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FRIDAY • September 6 • 2019

Tory leader Scheer makes campaign stop in Barrhaven By Charlie Senack

As the federal election draws near, the three main party leaders aren’t wasting any time getting into campaign mode. On Wednesday, August 21, Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer was in Barrhaven for the opening of Brian St. Louis’ campaign office, the Conservative Party candidate for the riding Nepean. There, Scheer talked to a few hundred local Conservatives about his vision for Canada if he is elected Canada’s 24th Prime Minister. The main focus, Scheer said, is to add more money into Canadians pockets. The Conservatives have recently launched a new slogan titled, “it’s time for you to get ahead.” “We know that Canadians are facing a cost of living crunch, that life is getting less and less affordable,” he told the crowd of Nepean Conservatives. “A big reason for that is (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau’s own policies. He has imposed a carbon tax on Can-

adians that is making everything more expensive from gasoline, to home heating and groceries — all while doing absolutely nothing for emissions.” If the Conservatives are to form government after the October election, Scheer says his first focus would be to get a piece of legislation passed in an effort to repeal the federally imposed carbon tax — which was brought in by the Trudeau Liberal government in 2018, as a way to cut greenhouse emissions and save the environment. Scheer says taxes aren’t the answer. Instead he’d like to offer a green home tax credit which would give homeowners financial compensation for upgrading parts of their home, such as replacing their furnace or getting new windows installed. “We have a real plan that focuses on technology, not taxes, and taking the climate change fight global,” Scheer said. “That will reduce your energy costs and have a real impact on reducing emissions.

Federal Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer made a stop at the campaign headquarters of Brian St. Louis to meet

scheer continues on page 3 with Nepean Conservatives.

Charlie Senack photo

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, September 6, 2019 Page 3

Confederation Line LRT a next step for Ottawa mass transit This fall is going to be a busy one for the City of Ottawa. The Confederation Line LRT is scheduled to open September 14th, and we’ll have a clearer picture of what the looming cuts from Queen’s Park will mean to Ottawa’s municipal budget. Although LRT to Barrhaven is still a few years away, the opening of the Confederation Line is an essential next step for Mass transit in Ottawa. It will mean fewer personal vehicles on the road, less bus gridlock in the core which hopefully will translate into faster, more efficient and reliable bussing. We will be keeping a close eye on new


WARD REPORT by Carole Anne Meehan

routes to ensure they meet your needs. Much of our focus this fall will be on how to deal with budget cuts from the Province. The Ford Government says in order to rein in its annual 12 billion dollar deficit, and 1 million dollar monthly interest payments, it has no choice but to cut social services, and public health budgets province wide. After intense pressure,

scheer continues from page 1 We are also the only party ised to ensure the Canadian talking about taking the cli- government would only live within their means, and says he mate change fight globally.” At the same time, Scheer, would represent Canada with who is also the MP for the rid- pride on the world stage. “That means balancing the ing of Regina—Qu’Appelle, said he would remove HST and budget over five years so that GST on necessities such as hy- we can stop borrowing money dro and gas bills, so Canadians from future generations if Canwould have more money in adians,” he said. “We are going their pockets — a common to live within our means so that message from the Conserva- you can have more money in your pockets, so that you can tives this election. He also promised to not tax get ahead.” He also made reference to workers who are on parental or maternity leave, and would the SNC Lavalin scandal, saycommit to ensuring municipal- ing he would “shine light” on corruption ities could no longer dump Joy/Summer copy_Diversitea Adraw 8/15/19 4:03 PMwithin Page 1current Fedsewage into lakes, rivers and eral Liberal Party. The one topic that did not oceans. In conclusion, Scheer prom- come up was Scheer’s con-

the cuts were delayed until gap, but we still fall far short next year. of what we spend to have deIt is important to remember cent roads. I put a motion forthat there is only one taxpayer, ward earlier this year to spend and although I do not think $57 million in new Federal it is fair to see municipalities Gas Tax money on infrastrucshoulder more of the burden, ture projects. We should hear the cuts are coming. of the outcome of my proposal Councillors and city staff this fall. will now have to find ways to While most of us hate to protect our core services. No think about snow, snow clearone wants cuts to services, and ing has been top of mind for none of us want to pay more, me for months. We cannot so we had better find efficien- have a repeat of this past wincies. ter’s snow clearing mess. Yes, On ongoing issue in Ot- it was an unusual winter, but tawa is the infrastructure changing weather patterns funding gap, the money used are here to stay. Ottawa has to improve and maintain our been guilty of underfunding Dadwe with Old Car_Adits copy 7/11/19 7:25 budget PM Page roads. In 2019 increased snow clearing by1 property taxes to narrow the millions for years now. The challenge going forward is to ensure better plowing in the troversial thoughts on abor- face of looming financial contion and LGBTQ+ rights. His straints. My office has been speech came the same week as working with city staff and I the Liberals dug up an old 2006 am pleased to report they are video of the new Conservative party leader speaking out, opposing same sex marriage. Since speaking in Barrhaven last week, Scheer has addressed the resurfaced video, saying “a Conservative government will not reopen these divisive social issues.” Election signs have already started going up on private property, but it will only be a few more weeks until you will see them on street corners all across the country. Canadians will head to the polls on October 21, 2019.

are built. Collecting DC’s earlier in the process could shave years off of the delay that we experience of growthrelated infrastructure being constructed after homes are built That would make life easier on all of us. I would be more than happy to discuss ideas that can improve all our lives. Just call my ward office, and subscribe to my weekly newsletter, carolannemeehan.com Please mark Saturday, Sept. 21st on your calendar. I am hosting a Corn Roast for everyone in the ward. 3-6 pm at the Nepean Woods Park and Ride on Strandherd Drive, across from Movati. Activities for the kids, so bring the whole family. I hope to see you there! Carol Anne Meehan is the Councillor for GloucesterSouth Nepean

