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Friday June 17, 2022

Goldie keeps Carleton blue!

Progressive Conservative incumbent Goldie Ghamari won by a wide margin in the provincial election held June 2. Ghamari was declared the winner of the riding by CTV just minutes after the polls closed at 9 p.m. on election day. For the complete story, see page 2. Manotick Messenger photo


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Page 2 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022


Ghamari ‘honoured and humbled’ after being re-elected in Carleton By Manotick Messenger Staff

Goldie Ghamari has retained her seat as the Carleton Member of Provincial Parliament. The Progressive Conservative incumbent had 22,295 votes, which put her in the top 20 in the province for the most votes in the June 2 provincial election. Ottawa Centre NDP incumbent Joel Harden had the most votes in the province, with 30,311. Ghamari was just shy of 10,000 votes ahead of runner-up Tom Dawson. The Osgoode native brought the Liberals to second place in the riding after they placed third in 2018. NDP candidate Kevin St. Denis was third with 7,256 votes; Cody Zulinski of the Green Party was third with 2,537 votes; New Blue Party candidate Rob Stocki was fifth with 1,037 votes; Ethan Ferguson had 494 votes; and Chris Mark Beauchamp had 235 votes. After the election, Ghamari thanked all of the people who

supported her during the campaign. She gave special thanks to her family, and to her campaign advisor, former Rideau Mayor and Rideau-Goulbourn City Councillor Glenn Brooks. She also thanked the tireless efforts of the volunteers on her campaign team. She referred to them as the Team Carleton Loyalists. “They were door knocking every single day and night and weekend, and getting the job done,” said Ghamari. She also thanked the people who worked behind the scenes on her campaign. “It really is a team effort,” she said. Ghamari reflected on her own journey into politics leading up to the 2018 election. She repeated to many people what she said in 2018. She did not get into politics to be in politics. She got into politics to make a difference in the lives of people in her community.


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Carleton Progressive Conservative MPP Goldie Ghamari responds to the applause she received after being introduced at the Dickinson Days Parade in Manotick, which took place the day after the provincial election. Manotick Messenger photo


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MANOTICK MESSENGER Goldie continues from page 2 “I didn’t grow up wanting to be a politician,” she said. “But when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to go for it.” Ghamari talked about how her parents, Allen and Sara, came to Canada to provide a better life for their family. She was one when she arrived in Canada with her parents. “They came here so that their one-year-old daughter could have a better life in a better country,” she said. “Growing up, they instilled in my sister and I, the importance of respecting Canada, respecting Canadian beliefs and values, and more importantly giving back to our community and giving back to our society. We want to leave it a little better than when we first started. “That’s what got me into politics – wanting to make a difference in people’s lives and wanting to help others and help my community.” Ghamari added that

she was “Honoured and humbled” to once again represent Carleton in the provincial legislature. “I know I still have a lot to learn, but I promise to be a strong voice for everyone in Carleton at Queen’s Park.” Ghamari then asked her father, Allen, to say a few words. He thanked everyone in the room for their support, and gave special thanks to those who worked hard on the campaign to get her reelected. “Goldie is nobody without you,” he told her supporters. “You made Goldie Goldie.” From the bottom of my heart I thank everybody.” He also shared some of the wisdom he told his daughter. “I told her that her job is to serve the community. If you make any promises, you have to keep those promises.” The campaign presented challenges for all candidates. Not only was the four-week window

compact, but it was also interrupted as a power outage due to the May 21 storm knocked power out for up to a week in some parts of the riding. She also had a setback during the campaign when she was bitten by a dog while talking to a constituent. She took it in stride, and it became a campaign battle scar. Support across the riding Ghamari won the Carleton seat with more than 48 per cent of the vote. She won by wide margins in Manotick, Richmond, North Gower, Kars, Osgoode, Greely, Stittsville and Munster. In Riverside South, Dawson gained some ground for the Liberals. Liberal support in the community was a bit of a surprise considering the work Ghamari has done to secure the building of new schools in that specific community. Dawson won the election night polls at the Fred Barrett Arena in

Leitrim by 70 votes, the Jonathan-Pitre French Catholic School in Riverside South by 11 votes, and at Vimy Ridge Public School in Riverside South by 140 votes. However, Ghamari won the polls at the Rideauview Community centre in Riverside South by 116 votes, and at St. Francis Xavier High School by 40 votes. She was also 199 votes ahead of Dawson in the Riverside South/Leitrim advance polls. A week before the election, Dawson talked about how the experience of running in the election was one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. He said he was motivated throughout the campaign by engaging constituents and having conversations at their doorsteps. The minor Liberal swing in Riverside South is consistent with the party’s popularity east of the Ottawa River. Reelected MPPs John Fraser (Ottawa South), Stephen

Blais (Orleans), Lucille Collard (Ottawa-Vanier) will make up three of the eight Liberals at Queen’s Park this term. In Ottawa West-Nepean, Progressive Conservative incumbent Jeremy Roberts lost his seat to NDP candidate Chandra Pasma. In Nepean, Minister Lisa MacLeod, who represented Carleton before the riding was split in 2018, hung on to defeat Liberal challenger Tyler Watt in a closer-than-anticipated race. MacLeod had 17,108 votes, which was 2,006 votes ahead of Watt. MacLeod was a controversial target for those who opposed her during the campaign. Signs criticizing her for using $44,000 in riding association funds for a housing allowance popped up all over Nepean in the days leading up to the election. While MacLeod did nothing illegal, her opponents questioned the ethics of her acceptance

of the money. She was also targeted by parents of autistic children. During the campaign, MacLeod did not take part in any all-candidates meetings. On election night, the media was locked out of her post-election party. Big Majority It did not take long on election night to see that the Progressive Conservative Party would win by a majority. Premier Doug Ford’s party won 83 of the 124 seats at Queen’s Park. The NDP won 29, the Liberals won eight, and the Green Party won one. There was also an independent elected. One of the biggest surprises of the night was the loss suffered by Liberal leader Stephen Del Duca, who lost the seat in his home riding of Vaughn. Del Duca resigned as the leader of the provincial Liberal party. Shortly thereafter, Andrea Horvath resigned as the leader of the provincial NDP.

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Page 4 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022


RVCA to host hazard land mapping open house for Mosquito Creek The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) has completed a hazard mapping study for Mosquito Creek from Mitch Owens Road to the Rideau River, in and around the community of Riverside South. Members of the public are invited to an upcoming open house to review regulation and hazard maps. The new mapping shows areas that are subject to natural hazards such as flooding and unstable slopes and have natural environmental features such as wetlands. The mapping will be used by the City of Ottawa when updating Official Plans and Zoning Schedules and in the review of development applications under the Planning Act. RVCA will also use the

mapping to guide the review of development applications submitted under the RVCA’s Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses Regulation. The goal of this mapping is to help ensure that sound planning decisions are made — keeping people and property safe. Accurate engineered hazard mapping is the foundation of effective floodplain and resource management. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the open house and/ or provide comments on the mapping. The RVCA also welcomes every bit of information that we can obtain about the historical behaviour of local watercourses. Residents and landowners living along

Experience Carefree Living in our Seniors Apartments

these features may have anecdotal or documented information such as photographs or journal entries of their observations during past high-water events or slope failures. The Mosquito Creek Hazard Land and Regulations Mapping Public Open House will take place at the Rideauview Community Centre, 4310 Shoreline Drive, Ottawa, Tuesday, June 28 from 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. For those unable to attend the open house, mapping can also be seen online at mosquito-creek. Individual or small group meetings (on-line or in-person) can also be booked by contacting an RVCA Resource Specialist at or by completing an online

property inquiry form at w w w. r v c a . c a / g e n e r a l property-inquiries. The public consultation period will run until July 29, 2022. This study is being done through a collaboration involving the City of Ottawa and the Rideau Valley, Mississippi Valley and South Nation Conservation Authorities. The City recognized a need to update its zoning schedules based on up-to-date hazard mapping and has provided contributions enabling the Conservation Authorities to move ahead with these studies sooner than would otherwise be possible. The RVCA is currently working on several studies in the Ottawa area. For a complete list of ongoing work, please visit

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The RVCA public consultation period for the Mosquito Creek hazard map runs until July 29.

