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1160 Beaverwood R Mews Of Manotick Manotick, ON K4M 613-692-2776

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DINING OUT turing Fea

The importance of friends cannot be overstated. Maintaining a healthy group of friends can help relieve stress by enabling a person to have a go-to network of close companions with whom to share the ups and downs of life. The Mayo Clinic says that friends can increase one’s sense of belonging and purpose; help one cope with trauma; encourage change and help one improve his or her self-confidence and selfworth. The medical group also says that people with strong social support systems have a reduced risk of depression, high blood pressure and unhealthy weights. While friends are important, some people find that making new friends — particularly in adulthood — can

The art of making friends

be challenging. That’s because making friends may not be too great a priority compared to caring for families or tending to work responsibilities. Those resolving to broaden their social circles can explore these tips for making new friends. • Start at school. School is often the first place children make friends, but school also can be a great place for adults to meet new people. By attending school functions, you will be thrust into a circle of people similar to you. Parents who get to know their childrens’ friends’ parents may find that they have more in common than just their children. • Join groups. Kids find it easy to make friends due to consistency. They see the same kids each day at school

and through sports teams and clubs. Adults can replicate this consistency by joining groups that spark their interests, finding like-minded people who meet week after week. • Go on a blind “date.” Have a friend set you up with a mutual friend and see if there is a connection there. You may be able to make new friends simply from an introduction. • Take the lead. Pursue a new friendship by taking some initiative. Invite someone out for coffee or over to your home for a glass of wine. Follow up afterward to say you had a good time. • Be positive. Be conscious of what you are adding to a potential friendship. Start off the relationship adding value and joy to the other person’s life, and he or she may be

more inclined to do the same. Over time, you can have conversations about rough patches in your lives but wait until the friendship is firmly established to get so serious. There is no magic number of friends a person should have, but individuals should value quality over quantity. Making friends may seem



complicated, but it is actually easier than adults may think when they put themselves out there and shows a willingness to build relationships. • Go to an interesting or fun place that will allow everyone to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life, it’s always easier to be yourself when you are relaxed.


BREAKFAST-LUNCH-DINNER (6:30am-10:00pm -7 DAYS A WEEK) 5511 Manotick Main Street Manotick, ON

The management and staff look forward to serving our guests in our recently renovated establishment

Located on the shores of the famous Rideau River in Manotick!

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The MessengerCOMMUNITY

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Marlene L. Grant Professional Corporation

Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Certi�ed General Accountant (CGA) Inspirations www.mlgpc.ca Left, Kristy Topps was among the many Manotick artists whose work was on display at •

Annual Jock River Canoe Race in Richmond rescheduled to Sat., April 24 From RichmondHub.ca The annual Jock River Race has been rescheduled due to icy conditions and will be held Saturday, April 24. The race runs in the Jock River from Munster Road to the finish line at Jock River Park in Richmond. Starting in 1972, the Jock River Canoe Race has been a rite of Spring and the unofficial opening the canoeing season for paddlers and racers alike for 45 years. The 12.5km race through the Richmond Fen is one of the area’s great springtime adventures. All paddlers including canoes, kayaks, SUPs, voyageur boats

and others are welcome to race. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just want to try it out this race is for you. Racing experience is not required, simply a desire to join a fun event and to get an early put-in on the water. The start area for this 12.5 km (7.8 mile) section of the Jock River is on the Munster Rd. about 2 km south of the Franktown Rd. A few minutes downstream there is a shallow rapid followed shortly by an easy chute of fast water. Open fields and the occasional farmhouse mark the next few kms before several sharp bends signal the beginning of the “Richmond


S ' G KIN 5911 Perth St, richmond, on (613) 838-7255

Fen”, an interesting and rather eerie wetland. The first appearance of the railway marks the end of the fen, and the river widens considerably. Shortly after passing the Trans-Canada Pipeline a long class I rapid awakens your adrenaline. The church spires of Richmond now come into view, followed by another long set of class I rapids which require some maneuvering to avoid rocks. From the end of these rapids the orange buoy marking the finish line at the Jock River Park is a welcome sight. Registration is from 8:30 am – 11 a.m. at Jock River Park in Richmond on race morning.

Our Garden Centre is OpeninG sOOn!

Are you ready for tax time?

the Manotick Aert Association’s Inspirations Art Show at the Manotick Curling Club April 13-15. Topps, who moved to the community from close to London, England, specializes in watercolours. Above, they called themselves the Manotick Art Association Jazz Trio, and they were supplying music to the many weekend visitors at the Manotick Art Association Inspirations Art Show. From left to right are Al Short on piano, Richard Moxley on sax and Ron Ferguson playing the flugelhorn. Jeff Morris photos

Marlene L. Grant Professional Corporation

Contact Marlene L. GrantChartered Professional ProfessionalCorporation Accountant (CPA) General Accountant (CGA) for all your corporateCerti�ed and personal www.mlgpc.ca accounting and taxation needs. •

Are you ready for tax time? Contact Marlene L. Grant Professional Corporation for all your corporate and personal accounting and taxation needs.

Marlene L. Grant

Marlene L. Grant

23 Montavista Avenue Nepean ON K2J 2P2 23 Montavista Avenue Nepean ONFax: K2J613-440-5180 2P2 Tel: 613-823-6878 Tel: 613-823-6878 Fax: 613-440-5180 Email: Email: admin@mlgpc.ca admin@mlgpc.ca www.mlgpc.ca www.mlgpc.ca

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The MessengerNEWS

Richmond Fair President David Brown to seek Rideau-Goulbourn Council seat By John Brummell Special to the Messenger David Brown, A familiar face and individual to many in the RideauGoulbourn area, is tossing his hat into the ring in the upcoming civic election slated for Mon., Oct. 22. Born and raised in Richmond, Brown’s educational background spanned the following schools beginning with Stittsville Public school, where he attended Kindergarten to Grade three for French Immersion, followed by terms at Richmond Public School, Goulbourn Middle School, and graduating from South Carleton High School to move onto Kemptville College for the ‘Dairy Herds Person’ Program. The 27-year-old Brown’s formative years were spent, as many young persons do, being involved in such organizations as, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and eventually a

stint with the Air Cadet Squadron in Kanata. As a Volunteer he has assisted the Richmond Food Bank and has served as Secretary of the Board of Managers for St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Richmond. Brown feels strongly that his greatest volunteer achievement, and most rewarding personally, has been his affiliation with the Richmond Agricultural Society. Now in his 18th year belonging to the society, he is finishing his second year as the Fair Boards President, presiding over the leadership and the helpful direction of the countless volunteers serving on the board and those helping at fair time each year. Mr. Brown first joined the agricultural society as a student volunteer to progress over the years to the following positions; committee volunteer, Junior Director, Director, Second then First Vice President taking over the reigns of the Society in



with residents and city ofFebruary 2017. “I’ve always had an ficials to help in resolving interest in Public Ser- municipal issues. “I gained a lot of knowvice and I feel that it is strongly supported by ledge,” said Brown, “that my experiences of volun- residents really do expect teering in the commun- their municipality to proity and being involved in vide their basic services school and church activ- and they expect them to ities,” Brown said on why be provided in a timely iDn t seematter “” U and CAnatMAKe MY value for he wishes to delve D further their tax dollar. They do into the political realm at nAMe sMALLeR tO MAKe not expect to have to fight this time of his life. ROOM...ALsO sinCe 1988 Brown’s occupational the municipality for serpursuits mirrored his vices they are paying for.” Prior to his stint at Otdesire for political life as reflected in his work tawa City Hall, Brown life of the past six years. worked from 2013 to 2015 Most recently, he was for Pierre Poilievre as the Conservative employed in Councillor Carleton Scott Moffatt’s office at MP’s assistant. Brown City Hall. Moffatt is the juggled many aspects of a present councillor for Federal MP’s busy schedule. He was tasked with Ward 21. From November 2015 preparing the daily briefto February 2018, Brown ings, organizing needed was a ‘case worker’ in paper work and helping Councillor Moffatt’s of- to keep the Minister on fice, where he worked schedule for the many

brown continues on page 5 David Brown will be filing his Nomination Papers May 1 to run for City Councillor in Ward 21.


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Come... Share in God’s Love Knox Presbyterian Church 5533 Dickinson Street, Manotick Sunday Services 10 am Church School for children

Monday, June 18, 2018 Rural Ottawa South Support Services 6:00 pm 1128 Mill Street, Manotick

public events he accompanied him on. “I was in charge of getting him from A to B on time and making sure he had the material to do his job.” said Brown.

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Manotick..United. 692-4576 Church Sunday Service at 10 a.m.