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working on new standards and better ways of clearing all our roads. The topic of roads, leads me to the issue of development charges. Owners of each new home pay the developer a chunk of cash as part of the purchase price, and that in turn goes to the city to pay for new roads, community centres, etc. The problem in Ottawa is that residents move in but it takes years for the roads and infrastructure to be built to accommodate that new growth. Currently, DC’s are collected when a construction permit is issued. This collection of funds happens near the end of the entire building process. I would prefer to see those DC’s collected when a developer gets city approval for a new subdivision, which could be years before homes

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Construction begins on Strandherd, expect lane reductions and detours

I write this weeks “Let’s Talk Barrhaven” article early in the morning sitting in a red Adirondack on a beach near Westport on Upper Rideau lake. Life is good. Being creative and grabbing opportunities whenever you can is heart and soul healthy. I looked at my calendar yesterday around noon and thought “there’s one thing between me and there”. I called my 8 am meeting person and said “how about we have our breakfast meeting remotely? Instead of Broadway why don’t you eat your bacon in Barrhaven and I will eat mine in Westport”. Then I texted Elena and asked if the girls will be okay if they don’t see nana this weekend? She said yes if you are back next week. I called Mary (Marin) and asked her if she wanted to join me with a couple of her friends but she was at Calypso. I asked Andrea if the boys needed me for anything but they are busy with hockey and basketball try-outs (of course). I called Larry and said, “I am going to the lake” and he said “enjoy yourself” and so I am. Take opportunities as they come along. I did and that’s why I am “sitting on the dock of the bay”!

Strandherd Drive Widening - Advanced Contract

Strandherd Drive is being widened to a four-lane cross section from Maravista Drive to Jockvale Road in Barrhaven. The project will also include cycle tracks, sidewalks, a VIA Rail line overpass structure and necessary improvement and extension to watermains and sewers. The bulk of this work is planned to commence in 2020 pending approvals, including VIA Rail agreements. In the interim, a separate Advanced Contract was prepared to complete some of the work in 2019. · There will be intermittent lane reductions on Strandherd Drive, in the westbound direction, between Kennevale Drive and Maravista Drive as well on Strandherd Drive, in the eastbound direction, at Borrisokane Road. · Friday September 6, Saturday September 7 and Sunday September 8, starting each evening at 6 pm, Jockvale Road will be closed in the northbound direction between


BARRHAVEN by Jan Harder

Strandherd Drive and Tartan/ Exeter Drive. Traffic will be detoured from Strandherd to Greenbank Road to Wessex Road to Exeter Drive. The lane will be open during the day. · Starting on Monday September 9, Jockvale Road will be reduced to one lane of traffic (alternating traffic direction) on weekdays (except between 3 pm and 6 pm, where one lane in each direction will be maintained). · The multi-use pathway on the west side of Jockvale Road will remain open throughout the project for pedestrians and cyclists. · Friday September 6, Saturday September 7 and Sunday September 8, starting each evening at 7 pm, Greenbank Road will be reduced to one through lane in the southbound direction (in proximity of the Strandherd Drive intersection). All traffic movements will be maintained at all times. · Starting on Monday September 9, Strandherd Drive will be reduced to one lane in the westbound direction between Greenbank Road and Jockvale Road. One traffic lane will be maintained.

New Accessible Dock at Chapman Mills Conservation Area

Staff installed a new, accessible dock at Chapman Mills Conservation Area this July, which will greatly improve how residents access the Rideau River to fish, paddle or just dip their toes. The new dock is in a better location, directly off the main path beyond the picnic shelter. It’s wider than the previous dock and features a gentle, wheelchairfriendly slope from the shore. Wheel-stop ledges have been installed along the sides of the dock and at the front to help wheelchair users feel more secure, as well. The dock was generously funded by Cabela’s Canada Outdoor Fund, and designed by local company Fendock. Many residents commented how pleased they were to see the new and improved structure. One local paddler said she loves Chap-

man Mills for providing “cottage life, five minutes from home.” For more information contact Megan at megan.dunster@rvca.ca

Wanted: Your Opinion on the Five Big Moves for Ottawa’s future

The City wants to know what you think about how Ottawa will change and grow around us, now and for years to come. We are rewriting Ottawa’s Official Plan – the strategic document that describes how the city will grow over time, where we will place major infrastructure, and what policies will be in place to support economic growth and guide the development and evolution of communities. Our goal is to position Ottawa to be flexible, resilient and, above all, a city where people want to live, work and play. Following initial consultations with the public and stakeholders on a series of wide-ranging discussion papers, we are proposing to make a number of significant policy changes, known as the Five Big Moves: Growth: By 2046, achieve more growth by intensification than by greenfield development. This growth will provide a variety of affordable housing options for residents. Mobility: By 2046, encourage the majority of trips in Ottawa to be made by sustainable transportation. Urban Design: Improve our sophistication in urban and community design and put this knowledge to the service of strong development at all scales, from the largest to the very small. Resiliency: Embed public health, environmental, climate OR and energy resiliency into the Cl framework of our planning * policies. Economy: Embed economic development into the framework of our planning policies. We want to know what you think about these changes and how they will impact your daily lives. Learn more and share your thoughts about the Five Big Moves at ottawa.ca/ NewOP from now until Thursday, September 16th. Your feedback will help us develop a set of comprehensive policy directions that City Council will consider in late 2019. Should Council support these directions, the City will develop a draft Official Plan to



present to Council by summer 2020.

