult for families, as kids might be growing tired. Instead of a night out on the town, book a mid- to late-afternoon out. Restaurants tend to be less busy during these times of day, and parents can relax and enjoy the company of their children while still getting out of the house for a family meal together. · Bring along some entertainment. Some kidfriendly restaurants may provide crayons and placemats that kids can use to create their own artistic masterpieces. But parents should bring backup entertainment just in case. Pack some

crayons and coloring books or bring along a book to read to your children while you wait for your meal to be delivered. Bring along a couple of toys to keep especially young children occupied as well. · Practice your night out. Parents of young children who have yet to try dining out as a family can make a few practice runs at home. Choose a night at home to teach kids how to behave at restaurants. If kids tend to squirm a lot or take long periods of time to eat meals at home, explain to them that such behavior is unacceptable at restaurants, encouraging them to sit still and focus on eating their meals during your practice run. Nights out on the town as a family may make parents of young children nervous or hesitant. But there are a handful of ways to make sure such excursions are fun for kids and parents alike.




BREAKFAST-LUNCH-DINNER (6:30am-10:00pm -7 DAYS A WEEK) 5511 Manotick Main Street Manotick, ON

The management and staff look forward to serving our guests in our recently renovated establishment

Located on the shores of the famous Rideau River in Manotick!

2364 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower



Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


7 Days A Week

p o h S

Friday, May 18, 2018 Page 13


Be part of this campaign to support your neighbour

Chicks in the ‘Tick event raises $30k for Manotick Mahogany dock project

The wind may have been howling outside the Manotick Arena on Friday, May 4, but more than 500 women were celebrating all that women do to build community, inside the freshly re-modeled local recreation facility. Manotick Culture, Parks and Recreation in collaboration with the Manotick Firemen, Manotick BIA, and Kiwanis Club of Manotick, launched the second annual ‘Ladies Night Out’ as a fundraiser for the Mahogany Dock Project. It takes a team to transform ‘an arena’ and organize a fun evening and full house, with good food, friends, and fellowship. A heartfelt thanks goes to the following: Master of Ceremonies: Teri Loretto, CBC (Weather person and interim InTown and Out Host Caterer: Dennis Burn, Leatherworks Coordinating Team: Viv Mitchell, Tracy Gates, Sue Hale, Anne-Marie Hodgins, Donna Smith, Margot Belanger, Anne Robinson Decorating Team: Laurie McCabe, Julie Earle, Sue Kennedy, Joanne Mack, Darlene Donnelly, Anne Robinson Auction Team: Sue Hale, Alexa Ives, Susan Goodwin, Donna Smith Operations & Set-Up Team: Viv Mitchell, Brenda/Paul and David Buchanan, Bob, Olga & Dawn Simpson; Mike O’Neil & ‘D’ Club (Bill McCarthy, Pat O’Leary, Hajo Versteeg, Concrete Mike); Grace Thrasher, Don and Susan Goodwin, Ron & Marnie Robinson and the Decorating & Auction Teams. Bar Team: Carmen Grandinetti with help from Manotick’s Finest – the Manotick Volunteer

Firemen Additional Helpers: Sheila Stewart, Manotick OfficePro, Brock Thom, Rick Belanger, Gerald Reasbeck, Noel Norenius, Mike Donaldson, Charles Keita, Raquel Theberge Live Auctioneer: Mauler from Hot 89.9 Thank you to the three Chic Time Event Sponsors – V!VA Retirement Home, Manotick Windows and Doors, and Splash Pools. Thanks also to more than 70 generous individuals and businesses that donated to the Silent and Live Auctions. The items varied from ‘soapstone carving classes’ to ‘golf games’ to ‘astrology readings’…. and competitively bid on by the participants. The winner of the ‘Super Dock’ ticket, that has first dibs on one Silent

Auction item, was Anne Steinberg. She had met earlier that week with a landscape company and indicated that she didn’t want a built fire pit, she wanted a mobile one and Manotick Home Hardware’s generous donation was just the ticket she selected. But the happiest of the evening was possibly Joanne Mangione; she won $1,200 with her 50/50 ticket and promptly increased her bid on a silk scarf and was planning to take her girlfriends to lunch at the Black Dog. Councillor Scott Moffatt and MCPRA President Anne Robinson, thanked the major Mahogany Donors including, the Kiwanis Club of Manotick, the City of Ottawa, Manotick BIA, Minto Inc, D & G