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We welcome all, who with God’s help, work to build a better world. Rev. Elaine Beattie www.manotickunitedchurch.com

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saturday 4:30p.m., sunday 9a.m. lla.m. & 7p.m. Weekdays Wed., Thu., Fri. 9:30a.m. Office: 692-4254 www.stleonardsparish.ca Office hours: Tuesday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. eMaiL: office@stleonardsparish.ca


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The MessengerNEWS

brown continues from page 4 When asked to comment on what he took away from his time with Minister Pollievre, Brown said, “time management and the ability to make sure that all your paper work is completed and the concerns of residents are addressed.” He went on to state that “Pierre answered every single correspondence, letter, e-mail, phone call and hand written letter from residents. That is what I want to bring to my position if elected.” Brown said his desire is to “make a difference” at City Hall. “I absolutely feel I can make a difference at City Hall as I want to increase the service standards for our winter snow plowing so that we should not have to wait up to 16 hours, after a storm, for the city plow to do the residential areas which is far to long in my estimation.”

He also points out that he wishes to make sure the rural areas are adequately served by the police and that they are adequately funded. “We need more police coverage in the rural parts of Ottawa so they can have a greater public visibility as they police our rural communities,” he said. Brown also said that all of rural Ottawa cannot be looked upon as a single entity by the city. “Every rural village is special and every rural village possess its own unique character,” stated Brown. “Coming from a rural background, I want to make sure that every community is respected.” Further, he states that he strongly supports community events such as Manotick’s Dickinson Days, the Richmond Fair, Kars Family Fun Fair and Canada Day celebrations

in Munster, North Gower. “All of these events, and others in these communities, help to solidify that cohesive community feel,” Brown said. A strong part of Brown’s platform is to work hard to providing more leeway for rural planners. He states that one of the biggest challenges is that not for profit and charities have to fill out an inordinate amount of paper work to be able to hold their events and parades. To that end, he would like to scale back the bureaucracy that has been built up over the past eight years. Brown’s strongest campaign desire regards the present state of waste and its present form of disposal. To state the obvious fact, the City of Ottawa has a responsibility to provide essential services,”



2008 GMC Sierra Truck. Toro Wheel Horse 520-H Ride on Mower. Cub Cadet 106 Pulling Tractor. Trailers. Woodworking & Sheet Metal Tools. Chainsaws. to be held on site @ 5554 William McEwen Drive, Kars, ON K0A 2E0 • from Hwy 416 (Carpool Lot Hwy 416 & Bankfield Rd) head southeast on William McEwen Dr. • from Richmond take Regional Rd 10 then turn right onto Eagleson Rd (RR 49) then turn left onto Brophy Dr. (RR 8) & right onto William McEwen (auction signs). for the late Friedhelm (Fred) Rose on Sat, Apr. 28/18 @ 10 am Property to be sold @ 11 am

~ Located in a Rural Hub w/ an Easy Commute ~ Affordable, vinyl sided, 3 storie floor plan. Main floor features an eat-in oak kitchen. Living room has corner propane fireplace & built-in media centre. 2nd storie has 2 bedrooms & an oversized 4 pce bathroom w/ tiled walls/floor & jaccuzi tub. You will be pleasantly surprised by a 3rd storie loft. There is a newer propane furnace & water heater. 200 amp service. Central air. Central vac. Water softener. Includes 6 appliances. On well & septic. Detached 96 ft long (+/-) x 40 ft wide (+/-) steel sided, steel roofed building w/ 3 sliding doors having 100 amp service c/w wash station & a partitioned heated (propane) workshop. Detached pole barn. 18 ft x 40 ft (+/-) above ground salt water pool w/ new liner. Mature pear & apple trees. Surveyed 10.09 acres (+/-). Zone RT (Residential). Taxes; $2800.00 (+/-). This property will be sold w/ a very reasonable reserve bid. For private viewing, terms & conditions please call our office @ 613-267-6027. Mr. Rose was a well respected craftsman & a master tradesman in the sheet metal profession. His work can still be seen on many buildings throughout Ottawa. His property is a perfect blend of rural living with a hassle free commute to the city. Bring a lawn chair & participate in the bidding to settle the estate. Visit website for detailed listing.

Terms: Cash or Cheque ONLY ~ Catering. Auctioneer & Qualified Appraiser Jim Hands: The Voice of Experience Phone: 613-267-6027 www.jimhandsauction.com

he said. “After Council negotiated away weekly garbage collection in 2012, they should have immediately prioritized the implementation of a garbage incineration sys-

tem The fact that Ottawa is still burying its garbage in 2018 and has yet to take any substantive action to be more environmentally friendly is unacceptable.” Brown is patiently wait-

ing to file his Nomination papers on Tuesday May 1st. and he looks forward to meeting with constituents of the rural communities he is proud to be a resident of.





๏ ๏ ๏ ๏



#1 AwARd winning

Root CoveR Up AvAilAble in 8 shAdes!

Barrhaven Marketplace (Rio-Can in front of Wal-Mart)