Fall Clean-Up Days

It is Park Clean-Up time again. Every year, from Spring to Fall, Responsible Dog Owners of Canada holds Park Clean-Up Days in Ottawa area dog parks. During the morning we hand out bags & gloves to dog owners, who are the ones who do all the work picking up the garbage etc. Their reward is a much cleaner park, & their pups get dog cookies. Thank you to everybody who participates in these events. Please join us at: Heritage Park on Sunday September 15th from 9:00 to 10.30 a.m. (rain date: Monday September 16th 9:0010.30a.m.) Conroy Pit on Saturday September 21st from 9:00 to 10.30 a.m. (rain date: Sunday September 22nd 9:0010.30a.m.) Stittsville Park on Saturday September 28th from 9:00 to 10.30 a.m.(rain date: Saturday October 12th 9:00-10.30a.m.)

Bruce Pit on Saturday October 5th from 9:00 to 10.30 a.m.(rain date: Sunday October 6th, 9:00-10.30a.m.) For more info visit: http:// www.responsibledogowners. ca

The Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association

FOPLA invite you to join them for a one-day only Vinyl Record Sale featuring thousands of titles in genres including rock, pop, jazz, classical, opera, French folk, and much more. The event will also feature a silent auction of interesting titles. Proceeds benefit the Ottawa Public Library. Saturday, September 7th, 2019 from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at 100 Tallwood Drive. Cash only please and free parking onsite.

Barrhaven Garden Club

Mary Shearman Reid, Green Thumb Garden Centre, presents Bulbs for Year Round Enjoyment. How to choose, plant, care & enjoy them. September 11th at 7:30 p.m. (76

Larkin Dr.) Info: 613 825-4257 or email barrhavengardenclub. ca Guests $5.00

It’s In You To Donate

The Mobile Blood Donor Centre will be at the Ottawa Christian School (255 Tartan Drive) on Saturday, September 21st from 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Christmas Market Registration

Are you a crafter & interested in selling your items? Come & join us on October 19th, 2019 from 9 a.m. - to 4 p.m. and rent a 6 feet long at the price of $40.00 & if you need Electrical it is $50.00. If interested contact: rcl641entertainment_hospitality@hotmail.com

Singers Wanted!

The Ottawa Carleton Choristers are looking to recruit new members. Thursdays 4:15 - 6 p.m. at The Board Office (133 Greenbank Rd.) For more info: ottawa.occ.choristers@gmail.com

FRIDAY, September 6, 2019 Page 5


The IndependentCOMMUNITY Street naming honours Nepean’s first female justice of the peace

A street-naming in Quinn’s Pointe has honoured Nepean’s first female Justice of the Peace. Lillian (Lynn) Coulter was honoured in the ceremony, which was attended by Ontario Court Justices, Justices of the Peace, court staff, police officers, community members, family and friends. Throughout her 40-year career, Lynn Coulter’s sincerity and steadfast resolve developed her reputation as a well-respected Justice of the Peace in the Provincial Courts of Ontario. She was responsible for both hearing cases and training other Justices of the Peace, and was recognized for her knowledge of the law. This street naming proposal is a fitting tribute to a highly esteemed member of the community. Lynn, now 91, was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace on February 26th,

1959 and retired as the East Region’s Regional Senior Justice of the Peace in 1998. From the then Township of Nepean, she was the first female Justice of the Peace appointed in the County Court level and for Nepean and also the first female Justice of the Peace in the East Region named as a Presiding Justice of the Peace for the Province of Ontario upon the Province taking over the jurisdiction. In 1990 Lynn was appointed the first Regional Senior Justice of the Peace for the East Region one of only 8 positions for the entire province. Lynn has always been an individual of the highest integrity, informative when mentoring and always willing to assist the police, public and everyone she dealt with equally.

A street in Half Moon Bay was dedicated to Her Worship Lillian (Lynn) Coulter in a ceremony last week. She was joined by Nepean MPP Lisa MacLeod, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor Jan Harder, Hugo Lalonde from Minto Communities, and community volunteer Darrell Bartraw. Absent from picture is retired City of Nepean Deputy Chief Devon Fermoyle.

harder continues from page 4 Algonquin College and the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) invites you to the Future of Health and Wellness Speaker Series event on Friday, September 20th from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. in the Restaurant International (H building) at Algonquin College’s Ottawa Campus. The session’s keynote speaker is Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, Minister of Long-Term Care. Dr. Fullerton will share her vision on longterm care in Ontario. Space is limited, so please RSVP today

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to reserve your spot. Please refer to the registration page for parking details. Register at: https://bit.ly/2MLo5eW NROCRC’s Community BBQ and Annual General Meeting Please join the Nepean Rideau Osgoode Community Resource Centre (NROCRC) on September 18th from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. at 1547 Merivale Road for a free Halal BBQ (while supplies last). Call 613596-5626 for details.