Landscaping, EQ Homes (The Regional Group), Joan Bowler and Family, Splash Pools, Manotick Classic Boat Club, Jon and Joanne Mack, AOV Ontario Land Surveyors/ PatersonGroup Consulting Engineers/ and Doug Fountain, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design. Construction for the Mahogany Dock Project will commence this summer. The final tally for Chic Time 2018 is still being calculated but organizers are confident that Friday’s event exceeded its 2018 fundraising target of $30,000. It seems that when ‘Chicks in the ‘Tick’ come together, they can get things done and have fun doing it!

Councillor | Rideau-Goulbourn

Thank you for shopping


Scott.Moffatt@Ottawa.ca | (613) 580-2491 RideauGoulbourn.ca | @RideauGoulbourn

Building outdoors? Choose Western red cedar, naturally! For all your fencing and decking needs! Wide selection of building materials for all your construction projects. Full line of pressure treated spruce, #1 pine, plywood, insulation, caulking, and builders’ hardware supplies.

Proudly serving you since 1936! www.perkinslumber.ca 613-489-3735 North Gower

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday: 7:30 am - 1:00 pm

 Hours of Operation: Monday
 Monday – Friday 8am 8pm Saturday
 Saturday – 8am 6pm Sunday
 Sunday – 9am 5pm




Manotick Dental clinic

Paul’s Pharmacy 990 River Road

(Across from Tim Hortons)


Transferring a prescription is easy to do


These cards accepted

Monday-Friday: 9 am - 8 pm Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm

Always Accepting New Patients

Dr. Larissa Patterson (613) 692-6500 Dr. Harold Bobier (613) 692-4432 Dr. Jolieann Joseph (613) 692-4432 Dr. Donald Young (613) 692-4432

Page 14 Friday, May 18, 2018



Municipal drains and stormwater are two entirely unrelated topics RIDEAUGOULBOURN

WARD REPORT by Councillor Scott Moffatt

Municipal drains are identified by municipal bylaw that adopts an engineer’s report. These reports contain plans, profiles and specifications defining the location, size and depth of the drain, and how costs are shared among property owners. Most municipal drains are either ditches or closed systems, such as pipes or tiles buried in the ground. They can also include structures such as dykes or berms, pumping stations, buffer strips, grassed waterways, storm water detention ponds, culverts and bridges. Some creeks and small rivers are now considered to be municipal drains. Municipal drains are primarily located in rural agricultural areas.” The Cranberry Creek Municipal Drain was es-

Gibbon’s Painting & Decorating

tablished in 1895. The Drainage Act sets out the process for establishing a municipal drain. It is done so through a petition by those seeking improved drainage. If you are a regular reader of this column, you will have read about the Engineer’s Report that pertains to this specific drain calling for a replacement of the former pump and dyke system. Since a municipal drain is a private system established by property owners, the costs of the work on Cranberry Creek gets attributed back to the property owners within the watershed of the drain. It is important to note that, since the Cranberry Creek is already an established drain, a petition is not required for maintenance, as per Section 78 of the Act. Some have asked whether property owners who pay for a municipal drain also pay the stormwater fee. They do. Essentially, it would be no different if you lived in a private community on private roads. Your property

taxes would still pay for roads. The stormwater fee pays for roadside ditches, cross culverts and other City-owned drainage infrastructure. Whether a municipal drain was present or not, the need for stormwater infrastructure still exists. A municipal drain is not City-owned. It is established at the request of property owners, not the municipality, therefore the costs are not assessed to the taxpayer at large. Some have referred to this as “double dipping.” It is not. The municipality provides a drainage network required for draining roads. Municipal drains are drainage ditches that exist above and beyond roadside ditches. While there are many throughout the City, they are not everywhere and, thus, not every resident pays into one. In some cases, though, municipal drains overlap with roadside ditches. That is not the norm, however. If you happen to have any questions relating to municipal drains, please do not hesitate to contact

The possibilities are endless when you choose

Burn Permits Now Online!

