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Who will represent new Carleton riding at Queen’s Park?



One having of the most important things By a TFSA atyou Edward to your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) can give your family is a life insurance Friday June 1, 2018 for the tax-advantaged savings. After all, policy benefit for yourself. At Edwardworking Jones, can from wit you’ve paid onthat the money we meet withalready you face to taxes face so you’ve so why notentire put this advisor who will meet with yo we can get toinvested, know you and your money in a TFSA that lets your investfinancial picture. That way, we can find Make Saving Less Taxing with asuits Work ments grow policy taxyour free. remember, understand needs. the life insurance thatBut, best your TFSA is more than just yourdeserve family’s needs. Because all another the WeTax-Free believe all investors equal Savings Account we’ll personalize your TFSA w savings account. toys in the world aren’t worth as much access to quality financial advice. you’ll bebe tailo nt as ensuring that willJones, mByforechildren tyour having a TFSA at Edward you stothere them financially. Inveinvestments can benefit from working with a financial It’s likely you opened and contribute these How Youneeds. May Benefit from a TFSA Insurance and annuities offered by with Edward you Jonesto better advisor whoare will meet to your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

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Teresa Qadri, Liberal

Goldie Ghamari, PC

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Pat Connor

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1160 Beaverwood Road . 1160 Beaverwood Road Mews Of Manotick * Includes locked-in plans, Life Income Funds (LIFs), Locked-in Retirement Income Funds (LRIFs) and Prescribed RRIFs Manotick, ON K4M 1A3 Mews Of Manotick 613-692-2776 www.edwardjones.ca Manotick, ON K4M 1A3 Pat Connor www.edwardjones.com Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund . Keep more of what you save. Call me today.

Local voters will go to the polls June 7 to decide who will represent the newly formed Carleton riding as the Member of Provincial Parliament. For more, see our editorial on page 6. Mike Carroccetto photos

Because your TFSA is more than just Insurance Agency (except in Quebec). In Quebec, another you can use it to: understand your needs. Working insurance andsavings annuitiesaccount, are offered by Edward Jones together, inInsurance a• Save Row. even more if you have limited we’ll Agencypersonalize (Quebec) Inc. your TFSA with the best

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613-692-2776 Financial Advisor .

Gordon Kubanek, Green

Jean-Serge Brisson, Libertarian

1160 Road Edward Jones received the highest numerical scoreBeaverwood among 15 brokerage firms in the J.D. MewsStudies. Of Manotick Power 2013-2016 Canadian Full Service Investor 2016 study based on 5,159 K4M 1A3 total responses, measuring the opinions ofManotick, investors whoON use full-service investment 613-692-2776 firms, surveyed May-June 2016. Your experiences may vary. Visit jdpower.com.

Jay Tysick, IRT-10373A-C

Ontario Party

1160 Beaverwood R Mews Of Manotick Manotick, ON K4M 1 613-692-2776

Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund

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9 tips for a better dining experience

Most people enjoy dining out for various reasons, including the opportunity to try new flavors, interact socially and avoid cooking and cleaning up at home. Canadians are dining out more often. A Dalhousie University survey found that nearly 42 percent of Canadians either buy ready-to-eat meals or dine at a restaurant once or twice a week, while another 3 percent admitted to doing so on a daily basis. Dining out puts customers in direct contact with the people who make restaurants run like clockwork - most notably, food servers. While big tips are a great way for diners to express their gratitude to their servers, there are other ways to show thanks. 1. Make a reservation and arrive on time. When a reservation has been made, make sure all members of the dining party arrive on time. A punctual arrival helps the restaurant

run more smoothly, especially if it is a large party. If you will be running late, call the restaurant and notify them. 2. Let needs be known early on. If you’re rushing to make it to a movie, let the server know that time is of the essence so service can be expedited. If you prefer to lounge, ask to be seated in an out-of-the way spot. 3. Only signal the server when you’re ready to order. Do not call the server over if you need to continue perusing the menu. 4. Be courteous to the server and fellow customers. It is important for all customers to wait their turn and avoid interrupting waiters when they are taking other customers’ orders. In addition, allow servers to mention the specials before ordering. 5. Alert staff to food allergies when ordering so that the kitchen can be notified that a special order will be coming in. This enables

everyone to be prepared and reduces the risk of someone getting sick. 6. If something is not right with the meal, mention it early so it can be remedied. Do not eat an entire meal before filing a complaint with the server. 7. Recognize that servers have nothing to do with the wait time for a table. Do not take your frustration out on the server if it takes awhile before you’re seated. 8. Clean up after yourself and children. If your party makes a big mess or a child gets sick or spills something, make an effort to clean up the table. 9. Consider the bigger picture when deciding what to leave as a tip. Servers have no control over the quality of the food, wait times or even the atmosphere. Take up issues with the management and make sure the tip reflects the job done by the server.




BREAKFAST-LUNCH-DINNER (6:30am-10:00pm -7 DAYS A WEEK) 5511 Manotick Main Street Manotick, ON

The management and staff look forward to serving our guests in our recently renovated establishment

Located on the shores of the famous Rideau River in Manotick!

2364 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower



Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


7 Days A Week


The MessengerNEWS

Friday, June 1, 2018 Page 3

Worker makes allegations sexual harassment, racism against Manotick company The Ottawa Citizen has reported that a female construction site clean-up worker is seeking $40,000 in damages from a Manotick construction company after filing a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. Belia Mejia, who worked for Versatek Building Corp., filed the complaint in February. She alleged harassment that included physical threats, crude racist and sexist comments,

and an allegation that two male co-workers had followed her home to see where she lived. The allegations were detailed in the complaint, which awas obtained by the Citizen for the story reported on and written by Aeden Helmer. None of Mejia’s claims have yet been tested by the Human Rights Tribunal. Versatek’s parent company, Bayview Kanata HoldT:5.063” ings, Ltd., responded

to the allegations in a detailed response filed with the tribunal and obtained by the Citizen. They denied the most serious allegations, while dismissing others as part of the working culture at a construction site. Mejia told the Citizen that she formally complained on Jan. 10 – the company denies this in Helmer’s story – as the harassment escalated. She claimed that the foreman and

Election Day is Coming. Election Day is June 7, 2018. Polls are open from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. ET / 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. CT. To vote in this election, you must be: • 18 years of age or older on June 7, 2018; and • a Canadian citizen; and • a resident of Ontario.

Each voting location will have magnifiers, Braille ballot templates and other tools to help you vote. Don’t forget to bring your ID and Voter Information Card when you go to vote.

she sent a text to her boss informing him she would not be returning to work due to sexual and racial harassment. The Ministry of Labour visited the Versatek site on Jan. 31.

The company also said it had enlisted a third party investigation into Mejia’s treatment at the worksite. Interviews with Mejia and her co-workers were conducted.

Auction Sale Surplus Museum Merchandise Restaurant Equip’t. Coin Operated Pop Machines. Industrial & Electrical Equip’t. Pallet Racking. Showcases. Steel Cabinets. Children’s Furniture. Tables. Chairs. Hardware. Lighting. Man Cave Items.

for the Canada Science & Technology Museum to be held @ 1101 Polyteck St., Gloucester, ON on Sat., June 16/18 @ 10 am - Preview @ 8 am from Ottawa take Hwy 417 east taking exit 174 est Orleans, continue 3 km & take 34 & Montreal Rd exit. Continue 200 m & go north on Montreal Rd., go 450 m & turn east onto Shefford Rd. then right onto Canotek Rd continuing left onto Polytek (yellow auction signs) Restaurant Equip’t - Stainless steel triple pot sinks w/ left drainboard. 2 ft x 4 ft s/s sink. “True” refrigerated 3 door prep table. 4 ft s/s work table. 2 s/s electric grills (1-Wells). 3 coin operated pop machines (2 PureSpring & 1 Coke). Commercial glass 2 door refrigerated cooler. 6 rows of pallet racking (24’ h x 70’ l x 42’ ft d, 3 yrs old). Qty Versatrack. Alum. open shell, stage & event trusses. Cable trough. Numerous sheets of Lexan. Automotive lazy-susan turntable w/ 3 electric motors. 50 ton hydraulic industrial press (Carolina Inc.) Industrial metal power bandsaw. Victoria milling machine (47047 made in England). South Bend Fairbanks Morse Banks 550v milling machine. 3 phase 14” thickness planer w/ exhaust fan. Brown Boggs industrial 4 ft brake. Industrial 8 ft alum. brake. Brown Boggs industrial 52” shear. 8” industrial bench grinder. Lesson 3 phase OMP air compressor. Bursgreen-Wadkin 3 ph 12” industrial jointer. Brown & Boggs clipper (B2771 green). Busy Bee industrial 50” sheet metal roller. Rockwell 12” radial arm saws. Industrial pipe bender w/ assorted dies. 2 bench grinders on stands. Lincoln 225 amp stick welder. Qty of sheets of steel. Welding rod oven. Steel welding table. High speed industrial hydraulic reservoir & pump. 2 mobile extinguishers on wheels. 50 (+/-) fire extinguishers. Industrial exhaust unit w/ hose & blowers. Air compressor tank. Lathe vise. 3 & 4 jaw chucks for industrial lathes. Several trolly carts. Pallet lifter. Qty of electrical panels & accessories (high tension). Qty heavy electrical wire. Other assorted electrical wire. Coax cable. Steel breaker panels. Electrical wall boxes. Lge qty screws, nuts, bolts, light bulbs. Light balasters. 7 reels of rope lights (LED & incandescent). Theatre & architectural lighting. Motion sensor lights. Simex blower, light & projector (w/ extras). Simex & other speakers. Surveillance cameras. Steel accordian security gate. New touch screen modules. Qty computers & components. Stereo systems. Qty foam core floor tiles. Marine virtual simulator w/ computer. Replicas of Canadian car fins. Rockwell-Collins flight cockpit simulator. Great for a man cave ! Qty wooden & glass showcases. Qty of metal filing cabinets (horizontal & vertical). Qty of storage cabinets, boxes & lockers. Qty bookshelves. Podium. Lge qty folding, hexagon, round & conference tables. 2 drafting tables. Extra lge qty of office, theatre, folding & metal conference chairs. Child’s table & chair sets. 20 children’s tub chairs. Boutique peg board displays. Pillar garden trellis. Sanyo floor model air conditioner. Portable GE dishwasher. Stainless steel trash cans. Flag stands. Door & patio awning set plus many other articles to numerous to mention………. T:7.714”

To find out where you vote, visit elections.on.ca, check your Voter Information Card or call us at 1.888.668.8683 (TTY: 1.888.292.2312).

other workers had been calling Mejia, who is originally from Nicaragua, “Dora the Explorer” and also called her crude and sexist names in Spanish. She told the Citizen that on Jan. 22,

Featuring “Aisle-after-Aisle” of gently used merchandise. An impressive auction sale for contractors, machine tool operators, theatrical & event directors, conference & wedding centres & for local community facilities. Clean, food service equip’t. Various gizmos & gadgets. Visit our website for photos.