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Rowan’s Law Day It’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since we were writing about Rowan Stringer. She was the high school student in Barrhaven who passed away after suffering a concussion during a high school rugby game. The rugby community in Eastern Ontario is a small one, and she was well known in the area. Rowan, who was the captain of the John McCrae Secondary School girls rugby team, suffered a concussion in a high school game. She did not want her coaches to know about it in case they would sit her out for her next game against rival St. Joseph. She played, suffered another concussion, and passed away. We can’t help but think of safety for our children this week as they are back to school. We think of road safety and playground safety and all kinds of safety. But now, with gym classes and sports in school starting up, as well as minor hockey, figure skating and futsal seasons about to begin, concussions are added to the list of things that we, as parents, will be worrying about. Rowan’s Law Day in Ontario will be held Sept. 25. Our local MPP, Lisa MacLeod, was instrumental in creating Rowan’s Law and made it her mandate to work with Gord and Kathleen Stringer and a group of stakeholders to make Rowan’s Law the first piece of concussion legislation in the country. Now that MacLeod is the Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, there won’t be a happier person to celebrate this day than MacLeod herself. Reducing the risk of concussions is always the goal. But concussions happen, and knowing what to do – whether you’re an athlete, a parent, a coach or a teacher – saves lives. That’s why MacLeod and the Ontario Government will honour Rowan’s Stringer’s memory by launching a province-wide multimedia campaign to raise awareness about concussion safety. This robust multimedia awareness campaign will get information about concussion safety and prevention directly in front of kids, parents, coaches, teachers and others who need it most. Rowan’s Law and Rowan’s Law Day were established to honour Rowan Stringer’s memory and bring awareness to concussions and concussion safety. Please join us in remembering Rowan Stringer by promoting concussion safety through a tweet, Facebook or Instagram post. Show your support for #RowansLawDay by sharing your stories and learning the facts about concussions and how to prevent them. Rowan’s Law Day takes place each year on the last day of September. The first Rowan’s Law Day happened last year, on Sept. 26, 2018 for the purpose of raising concussion education awareness, especially in schools. And as this day approaches, it makes it realize that even though six years is not a long time, we have all come a long way since that tragedy.

The day Iain Twigg danced his heart out

For Iain Twigg, there was always a stigma ing… maybe not so much. I don’t have a good voice.” attached to one of his passions. Twigg did not get selected for Shrek, but It didn’t matter that he played minor hockey with the Nepean Raiders, that he played he said going through the audition helped him minor soccer with Ottawa South United, or understand the process and know what to exthat he loved to play his favourite sport, la- pect the next time around. Twigg will be living with other kids in a crosse, with the Nepean Knights. He had a residence operated by the Royal Winnipeg gift and a passion for ballet. “I always got teased and made fun at my Ballet. He already knows some of the kids school of because of it,” the 12-year-old said. there, as well as some of the teachers. It will be like the college dorm experience, just six “People didn’t understand.” years earlier than expected. Twigg graduated from “It’s going to be fun, Grade 6 at Farley Mowatt like being in a hotel,” he Public School in the FROM THE OTHER said. “I’m going to miss spring. This week, he and my family, but I will be his family are travelling able to come home a couple to Winnipeg, where he Jeffrey Morris times during the year, and I will be attending school and training at the Royal will be able to come home at Thanksgiving and then Winnipeg Ballet School. He will be attending regular classes at a pub- Christmas, and then March Break.” His mother is also excited for him. lic school in the morning. In the afternoon, “Going away like that is not something his workload will be focused on intense dance every kid can do,” she said. “But Iain is the training. Twigg’s mother, Philippa, is a ballet in- type of kid who will handle it well. I’m going structor at the Greta Leeming School of to miss him, but I’m not worried about him COUNCIL Dance and introduced her son to dance at the at all.” He will miss playing hockey this year, but age of two. Iain has done tap, jazz CORNER and hipMayor Suzanne Dodge he will still be a fan. hop, but ballet is his calling. He auditioned “I don’t like the Sens,” he said. “The owner for the school last year and went to Winnipeg in July, 2018 for a second audition. He did won’t pay anyone and all the good players not make it into the school last year, so he leave. Even the good young players they have came back and kept working. He auditioned will leave. I’m a Winnipeg Jets fan.” While his love for dance was the root of again this year and got a second audition for the second straight year. His trip to Winnipeg the bullying problems he faced, it also proTHE NOT SO the escape he needed from the bullies. vided in July paid off this time, and he was accepted NEW GUY “It was difficult to be a dancer in school,” into the program. Twigg said. “I got teased and bullied a lot. “Originally, I was doing it more for the Tim Ruhnke training and I wasn’t really thinking about It was really stressful and not many people school,” he said. “But when I didn’t get ac- besides my family tried to do anything about cepted the first time, it was really devastating. it. I could turn to dance to get away from it, That’s when I got motivated to try and get ac- because when I was dancing, all of that didn’t cepted the next year. That motivation helped matter. It helped me forget about all the stress from school.” and I knew this is where I wanted to be.” But Twigg, showing maturity far beyond Twigg’s first taste of professional ballet WALKERhis HOUSE 12 years, puts a positive spin on it. came at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. “There were a lot of days when I didn’t He successfully auditioned and got to take part in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s perform- want to go to school because I didn’t know Susan Vallom ance of the Nutcracker. It was really inspiring what would happen,” Twigg said. “But withfor me as a kid to watch professional dan- out going through all that stuff, I wouldn’t be cers dance and how they interacted with each where I am today. It made me stronger and other and how they warmed up. It set a good gave me confidence.” A big turning point for him came at the example for me.” Twigg also successfully auditioned for as end of Grade 6. After years of avoiding the school talent show, he finally decided to show performance at the NAC with the AlbertaBLAKE’S his peers what he could do. He choreographed Ballet. TAKES “I wanted to be amazing to show them they his own solo and drew a nice ovation with his McKim didn’t waste their time coming here,” he said.Blakeperformance. “I danced my heart out that day,” he said. Not all auditions have been perfect for “I just showed all those people who had made Twigg. “My first audition was with the Orpheus all those nasty comments that this is what I Company for Shrek,” Twigg recalled. “It was want to do, and you can’t stop me from doing like a dancing, acting, musical kind of thing. that.” And all the bullies could do was clap. I was good at the dancing part, but the sing-




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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2019 Page 7


DINING OUT 2364 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner




BREAKFAST-LUNCH-DINNER (6:30am-10:00pm -7 DAYS A WEEK) The management and staff look forward to serving our guests in our recently renovated establishment

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NOW OPEN Barrhaven @ Greenbank and Strandherd



The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Barrhaven to get city’s first suburban marijuana shop