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Messenger Editorial


A symbol of support for the community of Humboldt

Wet weather challenging Richmond sanitary system


Page 6, Manotick Messenger, Wednesday, June 23, 2010

At the foot of my father’s grave lies the My hockey stick has been leaning against the wall in the garage, untouched and gath- gravesite a young boy named Dasan Munro. I Our Cering Ommunity The Manotick Art Association Inspir- every liter of ground water pumped cry for him every time I visit the site, and I aldust all winter. ations Art Show was a big success at the into the system from your home produYet, last night, I felt compelled – maybe ways ask my father to look after him in HeavManotick Curling Club over the week- ces one liter of mixed raw sewage water Messenger Editorial en. In my heart, I know that my dad has been urged – to lean it by the front door. end. However, one interesting discus- needing to be released from the pumpmaking sure that the little boy is not alone Maybe you did the same thing. ing station. A typical sump pump runsion came up involving their fall show. or afraid. Dasan was a It’s a grass roots movement Are you more Canadian Local artist Sheila King pointed out ning continuously pumps 68 liters per 10-year-old boy who was that started in Humboldt and that when than the ice goes into the curling minute. That is roughly 4,000 liters per a fifth grader? FROM THE killed in a car accident spread quickly throughout club,With there are no venues in the com- hour of potential sewage overflow to the Canada Day approaching next week, it is a good time for us all to on the way home from Canada this week. We all feel Jock from one pump! munity. Despite the expansion at the reflect on what it means to be Canadian. Do there we take being for granted? an Atom hockey game. horrible, and we all want to Sump pumps should discharge into arena, is noCanadian accessible space there Better yet, how do new Canadians feel about being Canadian? Some of us a drainage The crash happened do something to show we to accommodate show.asShe said the look upon immigrants the and refugees opportunists, not wanting to give but ditch or the storm sewer, not very willing to take. people, that is true, the but when you sanitary sewer. That is the City of OtLegion would notPerhaps, workfor assome a site. Maybe a few hundred metres care. attend a celebration for new Canadians, such as the one hosted by Nepeanrequirement. The sanitary system oneCarleton of the golf Poilievre clubs atorMother St. Teresa MarkHigh High MP Pierre School intawa Barrhaven last from where I grew up, The Humboldt tragedy by Jeff Morris month, would you can seebe the able excitement the then thankfulness every atofcapacity and is being upgraded to School to, and but thein theiseyes and it happened along hit close to home for anynew Canadian. planned growth. That is a eventThey leaves the village. understand, perhaps better than all of us, what itaccommodate means to be the St. Lawrence River in one who has ever been on a Canadian. good thing and work is underway. front of the spot where school bus, had a child Bev onMcRae a photo So how can the rest of us have that feeling? Until such time as that work is comxxxxxx has a solid idea. The Conservative government we used to make a rink and play hockey. Alschool bus, or has ever had a child on a team At the school’s 50th Anniversary Party, Manotick Co-operative Nursery School honoured its longest-servJason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism pleted, the city has accepted offers by ing teacher/volunteer with a memorial garden bench, which will be installed with a plaque in the school’s and Andrew Cohen, President of the Historica-Dominion Institute, are chalthough it was one boy killed and not 15, the or in a band. playground. to right, MCNS Director developers toLeftidentify and cor-Sandy Erler and June Hodge celebrate June’s 29 years as a supWith this and week’s rainy weather on several lenging middle high school students to take the citizenship test. ply teacher, teacher and volunteer. Simply put, it hit us all, and it taught us all impact of Dasan Munro’s passing hit South The Canadian in part by CICrect and runabysufficient the number of “non-conthe heels of aCitizenship nasty Challenge, freezingfunded rain and will see students study Discover Canada: the Grenville just as hard as the Broncos tragedy about how fragile life is. forming” ice Historica-Dominion storm, we areInstitute, going to be looking at a mock Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship and then take citizenship sump pumps to offset proYou probably did whatnil I did when you is hitting Humboldt. And what the families test. high water levels along the Rideau jected sewage flows from any proposed some Sometimes it’s best just to say “This will be a fun way for students to learn about Canada and feel proud development. I’mThis measure andofJock Rivers. heard the horrible news of the truck-bus ac- of that tragedy have been going through is findingstop-gap myself at one of those bizarre crosswonder about things like how come “underneath” is our shared history and accomplishments,” said Minister Kenney. “As we roads where everything love about sports a wordthat but no killed one ever says “overneath” when the learn about our past and the people and events that made Canada what it is construction permitted in aI number of is about The increased flows of water saturatprobably no different than what the Munro cident 15 members of the Humcollide with a large swatch of the population work- discussion pulled me back into soccer. become more proud to be Canadian. We are inspired to see how we newto grate Richmond ingtoday, the we ground particularly threaten the areas such asto ingthe diligently my nerves. Oaks is learning so much hockey by watching team. the boldt“Chelsea Broncos junior We all family has been dealing with. can defend our rights and live up to our responsibilities and we feel much this whole World Cup World Cup,” said the mom wearing Crocs. “We are and the plaza atthing. the Don’t cor-you find Jock through thevaluable sanitary sewer serving more strongly how it is to be a citizen of Canada.” Medical CentreIt’s A lot of tragedies that hit us hard don’t thought, and webefore allthereflected. that people are just a little too into it? studying each country game. She has Our inner “Our schools need to be training our young people to become theof citizens ner Shea and Perth. Richmond. When the sanitary sewer sysI found myself in line in front of two nouveau really become a fan to of Arr-hayne-TEE-na, and she and tell us of tomorrow. Citizenship is not only about new Canadians, it’s about all involve teams or groups, or even buses. As voices will try calm us down fan moms at Your even wants us to go there on our Creekside soccer by Cardel Homes at Shea temCanadians, reaches critical raw sewage young and old,” levels, said Andrew Cohen. “The Canadian Citizenship that tragedies vacation like this onlyPerhaps happen to other I watched the memorial service from HumIndependent Grocer the other day. next year. we Challenge will encourage students to learn more aboutitwhat Rd. it means to be FROM is in need of a few more disconnects must be pumped elsewhere. Last year, I was kind of in my own little can even go to Brrra-seeel.” Canadian and then put that knowledge to the test.” people in other places. But in reality, they boldt, my thoughts drifted back to ColumTHE mental world in the checkout line, That caught my attention. to offset projected sewage flows. Cardel wentStarting directly into the Jock River. this summer, the Historica-Dominion Institute will be encouraging scanning the tabloid and maga- OTHER Arr-hayne-TEE-na? bine and the pain that was felt in that comhappen everywhere. Sometimes, the tragedmore than 5,000 middle and high school teachers to register their classrooms necessary to re-route One source of increased flow is will do the work zine covers and wondering what Are you kidding me? for the Challenge. Each classroom will receive a set of the new citizenship SIDE munity. On the day of that tragedy, I was in ies involve teams. We think back to the Swift Justin Bieber’s first major scandal The other mom – the one with qualified sump pumps ground water intolearning the system’s guide, along with seeping specially designed activities. The teacher will alsonon-conforming By Jeffrey would be. I was just about to rethe Birkenstocks – piped in. in 1986. Four receive copies of a mock citizenship exam.to Students will take at the no citizenship Columbine with a realtor looking at houses. Current Broncos hockey team charge to the homeowner. pipes and lateral connections homes. Morris PERATthe enter the world after some quality “They are a wonderful football ED teachers will return the completed exams to the exam as a class &AOTand BY ER ED that OPDa OPERATEDplayers I was working in Denver and was planning were killed in a bus crash after their There is not lot can be done about If you suspect you have a non-contime on Planet Jeff and launch nation,” she said. “My husband, & BY grading. Dominion Institute for & B Y D D into my weekly way-to-reward-your-customers-byof course, wears the azure and cheers for Italia, but will be source announcedisby the Dominion on Flag Day xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx that.Results A second believed to Institute be forming sump pump and want to take a move there. We saw helicopters fill the sky bus hit some black ice on Saskatchewan charging-us-five-cents-per-bag-and-claiming-it’s- Zachary’s favourite team has been MAY-heee-co. (February 15) each year’S for the next three years. For more information about ’ They did a1.school N non-conforming (illegal) connectionsInstitute advantage a no-cost correction, rant when I feel unexpectedly project on MAY-heee-co last yearplane crash O the ChallengeNplease visit the Historica-Dominion website at of to-save-the-environment and people on the streets hugging and cryHighway We think of the 2011 S BIO to sanitary locked in on the conversation behind me. and he has even insisted that we go to out to eat and www.historica-dominion.ca. of sump sewer pipes free to contact Travis Troughton atwould 613ROpumps ing. When we returned to my office, our enin Russia that killed the entire Lokomotiv B “I wish some of the stores carry the watch the games when they are playing.” CIC’s multiculturalism be investing U R N E I G H grants and contributions program will YOUR INDEPENDENT GROCER O O B in some can which easily imagine 249. inquiry H BYouproject we could bring I bit my tongue. Hto Y O820-1959 U Rcivic IND E Pext. E N Dvuvuzela E N T Or, Ghorns Re-mail O Cso E Rthatyour U R them $525,171homes. inU this promotes civic memory, pride R N E32 I G month Y O U RWe I N Dthink E P E N Dof E N Tthe GROC E R staff of 25 was huddled around a radio tire N E I G Yaroslavl team in the KHL. Shopping locally puts a face to the business Chelsea’s games,” said the mom who was wearing In an effort to keep my blood pressure down, I and integration. when the system is overflowing that to travis.troughton@cardelhomes.com. Mews of Manotick, Manotick 3777 Strandherd Dr., Napean Crocs. looked out the big window at the big parking lot and crying. A couple of my co-workers lost 1970 Marshall University football team that for all your grocery needs. Page x Page Page and x scoped it out, looking for a puppy or a bird or 613-692-2828 613-843-9413 “Oh,xI know,” said the one wearing Birkenstocks. family members in that shooting. In time, lost 37 players when their plane slammed “Zachary has a tournament next weekend and it anything that would pry my mind out of the shackwould have been so in the spirit of the World Cupinto to lesathat these two soccer moms had put me in with SERVING MANOTICK AND SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES the world moved on, but how could they? hill. have all of us blowing our vuvuzela horns. They lost their conversation. IN OSGOODE, RIDEAU AND SOUTH GLOUCESTER We try to comfort ourselves by saying that take the ridefrom to and from hockey games two-nil and then three-nil. They need all of the sup- We A busload of seniors a nearby retirement port they can get.” had pulled up and passengers were getting for home granted. wename never consider the victims are ‘in a better place.’ I remember Nil? Who says nil? Really. off. I was tryingIn to, fact, in my head, all of even their Named one of Ontario's top three “Oh, I know,” said the mom wearing Crocs. “The walkers an escape. 1165 Beaverwood Rd., P.O. Box 567, Manotick, Ontario K4M 1A5 we asmay be unsafe when we get into a one of the last things my father said to me. community newspapers forthat 2008, 2009 horns are such a beautiful part of the South African Unfortunately, they pulled me back in. www.manotickmessenger.on.ca car, a“My bus, orliveson a plane. One of the things I “I’m ready,” he told me. “I’m excited to see culture.” cousin in Australia, and he was devasThe Manotick Messenger is published every Wednesday in Manotick, Ontario. The Manotick I wanted to jump in and say something, butthought I 5, 2011 tated when Germany beatan them 4-nil,” saidfive the years ago, VOL. 28 •isNmailed . 1 to bona fide subscribers in Rideau and MANOTICK, ONTARIO WEDNESDAY • JANUARY Messenger Osgoode Townships for $36. The what happens next.” My father passed away about was incident refrained. I couldn’t do it. mom wearing Crocs. publication is available by carrier for $36 or at newsstands for $1.00 per copy. Letters will be edited for length, clarity and libellous statements. Display, National and Classified rates are available on If you are unfamiliar with the vuvuzela horn, then point,in I couldn’t take ityear anymore. whileAtIthis was my last of Mount semi-pro foot- that night. But I think he waited to die until request. The Manotick Messenger is not responsible for the loss of unsolicited manuscripts, photos or you have not tuned into CBC over the past two Patience erupted and out came sarcasm lava. other material used for publication purposes. ball with the Ottawa Our bus was he was able to talk to me, and to make sure I weeks. If you stumble across a World Cup soccer “I saw that match,” I said. “IInvaders. can’t believe AusJohn Green: P.O. Box 567 Manotick, Ontario game on CBC, you will hear what sounds like TRY-lier home looked so insipid against Deutschland.” heading from a game at about 2 a.m. wouldn’t worry or be upset. Publisher: Jeffrey Morris Our 50,000 bees swarming the field. They2010 are not Person bees. The mom with the crocs was not impressed. Managing Editor: Morris Tel:Jeffrey 613-692-6000 www.manotickmessenger.on.ca Last week, we were all saddened when when our bus driver fell asleep at the wheel. They are people blowing on cheap, plastic, gimThe mom with Birkenstock’s wasn’t either, but Reporters: McRae Publisher: Bev Jeffrey Morris of the Year Phone: 613-692-6000 Jeff EsauMorris micky horns. she did acknowledge me with a response. Publisher: Jeff Morris Phone: 613-692-6000 Managing Editor: Jeffrey The Manotick Mes-Greely-area rescue We Jonathan Pitre passed away. If God had ever were jolted awake by the loud vibrations Fax: 613-692-3758 specialist Bev Morris McRae The funnyisthingpublished about these John hornsGreen, is that they “Who is your team?” she quipped, condescendManaging Reporters: Editor: Jeff senger pictured with Marketing Mgr: Gord Logan Jeff Esau have become what has defined theGrace 2010 World Cup. ingly. email: created a perfect soul, it was his. Jonathan’s from hitting the rumble strip and looked out Agostinho of the French Contributing writers: email: every CafeWorld at a fundraiser People whoother have beenFRIDAY following the Cup and for theI did the only thing I could do, shouting as loud advert@bellnet.ca Grace Thrasher, Larry Ellis, Phill Potter Advertising: Office: Angie Dinardo Marketing Mgr: Gord Logan Advertising: advert@bellnet.ca Manotick Project in Haiti front at biggest fear before he passed away was how the of the bus to see us swerving all over in Manotick, Ontario. people who have only seen 20 minutes of it in passas I could. Editor: newsfile@bellnet.ca Longfields Davidson Heights Photographer: Mike Carroccetto Editor: newsfile@bellnet.ca Advertising and Marketing: Letters will be onedited ing have commented these annoying yet relentHigh School in February, is“USA! USA! USA!” News/sports: newsfile@bellnet.ca Office: Angie Dinardo his mother would cope with the loss. the 401. It made for a good humour column. News/ Sports: newsfile@bellnet.ca our person of the year for Gary Coulombe less horns. Ironically, while the world has learned to They turned their heads in disgust. The next 45 Photographer: Mike Carroccetto for length, clarity and 2010. Agostinho was our Maybe that’s the lesson we can take from But this week, thinking back to that incident adapt these horns as the one thing they now know seconds were incredibly silent and awkward. Photographer: Mike Carroccetto of the year for 2009. libellous statements. person For the full story, see page 2.At that point, it was my turn. The cashier about South African culture, the horns aren’t really Display, National and of all of these tragedies. We fear death, but scares the bejesus out of me. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada a part of their everyday lives. South African sports scanned my Diet Coke and V-8 Fusion, and I was through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) for our publishing activities. Classified enthusiasts have rates commentedare that they had never When all set. maybe the thing we fear most is the pain and there are numerous lives lost in a Friday 10 am CLASSIFIED; Monday Advertising deadlines: DISPLAY, Monday 3 p.m.; 4 p.m. Friday noon available request. seen nor heardon a vuvuzela horn at a sporting event, “Would you like plastic bags?” All layouts and composition of advertisements produced by employees of Manotick Messenger heartbreak for those we will leave behind. tragedy, we are hit harder. That’s natural. But and that the South African people find the noise just “Yes please,” I replied. The Manotick MessenInc. are protected by copyright invested in the publishers of the Manotick Messenger. as annoying as the rest for of the world does. I had never been so happy to pay five cents for a ger isWednesday, not responsible As far as Humboldt goes, all we can do is a tragedy doesn’t have to involve a team or Vol. 27, Number X Ontario Community Newspaper Association Manotick, Ontario Month x, 2010 Single copies $1 Member, Apparently, some now wealthy marketing genius plastic bag just to get the hell out there. the Canadian Community Newspaper Association came loss up withof the unsolicited idea to mass produce and market pray and show our support – and maybe put even multiple people. It can just be one permanuscripts, these horns as a photos World Cupornovelty. The plan Morris was the 2008 OCNA Columnist of a hockey stick by the front door to let them son,theJeffrey and it book, canFrom betheinOther a car other forworld must endure worked,material and now theused rest of the Year. His Skide, rather is avail- than in a the shrilling sounds of his quick buck. publication purposes. know we are thinking about them. bus.able at Manotick Office Pro, Barrhaven UPS Store, I was just about to drift back into ADD world and and Pages in Prescott. S