For more information, visit elections.on.ca, email us at info@elections.on.ca or call 1.888.668.8683 (TTY: 1.888.292.2312). Disponible en français

File Location: Share1:client_work:ELECTIONS O...Ad 4 ENG/FR:EO_N0895-09_EN_K4.indd

Terms: Cash & Cheque ~ Catering Auctioneer & Qualified Appraiser Jim Hands: The Voice of Experience Phone: (613) 267-6027 www.jimhandsauction.com

Ke MY Ke

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Mayor’s Rural Expo and Food Aid Day at City Hall Fri., June 1 RIDEAUGOULBOURN

WARD REPORT by Councillor Scott Moffatt

the Conservation Authorities. Lands affected are within the watersheds of Constance Creek, the Ottawa River near Constance Bay, Huntley Creek, Feedmill Creek and the Rideau River between the Ottawa River and Burritt’s Rapids. The temporary zoning amendment for 4041 Moodie Drive will allow Ottawa Fire Services to continue using the Cityowned site as a training facility. As usual, we meet at Ben Franklin Place in the Nepean Council Chambers and our meetings begin at 10:00am.

ALWAYS GUARAnteeD For a free estimate please call Rory 322-0109 Book now for your painting needs


sinCe 1988

2018 Food Aid Day and Mayor’s Rural Expo

This annual tradition and significant fundraiser takes place this year on Friday, June 1st between 10:00am and 2:00pm at Ottawa City Hall. The event is an opportunity for urban residents to get a taste of rural Ottawa and while they are there, partake in a fundraiser BBQ cooked by THE WORKS. The cost of the BBQ lunch is $10 and includes a burger, side and drink (debit, credit or cash will be accepted). Music will be provided by New Country 94. As always, the event will also feature the celebrity cow milking competition.

The rural tradeshow, kicking off at 10:00am, features farmers, businesses and organizations promoting unique goods and services. Booths will be located at Marion Dewar Plaza and inside City Hall at Jean Pigott Place. Last year the event raised $106,000 in support

of Food Aid; a program run by the Ottawa Food Bank to purchase and process beef from local farmers. Beef adds nutritious protein to the diets of families requiring this support while boosting the domestic market for cattle.


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rs 35 yea

Finished Basements. Bathrooms, Kitchens, Flooring, Framing, Drywall, Painting, Baseboards, Windows, Doors


Call Phil 613-828-9546

The Big Give

Local House Painter - Bonded With 27 years experience Customer Satisfaction

Paul McCulloch

at their home, 6556 Prince of Wales Drive.

Amidst Dickinson Days weekend, June 2nd is the date of the 2018 Big Give. Every year, churches

Gibbon’s Painting & Decorating

• Reno’s • Additions • Basements • Bathrooms • Kitchens

across the country use this day to bless their neighbourhoods through a unified day of giving. It is not a garage sale. They are not raising money. Everything is free. It is their way of helping those in need. This year, Manotick’s newest church, the Manotick Community Church, will be taking part for the third time. This Saturday, drop by 5492 South River Drive, former Manotick Medical Centre, between 8:00am and 1:00pm. They will also have free muffins and coffee in the morning and free hot dogs at lunch. Most importantly, they will have a parking lot FULL of free stuff to choose from. The Cornerstone Wesleyan Church in North Gower is also participating


While the immediate focus is on Dickinson Day weekend, I would like to look ahead to next week’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting. The Thursday, June 7th agenda includes the following items: • Floodplain Mapping Updates • Surplus Farm Severance Zoning: 1670 Lockhead Road • Temporary Zoning Amendment: 4041 Moodie Drive • Surplus Farm Severance Zoning: 6420 First Line Road After a few months of busy meetings with the Cranberry Creek, Hard Rock Casino Ottawa, Site Alteration By-Law and the Carlsbad Springs waste recovery facility, this is a fairly light agenda in comparison. The report on the floodplain mapping recommends approving updates to the zoning by-law to reflect new floodplain mapping conducted by

• Garages • Repairs • Commercial • Residential • Insurance Restoration OFF: (613) 749-0209 Email: mot666@rogers.com


Church Directory

*All churches wheelchair assessable* ACCESSIBLE

Come... Share in God’s Love Knox Presbyterian Church 5533 Dickinson Street, Manotick Sunday Services 10 am Church School for children

Nursery Care provided

Rev. Philip Kim Knox Office: 692-4228 www.knoxmanotick.ca knoxmano@bellnet.ca

ST. JAMES’ ANGLICAN CHURCH 1138 Bridge Street, Manotick –Serving South Barrhaven, riverSide South and Manotick–

Sunday Services

Holy Eucharist at 8:15 & 10:00 a.m. with Sunday Kids’ Club at 10 a.m. “A Christian community joyfully serving & growing in God’s love”

(Elevator Access Provided) Church Office (Hours: Tues-Thurs, 9-4) 692-2082 Rev. Andrea Thomas e-mail office@stjames-manotick.org Web site: www.stjames-manotick.org

Manotick..United. 692-4576 Church 5567 Main St. Sunday Service at 10 a.m.

Church Office: Tuesday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Church Office:

with Sunday School Christian Meditation on Wednesdays 4:30 - 5:15 p.m.

We welcome all, who with God’s help, work to build a better world. HALL RENTAL AVAILABLE Rev. Elaine Beattie www.manotickunitedchurch.com

ST. LEONARD ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH 5332 Long Island Road, Manotick

Pastor: Rev. TiTus egbueh

Mass TiMes

saturday 4:30p.m., sunday 9a.m. lla.m. & 7p.m. Weekdays Wed., Thu., Fri. 9:30a.m. Office: 692-4254 www.stleonardsparish.ca Office hours: Tuesday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. eMaiL: office@stleonardsparish.ca

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The MessengerCOMMUNITY “Of Convocations, Commencements, Graduations and Proms”

We are in the season of convocations, commencements, graduations and beginnings! I have had the privilege, some years ago, of attending Algonquin College Convocation as a member of Algonquin staff. Kiwanis Key Club members at various High Schools will be on my mind at their Commencement. Limos and girls in long dresses, handsome young men dressed to the nines arrive and are seated. Proud parents and friends, in limited numbers, have been invited to witness the “beginning of another chapter of life”. The stage is decorated with flowers; staff is seated ready to present the appropriate certificates and diplomas; the band plays, the valedictorian addresses the

THis week,

THIS MONTH by Larry Ellis

gathering, then the parade starts with the traditional shake hands, best wishes, perhaps a few tears and back to the seat holding that precious piece of paper. Each year at this time we await the smiling photos of the mortarboard wearing graduates; from the Tiny Tots program to the University Graduate, each one an eager learner awaiting to begin the next step on their life discovery journey. Oh, how many things to be learned, how many adventures lay ahead.

The roots of education go back to the very beginnings of history. Our highly complex and expensive educational system has been built up over a long period of time and owes much to the past. Education came with a “price” over the years, with all the young people who had dreams but never had the opportunity to learn more, when their lives were snuffed out by wars. In the free society in which we live, every citizen has the opportunity to develop his or her abilities to the limit of their capacity. If we are to compete successfully in the world, governments cannot afford to neglect any of the divisions of our educational system – primary, secondary, college and university.

Applecrate Galleries to host art show featuring works of students Some of South Carleton’s finest young artists will have their works on display in a professional setting this month. Applecrate Galleres on Manotick Main Street in Manotick will be hosting Selection: A Collective Art Show featuring the works of students from South Carleton High School, Fri., June 15 from 6-8 p.m. Guests will enjoy an evening of creative indulgence, as students from South Carleton High School (SCHS) will feature

over 50 original works. The work is made up by Mrs. Barbier’s students in grade 10 art and grade 11 photography. Guests are invited to come and enjoy the light refreshments, social exchange, relaxing atmosphere, and of course, beautiful artwork of our talented students. This group exhibition will feature over 50 different artists from SCHS and will include materials ranging from digital photography, to acrylic paint, charcoal, and sharpie. The

works on display will typically consist of portraiture and abstracted images; contrast is one of the dominant elements driving these works. The art show has plenty to offer patrons looking for an alternative to regular evening outings. Guests can expect to experience stunning works of art while meeting and greeting many of the young artists behind the work. This exhibition is an all ages event and families are welcome. Admission is free!

Rideau Archives, Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and the Goulbourn Museum. For disability-related accommodation required to participate fully in this event, please contact the City at doorsopen@ottawa. ca or call 3-1-1. For more information on this event, please visit Ottawa.ca/ doorsopen.

at 2397 Roger Stevens Drive between 8:30am and 1:00pm on Saturdays until October 6th. For more details, please visit www.northgowerfarmersmarket.wordpress.com.

Convocations and commencements are in the purest sense markers of beginnings. They give voice to our life’s work and

sound the starting of all that can be.. I would like to dedicate this “This Week This Month” story to all the graduates and anyone

who is embarking a new stage of their life and wonders about the mountains that lie ahead – all the best wishes!





๏ ๏ ๏ ๏



New easy Quick-to-apply

Magnetic Lashes

moffatt continues from page 4 Doors Open Ottawa

Doors Open Ottawa, a free annual architectural event that celebrates our community’s built heritage, is back! On June 2nd and 3rd, you can explore over 140 unique buildings that have shaped the Ottawa landscape, such as the Supreme Court of Canada, Hydro Ottawa’s new Hydroelectric facility at Chaudière Falls, the Global Centre for Pluralism, and the Bank of Canada. Local participants include Dickinson House, Watson’s Mill,

North Gower Farmers’ Market

The North Gower Farmers’ Market is now open! You can visit the market

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at Scott.Moffatt@ottawa.ca or contact me by phone at 613-5802491. For information on Rideau-Goulbourn issues, please visit RideauGoulbourn.ca.

N o w AvA i l A b l e Barrhaven Marketplace (Rio-Can in front of Wal-Mart)