Now that the nice weather is here, make sure you obtain a burning permit before you start to burn. Beginning this year, Open Air Fire Permits can be obtained online. Simply go to https://myservice.ottawa.ca/profile/account/ login. If you already have a myservice account, log in. If you do not have an account, follow the easy steps to create one. Online payment options include: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Interac Online, MasterCard Debit and Visa Debit. For the more traditionally minded, fire permits may still be acquired at any City of Ottawa Client Service Centre.


613-407-2316 • www.largosheds.com GR




RY T N E P S CAR ACTOR rs 35 yea



Call Phil 613-828-9546



ANiMAl HoSPiTAl ANiMAl HoSPiTAl • Dr. Rob Kartes • Dr. Adrian Jones • Dr. Paige Willis • Dr. Jackie Sinclair • Dr. Mark Rowett • Dr. Kristin Isnor • Dr. Miki Shibata • Dr. Sharon Zhang

Beside Giant Tiger

Greenbank & Strandherd



(in Manotick)

Moffatt continues on page 15

Finished Basements. Bathrooms, Kitchens, Flooring, Framing, Drywall, Painting, Baseboards, Windows, Doors

8 x 10 sheds starting at only $2,190 Complete garages starting at only $9,999

E of MANoT AG ic l l

The Big Give

June 2nd is the date of the 2018 Big Give. Every year, churches across the country use this day to bless their neighbourhoods through a unified day of giving. It is not a garage sale. They are not raising money. Everything is free. It is their way of helping those in need. This year, Manotick’s newest church, the Manotick Community Church, will be taking part for the third time. On the Saturday of Dickinson Days, drop by 5492 South River Drive, former Manotick Medical Centre, between 8:00am and 1:00pm. They will also have free muffins and coffee in the morning and free hot dogs at lunch. Most importantly, they will have a parking lot FULL of free stuff to choose from. The MCC is also looking for donations and volunteers for this big day. Anything from books to appliances will be accepted. Please contact rosemary@ celtic.ca should you wish to help.

A-1ERAL CONTRin Business

Local House Painter - Bonded With 27 years experience Customer Satisfaction ALWAYS GUARAnteeD For a free estimate please call Rory 322-0109 Book now for your painting needs

me. On the City’s geoOttawa mapping tool, you can also locate all municipal drains within the City of Ottawa boundaries. It could be helpful for residents wishing to know if a municipal drain exists in their area.


There has been a lot of discussion surrounding municipal drains lately due to the proposed maintenance and upgrades to the Cranberry Creek Municipal Drain. With municipal drains being discussed, often the subject of the stormwater fee comes up as well. I would just like to take a moment and explain why the two are not entirely related. Municipal Drains are established under the Provincial Drainage Act. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs has oversight for this piece of legislation. Through their website, they offer the following definition: “A municipal drain is a system to move water. It is created pursuant to a bylaw passed by the local municipality. The municipality is responsible for the construction of the drainage system and future maintenance and repair. Costs may be recovered from the property owners in the watershed of the drain.

(in Barrhaven)


experienced in all home renovations and repairs fuLLy iNsuRED.

Free estimates

(613) 867-2251

Friday, May 18, 2018 Page 15


The MessengerCOMMUNITY Manotick Kiwanis Club proud to be a sponsor of Dickinson Days

Manotick Kiwanis News The Kiwanis Club of Manotick regular meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in the Legion Hall, Manotick, September to June; we

invite you to come for 6 pm with dinner at 6:30 pm. Most meetings have a guest speaker. June to August meetings are casual and held at various locations. Check the Kiwanis web site at www.manotick-kiwanis.

org Bingos are held on the third Monday of each month at 6:45 pm for the residents at Hyfield Place and on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:45 pm for the residents at

Carleton Lodge, Sept. to June. These bingos are fun for the residents and for the Kiwanians who organize and help with them. Our club is proud to sponsor and be involved with many community

portunity for urban residents to get a taste of rural Ottawa and while they are there, partake in a fundraiser BBQ cooked by THE WORKS. The cost of the BBQ lunch is $10 and includes a burger, side and drink (debit, credit or cash will be accepted). Music will be provided by New Country 94. As always, the event will also feature the celebrity cow milking competition.

