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The MessengerCOMMUNITY


Ontario Agricultural Minister discusses challenges with local farm community It was a packed house at the Marlborough Pub and Eatery in North Gower Friday morning as the Carleton agricultural community came out in full force. Ernie Hardeman, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs was the guest of honour at the breakfast, hosted by Carleton MPP Goldie Ghamari and her staff. It was another in a series of public meet and greet style events with Progressive Conservative Ministers Ghamari and her office have hosted in the riding in the past year. Hardeman worked the room, going from table to table chatting with some of Eastern Ontario’s most prominent leaders in the agricultural industry. Hardeman says his role is to talk to people to understand the problems and issues they are facing. “That’s what I do,” Minister Hardeman said. “The responsibility of the Minister of the Agriculture is to find

out what the problems are and deal with them.” For the past year, one of Hardeman’s major focuses has been on eliminating the amount of red tape that has tied up and bound the agricultural industry. “We want to find out what things are keeping them from being productive,” Hardeman said. “At this time of year, we want to make sure that all the farm programs are there, and to make sure the protection for them is there.” Hardeman is touring several parts of the province, and he said that while some of the challenges facing the agricultural industry across Ontario are similar, there are regional factors that come into play. Although the wet spring and unusually high levels of rain led to flooding in some areas near Ottawa, the farms in Carleton and eastern Ontario have not been hit as hard as some farms in other parts of the province, such as Bracebridge and Gravenhurst, who

dealt with severe flooding. “Flooding in rural areas is a completely different issue than flooding in the agricultural areas,” Hardeman said. “The challenge in the urban areas is the damage it does to the infrastructure and to houses in the community. In the rural areas, even though the flooding may not have pushed the barn over, if the field is to wet to get into in the planting season, then you don’t get to plant a crop. The length of the rain in this area was not as severe as it was in some of the other parts of the province.” Hardeman pointed out that in Lambton County and Essex County in Western Ontario, some fields are not dry enough to get a tractor on to plant a crop. There aren’t many crops that you can plant at the end of June and still get a decent harvest.” One of the issues facing farmers in Carleton was a conception under the previous government that there

was a city vs. country attitude at Queen’s Park. The Progressive Conservative Party campaigned on being a voice for rural Ontario – not just the agricultural industry, but all rural towns, villages, hamlets and farms. Harderman is pleased with the job done by the Ford Government. “Everyone in the agricultural community has been willing to talk to us,” he said. “There wasn’t a person in the room today who did not have a story to tell or a statement to make to help us in what we’re doing. We’ve been able to go back to Queen’s Park and implement a lot of those things already, and we will keep doing that.” Hardeman’s portfolio extends beyond agriculture and into all rural issues. He says that while some issues like education and healthcare are important to all Ontarians, it’s impossible to try and implement urban policy onto rural people.

Marcel Moncion, owner of Moncion’s Your Independent Grocer in Riverside South, shakes hands with Agricultural Minister Ernie Hardeman at the Marlbough Pub and Eatery in North Gower Friday morning. Moncion’s sells more food and produce than any other retailer in the Carleton riding. Jeff Morris photo

“We try to develop a system that works well for rural and small town Ontario,” he

said. “The people respect that and support that type of ideology.”


Office Hours: Weekdays 9 am - 4 pm 30-6179 Perth Street, Richmond, ON, K0A2Z0 Contact: 613-838-4425 or 1-833-779-6821 (toll free) goldie.ghamarico@pc.ola.org goldiempp.ca

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Plastic bags now an option for bagging organics in green bins In recent weeks, there have been a number of items that have come to Council that have been the subject of much debate and discussion, such as the Chateau Laurier addition, Climate Emergency and single-use plastics. Over the course of the summer, I will dedicate this column to shedding light on these issues and Council’s decision, specifically my position. Before that, though, Council made another decision last year, which will now come into effect. That decision was to expand the green bin program to permit the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags will be allowed as a bagging option for organics in the green bin, such as food scraps, paper towel and tissue, and coffee grinds, beginning July 2nd. This is in addition to the current options of placing organics in paper bags in the green bin. Pet waste will also be accepted, including dog waste and kitty litter. In a recent survey conducted by Hill & Knowlton commissioned by the City of Ottawa, sixty per cent of people who seldom use or do not use the green bin said they would participate if plastic bags were allowed. There are a number of reasons residents have stated why they do not use it but


WARD REPORT by Councillor Scott Moffatt

the primary one in our area has been about the messy nature of the bin. These changes will help address those concerns and make the green bin more convenient and easier to keep clean. In addition, using the green bin takes advantage of weekly pickup, while garbage going to landfill is collected bi-weekly. The organic waste facility has been retrofitted to rip open the plastic bags and separate the organic waste for composting. The plastic bags are then disposed in the landfill. Getting more homes participating in the green bin program will divert more organic materials from the landfill and significantly extend its life. If residents choose to use plastic bags to dispose of their organics, the City encourages them to reuse bags that may otherwise be thrown out, such as milk or bread bags. The plastic bag option is just one of many that are tailored to our residents’ comfort level and interest. The other options include:

Paper bags to keep their green bin clean – including leaf and yard waste bags Newspaper linings in the bin and kitchen containers Cereal boxes and milk cartons to contain food waste The City encourages residents who are using these options to continue their current practices. Residents can explore all options and learn what type of organic materials go into the green bin at ottawa.ca/ greenbin. For residents who have curbside collection but don’t have a green bin, go online to my.service.ottawa. ca or call 3-1-1 and one will be delivered to your front door.

encouraged to book at least seven days before an event. The available equipment is loaned out at no cost to event organizers. However, the City is not able to offer delivery of the equipment to event locations and therefore, user groups are responsible for making transportation arrangements to receive and return the equipment from City ward yards from Monday to Friday 8:30am to 2:30pm. As required, staff can provide organizers with a list of available commercial transportation services as a reference source at the time that reservations are made.

Borrowing Park Equipment from the City

The Order of Ottawa recognizes the professional achievements and outstanding service of exceptional Ottawa residents. This prestigious civic award honours up to 15 of Ottawa’s most deserving individuals each year. Any resident of Ottawa who has made a significant contribution in a professional capacity that has been of benefit to our community may be nominated. The Order of Ottawa is intended to recognize those who have made significant contributions through their professional endeavours, to

As we approach the time of year when communities host special events and celebrations in parks, this is a reminder that additional park equipment like picnic tables, waste receptacles and recycling receptacles can be reserved through the City’s Centralized Facility Allocations Unit by calling Kaitlyn Lester at 613-580-2424 ext. 41497 or at Kathleen.Lester@Ottawa.ca. Because stock is limited, and to avoid disappointment, organizers are

Nominations Open for 2019 Order of Ottawa


client service centre. The deadline for nominations is Friday, September 13th at 11:59pm EST. Previous Rideau-Goulbourn recipients include Drs. Rod & Lucy Rabb, Cyril Leeder and William Tupper. More information on both awards can be found online at ottawa. ca/orderofottawa. Nominations by immediate family members, self-nominations, and posthumous nominations will not be accepted. Elected municipal, provincial and federal officials are not eligible for this award while they are in office.

Farmers’ Markets

It’s time to enjoy our local Farmers’ Markets! The Manotick Farmers’ Market (in Dickinson Square) runs on Saturdays from 9 am until 3 pm. The North Gower Farmers’ Market (located at 2397 Roger Stevens Drive) runs on Saturdays from 8 am until 1 pm. Both markets will run until October 12th. Shop local and enjoy! If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at Scott.Moffatt@ ottawa.ca or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491. For information on RideauGoulbourn issues, please visit RideauGoulbourn.ca.