Page 6 Friday, June 1, 2018



Exposing his scars for the world to see

Messenger Editorial

Ghamari still an underdog despite being favourite

We all shake our heads when bad things I instantly knew there was a mistake. I don’t know why, but something in me knew that happen to good people. But when bad things happen to good, you needed to be with me.” Being switched to be in Cowan-Wilson’s young people, it emotionally handcuffs us Our C Ommunity class set off what Michael calls an avalanche and then locks us in a cell of frustration. It seemed like we have anxiously when the riding split. We think of those who were abused who of tragedy. It is one which he will never truly awaited a provincial election for Even though Iranian-Canadian Messenger Editorial had nowhere to turn. There has never been a be able to dig out from. Yet, if he could go years, and yet, it seems to have crept trademark lawyer Goldie Ghamari template for victims. Every situation is differ- back, he would not have changed it. up on us quickly. is the frontrunner to win the riding “Even if I could, I wouldn’t change that ent. Every predator is different. The victims’ Aretheyou Perhaps reasonmore for that Canadian is the for the PCs, she has been made an shame seems to be the only common de- moment,” he said. “Despite the ruin that one soap opera that took place over the underdog by her own party. An email than a fifth grader? change of class brought about for me, what nominator. race for the party leadership of the leaked to the Ottawa Citizen last year With Canada Day approaching next Party. week, it is In a good quoted time for us MacLeod all to would the alternative have been? Which of But what if there was a template? What if Progressive Conservative as saying that Ghareflect on what it means to be Canadian. you did stand in and take the curveballs that my friends would (she) have targeted if (she) fact, Do allwethat Doug Ford’s unlikely rise mari would not be a suitable replacetake being Canadian for granted? Better yet, how do new Canadians feel about being Canadian? Some of us to party leadership lacked was Victor ment for her. the demons threw at you and you knocked didn’t pick me? This sorrow (she has) infected look upon immigrants and refugees as opportunists, not wanting to give but very willing to take. Perhaps, some people, that is true, but when you Newman getting insidefor information Ghamari, however, has been upon me, this pain that made death feel like them out of the park? a celebration for new Canadians, such as the one hosted by Nepeanon attend Christine Elliott, implemenThat’s exactly what a young man has done. the only solution, I wouldn’t wish upon anyCarleton MP Pierre Poilievre the at Mother Teresa High Schoolnothing in Barrhaven but last a professional and repmonth, can see the excitement and the thankfulness the eyes of candidate every tation ofyouthe Jabot Industries’ Blood inutable for Carleton. She one.” Last week, his middle new Canadian. Abbott Clause, and maybe Dollar Bill has hosted public forums over the They understand, perhaps better than all of us, what it means to be Perhaps the most disturbschool teacher, Kyla Canadian.cooking up some kind of Spencer past year in most of the communities Cowan-Wilson, plead- Bev McRae photo ing scenario that Straw reSo how can the rest of us have that feeling? crazyThe and narcissistic scheme. in the riding, gathering information Conservative government has a solid idea. FROM THE OTHER called was at Bluesfest that edCo-operative guilty to sexually as- its At the school’s 50th Anniversary Party, Manotick Nursery School honoured longest-servJason Kenney, Minister ofthat Citizenship, Immigration andand Multiculturalism Then again, all of would have opinions and hosting discusing teacher/volunteer with a memorial garden bench, which will be installed with a plaque in the school’s summer. Cowan-Wilson’s hussaulting him while he and Andrew Cohen, President of the Historica-Dominion Institute, are chalLeft to right, MCNS Director Sandy Erler and June Hodge celebrate June’s 29 years as a supbeen more thantoPatrick sions business, hydro, edulenging middle believable and high school students take the citizenship test. on small playground. band had found out about the was her student. ply teacher, teacher and volunteer. The Canadian Citizenship Challenge, funded inenpart by CIC and run by the Brown’s implosion, and then cation, health care, and other topics. Historica-Dominion Institute, will see students study Discover Canada: the relationship. Michael said she Although he is now Jeff Morris tering race to replace himself, But this election will transcend Rightsthe and Responsibilities of Citizenship and then take a mock citizenship texted him telling him to leave an adult and wants his test. Sometimes and then Doug Ford showing up and local options in Carleton. The NDP it’s best just to say nil “This will be a fun way for students to learn about Canada and feel proud Bluesfest, as her husband was story to be told, he canI’m finding myself at one of our shared history said Ministercandidate, Kenney. “As we Courtney grabbing hold of and theaccomplishments,” party. Potter, willof those get bizarre cross- wonder about things like how come “underneath” is roads where everything I love about sports is about a word but no one ever says “overneath” when the there looking for him. He left, terrified. not be identified because of a court ordered learn about our past and the people and events that made Canada what it is Make no mistake. a lot because Andrea to collide with a largeof swatch of the population work- discussion pulled me back into soccer. today, we become more proud to People be Canadian.want We are inspired to seeof howsupport we Michael said that he has feared running publication ban. We will refer to him in this ing diligently to grate my nerves. “Chelsea is learning so much by watching the can defend our rights and live up to our responsibilities and we feel much change. But is Doug Ford too much Horwath’s popularity. Potter is a It’s this whole World Cup thing. Don’t youcolumn find Worldas Cup,” said the mom wearing Crocs. “We are more strongly how valuable it is to be a citizen of Canada.” into either of them over the years, and added Michael. change? They are sick of the Wynne 22-year-old student who was among that people are just a little too into it? studying each country before the game. She has “Our schools need to be training our young people to become the citizens I found myself in line in frontin of two nouveau“Over really become a fan of Arr-hayne-TEE-na, and friends she the years, many of my have that there have been many days where he has of tomorrow. Citizenship is notthe only scandals, about new Canadians, aboutNDP all Liberal Government, theit’slast candidates selected soccer fan moms at Your wants us to go there on our Canadians, young and old,” said Andrew Cohen. “The Canadian Citizenship been afraid to go outside his house. His life told me that theeven best way to face theChallenge overspending, and to the fiscal theit means party. Qadri, the Liberal Independent Grocer the other day. vacation next year. Perhapsher we would be will encourage students learn more about what to beTeresa FROM I was kind of in my own little can evenago to Brrra-seeel.” Canadian and then put that knowledge to the test.” became blanketed by darkness. in court, by reading letter detailing how she messStarting theythis have left the province in. candidate, hasmental name recognition as THE world in the checkout line, That caught my attention. summer, the Historica-Dominion Institute will be encouraging COUNCIL “The scars she carved into me will be there has affected my life,” he said. The reality, howscanning the tabloid and magaArr-hayne-TEE-na? OTHER But we have seen this scenario the wife of Shad Qadri and her volmore than 5,000 middle and high school teachers to register their classrooms zine covers and wondering what Are you kidding me? for the Challenge. Each classroom will receive a set of the new citizenship CORNER SIDE forever and no words that she or I could say ever, is that he has faced her in his mind every played out before, and the Wynne unteer work, primarily in Stittsville. Justin Bieber’s first major scandal The other mom – the one with guide, along with specially designed learning activities. The teacher will also By Jeffrey would be. I was just about to rethe Birkenstocks –the pipedabuse in. will ever change that,” he said. “The only minute of every day since occured. receive copies a mock citizenship citizenship the Liberals haveof come out onexam. topStudents eachwill take thePerhaps criticisms Ghamari Mayor Suzanne Dodge Morris enter the world after some quality “They are a wonderful football exam as a class and the teachers will return the completed exams to the Michael felt nation,” compelled to husband, share his story impact I can make is in helping others. I’ve time. has taken havetime made herJeff work hardon Planet and launch she said. “My Dominion Institute for grading. into my weekly the way-to-reward-your-customers-byof course, wearswith the azure Italia, but He wants Results will it be announced by theMacLeod Dominion Institute Flaghas Day clearly Through all, Lisa er.onShe been most visshared my story specifically for anyone who’s and go public itand tocheers helpforothers. charging-us-five-cents-per-bag-and-claiming-it’s- Zachary’s favourite team has been MAY-heee-co. (February 15) each year for the next three years. For more information about TED PERAthe plowed through last few elections ible and hardest working candidate O experiencing depression, anxiety, mental illto take advantage of his own tragedy to-save-the-environment rant when I unexpectedly They did a school project on MAY-heee-co last year and help the Challenge please visit the Historica-Dominion Institute website at &A BY TED PDER R A E T P O ED & BY locked in on the conversation behind me. and he has even insisted that we go to out to eat and &O BY andwww.historica-dominion.ca. won Dthe riding on the strength of throughout the campaign. She has D ness, or any kind of abuse. I know that everyother victims who might feel lost. He wants “I wish some of the stores would carry xxxxx the watch the games when they are playing.” xxxxx xxxxx CIC’s multiculturalism grants and contributions program will be investing her$525,171 support in32Carleton. She was the also run a clean campaign invuvuzela horns so thatwith we could bring them to’ Ito bit my tongue.they are not alone, and that in this month project which promotes civic memory, civic pride one’s story is different, and from personal them know S ’ Chelsea’s games,” said the mom who was wearing In an effort to keep my blood pressure down, I SON here, and we are tegrity and respect and integration. N ultimate overdog If she wins, we I B experience, I know that no one can truly dethey should never stop fighting to take back Crocs. looked out the big window at the big parking lot O R Obit THE NOT SO HB I Tknow,” said and scoped it out, looking for a puppy or a bird or U R N surprised still a little she opted areY Oconfident she anwearing out- Birkenstocks. U R I N D E P Ethat N “Oh, DEN Gwill RO Cbe Ethe R one EBI G O scribe what someone is feeling. But what I their lives. O B UR NEIGH Y O U R I N D E P E N D“Zachary E N T Ghas R OaCtournament ER U R N Eand next weekend anything that would pry my mind out Y Oof Uthe R IshackNDEPENDENT GROCER I G Hit NEW GUY to run in Nepean and not Carleton standing MPPtowould for our riding. Shopping locally puts a face the business have been so in the spirit of the World Cup toMichael les that thesewas two soccer moms had put mekid in with do know is that I never thought I would get a confident and an exMews of Manotick, Manotick 3777 Strandherd Dr., Napean have all They Page lost their for all your grocery needs. Page x Page x of us blowing our vuvuzela horns. x conversation. Tim Ruhnkehere, and I’m sure many feel the same way. I 613-692-2828 613-843-9413 athlete. Kylaa nearby Cowan-Wilson was two-nil and then three-nil. They need all of theceptional supA busload of seniors from retirement port they can get.” home hadof pulled and passengers were at getting the coach hisup school team Sir Winston never thought I’d survive this. I know what it SERVING MANOTICK AND SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES Nil? Who says nil? Really. off. I was trying to, in my head, name all of their is like to feel completely hopeless and empty. Churchill Public School. “Oh, I know,” said the mom wearing Crocs. “The walkers as an escape. 1165 Beaverwood Rd., P.O. Box 567, Ontario K4M 1A5 INManotick, OSGOODE, RIDEAU AND SOUTH GLOUCESTER horns are such a beautiful part of the South African Unfortunately, they pulled me back in. www.manotickmessenger.on.ca I know what it feels like to feel as if everything Like any kid, Michael blamed himself for culture.” “My cousin lives in Australia, and he was devasThe Manotick Messenger is published every Wednesday in Manotick, Ontario. The Manotick I wanted to jump in andNamed say something, but I tated when Germany beat them 4-nil,” said the is caving in on you. But, what I want to tell you what happened. What could he have done Messenger is mailed to bona fide subscribers in Rideau and Osgoode Townships for $36. The one of Ontario's top three refrained. I couldn’t do it. community newspapers for 2008,mom publication is available by carrier for $36 or at newsstands for $1.00 per copy. Letters will be edited 2009 wearing Crocs. is that you are not alone. I, too, felt hopeless. I, to avoid being abused? for length, clarity and libellous statements. Display, National and Classified rates are available on If you are unfamiliar with the vuvuzela horn,differently then At this point, I couldn’t take it anymore. Mount Why did request. The Manotick Messenger is not responsible for the loss of unsolicited manuscripts, photos or you have not tuned into CBC over the pastthis two happen Patience erupted and out came sarcasm lava. this woman, too, felt that I had no future ahead of me. But to him? He trusted other material used for publication purposes. VOL. 28 • N . 1 MANOTICK, ONTARIO WEDNESDAY JANUARY weeks. If you stumble across a World •Cup soccer5, 2011 “I saw that match,” I said. “I can’t believe Ausgame on CBC, you will hear what soundsso likewas TRY-lier so insipid Deutschland.” you can’t give up. As cheesy as it might sound, thislooked all his ownagainst fault? Publisher: Jeffrey Morris WALKER HOUSE 50,000 bees swarming the field. They are not bees. The mom with the crocs was not impressed. Managing Editor: Jeffrey Morris there will be light at the end of the tunnel. At the beginning of Michael’s Grade 8 year, They are people blowing on cheap, plastic, gimThe mom with Birkenstock’s wasn’t either, but Reporters: Bev McRae Publisher: Jeffrey Morris Phone: 613-692-6000 EsauMorris micky horns. she did acknowledge me with athat response. Managing Editor: Jeff Jeffrey John Green: There will be an end to the darkness.” Cowan-Wilson noticed he was not in her Fax: 613-692-3758 Reporters: Bev McRae The funny thing about these horns is that they “Who is your team?” she quipped, condescend2010 Susan Vallom Michael says that although the bad days Marketing Mgr: Gord Logan Jeff Esau class. She immediately requested a change to have become what has definedOur the 2010 WorldPerson Cup. ingly. email: People who have been following theof World and I did the only thing I could do, shouting as loud theCup Year Office: ensure he would be in her class for the year. are crippling, the good days are more freMarketing Mgr:Angie GordDinardo Logan Advertising: advert@bellnet.ca people who have only seen 20 minutes of it in pass- as I could. Photographer: Mike Carroccetto Greely-area rescue specialist Editor: newsfile@bellnet.ca ing have commented on these annoying yetpictured relent“USA! USA!he USA!” Michael said was being targeted long be- quent. John Green, with Office: Angie Dinardo News/ Sports: newsfile@bellnet.ca Grace has Agostinho of the less horns. Ironically, while the world learned to FrenchThey turned their heads in disgust. The next 45 Photographer: Mike Carroccetto Cafe at anow fundraiser forhe the “I now know that in time, I will find peace fore was aware that had taken an interadapt these horns as the one thing they know seconds were incredibly silentshe and awkward. Manotick Project in Haiti at about South African culture, the horns aren’t really At that point, it was my turn. The cashier Longfields Davidson Heights in my life,” he said. “There will be a day when est in him. High School insports February,scanned is We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada a part of their everyday lives. South African my Diet Coke and V-8 Fusion, and I was person of the year for through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) for our publishing activities. my past no longer defines me. And that day is He an excerpt from a five-page love enthusiasts have commented thatour they had neverwas allshared set. 2010. Agostinho our Advertising deadlines: DISPLAY, Monday 3 p.m.; CLASSIFIED; Monday 4 p.m. seen nor heard a vuvuzela horn atperson a sporting of the event, year for 2009.“Would you like plastic bags?” All layouts and composition of advertisements produced by employees of Manotick Messenger letter the teacher had written him at BLAKE’S the coming soon.” For the full story, see page 2.that and that the South African people find the noise just “Yes please,” I replied. Inc. are protected by copyright invested in the publishers of the Manotick Messenger. as annoying as the rest of the world does. had never been so happy end ofI that school year.to pay five cents for a Member, Ontario Community Newspaper Association TAKES Michael, to us, is not defined by his past. Apparently, some now wealthy marketing genius plastic bag just to get the hell out there. Canadian Community Newspaper Association “I saw a sensitive and vulnerable kid,” she He is defined by his courageous fight to take came up with the idea to mass produce and market Blake McKim these horns as a World Cup novelty. The plan Jeffrey Morris was the 2008 OCNA Columnist of wrote.” I knew at that moment I wanted you back his own life and to be a beacon of hope worked, and now the rest ofx,the worldSingle must endure the Year. His book, From the Other Skide, is availVol. 27, Number X Manotick, Ontario Wednesday, Month 2010 copies $1 the shrilling sounds of his quick buck. at Manotick Office Pro, Barrhaven UPSname Store, in myableclass. When I saw your missing for others.