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Hearing Loss Risk & Solutions Did you know that there are significant risks in ignoring hearing loss? If not, you are not alone…read on. The most common hearing loss is a result of damaged hearing cells. This typically leads to a greater difficulty hearing high frequencies in comparison to low frequencies. When one does not hear all pitches equally, speech becomes unclear, not unheard. Consequently, understanding others is not impossible, but requires more effort and attention, especially when the voice is competing with background noise. Because of its generally progressive nature, it can take years for someone to pursue help for their hearing difficulties but there is compelling evidence for acting sooner rather than later. Studies repeatedly reveal how important hearing properly is. Imaging studies reveal the brain quickly reorganizing with even mild untreated hearing loss. The Lancet published a report identifying hearing loss as a risk factor for dementia. And these newer findings are in addition to the longstanding link between untreated hearing loss and depression, anxiety, decreased speech processing abilities, increased risk of falls as well as a variety of relationship problems. Untreated hearing loss has even been linked to work related issues such as reduced earnings, increased workplace absenteeism and lower productivity. Indeed, untreated or improperly treated hearing loss has a significant impact on your quality of life. The good news is that hearing loss is a modifiable risk factor – meaning if addressed,


5528 Ann St., Manotick

the negative impacts can be minimized. In fact, studies show that using hearing aids not only improves hearing, it will help preserve the brain and mitigate the negative consequences of untreated hearing loss. And, with today’s technology advancements, user satisfaction ratings are now higher than ever! The key to being successful is customization. With nearly a dozen manufacturers, each offering their unique hearing devices to Canadian dispensers, there is a great variety of options. Considering all these products, not just one or a few brands as done in manufacturer-owned chains and retail settings, is how your Audiologist will find the solution that suits you best. Offering just that is Hearing Freedom, a locally owned, grown, and operated clinic. Their unique and refreshing approach has set them apart from other providers for over 20 years. They pride themselves on detailed assessments and individualized approaches. “Yes, our approach is certainly more time consuming for the clinician. Providing each patient their unique intervention plan requires a more thorough assessment and a detailed review of every manufacturer for every patient. But, there is an undeniable difference in patient satisfaction when the assessment includes those extra details and when the product selection is customized to the patient.” explains Rosanne McNamee, Doctor of Audiology and owner of Hearing Freedom. To further ensure that their patients’ hearing needs are met, Hearing Freedom offers

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short-term demo devices as well as a 90-day trial period on purchased hearing aids. With a focus on rehabilitation and continued support, a service plan is included with a hearing aid purchase to ensure regular hearing check ups and hearing aid care. These options give patients the confidence that they have chosen the right solution for them, their lifestyle and hearing needs. In addition, at Hearing Freedom, patients are seen by experienced, fully bilingual, Registered Audiologists. With Masters and Doctorate-level degrees, Audiologists are the most qualified in the hearing rehabilitation field. They service both children and adults, whether they are private pay or third party supported (WCB, VAC, etc). “Not only is hearing complex, so are today’s hearing aids,” McNamee explains. “Dealing with the most qualified health care professional, in the most independent setting, is crucial.” At Hearing Freedom you can be certain that you have chosen the best place to trust with your hearing needs. If you believe in your right to the best, fullest and most customized service available, make sure you book your appointment with Hearing Freedom. You will never regret your short drive to Manotick.

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Page 6 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022