E of MANoT AG ic l l






life in the city in any of the following areas: arts and culture, business, philanthropy, health care, education, public service, labour, communications and media, science, sports and entertainment and other fields that benefit Ottawa. The Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching, which will be presented at the Order of Ottawa awards ceremony in the fall of 2019, recognizes the contribution of an amateur coach who best exemplifies the qualities of leadership and commitment that have been the hallmarks of Brian Kilrea’s career. Mr. Kilrea is a retired hockey head coach, general manager and player, and is best known for his 35-year association with the Ottawa 67’s. He is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, has played and coached in the NHL and, with more than 1,000 career victories, he is the most successful coach in Canadian junior hockey history. Nominations for the Order of Ottawa or the Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching may be completed online or by filling out a nomination form in pamphlets that are available at the City Hall Information Desk, and at your local community centre, public library, or at any

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The MessengerNEWS

Ottawa Catholic School Board approves balanced budget for 2019-2020

The Ottawa Catholic School Board has approved a balanced operating budget for the 20192020 school year totaling $558 million. This budget is compliant with all provincial government regulations and reflects input from our stakeholders including the Catholic School Council Parents’ Association (CSPA), the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC), Indigenous Education Advisory Committee, employee groups, and the Student Senate. This budget focuses

on programs and initiatives that enhance student & staff success while ensuring our schools are safe, caring, and welcoming places. “We are very proud to approve this budget; a budget that provides funds and support so our Catholic schools continue to be welcoming and safe places where students and staff can achieve and thrive.” Said Mark D. Mullan, Chairperson of the Board. Here are the highlights of additions to the 2019-2020 oper-

ating budget: ● Additional teachers due to enrolment growth net of secondary class size changes (21 FTE); ● Additional Educational Assistants to support current and anticipated student needs (32 FTE permanent staff and 21 FTE casual staff); ● Three additional Kindergarten Assessment Classes (9 FTE); ● Two additional System Language Classes (2 FTE); ● Additional Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) Supports

(2 FTE); ● Additional English as a Second Language Teachers (2 FTE); ● Four new Addictions Counsellors (4 FTE); ● Additional Guidance Counsellor (1 FTE); ● Five additional eLearning sections; ● Additional Chaplaincy Leader support (0.5 FTE); ● A new Equity and Diversity Advisor position (1 FTE); ● $100,000 Innovation Learning Fund;

● $50,000 to support employee wellness to “Be Well”; ● $59,000 increased support for extracurricular coverage; ● $30,000 increased support for health and safety inspections; ● $30,000 for the Student Senate to address school-based priorities; ● $52,500 to support music instruction training at the elementary level; and ● Spending related to a new addition to St. Joseph High School and the completion of

the addition for Holy Redeemer Elementary School. “We feel that this budget will help us invest in our schools and classrooms while ensuring we are able to support our Strategic Commitments: “Be Community, Be Well, Be Innovative” said Denise Andre, Director of Education. This operating budget represents a 1.9% increase over that of last year and provides for a 2019-2020 enrolment of 44,368 students, an increase of almost 1,000 students or 2.2%.

Ontario is committing $105 million over six years to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) for the construction of a new six-storey children’s treatment centre (approx. 234,440 sq. ft.) in Ottawa. CHEO’s children’s treatment centre is a leader in eastern Ontario in delivering services for children with special needs. The agency delivers autism services, physiotherapy,

occupational therapy, audiology, speech language pathology, social work, psychology, and physician services and therapeutic recreation. The centre provides these services in eight locations across the region, which makes it difficult for service recipients and providers to coordinate services and to give children and youth supports as they grow into adulthood. Multiple loca-

tions create wait times and program delivery is inefficient. A new, multi-purpose children’s treatment centre will improve the delivery of rehabilitation services and provide all-encompassing supports for families of children with special needs. CHEO will have the opportunity to reduce wait times for services, address capacity issues and optimize program efficiencies.

The new facility will make services easier to access and help build and improve the range of services for young people with special needs at every stage of a child’s development. Other benefits include increased front-line staffing by redirecting duplicated facility costs spent on multiple locations; more coordinated services through a “hub” of care; and clinical services

under one roof, so parents of kids with complex needs have access to coordinated, specialized care. CHEO’s children’s treatment centre is one of 20 children’s treatment centres in Ontario that receive funding from the Government of Ontario. Provincially funded services and supports for children and youth with special needs are delivered through children’s

treatment centres that provide a range of programs and services. Included among these programs are the Ontario Autism Program, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech and language pathology; respite services, coordinated service planning; and services for children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs, including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

CHEO to get six-storey children’s treatment centre

Protecting our Waterways Want something to drink this summer? How about clean water? That includes our water. That is why I have worked to end the practice of pouring raw sewage into our lakes, oceans and rivers. Four years ago, I secured over $60 million in federal funding to help our city end the practice and protect the Ottawa River. One of the first decisions of the current federal government was to allow the city of Montreal to pour billions of litres of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence. That was the wrong decision. Let’s finally end that practice and keep our waters clean and pure for generations to come. Now let’s raise a glass to that! To share your thoughts and concerns, please contact me via my website: www.pierremp.ca or email at pierre.poilievre@parl.gc.ca. Hope to see you soon around the neighbourhood.


The MessengerNEWS

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A great Canadian toast for Canada Day