independent independent S







*OCNA General Excellence Awards, Class 1 Circulation




Letters to the Editor welcome – email to newsfile@bellnet.ca

Letters to the editor welcome — email newsfile@bellnet. ca or fax 692-3758

Friday, April 20, 2018 Page 7


The MessengerCOMMUNITY Manotick’s great2 Legion building has a long and colourful history x 30

To advertise call

Find what you need in The Classifieds

from Monday to Friday serving delicious soups and meals at reasonable prices. There is a bar service for those who want it as well as a variety of soft drinks. Bar service runs from 12 noon to 5 pm. If you need a community hall to rent for anniversary or birthday celebrations, we can accommodate up to 100 people in Harmony Hall or in the Veterans Hall as well. These rentals



THIS MONTH by Larry Ellis are there for our community at reasonable prices. Monthly dinner dances are a feature at the Legion for all to enjoy. The Legion Office is open daily from 9.00 am

3 x 10

Pick up YOURPhoto community news Restoration BEFORE

Pick up YOUR community news

3 x 10 AFTER

to 5 pm for information. We welcome new members from all walks of life. Check out our website manoticklegion.ca or call 613-692-3243 Writing about Har-

mony Hall brings back many memories - It was the place to be every Saturday evening between October and May for dances - a stage for the live orchestra and a small “canteen” at the back - served only soft drinks, no bars in Manotick. The dances always ended at midnight with the playing of the home waltz, “Goodnight Sweetheart. There were no tele-

Pick up YOUR community news

3 x 110

! t i r u o l o C WILSON

colour pops!


Andrew R.C. Wilson,

3 x 10

visions, you couldn’t surf the net or rent a movie, and not everyone had a car, so couples often traveled together. Community groups presented plays with an admission charge of usually .25 cents. In the basement we even had bowling alleys. What fun in Harmony Hall! Good Place - Good Times - Good Friends Then and Now!


For over 75 years the Manotick Legion Branch 314 has been serving our community. It was established in 1942 to support the veterans from World War 1 and those who were fighting in WW11, but they have evolved be 1 a Mitchell_Ad copy 5/3/17 8:47 AMto Page inclusive for all whether people have military connections past or present or not. The Manotick Legion welcomes all to participate in daily luncheons

B.A., LL.B.,ad M.B.A. make your


Michelle R. Perry, B.A., LL.B.

Richmond C.E. Wilson, Q.C. (Ret.)

Stains, Creases, Fading, Tears, Pieces Missing Corporate Law • Real Estate • Commercial Law Add or Remove People or Items Wills and Estates • General Counsel Colourize Black and White Photographs LATEST AD!!!!!!!!!!!!_Diversitea Ad 2/1/18 9:47 AM Page 1 3 x 14 Change Colour to Classic Black and White 5542 Manotick Main St. 613-692-3547 Archival/Giclée Printing • Transfer VHS to DVD PickTransparencies, up your community NEWS, Negatives, Tintypes, Daguerreotypes impact local SPORTS,Photo and coming EVENTS Collages • Custom Framing


3 x 14

Pick up your 176 community NEWS, Flat Sedge Cres. Ottawa, ON K1T 0G9 5 MIN.and SOUTH OF BANKEVENTS & HUNT CLUB AT FINDLAY CREEK local SPORTS, coming By Appointment – Day or Evening



email: suepotter@rogers.com

Over 30 years experience. All work done on premises.

Pick up your community NEWS, local SPORTS, and coming EVENTS

3 x 14

Bringing You

Beautiful Tea

! t u o d n a st een! in custom blended loose leaf tea. eWesspecialize bBlended in small batches ensuring the finest quality!