Page 6, Manotick Messenger, Wednesday, June 23, 2010















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I was just about to drift back into ADD world and

and Pages in Prescott.

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Friday, June 1, 2018 Page 7

The MessengerINBOX

It’s time for the Ontario government to buy back Hydro One The Editor, My good friend Andy Braid has managed to hit the nail on the head once again in his recent letter about Hydro One. Well, sorta. At least somewhere in the general vicinity of the nail, if not actually on the head. Hydro One does not generate power itself, except in the far north of Ontario, but instead runs the transmission lines and local distribution systems that bring power to our homes from the power producers. Hydro One is, or should be,

a natural government monopoly, in the same way that police forces and the military are government monopolies; after all, wherever you live, there is only one set of power lines coming to you. You can’t switch to an alternative supplier as you can with your phone company. Hydro One was only sold off because Kathleen Wynne’s government, after years of fiscal mismanagement, was so desperate for new ways to raise money that they started to sell off the family fur-

niture, so to speak. cost fossil fuel plants Anyone who has not with high cost wind turbeen living in a cabin in bines which only work the woods for the past when the wind blows, ten years will know that and must therefore be Ontario’s electricity rates backed up by fossil fuel have shot up faster by far plants ready to come than the cost of living, to on stream the moment the point where many the wind drops. We are people, particularly therefore paying for our elderly people on fixed electricity twice, once incomes, face heat or for the wind turbines eat decisions in winter- and once for the fostime. The primary rea- sil fuel plants. The cost son for this is Kathleen of wind power is twice Wynne’s insane decision that of fossil fuel power, to convert our electri- typically 11-13 cents city system to so-called per kilowatt hour (kWh) forcopy wind as opposed to 1 renewable energy, Remove athus Person_Ad 5/15/18 5:22 PM Page replacing reliable, low 6-7 cents per kWh for fossil fuel power. Since no power distribution authority in their right minds would willingly accept high-priced wind power if there were an

Dumps belong in the dark ages, it’s time for incinedrators The Editor, but it is surely a necessity Did I hear that a local in this day and age. Every week, trucks city council candidate has mentioned the for- trail to each house or bidden word, ‘inciner- other dwelling to pick ator?’ up the black box, the Well, it’s about time blue box, the green bin, too! the garbage bin and the I, along with many waste bin on their special others, were horrified days, chugging, idling, when we heard that yet stopping and starting another new dump wasto along their merry way. be dumped near BoundDumps should have ary Road. In this day and been left behind in the age. What on earth is the dark ages where they beCityAD!!!!!!!!!!!! thinking?copy_Diversitea Ad long. LATEST 5/25/18 9:02 PM Page 1 Of course an incinerWhere are all the enator will be expensive, viro crusaders on these

occasions? Many people speak about the ornate incinerators sitting in the middle of some European cites producing energy. Of course, we don’t have to go as far as Europe. Let’s take Durham York. Well Mr. David Brown, if you are for incinerators, you have my attention. Let’s stop dithering, make a decision and do it. E.B. Spraggs Manotick

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alternative, Hydro One is contractually required to accept wind power whenever the wind blows, regardless of whether cheaper power is available from other sources, or whether it actually needs the power at the time. Since wind is often strongest in the middle of the night, when power demand is very low, Hydro One is frequently in the position of having to sell excess power outside Ontario, typically to the US. The price they can get in the middle of the night is very low, and is sometimes negative, i.e. Ontario has to pay US States to take our power. Meanwhile, of course, the wind energy

companies are still being paid 11-13 cents per kWh. All this, of course, is reflected in our hydro bills. The only way to bring back sanity to our hydro rates is for the government to buy back Hydro One, and give it the mandate to accept power at all times from the lowest cost producers, whether from nuclear, hydroelectric, fossil fuel, wind, solar, or burning old tennis socks. If wind and solar can survive commercially under these conditions without government subsidies, all well and good. If not, goodbye to a failed experiment. Roger Graves North Gower

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is what’s best for You! ame thing; the int aring aid units sh HEARING FREEDOM wledge and skills, HEARING FREEDOM liation to for a You! given is what’s best aring aidbest units she w is what’s for You! proper hearing h liation to a given M on myhearing patients’ n proper hea er av on everything my patients’ nee er avai heeverything employer th the employer the b n by satisfied cus n by satisfied custo