Messenger Editorial

From tears to cheers for MacLeod


As soon as I would get our rental car, and Is it just me, or is Canada Day just getting to be bigger and better and more important to then explain to everyone how we buy gas per Our former MPP, Lisa MacLeod, has literally gone from the Ministry of Tears to the litre and that the speed limit is in kilometres, I everyone as each and every year goes by? Ministry of Cheers. Our national pride is growing by leaps and would head to Tim Hortons. That’s the way she is reacting to the recent cabinet shuffle in the Ford Government. Our COmmunity Greg, who was my boss in Dallas, loved the bounds. Right now, as we are still hung over The media in Ottawa immediately and unfairly jumped all over the Nepean MPP and from the celebration of the Toronto Raptors’ kilometre discussion. former Nepean-Carleton MPP, headlining her shift in portfolio as a demotion. From talkMessenger Editorial “That was like the championship, it’s at an all time ing to other MPPs in Eastern Ontario, MacLeod had far too much on her plate and was best practical joke we high. spread to thin. We see the shuffle as an opportunity to spread out some of her workload. Let’s face it. How many CanFROM THE ever played on Canada,” In June, 2018, MacLeod was named Minister of Community and Social Services, he would say, laughing. adians who had never given a which also included the portfolios of women’s issues, immigration and anti-racism. “Yeah, sure, we’ll switch flying rat’s arse about basketEarlier this month, it was announced that MacLeod would be changing roles, and has to the metric system. You ball for their entire lives were With Canada Day approaching next week, it is a good time for us all to nowreflect beenonnamed Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. what it means to be Canadian. guys go first and then suddenly cheering, drinking, Doawe take being she Canadian for granted? It’s portfolio wanted, and it is one she is thrilled to have. we’ll follow right behaving parties, screaming at the Better yet, how do new Canadians feel about being Canadian? Some of us “I’m excited to be appointed to the important role of Minister of Tourism, Culture and look upon immigrants and refugees as opportunists, not wanting to give but hind.” TV when Kyle Lowry is called very willing to take.said Perhaps, some people, that is true, but when you Sport,” MacLeod in afortwitter post shortly after the news broke. “After all, I come by Jeff Morris I actually think that’s for a block when it was clearly attend a celebration for new Canadians, such as the one hosted by Nepeanfrom a city of festivals! I especially look forward to raising awareness of Rowan’s Law Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre at Mother Teresa High School in Barrhaven last how it went down. a charge, and planning to name andmonth, presenting Awards.” you can Citizenship see the excitement and the thankfulness in the eyes of every Back then, however, their next child Kawhi? new Canadian. Speaking to reporters at Queens Park shortly after the cabinet shuffle, Ontario PreThey understand, perhaps better than all of us, what it means to be For me, being Canadian really hit me when Tim Hortons sold the best Nanaimo Bars in mierCanadian. Doug Ford praised MacLeod for the work she accomplished under the community I celebrated my first Canada Day living in the Canada. All it took was a Nanaimo Bar, a CofSo howservices can the restportfolio of us have that feeling? Bev McRae photo and social during the Conservatives first year in office. The Conservative government has a solid idea. U.S. I worked as a brand manager for Pinnacle fee Crisp, an Aero bar and a box of Smarties to At the school’s 50th Anniversary During her time as Minister of Community Social Services, MacLeod was taskedParty, Manotick Co-operative Nursery School honoured its longest-servJason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration andand Multiculturalism inbench, Dallas. Itbewas the Day I cele- make them fall in love with Canada. And they ing teacher/volunteer with a memorial garden which will installed with first a plaqueCanada in the school’s Andrew Cohen, Presidentchallenges of the Historica-Dominion are chalwithand some controversial including Institute, the autism portfolio. She faced countless playground. Left to right, MCNS Director Sandy Erler and June Hodge celebrate June’s 29 years as a suplenging middle and high school students to take the citizenship test. brated as a U.S. resident, and it made me very hadn’t even tried the ketchup chips or poutine ply teacher, teacher and volunteer. protests even faced threats. to be The and Canadian Citizenship Challenge,MacLeod funded in parthad by CIC and protected run by the by Ontario Provincial Poaware of why I loved Canada so much. Yes, I yet. Institute, will see study Canada: the liceHistorica-Dominion for a short period of time. Thestudents woman inDiscover question for uttering many of the threats has Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship and then take a mock citizenship I couldn’t help but be really Canadian and loved America, and I loved living and working beentest.charged, and is currently in the provincial court system. there, but being Canadian was something that feed them some typical Canadian BS just to “This will be a fun way for students to learn about Canada and feel proud Still, MacLeod says she’s proud of the work she was able to accomplish throughout I’m finding myself at one of those bizarre was cross- special. wonder about things like how come “underneath” is yank their chains. of our shared history and accomplishments,” said Minister Kenney. “As we the learn pastabout year,ourand shepeople willand continue tomade advocate and where girls.everything I love about sports is about a word but no one ever says “overneath” when the roads pastsays and the events that Canada for whatwomen it is “I would take you to Niagara Falls, but they Have youpulled ever thought about the things that to collide with a large swatch of the population workdiscussion me back into soccer. today, we become more proud to be Canadian. We are inspired to see how we “Over the past year, I’ve heard from those with lived experiences about how we can ing diligently to grate my nerves. learning so much by watching the haven’t turned the falls back on yet,” I told we love“Chelsea aboutis being Canadian the most? can defend our rights and live up to our responsibilities and we feel much bestmore support our said. “We’re beginningIt’s consultations child this whole Worldon Cup thing. Don’t you find World Cup,” said the mom wearing Crocs. “We are strongly howprovince’s valuable it is children,” to be a citizen she of Canada.” There are predictable people them in a March trip. “The falls are still frozen that people are just little toowith into it? studying eachthe country before the game. answers She has “Ourwe’re schools enhancing need to be training our young Autism people to become the citizens welfare, the Ontario Program and I’ve been proud toinastand I found myself line in front of two nouveau really become a fan of Arr-hayne-TEE-na, and she will give. We’re politer than Americans. I don’t over and shut down for the winter.” of tomorrow. Citizenship is not only about new Canadians, it’s about all LGBT2SQ and said youth.” soccer fan moms at Your even wants us to go there on our Canadians, children young and old,” Andrew Cohen. “The Canadian Citizenship And then on the way from Toronto to Montreally believe that. Everyone admires Justin Independent Grocer theremains other day. vacation next year. Perhaps we Challengewere will encourage students learn moreechoed, about whatsaying it meansthat to bethe autism Those statements thetoPremier portfolio FROM I was kind of in my own little can even go to Brrra-seeel.” Trudeau and Donald Trump is a dangerous real, we passed the giant apple on the 401 near Canadian and then put that knowledge to the test.” THE a highStarting priority. mental world in the checkout line, caught my attention. this summer, the Historica-Dominion Institute will be encouraging idiot. Well, Justin That Trudeau has done some idi- Trenton. the tabloid and magaArr-hayne-TEE-na? more than 5,000 middle and high school to register “I’ve always said autism isn’t teachers the largest file,their butclassrooms it’s the mostscanning sensitive and I’m very OTHER “This is actually the birthplace of the world’s otic things, too, but at least zine covers and wondering what Are you kidding me?he’s not dangerfor the Challenge. Each classroom will receive a set of the new citizenship SIDE passionate about it,” hedesigned said. “We are goingThetoteacher makewillsure we Bieber’s continue on with first major scandala The other mom – the one with guide, along withOPspecially learning activities. also thatJustin ERATED first apple,” I told them. “The seeds for the tree ous. We have better gun controls than the U.S., By Jeffrey & B R A E would be. I was just about to rethe Birkenstocks – piped in. P of TaEDmock Ycitizenship exam. Students will take the citizenship receive PERATED great plancopies that & O D Lisa BY put in place. We have a committee of over 20 experts now, and I look & O Morris BY we have lower homicide and incarceration D were developed by a Canadian scientist named and enter the world after some quality “They are a wonderful football D exam as a class and the teachers will return the completed exams to the forward to making sure that we support the parents of children with autism.” xxxxx xxxxx time on Planet Jeff and launch nation,” she said.smoke “My husband, Dominion Institute for grading. xxxxx Hank Apple.” rates than the U.S. We can weed legally into my weekly ’ of course, wears the azure and cheers for Italia, but Results will of be how announced by the MacLeod Dominion Institute on Flag Regardless we think did with her Day old portfolio, she way-to-reward-your-customers-bywill shine in And they were mesmerized by our coloured and most Canada allowed charging-us-five-cents-per-bag-and-claiming-it’sZachary’sAmericans favourite team hascan’t. been MAY-heee-co. (February 15) each year for the next three years. For more information about her the newChallenge role. please visit the Historica-Dominion Institute website at to-save-the-environment rant when I unexpectedly They did a school project on MAY-heee-co last year O B and recognized gay marriages when the United money. UR NEIGH Y O U R I N D E P E locked N D E NinTonGthe RO CER conversation behind me. and he has even insisted that we go to out to eat and O B www.historica-dominion.ca. O UR NEIGH HB Y O U R I N D E P E N D E“I N Twish G Rsome O C Eof R the stores would UR NE Y O U R I N D E P E N D E N T G R O C E“The R $10 bill is my favourite,” I would tell I Gthe States did not. carry watch the games when they are playing.” CIC’s multiculturalism grants andShopping contributions program will be investing locally puts a face tovuvuzela the business horns so that we 3777 couldStrandherd bring themDr., to I bit mysee tongue. $525,171 this 32 month project which promotes civic memory, civic pride Mews ofinManotick, Manotick Napean them. “Gene Wilder is one of the most famous Do you a pattern here? Discussions of for all your grocery needs. Chelsea’s games,” said the mom who was wearing In an effort to keep my blood pressure down, I Page x Page x Page x and integration. 613-692-2828 613-843-9413 Canadians of all time, so that’s why he’s on the what defines usbigCanadians always Crocs. looked out the window at the are big parking lot immedi“Oh, I know,” said the one wearing Birkenstocks. and scoped it out, looking for a puppy or aand bird orthe United $10 bill.” ate comparisons to Americans SERVING MANOTICK AND SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES “Zachary has a tournament next weekend and it anything that would pry my mind out of the shackGene Wilder is actually from Milwaukee, States. IN OSGOODE, RIDEAU AND SOUTH GLOUCESTER would have been so in the spirit of the World Cup to les that these two soccer moms had put me in with have all of us blowing our vuvuzela horns. They lost their conversation.falling into that trap when I but to a carload of Texans, Milwaukee was I remember two-nil and then three-nil. They need all of the supA busload of seniors from a nearby retirement worked athad Pinnacle. Tony Kreich, a good friend ‘darn near in Canada anyway.’ port they can get.” home pulled up and passengers were getting Named one of Ontario's top three Nil? Who says nil? Really. off. to, in my head,up name of their community newspapersand for 2008, 2009I was trying I told them how 80 per cent of the world’s co-worker who grew inallSan Diego, was “Oh, I know,” said the mom wearing Crocs. “The walkers as an escape. 1165 Beaverwood Rd., P.O. Box 567, Manotick, Ontario K4M 1A5 chirping me one they daypulled about being Canadian. By polar bear population was in Canada. Yet, one horns are such a beautiful part of the South African Unfortunately, me back in. VOL. 28 • N . 1 www.manotickmessenger.on.ca MANOTICK, ONTARIO WEDNESDAY • JANUARY 5, 2011 culture.” “Mybecause cousin lives in andof he was the way, soAustralia, many usdevasgrew up ply- of the guys on our team went on to work for The Manotick Messenger is published every Wednesday in Manotick, Ontario. The Manotick I wanted to jump in and say something, but I tated when Germany beat them 4-nil,” said the Messenger is mailed to bona fide subscribers in Rideau and Osgoode Townships for $36. The ing hockey and living in a hockey culture, Can- Canada Dry’s marketing department in the US. refrained. I couldn’t do it. mom wearing Crocs. publication is available by carrier for $36 or at newsstands for $1.00 per copy. Letters will be edited for length, clarity and libellous statements. Display, National and Classified rates are available on If you are unfamiliar with the vuvuzela horn, then At thischirp point, I couldn’t take it anymore. Mount Soon after that, Canada Dry came out with a adians can with anyone. John request. The Manotick Messenger is not responsible for the loss of unsolicited manuscripts, photos or you have not tuned into CBC over the Green: past two Patience erupted and out came sarcasm lava. commercial with penguins lined up on a snowy I was on the phone with Tony, who had other material used for publication purposes. weeks. If you stumble across Our a World Cup soccer 2010 Person“I saw that match,” I said. “I can’t believe Ausgame on CBC, you will hear what sounds like TRY-lier so insipid against Deutschland.” dialed my looked extension. “What have Canadians hill at a Canada Dry ginger ale vending maPublisher: Jeffrey Morris of are the 50,000 bees swarming the field. They notYear bees. The mom with the crocs was not impressed. Managing Editor: Jeffrey Morris Phone: 613-692-6000 chine. ever done, anyway?” They are people blowing on cheap, plastic, gimReporters: McRae Publisher: Bev Jeffrey Morris Greely-area rescue specialistThe mom with Birkenstock’s wasn’t either, but Phone: 613-692-6000 John Green, pictured with EsauMorris I lost it all over him. micky horns. she didthe acknowledge me true with a response. Managing Editor: Jeff Jeffrey I gave answer Canadian would. email: Fax: 613-692-3758 Agostinho of the French Reporters: Bev McRae The funny thing about these Grace horns theyfor the“Who is your team?” she quipped, condescendAdvertising: advert@bellnet.ca Cafe at is a that fundraiser “Didn’t you learn anything from me? Pen“Un, your speaking to me on a phone. The Marketing Mgr: Gord Logan Jeff Esau have become what has defined the 2010 World Cup. ingly. Manotick Project in Haiti at Editor: newsfile@bellnet.ca email: Longfields telephone was byshouting Alexander Graham guins are at the South Pole! Canada has the People who have been following the World Davidson Cup andHeightsI did the onlyinvested thing I could do, as loud News/sports: newsfile@bellnet.ca Office: High School in February, is Marketing Mgr:Angie GordDinardo Logan Advertising: advert@bellnet.ca people who have only seen 20 minutes of it in passas I could. our person ofBell, the year a forCanadian.” Photographer: Mike Carroccetto North Pole! Aieee.” Editor: newsfile@bellnet.ca 2010. Agostinho ing have commented on these annoying yet relent-was our“USA! USA! USA!” Office: Angie Dinardo News/ Sports: newsfile@bellnet.ca person of the year for 2009. gave a typical American response. On our way back to Texas, I asked my friend Tony less horns. Ironically, while the world has learned to They turned their heads in disgust. The next 45 Photographer: Mike Carroccetto For the full story, see page 2. adapt these horns as the one thing they now know seconds were incredibly silent and awkward. Bryan what he liked best about Canada. “Oh, big deal. We would have thought of it about South African culture, the horns aren’t really At that point, it was my turn. The cashier We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada “The toast,” he said immediately. “Y’all had 10 minutes later, soFusion, whoand cares?” a part of their everyday lives. South African about sports scanned my Diet Coke and V-8 I was through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) for our publishing activities. enthusiasts have commented that they had never all set.then, I have always thought about cool the best toast I have ever had. If a Canadian Since Friday 10 am CLASSIFIED; Monday Friday noon Advertising deadlines: DISPLAY, Monday 3 p.m.; 4 p.m. seen nor heard a vuvuzela horn at a sporting event, “Would you like plastic bags?” All layouts and composition of advertisements produced by employees of Manotick Messenger restaurant ever opens up in Dallas, I will be the things about Canada and Canadians – far beVol. 27, Number X Manotick, Ontario Wednesday, Month x, 2010 Single copies $1 and that the South African people find the noise just “Yes please,” I replied. Inc. are protected by copyright invested in the publishers of the Manotick Messenger. as annoying as the rest of the world yond does. we I hadhave never been so happy to pay five cents for a It helped first one in line for the toast.” universal health care. Member, Ontario Community Newspaper Association Apparently, some now wealthy marketing genius plastic bag just to get the hell out there. Canadian Community Newspaper Association And he didn’t even vote for Trump. me every time I had to act as tour guide when came up with the idea to mass produce and market these horns as a World Cup novelty. Theour plan marketing Jeffrey Morristeam was the 2008 OCNA of Happy Canada Day! came upColumnist to Canada for a worked, and now the rest of the world must endure the Year. His book, From the Other Skide, is availtrade show. the shrilling sounds of his quick buck. able at Manotick Office Pro, Barrhaven UPS Store, Page 6, Manotick Messenger, Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are you more Canadian than a fifth grader?