Ottawa’s fourth legal cannabis dispensary will be in Barrhaven. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has released the results of the cannabis

retail store lottery draw it held on August 20. The lottery provided those who met pre-qualification requirements for one of the 42 new store authorizations announced by the

expressions of interest included in the lottery draw. Ethan Stark was the Ottawa winner. The proposed store address was 4335 Strandherd Drive, Units 3,4 and 5. The proposed loca-

Government of Ontario on July 3, 2019, an opportunity to be selected to apply for one. There was one Ottawa winner among the 42 selected out of 4,864 eligible

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tion will be in the strip mall located in front of Costco, in the units between Tutti Frutti and Sleep Country. The AGCO has notified the selected applicants that they may now apply for a

cannabis Retail Operator Licence and a Retail Store Authorization. The AGCO will only licence applicants and authorize stores that meet all legal and regulatory requirements.

Bill McDonald

Financial Advisor The Co-operators 5560 Manotick Main St | Manotick 613-692-5070 www.cooperators.ca/William-McDonald

Home Auto Life Investments Group Business Farm Travel

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FRIDAY, September 6, 2019 Page 9


Richmond FaiR’s 175 biRthday th

September 19 to nd September 22 th

Richmond FaiRgRounds, 6121 PeRth stReet

The 175th Richmond Fair will feature five days of family-friendly activity, starting on Wednesday September 18th with mini Chuckwagon Racing at 7:00 pm, followed by Fireworks at 9:00 pm. Gate admission is FREE!!! on Wednesday!!! 2019 marks a significant milestone for the Richmond Fair. 175 years of agricultural excellence in our community! In honour of this achievement, the 2019 Board of Directors is pleased to offer an exciting, family fun-filled weekend to celebrate the Fair’s 175th birthday! We are also proud to announce that 2019 marks the 10th year General Gate Admission has been offered for $10. ThuRsDAy Is ToonIe nIGhT on the midway beginning at 6:00 pm, with entertainment in the Outdoor Family Tent and the Smash em’ up, crash em’ up Demolition Derby roars to life at 7:00 pm FRIDAy Is AGRIculTuRAl AWAReness DAy with activities beginning at 9:00 am with children’s activities in Kiddyland, 4-H livestock shows starting at 10:00 am, and the midway opens at 1:00 pm. The Lawn Tractor Pull begins at 7:00 pm and our age of majority entertainment, Rainwater Whiskey takes the stage at 8:30 pm followed by Aaron Goodvin at 9:30 pm in the Arena. sATuRDAy Is RoBeRTsons AmusemenTs DAy featuring horse and cattle shows, midway rides, indoor and outdoor entertainment and of course, the parade which leaves South Carleton High School at 11:00 am! Saturday evening’s entertainment starts Rockin in the Arena at 8:30 pm with Timberline and the world-famous Roadhammers at 9:30 pm. For those on the grounds, Robertson Amusements is firing off Fireworks at 9:30 pm! sunDAy FeATuRes The mInIATuRe hoRse shoW, Ultimate Cowboy Obstacle Race, Draft Heavy and 4-H Shows, Sheep Show and Beef Cattle Shows. Our non-denominational church service begins at 10:30 am followed by the Rise2Fame Talent Contest in the Outdoor tent at 11:30 am. You will find Wayne Rostad, Terry Marcotte, Marleen Fawcett and Flashback from 1:00 to 6:00 pm in the Arena.

Richmond FaiRgRounds, 6121 PeRth stReet




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First Ottawa Kosher BBQ Cook-off to take place in Barrhaven The School year has started and people will be getting into Fall mode. The BBQ season, however, will still be ongoing. Ottawa Torah Centre (OTC), the Synagogue in Barrhaven, is organizing the First Annual Ottawa Kosher BBQ Cook-Off and Festival in partnership with the Canadian BBQ Society on September 8th 2019 from 11:30 am – 3:30 pm. The Ottawa Kosher BBQ & Festival, to take place on the OTC parking lot at 111 Lamplighters Drive, will be a celebration of rich flavours and cuisine while engaging all sectors of Ottawa Jewish life. Seven


teams from across the community will compete in a one-day extravaganza featuring pit masters and cooks, grilling and smoking in various categories including best brisket, chicken, and turkey, all in keeping with a Kosher diet. Summer Kosher BBQ Cookoffs & Jewish Food Festivals have gained popularity in many Jewish communities throughout the US. They have become a creative way to bring communities together to bond over food and connect in a welcoming and inclusive environment open to all ages, backgrounds and affiliations.

Let us do the dirty work for you!


Teams and spectators are among the hundreds of people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds who will participate in this exciting summer community-wide event. All teams who participate in kosher BBQ competitions are on the same level playing field. Each team is provided with the same equipment (A Kettle Grill and a Smoker) and the same amount and quality of meat. The double-blind entries will be judged by certified Kansas City Barbecue Society and other local celebrity judges. There will also be “taster tickets” for sale where the fans can vote for the People’s

Choice Award. The festival will conclude with an award presentation ceremony for the winners of the competition in each category. The festival will also feature Jewish music and a Kid’s Zone with a 9-hole mini-putt as well as inflatables and carnival games. A Kosher Food Court will be open throughout the day of the festival featuring a variety of Kosher BBQ delicacies. Participants will be able to feast on sumptuous pulled brisket sandwiches, corned beef sandwiches, Moroccan burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, knishes,

fries, salads and drinks as well as popcorn and cotton candy. The festival will also include a craft beer garden featuring two local brewers and their beers. The Ottawa Kosher BBQ Cook-Off and Festival will create a unique annual opportunity for the entire Barrhaven community, Jews and non-Jews alike to experience Kosher Jewish food and learn about its culture (similar to the Greek Fest and Lebanese Festival). “This is the only Jewish Food festival of its kind in Ottawa,” explains Rabbi Menachem M. Blum, organizer of

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the event, “and one that I think will be enjoyed by the broad spectrum of our community. The Ottawa Kosher BBQ Cook-Off & Festival is open to the entire community and will become an annual festival that will bring our community together to connect, enjoy and learn about each other.” General entry to the festival is free. Tickets for the food court and the kid’s zone will be sold online in advance as well as on the day of the festival. For more information and for tickets please visit www.theotc.org/bbq or call OTC 613.843.7770




A Community you can call home.