abilities and depression. Indeed, untreated or improperly predetermined product or plan. Each and every patient’s paramount. “We don’t giveare.upTheuntil our patients’ needs unique Consequently, treated are hearing loss to hasyou. a pronounced negativeovercoming impact on even intervention plan is as unique as they experience Page 8 Friday, June 1, 2018 loss is best achieved if the solution MANOTICK MESSENGER needs are met.assessment ” explains which McNamee, “We offer the slightest hearing is followed by a a 90your quality of life. begins with a thorough Keeping you connected with everything and everyone, their improved quality of life.” And so she decided to set up needs continued follow-up. Although thehear impactUnfortunately, untreated hearing distinctive asofyou are. To achieve this,detailed all ownperiod onassessment all hearing aids.and This extensive trial selected is just asnegative your ability to is priceless. one in tenloss of us her business, doing it herand way putting patients first,gives Throughout, the patient’ s that opinions concerns arethe held is suffer universal, the details of Ifyour hearing ability andand hearing offeringthe trueconfidence Hearing Freedom. Now,and nearly 15 years later, she solu from hearing loss. ignored, even the slightest hearing products available need to be considered discussed. they have chosen right continues to patients stayuntil young, active and socially loss has You become disconnected “Wehelp don’t give up our patients’ hearing needs are significant unique to consequences. you. Consequently, overcoming even paramount. Fortunately, at Hearing Freedom your freedom choiceconnected. is them, their lifestyle and hearing needs.” from your world as loved ones become mumblers andof asking are met.Freedom ” explainsoffers McNamee, “We offer a 90-day trial thetoslightest hearinga nuisance. loss is bestYourachieved if the solution needsHearing a rarely found grass-roots program repeat becomes safetyand and independence Keeping you connected with everything everyone, their improved quality of life. ” And so she decided to set up Furthermore, thereextensive are and no Hearing Instrument Prac held paramount. cognitive of care. Unlike larger companies chains, there is no is compromised. You risk misdiagnoses, diminishing distinctive as you are. To achieve this, all period on all hearing aids. This trial gives patients selected is just as yourKeeping ability toyou hearconnected is priceless.with Unfortunately, in ten of usinterviews her ownfor business, doing it her way and putting patients many positions at local patients’ hearing needsfirst, are met.” explains everythingonehad abilities and depression. Indeed, untreated or improperly predetermined product or plan. Each and every offering true Hearing Freedom. Now, nearly 15 years later, she suffer from hearing loss. If ignored, even the slightest hearing or Hearing Instrument Specialists on staff. Patients ar Locally owned, grown and operated, Hearing Freedom At each establishment she they and everyone, yourneed ability to to hear isconsidered priceless. dispensaries. McNamee, “We offer aright 90-day trialpatient’s period products available be and discussed. the confidence that have chosen the solution for continues tothe helpsame patients young, active loss has significant consequences. become disconnected treated hearingone loss a pronounced impact onto find intervention planstay is on as unique as and they are. experience was disappointed thing; Unfortunately, in has ten of us You suffer fromnegative all hearing aids.socially This The extensive trial ” Fortunately, at Hearing Freedom your freedom of choice is them, their lifestyle and hearing needs. seen by the owner, a bilingual Audiologist adopts a unique and refreshing approach to patient care connected. from your world as loved ones become mumblers and asking to do with her givesassessment hearing loss.ofIflife. ignored, even the slightest the interviews had nothing patients thewhich confidence that they is followed by awho your quality begins with a thorough Hearing Freedom offers a rarely found grass-roots program tohearing repeat becomes nuisance. Your safety and independence knowledge and loss skills, they insteadneeds focused loss has significant consequences. have chosen theInstrument right solution for them, detailed assessment and continued follow-up. Although theadiffers negative impact of retail untreated hearing Furthermore, there are no Hearing Practitioners held paramount. Doctoral degree in Audiology. She is qualified to serv which drastically with that of settings, larger clinics cognitive of care. Unlike larger companies and chains, there is no is You compromised. You risk misdiagnoses, diminishing on the number of hearing aid units she their lifestyle and hearing needs.” become disconnected from your world Throughout, the patient’s and concerns are held is universal, the detailsIndeed, of youruntreated hearing ability and hearing abilities depression. improperly predetermined or plan. Each opinions and on every patient’s Hearing Instrument Specialists staff. Patients ratherpay or th owned, grown and operated, Hearing Freedom was expected to sellorand theproduct company’s asLocally lovedand ones become mumblers and askingor Furthermore, there are noareHearing children and adults, whether they are private and manufacturer owned chains. paramount. “We don’t give up until our patients’ hearing needs are unique to you. Consequently, overcoming even treated hearing loss has a pronounced negativeaffiliation impact onto a intervention plan is as unique as they are. The experience or Hearing given Manufacturer. to repeat becomes a nuisance. Your safety Instrument Practitioners seen bythorough themet. owner, aInstrument bilingual Audiologist who holds a adopts a unique andisrefreshing approach to“That care needs are ” explains McNamee, “We by offer a 90-day trial the hearing loss is best achieved ifpatient thewas solution isSpecialists followed your quality of life. begins with assessment which not my idea ofa proper hearing andslightest independence compromised. You Audiologist, ona staff. Patients graduated Rosanne supported (WCB, VAC, etc). In 2001, as a newly detailed needs degree assessment and continued follow-up. Although thediffers negative untreated hearing lossclinics distinctive you are. To achieve this, all McNamee. period on hearing This extensive gives patients selected is just as health care,” says “I all wanted risk misdiagnoses, diminishing areaids. rather seen by the trial owner, a bilingual Doctoral in Audiology. She is qualified to service both which drastically withimpact thatasofofcognitive retail settings, larger Throughout, the patient’s opinions and concerns are held is universal, the details of your hearing ability and hearing to focusdiscussed. on my patients’ needs, not sales. abilities and depression. Indeed, who holds Doctoral degree products available need to be untreated considered and the confidence that Audiologist theyishave chosen theaso right solution for McNamee, Doctor of Audiology, had many interviews for “Hearing complex and are today’ s heari children and adults, whether they are private pay or third party and manufacturer owned chains. paramount. “We don’t give up until our patients’ hearing needs are unique to you. Consequently, overcoming even I wanted be able consider everything or improperly treated hearing loss in Audiology. She ”is qualified to service Fortunately, at Hearing Freedom yourhasfreedom of to choice is toarethem, their lifestyle and hearing needs. needs met. ” explains McNamee, “We offer a 90-day trial the slightest hearing loss is best achieved if the solution available, not justshe the product lines providing a pronounced negative impact on each your both children and adults, whether they are “Dealing with thePractitioners most qualifie positions at local dispensaries. At establishment was McNamee explains. graduated Audiologist, Rosanne supported (WCB, VAC, etc). In 2001, as a newly Furthermore, there are no Hearing Instrument held paramount. distinctive as you are. To achieve this, all period on all hearing aids. This extensive trial gives patients selected is just as the employer the biggest profit margins. I private pay or third party supported (WCB, quality of life. orsatisfied Hearing Instrument Specialists on staff. Patients areaids, rather Locally owned, grown and operated, Hearing products available need to be considered and discussed. the that they chosen the right solution for McNamee, Doctor offindAudiology, hadthing; manywanted interviews for confidence “Hearing ishave complex and so are today’ s hearing ” care professional, in the most independent setting, is disappointed the same the interviews had toFreedom be driven by customers Although theto negative impact of untreated VAC, etc). ” Fortunately, atisHearing yourof freedom of to choice is improved them, lifestyle and seen by the hearing owner, a bilingual Audiologist who adopts unique andFreedom refreshing approach care their bypatient their quality of life.” And needs. hearingaloss universal, the details your and “Hearing is complex and so are holds today’sa “Dealing with the most qualified health positions at local dispensaries. At each establishment she was McNamee explains. Furthermore, there are noinHearing Instrument held paramount. Atdegree Hearing Freedom you nevertoworry whether nothing toability do and with herwithneeds knowledge skills, they so she decided toinstead set upDoctoral her own business, Audiology. She Practitioners iswill qualified service both or which drastically differs thatare ofunique retail and settings, larger clinics hearing hearing hearing aids,” McNamee explains. or Hearing Instrument on staff.independent Patients aremost rather Locally owned, and operated, Freedom it her way andcare putting patients first, to you. Consequently, overcoming even Hearing the “Dealing witharethe qualified health professional, in the most setting, crucial. ” disappointed to findgrown the same thing; the doing interviews had children andSpecialists adults, whether they private pay oristhird party and manufacturer owned chains. have chosen the best place to trust with your focused on the number of hearing aid units she was expected seen byFreedom. the owner, a nearly bilingualcare Audiologist whoinholds a independenthearing adopts a unique and refreshing approach to patient offeringcare true Hearing Now, slightest hearingas loss is best achieved if the professional, the most graduated Audiologist, Rosanne supported (WCB, VAC, etc). In 2001, a newly Atdegree Hearing Freedom never whether or not you nothing to selected do with knowledge and they instead Doctoral Audiology. She iswill qualified toworry serviceAt both which drastically differs with that of retail as settings, larger clinics 15 years later, she continues to in help patients you solution is her just as distinctive youskills, setting, is crucial.” Hearing Freedom McNamee, ofallchains. Audiology, hadtomany interviews forandand “Hearing isyou complex and are today’s aids, ” So, ifbest believe inpaysoyour right tohearing theorneeds. best, fullest a tofocused sell and theDoctor company’ s affiliation astay given Manufacturer. children adults, whether they are private orworry third party and owned young, active socially connected. are.manufacturer To achieve this, products available you will never whether not you have chosen the place to trust with your hearing on the number of hearing aid units she was expected withthethebest most qualified positions atbelocal each establishment shesupported was offers McNamee Audiologist, RosanneFreedom (WCB, VAC,explains. etc). asconsidered adispensaries. newly graduated Hearing a rarely found “Dealing needInto2001, and At discussed. have chosen place to trusthealth with of proper hearing health care, ” says customized service available, make sure you consult R “That was not my idea Doctor of Audiology, had many interviews for “Hearing is complex and so are today’s hearing aids, ” So, if you believe in your right to the best, fullest and most toMcNamee, sell and the company’ s affiliation to a given Manufacturer. care professional, in the most independent setting, is crucial. disappointed to find the same thing; the interviews had Fortunately, at Hearing Freedom your grass-roots program of care. Unlike your hearing needs. So, if you believe in ” “Dealing with thewill most qualified health positions atto local dispensaries. At each establishment she was instead McNamee explains. larger companies and chains, there is noavailable, freedom of choice isidea held paramount. your right to sure the best, fullest andnot most At Hearing Freedom you never worry whether or you nothing do with her knowledge and skills, they McNamee. “I wanted to focus on my patients’ needs, not sales. McNamee in Manotick. You won’t regret the short dr of proper hearing health care, ” says customized service make you consult Rosanne “That was not my care professional, in the most independent setting, is crucial. ” disappointed to find the same thing; the interviews had predetermined producthave or plan. Eachthe and Locally owned, grown and operated, customized service available, make chosen best place to trust with your hearing needs. focused on the number of hearing aid units she was expected At Hearing Freedom you worry whether orRosanne not you nothing to“IFreedom do with her knowledge skills, they wanted toadopts focus on myand patients’ needs, not sales. McNamee inyou Manotick. You won’t regret the short drive! everyinstead patient’s intervention plan iswillasnever Hearing a unique and sure you consult McNamee in IMcNamee. wanted to be able to consider everything available, not just So, if believe in your right to the best, fullest and most to sell and the company’s affiliation to a given Manufacturer. have chosen the best place to trust with your hearing needs. focused on the number of hearing aid units she was expected refreshing approach to patient care which unique as they are. The experience begins Manotick. You won’t regret the short drive! Ithe wanted tothe bediffers able toproviding consider everything available, not just of proper hearing health ” says customized available, make sure you Rosanne “That was not with my idea So,profit if you believe in service your is right to the best, fullest and mostconsultWheelchair todrastically sell and company’s affiliation to settings, a given Manufacturer. with a care, thorough assessment which is free. that of retail Parking Home visits optional. fri product lines the employer the biggest of proper hearing health care,” says customized serviceassessment available, makeParking sure you consult Rosanne “That clinics was“Inot my idea McNamee. wanted to focus on my patients’ needs, not sales. McNamee in Manotick. You won’t regret the short drive! followed by a detailed needs larger and manufacturer owned is free.Wheelchair Home visitsfriendly. optional. Parking is free.You Home visits optional. theMcNamee. product“Ilines providing themyemployer the biggest profit wanted to focus on patients’ needs, not sales. McNamee in Manotick. won’t regret the short drive! I wanted to be able to consider everything available, not just For moretheinformation visit www.hearingfreedom.co margins. andForbymore and customers continued follow-up. Throughout, chains. I wanted to be driven by satisfied Wheelchair friendly. I wanted to be able to consider everything available, not just information visit www.hearingfreedom.com. margins. I wanted to be driven by satisfied customers and by opinions concernsis are 2001, as lines a newly graduatedthe Audiologist, more information free.held Home visitsFor optional. Wheelchairvisit friendly. theInproduct providing employer patient’s the biggest profitandParking

grity grity Givi Givin Top Quality Integrity you you Hearing Freedom! Giving Hearing Freedom! Call today to b s s No Shortcuts Giving your appointm Parking free. Home visitsour optional. Wheelchair friendly. the productMcNamee, lines providing theof employer the biggest profit “We Rosanne Doctor Audiology, www.hearingfreedom.com. paramount. don’tisFor give up information until more visit www.hearingfreedom.com. margins. I wanted to be driven by satisfied customers and by margins. I wanted to be driven by satisfied customers and by For more information visit www.hearingfreedom.com.

Giving you HearingFreedom! Freedom! Call Giving you Hearing today to book Call today to book Top Quality and Integrity and Top Integrity TopQuality Qualityandand IntegrityGiving you Hearing Freedom! Call today to book appointment Call todayyour to book Giving you Hearing Freedom! Call today to book your appointment with No Shortcuts your appointment with Shortcuts with NoNoShortcuts yourappointment appointment your with Manotick ManotickManotick 5528 Ann Street Manotick



5528 Ann Manotick, Street5528 Ann ON K4M1A2 Street Manotick, ON K4M 1A2 Manotick, ONStreet K4M1A2 5528 Ann

TEL: (613) www.HearingFreedom.com Tel: (613) 692-7375 Manotick, ON692-7375 K4M 1A2 Rosanne McNamee 5528 Ann Street TEL: (613) 692-7375 Rosanne McNamee www.HearingFreedom.com Doctor of Audiology www.HearingFreedom.com Doctor of Audiology

Rosanne McNamee Doctor of Audiology

Rosanne McNamee Doctor of Audiology


Tel: (613) Manotick, ON 692-7375 K4M5528 1A2 Ann Stre

Manotick, ON K4M

Friday, June 1, 2018 Page 9


Happy FatHer’s Day Make his first Father’s Day special

Dads are often the first heros in their young children’s lives. Dads chase away ghosts in the closet, let their daughters dance on their toes and teach their sons how to win the heart of their first crush. The first Father’s Day a new dad spends with his growing family can be quite memorable, as celebrating one’s fatherhood for the first time is a unique and special time. Spouses and other family members can go the extra mile to make this year that much

more special for first-time fathers. · Let Dad sleep in. Chances are Dad is enamored with his little bundle of joy, but it’s well-known that being a new father often means sacrificing sleep time especially for the first several months to a year of that child’s life. Enlist the help of a family member who can be on baby watch while Dad gets to sleep in on the weekend of his big day. With some extra sleep, Dad can enjoy Father’s Day that much more. · Create a first-year

memory book. Take the time to put together a scrapbook of the photos and moments baby and Dad have gotten to spend together. So much focus is often placed on a new baby and his or her mother that Dad may be left playing second fiddle. Make it clear that fathers are key to their children’s development and happiness, too. · Make a baby keepsake. Use washable ink so that baby can sign a Father’s Day card with a hand or footprint. The tradition can be repeated year after

year until the child is old enough to write. · Go overboard on gifts. The idea isn’t to buy Dad’s love, but Dad’s first Father’s Day is a truly unique time. On behalf of his firstborn, purchase a few different gifts - those items that he has been interested in buying but has resisted in favor of saving money for new onesies and burp cloths. Or invest in one special event gift, such as tickets to a game to see his favorite team or a concert to catch a favorite band. · Boost his ego. Get

matching T-shirts for baby and Dad with cute memes and sayings, such as “Couch Potato” and “Tater Tot.” Father’s Day comes once

a year. However, a father’s very first Father’s Day occurs just once. Use the opportunity to pamper Dad so he can savor this truly special experience.