Shop for DiversiTea at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market Pêches & Poivre (Almonte), Osgoode Country Creations (Osgoode) Beyond the House (Russell), Foodland (Russell) Geronimo Coffee House (Kemptville) Shop online at diversitea.ca Ottawa, Ont. 613.425.1301

colour sizzles


Page 8 Friday, April 20, 2018

The MessengerCOMMUNITY


Natural Food Pantry includes café, in-store bakery and teaching kitchen Natural Food Pantry is celebrating 37 years of service to its customers in Ottawa with the Grand Opening of their newest and largest location at 4325 Strandherd, near the new Costco in Barrhaven. This store opening brings the number of locations to four, including Kanata, Billings Bridge and Westboro. The new store presents a whole new concept for Natural Food Pantry with its first café and in-store bakery. Most exciting is the introduction of their prepared meals by their in-house Chef, Bruce Enloe. Bruce was involved with the Two River’s Food Hub and focusses on local and sustainable food sourcing. Plans also include an education classroom/ teaching kitchen and hot and cold food bar. Natural Food Pantry offers a diverse array of products including: gluten free items, vegan-diabetic friendly products, bulk foods, supplements, organic meats, books, organic produce, natural body care, sports supplements, herbs, homeopathy, specialty food gourmet products and much more. Products are always fresh and ever evolving. In 2017, Natural Food Pantry launched its enhanced Natural Food Pantry Education Initiative. Their goal has

been to provide customers a unique experience by delivering current, dynamic and accurate nutrition and wellness information through instore workshops, food demonstrations, store tours, events as well as online resources such as videos, blogs and recipes. This engaging initiative, is lead by Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Natasha Villeneuve. With 18 years of nutrition experience and a deep passion for health and wellness, Natasha’s vision is to make this a fun, informative and an engaging opportunity for everyone. Natural Food Pantry prides themselves on being a family owned and operated local business. Owner Rick Payant’s sister Jo-Anne is a buyer and the company office manager, his son Chris is the general manager of the warehouse, along with Rick’s nephew Brandon who works in delivery logistics and in-store. His sister Debra is the company finance manager. His mother and motherin-law have both been taken out of retirement

to help when needed and even his wife Laura and daughter Mikayla are often found supporting the stores when their schedules permit. Rick became a health and wellness leader in the industry and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Natural Food Pantry endeavours to take great care of our loyal clients with their Pantry Points Program, Monthly Flyer and our Best Buy and Multi-Buy Programs. They also have a Price Match Guarantee and gear everything toward providing the best value for their customers.

Certified Nutritional Practitioner Natasha Villeneuve of Natural Food Pantry was among the guest speakers at the store’s grand opening celebrations.








2018 CR-V LX




0 $ 0 $



ATTENTION CURRENT HONDA OWNERS! Be sure to ask us about our loyalty incentives

59/2.99 $




0 $ 0




Next Day Service

Plus free exterior car wash with each visit!

Over 200 new 2018 Honda’s in stock for immediate delivery!

Limited time lease offers available through Honda Financial Services Inc. (HFS), to qualifed retail customers on OAC. Weekly payments exclude taxes, licence, insurance and registration. 2018 Civic LX Sedan 6MT (Model FC2E5JE) //2018 CR-V LX 2WD CVT (Model RW1H3JES) on a 60-month term with 260 weekly payments at 2.99% // 2.99% lease APR. Weekly payment is $59.00 // $75.64 with $0 down or equivalent trade-in and $436 //$600 total lease incentive included. Down payments, $0 security deposit and first weekly payments due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $15,341.17 // $19,665.62. 100,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/k

Friday, April 20, 2018 Page 9


Sunday, May 13


Mother’s Day! COME AND CELEBRATE WITH US. (Free Gift Wrapping) “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” -Washington Irving

BRING THIS AD FOR 10% OFF ON ANY PURCHASE. Hours: Tues-Sat: 10am to 5pm

(613) 692-3200

NIN Collection Boutique 5528 Manotick Main Street, Manotick, ON

Mom deserves to be spoiled Join us for Mothers Day. Open for lunch and dinner.

Helen and Angelo Perseo (proprietor / chef)


Located in the Mews of Manotick


• 613.489.2278

$20.00 Breakfast Buffet 9:00am-2:00pm RESERVE NOW

Page 10 Friday, April 20, 2018

The MessengerCOMMUNITY


City staff asked to make pathway design along Mitch Owens Road safer The Board of the Manotick Village and Community Association (MVCA) has written to City staff asking for a change in the proposed design of the pathway along Mitch Owens that would link St. Mark High School and the Village. The current proposal calls for a Multi-Use Pathway consisting of paved shoulders with a rumble strip running along this very busy highway. This would put students and other pedestrians/cyclists right next to vehicular traffic, particularly trucks, travelling at 80 km/h without any type of buffer zone. We are asking the City to keep a storm ditch between the pathway and the road for safety reasons. We fully support the construction of this pathway but want to ensure that it is a safe, proper route for our residents. You can find information on the proposed design at www.ottawa.ca/osgoodepathway

Sign up for the Manotick Community Garage Sale

We’re organizing a community garage sale in Manotick to raise funds for the Youth of Manotick Association (YOMA) on Saturday, June 9 from 8 a.m. to 2


VOICE by Grace Thrasher, President, Manotick Village and Community Association (MVCA)

p.m. If you have things you want to sell, take advantage of this sale sponsored by the Manotick Village and Community Association. You can register your sale on the MVCA website at www.manotickvca. org starting May 1 and we will post a list along with a map in the days leading up the sale. Our web site also features some helpful tips for those hosting a garage sale for the first time. If you don’t have enough stuff for a sale of your own, feel free to drop your items off at a community table and the proceeds will be given to YOMA. There will also be other special community features on that day so check our web site for updates or watch for more information in my next column.

Clapp Lane Seniors Apartments

Construction has begun on the proposed seniors apartment building on the corner of Clapp Lane and Dickinson Street with the removal of trees

and the existing homes. The project will provide 45 independent living apartments and a coffee shop on the main floor. It also includes a dining room as the rentals include three meals a day. It is expected to take between 16 and 18 months to complete the project.

New Date for Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Manotick Village and Community Association is set for Tuesday, May 29 at 7 p.m. It will be held at the Legion on the corner of Ann and Beaverwood Streets. The executive will present a recap of the past year, our plans for the future, our audited financial statements and election of officers.

Register now for the 2018 Soap Box Derby

Registrations are now open for the 8th Annual Soap Box Derby set for Sunday, August 26 on Beaverwood Road at Centennial Park. Hosted by the Manotick Village and Community Association, it draws young drivers from around the region. Registration is $25 per cart and you can register online at www.manotickvca.org

Construction has begun on Clapp Lane for the planned seniors apartment com


In my last column, I quoted some incorrect figures about the volume of trucks that would travel to the proposed Boundary Road Waste Site. There will be 300 trucks going to and from the site with 7% of those expected to travel through Manotick. I had indicated that would mean 2-3 trucks when the correct number is 21.

Community Events ITR presents “A Murder is Announced”, April 20, 21, 27 -29

Help Miss Marple solve a complicated murder in this spring offer from ITR. Shows are at the Osgoode Community Centre and

tickets are $20/$16 and $55 for dinner nights (April 21 and 28). Tickets for this show can be purchased at www.itrtheatre.com or by calling 613-800-1165. More details at www.itrtheatre. com

Window Performance Tune-up, April 24, 6:15 – 8:15 p.m.

If your Windows computer is getting sluggish, you don’t need to re-install Windows just to gain back lost performance. Chris Taylor, President of the Ottawa PC Users’ Group and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, will demonstrate and explain how to safely use tools that can help speed up Windows.

Workshop is to be held at the Manotick Public Library.

Manotick Community Dance, April 27, 7-9:30 p.m.

Interested in a fun, interactive session of dance, laughter & music? Join the Ever Hopeful Stringband and caller Pippa Hall for a family-friendly, alcoholfree evening of community dancing, including circles, squares and contras at Manotick United Church. Each dance is taught and the whole family is invited. The evening begins with simple dances, followed by dances that build on skills as the evening progresses.

voice continues on page 11

HealtHy teetH & Gums ...... for life NEW PATIENTS WElcomE 613-491-3300

990 RiveR Road, Manotick


Complete exam & x-rays



Friday, April 20, 2018 Page 11

The MessengerCOMMUNITY

voice continues from page 10 $10 / $5 ages 12-18 / under 12 free / family max $20. Information 613-692-4576. http:// dance. manotick.net

Manotick Health and Wellness Day, May 5, 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

This is day one of a weekend of wellness activities including the Manotick Miler. Free information sessions, along with a light lunch, will be presented at the Manotick Legion on a variety of topics. Sessions are being offered by local health professionals. A free blood pressure clinic is offered as well.

Roger Neilson House. A Big Rig Tailgate party will be held for participants in the Mill Street Parkette from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Please note there will be street closures that morning. For full details on the route, visit www. manotickmiler.com

Manotick Musicale, Mamma Mia!, May 5, 7 p.m.

This tribute to the musical features Manotick Brass and The Village Singers at Manotick

United Church. Tickets are $25 each and are available at ROSSS offices on Mill St., Manotick Office Pro or at www.rosss.ca

Miller’s Oven Benefit Concert, May 12, 3 – 4:30 p.m.