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Sometimes it’s best just to say nil




*OCNA General Excellence Awards, Class 1 Circulation




I was just about to drift back into ADD world and

and Pages in Prescott.

Letters to the Editor welcome – email to newsfile@bellnet.ca

Letters to the editor welcome — email newsfile@bellnet. ca or fax 692-3758

Fine Leather and Cashmere Knit

Daoud pleads guilty to

Silver Seven


The MessengerNEWS

Nadia Wilson was awarded the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada Mel Osborne Award and cheque for $500 by The Kiwanis Club of Manotick. Pictured from left to right are Erin Bennett (Teacher Adviser), Carol Adams (Facilitator), Gary Coulombe (President -Kiwanis Club of Manotick), Nadia Wilson (Award Recipient), Andre Potvin (Principal) and Lucie Sauvageau (Facilitator). A special thanks to Erin Bennett (Teacher) and Andre Potvin (Principal) for their unwavering support of The St. Mark’s Key Club.

Imagination is ‘the stuff of which dreams are made’ THis week,

THIS MONTH by Larry Ellis

Imagination is a strange and many-splendored thing. It is the “stuff of which dreams are made.” And where would we be without it? Thomas Edison, Wolfgang Mozart, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Picasso - the power of their imagination changed our world. How about Walt Disney now there is a great imagination for you. Think of the joy and fun it would have been to watch him work, maybe spend a day with him as ideas and concepts rolled out of his head. He once said that Disneyland began when he took his two daughters to

Friday, July 5, 2019 Page 7

the park. He began to envision a kind of family park where children and parents could go to have fun together. I would call that “inventive imagination”. Have you ever stopped to consider that every time you listen to music, read a book, watch television, go to a movie or a play or view a painting, it is the product of someone’s imagination? Every invention and creation began with a “mental image or concept” of what was not actually present to the senses. If you are lucky with a creative imagination, use it. Celebrate it! Keep it alive and welloiled by constantly dreaming of inventions from which others may benefit. You don’t have to build a Disneyland, but you can produce creative accomplishments in your own realm. Be imaginative and creative in your planning, during vacations, on your days off, at parties, in


(613) 852-0425

All Work GuArAnteed

Free estimates

your dress, in your decorating, garden and landscape, and in the kitchen, invent new recipes; like my friend’s many unique kinds of soups, including cab-

bage roll soup!! Don’t be afraid to let your mind try new ideas. Constantly look for hidden possibilities in the obvious!

Gibbon’s Painting & Decorating Local House Painter - Bonded With 27 years experience Customer Satisfaction ALWAYS GUARAnteeD For a free estimate please call Rory 322-0109 Book now for your painting needs

Church Directory

*All churches wheelchair assessable* ACCESSIBLE

Manotick..United. 692-4576 Church 5567 Main St. Sunday Service at 10 a.m.

Church Office: Tuesday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Church Office:

with Sunday School Christian Meditation on Wednesdays 4:30 - 5:15 p.m.