Via Rail should be shut down or sold by the federal government

Baba lives the Canadian dream at the Manotick Legion

Baba leaned against his table at the and my wife grabbed me and pulled me Manotick Legion, watching the provincial back in,” he said. “She was shouting at me, ‘don’t get out! He is going to shoot you and election results pour in on the big screen. He took a sip of his Corona, exhaled, kill you!’ She pulled me in the car and we its drove off.” Investment managers and investors should often ask: If I didn’t already own this stock, and wore a smile big enough to have from Baba reported the incident to local poown postal code. Page 6, Manotick Messenger, Wednesday, June 23, 2010 the other would I buy it today? Perhaps the low voter turnout in the lice, and they had no idea who the person By any criteria, Via Rail, a federal Crown corporation, is not a good investment – even was who stopped him. The recent provincial election under unrealistically favourable assumptions. The federal government should rigorously exammore he dug into what haptranslates into voter apathy. ine this charitably-designated ‘enterprise,’ then aim it toward one of two fates: sale or liquidaOur C Ommunity pened, the more he realized Maybe it’s a sign of fatigue tion. that his wife saved him from after more than two years of Via Rail’s chronic cash-burning condition offers no economic value to any potential buyer, COVID-19. It could even be Messenger Editorial a likely roadside execution. though there are always contrarians with the confidence, and perhaps the capability, to turn a that some Canadians would “We never did find out seeminglyAre hopeless asset into something valuable. For example, a number of ailing airlines why he stopped us,” Baba rather grind Bridgerton, you more Canadian have been bought and sold. But Via Rail, as structured and priced, has little allure to potential Stranger Things or The Mansaid. “But that was what it free-enterprisethan buyers. a fifth grader? dalorian on Netflix or Disney Plus than was like. We were not safe. After that hapOperating andDay capital funding government With Canada approaching next from week, the it is afederal good time for us all to for Via has been massive: $548 pened, we knew we had to get out of Iran make the effort to vote. reflect on what it means to be Canadian. million in 2019 (before the impact of COVID-19) and $597 million in 2021, as examples. and move to somewhere safe to raise our It didn’t concern Baba what the people Do we take being Canadian for granted? Better yet, howexpect do new Canadians feel about being Canadian? Some us Sadly, we should that massive financial support to ofcontinue. who didn’t vote were doing. All he cared family.” look upon immigrants and refugees as opportunists, not wanting to give but Baba had lived in the United States, but about was who did vote. The management verygovernment willing to take.should Perhaps, hire for some people, that is consulting true, but whenand you investment banking firms to reattendvalue a celebration for new Canadians, such asa the one hosted by Nepean- including modelling fundamenOn the big screen, there was no script he wanted to go somewhere even safer than view and Via Rail. By employing variety of scenarios, Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre at Mother Teresa High School in Barrhaven last month, you see the excitement and the thankfulness in the eyes ofan every tal changes in can Via’s orientation, routes and staff levels, engaged outside consultant should for what was unfolding. It was raw, polit- that. He began the process of moving his new Canadian. ical theatre. Baba, along with his wife and family to Canada to start a new life. seek out opportunities for Via to move toward future positive They understand, perhaps better than all of us, what it means to be cash flow. In 1986, Baba and his wife and their Canadian. Any genuinely independent review by experts would likely conclude that Via Rail requires youngest daughter, were glued to what was So how can the rest of us have that feeling? Bev McRae one-year-old daughter arrived in Canada. unfolding. So was everyone inphoto the room. additional investmentgovernment and radical modernization – if it is not merely to survive but thrive. The Conservative has a solid idea. At the school’s 50th Anniversary Party, Manotick Co-operative Nursery School honoured its longest-servJason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism The right to vote is not something Baba They had a suitcase full of clothes, and $50 The subsidy per passenger for Via’s Corridor (Quebec to Windsor) route was $180 in 2021. ing teacher/volunteer with a memorial garden bench, which will be installed with a plaque in the school’s and Andrew Cohen, President of the Historica-Dominion Institute, are chalcash. and hisJune family takeJune’s lightly. playground. Left to right, MCNS Director Sandy Erler and Hodge celebrate 29 yearsLike as a sup-many new lenging ridership middle and high school students toeliminate take the citizenship test. Higher alone wouldn’t the subsidies. ply teacher, teacher and volunteer. The Canadian Citizenship Challenge, funded in part by CIC and run by the “At first, we went to Montreal,” he said. Canadians, he and his wife are thrilled to InHistorica-Dominion the absence of Institute, imaginative, and,Discover perhaps, ruthless will see radical students study Canada: the restructuring and reorientation, have the opportunity to take part in the “I could not find work there because I could Rights andthat Responsibilities of Citizenship andvaluation then take a mock citizenship it’s unlikely conventional investor metrics (such as enterprise value to revenue; test. Sometimes it’sdemocratic best just to say nil always like not speak French,” he said. “The family process. It wasn’t enterprise earnings beforetointerest, “Thisvalue will beto a fun way for students learn abouttaxes, Canadadepreciation and feel proud and amortization, price to earnwho helped us put us in touch with some that wonder for him. I’m finding myself at one of those bizarre crossabout things like how come “underneath” is of our shared history and accomplishments,” said Minister Kenney. “As we ings, price to operating flow, flow, priceeverything to net Iasset value) roads where love about sports is about a word but no one ever says “overneath” when the learn about our past and cash the people andprice events to thatfree madecash Canada what and it is or even people in Toronto. We moved to Toronto Baba is from Iran. When he was a young to collide with a large swatch of the population workdiscussion pulled me back into soccer. we become more proud to be Canadian. inspired howoptimistic we wouldtoday, generate a visible potential valueWeforareeven theto see most of potential buyers. ing diligently to grate my nerves. so much by watching the man, “Chelsea he leftis learning a country filled with conflict and I was able to find work right away.” can defend our rights and live up to our responsibilities and we feel much It’s this wholesnapped World Cup thing. Don’t find World Cup,” said the mom wearing Crocs. “We are Yetmore stranger things have with seemingly unappealing assets up by a you to strongly how valuable it is happened, to be a citizen of Canada.” Within three months, Baba was workland Hegame. ended that people are just a little too into it? studyingin eachAmerica. country before the She has up work“Our schools need to beacquirer. training our young people to become the citizens strategic industry-savvy I found myself in line in front of two nouveau reallyan become a fan of Arr-hayne-TEE-na, she Houston. ing, making a good living as an electrician, ing as electrical engineerand in of tomorrow. Citizenship is not only about new Canadians, it’s about all fan up moms at (either Your wants us to go there on our Canadians, young and old,” said Andrew “The Canadian Citizenshipputssoccer Taxpayers will never know unlessCohen. the federal government Via Rail for sale in Americans dideven not know muchweabout Ba- and was on his feet. The revolution and the Independent Grocer the other day. vacation next year. Perhaps Challenge will encourage students to learn more about what it means to be FROM its current state, imperfections andtoall after a credible restructuring is inproduced). I was plan kind of my own little can evenof go to Brrra-seeel.” Canadian and then put that knowledge theor test.” ba’s home country Iran. They knew that war between Iran and Iraq were becoming THE mental world in the checkout line, That caught my attention. Starting thisgovernment summer, the Historica-Dominion Institute will be encouraging The federal should embark on setting Via Rail, a truly underperforming asset, in the late 1970s, there were 52 American distant memories. scanning the tabloid and magaArr-hayne-TEE-na? OTHER more than 5,000 middle and high school teachers to register their classrooms and wondering Are you kidding me? by Iranian auon either a sale or liquidation track. Usinga the of federal thecovers present value ofwhat Via RailSIDE for the Challenge. Each classroom will receive set ofcost the new citizenshipdebt,zine “Canada has given us a wonderful life,” hostages held for 444 days Justin Bieber’s first major scandal The other mom – the one with guide, along with specially designed learning activities. The teacher will also is about negative billion. By Jeffrey thorities beforethethey were released in Janu- he said. “It has given opportunities for my would be. I was just about to reBirkenstocks – piped in. receive copies of$16 a mock citizenship exam. Students will take the citizenship enter world after some quality bad Morris “They are a wonderful football a revoluexam must as a class the teachers willtaxpayers’ return the completed the There be and a better use of moneyexams thantokeeping ViatheRail, a chronically daughters to grow up in a safe community ary, 1981. Irannation,” had been through time on Planet Jeff and launch she said. “My husband, Dominion Institute for grading. investment. tion,ofwith Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and to be educated at a high level.” into my weekly way-to-reward-your-customers-bycourse, wears the azure and cheers for Italia, but Results will be announced by the Dominion Institute on Flag Day Zachary’s favourite team has been MAY-heee-co. (February 15) each for thepolicy next threeanalyst years. Foratmore Baba looked at his daughter across the being overthrown. The Pahlavi dynasty Ian Madsen is ayear senior theinformation Frontierabout Centre charging-us-five-cents-per-bag-and-claiming-it’sfor Public Policy rant andwhen author to-save-the-environment I unexpectedly They did a school project on MAY-heee-co last year the Challenge please visit the Historica-Dominion Institute website at locked in on the conversation behind me. he has even insisted that we gowas to out to eat and Iranian monarchy replaced by an room, and then glanced at his wife and his of forthcoming Sell Them or Shut Them Down: 111 Reasons Governments Should Divest and and “I wish some of the stores would carry the watch the games when they are playing.” CIC’s multiculturalism grants and contributions program will be investing Islamic republic, ruled by Ayatollah Ru- other daughter beside him at the table. He State-Owned vuvuzela horns so that we could bring them to I bit my tongue. $525,171 inEnterprises. this 32 month project which promotes civic memory, civic pride Chelsea’s games,” said the momMedia who was wearing an effort to keep my blood pressure down, I and integration. said nothing, but he didn’t have to. The hollahIn Khomeini. © Troy Crocs. looked out the big window at the big parking lot look in his eyes told the entire story. He hostages were released “Oh, I know,” said the one wearing Birkenstocks. The and scoped it out, looking for a puppy or a bird or upon the “Zachary has a tournament next weekend and it anything would pry my mind out of the shacksigning ofthatthe Algiers Accord, just minutes was the proudest of the proud Canadians. would have been so in the spirit of the World Cup to les that these two soccer moms had put me in with Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the This country gave his family the opportunhave all of us blowing our vuvuzela horns. Theyafter lost their conversation. two-nil and then three-nil. They need all of the President supA busload ofthe seniors from a nearby retirement ity to flourish. He had taught his children of United States. port they can get.” home had pulled up and passengers were getting the importance of country, of friendships, Inoff.the 1980s, Baba returned Nil? Who says nil? Really. I was trying to, in my head, name all of their to Iran. “Oh, I know,” said the mom wearing Crocs. “The walkers as an escape. 1165 Beaverwood Rd., P.O. Box 567, Manotick, Ontario K4M 1A5 Throughout most of methe decade, Iran and of the importance of community, and of horns are such a beautiful part of the South African Unfortunately, they pulled back in. culture.” “My cousin in Australia, and he was devasgiving back. Iraq were at lives war. The Manotick Messenger is published every Wednesday in Manotick, Ontario. The Manotick I wanted to jump in and say something, but I tated when Germany beat them 4-nil,” said the Messenger is mailed to bona fide subscribers in Rideau and Osgoode Townships for $36. The His eyes went back to his oldest daugh“There was no hatred or animosity berefrained. I couldn’t do it. mom wearing Crocs. publication is available by carrier for $36 or at newsstands for $1.00 per copy. Letters will be edited for length, clarity and libellous statements. Display, National and Classified rates are available on If you are unfamiliar with the vuvuzela horn, tween then Atthe this point, I couldn’tof takeIran it anymore. Mount ter, across the room. She inherited that people and Iraq,” Baba 5567 Manotick St., P.O. 567, request. The Manotick Messenger is not responsible for the loss ofMain unsolicited manuscripts, photos orBox you have not tuned into CBC over the past two Patience erupted and out came sarcasm lava. other material used for publication purposes. said. “I“The people always gotAusalong. This deep love of community and a yearning to weeks. If you stumble across a World Cup soccer saw that match,” I said. “I can’t believe Manotick, Ontario K4M 1A5 game on CBC, you will hear what sounds like TRY-lier looked so insipid against Deutschland.” was a war between two governments that give back. Publisher: Jeffrey Morris 50,000 bees swarming the field. They are not bees. The mom with the crocs was not impressed. Managing Jeffrey News andEditor: Editorial: The Manotick Messenger “I only cried once in my life,” Baba said. disagreed.” They are people blowing on cheap, plastic, gimThe mom with Birkenstock’s wasn’t either, but Reporters: McRae Publisher: Bev Jeffrey Morris Phone: 613-692-6000 EsauMorris micky horns. she did acknowledge me life with a changed response. Managing Editor: Jeff Jeffrey is published every other “It was four years ago, when she was first The day Baba’s was the day Advertising and Marketing: Fax: 613-692-3758 Reporters: Bev McRae The funny thing about these horns is that they “Who is your team?” she quipped, condescendFRIDAY in what Manotick, OnMarketing Mgr: Gord Logan Jeff Esau elected. We never imagined that our little he and have become has defined the 2010 World Cup. ingly.his wife decided it was time to leave Website: email: People Letters who have been and I did the only thing I could do, shouting as loud tario. willfollowing be ed-the World CupIran. girl who came to Canada as a one-year-old Office: Marketing Mgr:Angie GordDinardo Logan Advertising: people who have only seen 20 minutes of it in pass- as I could. Photographer: Mike Carroccetto Editor: Staff/Contributors: Ryan Birtch, Gary Coulombe, Larry Ellis, ited for length, clarity would grow up to be in the legislature.” They were driving and were pulled over ing have commented on these annoying yet relent“USA! USA! USA!” Office: Angie Dinardo News/ Sports: less horns. Ironically, while the world has learned to They turned their heads in disgust. The next 45 Photographer: Mike Carroccetto Skyler Fraser, Goldie Ghamari, Carol Anne Meehan, Scott As if on cue, Baba’s daughter came over by someone who identified himself as a and libellous statements. adapt these horns as the one thing they now know seconds were incredibly silent and awkward. Moffatt, Jeffrey Morris, Greg Newton, Phill Potter, about South African the horns aren’t really At that point, it was turn. The cashier security official. Hemy looked at the young to give him a hug. Her mother and sister Display rates are culture, available We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada a part of their everyday lives. South African sports scanned my Diet Coke and V-8 Fusion, and I was Charlie Senack, Grace Thrasher. through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) for our publishing activities. joined in. couple on request. The Manotick enthusiasts have commented that they had never all their car, and then started firing Advertising deadlines: DISPLAY Thursday prior 10Monday am. 4 p.m. Advertising deadlines: DISPLAY, Monday 3 p.m.; CLASSIFIED; seen nor heardisa vuvuzela horn at a sporting event, “Would you like plastic bags?” pointing a gun in Goldie Ghamari had a lot of friends and questions at him while All layouts and composition of advertising produced by employees of Manotick Messenger Messenger not responAll layouts and composition of advertisements produced by employees of Manotick Messenger and that the South African people find the noise just “Yes please,” I replied. Inc. are protected by copyright invested publishers of Manotick the Manotick Messenger Inc. are protected by copyright investedinin the the publishers of the Messenger. supporters at the Manotick Legion on elechis face. as annoying theofrest of the world does. I had never been so happy to pay five cents for a sible for the as loss unsoMember, Ontario Community Newspaper Association Apparently, some now wealthy marketing genius After plastic bag just to get the out there. Baba to get out tion night. a while, hehell ordered licited phoCanadian Community Newspaper Association came upmanuscripts, with the idea to mass produce and market But none gave her as much love and of the car. these a World used Cup novelty. The plan Jeffrey Morris was the 2008 OCNA Columnist of tos orhorns otherasmaterial worked, and now the rest of the world must endure “Ithewas Year. His book,about From the Other Skide, out is avail-of the car, support as her family. just to get for thepublication shrilling soundspurposes. of his quick buck. able at Manotick Office Pro, Barrhaven UPS Store,




I was just about to drift back into ADD world and

and Pages in Prescott.