Voices In Harmony choral group will perform at St. James Anglican Church 1138 Bridge St. Manotick in this fundraiser for the Miller’s Oven. The repertoire consists of familiar pop, folk, jazz, Broadway and show

YOMA – Friday Night Drop In, 7-9:30 p.m.

music from the 1930’s to the present. Tickets $15 (incl. light refreshments) are available at Manotick Office Pro 613-692- 3269 or Miller’s Oven 613- 6924304 or at the door.

Follow us on Twitter @ manotickvca and Facebook Got an event happening in Manotick? Let me know and I’ll include in an upcoming newsletter, please contact me at president@ manotickvca.org

For youth age 12-17. For more information, visit yoma.ca, email us at youth.of.manotick@gmail. com or call us at 613-2961202

Family Story Time, Saturday and Tuesday, 10:30 – 11 a.m.

F resh Get a

Songs, stories and rhymes for children of all ages accompanied by a parent or caregiver. This free event is being offered by the Manotick Public Library.


on home energy savings

Manotick Miler, May 6, 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Sign up for either the 10/5miler, 3miler or 1miler runs which start at 9 a.m. on Main and Mill Streets. Proceeds from the races will go to Ottawa Heart Institute or

Look for our insert in today’s paper. April 6 May 6




B A R R H AV E N O N LY S P E C I A L S Kamut Brioche




2.5% Plain Yogurt



750 g.



Specials valid until April 27th, 2018.

4325 Strandherd Drive, by Costco • 613-755-2295


5 LB.

Choose one product & get




% Off

Not valid on items already on special, cannot be combined with any other offer. Gift cards excluded.


Page 12 Friday, April 20, 2018


Top home improvement tips (NC) Summer is one of the best times to focus on outdoor home improvement projects that deliver the greatest return on your investment. “While there are many renovation options available to homeowners, not all are created equal,” explains Brad Johnstone, broker of record for the Royal LePage Niagara Real Estate Centre. “Some improvements help bolster

your property’s resale value more than others, so before you invest your time and money, be sure the project will pay off in the long run.” In order to receive the best bang for your buck, Johnstone recommends these three outdoor improvement tips: 1. Build a deck or patio. A new deck or patio is a great way to add a focal point to any backyard. Not only

do these structures add to a property’s visual appeal, but they also provide homeowners with the means to enjoy their outdoor living space to the fullest. During the summer months, a patio is a great place to entertain guests, barbecue, and enjoy leisure time with friends and family. Whatever your motivation, a deck or patio will encourage you to get out and enjoy the summer, all while

adding a healthy amount to your property’s bottom line. 2. Install a sprinkler system. On average, homeowners use 50 per cent more water than necessary on their lawns, adding to their monthly bills and causing their grounds to flood. Automatic lawn sprinklers are an easy way to avoid this as they are designed with busy lifestyles in mind. Although installation can be costly, you

may save money in the long run. 3. Landscape your yard. Landscaping is one of the best ways to add visual interest to your outdoor living space for a relatively small fee. Whether you choose to garden or install a built-in fixture like a pond, beautifying your backyard is a great way to create an attractive and serene environment that builds your home’s equity.

Building outdoors? Choose Western red cedar, naturally! For all your fencing and decking needs! Wide selection of building materials for all your construction projects. Full line of pressure treated spruce, #1 pine, plywood, insulation, caulking, and builders’ hardware supplies.

Proudly serving you since 1936! 613-489-3735 North Gower

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm



Friday, April 20, 2018 Page 13


Specialists go HE!

TUCSON, AZ (March 1, 2018) — Users of Rain Bird controllers featuring the company’s LNK™ WiFi Module can now “talk” to their irrigation systems, Contractor thanks to Lawn Amazon’s popular voice-activated personal assistant,Contractor Alexa. Yates Custom Sprinklers is a Certified Irrigation n sprinkler

(CIC) specializing in the installation and serviceof of quality lawn sprinkler he town AlexaOttawa opens up a whole world for customers ourofWiFisystems in“Enabling the greater area sincenew 1990. Located in theusing town is a family Manotick just south of Ottawa, Yates Custom Lawn Sprinklers is a family Service is enabled controllers,” said Nick Kelsch, Senior Product Manager for Rain Bird owned business operated brotherscan Chuck and Chad Yates. Service controllers. “Now, by homeowners manage their irrigation systems withis simple available to the greater Ottawa area, Irrigation verbal commands. And with 130 commands available, Rain Bird is changing Yates Custom Lawn Sprinklers – Your High Efficiency Irrigation what you can ask of your irrigation controller.” Specialist ncy IrrigaYou may have noticed our new tag line – Your High Efficiency IrrigaThe Rain Bird right, App allows to give watering programs and zones unique tion Specialist. That’s high users efficiency!

How to make the most of your renovation By: Scott McGillivray

names of their own choosing. They can also manage their rain sensor or initiate watering delays based on events at their home. “Personalization is key for us, which is why we wanted to ensure that we can provide both custom program and zone names that mean something to our customers,” said Randy Montgomery, Rain Bird Engineering Manager. “Saying, ‘Ask Rain Bird to water the front yard’ is much more intuitive than saying, ‘Ask Rain Bird to water Zone 4.’”

the way. when exposed to mois4. Cover your bases. ture or slump in the wall (NC) As renovation Your contract should also cavity, reducing effectseason once again roars state if sub-contractors iveness? Consider optinto full swing, I’m often will be used and who will ing for quality over price asked what can be done be responsible for hir- when it counts most. In to achieve the best reno- ing them, paying them, the case of insulation, With Alexa, help is also just a quick question away. Users can ask Alexa how vation possible. My top and ensuring the work Roxul Comfortbatt and Why high efficiency, to start managingyou theirask? Rain Bird irrigation to system, to list available commands, advice is toener be prepared. is completed properly. Safe ‘n’ Sound offer greats gy Well, high efficiency refers to products or systems using less energy to list their property’s irrigation zones or watering schedules, to inquiretoabout Here are a few stead- Request a receipt with er protection againstHigh tems. do the same or better job than conventional products or systems. High watering time remaining, or the to ask about the status of current seasonal watering fast tips that can lay the each payment outlining fire and moisture, while protect efficiency saves energy, saves money on utility bills, and helps protect the the work and materials also providing excellent groundwork for success: adjustments. and associenvironment by reducing the amount of resources and power (and associand/ 1. Have a clearly de- it covered. I also recom- sound resistance amples that ated environmental impacts) that needs to be generated. Examples that fined plan. Consider hir- mend getting a written or thermal comfort. Ulhicles, and “Raininclude Bird’s WiFi controllersmachines, are backed fuel by anefficient extensivevehicles, contractor and network; come to mind HE washing make ing an experienced de- change order for any timately, it doesn’t ensitivities easy-to-install, proven, high-quality hardware; and a simple, intuitive mobile HVAC systems. As utility prices and environmental sensitivities modifications to a speci- sense to save on cost, if signer to help bring your re popular . app,” high Kelschefficiency said. “Those are advantages youmore simply can’t get popular. elsewhere. And increase, these products become and more fied job. you have to compromvision to life. now, with Alexa voice control, we’re offering property owners yet another way 5. Be accessible and ise on performance or 2. Choose a reliable Why make theand change now, you ask? to easily efficiently manage their irrigation systems.” contractor. Ask for ref- decisive. This will keep safety. Quite simply, it’s an idea whose time has come… things moving along as 9. Be prepared for the erences and proof of lis combined Thearecent introduction of high efficiency irrigation products combined possible. unexpected. Set aside cense,it insurance, bond- smoothly as an To learn more about Rain Bird’s complete line of irrigation system components, e easy with ever increasing water rates over the last few years make it an easy 6. Visit the site regular- contingency fund repreing and participation in along with visit www.rainbird.com, contact your nearest distributor or contractor, or call choice to use high efficiency irrigation. Using these products along with Cre- senting 10 to 15 per cent a workman’s compensa- ly. Inspect all work. 30 to 50% 1-800-RAIN BIRD. proper scheduling allows us to design a system that will use 30 to 50% ateincrease a ‘punch list’ of any of the total budget. tion program. to water than conventional systems. With water rates set to increase 10. Inspect toless protect. 3. Insist on a detailed identified issues. Discuss rdingly . In another Before you sign off on 20% in the next 4 years, the savings will increase accordingly. In contract. It should in- progress or concerns asdollars s of many cases a Yates HE sprinkler system will generate hundreds of dollars the job, consider hiring clude a description of they happen. in water 7. Keep a renovation a professional inspector savings per season over a conventional system. the work to be done, a schedule of anticipated journal. Record head- who may find problems How to will we do it? completion dates, a cost way. Note questions. Jot you wouldn’t know ategies and All estimate for the entire down ideas. Keep track look for. After all thatof our new installations will incorporate these HE strategies and systems to in your and the good news is we can also retro fit existing systems to job, a reasonable pay- of key dates, and docu- you’ve invested products, ermine the as well! A simple assessment by our technicians can determine the renovation, it’s HE a small ment schedule, an item- ment any changes. cost of upgrades to your system. 8. Do your research cost to incur for peaceeffectiveness of ized list of materials and who will select them, an and discuss preferred mind. Renovating can be outline of the change-or- materials with your conder process, termination tractor. Not all building stressful, but if you do due diligence, clauses, penalty/hold- materials are created your Cust back clauses and war- equal. For example, did you’re more likely to you know that some inenjoy a smoother proranty details. It sounds atically for a beautiful green landscape...automatically like a lot, but this will sulation materials can cess and greater satisfachelp avoid issues along grow harmful mould tion with the end result.