We welcome all, who with God’s help, work to build a better world. HALL RENTAL AVAILABLE Rev. Elaine Beattie www.manotickunitedchurch.com

ST. JAMES’ ANGLICAN CHURCH 1138 Bridge Street, Manotick –Serving South Barrhaven, riverSide South and Manotick–

Sunday Services

Holy Eucharist at 8:15 & 10:00 a.m. with Sunday Kids’ Club at 10 a.m. “A Christian community joyfully serving & growing in God’s love”

(Elevator Access Provided) Church Office (Hours: Tues-Thurs, 9-4) 692-2082 The Rt. Rev. Peter R Coffin / Rev. Andrea Thomas e-mail office@stjames-manotick.org Web site: www.stjames-manotick.ca

ST. LEONARD ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH 5332 Long Island Road, Manotick

Pastor: Rev. TiTus egbueh

Mass TiMes

saturday 4:30p.m., sunday 9a.m. lla.m. & 7p.m. Weekdays Wed., Thu., Fri. 9:30a.m. Office: 692-4254 www.stleonardsparish.ca Office hours: Tuesday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. eMaiL: office@stleonardsparish.ca

Page 8 Friday, July 5, 2019


The MessengerNEWS Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Coteau makes stop in south end By Charlie Senack

The race is on to find a new Ontario Liberal party leader, with one of the candidates stopping in Barrhaven on Wednesday, June 19. Michael Coteau stopped by the Walter Baker Centre to talk to a packed room of close to 30 local Liberals about his vision for Ontario — which included a better healthcare system, more job opportunities and nicer communities. “I want to build an Ontario where a child has the best opportunity to learn… to be the smartest, healthiest, and feel the safest,” he said. “Because of that we will see a stronger economy because we will have less wasted human potential, we will have better doctors (and) we will have more decency.” Coteau has been the MPP for the Toronto riding of Don Valley East since 2011, and served in four different cabinet posts — the latest being Minister of Community and Social Services from January to June 2018. That position

was most recently held by Nepean MPP Lisa MacLeod before last week’s cabinet shuffle. The topic of Coteau’s former ministry came up multiple times during his campaign stop in Barrhaven, where he also talked about his disappointment with the Ford government. He made reference to cuts that were made this week, including to OSAP Services, the Champlain LHIN, and to the education system. “That’s just in the last two days, that’s not in the last two years or two months,” the Don Valley East MPP said. “We need to put a stop to this stuff. Doug Ford and the Conservatives have cut around 3-4 million dollars in social services and social services in the province, and pushed all that money towards corporations for tax breaks.” Coteau is one of only seven remaining Liberals MPP’s at Queens Park, and decided to run for the leadership race because he wants to bring

Don Valley East MPP Michael Coteau addressed local Liberals at the Walter Baker Centre last week.

Charlie Senack photo

decency back to politics. He plans to challenge the Liberal party can caucus as well as

Ontatrians. Three candidates have so far put their name for-

ward for the leadership race which will be held on March 7, 2020. Until then, Ottawa

South MPP John Fraser will continue to serve as interim leader.

Building outdoors? Choose Western red cedar, naturally!

Paul’s Pharmacy 990 River Road

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Monday-Friday: 9 am - 8 pm Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm

For all your fencing and decking needs! Wide selection of building materials for all your construction projects. Full line of pressure treated spruce, #1 pine, plywood, insulation, caulking, and builders’ hardware supplies.

Proudly serving you since 1936! www.perkinslumber.ca 613-489-3735 North Gower

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday: 7:30 am - 1:00 pm

Manotick Dental clinic Dr. Larissa Patterson (613) 692-6500

Always Accepting New Patients

Dr.Harold Bobier (613(692-4432 Dr. Jolieann Joseph (613)692-4432 Dr.Donald Young (613)692-4432 Dr.Thomas Proulx (613)692-4432


The MessengerCOMMUNITY

Friday, July 5, 2019 Page 9

Beryl Gaffney Park meeting produces interesting results After months of consultation on potential enhancements to Beryl Gaffney Park, the City presented a report on the feedback it received and then proposed two recommendations to about 50 people at a public meeting on June 24. Councillors Carol Ann Meehan and Scott Moffatt confirmed that the City is moving away from full implementation of a Master Plan for the Park, which was created by the previous City of Nepean prior to amalgamation. That Plan was the original impetus for the consultation which began a year ago. Feedback from the community fell into the following theme areas: - keep the natural state of the park - no need for more sports facilities as other parks offer those - minimize the impact of erosion on the shoreline - implement some components of the Master Plan including group picnic areas, an amphitheatre, adventure play-


VOICE by Grace Thrasher, President, Manotick Village and Community Association (MVCA)

ground and access to the water - provide winter maintenance so it can be used year round - improve management of the forest The City has identified funding of $1 million for improvements to the park over the next 10 years, which includes over $660,000 accumulated to date through its agreement with the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. Staff proposed two immediate actions to use these funds: - buy adjacent land to create a fenced off-leash dog park area in the south end of the park near Lockview Crescent - install a parking lot and traffic light off Prince of Wales across from Capital Memorial

Gardens. Any other planned enhancements, which would be considered on an individual basis and involve future public consultation, would require partnerships for funding. Comments at the meeting focused on the need to improve the maintenance of the existing pathways, replace the stone crossing of the creek with a bridge to improve connectivity to other paths, address the issue of erosion, create a community working group and build an amphitheatre. Participants also questioned how the City staff came up with the short term actions given the feedback they received and why the limited funding would be used for an off-leash dog area and a traffic light instead of park amenities. City staff responded that they had received concerns about off-leash dogs creating safety issues for walkers and cyclists. The City staff have committed to taking the feedback from the meeting and providing it back to interested parties. The

plan is to then work on a project at a time instead of a group of projects for the park. Each project would include a public consultation process. It was a disappointing result for the Manotick Village and Community Association. We had hoped to see the funds spent on enhancements to the park that would improve the experience of its users. We fully support maintaining the natural environment of the park and providing more benches and picnic tables as well as connecting the paths together to extend the network through to Chapman Mills and to David Bartlett Park. Unfortunately, the City seems more focused in taking funds targeted for park improvements and using them for parking and traffic measures and to purchase more land for the creation of an off-leash dog park. We hope that local residents will take this opportunity to provide feedback on the City’s plans. You can get additional information or submit comments

by emailing beryl.gaffney@ottawa.ca New South Police Facility presentation draws small crowd A handful of local residents showed up to see the design for the first phase of the new South Ottawa Police facility at a public meeting held on June 25. The building will be located in the property just to the south of Carleton Lodge on Prince of Wales Drive and will house a number of police units including canine unit, diving unit and tactical unit. The building will also include a collision reporting centre and a community boardroom that can be used for community meetings. The building will be an LEED design and incorporate a number of eco-friendly features, including 30 bike racks. Public art will also be included in the final design following a public competition. A new intersection will be created on Prince of Wales Drive to enable access to the facility from both north and

southbound traffic at the current entrance to the Carleton Lodge staff parking lot. Construction is slated to begin in spring of 2020 with completion by 2022. You can view details on the proposal (File number D07-12-19-0090) at https://app01.ottawa.ca and provide comments to wendy. tse@ottawa.ca by July 15, 2019. Reminder to register for Soap Box Derby Don’t forget to register your cart for the 9th annual Soap Box Derby set for August 25th. Details at www.manotickvca.org Around the Village Do you have a great hot sauce recipe that you think can stand up against the best sauces? Watson’s Mill is looking for individuals to bring their sauces to their Hot Sauce Challenge on the evening of July 18. Email admin@watsonsmill.com for details or to submit your name for the event.


continues on page 11

Honest Leadership. Working for you. • Making life more affordable for you and your family • Investing in local infrastructure • Improving local services

Chris Rodgers

Liberal Candidate for Carleton


Authorized by the official agent for the Carleton Federal Liberal Association

chrisrodgers.ca | @VoteChris2019 | info@chrisrodgers.ca

Page 10 Friday, July 5, 2019


The MessengerCOMMUNITY Leukemia survivor shares her story at CIBC BBQ for cancer research