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Father’s Day makes us remember ‘Dadisms’ your father may have said Father’s Day in Canada is observed on the third Sunday in June. It is a day for people to show their appreciation for Fathers and Father figures that may include stepfathers, fathers-in-law, foster fathers and family friends. Many participate in Father’s Day in a variety of ways to express their love and gratitude to the fathers and father figures. Participating in Father’s Day fun runs and other events

in which the proceeds go to charity is one way. Presents such as ties and other clothing, chocolates, hobby items and tools are often given to Fathers. Parties, bbqs, breakfasts, lunch or dinners are other

events associated with Father’s Day. Many will remember their Fathers who have died by visiting cemeteries and placing flowers on their graves. Father’s Day is not a federal public holiday in Canada; it falls on a Sunday, which is a day off for many workers as offices are closed. Some shopping centers and stores often provide specials with restaurants and entertainment venues for Father’s Day.

May I give you a couple of “DADisms”. A Dadism is “What he says and What he means”.-maybe think about recalling your Dad saying these. “when I was your age” one of the most common isms and frequently followed by I walked to school in the snow or rain when I was your age, no busses then” – “You better not let your mom hear you saying that” – translation might be “I’m too

tired to discipline you for that cuss word, probably heard it from me, just don’t say it in front of your mom.” “Did I ever tell you the time” – classic prologue to Dad’s tired old story of hardship or embarrassing moments or romantic encounters. “Don’t make me stop the car” – odyssey on the family vacation, considered a last resort, a red flag that should alert the family that dad is near the

boiling point. “Get a haircut, or I’ll cut it for you” - if there is a surefire way to motivate a son to get his hair cut, its Dad threatening to do it himself. “You’re only young once” – translation might be live it up while you can. Because soon you will be my age, drinking beer in an old ratty recliner, saying things like – you’re only young once! Remember Dad!

The Editor, How refreshing to read Carol Ann Meehan’s contribution to the Manotick Messenger each week. Her Friday May 20th column

mentioned, ‘A new, overhauled city council inheriting a mess left by current council’. Oh how true. Many of us can attain to that, but Councillor Moffatt now has a

recent declaration. “Municipal election period begins with a realigned and renamed Ward 21.” Who wants Rideau- Jock as our new ward name ?

Who made this decision ? Was there a vote on this name ? I, as a longtime resident was never consulted, and neither were many friends and neighbours. You have had your 12 years,

Councillor, please do not expect to have the right to remake the name of our ward. It must be our new councils’ and Rideau Goulbourn tax payers’ decision.

In my humble opinion, Rideau Jock sounds like a boys’ locker room. You’ll never live that one down! EB Spraggs

The Editor, Although monkeypox cases continue to swell in Canada and around the world, the virus doesn’t currently seem to have the biological potential to cause the next pandemic. However, this virus’s spread should serve

as a reminder to us all how we, as a global community, are inextricably connected and are still very much susceptible to a future pandemic. For instance, a recent WHO report found that the world is no better prepared for a new

pandemic now than it was when COVID-19 emerged. Thus, it’s becoming more and more clear that investments in pandemic preparedness need to be a priority of governments around the world. Fortunately, there are feas-

ible solutions. For example, earlier this year, the Global Fund (GF) initiated its Seventh Replenishment Campaign, which, if fully funded, is expected to save 20 million lives over the next three years, yield a return of $31 for every $1

invested, get the global community back on track in ending AIDS, TB, and malaria, and strengthen the health systems of low- and middle-income countries to ensure a more equitable and pandemic proof future.

Therefore, I hope to see Canada meet its past commitment to global health ahead of the Seventh Replenishment Conference, by investing its fair share of CAD$1.2 billion into the Global Fund. Garrison Dyck

THis week,

THIS MONTH by Larry Ellis

Rideau Jock sounds like a boys’ locker room more than a council ward

Monkeypox is a warning that investments in global health urgently needed

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by Phill Potter

Grade: 12 Parents: Heather and Dennis Wyche

Page 8 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022

lem solving. Since the concepts are not broad, and there isn’t much interpretation to be done, it’s more just problem solving, which is what makes me enjoy those classes the most.”

volleyball, and touch football. I also enjoy traveling and learning about different locations and cultures. I’ve travelled to many places and I find it very interesting how every culture has unique traditions and subcultures. My favourite place is Norway, because there is such beautiful places all over the country and amazing hiking. The next location I wish to trava difference in my school, andeltotogetisa Iceland, different perbecause it’s spective on all aspects of a very open country, with the school. I was a cheerveryforkind citizens, leader 10 years, but I and lots could no longer continue to see.”

due to concussions, so I turned to coaching. It has given me an opportunity to continue in the sport, even MANOTICK MESSENGER though I can no longer participate in it.”

City carrying too much debt to take on Lansdowne 2.0 Have you noticed how so many of the big decisions we make at Ottawa City Hall are rushed? Time and again a stick is held over Council’s head warning that any delay will cost us more and jeopardize the project. In 2019 – I will never forget – being pressured to approve Stage 2 LRT in a ten-day time frame, without even seeing the draft contract. Not only that, but we had to vote knowing full well that Stage 1 LRT construction was well behind schedule, and not knowing if it would even work when done. We all know what happened when it eventually launched in September 2019. Last spring there was little debate at Council before approving an extra 65 million dollars to cover escalating costs with the new Super Library. And we did it again last week, voting to move ahead with Lansdowne 2.0. Mayor Watson began the meeting assuring us that Phase 2 of the “pro-

Sisters: April (20), OTHS, UNB Fredericton. Violet Page 18 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2019 (20), Canterbury (vocals), ‘waterfall’ Carleton agreement University. was Ivy so (22), complicated city St. Mark, that Algonquin What is your Greatest staff had to have closer College. Accomplishment? “Earnoversight of the financial ing the title of Student Counframework to make Two dogs, sure Ewok cil President Activities/Interests: Name: Pets: Melita Wyche at my school. “Both inside and outside and Pixie, a cat. their OSEG wereand meeting The process was not easy, Age: 17 FOCUS ON of school, I enjoy particiobligations. but I persevered and made pating in several differentit Part-time Work: “Cheer- YOUTH includethere socSchool: Osgoodewhy Township That’s I moved through, sports. evenThese though cer, futsal, volleyball, coed leading tumbling coach were setbacks aHigh motion,and which passed, along the volleyball, and touch footby Phill athave Kemptville in Potter way. It has a very to our newInfinity Auditor ball.also I alsobeen enjoy traveling Grade: 12 Kemptville.) learning about different lem City solving. Sincerewarding the con- and accomplishment, General work with the Parents: Heather and Den- cepts are not broad, and locations and cultures. I’ve as I’ve gained so many opand OSEG to audit the finis Wyche there isn’t much interpreta- travelled to many places Favourite portunities, and to and I find itgotten very internancials for Phase Subjects: 2. The tion to be done, it’s more “Math andOTHS, Chemistry. Isolving, how everywe’ve culture Sisters: April General (20), network with other youth just problem which esting financing. Sure, Auditor has the has unique traditions and UNB Fredericton. Violet is what makes me enjoy doing labs whether and problikeenjoy myself.” only spend milexpertise to (vocals), say My 8 favourite (20), Canterbury those classes theagreed most.” to subcultures. placetois advance Norway, because Carleton University. Ivythat will lion dollars the the assumptions there is such beautiful (22), St. Mark, Algonquin What is your Greatest plan now. But if fully apbe built into the contract College. Accomplishment? “Earn- places all over the country proved term, the City make financial sense. That and amazing hiking. The ing the title of Student Coun- next locationbe I wish to travPets: me Two comfort. dogs, Ewok cil President at of my school. Ottawanextwill taking gives and Pixie, and a cat. The process was not easy, el to is Iceland, because it’s more 300country, million Also, there should very open with but have I perseveredon and made it athan kind citizens, andwe lots Part-time Work: “Cheerdollars debt; money been public consultations through, even though there invery leading and tumbling coach were setbacks along the to see.” don’t have. We were ason the plan, and there is no at Kemptville Infinity in way. It has also been a very sured the next Council is good reason that could notaccomplishment, Why did you get inKemptville.) rewarding what Counyou do? as I’veall, gained so manybound op- volved not by inthis have happened. After Favourite Subjects: portunities, and gotten to “I got involved in Student cil’s their decision. The reality the plan is • and Ottawa Futsal Club entering 29th season Council because I indoor saw it “Mathconcept Chemistry. I done. network with other youth as anof to will make / enjoy doing labs and the City Ottawa The plan isprobNOT like selfmyself.” soccer. Youth boys & girls,is, women, men &opportunity coed. Players teams wanted. All skill levels. League starts October ends April 2020. Please go online at Early bird ends September 21st