Thursday September 12th - 3 p.m. FEATURIN




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FRIDAY, September 6, 2019 Page 11

OTC Early Learning Centre hosting Open House Sept. 18-19 The Ottawa Torah Centre’s Early Learning Centre will be hosting an Open House Sept. 18-19 from 7-9 p.m. The OTC Early Learning Centre is a new fully licensed childcare centre that opened its doors last September in Barrhaven, and has been having so much fun ever since! All staff members are qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educators. The centre located at 111 Lamplighters Drive (at Kennevale), and provides a hot lunch and two snacks and offers a Toddler program, ages 18 months to 2.5 years old, and a Preschool program, ages 2.5 years to 5 years old. Both programs have full time and limited part time spaces. In fact, because of the success it enjoyed in its first year, the centre is expanding the number of full time spaces in the Preschool program in the fall. Please contact the centre for more information and pricing. The OTC Early Learning Centre has a wonderful learning environment where children feel comfortable to explore and inquiry about their surroundings. Learning experiences are influenced through the children’s interests and motivations. Early childhood educators guide the children in their learning through innovative teaching styles that keep the children engaged and interested. The different activities and experiences provide opportunities for the children to master their developmental skills

“We are very fortunate to be a part of an incredible community,” explain Krista Benias, supervisor of the program, “the feedback from our parent body has been great and very encouraging”. C. Disipio, who has a child enrolled in the program explains: “We have loved having our daughter enrolled in the preschool program. Not only are the hours great with many wonderful activities, outdoor time and

healthy snacks and meals but our daughter loves going. The staff are very kind and friendly.” The Meladys who have a child graduating from the program commented: “I can honestly say that I never had a day of work that I spent worried about how Victoria was doing as I knew she was in all of your capable hands. Seeing her smile at the end of the day and being told “can you come back later so I can

The early educators at the Ottawa Torah Centre’s Early Learning Centre will be among the staff at their Open House Sept. 18-19.

stay and play?” provided me with the comfort of knowing she was in the best place. As I wrote out the last check, she saw my tears and asked why I was crying and I said, “just because”, being Victoria, she replied “I know, I am growing up”. All are welcomed to the

OTC Early Learning Centre’s Open House on September 18th and 19th from 7 pm to 9 pm. There will be refreshments, peanut-free treats, and crafts for everyone to enjoy. Families from the local community can come and meet the warm and friendly staff while touring the beautiful

Centre. Interested families can register by calling (613) 843-7770. They are located at 111 Lamplighters Drive, and we have plenty of parking on site. For more information about the OTC Early Learning Centre please call (613) 843-7770.



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STUDENTS: KENNEL ASSISTANTS REQUIRED. The Village of Manotick Animal Hospital is presently looking for two Kennel Assistants to work 1 or 2 evenings per week and every second or third weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Some experience would be an asset but not required. Own transportation is necessary. If interested, please submit your resume by email to sandymen@rogers.com; by fax to 613-692-0465 or drop off at 5547 Scharfield Road in Manotick.

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The IndependentFOCUS ON YOUTH

For St. Joseph grad Grace Parker, hockey is in her blood

Name: Grace Parker Age: 18


Address: Barrhaven School: St. Joseph High (graduated this past June) Parents: Kristin Parker (Teacher at St. Mother Teresa Catholic High School) & Fred Parker (Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting for the Calgary Flames) Brother: Jack Parker, grade 11, John McCrae Secondary, Plays hockey for the Nepean Raiders U18 AAA Sister: Kate Parker, grade 10, St. Joseph High, Plays hockey for Nepean Wildcats Midget A Pets: Cat (Toby) Favourite Subjects: Math and Business What is your greatest accomplishment? “Throughout my years of playing hockey I have dreamt of one day playing at the university level, and also on a national stage for Team Canada. In grade 10, I verbally committed to play Division I Ice Hockey at Boston University on a full scholarship, and this year I officially signed my National Letter of Intent to play. After watching many other Nepean Wildcats go off to play hockey at the university level, I was determined from a young age that I wanted to be just like these role models. Today, this dream has come true. I leave for Boston at the end of June, and will spend the summer there taking courses, working out and playing hockey, in preparation for my first year of college hockey. This is some-

YOUTH by Phill Potter

thing I have worked for over the past ten years, and what I consider to be one of my greatest accomplishments. I did mention my other dream, growing up as a young female hockey player, was to represent my country on a national stage for Team Canada. Although it has not completely come true yet, my experience with Team Canada is something I am proud of, and consider to be one of my greatest accomplishments as well. Last spring I received an invitation to the National Team Canada Under 18 camp, where I would compete alongside the most elite female hockey players for my age group across the country. I attended the selection camp in Calgary, wearing the maple leaf on my jersey for the first time in my life, an indescribable feeling and accomplishment. Throughout the week we did physical testing, mental testing, on-ice activities and off-ice activities, and had a glimpse of what it takes to play at the highest level. Unfortunately, when the roster was shortened from two teams to one, I was not one of the players selected to represent Canada in the World Championships. That being said, my time in Calgary wearing the maple leaf is something I will always be proud of, and something I strive to do again in the future.” Activities/Interests: “For the most part, the activities that I’m involved in, and things that interest me, revolve around