Jennifer Holmes was more than happy to man the grill at the CIBC Run for the Cure fundraising barbecue in Manotick last week. Holmes, the Community General Manager of Retail Banking, is winning her fight with leukemia. Helping out at a barbecue may seem like a small gesture, but it’s a big deal with a much deeper meaning for those who have battled cancer. In 2013, Holmes was diagnosed with a rare form of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. “I was 32 years old at the time and I had just given birth to my second child,” Holmes said. “I was

a mother of two and healthy with no sign or symptoms. A routine checkup found a lump in chest. After many biopsies and scans and countless blood tests I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. “ Holmes was immediately taken to the Kingston General Hospital, where she underwent months of chemotherapy treatment. She was then informed that she would need to a bone marrow transplant as the best option to beat the cancer to survive the battle. “I was put on a donor’s recipient list in the blood donor bank, and we waited,” she said. “You see someone who does not

have brothers or sisters, I was completely relying on at the goodwill and humanitarian of another a complete stranger.” Three weeks later, she received a call informing her they had found a donor who was a 100 per cent match. One month later, she underwent more chemotherapy in order to prepare for the bone marrow transplant. Leukemia survivor Jennifer Holmes, back, mans the barbecue at the CIBC Run For The Cure BBQ in Manotick last week. Gary Coulombe photo


continues on page 16

AUGUST 16th-25th



FAIRGROUNDS: Rideau Carleton Raceway Casino 4837 Albion Road SOUTH, Ottawa ON

New patients always welcome





Manotick Dental clinic Dr. Larissa Patterson Dr.Harold Bobier Dr. Jolieann Joseph Dr.Donald Young Dr.Thomas Proulx

(613) 692-6500 (613) 692-4432 (613)692-4432 (613)692-4432 (613)692-4432

PAUL’S PHARMACY Manotick’s only locally owned Pharmacy 613-692-0015

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Mon. - Fri: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Sat: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sun: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 990 River Road Manotick Across from Tim Hortons


FRIDAY, JULY 5, 2019 Page 11

The MessengerNEWS

GAFFNEY continues from page 9 ROSSS is looking for local recipes to create a fundraising cookbook entitled “A Taste of Heritage”. The funds will be used for the Meals on Wheels program. For more information or to submit a recipe, contact Melissa MacIsaac at Melissa. macisaac@rosss.ca Community Events

UK Garden Party and Tea, July 14, noon – 3 p.m. This annual fundraiser for the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind will take place at their headquarters on Rideau Valley Drive North. Stop by for an authentic Devon cream tea and scones. Enjoy live guitar music by Brian E. Lynch. This is a rain or shine event. Tickets are $13 in advance and $15 at

the door. More info: www.guidedogs.ca Cape Breton Dance, July 12, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Enjoy some Maritime music and dancing at Watson’s Mill. Ananda Kelly is the caller and music is provided by musical group Fraser. Admission is free and refreshments will be available for purchase. More info

www.watsonsmill.com Watson’s Mill Night Shift, July 18, 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Take the Hot Sauce Challenge at this monthly event in the Mill. Test your taste buds at different vendors while sipping craft beer and enjoying the music of Shawn Tavenier. More info at www.watsonsmill. com

Family Story Time, Saturday and Tuesday, 10:30 – 11 a.m. Songs, stories and rhymes for children of all ages accompanied by a parent or caregiver. This free event is being offered by the Manotick Public Library YOMA – Friday Night Drop In, 7-9:30 p.m..

For youth age 12-17. For more information, visit yoma.ca, email us at youth. of.manotick@gmail.com or call us at 613-296-1202 Got an event happening in Manotick? Please email president@manotickvca.org to get it included in an upcoming newsletter. Follow us on Twitter @ manotickvca and Facebook

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Located on the shores of the famous Rideau River in Manotick!



Page 12 Friday, July 5, 2019

The MessengerCOMMUNITY


Rain doesn’t dampen annual Richmond Family Fun Day

By Darlene McLeod Sprott RichmondHub.ca

At the Richmond Village Family Fun Day, on Saturday June 15th event goers were met with less than optimal weather conditions. Making the best of the situation, the entire event was set up in the Community Centre Arena. Rock the Art’s got the day started with their 10:30am Show, Warming Up the Crowd with Fun and Laughs and their Creature Zoo Production! The Firefighters were onsite with their Firetruck the children had a Great Time exploring. Tim Holland brought the Children to the Stage and did Amazing Stunts with his Creature Stage assistants Parrot and Turtle! like shooting an Apple off your head with a Balloon! High-flying 5 pin Juggling on a Unicycle, Hilarious

Banter and Balloon shenanigans! The Local Girl Guides and Boy Scouts were onsite with information about their wonderful organizations with Fun Craft Activities for the children and Girl Guide cookies! Face Painting was a Huge Hit, with a beautiful crowd of Colourful Faces. Kevin Smith treated the children to a Live Magic and Balloon Sculpture Show, balloon hats, animals and creatures were Amazing! The Children’s Play Area was well enjoyed by little ones with ball and cup games, Hula hoops, nets and relay races. The Ottawa Tennis Association had an Amazing Demo area and really added to the excitement with free lessons! Bouncy Castles were in full swing and the Live Performances kept everyone enthralled! The Richmond Coopera-

tive Nursery School had a Fun Craft Area set up for the children with spray paint Art. St. Philips School gave away Bubbles, bouncy balls and shared a Welcome to kindergarten Booth while Richmond Dental was giving away free toothbrushes, toothpaste and sugar free lollipops! Watson’s Mill shared about their Community Activities and brought two ladies in historic dress to share the historic significance of Watson’s Mill! Hippos in the Bathtub gave away Free Cotton Candy and Colouring Activities while local MPP Goldie Ghamari gave away treats, flags and welcomed the crowd. Tim Holland wowed the crowd with stilt walking, juggling back and forth with the passers by and his hilarious Le Petit Chef

Discover the

Ashbury Advantage Grades 4-12, Coeducation Ontario’s oldest IB World School ashbury.ca

Apply now for 2020–21

character. Jo Jo’s Pizza was also on-site with their Signature Pizza and Ice Cream Truck. The RVA BBQ was also running strong for all who attended. The Door Prize Draw was held at 3pm and 14 Prizes were given away to the public. Thank you to all who attended, volunteered and donated to make this day a success! Day’s like these remind us that Richmond is the Place to be! Looking forward to seeing Everyone Again in 2020!

Tim Holland entertained the crowd with his Le Petit Chef character while on stilts. Richmond Hub photo

Friday, July 5, 2019 Page 13




SENIOR CAREGIVER / NANNY / HOUSEHOLD MANAGER. Over 30 years experience working with seniors and children. Reliable, trustworthy and compassionate - All of my clients have been long term commitments. Safe driving record, impeccable references. CV available upon request. Call 613-823-7020

M.O.T. CONSTRUCTION.... Additions, Basements, Bathrooms, Renos & Repairs. Come visit our Model Home 613-749-0209 mot666@rogers.com


EVERY SATURDAY IN ARNPRIOR AND SUNDAY IN OTTAWA June, July and August, Over 100 skills drills every session. See website for details.

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Cheer Team, Leadership have helped make St. Mark experience great

Name: Claire Carver Age: 17



Address: Manotick School: St. Mark High

by Phill Potter

Grade: 11 Parents: Wayne and Tara Brothers: William (15), grade 10 at St. Mark. Plays football and rugby. Hayden (19), business student at Wilfrid Laurier University. Pet Peeve: “People who don’t cover their mouths when they cough.” Favourite Subject: Biology What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I enjoy reading fiction books, such as classic dystopian, historic-fiction, fantasy, and sci fi novels. In addition, I’m fascinated by articles on scientific studies and topical issues. I also enjoy reading plays and poetry. Currently I’m reading King Lear by William Shakspeare.”