The rural tradeshow, kicking off at 10:00am, features farmers, businesses and organizations promoting unique goods and services. Booths will be located at Marion Dewar Plaza and inside City Hall at Jean Pigott Place. Last year the event raised $106,000 in support of Food Aid; a program run by the Ottawa Food Bank to purchase and process beef from local farmers. Beef adds

nutritious protein to the diets of families requiring this support while boosting the domestic market for cattle.

Two Ricks come through to repair Richmond 200th Recognition Platform

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at Scott.Moffatt@ottawa. ca or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491. For information on Rideau-Goulbourn issues, please visit RideauGoulbourn.ca.

Recent strong winds created a major calamity for the Richmond 200 Organizing Committee, but thankfully, the call for help was answered by two local volunteers, Richard Waterfall and Rick Lefebvre. They came with their tools and general know how to help Tino Bevacqua resurrect the damaged platform. Three hours later the platform was returned to most of its previous glory except for a few nicks and bruises! The Organizing Committee thanks the two Rick’s for stepping up and demonstrating how great our Richmond neighbours truly

moffatt continues from page 14 The Cornerstone Wesleyan Church in North Gower is also participating at their home, 6556 Prince of Wales Drive.

2018 Food Aid Day and Mayor’s Rural Expo

This annual tradition and significant fundraiser takes place this year on Friday, June 1st between 10:00am and 2:00pm at Ottawa City Hall. The event is an op-

Paul’s Pharmacy 990 River Road

(across from Tim Hortons)

• Manotick Branch Library - Thursday May 24th, 2018, 6:15 – 8:15 pm Protecting your Computer The Transferring a prescription is easy to do average time it takes for an unprotected computer to These cards accepted Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm be compromised after connecting to the Internet is Saturday: 9am-5pm Sunday: 10am-4pm www.pharmasave.com under 15 minutes. Don’t let it be yours. • June 2nd The Big Give Ottawa 8:00 am - 1:00 pm ~ Western Red Cedar ~ Giant Free Garage Sale in the parking lot of the Where church. Free coffee, tea, muffins and activities! Quality Cedar Furniture, clothing, books, home decor and so much Is a Family more. All free! To be held at Manotick Community Tradition Church 5492 South River Drive, Manotick


North Gower (right at the lights) Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5:30 pm; Saturday 7:30 am-1:00 pm



SHUTTER CO Quality custom


TREATMENTS made easy.

Complimentary in-home consultations SHADES ∙ SHUTTERS ∙ DRAPERY HUNTER DOUGLAS AND MORE



Manotick encourages you to support the initiative to shop locally. “Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world, one child and one community at a time”.

Community Calendar


For Your Home Renovations

service and fundraising activities. Please watch future issues of the Messenger for action and event information. The next BIG EVENT is “DICKINSON DAYS, June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The Kiwanis Club of

• OTTAWA NEWCOMERS CLUB - non-profit, social organization for women who have recently moved to this area; (and those who have experienced a significant life change), and would like to meet new people of similar interests by joining our many group activities. More information at: ottawanewcomersclub.ca or by contacting newcomersclubottawa@gmail.com • Are you a proud parent of a military member? Join other parents of serving military members for a casual support group offering you tips and tools, support,

information, and refreshments. Free bimonthly meetings are held Monday nights 6:30 - 8:30pm. • 6 hand Eucher Thursday evening in Barrhaven, all ages; 7:00pm to 10:00pm from mid September until May at the Field House on Stoneway Cres in Barrhaven. Call Myrna, 613-797-9442 or email myrnaj@rogers.com for details. • Thursday Fun Night for adults and children. An optional supper at 5:45 pm. Indoor soccer/games, crafts, or nursery for ages 0-11. Parenting course, Alpha course, or Growing in Faith/Hearing God course for adults, 6:30 - 7:30 pm. To try it out contact, discipleship@trinitybiblechurch.ca • Friday Night Country Music & Dance Club The Greely Legion hosts a Friday Night Music and Dance Club, the fourth Friday of each month. Bring along an instrument to play, or come in to sing, listen and dance. Admission is FREE. Greely Legion, 8021 Mitch Owens Road, ON. Information: 613-822-1451 or 613-826-6128

Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who make these events possible

For free advertising for your not-for-profit community events email editor@prescottjournal.com

Page 16 Friday, May 18, 2018



St. Mark student gets involved to make a difference in the community self and for others.”






goal would be to go toLATEST Specials Mentions: AD!!!!!!!!!!!!_Diversitea Ad university after next year “Special mentions would and study psychology.” be teachers from my

school:4:32 Mr. Amadio, 4/28/18 PM Page 1

Mrs. Beerman, and Mr. O’Brien for always help-

ing me and encouraging me to do my best, and to get out there!”

by Phill Potter

Wellness Teas

Name: Spencer Screaton Age: 16

Healthy and Delicious

Address: Manotick


School: St. Mark High Grade: 11 Parents: Karolle Screaton and Ross Screaton

Blended in small batches ensuring the finest quality!

With Vera Mitchell_Ad copy 5/3/17 8:47 AM Page 1

Shop for DiversiTea at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market Pêches & Poivre (Almonte), Osgoode Country Creations (Osgoode) Beyond the House (Russell), Foodland (Russell) Geronimo Coffee House (Kemptville) Shop online at diversitea.ca Ottawa, Ont. 613.425.1301

Brothers: Carter (13) and Jake (9) Sisters: Riley (18) and Lily (11) Pets: “Two dogs named Luca and Nico.” Pet Peeve: people.”

Photo Restoration


Favorite Subjects: Peer Leadership and English What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I do enjoy reading, but I prefer writing instead.” Who is you favorite author? “Gillian Flynn” Accomplishments: “Co-Creator of the Confidence Is Key program at my school, being CoPresident of the OSAID chapter at school, and performing in the school play.” Why did you get involved in what you do? “Two of the clubs I corun are here to make a difference in our communities, and to make a positive change for your-


BEFORE Spencer Screaton is the co-creator of the Confidence is Key Program and the Co-President of the OSAID Chapter at St. Mark High School. Phill Potter photo

Flying Models – Free Open House Come and watch jets, gas and electric models, gliders, drones

Phelan RC Flying Club phelanflyers.com 1675 Phelan Road East, Kars ON

Saturday, May 19, 10am to 4pm Food available

Kids welcome

Bring a chair




Stains, Creases, Fading, Tears, Pieces Missing Add or Remove People or Items Colourize Black and White Photographs Change Colour to Classic Black and White Archival/Giclée Printing • Transfer VHS to DVD Transparencies, Negatives, Tintypes, Daguerreotypes Photo Collages • Custom Framing

Susan Potter Kenril Construction Ltd. Residential Shingle Specialist

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Bob 613 821-0105Shingles FREERiley: upgrade to Architectural Kenril@xplornet.ca We will Beat any Reasonable Estimate

JEFFREY MARTIN • 613-838-7859 • martinjeffrey@rogers.com


176 Flat Sedge Cres. Ottawa, ON K1T 0G9


By Appointment – Day or Evening



email: suepotter@rogers.com

Over 30 years experience. All work done on premises.

Friday, May 18, 2018 Page 17






HERITAGE WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT: WILDLIFE PROBLEMS? Get them humanely removed with Heritage Wildlife Management. Call Paul Mussell. 613-601-2959. (Csa-tf-33)

SUMMER JOBS -- We’re looking for bright, energetic people who enjoy the outdoors for employment at our berry farms and kiosks in Nepean, Barrhaven, Manotick, Kanata, Stittsville, Kemptville, Almonte and Carleton Place. Apply online at www.shouldicefarm.com

Do you have something that has been lingering but you haven’t had the time to get it done i.e. painting a closet/room/hallway, cleaning/ organizing a garage/basement/ attic, something repaired/moved/ picked up, call 613-808-9376.