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sports. Over the past four years I’ve been a part of St. Joseph’s Athletic Council, promoting school spirit and running special events, and bringing out athletics in the community. Also at school, I was a member of the Varsity Cross Country Running, Tennis, Hockey, Ringette and Touch Football teams. Along with schoolwork, hockey and my social life, these school sports take up a lot of my spare time. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of what I would consider a special high school team, and that would be the Varsity Girls Touch Football Team at St. Joseph. Although the season itself doesn’t start until mid May, we begin in February, not just because the coaches are eager to start, but more so because the players have been pushing since September to get together and started. This group of girls is one unlike any other I’ve had the opportunity to play with. It’s an extremely close group, despite the age gaps and personality differences. We’re always having fun. Unlike many other teams we play against, we do special team bonding activities, and travel to Olympia Sports Camp overnight. All in efforts to make football an experience more than just a sport.” My interest in football sparked from this team, but more importantly some of my greatest memories and friends from high school. None of this would be possible without the incomparable time and effort put in by our coaches: Mr. Scatcherd, Mr. Belanger, Mrs. Lindsay and Katherine Mulders, I am forever thankful for the amazing experience they gave me.” Why did you get involved


in what you do? “Being a Canadian enduring the freezing cold, and snow filled winters, it was inevitable for me to end up in skating from a young age. I’ve always skated on the outdoor rink, and local Canskate Programs, but it wasn’t until grade 2 that I picked up a hockey stick as well. Part of what got me into hockey, was my childhood friends Paige Mirau and Emma Beaudette pushing me to sign up, but even more of a factor was my dad. My dad never pushed me to get into hockey, or even suggested it, but with hockey being such a passion of his, I wanted it to be a part of my life as well. At this time, my dad was coaching Canadian University Hockey, after coaching junior hockey in Ottawa for many years, NCAA hockey for one season, and in the OHL for a few years as well. Currently, my Dad is the Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting for the Calgary Flames. Hockey has been a part of his everyday life ever since he can remember. Much like my dad, it didn’t take long for hockey to evolve into a lifelong passion for me, and lucky enough, I had a coach with an abundance of hockey knowledge and experience, to get me to where I am today. This coach is my dad – my biggest supporter. It started with the hockey camps my dad ran all summer long. We would drive to and from the rink together every morning, and I would spend most of the day with him and learning from him. These were some of my greatest childhood memories. Without a doubt, my dad was the reason I got into hockey, but also the reason I have done so well in hockey. I rarely admit it, but my dad is definitely the best coach I’ve ever had, and the


St. Joseph High School grad Grace Parker is headed to Boston University to play hockey. Phill Potter photo most knowledgeable hockey mind I’ve come across. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today. He is the greatest reason for my love of hockey.” Career Goals: “Like many eighteen year olds, I’ve struggled with the huge decision of what I want to do with my life, where I want to be in 10 years, and what career I see myself in. As a result, I’m going into my first year of university undeclared. I’m not sure where my career will take me. At this point, I’m keeping my options open. My interests are in Business and Mathematics, so I’ve been exploring possible career choices in these subjects. I hope that wherever I do end up, I can continue to have hockey and sports a part of my career. I can’t imagine it any other way. My goal is to have a better idea

of what career I imagine myself in, after exploring my options in my freshman year at Boston University.” Comment: “It would not have been possible for me to achieve my goals and live out my dreams without the support and guidance I’ve received. I’d like to thank all my teammates, teachers and coaches from over the years. A special thank you to teachers Mr. Scatcherd and Ms. Reid, as well as my Nepean Junior Coaches Bruce Macdonald, Kevin Mason, Randy Mar, Ron Graham and Katrina Bert. I would also like to thank my family, especially my parents for all the sacrifices they have made along the way. Lastly, thank you to my off-ice trainer Adam Bracken with the fitness lab, and On-ice skills coaches Mike Asselin and Derek Switzer with Amped Sports Lab.”


A new and unique Dojo In Manotick We Will be holding a free public class and demonstration

Sunday, August 18 at 10:00am 5637 South Island Park Dr, Manotick, ON K4M 1J3 BBQ Lunch will be provided afterwards Visit our website: www.ottawaaikido.ca email us: dan@ottawaaikido.ca

 Hours of Operation: Monday
 Monday – Friday 8am 8pm Saturday
 Saturday – 8am 6pm Sunday
 Sunday – 9am 5pm






The IndependentSPORTS

Nepean Sports Wall of Fame to be revived in Sportsplex By Charlie Senack After being left untouched for over a decade, the Nepean Sports Wall of Fame will finally be revived again to celebrate the accomplishments of homegrown athletes. The wall located at the Nepean Sportsplex, was founded in 1985 by the former Nepean Chamber of Commerce. For years local athletes were recognized for their achievements on the world stage, but after the commerce fell apart, so did the celebration which took place roughly every two years. The last set of inductees were recognized in 2009, and

since then the pictures on the walls of the Nepean Sportsplex have for the most part went unnoticed. But a year and a half ago, former Nepean Chamber of Commerce President Gavin Leishman and Barrhaven resident David Rattray, decided to put their heads together in an effort to bring the celebration back to life. “There are walls everywhere, there are halls of fame everywhere, but this is to recognize that from a small place like Nepean, we have had some very, very successful athletes,” said Leishman. “On the wall we have pictures of Nepean

residents who have won medals in the Olympics, Stanley Cup champions, Pan American Games medalists, and overall a very prominent and dominant group of athletes.” On Thursday, September 19, ten new local sport legends will be honoured during a celebration held in halls A and B of the Sportsplex, with a new wall being created to give the wall of fame a new look and feel. A new website has also been created, which has bios and pictures of the 49 people who have been inducted since the wall was first created in 1985, and the ten more which will be added this fall.