CareerMANOTICK Goals:MESSENGER “After high school I hope to go to university somewhere near the east coast; hopefully in kinesiology. My top choice schools are University of New Brunswick in St. John, and Dalhousie in Halifax. After that, I hope to pursue a career in either athletic therapy, or education.”

The MessengerFOCUS ON YOUTH Being OTHS Student Council President a rewarding experience

ject is affordable and selffinancing” and that “Council must show courage” to forge ahead with Ottawa Sports and Entertainment or risk delays that would jeopardize the project. Those of us who voted against going ahead with the concept plan are painted as being anti-Lansdowne. I can only speak for myself: I love Lansdowne and I want it to succeed. My legitimate doubts are based on what has happened so far. The initial ‘waterfall’ financial agreement for Lansdowne that was to pay the City millions of dollars, has paid us nothing. Yes, there was the Pandemic, which in part explains the failure of the new retail. But let’s remember that in 2020 Ottawa’s Auditor General found the

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richmond, On K0a 2z0,

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due to concussions, so I turned to coaching. It has Why did you get ingiven me an opportunity to continue in theinsport, even you do? volved what though I can no longer par“I got ticipate in it.”involved in Student

After suffering numerous concussions, Melita Wyche turned to coaching.

Council because I in sawthis it substantially? be so Goals: “invested” PHILL POTTER PHOTO Career “After to make as an opportunity As a fiscal conservative plan, willto go beto too costly high schoolitI hope university somewhere near I had to vote against goto stop. the east coast; hopefully in ing ahead with Lansdowne Overall, the City of Otkinesiology. My top choice 2.0, at this time. There is tawaareisUniversity carrying schools of a heavy New Brunswick in St. John, debt burden – more than so much at stake. So many and Dalhousie in Halifax. questions. 3 billion dollars. Paying unanswered After that, I hope to pursue a interest career in either athleticmeans less Again, I ask: Why the on that therapy, or education.” money for the projects Rush? and services needed to After suffering numerous keep Ottawa running. And Carol Anne Meehan concussions, Melita Wyche we’re in volatile times, Ward 22 • • Old Time Fiddle Music & Dance - EastCouncillor Osgoode Greely turned to coaching. PHILL PHOTOrates jump what if POTTER interest Gloucester Assoc, First Friday of each month, invites South-Nepean & welcome all Musicians, Dancers & Listeners. Greely Community Centre, 1448 Meadow Drive, Greely. For additional info call 613 489-2697.

Community Cale


Frid the f play, Gree 613-

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, most com Community Calendar

• Ottawa Newcomers Club - For women who have recently • Thursday Fun Night for adults and children. An optional Thurs., June 16, 23, 30 Sat., June 18 moved to this area;Music (and in those who have experienced a supper 5:45 pm.Village IndoorAssociation soccer/games, crafts,theorannual nursery Shroomfest the Park, 6-8 p.m., The at Richmond presents Ottawa Futsal Club entering their 29th season • Old Music & Dance - for East ages Osgoode GreelyParenting • Friday Night CountryAlpha Music & Dance Club The Legion significant life Victoria change), and indoor would likeTimetoFiddle meet new 0-11. course, course, orGreely Growing 8215 Street, Metcalfe. Richmond Family Fun Day at the Richmond Fairgrounds. soccer. Youth boys & girls, women, men & coed. Players / the fourth Friday of each month. Bring along an instrument to Assoc, First Friday of each month, invites & welcome interests by ends joiningallour many group Faith/Hearing course 6:30 Admission - 7:30 pm. To teamspeople wanted. Allofskillsimilar levels. League starts October Musicians, Dancers & Listeners.inGreely Community God play, or come in tofor sing,adults, listen and dance. is FREE. Fri., June 17, 24 YOMA offers weekly activities for local youth at activities. More information at: try it out contact, April 2020. Please go online at Greely Legion, 8021 Mitch Owens Road, ON. Information: Centre, 1448 Meadow Drive, Greely. For additional info Puzzle Swap, Manotick United Church. Free for the Manotick Community Something different 613-822-1451Centre. or 613-826-6128. Earlyor birdby ends September call 613 489-2697. contacting


• Tuesd the 1 pm. liste Mitc 826-

have been postposed or cancelled. For u community, please visit the Manotick Messe Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, most community events page and the w For free advertising for your not-for-profit community events email e the community. Stop in and borrow a puzzle. Swap

every week. There are Pre-Teen nights for youth in

• Tuesdayfor Dance Party The LegionSign hosts live • OttawaitNewcomers - For women Thursday Fun by Night for adults and children. An4-6. optional out for Club another whenwho youhave arerecently done. •Sponsored Grades Drop-Ins youth ageGreely 12-17. up music for on 1st andout 3rd Tuesday of each month 1:00 pm - 4:00 moved to Manotick this area; (and&those whoCentre have experienced at 5:45 pm. Indoor soccer/games, crafts, or nursery Area for Artsa andsupper Wellness electronic updates, the check their website at from www.yoma. along an instrument play, Instagram. or come in to sing, significant life change), and would like to meet new for ages 0-11. Parenting course, Alphaca course, Growingthempm. or or follow on Bring Facebook, Twittertoand listen sponsors and dance. Admission is FREE. Greelythese Legion, 8021 people of similar interests by joining our many group in Faith/Hearing God course for adults, - 7:30 pm. To and Thanks to all the 6:30 volunteers who make events Mitch Owens Road, ON. Information: 613-822-1451 or 613activities. More information at: try it out contact, ~ Western 826-6128. Red Cedar ~ or by contacting

have been postposed or cancelled. For updates in the community, please visit the Manotick Messenger Facebook page and the website. Where For free advertising for your not-for-profit community events email

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FRIDAY, June 17, 2022 Page 9


Former Deputy Mayor to run for council in Riverside South-Findlay Creek By Charlie Senack Former city councillor Steve Desroches is hoping to make his return to city hall and is putting his name on the ballot to represent Riverside South-Findlay Creek in the upcoming fall municipal election. Desroches, who served as city councillor for Gloucester-South Nepean from 2006 until 2014, always campaigned on only serving two terms. But with his kids now older and eight years passing since last being in office, he wants to make a return to municipal politics. “I think I left on a very positive note, and residents would recall that I made the commitment to step down in 2014 — which I did — to enable some turnover and new faces,” he told the Manotick Messenger. “That’s over eight years ago. One of the great benefits is I can now campaign with my two older sons and they have been knocking on doors with me. I’m reintroducing myself to the community. Many of the people know me but some may not as they are new to the area.” It will be a crucial municipal election for the City of Ottawa with many new names and faces sitting at the council table come December. At least seven current city councillors have announced they are retiring, with some announcing a run for Mayor. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has also announced he’s stepping aide after serving three terms. It will be the

biggest shakeup city hall has seen in decades. City Hall has been criticized for its divisiveness and attacks on one another throughout the last term of council. Meetings have been long and many times tense. Desroches said he’s served under two Mayors and isn’t looking to play politics with his hopeful future council colleagues. “I’m not known for attacks on my colleagues, I don’t think residents particularly enjoy that,” he said. “We heard recently from the ethics commissioner that she was receiving complaints regarding the interaction of councillors and I think we need to be careful that we are showing that we are there to work for our constituents. We can certainly be strong and passionate with our views, but at the end of the day we need to work closely together to achieve results over four years.” Of the files Desroches wants to see achieved is building a community centre in Riverside South. It’s plans which started when last in office over a decade ago, but any form of development has been stalled. “I want to bring urgency to the recreation complex for Riverside South and Findlay creek,” he said. “It’s been in the planning books for sometime and we have been collecting developer charges for over a decade to build this facility. When I was on council we changed the policy so we could build the recreation centre sooner rather than waiting. That’s