Favourite Authors: Margot Atwood, George Orwell, Oscar Wilde, and John Stienbeck. What are your Greatest Accomplishments? The hard work and dedication I put into my school work has allowed me to be on the Honour Roll since grade seven. I’ve also received various academic medals, and held the highest academic average in grade nine and ten. In addition, this hard work has lead me to becoming a Leader for our schools annual Leadership Camp at Camp Smitty in Eganville. I’ll be helping organize workshops and other amusing activities for a group of about 90 students this coming fall. Furthermore, I was recently elected as the Co-President of St. Mark,

alongside Tomas Pepe for next year. I’m excited to work with student council members to organize, lead, and manage activities for the student body for the 2019 and 2020 school year. Other than academics, my greatest accomplishment was becoming the Co-Head Editor of our school’s yearbook, working hard alongside a team of students to publish a wonderful book.”

Activities/Interests: “I’ve grown up dancing and always enjoyed trying to learn new styles of dance. I feel in love with dance because of my love for music. I always liked how every movement in dance accompanies the music perfectly. Since I loved dancing so much, I joined our school’s Cheer Team in grade seven, and was a part of the team until I decided I would be too busy to do it this year. On the Cheer Team I made some of my fondest high school memories at the competitions we participated in. Even though I’m not a part of the team anymore, I’m still a very active person who enjoys yoga and running.

potter continues on page 18

St. Mark student Claire Carver found a creative outlet this year as cohead editor of the school yearbook. Phill Potter photo

Community Calendar • Ottawa Newcomers Club - For women who have recently moved to this area; (and those who have experienced a significant life change), and would like to meet new people of similar interests by joining our many group activities. More information at: ottawanewcomersclub.ca or by contacting newcomersclubottawa@gmail.com. • Old Time Fiddle Music & Dance - East Osgoode Greely Assoc, First Friday of each month, invites & welcome all Musicians, Dancers & Listeners. Greely Community Centre, 1448 Meadow Drive,

Greely. For additional info call 613 489-2697. • Albion Communities (Albion Woods, Albion Sun Vista) Community wide Garage Sale June 22 from 8 am to 2 pm. 6600 Mitch Owens Road • Thursday Fun Night for adults and children. An optional supper at 5:45 pm. Indoor soccer/games, crafts, or nursery for ages 0-11. Parenting course, Alpha course, or Growing in Faith/Hearing God course for adults, 6:30 - 7:30 pm. To try it out contact, discipleship@trinitybiblechurch.ca

• Friday Night Country Music & Dance Club The Greely Legion hosts a Friday Night Music and Dance Club, the fourth Friday of each month. Bring along an instrument to play, or come in to sing, listen and dance. Admission is FREE. Greely Legion, 8021 Mitch Owens Road, ON. Information: 613-822-1451 or 613-826-6128. • Tuesday Dance Party The Greely Legion hosts live music on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Bring along an instrument to play, or come in to sing, listen and dance. Admission is FREE. Greely Legion, 8021 Mitch Owens Road, ON. Information: 613-822-1451 or 613-826-6128.

For free advertising for your not-for-profit community events email editor@prescottjournal.com Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who make these events possible ~ Western Red Cedar ~ Where Quality Cedar Is a Family Tradition

Paul’s Pharmacy 990 River Road

(across from Tim Hortons) 613-692-0015

Transferring a prescription is easy to do These cards accepted Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm Saturday: 9am-5pm Sunday: 10am-4pm www.pharmasave.com

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North Gower (right at the lights) Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5:30 pm; Saturday 7:30 am-1:00 pm




Free shop-at-home service



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The MessengerSPORTS

Eagles to host 2020 Ontario Little League Championship

The kids of Summer are headed to the Eagles Nest as East Nepean Little League has been chosen to host the Major Ontario Little League Championship in July 2020. Teams representing all eight Ontario Little League districts will travel to the Eagles Nest at Ken Ross Park in Barrhaven, home of the East Nepean Eagles, to compete for the opportunity to represent Ontario at the Canadian Little League

Championship in Victoria, BC. East Nepean Little League President Bruce Campbell knows the significance of hosting this sought after event. “The Major provincial tournament is special,” Campbell said. “It’s special for the athletes, their families and for the city of Ottawa. This tournament is the chance for 11 and 12-year-old players to get one step closer to living out the dream of

representing Canada at the Little League World Series. Every at-bat, ground ball, pitch and fly ball are important steps towards winning. We are honoured to host the players who train for this and for their families who commit to supporting them along the way.” Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder is excited for the opportunities hosting the event will bring to Barrhaven. “Barrhaven is excited

indeed that East Nepean will host the 2020 Major Little League Ontario Championship,” Harder said. “Our community of over 90,000 residents and 500 businesses look forward to welcoming the players and their families. With new hotels under construction, three major recreation centres, close by Ottawa’s International Airport, with our very own VIA Rail station and on Hwy 416 there is nothing we aren’t close

to! Ottawa is a beautiful city and as we like to say it’s every Canadian’s second hometown. See you soon!” Winning this bid not only shines a spotlight on both the community and organization but also reflects the passion and commitment of the volunteers, a hallmark of East Nepean Little League’s success throughout the last 63 years in Ottawa. With just over a year until opening pitch, the

hopeful players, families, coaches and community are already working towards making the tournament a home run for all.





If you have any questions for our area professionals, email us at: advert@bellnet.ca

PHARMACY Q: Is Sunscreen necessary?




Q: When should I bring my toddler for their first dental visit?

Q: How can I prevent heat stroke?

A: Yes! We all know that sun exposure can damage skin. Sunscreen application should become a habit, especially in the summer months. Apply a generous Pharmacist layer to the face and exposed areas 15-30 minutes before going in the sun. This allows time for it to absorb into the skin and be effective. Reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours AND after water sports is required to maintain the SPF for the intended duration. Other sun safety tips include wearing hats, sunglasses, and long skirts or sleeves, staying hydrated and seeking the shade during peak hours between 10am and 2pm.

A: The initial dental visit is recommended before the

A: Every year veterinary clinics deal with

Paul’s Pharmacy 990 River Road, Manotick, ON

child’s 1st birthday. At this time the child can ride in the dental chair and the dentist will count their teeth and look for any signs of problems. To prepare for the first visit: - Try “playing dentist.” Count your child’s teeth. Make the exercise fun. - Take your child along with an older brother, sister or friend when they go for a routine exam or cleaning. It’s a good way to familiarize your little one with the dentist’s office. - Treat the appointment as routine. - Let your child bring his or her favourite stuffed toy along. The goal is to have the child visit the dentist before there is a problem with his or her teeth and to let the child become familiar with the dental environment. DR. CHEVREUL HARRIS DR. KAREN FUNG-HARRIS AND ASSOCIATES

cases of heat stroke. Here are several hints to help prevent this issue: Pick your times for exercise when it is cooler (early or late in the day). Dr. Andrew Sparling Take your dog for a swim or play in the D.V.M. sprinkler. Always have water available. Keep your pet out of the direct sun when able. Never leave your pet in a closed vehicle that is off. Cooling vests or towels can help if needed. Have a back up plan for both your pets and yourself if the power is lost and air conditioning were to not be available. Learn about the signs of heat stroke and if anything concerning starts, contact your veterinary team for help immediately.


To be a part of our Professional Forum, call Gary at 613-692-6000 or e-mail advert@bellnet.ca

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The MessengerCOMMUNITY

Trivia Newton-John

survivor continues from page 10 “On May 7th 2014, I received the gift of life, the gift of a new beginning a second chance; a chance to be a mother to my children; a chance to make a difference for others; a chance to live my life to the fullest every day and to truly appreciate everything life has to offer,” she said. “There are no words to describe, no words sufficient to express my gratefulness or my gratitude. How do you truly say thank you to someone who saved my life, and who gave my children their mommy. The one thing I learned on this journey is that there are amazing people out there with big hearts, full of kindness and thoughtfulness. I could not have gotten through it without my spouse, mom and dad, family and friends and the generosity of the community. The doctors in Kingston and Ottawa and nurses were outstanding and the care like none other. But to my donor, who I have yet to meet; thank you for giving me a second chance; it is the most selfless act you could have ever done; I hope one day we can find each other; forever grateful for a second chance a life. Miracles do come true!” Holmes said she volunteers at events to try to give back, and to let people know that

every little bit of support helps. “Every time I put on my pink t-shirt; I wear it proudly to support CIBC ‘Run For The Cure’; The Canadian Cancer Society,” she said. “I am proud to be able to help others get through the tough times. We all have been affected by cancer whether it is personally, a friend, family member or someone in the community. So if I can give someone hope, give them a reason to believe; to fight to push through the hard times; then everything I had to endure and go through was worth it. Because without blood donors, marrow donors, donations and fundraisers for research it would never have been possible to beat cancer. Every day we get a step closer and I thank you for all of those who can to donate to the cause to the find a cure for cancer.” CIBC Manotick and CIBC’s all across Canada are joining together to help fight the fight and to help bring us closer to the cure. If you would like to make a donation you can visit any CIBC or you can also go onto the Run For The Cure Website and register and donate there. Every little bit makes a difference. The CIBC Run For The Cure is Sunday October 6th.