“The many pictures and bios of Nepean’s athletes hang in the main entrance of the Nepean Sportsplex, and some for many years, but most pictures are showing their age,” Rattray said. “Work needed to be done to restore them and this was one of the first actions taken under Gavin’s leadership.” Another big change to the celebration this year is to not only honour athletes, but also builders, coaches and managers. “We stop and think about it, because the athletes didn’t get there by themselves,” states Leishman. “Somebody had to have an organization, then put coaches and managers into

place. We have three builders and two coaches going up on the wall out of the ten people who were nominated.” Jed Tommy, Jamie Baker, Erika Seltenreich-Hogdson, Steven Black, and Jeff Chychrun are the five athletes to be recognized this year, while Duane Jones and Jim York will be recognized for their coaching and management roles. Lastly, Alex Foti, Donald Kennedy, and Kevin Pidgeon will be recognized for being builders. Leishman says the new wall means they will have space for at least four more years of inductees — roughly 40 more people over the span of eight

years — and says he hopes the celebration will continue to take place every two years. A date has already been set to hold it again in 2021, and plans are already in the works for another celebration in 2023. The ten new Nepean athletes to be put on the wall will be honoured during the 2019 inductee dinner which will take place at the Nepean Sportsplex on September 9, starting at 5:00 p.m. Tickets are $75.00 a person, with tables also available. To purchase tickets, and find out more about Nepean’s athletes who were recognized — both past and present — visit nswf.ca.

Grand Opening

Everything Raw Doggie Café

September 7, 2019 10 am to 3 pm



990 River Road, Manotick, Ontario - Former M&M location across from Tim Hortons

Barrhaven Seniors’ Centre

Funded by:






Monthly Socials

Bridge • euchre • Cribbage • Mahjong •Canasta •Scrabble

Group meal • Men’s Breakfast • ladies luncheon


SpeCial evenTS

Weekly Drop-in • poetry & play reading • Current events Discussion

• 3-day Oktoberfest Trip • Day trips out of town • in city “out and about”

• Art Classes for beginners • Chair and Yoga ExErCisE ClassEs • Special Presentations

These activities and more are available at the “Barrhaven Seniors Centre” For more information, and to receive seasonal Newsletters and Updates, contact us at: barrhavenseniors@gmail.com or contact Don at 63-440-3620.

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY 10% OFF with this ad

Located at 3779 Strandherd Drive (Home Depot Parking Lot)



Support your local merchants who support you carleton place


K anata






The IndependentCOMMUNITY Dancer Paige Forrester ready to perform on the Majesty of the Seas By Jeff Morris

For Paige Forrester, the next six months will be the adventure of a lifetime. The 18-year-old dancer is in Miami, preparing for her stint as a dancer with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. “I’ve never been on a cruise ship, so I’m really excited about this, and I’m excited about meeting other dancers and performers from all over the world,” said the Canterbury High School graduate. The odyssey for Forrester actually began a year ago at the Starpower National Dance Championship in Ocean City, Maryland. The Denise Smith School of Dance team won the overall title at the event, and Forrester was First Runner Up for Miss Starpower. Because of the competition’s affiliation with Royal Caribbean, some of the dancers were able to audition for a job with the cruise line. Forrester, Chelsea Field, Alicia Boxma and Alex St. Laurent all had successful auditions. Dancers have to be 18 in order to work as a dancer on a ship. Forrester, who is now 18, recently graduated from Canterbury High School’s dance program and signed her contract. You could say that dancing is in Forrester’s blood. Her grandmother,

Denise Smith, started the Denise Smith School of Dance 40 years ago and her mother, Chemay, grew up dancing in the studio and became an instructor, coaching the team that won the title in Ocean City last year. “I’m 18 and I have been dancing for 16 years,” she said. “I went to Canterbury for their dance program, and I trained in modern and ballet there, as well as company dance, where I learned how to create a piece. And I was dancing at the studio as well during that time.” Forrester left for Miami last week for six weeks of training and preparation. She leaves on board the Majesty of the Seas in September, and will be a performer on the ship until April, 2020. During the winter, she will have an option to renew her contract. Although she wants to dance, there will be a decision to make, as she has to think about school. “I was going to go to school and work at the studio,” she said. “I was accepted at Carleton for criminology and criminal justice. I deferred for a year.” Growing up in the studio, Forrester was influenced by a number of the dancers there who went on to bigger and greater things. Ashley Wright was someone she looked up to, and Deirdre Barnes was some-

one who she not only looked up to, but who also taught her. Barnes was featured in the Messenger two years ago as she was one of the 12 dancers selected out of more than 1,000 to be on stage with Britney Spears on her tour. She also appeared as a dancer on the TV show, Dancing with the Stars. “It’s great to see that some of the dancers started along the same path I am on, and then went to Canterbury and danced at the studio and have gone onto bigger and better things,” she said. “In dance there are so many different styles and it is so broad. Everybody has their thing and it’s so cool to see how everybody is so good at their thing. And there are so many paths you can take. Maybe you are good at jazz or hip hop or contemporary, and you can go to New York or LA, or maybe a cruise ship. There are a lot of paths and opportunities for you to take.” Forrester is happy her path will land her on the ocean. “It’s an amazing opportunity,” said. “It’s going to be really exciting!”

Canterbury High School graduate Paige Forrester will be dancing on Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas.

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Barrhaven Independent, September 6, 2019  

Barrhaven Independent, September 6, 2019

Barrhaven Independent, September 6, 2019  

Barrhaven Independent, September 6, 2019

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