PAUL’S PHARMACY Manotick’s only locally owned Pharmacy


These cards accepted


We are just across the bridge

Mon. - Fri: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Sat: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sun: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 990 River Road Manotick Across from Tim Hortons

Hey Manotick!

Happy FatHer’s Day

anD Happy Dickinson Day From your local Home HarDware


The ManoTick Mews

(613) 692-3591

Proudly serving Manotick & surrounding area since 1964!

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri – 8am-8pm Sat. – 8am-6pm Sun – 9am-5pm

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The MessengerCOMMUNITY



613-580-2751 | michael.qaqish@ottawa.ca michaelqaqish.com @qaqishmichael




2285 Wyecroft Road Oakville, ON L6L 5L7 Canada (905) 465-1233 | 1 (866) 993-0600 info@drmg.com | drmg.com

Dog Days in Richmond

Elvage Nupoils and Carol Nupoils-Bali of Montreal show Chinese Crests Nikita and Yanni during the Ottawa Kennel ClubAPPROVAL Dog Show at theREQUEST Richmond Fairgrounds Saturday. SeveralPRODUCTION ARTIST: TP PUBLICATION: SOLO CARD hundred dog owners brought their best friends to Richmond for the event last weekend. SIZE: 10.875”w x 5.25”h Our photographer had a hard AD time getting the attention of Yanni the Chinese Crest, butDATE: MAy 7, 2018 DOCKET NUMBER: 158188 REVISION: 06 inexplicably, when he called the dog Laurel, the dog responded. PUBLICATION DATE: MAY 2018

Jeff Morris photo


1. More local sports 2. More coMMUNItY EVENts 3. More local NEws 4. sUpport for local bUsINEssEs 5. MorE of EVErY thINg YoU waNt IN YoUr coMMUNItY NEwspapEr!

Any correction to the ad must be requested by the customer within 48 HOURS of receiving this approval request in order to meet the closing dates, which vary from one issue to another. PLEASE NOTE: YOUR AD WILL RUN “AS IS” UNLESS CHANGES ARE MADE TO THIS PROOF, SO PLEASE CHECK OFFERS, EXPIRY DATES, CONTACT INFORMATION & ALL WRITTEN COPY.

Thank you for using DRMG to promote your business

Teeth $om9p9 lete


Exam &


Our knowledgeable caring and compassionate team will help you keep your teeth for life!


Reg. $2

We Offer


Comfortable, Stress-Free Dental Appointments


Interested in Flyer Distribution? Contact us for a Free Quote: 1 866 993 0600 | drmg.ca

990 River Rd. Manotick DentistryatManotick.ca Printed by

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The MessengerCOMMUNITY Cappies Wonderland!

Morgan Churchill of St. Francis Xavier High School, approaches the podium to speak after receiving her Cappies trophy for Favourite Lead Actress in a Play at the Cappies Gala at the National Arts Centre on Sunday evening (May 27). Churchill played the role of Alice in St. FX’s staging of Alice in Wonderland. Other Cappies won by St. Fracis Xavier were Ireland Huibers (Comic Actress - Tweedledum), Isabella MacKay (Junior Critic), Lisa Uchelimafor (Creativity for Composition & Mike Carroccetto photo Lyric Writing) and the Mad Makeup Crew (Makeup).

AshburyRICHMOND Advantage PHONE:


Grades 4-12, Coeducation 613-838-5959 Ontario’s oldest IB World School ashbury.ca


STITTSVILLE PHONE:PHONE: PHONE: 613-836-6880 613-741-4430







Discover the






Page 12 Friday, June 1, 2018


Summer Camps

Summer camp options abound Summer camp is a beloved tradition in many families. Many parents of young children fondly recall spending their summers at summer camp, where they made lifelong friends and learned the finer points of roasting marshmallows and competing in threelegged sack races. Parents looking for the right summer camp for their kids will soon discover there are various types of summer camps, each offering youngsters something different. The following are some of the summer camp options parents can expect to encounter as they search for the right campe for their kids. Day camp Day camps are not overnight camps, which means kids will return home each night rather than sleep over at camp.

Day camps typically offer many of the activities people have come to associate with camps, including crafts, sports and even day-trips to experience local culture or attractions. Many day camps are co-ed, and counselors typically live within the community. Faith-based camp Faith-based camps offer many of the same activities as more traditional summer camps, but do so while simultaneously offering campers the opportunity to celebrate and further explore their religious beliefs. Some faithbased camps may focus heavily on religion, incorporating faith into daily camp activities, while others may be more subtle with regard to integrating religious beliefs and lessons into camp activities.

Sports camps Some summer camps focus on a particular sport, catering to young athletes who want to further develop their athletic talents. Sports camps may or may not feature guest lectures and lessons from notable local athletes and coaches, with some even providing instruction from current and/or former professional athletes. Some sports camps are overnight, while others are day camps. Family camps Family camps are opportunities for the whole family to enjoy the summer camp experience. Family camps typically tailor their activities around tasks families can complete together, with counselors providing assistance when it’s needed. Family camps may be faith-based or secular, and families

typically stay overnight, sleeping in facilities on the campsite or in lodging away from home. Special needs camps Parents of children with special needs can still send their kids to summer camp, as there are many

camps that cater to such youngsters. Special needs camps may cater to campers who are blind, deaf, learning disabled, or mentally or physically disabled. Staff at special needs camps typically undergoes

extensive training, which helps to calm some of the fears parents may have about leaving their special needs children at camp. Facilities at special needs camps are often built to accommodate the specific needs of campers.

Camps Canada is offering $20 off your next camp registration. Enter discount code below when you resister online before July 1st.

BIMM-JUN1 One discount Code per Household

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Sho p

Be part of this campaign to support your neighbour

Manotick shoppers to be surveyed for revitalization of the village core Over the next few months, representatives of the Task Force on Revitalization of the Village Core will be events and online, we will be asking people what they enjoy about shopping in Manotick, and what additional types of businesses they feel would bring more people to the Village. We will also be posting an online survey about shopping preferences to get a clearer picture about the most effective approach to economic development in the Village Core. So, if you see someone with clipboard in hand, please take a few minutes to answer our five questions. Your input will make a difference!

Come and check out the Manotick Community Garage Sale

Homes throughout the Manotick Village area and local businesses have signed up to participate in the first annual Community Garage Sale. Set for Saturday, June 9 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., registra-


VOICE by Grace Thrasher, President, Manotick Village and Community Association (MVCA)

tion closes on Wednesday, June 6. If you have things you want to sell, you can register your location on the MVCA website at www.manotickvca.org and get some helpful tips. This sale is also a fundraiser for Youth of Manotick Association who will be accepting donations of goods to sell at their table. The table will be located at ROSSS offices, 1128 Mill Street and goods can be dropped off on June 8 between 5 and 7 p.m. Visit the web site to see our map location and list of locations before you hit the road on Saturday morning. And don’t forget to include the Carleton Golf and Yacht Club neighbourhood who are having a community sale that day as well. Questions? Contact info@manotickvca. org

Cycling around Manotick

The City of Ottawa has listed a cycling map for the Manotick area on its cycling routes page. The Manotick south and west route will take you through the country to Kars and back again. When you are done, stop at one of the local restaurants for a bite to eat!

Piano in the Park is back

You can tinkle the ivories in A.Y. Jackson Park again this summer on a beautifully painted piano located in the gazebo. Sponsored by the MVCA and local residents, it is the second year a piano has been set up in the park. Residents and visitors will be able to play this one as well as one to be located in the park on Mill Street across from the Miller’s Oven. Lots of opportunity to create music!

to avoid construction snarl ups and accidents. And did you know there are traffic cams at Bankfield and Prince of Wales; Bridge and Main; and Mitch Owens and River Road? Check them out before you leave home and you can have a much smoother trip to your destination. Visit the map here: http://traffic.ottawa. ca/map/

Bridge and Main thanks to a donation of lots of bulbs by Manotick Home Hardware and the plantings of Manotick BIA Director Donna Smith and MVCA volunteers.

Dickinson Days, June 1-2

Come and visit the MVCA Booth at this annual weekend. We will be selling cotton candy

Councillor | Rideau-Goulbourn

Thank you for shopping


Scott.Moffatt@Ottawa.ca | (613) 580-2491 RideauGoulbourn.ca | @RideauGoulbourn

Is Summer Construction Driving You Crazy?

Manotick Dental clinic

The City of Ottawa’s Traffic Map will help you find alternative routes

Building outdoors? Choose Western red cedar, naturally! 990 River Road

(Across from Tim Hortons)


Transferring a prescription is easy to do


These cards accepted

Monday-Friday: 9 am - 8 pm Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm

VOICE continues on pagE 14

Around the Village

Coyote sightings have been reported on the north part of the island roaming through the yards. It is recommended that you keep cats indoors and small dogs on leashes. Manotick Farmers’ Market is slated to return on June 24. For a list of vendors, visit www.manotickfarmersmarket.com Tulips are blooming at

Always Accepting New Patients

Paul’s Pharmacy

and popcorn as well as memberships in our stall beside Dickinson House. Don’t forget to ask about the upcoming Soap Box Derby and Community Garage Sale when you stop in! Enjoy the parade on Friday evening and take in the full day of festivities on Saturday at the craft market and entertainment tent.

Dr. Larissa Patterson (613) 692-6500 Dr. Harold Bobier (613) 692-4432 Dr. Jolieann Joseph (613) 692-4432 Dr. Donald Young (613) 692-4432


For all your fencing and decking needs! Wide selection of building materials for all your construction projects. Full line of pressure treated spruce, #1 pine, plywood, insulation, caulking, and builders’ hardware supplies.

Proudly serving you since 1936! www.perkinslumber.ca 613-489-3735 North Gower

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday: 7:30 am - 1:00 pm

 Hours of Operation: Monday
 Monday – Friday 8am 8pm Saturday
 Saturday – 8am 6pm Sunday
 Sunday – 9am 5pm




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Osgoode WardREPORT

Councillor’s third Annual Free BBQ in the Park

Personal Emergency Preparedness Workshop

Do you know what to do during a large-scale emergency or disaster? Are You Ready? Learn all the essential information you need at this workshop. It could be one of the most valuable events you ever attend! The next FREE workshop is June 1st at the Osgoode Community Centre, 5660 Osgoode Main Street. Call 613-5802424 ext. 30235 to register!

Metcalfe Farmers Market

The Metcalfe Farmers’ Market runs on Saturdays this summer now through to October. Stop by and see what each vendor has to offer!

Vernon Family Garden Day

Learn about gardening while helping to plant a community garden at Vernon Family Garden Day! All ages are welcome to help dig, plant and prepare a vegetable garden for the 2018 growing season on Saturday, June 2nd! Tools, seeds and gloves

will be available. Located at the Osgoode Township Museum, 7814 Lawrence Avenue in Vernon. The Osgoode Township Museum’s community garden is a wonderful gathering place and is conveniently located beside an enclosed playground. Brought to you by the Vernon Community Association and the Osgoode Township Museum.