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why the Barrhaven Minto Rec Centre was completed in a quicker fashion. My son is 17 years old, he’s lived in Riverside South his entire life, and he’s never had the benefit of a local swimming pool or hockey rink in our community.” Desroches also wants to see improvements made to public transportation in the ward, saying we need to look at a new model as the world has changed. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, federal public servants are no longer commenting downtown five days away between the hours of nine and five. Riverside South is home to the second phase of Ottawa’s light rail transit line, which will bring commuters from the community to Bayview Station. Worker strikes, the pandemic, supply chain issues. and other factors have delayed the project from opening by at least a year. The council hopeful says OC Transpo needs more skilled rail experts on hand to

deal with the changing public transportation landscape in the city. He also wants to see changes to transit fare prices, but isn’t in support of making it free, which some downtown-area councillors have been calling for. “I’m very worried when I hear comments about free transit and shifting the cost of the transit over to the taxpayer,” said Desroches. “When I hear free transit I think of free health care and free education. It’s positive, but those are strained systems.” As city councillor Desroches advocated hard for the building of the Vimy Memorial Bridge which connects Barrhaven to Riverside South. He says it’s that fight which made him successful last time, and is looking to do it again on key issues. Both Riverside South and Findlay Creek have rapidly grown in the last eight years, with thousands of new homes being built, and thousands more to come. Riding boundaries in Ottawa are changing this elec-

Former Deputy Mayor Steve Desroches, right, is running for council in the new Riverside South-Findlay Creek riding. Desroches is pictured receiving the Order of Ottawa award.

tion with Gloucester-South Nepean being split into two wards: Riverside SouthFindlay Creek will become its own district, with the other side of the Rideau River becoming Barrhaven East.

At the time of publication Desroches is one of two candidates running in the new Ward 22 boundaries; Em McLellan has also put her name forward. Registration closes on August 19.


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Page 10 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022


Large crowd enjoys first Dickinson Days Parade in three years

Osgoode Fire Department and Legion mascot Sparky was a huge hit with the large crowd.

The Manotick Kiwanis have served the community for 62 years.

The Ottawa Caledonians piped in the various floats in the parade.

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(Elevator Access Provided) Church Office 613-692-2082 The Reverend Kerri Brennan e-mail Web site: 613-692-4576

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Saturday 4:30p.m., Sunday 9a.m. 11a.m Weekdays Wed., Thu. 9a.m., Fri. 9:30a.m. Office: 692-4254 Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. EMAIL:

FRIDAY, June 17, 2022 Page 11


They may not be the Budweiser Clydesdales, but the miniature horses were a perfect fit for the Dickinson Days parade.

If you think the Manotick Legion is a fun place to be, you should try being on their float in the parade!

Manotick Kiwanians Doug and Marg Demers were this year’s parade marshals.

Watson’s Mill and the Dickinson House Museum will bring tourists for the community in large numbers for the first time since 2019.

The Manotick Volunteer Firefighters made sure everyone was cooled off in the crowd as they led off the Dickinson Days Parade. Greg Newton photos

Dr’s Fowler, Isok, Wood & D’Cruz OPTOMETRISTS

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Page 12 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022


Canada DAy

Happy Canada Day!

Carol Anne Meehan

City Councillor • Ward 22 • Gloucester-South Nepean

Support our local businesses! #ShopLocal contact me

carolanne.meehan@o� 613-580-2424 ext. 17022 Subscribe to my newsle�er:


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FRIDAY, JuNE 18, 2021 Page 15 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022 Page 13

Now booking for the 2022 Pool Season Ecology Ottawa is hosting a tree giveaway Sun., June 20 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Manotick Arena parking lot, 5572 Doctor Leach Drive, Manotick. It is one of several tree giveaways held by Ecology Ottawa throughout the city, as they attempt to give away 15,000 trees. The tree must be planted on private land. This is a small seedling. Please be prepared to follow the care instructions which come with your tree. Ecology Ottawa will follow up with you to check on the status of your tree. While your first choice is not guarThe dog days summer to the Richmond a little bit early this year,and as the Ottawa Kennel Club hosted their annual dog show. The three-day show, which took place anteed, thereof are variouscame tree species to choose Fairgrounds from including conifers, hardwoods, May was nearlyfor postponed most of Richmond did not have any power for days after the derecho storm May 21. Power was restored to the community May 26, fruit27-29, trees. To register the event,because visit 613.836.1324 enabling the dog show to go ahead as planned. Manotick Messenger photos



Our Greenhouses and Garden Centre are stocked with annuals, perennials, veggies & herbs!

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Page 14 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022


This is a great summer to rediscover everything in our city By Jim Watson, Ottawa Mayor Summer is finally upon us and residents once again have a chance to rediscover the beauty of our nation’s capital. Following two long years of a pandemic and the most recent severe derecho that devastated our city, there is no doubt that an economic rebound and a lifting of the spirits across the community is needed in Ottawa. The warm months are a prime opportunity to visit our beautiful parks, museums, local shops and restaurants. A telling sign that things are returning to normal is the hundreds of tour busses we’ve already seen around the capital! As we can expect to see many more tourists visit this season, I’d encourage those living and working here to get out and continue to support the businesses and events that are being hosted

across our city.


• Atlético Ottawa are off to a hot start in the Canadian Premier League. Visit their website for the schedule and tickets for future soccer matches. • Baseball is back at RCGT Park. Check the Ottawa Titans schedule and take in a game with family and friends. • The BlackJacks have returned to TD Place for another season in the CEBL. Visit this link for their schedule and to purchase tickets • CFL football is back and the REDBLACKS are ready for a great season – tickets are selling fast! Please visit their website for more information. • Ottawa is home to seven national museums and many more municipal historic sites – don’t forget to check them out! • A number of local farmers’ markets are back for the

summer! Drop by and grab some fresh produce and locally made goods. • Several concerts and live events are returning across the city! Don’t miss RBC Bluesfest, Jazz Fest, Escapade MF, and many more. • The LPGA 2022 CP Canadian Women’s Open returns to the Ottawa Hunt Club from August 22-28. This tournament last took place at The Hunt in 2017, breaking attendance records. We are expecting large crowds once again, so don’t miss out on the action on the links! For more information on these great events, please visit: Large crowds are gathered around the 18th green at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club to watch players finish their rounds during the 2018 LPGA CP Women’s Open. The tournament returns to The Hunt on August 22, 2022. LPGA photo

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FRIDAY, June 17, 2022 Page 15


WOW! O U R . V I L L A G E . R O C KS .

What a gorgeous weekend in Manotick!! From the parade to the awesome fireworks to the delicious pancake breakfast to the street lined up with vendors to our amazing local businesses to our community to our Manotick Kiwanis! I wanted to take the time to thanks the hundreds of people who were involved in bringing back some normalcy back into our lives! From the planning, to the facilitation and the execution of this tremendous event. It was great to see so many of you in and around the village! To see you in person and to see

your smiling faces. This would not have been possible to pull off if it were not for our AMAZING, DEDICATED and PHENOMENAL group of volunteers; OUR MANOTICK KIWANIS!! They have been working for countless hours, all volunteer, to bring back this weekend. To them, As Chair of the Manotick BIA, I wanted to Thank them immensely for putting together such an important community event! From the parade to the fireworks to the street vendors to the pancake breakfast and not to mention the cleanup of the event! Also, thank you to Donna

Smith, our Manotick BIA Executive Director, Hats Off! Thank you for doing your job so well!! To all our local Manotick BIA Businesses, thank you for your participation in the parade and being in your shops to happily help all our local community and our visitors. You are the backbone of our Manotick BIA. Thank you to all the vendors who came out, some from within our own community. It was great to see such an amazing vendor line up! Lastly, thank you to our amazing community! When we, the community groups and the

Manotick Bia organize events and the community participates, it is like music to our ears! Thank you for coming out and supporting us. We ALWAYS appreciate your participation. Now folks, fasten your seatbelts as we are getting ready for The Taste of Manotick!! An event you will not want to miss!!!

See You Around in the Village!