HELP WANTED CANADIAN GUIDE DOGS for the Blind, Manotick, requires one person to cover kennels 7pm – 9 pm Sunday and Wednesday, starting immediately. Experience with dogs; valid driver’s license, and own transportation. Fax resume with reference KE2, 613-6920650 or e-mail info@guidedogs.ca. No phone calls please.

(P-B10, 11, M10, 115)

(Psmc- B 9 - M 11)

LOOKING FOR A BABYSITTER in Barrhaven Area as soon as possible. Car needed. Please call 613-8598973 (P-B10, M10)

30 cents per word, $8.00 minimum


All Classified Advertising Payable In Advance

EVERY SATURDAY IN ARNPRIOR AND SUNDAY IN OTTAWA June, July and August, Over 100 skills drills every session. FINCH ARENA, MAY 27, 3:30-5, JUNE 3RD, 12:30 - 2 See website for details.


YARD SALE MULTI-FAMILY SALE, Saturday, June 2, 8 a.m., 2064 and 2070 River Road in Manotick, something for everyone (P-M10, M11)

Chris @ 613-294-7237, Keavin @ 613-799-2788

Classifieds will be accepted by telephone, fax or email Tel: 613-925-4265 Fax: 613-925-2837 email: classifieds@prescottjournal.com Deadline for Classified Advertising Friday at 4:00 pm Deadline for Display Advertising Friday at noon


WANTED TO RENT 1 plus or 2 bedroom apartment or condominium between Manotick and Kemptville. Seniors. No Smoking, No Pets. Call: 613-668-9077 or 613-2207222 (P – M10, B-11)

shop locally

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Page 18 Friday, May 18, 2018

The MessengerCOMMUNITY


Meet your neighbours at the MVCA Annual General Meeting May 29 Want to know more about what is going on in the Village of Manotick? Then come out for our community gathering and Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, May 29 at the Manotick Legion on Beaverwood. This is also an opportunity to meet other Manotick residents and the board members of the Manotick Village and Community Association (MVCA). Registration and welcome by the Board starts at 7 pm. The AGM portion will run from 7:30 – 8 p.m., followed by a social hour with coffee, snacks and desserts as well as a cash bar. The executive will present a recap of the past year, an update on activities throughout the Village, our audited financial statements and election of officers. Everyone is welcome although only members will be eligible to vote on election of officers and approval of the financial statements. You can join the MVCA at www.manotickvca.org

Sign up for the Manotick Community Garage Sale

Registrations are starting to flow in for this community-wide garage sale set for Saturday, June 9 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. If


VOICE by Grace Thrasher, President, Manotick Village and Community Association (MVCA)

you have things you want to sell, you can register your location on the MVCA website at www. manotickvca.org before June 1 and we will post a list along with a map in the days leading up the sale. Local businesses are encouraged to participate as well and a couple have already signed up! The MVCA web site also features some helpful tips for those hosting a garage sale for the first time. If you don’t have enough stuff for a sale of your own, feel free to drop your items off at a community table and the proceeds will be given to YOMA. The table will be located at ROSSS offices, 1128 Mill Street and goods can be dropped off on June 8. If you are looking for some good deals, visit the web site between June 2 and 9 to get your list of locations. And don’t forget to include the Carleton Golf and Yacht Club neighbourhood who are having a community sale that day as well. Ques-

tions? Contact info@manotickvca.org

Response on Osgoode to Manotick Pathway

The City has responded to the MVCA request for consideration of a safer option for this pathway along Mitch Owens. The MVCA’s view is that a paved shoulder with rumble strip along Mitch Owens Drive between St. Mark High School and River Road is not a safe option, given the 80 Km/h speed limit and the number of trucks who use this route. The City has responded that they only have sufficient land along that stretch of Mitch Owens for paved shoulders. They would need an additional 13 metres in width in order to create a separated Multi-Use Pathway and the City does not have access to lands that would allow that option. Therefore, the City offering the paved shoulder option as a compromise solution. Thank you to those who wrote to the City in favour of a better option.