Tick Talk: FREE Lyme Disease Awareness Event

The Osgoode Fish, Game & Conservation Club in partnership with Councillor Darouze is hosting a free Tick Talk information event to talk about ticks, lyme disease, and prevention! On June 5th from 7-9pm at the Osgoode Community Centre come hear from our feature speakers from the Ministry of Natural Resources, and Voices of Canadians About Lyme (VOCAL), and Ottawa Public Health. There will also be information about ticks on pets from Osgoode Veterinary Services and information on the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters Lyme Insurance. Hope to see you there!


WARD REPORT by Councillor George Darouze

be henna tattoos, a magic show, outdoor lazer tag, an international baking contest, and escape room, live music, and more! See O-YA’s page for details.

Osgoode Village Community Association Canada Day Celebrations

The Osgoode Village Community Association organizing committee is hard at work securing activities for this year’s Canada Day celebrations. It is a fun-filled family event that begins at 2PM with pony rides, petting zoo, a BBQ, entertainment on the main stage and so much more! See here for further details.

Volunteers needed for Osgoode Medieval Festival

We need your help! The Osgoode Medieval Festival is looking for com-

mittee members to help organize this iconic local event. If you are interested, please contact volunteers@osgoodemedievalfestival.com. Share the word!

Road Construction Notices

I apologize for the detours over the last 3 years while dealing with construction work throughout the Ward. Although we have these inconveniences, it will bring much needed improvements, which will certainly benefit us all. Find below ongoing road construction: Mitch Owens Rd from River Road to 300M east of Downey beginning on May 7th Stagecoach from Snake Island to Mitch Owens beginning May 16th Lafortune Drive North of Lawrence to the Dead End beginning on May 22nd Stay tuned in my weekly e-newsletters for more construction notices once they become available. Please check out the complete list of 2018 improvements here.

The possibilities are endless when you choose

O-YA’s Summer Block Party is BACK and better than ever! Working in partnership with O-YA’s Youth Advisory Committee, we have MANY fun activities for all ages on Saturday June 9th. There will

VOICE continues from page 13 The Big Give, June 2, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Manotick Community Church (located in the former Manotick Medical Centre, 5492 South River Drive) is part of this national day where you can pick up free goods (clothing, household, etc) at the Church.

Family Story Time, Saturday and Tuesday, 10:30 – 11 a.m.

Songs, stories and rhymes for children of all ages accompanied by a parent or caregiver. This free event is being

offered by the Manotick Public Library.

YOMA – Friday Night Drop In, 7-9:30 p.m.

For youth age 12-17. For more information, visit yoma.ca, email us at youth.of.manotick@ gmail.com or call us at 613-296-1202 Follow us on Twitter @ manotickvca and Facebook Got an event happening in Manotick? Please email president@manotickvca.org to get it included in an upcoming newsletter.

“We are the Solution to your Tree Care Needs” Serving the community for over 20 years

Tree Removal/Pruning • Stump Removal Hedge/Shrub Trimming or Removal Arborist Reports • BBB Accredited • Free estimates

613-424-7331 • www.arborxpert.com ROOFING

Kenril Construction Ltd.

O-YA’s 2nd Annual Summer Block Party

Residential Shingle Specialist

Quality renovations, additions, • Quality Workmanship • Fully Insured demolitions, decking, maintenance

• Free Estimates• Repairs Welcome

• Written Guarantee Serving Homes & Businesses in Ottawa for over 35 yrs

8 x 10 sheds starting at only $2,190 Complete garages starting at only $9,999

20 Years experience - 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee Senior & Group Discounts


613-407-2316 • www.largosheds.com GR



E of MANoT AG ic l l


Every year I host one free BBQ in each village of the Ward. Join me for my 3rd Annual free BBQ for the Osgoode Village at OYA’s Summer Block Party, June 9th! My booth will have free hot dogs, balloon twisting, outdoor games, and mini horses! My BBQ runs Saturday, June 9th from Noon until 2:00pm. The Block Party runs from 11am until 3pm. Hope to see everyone there.


ANiMAl HoSPiTAl ANiMAl HoSPiTAl • Dr. Rob Kartes • Dr. Adrian Jones • Dr. Paige Willis • Dr. Jackie Sinclair • Dr. Mark Rowett • Dr. Kristin Isnor • Dr. Miki Shibata • Dr. Sharon Zhang

Beside Giant Tiger

Greenbank & Strandherd



(in Manotick)

(in Barrhaven)


Bob 613 821-0105Shingles FREERiley: upgrade to Architectural Kenril@xplornet.ca We will Beat any Reasonable Estimate

JEFFREY MARTIN • 613-838-7859 • martinjeffrey@rogers.com

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Classified Advertising Rates

30 cents per word, $8.00 minimum All Classified Advertising Payable In Advance

Classifieds will be accepted by telephone, fax or email Tel: 613-925-4265 Fax: 613-925-2837 email: classifieds@prescottjournal.com Deadline for Classified Advertising Friday at 4:00 pm Deadline for Display Advertising Friday at noon



HERITAGE WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT: WILDLIFE PROBLEMS? Get them humanely removed with Heritage Wildlife Management. Call Paul Mussell. 613-601-2959. (Csa-tf-33)

MULTI-FAMILY SALE, Saturday, June 2, 8 a.m., 2064 and 2070 River Road in Manotick, something for everyone (P-M10, M11)

shop locally

NEIGHBOURHOOD YARD SALE / KENNEVALE DR. (BARRHAVEN) YARD SALE AT MARY HONEYWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (54 Kennevale at Hennepin St.) plus various households along Kennevale Dr., east of Cedarview Dr. Will be having yard sales on Saturday, June 2, 2018 from 8am until 1pm. Look forward to seeing you. PS Kennevale Dr. is located near the new Costco in Barrhaven.


EVERY SATURDAY IN ARNPRIOR AND SUNDAY IN OTTAWA June, July and August, Over 100 skills drills every session. FINCH ARENA, JUNE 3RD, 12:30 - 2 See website for details.


Chris @ 613-294-7237, Keavin @ 613-799-2788 (Ps-M10-B17,)

WORK WANTED DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT HAS BEEN LINGERING BUT YOU HAVEN’T HAD THE TIME TO GET IT DONE i.e. painting a closet/room/ hallway, cleaning/organizing a garage/basement/attic, something repaired/moved/picked up, call 613-808-9376. (P-B10, 11, M10, 115)



CANADIAN GUIDE DOGS for the Blind, Manotick, requires one person to cover kennels 7pm – 9 pm Sunday and Wednesday, starting immediately. Experience with dogs; valid driver’s license, and own transportation. Fax resume with reference KE2, 613-6920650 or e-mail info@guidedogs.ca. No phone calls please.


(P-M10, B11)

SUMMER JOBS -- We’re looking for bright, energetic people who enjoy the outdoors for employment at our berry farms and kiosks in Nepean, Barrhaven, Manotick, Kanata, Stittsville, Kemptville, Almonte and Carleton Place. Apply online at www.shouldicefarm.com (Psmc- B 9 - M 11)


A recent post cArd thAt wAs sent out hAd A picture of the Mill And A sold under it.


please be aware that the Mill is not for sale, and therefore

1 plus or 2 bedroom apartment or condominium between Manotick and Kemptville. Seniors. No Smoking, No Pets. Call: 613-668-9077 or 613-2207222 (P – M10, B-11)

i apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused.

not sold!

February 8, 1954 - May 12, 2018

Unexpectedly at Sunnybrook Hospital, Janet passed away on May 12. Beloved wife of Charlie, devoted mother to Shelley (Peter) and Gavin (Holly), and doting grandmother to Harrison, Roselyn, Evangeline and Brielle. A long-time resident of Whitby, ON, at heart Janet was always a small-town girl from Manotick, ON where her father Ron Watson and brothers Jeff and Doug still reside. Janet was a nurse at Scarborough General for 30 years and was adored by colleagues and patients alike. An accomplished gardener, cook, seamstress and volunteer with the Whitby Kinettes, Janet will be most remembered as a dear friend to all who knew her. Funeral services were held on May 26 at St. James Anglican Church. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Arthritis Society or the Phototherapy Education and Research Centre at Women’s College Hospital.

EXTEND YOUR REACH - ADVERTISE PROVINCIALLY OR ACROSS THE COUNTRY! For more information visit www.ocna.org/network-advertising-program


$$ CONSOLIDATE YOUR DEBT $$ TAP INTO HOME EQUITY! With home values skyrocketing, take advantage and pay down other high interest debt. HOME EQUITY LOANS FOR ANY PURPOSE!! Bank turn downs, Tax or Mortgage arrears, Self Employed, Bad Credit, Bankruptcy. Creative Mortgage Specialists! No proof of income 1st, 2nd, and 3rd's Up to 85% Borrow: $50,000 $100,000

Pay Monthly: $268 $537

LARGER AMOUNTS AND COMMERCIAL FUNDS AVAILABLE !!Decrease monthly payments up to 75%!! Based on 5% APR. OAC 1-888-307-7799 ONTARIO-WIDE FINANCIAL 1801347inc FSCO Licence #12456 www.ontario-widefinancial.com !! LET US HELP !!



MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! Indemand career! Employers have work-at-home positions available. Get online training you need from an employer-trusted program. Visit: CareerStep.ca/MT or 1-855-768-3362 to start training for your work-at-home career today!

FOR SALE SAWMILLS from only $4,397 MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: www.NorwoodSawmills.com/400OT 1-800-567-0404 Ext:400OT.

HEALTH HEARING AIDS - Finally! Affordable hearing care in Canada. Quality hearing aids from $199/aid. FREE hearing testing. Call Toll-Free 1(888)899-6689. Visit UberHearing.com. Trenton & Stirling.

BUSINESS OPPS. HIP OR KNEE REPLACEMENT? Other medical conditions that c a u s e R e s t r i c t i o n s i n Wa l k i n g or Dressing ALLOWS FOR THE FOLLOWING: $2,000 Yearly Tax Credit and a $40,000 Tax Refund/Rebate. For Expert Help CALL TODAY TOLL-FREE: 1-844-453-5372.