Regards, Dr. Salima Ismail (Chiromax of Manotick) Chair, Manotick BIA

Page 16 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022


Manotick’s Governor General thrilled to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee By Charlie Senack Governor General Mary Simon, a longtime Manotick resident, was in London last week for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and had a front row seat to history. Simon, who has lived in the Manotick area with her husband Whit Fraser for decades, has been in the role since July 2021. It wasn’t her first trip to the United Kingdom as the Queen’s representative to Canada, but it was among her most important. It was a first for the British monarchy and a once in a lifetime experience for the public. This was the first Platinum Jubilee to ever be held, with Queen Elizabeth now the longest serving monarchy in history. In the United Kingdom they celebrated with a fourday bank holiday, and a long weekend full of activities. It all kicked off on Thursday, June 2, with a trooping of the colour presentation which the Queen viewed from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. That was followed by the lighting of the beacon ceremony in the evening. On Saturday, Buckingham Palace was rocking during the ‘Platinum Party at the Palace’ concert which Simon viewed with members of the

Royal family. She sat above future kings Prince William and Prince George in the Royal box. Simon could be seen waving the Union Jack flag in excitement, and watching the show of A-list performers which included Elton John, Jack Stewart, Alycia Keys, Andrea Bocelli, and Diana Ross, among others. Speaking in a sit down interview with chief CTV News Anchor Lisa Laflamme from London, Simon said it was a pleasure to be invited. “I’m very happy that this is happening and that Her Majesty is able to experience it,” said Simon. “I think it’s just a wonderful tribute for the 70-year reign that she has had over the United Kingdom. And also, being the Queen’s representative in Canada is very important for my work, and also it’s very significant to a lot of Canadians.” The Royal family has been facing much public pressure to do more when it comes to reconciliation, and to apologize for its role with residential schools. Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla were in Canada just weeks ago, and had the chance to meet with members of Indiginous communities. Prince Charles didn’t go as far as to say sorry, but did

Governor General Mary Simon and her husband, Whit Fraser, were seated behind Prince William at the first Platinum Jubilee in British history.

acknowledge the pain and suffering which Indiginous people face. Simon met with the Queen for a second time during her visit to London, and said talk of an apology was never brought up. They did however speak about the countless mass graves that are being discovered on residential school properties. “She felt, you know, very bad about that, and really wanted things to work out for everybody,” said Simon. “So that was kind of the extent that we discussed that issue, but I did talk to her about the work that I’m doing on reconciliation, the work that I’ll be doing over the next year in my term is to bring Can-

adians and Indigenous Canadians both from across the country and from the Arctic, to have these discussions where we can learn about each other, and be able to live side-by-side and give each other space, and have equal opportunities and education, jobs.” Simon told Laflamme that growing up, her grandmother had a photo of the Queen who was “revered” in the Arctic. The Governor General said Queen Elizabeth was seen as the “highest order of the land” and had lots of respect. Looking back Simon wishes her mother and grandmother were still alive to see her stand beside British royalty.

“She inspired me for so many years. I went through probably a rough period as well, when I was young and being the only woman at many, many organizations and in discussions at board meetings,” the Governor General said. “It took a lot of years before I was able to just be part of the crowd, so to speak, and the acceptance that even though I was a woman, I could still do the work just as well as anybody else. I think role models like Her Majesty really help you stay strong, and to stay focused and work out what you feel is important. That’s what I’ve done. I also just was so touched by the love that she showed for her family, her grandchildren, her children.”

Simon said that during their private conversation the Queen talked about her family and how important they are to her. “It was really beautiful,” she said. During her trip to London Simon was able to attend the Thanksgiving Service on Friday, which the Queen had to miss out on at the last minute “due to some discomfort.” Simon said the Queen was in good spirits and doing well when they met earlier in the day. Queen Elizabeth, who is 96, suffered a bout with COVID-19 earlier this year. She also had the chance to meet with other Governor Generals from across the world, including the two other Indiginous representatives in the Commonwealth.

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Meat and potato issues are important for councillors at City Hall By David Brown Check out any local newscast in Ottawa; you will usually see a bigticket item discussed at City Council. This could be the LRT boondoggle, the original Lansdowne deal, of which the taxpayer has seen nothing in return for their more than $200 million dollar investment, or most recently, the Lansdowne 2.0 scheme, where councillors have set in motion an overall plan to spend $332 million. I have nothing

against the City spending money to ensure residents in Ottawa have access to recreation and entertainment. After all, building a complete city means residents need places to have fun, relax and get out to enjoy what Ottawa has to offer. What I do take issue with is the mega-spending that seems to distract from the meat and potato issues that residents care about. Have you called the City recently to inquire when a pothole would

be filled, or when a new traffic light at a busy intersection would be installed, or when a new community center might be built to accommodate the rapid growth of our villages? The likely answer for any of these is “years.” It’s frustrating as a taxpayer to hear that money is often the reason cited for lack of action in our communities. However, money is never an issue when there is an expensive project in the wings with the potential for

Masks no longer mandatory on public transit but still recommended As determined by the Province of Ontario, masks will no longer be mandatory on public transit starting Saturday, June 11. While wearing a mask will no longer be required by law, Ottawa Public Health still strongly recommends people wear masks on OC Transpo buses and trains, in stations and shelters, and on Para Transpo minibuses and taxis. For more information on layers of protection against COVID-19, visit Ottawa Public Health’s Reducing the risks from COVID-19

webpage. OC Transpo continues to prioritize the health and safety of its customers and employees. Enhanced health and safety practices that were introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic will continue. These include: Enhanced sanitizing and cleaning of all vehicles and stations daily Protective shields at the front of buses Hand sanitizer dispensers at O-Train stations and most Transitway stations Touch-free and on-

line fare payment options Virtual Line at the OC Transpo Customer Service Centre in the Rideau Centre that lets customers reserve a spot without waiting in line We ask everyone to be kind and respectful of one another. We thank our customers and employees for continuing to do their part to keep our community safe. Stay up to date on the latest transit information by visiting or following OC Transpo’s Twitter accounts.

a ribbon-cutting ceremony. City Council underfunds infrastructure maintenance annually by about $40 million dollars. This has been the case for the last twenty years. That means repairs that need to be done aren’t. Look around your neighbourhood; I’m sure you won’t have to look long to find an example of this chronic lack of care. Although not sexy, everyday concerns like speeding, traffic calming, adequate recrea-

tional facilities, roads, pathways and police enforcement are things that residents care about. Not multi-million dollar lavish sports venues that will fail without the support of Ottawa’s tax base. Let’s fix the crumbling roads, community centers, and sidewalks. Build new recreational facilities, parks and playgrounds for our families. Install desperately needed traffic lights and expand our roads to match the development across the

city. Get Ottawa’s dismal transit network working so residents can move around our city. These critical concerns must be addressed to benefit Ottawa’s residents before City Council spends $332 million on a big headline-grabbing project. Tackling these every day concerns is what residents expect- that is what I’m focused on. David Brown is a candidate for council in Ward 21.

Page 18 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022


Front Left to Right: Zoe Roy, Kaitlyn Liddle, Kendra Byrne, Lily-Rose Wynn, Alyssa Shouldice. Back Left to Right: Sierra Lanouette, Paige Hyndman, Chloe Yamane, Kelsey Warren, Tegan Thompson, Alyssa Degagne

U17 Angels eyeing berths in Ont., Canadian girls softball championships

South Ottawa Angels U17 hit the field for 2022! The U17 girls’ competitive softball team is comprised of players from Metcalfe, Greely, Winchester, Gloucester, Stittsville, Cornwall, Casselman and Rockland. The team was formed in the fall of 2019 to take the field in the summer of 2020, then Covid hit, and they were unable to play in 2020. In 2021, the girls were able to play under Covid restrictions. They finished 2nd in the Provincial Regional qualifier and 2nd in an Oshawa tournament. The 2022 summer season has started. The team has four tournaments scheduled with hopes of competing at Provincials and Eastern Canadians in PEI. The team competed in their first tournament of the year in Cobourg, Ontario. They started a bit slow but came on strong winning the B Championship beating Etobicoke in the final 9-2. The team is playing in the competitive Ottawa women’s league, comprised of four other teams including Carp, Quyon, Stittsville U23 and South Ottawa Angels U19. Home games are played at the Kenmore Bicentennial Park. Admission is free so come on out to see some great softball!

The South Carleton Storm baseball team ended the regular season with three straight shutouts to earn a spot in the NCSSAA boys baseball playoffs. The Storm, seen in action here against the John McCrae Bulldogs of Barrhaven, blanked Pierre-Savard, All Saints and Earl of March to earn a spot in the playoffs.

L.a. sicoLi Masonry & restoration Luciano sicoLi



The South Carleton Storm lacrosse team ended their season on a winning note, beating Lester B. Pearson 4-1 at the Nepean Sportsplex Minto Field Mon., June 8. The Storm finished the season in fourth place in the National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association Tier 2 Boys Lacrosse League with a 2-3-1 record.



FOR MORE INFO: 613-489-2524

Pancake breakfast: 8am - 11am Softball tournament: 8am - 7pm Canoe/kayak poker run: 8:30am - TRINITY/ ST. ANDREWS 10:30am with prizes at 11am CHURCH EVENTS: Walking tour: 10am & 2pm Church/cemetery Kids games all day tours Scavenger hunt: 10am & 12pm Refreshments Races at 11am & 2pm Washroom access Bouncy castle: 12pm - 6pm Trinity church BBQ: Face painting: time TBD 11am - 2pm Historic & military display all day Horse drawn farm machinery all day MORE EVENTS TO BE Car show: 10am ANNOUNCED! Beer garden: 4pm - 10pm

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★ Cultured Stone ★ Custom Stone Work ★ Interlocking Stone ★ Stone Foundation Wall Repairs




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QualiTY CleanerS is closing immediately.