success as they exceeded their fundraising target of $30,000. Everyone had a good time at the event, judging by the noise volume throughout the evening! Word on the street is that a casual dining restaurant will open in the old RBC building on Main Street this summer. We love the new “Buy Local, Think Local, Be Local” flags that appeared on our streets last week. You might be surprised what you can buy in the Village if you check out local businesses. The Manotick Business Improvement Area were successful in getting funding for a mural facing the parking lot and park between Mill and Tighe Streets. We look forward to seeing this welcome artistic addition to the Village. Community Events

Spring Craft Market, May 18 and 19

This annual market will kick off the summer season at Watson’s Mill. It runs from noon to 8 p.m. on Friday and 10 – 5 p.m. on Saturday. It will also feature a “Meadows and Measures” exhibit. More details at www.watsonsmill.com

Protect Your Computer workshop, May 24, 6:15 -8:15 p.m.

This free session at the Manotick Public Library will give you tips on securing your computer when you go online.

Manotick Hockey Charity Golf Tournament, May 25, 1 p.m.

Register your foursome for this fundraiser for Rural Ottawa South Support Services. The tournament will be held at Manderley on the Green.

The cost is $90 per person which includes golf, cart, buffet dinner, donation to ROSSS and prizes. Register at https://manderley-onthe-green.golfems2.com/ event/2018-manotickhockey-fundraiser-golftournament-rosss

Manotick Horticultural Society Plant Sale, May 26, 9 a.m. to noon

This annual spring sale at Watson’s Mill features annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs, gardening advice, tools, seedlings and more.

Dollar$ for Dog$, May 27, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

This fundraiser for Canadian Guides for the Blind will be held at Andrew Haydon Park. The event includes a four kilometre fundraising dog walk, social, prizes and free pizza. More details at www.guidedogs.ca

VOICE continues on page 19

Around the Village

Congratulations to the organizers of Chic Time in the Tick, the May 4th fundraiser for the public dock. It was a rousing

YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A GOVERNMENT REFUND Do you or a family member have...

• Walking Difficulty • Knee/Hip Surgery • Arthritis • Fibromyalgia • COPD • Incontinence • Crohn’s/IBS • Memory loss

• Children’s learning and behaviour difficulties • ADD/ADHD • Autism • Anxiety • Depression And many more

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www.countsmart.ca info@countsmart.ca




Friday, May 18, 2018 Page 19

The MessengerSPORTS

voice continues from page 18 Dickinson Days, June 1-2

Come and visit the MVCA Booth at this annual weekend. We will be selling cotton candy and popcorn as well as memberships in our stall beside Dickinson House. Enjoy the parade on Friday evening and take in the full day of festivities on Saturday at the craft market and entertainment tent.

The Big Give, June 2, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Ontario champs Coach Doug Stuewe and his Ottawa South U12 boys basketball team recently travelled to Niagara Falls and came home with gold medals from the Ontario Provincial Basketball Championships. The team defeated the Toronto Lords, Orangeville Hawks, Milton Stags and the Toronto Triple Threat 54-48 in the final. Congratulations to team members Sahale Abdirahman, Lane Moffatt, Jack Dotten, Ryan Kelly, Kyle Milinazzo, Roston Lockhart, Bennett Close, Samuel Ouellet, Ethan Harris, Victor Xu and Adam Kitchen. Sean Milizanno and Rob Dotten were the team’s assistant coaches.

Manotick Community Church (located in the former Manotick Medical Centre, 5492 South River Drive) is part of this national day where you can pick up free goods (clothing, household, etc) at the Church.

Family Story Time, Saturday and Tuesday, 10:30 – 11 a.m.

Songs, stories and rhymes for children of all ages accompanied by a parent or caregiver. This free event is being offered by the Manotick Public Library.

YOMA – Friday Night Drop In, 7-9:30 p.m.

For youth age 12-17. For more information, visit yoma.ca, email us at youth.of.manotick@ gmail.com or call us at 613-296-1202 Follow us on Twitter @manotickvca and Facebook Got an event happening in Manotick? Please email president@manotickvca.org to get it included in an upcoming newsletter.

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Have a safe and Happy victoria day weekend.

STORE HOURS: Monday to Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.


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