VIKING TRAIL EXPERIENCE. Fjords, whales, UNESCO World Heritage sites, abundant wildlife, dramatic scenic vistas and local culture. Newfoundland and Labrador. Award-winning local hosts. Wildland Tours 1-888-615-8279, www.wildlands.com

WANTED REACH MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS IN ONTARIO WITH ONE EASY CALL! Your Classified Ad or Display Ad would appear in weekly newspapers each week across Ontario in urban, suburban and rural areas. For more information Call Today 647-350-2558, Email: kmagill@rogers.com

PERSONALS A LWAY S L O O K I N G F O R t h e right person to share your life with? MISTY RIVER INTRODUCTIONS is Ontario's traditional matchmaker and can help you find the love of your life. CALL (613)257-3531, www.mistyriverintros.com. ELKE MANN - We are trying to reach Elke Mann originally from Germany on a family matter. Please contact Rick Perkins at 807-633-8198 or rperkins@tbaytel.net

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‘Getting involved’ at school helped build character for Honour Roll student

Name: Izzy Munevar-Pelton Age: 18 School: High



Osgoode Township

Grade: 12

by Phill Potter

Parents: Diane Pelton, Miguel Munevar Brothers: Bryson (19), 2nd year Building Science at Algonquin College; Oliver (16), grade 11, Canterbury High for Vocal Sister: Priscilla (12), grade 7, Castor Valley Pet: 4 dogs; Daisy, Bouncer, Maggie, and Finn Pet Peeve: “Slow walkers, for sure.” Part-time Work: “I work at a grooming salon in Manotick called Pucci Parlour. I’m a dog groomer’s assistant. I’m tasked with bathing and blow drying dogs, cleaning, walk-in

nail trims, booking appointments, and lending a hand to our groomers with dogs that are hard to handle. It’s tough work and hard on the back, but I love my job so much, not only because I get to work with dogs, but because I was immediately accepted into the Pucci “family”. I am so grateful to work with so many amazing people who have shown me nothing but kindness and acceptance. I’ve made some amazing friends!” Favourite Subjects: “My favourite subject is definitely biology. There is always so much to learn, and so much to discover. It never fails to amaze me how the universe contrived to allow all these amazing, de-

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What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I have a bit of a crazy schedule that doesn’t give me much time for reading, but I very much enjoy fiction that mirrors issues that take place or have taken place in the real world; books like Room, Nineteen Minutes, Unbroken, and The Help. I like to read poetry

as well. I also think sharks are pretty cool, so I read the Meg Trilogy by Steve Alten. I am pretty excited for the movie that’s coming this summer.” Who is your favourite author? “My favourite author is probably R.H. Sin, who is actually a poet, and a very talented one.” Accomplishments: “As of recently, I haven’t been singing much, but I have placed in over ten vocal competitions throughout the years. I have sung the anthem twice for the City Council meetings, volunteered with the City of Ottawa on several Christmas Parade floats, and step danced at the Irish Tea Party that is put on at Town Hall in Metcalfe. I’ve also maintained Honour Roll throughout my high school career. Last year, I was selected for the role of the Wicked Witch of the West for our school’s production of “The Wizard of Os(goode)”. I have also participated in Relay for Life since

Izzy Munevar-Pelton is a wellrounded student with a number of interests and activities. Phill Potter photo

grade 9. Last year I was awarded a prize for being one of the top fundraisers, as well as having been a part of the overall dream team (top fundraising team).”

youth continues on page 17

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tailed, brilliant processes and organisms that go on for life, to continue every day. It’s hard to put into words how fascinating it is to me. I’ve also acquired a newfound joy in math. It was never a subject I liked very much, but it was proven to me that a teacher can make or break a subject. This year I had a teacher (Mr. McEwen) that showed everyone all the beauty in the math, in the processes and the algorithms, the joy of finally figuring out a problem. It made all the difference in the world to be shown such patience and kindness, and because of it, I have learned to actually enjoy calculus.”

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• June 2nd The Big Give Ottawa 8:00 am - 1:00 pm Giant Free Garage Sale in the parking lot of the church. Free coffee, tea, muffins and activities! Furniture, clothing, books, home decor and so much more. All free! To be held at Manotick Community Church 5492 South River Drive, Manotick • OTTAWA NEWCOMERS CLUB - nonprofit, social organization for women who have recently moved to this area; (and those who have experienced a significant life change), and would like to meet new people of similar interests by joining our many group activities. More information at: ottawanewcomersclub.ca or by contacting newcomersclubottawa@gmail.com • First Friday of each month, Old Time Fiddle Music & Dance - East Osgoode Greely Assoc, invites & welcome all Musicians, Dancers & Listeners, Friday, 1 June 2018, 7:30 – 11:00, Greely Community Centre, 1448 Meadow Drive, Greely. For additional info call 613 489-2697.

• 6 hand Eucher Thursday evening in Barrhaven, all ages; 7:00pm to 10:00pm from mid September until May at the Field House on Stoneway Cres in Barrhaven. Call Myrna, 613797-9442 or email myrnaj@rogers.com for details. • Thursday Fun Night for adults and children. An optional supper at 5:45 pm. Indoor soccer/ games, crafts, or nursery for ages 0-11. Parenting course, Alpha course, or Growing in Faith/Hearing God course for adults, 6:30 7:30 pm. To try it out contact, discipleship@ trinitybiblechurch.ca • Friday Night Country Music & Dance Club The Greely Legion hosts a Friday Night Music and Dance Club, the fourth Friday of each month. Bring along an instrument to play, or come in to sing, listen and dance. Admission is FREE. Greely Legion, 8021 Mitch Owens Road, ON. Information: 613-822-1451 or 613-826-6128

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The MessengerCOMMUNITY

Friday, June 1, 2018 Page 17

youth continues from page 16 Activities/Interests: “At school, I’ve played on the Volleyball Team for four years. I played on the varsity Soccer Team for two, as well as house league soccer for two years and competitive soccer for one. Since grade nine, I have been a part of my school’s Humanitarian Club, and as of grade eleven I’ve been co-chair of the club. We host a variety of fundraisers every year to raise money for the We Foundation. We are currently still fundraising to build a

school in Kenya. Up until this past Christmas, I had been one of the vocalists for my school’s Jazz Band, rehearsing twice a week at 7am. This year, I joined Student Council and was nominated Grade 12 representative. I help with planning events such as dances and pep rallies. I have also been a Link Leader the past two years, which is a title I’m proud to carry. As a Link Leader it’s my responsibility to help the grade nines adjust to the exciting new environment that is

high school, which can be scary for some. We try to make the transition from elementary school as easy and as fun as we can, all while teaching them valuable life lessons through fun activities. Outside of school, I enjoy writing; I am actually in the midst of putting together a poetry book. I’m also very big on music. I took piano for a number of years, but these days I enjoy singing and playing guitar, and I have recently began playing again for the elderly at the Osgoode

Care Centre. Oh, and I have a horse named Tally. We used to compete in Barrel Race competitions.” Why did you get involved in what you do? “I never really was super involved until I got to high school. Socializing was always a little tricky for me, but getting involved in grade 9 was something that helped me with that so much. It ended up giving me a sense of character, and taught me a lot about time management. Eventually, I actually found my

passion for helping others; and to this day that passion is one of most important things to me. I discovered for myself how easy and rewarding it is to make the world even the tiniest bit better for someone else, and how much we can accomplish and change when we come together. I get involved because I am inspired to teach others that they are capable of so much more than they could ever believe.” Career Goals: “I have accepted an offer to study

Neuroscience next year at Carleton University. My hope is to do combined honours in neuroscience and biology. I’m still unsure of where I would like to end up, but I sometimes dream about running my own lab, kind of like a mad scientist (but in a good way). I know that I want to be successful in life, because I’d like to own a lot of dogs (I really love dogs). I also know that whatever I do, I want to be able to do two things; a) make a difference in every way that I can and b) help others.”

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The MessengerRichmondHub

Richmond barns challenged to celebrate heritage with quilts Members of the Richmond Agricultural Society have “quilted” the Dining Hall with their first barn quilt and are encouraging more barn owners to create them for “Richmond Barns”. Owners taking up the

challenge have a great opportunity to make a visual statement about the rural heritage of the community. This barn quilt is to celebrate the loyalist settlers of Richmond … red and grey for the uniforms, yellow

and green for the fields of corn and blue for the Mighty Jock River. So, the challenge is out for other barns around Richmond to get “quilted”! The design and colours were selected with the assistance of

Laura Boyd, made and donated to Richmond Fair Homecraft by Peter and Alison Tranter. Thanks to Marg and Rick Todd for help with the installation and to Dale Green on the tractor.

The Richmond Agricultural Society has “quilted” the Dining Hall for the 200th anniversary of Richmond.

King’s Your Independent Grocer helps build momentum for Richmond 200th A community without businesses that care and support local activities wouldn’t be much of a community at all. We are fortunate in Richmond to have businesses that understand the importance of community, businesses that will step forward to meet any number of challenges in community building.

King’s Independent is one such business. Chris King, owner of King’s Independent, is the type of businessman who never seeks personal recognition yet he deserves much more. He understands the importance of giving back to the community and just acts, often without anyone asking.

The latest example of independent action taken by Chris is displayed in the photo above captured and submitted by Tino Bevacqua of the Richmond200 planning committee. Hats off to Chris for demonstrating such tremendous community spirit, leadership and generosity. Everyone is invited

to celebrate Richmond’s bicentennial on June 1517, 2018 which is being held at the Richmond Fair grounds. Follow the HUB for more details very soon on the events planned for this celebratory weekend! It promises to be a blast! In addition to the banner at the store, the 2018 Organizing Com-

mittee wishes to thank Chris for his recent and generous sponsorship of several anniversary events. In this vein, there are still sponsorship opportunities for the June 15-17 weekend celebration. All other local businesses are encouraged to show their support too. Contact Tino at

tbevacqua@rogers.com for details. Volunteers are needed as well. To volunteer for the big weekend contact Tino at 613-838-3466 or tbevacqua@rogers.com. Finally, to purchase 2018 memorabilia visit the store at Royal Lepage Team Realty office at 3441 McBean Street, Richmond.

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Chris King has been a big supporter of the Richmond 200th anniversary celebrations.

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The MessengerSPORTS

Local marathoner pays tribute to her late father at Ottawa Race Weekend By Jeff Morris Diana Devine always gets emotional when she passes Parliament Hill during the Ottawa Race Weekend Marathon. “There is one stretch of the route that goes over the Portage Bridge across the Ottawa River,” she said. “From there, while I am running, I will be looking at the spot where the accident happened. It’s always very emotional for me when I go by there.” The accident Devine is referring is the one that claimed her father 13 years ago. Rico Ian-

ucci, then a 65-year-old construction worker, was working on restoring the library on Parliament Hill. The backhoe he was driving suddenly switched into gear and fell off the cliff behind the library. Devine was pregnant with her third child at the time. “My father could have retired at any time, but he loved to work,” she said. “When it happened, it was a shock to us all.” Devine, who ran her first marathon in 2007, connected with Threads of Life, a charitable organization that offers support and counseling

for the families of victims of workplace tragedies. She said the charity has been remarkable in helping many families deal with tragedies. She has raised more than $20,000 for Threads of Life, and each year, she wears a special red t-shirt with her father’s picture on it and the slogan, “Running for Rico.” She has even worn cloth from his old shirts during the run. “It’s been a great way to remember him,” she said. “Raising awareness for workplace accidents helps, because maybe you can reach someone who might be-

Diana Devine, front row in the red t-shirt, was “Running for Rico” during Ottawa Race Weekend. Two weeks ago, she and some friends and family hosted a fundraising barbecue for Threads of Life at M&M Meat Shop in Manotick. Jeff Morris photo

come more conscious. You always hope you can reach people and maybe prevent an accident from

Storm tames Huskies Members of the South Carleton Storm defend their goal in their NCSSAA high school lacrosse semifinal game against the Sacred Heart Huskies at Millenium Field in Cumberland Thursday. The undefeated Storm coasted to an easy 14-2 win to earn a spot in the city’s AAA championship game against Mother Teresa. Jeff Morris photo

happening.” Devine, who works in the administration office at St. Mother Teresa High School, always receives strong support from family, friends, co-workers and students.

“There are always people out there to cheer me on and support me,” she said. “But that one stretch of the course really gives me time to reflect and remember my father.”

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Wale s Dr . Prin ce O f

Strandherd Rd.

Woodroffe Ave.

Longfields Dr.

CAMPS INCLUDE: Professionally instructed classes, games, crafts, outdoor play and a Friday performance.

3091 Strandherd Dr.

Brid ge

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Manotick Messenger June 1, 2018

Manotick Messenger June 1, 2018  

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