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Sho p

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There is no place like home for Manotick dentist Dr. Larissa Patterson By Margot Belanger It is an understatement to say that women form the backbone of small business in Manotick. Just count the number of women business owners and managers in the Village. And as far as Dentist Larissa Patterson is concerned, there is no better place to dive right into business ownership than the Village of Manotick. She always knew that, when she finished her education, she would come back here to start up her career. Doctor Patterson was born in Prince Edward Island and has, in a unique way, always remained an “Islander”. Her parents settled on Long Island when she was four years old, and she now lives on the Island herself, with her husband, Rob Saxberg, and her daughter. When she was wrapping up her Bachelor of Science degree at Carleton, Dr. Patterson was uncertain about what health professional field she would pursue, although dentistry was a leading contender. She sought out her dentist, Dr. Doug McEwen, for a heart-to-heart talk and when she demanded,

shop locally

“but then I saw how long some of the board members had been serving, and decided it was my turn to contribute”. “Do I really want to do this?”, he shot back with “Yes, you do!” And, yes she did! After completing her dental studies at Western in 1997, she opted to buy into Dr. McEwen’s practice right off the top, and expresses her gratitude for his mentorship, and that of Doctors Ed Anderson and Bruce Lister, for giving her the guidance she needed to grow her practice into the thriving Bridge Street business that it is today. She credits her success in no small measure to her tight-knit dental team, who work hard to guarantee their clients a thoroughly professional experience. The field of dentistry, like so many other medical professions, has certainly evolved since Dr. Patterson began practicing. But a big change, for her personally, is that her younger

patients don’t harbour that traditional dread of the dentist that her older patients still carry with them from the days when pain prevention wasn’t as much of a priority, except for extractions and such. She likes to see parents bring in their children at an early age so that they learn to relax in the chair. Dr. Patterson has very close ties to the Rideau Skating Club, going back to when she was a young girl and her mother was a volunteer. She switched to hockey when she was in grade eight, and was a member of the first allgirls team in Manotick; she finally quit playing when she developed shoulder issues which were affecting her work. But her daughter has been one of the Skating Club’s 450-plus members since she could stand on skates, and

Dr. Patterson joined the board of directors as its Secretary two years ago. “For a long time I sat on the sidelines, “ she said, “but then I saw how long some of the board members had been serving, and decided it was my turn to contribute”. Dr. Patterson’s enthusiastic message to young people considering a career in dentistry - “Come and see me! Let’s talk!” Sounds like fairly painless visit to the dentist, don’t you think? This is the second installment in a series written by Margot Belanger called These Women Mean Business. The series is a prelude to the Chic Time in the ‘Tick event, May 4, 201

Councillor | Rideau-Goulbourn

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Scott.Moffatt@Ottawa.ca | (613) 580-2491 RideauGoulbourn.ca | @RideauGoulbourn

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Dr. Larissa Patterson (613) 692-6500 Dr. Harold Bobier (613) 692-4432 Dr. Jolieann Joseph (613) 692-4432 Dr. Donald Young (613) 692-4432

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CANADIAN GUIDE DOGS for the Blind, Manotick, is seeking a post-secondary summer student as a kennel assistant Sunday to Wednesday, 7am to 5pm starting April 15, 2018. Experience with dogs; valid driver’s license. Email resume to info@guidedogs.ca. No phone calls please. Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind thanks all that apply but only selected candidates will be contacted. (P-B8, M8)

– B6, 7, 8, 9)

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ARAC expected to discuss Rideau Carleton Raceway zoning amendment

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is now accepting applications for summer student positions. Please note that these jobs are still pending approval,


WARD REPORT by Councillor Scott Moffatt

expected in mid to late April, under the Canada Summer Jobs program. To be eligible under the program, students must: • be between 15 and 30 years of age (inclusive) at the start of employment; • have been registered as a full-time student during the preceding academic year; • intend to return to school on a full-time basis during the next academic year; • be a student in a secondary, post-secondary, CEGEP (Quebec only), vocational or technical program; • be a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protec-

Gibbon’s Painting & Decorating

tion Act* and; • be legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial / territorial legislation and regulations The positions are: • Hotline and Administrative Assistant (two positions) • Construction and Facility Maintenance (two positions) • Volunteer Coordinator (one position) • Donor Relations and Communications Assistant (one position) • Event Coordinator (one position) To apply, send your resume; covering letter, including your availability and eligibility under the Canada Summer Jobs program; and two references by email to development@ rideauwildlife.org. Only complete applications will be accepted. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Scott Moffatt Golf 4 Youth Classic

The Scott Moffatt Golf 4 Youth Classic is back! The

Community Dancing in Manotick

Interested in a fun, interactive session of dance, laughter & music? Join the Ever Hopeful Stringband and caller Pippa Hall for a family-friendly, alcohol-free evening of community dancing, including circles, squares and contras. This evening of fun takes places at the Manotick United Church on Friday, April 27th from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. Each

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E of MANoT AG ic l l


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tournament will be on Friday, July 6th at the Canadian Golf and Country Club. Last year, this event raised over $20,000 for Youth of Manotick Association and the Richmond Youth Centre! We are currently in the process of obtaining sponsorships for the tournament. If you are interested or would like more details, please contact our office and we can connect you with the tournament organizers. Furthermore, if you are interested in participating, you can buy tickets at golf4youth.ca.

7th Annual Zumba MS Fundraiser

The 7th Annual Zumba Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser is taking place at the Alfred Taylor Recreation

Centre in North Gower on Friday, April 27th. Admission is $10. All process go to the MS Society. Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt. The event begins at 7:00pm but you are encouraged to arrive early to sign the waiver form. The evening will also feature a live auction and plenty of door prizes. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at Scott.Moffatt@ ottawa.ca or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491. For information on RideauGoulbourn issues, please visit RideauGoulbourn.ca.


Kenril Construction Ltd. Residential Shingle Specialist

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rs 35 yea

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ANiMAl HoSPiTAl ANiMAl HoSPiTAl • Dr. Rob Kartes • Dr. Adrian Jones • Dr. Paige Willis • Dr. Jackie Sinclair • Dr. Mark Rowett • Dr. Kristin Isnor • Dr. Miki Shibata • Dr. Sharon Zhang

Beside Giant Tiger

Greenbank & Strandherd



(in Manotick)

dance is taught and the whole family is invited. The evening begins with simple dances, followed by dances that build on skills as the evening progresses. Admission is $10, $5 for those aged 12-18, and children under 12 are free. There is a family max admission of $20. For more information, please call 613-692-4576. http://dance.manotick.net


Similar to last month, the publish date of the Messenger during the first week of May does not align with the release of the agenda for our May 3rd meeting of the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee. Although not completely set, the agenda will include the revisions to the Site Alteration By-Law that will improve clarity and remove ambiguity surrounding the agricultural exemption and some of the definitions. The agenda is also expected to include the Zoning By-Law Amendment for the Rideau Carleton Raceway property, which is a major step in the Hard Rock Casino development. Please be sure to sign up for our e-Newsletter, if you have not already, as the complete agenda will be sent out next week.

(in Barrhaven)


experienced in all home renovations and repairs fuLLy iNsuRED.