We regret to inform you after 40 years in Manotick Please pick up any Dry Cleaning at our Shop till June 25. Thank You.

Quality Cleaners (Dry Cleaners) Mews of Manotick 1160 Beaverwood Road Manotick, ON Phone: 613-692-3450

Page 20 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022


Summertime means Rideau-Jock construction season is upon us Construction season is in full swing. Residents along Mansfield Road have been experiencing the renewal of their road over the last couple of weeks and residents of Purdy Road before that. Next up is Malakoff Road, south of Cowell Road. Also coming up over the next few weeks are the renewal of McCordick Road, between Century and Brophy, as well as Fallowfield Road, between Moodie Drive and Old Richmond Road. Additionally, Second Line Road, between Roger Stevens and Century Road, will see an upgrade from gravel to a hard surface. Expect to see plenty of culvert replacements throughout the ward over the summer as well. These often create minor traffic impacts. At the intersection of Century Road and McCordick Road, we will also see construction this summer in the form of an intersection improvement to address

WARD 21 REPORT by Councillor Scott Moffatt

challenges with the skewed design that has historically existed here. Proposed work includes making the McCordick Road stop signs and approached more apparent to drivers, removing the small connection at the north side of the intersection between McCordick and Century, toward Malakoff, and the addition of an overhead flashing beacon. In the fall of this year, we expect construction to begin on Phase 2 of the Richmond Forcemain Twinning project. This will involve significant work along Eagleson Road from the lagoon site to Fallowfield Road. This is a project funded by new growth in the village to accommodate the additional units on the

sanitary sewer system. There will be traffic impacts when this project begins, and I will provide more information when we get closer to that time. Finally, the parking lot at the Kars Recreation Centre will finally be resurfaced. We expect this work to be completed this month in advance of the July 16th celebrations of Kars’ bicentennial.

Lansdowne Park

A bit of a déjà vu moment last week with the Lansdowne debate at Council. It was June 2010 where Council spent five days and over 50 hours debating the Lansdowne that we see today. As a candidate in the 2010 election, I remember that debate well and it formed much of the discussion city-wide during that election. While it passed with a 15-9 vote, the final decision rested with the Council that was to follow. Back then, a motion was put forward to defer any deci-

sion on Lansdowne to that next term, but that deferral failed. A similar motion last week requested that we defer this new Lansdowne plan to the next term, but it also failed. Interestingly, the 2010 election yielded a Council even more in support of Lansdowne and the project ultimately proceeded after a 21-3 vote in favour. Foreshadowing the 2022 election? I guess we will see. To provide more details on was City Council voted on, we approved in principle a business plan and funding strategy to redevelop Lansdowne with a new event centre, north side stands, retail spaces and residential units, which will include affordable housing. The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) has proposed a plan for a state-of-the-art, 5,500seat event centre east of the football field, to help bring more concerts and cultural events to Ottawa. OSEG


also aims to remove the aging north side stands, replacing them with facilities that would be fully compliant with current accessibility standards. The Civic Centre arena and existing retail space would be replaced with a two-storey retail building that could eventually be expanded with up to 1,200 new residential units, including 120 affordable ones, directly above it. The total capital cost for the project, estimated at $332.6 million, will be funded through the sale of air rights and debt funding, along with some City capital budget funding for internal costs. The new funding model simplifies an existing arrangement and improves the City’s financial position. Staff will return with a follow-up report detailing costs, legal amendments, and public consultation feedback for consideration in the next Term of Council. This decision will rest

with the next term. If changes are desired to any part of the plan, it will be within the rights and abilities of that term to make those changes. This could include more affordable housing or an awning over the north side stands. The plan in front of Council last week was one that did not require taxpayers’ dollars to fund the plan. Any additional improvements will require some financial considerations. I was happy to support this plan just as I was happy to support the Lansdowne Partnership Plan in 2012. It is an important City asset, and it is equally important that we continue to improve the asset to the benefit of the entire City. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please email me at or contact me by phone at 613580-2491. For information on Ward 21 issues, please visit

O ut

Take ouT or Delivery Serving Manotick Kars Richmond Osgoode Kemptville nG


Full Menu available


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St. Mark student looking forward to future in mechanical engineering Name: Kaden Smith Age: 17



Address: Manotick School: Osgoode Township High Grade: 12 Parents: Mom: Alka Moorjani, Dad: Garril Smith Sister: Mira Smith (15), grade 10, Osgoode Township High Part-time Work: “I’m working part-time as a lifeguard for the City of Ottawa at Sawmill Creek Pool.” Favourite Subjects: The subjects I’m taking this year are French, Fitness, Physics, Advanced Functions, English, Calculus and Vectors, and Chemistry. I enjoy fitness a lot, because it gives me the chance to exercise and play some sports during school.” What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I enjoy reading all sorts of material. I mainly read novels, because I enjoy a good story: nonfiction, science fiction, historical fiction and

by Phill Potter

thrillers.” Favourite Author: “My favourite author is Jack Carr. His series The Terminal List is really well written. The plots are full of twists, and are very engaging. His books are great to read, because he has firsthand experience in the field in which his books are based.” Greatest Accomplishment: “When I was 13 I participated in the Gold Rideau Trail Hike along with 3 other Scouts. It took place over the course of 2 days and the hike was just under 40 km through the Marlborough Forest. There was no adult supervision. We were responsible for planning our route, meals, and what equipment to bring. We had to pack everything and organize it so that each person had approximately 70 lbs to carry. This was quite an accomplishment for me, because I had never gone on a trip like this before where no

adults were with us, and we camped on our own overnight.” School Activities: “During grades 9 and 10 I was a trumpet player in the Concert Band. When the pandemic hit, that put a stop to a lot of school activities. I went out and found a job at Suntech Greenhouses where I worked full time during the summer, and part-time during the school year. During this time I also kept up with lifeguarding courses in order to get my certification. This year I’m on the school Lacrosse Team. I have never played lacrosse before and it was great to find a new sport to play. I like trying new sports to challenge myself and see how fast I can pick it up.” Other Activities/Interests: “I really love downhill skiing. It’s so fun to spend the day on the mountain with some friends and try new tricks. I love the rush of flying off bigger and bigger jumps, as well as skiing down a technical run as fast as I can. Every time I go out, I find new ways to improve. I also enjoy playing basketball, softball and ball hockey.”

Career Goals: “Next year I’m going into mechanical engineering. I have not decided which university I am going to yet, but Carleton University is a frontrunner. I would like to work in the automotive industry as an engineer, because I’m interested in all kinds of motorsports; like rally racing, Formula 1, moto GP etc. While at Carleton I would like to join the Formula SAE team since I feel like that would be a neat experience. It would give me the opportunity to work with a team to build a Formula style race car, and compete against other schools across North America in a three day event.”

Kaden Smith is a well-rounded student who has a passion for motorsports. Submitted photo

Page 22 FRIDAY, June 17, 2022

CLUES ACROSS 1. Moved quickly 4. Ocean temperature 7. Scholarly book series 12. Irregular 15. Hairstyle 16. Indigestion fixer 18. Special therapy 19. Mock 20. Partner to Pa 21. Strays 24. Swedish currency (abbr.) 27. Desired 30. Soap product 31. Traditional fishing boat 33. No (Scottish) 34. Spy organization 35. Spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation 37. Married woman 39. Blood relation 41. German river 42. Genus of clams 44. Parts of a movie 47. Residue 48. Ethnic group of Laos and Thailand 49. Atomic #77 50. Where

wrestlers work 52. Northeast 53. Type of lettuce 56. Abstain 61. Communication between two 63. One who administers medicine 64. Sun up in New York 65. Having eight CLUES DOWN 1. He played “Milton” 2. Elsa’s sister 3. Digital wallet 4. About backbone 5. Type of weapon 6. __ Turner, rock singer 7. Microgram 8. Hair product 9. Health care pro 10. Holy fire 11. Military ID (abbr.) 12. __ the ante 13. Containing nitrogen 14. Green citrus fruit 17. Male parent 22. Bring up 23. Murdered 24. Soviet Socialist


Republic 25. Supreme ruler Genghis 26. Social media hand gesture 28. Semitic Sun god 29. Land 32. Database management system 36. Similar 38. Nice to look at 40. Covered with mud 43. Simple dry fruit 44. Title of respect 45. Type of footwear 46. Most lucid 51. Exam 54. Extinct flightless bird of New Zealand 55. “Rule, Britannia” composer 56. Small Eurasian deer 57. “Within” 58. Insures bank’s depositors 59. A pause for relaxation 60. Social insect 62. Expresses acidity


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