A ‘Full House” was on hand for the latest Quiz Night Fund Raiser at The Mill Tavern as more than $2000 was raised for OVACC (Ottawa Valley Aid Chernobyl Children). Again, the A team of LeeAnne Elliott (General Manager), Kasey (Kitchen Mgr.), and servers Melissa and Meghan ensured with their attention to detail a win-win scenario. First place winners from the team “Trivia Newton-John” were, left to right, Tina Rudkoski, Kelly Thorenton, Emma St-Georges, Kate Clarke, Sarah Leighton and Tristan Tasker. The next scheduled “Quiz Night “ is Tuesday September 24th for “Aphasia Centre”. Please join us for drinks and dinner. Tickets are $15.00 with all money going to the cause. The event starts 7:30pm.


Manotick United chUrch wishes to thank

Manotick HOME HARDWARE For their generous donations to our Outdoor Community Garage Sales.

Automower® 430X

Automower® 315X

SINCE 1995

COme and shOp frOm 9 am tO nOOn Our next sale is July 27! Reserve a spot for $20

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Vital parts are safely protected from rain, dust and grass clippings.

Husqvarna Automower® can handle slopes up to 45% (24°).

Control your Automower® from your iOS or Android smartphone.


The ManoTick Mews

DEALER 1 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 4 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 7 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 10 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 13 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 2 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 5 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 8 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 11 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 14 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 3 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 6 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 9 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 12 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 15 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

sales and service

DEALER 16 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 19 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 22 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 25 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

(613) 692-3591 DEALER 17 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 20 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 23 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 26 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 18 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 21 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 24 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

DEALER 27 1000 Main Street East City/Town 000-000-0000

Proudly serving Manotick & surrounding area since 1964!


The MessengerLETTER

Friday, July 5, 2019 Page 17

What about village life?

The Editor, Sadly, Richmond and Manotick are slated to account for half of rural housing growth. This needn’t be a bad thing. But it is -- the good mayor and his bobble headed councillors are gung ho on approving all and sundry de-

velopers plans, no matter how ill conceived. Unfortunately, they don’t pay as much attention to infrastructure, people’s lives and the destruction of village life. Sad, but there’s no money in worrying about that kind of stuff. Judy Hill, Manotick AT THE MANOTICK DENTAL CLINIC


Dr. Jolieann Joseph anD Dr. harolD BoBier are pleaseD to welcome Dr. thomas proulx Dr. Proulx will be joining their team along with Dr. Donald Young at the Manotick Dental Clinic. Dr. Proulx grew up in Manotick and is excited to return home to practice. He graduated from Western University with honours and was the recipient of the Ontario Dental Association Proficiency Award and the Association of Prosthodontics in Ontario Award.

Dr. Thomas Proulx

Watson's Mill "Night Shift" presents

Do you have what it takes to mak e a great hot sauce ... let u s know. Best sauce wins th e trophey & bragging rig hts!

Thurs. June 20th, 2019 5-9pm

Hot Sauce Challenge


July 12th, 2019 |  7-10 PM 2nd Floor of Watson's Mill   5525 Dickinson St. | Manotick 

If you think it's hot outside, come test your taste buds inside

Thurs. July 18th, 2019 5-9pm

Enjoy wandering the Mill after hours, test your taste buds at the different vendor booths, sip a cool craft beer while listening to the music of SHAWN TAVENIER

5525 Dickinson St. Manotick 613-692-6455 www.watsonsmill.com/events Everyone welcome; Donations are appreciated

FREE Admission | Donations Gratefully Accepted Refreshments will be available for purchase!.

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The MessengerSPORTS

American girls football pioneer Sam Gordon poses with St. Mark High School students who presented her with a football during a visit to the Manotick school on Thursday, June 13. The pint-sized Gordon, from Salt Lake City, is in a court battle to have high schools in her area to permit girls to play football. She is also an elite soccer player. When Gordon was nine, she scored 25 touchdowns in one season playing against males, some of whom were twice her weight. A highlight video from that season had more than five million views within a week. Gordon has been on a Wheaties box, and she appeared in the NFL 100th anniversary commercial during Super Bowl LII in February. She is also featured in the Nike “Dream Crazier” ad celebrating women in sport. In the spring, St. Mark became the first high school in Canada to host a girls varsity football game. The school is trying to grow girls football to the point where there can be a National Capital girls high school football league.

Remove a Person_Ad copy 12/18/18 7:56 PM Page 1

Mike Carroccetto photo

potter continues from page 14 This year I had the honour I’ve always been fascinated of being the Co-Head Editor of with art, and enjoy painting in the school’s yearbook which is my spare time.” a creative outlet for me through photography, graphic design, Why did get involved in and writing. In my position as what you do? Co-Editor of the yearbook, I’m “I am a very determined constantly making sure I’m and passionate person who aware of the various events is always looking for a chalthat take place in the school. lenge to immerse myself in. It certainly helps that I’m part Moreover, I’ve always wanted of, or at least aware of differ- to be involved in this great ent clubs and activities, so the community, and through my groups are best represented endeavors, I am constantly in theAD!!!!!!!!!!!!_Diversitea book. However, myAd fa-12/18/18 striving7:54 to PM be Page the best repLATEST 1 vourite part about yearbook is resentation of it. the creative aspects, because The school has done so

much to help me become who I am today. Whether it be on the Cheer Team, or at events such as Leadership Camp, there have always been people in the community who have made my experiences great. I would love to be that person for someone else. I want people to enjoy high school as much as I have over the past few years.”



Career Goals: “I would like to work in the medical field, either as a doctor, or as a researcher.”

Remove or Add a Person Stains, Creases, Fading, Tears, Pieces Missing Colourize Black and White Photographs Change Colour to Classic Black and White Archival/Giclée Printing Transparencies, Negatives, Tintypes, Daguerreotypes Photo Collages, Custom Framing

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Shop online at diversitea.ca

Photo Restoration

Ottawa, Ont. 613.425.1301

Susan Potter PHOTOGRAPHIC RESTORATION and DIGITAL SERVICES Over 30 years experience.

By Appointment Only – Day or Evening at Your Convenience

Call 613.425.1301



176 Flat Sedge Cres. Ottawa, ON K1T 0G9


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1145 Bridge Street, Manotick 613-692-2121 ManotickPlaceRetirement.ca

Cner**ma Pabm^@Zk]^gIZkmr +3))&-3))i'f'

We would like you to attend our

Garden Party

Come enjoy the gardens along the Rideau River and become enchanted by the live classical music

Cner+.ma Phke]h_FZ`b\+3))i'f' We would like you to attend the

Abracadabra & Alakazoo Magic Show Come experience a magic show at Manotick Place Retirement Community

Brand new store LocaLLy owned

HeLpfuL and pLeasant staff..... Here to HeLp!

(343)546-8047 Petvalu Riverside South 665 River Rd, unit 6 Ottawa, ON


Groomingdale’s PET GROOMING


(L-R) Diane MacIsaac, Shari Rowan (Store Manager), Jamie Robinson (Owner), Julia Levesque, Rhianna Barresi, Cassidy Buchanan

Page 20 Friday, July 5, 2019

GarDen Centre


nOW Open

Save time. Shop on-line.

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S ' G S N' I G K N


5911 Perth St, richmond, on (613) 838-7255

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Manotick Messenger, July 5, 2019  

Manotick Messenger, July 5, 2019

Manotick Messenger, July 5, 2019  

Manotick Messenger, July 5, 2019

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