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Friday, April 20, 2018 Page 17

Honour Roll student enjoyed his season with Osgoode Richmond Romans Name: Nolan Holmes Age: 17 School: Osgoode Township High Grade: 12 Parents: Kim Peter Holmes


Sister: Paige Holmes, Third Year, Forensic Psychology, University of Toronto Pet Peeve: “When a person is credited for something that they did not contribute to, or had minimal impact on.” Part-Time Work: “Throughout the summer and into the fall season I work in the backshop at the Carleton Golf and Yacht Club. During the same time frame,

I work at Fairweather Farm, an organic vegetable farm.” Favorite Subjects: “Physics and Mathematics. I really enjoy crunching numbers and using equations. So I prefer these two subjects over others.” What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? I enjoy reading novels, and tend to read fiction novels, rather than non-fiction. My favorite genres are action and adventure, as well as science fiction.” Who is your favorite author: “My favorite author is Pittacus Lore. I loved the work he did in the I Am Number Four series. His works are very captivating, because he adds a touch of science

fiction to an otherwise normal planet earth, which creates an exhilarating plot.” Ac c o m p l i s h m e n t s : “Throughout my high school career, I have been awarded certain academic awards, such as subject awards in Integrated Technologies and French, as well as top overall average in my grade ten year. I am very pleased by the fact that I have been able to obtain a 90% average or above for the five of six semesters I’ve spent at OTHS. Aside from academics, I’ve been part of many winning sports teams. These teams include a ROMSA softball team, in which we won playoffs in 2016 and 2017, and an intersectional golf team, representing Carleton Golf and Yacht Club, who

won the Ottawa Valley championship in 2014.” Activities and Interests: “Throughout every season I’m generally involved in a sport, either representing my community or my school. I enjoy many sports such as softball, baseball, golf and downhill skiing. However, my favorite sport is hockey. This year I’m a member of the Osgoode Richmond Romans hockey team, playing at the Rep B Level. I also like spending time outdoors, where I enjoy activities such as fishing.” Why did you get involved in what you do? “I’ve been interested in all sorts of sports from a young age. I have also enjoyed taking on leadership roles at school. This

year I am part of the Athletic Council at OTHS. I believe this role allows me to express my appreciation for physical activity, and my desire to be a leader in a positive way, which gives back to my fellow peers. I’m also involved with a Peer Tutoring class where I get to assist the students and the teacher of a grade nine gym class. I got involved with peer tutoring, because it allows me to be put into shoes similar to those of a teacher, and to get an understanding and appreciation of the things they deal with on a regular basis. I also have the opportunity to set a positive example for the grade nines, who are new to the high school scene.” Career Goals: “As of

right now, my goal is to become a successful businessman. Next year I’m hoping to go into a commerce program at university. My options remain open, for whether or not I will decide to leave town, and which universities to which I will apply.”

Community Calendar

Paul’s Pharmacy 990 River Road

(across from Tim Hortons)

• Manotick Branch Library- Tuesday April 24th, 2018, 6:15 – 8:15 pm Window Performance Transferring a prescription is easy to do Tune-up Chris Taylor, President of the Ottawa These cards accepted Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm PC Users’ Group and Microsoft Most Valuable Saturday: 9am-5pm Sunday: 10am-4pm www.pharmasave.com Professional, will demonstrate and explain how to safely use tools that can help speed up Windows. ~ Western Red Cedar ~

• June 2nd The Big Give Ottawa 8:00 am - 1:00 pm Giant Free Garage Sale in the parking lot of the church. Free coffee, tea, muffins and activities! Furniture, clothing, books, home decor and so much more. All free! To be held at Manotick Community Church 5492 South River Drive, Manotick

• The Gloucester Historical Society presents a talk by atmospheric research scientist John D. Reid titled “A Blast from the Past: Ottawa’a Weather at its Worst” at 2:00 p.m., Sunday, April 29, at the Greenboro Community Centre, 363 Lorry Greenberg Drive, Ottawa. Free parking and admission. Bus route 98. The afternoon will begin with the Gloucester Historical Society Annual General Meeting.

• OTTAWA NEWCOMERS CLUB - nonprofit, social organization for women who have recently moved to this area; (and those who have experienced a significant life change), and would like to meet new people of similar interests by joining our many group activities. More information at: ottawanewcomersclub.ca or by contacting newcomersclubottawa@gmail.com

• Manotick Branch Library - Thursday May 24th, 2018, 6:15 – 8:15 pm Protecting your Computer The average time it takes for an unprotected computer to be compromised after connecting to the Internet is under 15 minutes. Don’t let it be yours.

• Are you a proud parent of a military member? Join other parents of serving military members for a casual support group offering you tips and tools, support, information, and refreshments. Free bimonthly meetings are held Monday nights 6:30 - 8:30pm.


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The MessengerSPORTS

Manotick’s Sinclair knocks off world champion to win Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling Then she stole one in the second, two in the third and another single in four to take a 4-0 lead at the half. Controlling the fourfoot zone frustrated Jones’ attempts to generate any serious offence before Team Sinclair shut the book on a Jones comeback with a brilliant doubletakeout to score three in the seventh end. “Without the hammer, we wanted to clog up that four-foot and put some pressure on her, make her throw those angle runs. She made them against us at the worlds but just came up short against us here today, so we definitely tried to capitalize on that.” The final event of Team Sinclair’s season is the Champions Cup which begins in April 24 on Calgary. “Definitely a boost of confidence going into the last event of the season,”

Sinclair said. “We’re just going to have some fun, ride this high and hopefully keep playing just as well as we did this week.” Jamie Sinclair, Alexandra Carlson, Vicki Persinger and Monica Walker hold up their trophy after knocking off the workd champion Jennifer Jones rink at the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling in Toronto Sunday. Manotick’s Sinclair skips the team, which curls out of St. Paul, MN. Photo by Anil Mungal, Sportsnet

Manderley on the Green

Players assistant OPening

Manderley is looking for Player Assistants to help with Starting, Course Marshalling and Power Cart distribution!

Position is one - 8 hour shift per week Benefits include unlimited golf and extra remuneration.

Applicant must be energetic, friendly, customer service orientated and possess an overall cheerful personality.







STITTSVILLE PHONE:PHONE: PHONE: 613-836-6880 613-741-4430



613-838-5959 RICHMOND RICHMOND PHONE: PHONE: 613-838-5959


If you are interested in more information, Please contact Andrew at info@manderleygolf.com


TORONTO -- Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens is the site of many memorable sporting events over the years. But for Manotick’s Jamie Sinclair appearing at last week’s Players Championship Grand Slam Curling event, it was more than memorable; it was historic. Sinclair skipped her U.S.-based team to a 7-2 drubbing of the current world champion Jennifer Jones rink from Winnipeg in the final, earning her the first ever Grand Slam Title by an American squad. Sinclair, who was born in Alaska but raised in Manotick and learned to curl at the Manotick Curling Centre. “I don’t have words to describe how proud I am of this win and this team,” Sinclair said. “We

have worked so hard on our game plans in the past 5 weeks and it has truly paid off. We went out there confident and ready for battle. Hopefully the success of US curling will help grown the sport and bring more sponsors on board” There are four Major curling events in the seven event Grand Slam season, the Players Championship included. Twelve of the top teams in the world competed. Along the way to this week’s victory, Sinclair defeated current Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Hasselborg, bronze medalist Team Fujisawa of Japan and former world champion Silvana Tirinzoni of Switzerland. Sinclair took control from the first end with a slick double-takeout in the first to force a blank.


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Manotick’s Phillips drafted Manotick’s Ben Phillips (centre), son of Chris and Erin Phillips, was drafted by the Kanata Lasers Junior ‘A’ hockey team in the Central Canada Hockey League Draft on Monday, April 9. The just-turned 15-year-old defenceman played Major Bantam AA this past season. Other area players drafted included Adam Chouinard of Metcalfe and Tyler Melvin and William Labrosse of Greely, who were drafted by the Brockville Braves; Ty White of North Gower, selected by the Pembroke Lumber Kings; Nolan Gagnon of Metcalfe, selected by the Cornwall Colts; and Adam Barkley of Kemptville, selected by the Kemptville 73s. Mike Carroccetto photo

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Community City Building

• Official opening of the House of Sport at the RA Centre, which houses various local and national Sporting and Multi-Sport Organizations

• Confederation Line of our Light Rail Transit (LRT) System opening to the public in November 2018

• Official opening of the newly expanded and renovated Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG) on April 28, 2018

• Record $80 million invested into cycling and pedestrian infrastructure in this Term of Council

• 136 new affordable housing units to be completed in 2018, with 142 more to be built in 2019

• Additional $10 million being invested into road repairs and resurfacing in 2018 to bring the total roads budget to $ 45.2 million

• New Red Light cameras being installed and a new 30 km/h speed policy in school zones being implemented

• Partnership with Library and Archives Canada and $73.3 million funding secured for the new Ottawa Central Library

• Implemented the low income transit pass, EquiPass, and single-ride fare, EquiFare

Municipal tax rate %


I was proud to help the Manotick Village & Community Association and the Manotick Kiwanis Club in their efforts to support the Canadian Guide Dogs during Shiverfest, Manotick’s annual Winter Carnival!

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Jim’s term

Affordability • Overall surplus of $24.9 million for 2017 • Maintained a Moody’s Aaa credit rating • Keeping the City affordable with a 2% tax cap




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Manotick Messenger April 20, 2018  

Manotick Messenger April 20, 2018

Manotick Messenger April 20, 2018  

Manotick Messenger April 20, 2018

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