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Year 29 • issue 24



FRIDAY • November 29 • 2019

Sparty Claus

Ottawa Senators mascot Spartacat was among the guests at the 2019 Barrhaven Santa Claus Parade. More than 70 floats went along the route from Beatrice Drive to Strandherd, and along Strandherd to Greenback. An estimated crowd of more than 20,000 people took in this year’s parade. For our complete photo coverage of the event, visit the Barrhaven Independent Facebook page. Jeff Morris photo

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The IndependentNEWS

Photo radar in Barrhaven Photo radar will be coming to Barrhaven by the end of the calendar year. The Ontario Government has approved the use of photo radar to curb speeding in designated community safety zones. The pilot project includes eight areas in Ottawa approved for photo radar. One of them is Longfields Drive in Barrhaven in the area of Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary Schiool, St. Mother Teresa High School and Ecole ele-

mentaire catholique PierreElliott-Trudeau. In order to prepare for photo radar, city staff studied 376 schools and studied things like the speed of drivers in the area, the

number of students walking to school, and data on collisions and accidents. There will be large signs warning motorists they are entering a community safety zone.


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The IndependentNEWS

Proposal for Barrhaven downtown goes to planning committee By Jeff Morris Councillor Jan Harder says that Barrhaven is a large Ontario city, and it’s about time this city has a downtown. The plan to create a downtown for Barrhaven has been worked on by Harder, the city staff, and the Barrhaven BIA for a few years now. This week, it went a step closer as the concept went to the city’s planning committee. The eventual Barrhaven downtown is earmarked for the land south of Strandherd Drive near Greenbank Road and Longfields Drive. The

project was discussed at a public meeting hosted by the Barrhaven BIA at Cedar Hill Golf Club in 2017. The plan calls for a main street, as well as a large park near the Jock River. At the 2017 meeting, Mayor Jim Watson praised the work of Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder, saying that she has been working hard to ensure that the city’s suburbs are receiving fair treatment from the city. “Jan has been working hard to ensure that Ottawa is not just about downtown,” he said. “She is helping us work on making sure that our suburbs aren’t just iso-

lated communities with no employment opportunities.” With the community now having more than 90,000 residents, Harder said then it is time for the community to have a town centre. “Back in 2006, council did a couple of things,” she said. “First, it approved north-south light rail to run into Barrhaven. Secondly, it approved a downtown. A lot has happened since then. We didn’t have the flexibility to make changes.” The South Nepean Town Centre is an area of approximately 165 hectares in size located in the southern portion of Barrhaven.

The Town Centre’s northern boundary is Strandherd Drive, its western boundary is the Kennedy-Burnett Stormwater Management Facility, its eastern boundary is the future extension of Longfields Drive, and its southern boundary is the Jock River. The established residential communities of Barrhaven and Longfields surround the Town Centre to the north; the partially developed Chapman Mills community and established Heart’s Desire community is adjacent to the east; the existing Stonebridge community is to the southeast; the proposed Barrhaven

South community is to the southwest; and the undeveloped “Area 8” lands are to the west. The Town Centre is planned to be a compact, urban area organized to provide an appropriate transition between the higher density uses within the Town Centre and the lower density uses in surrounding communities. The highest density buildings will be located around the transit hub and along Greenbank Road north of Chapman Mills Drive. The middle density buildings are located along the edges of the community adjacent to the high-

est density buildings, so as to provide an appropriate transition between these buildings and the primarily residential neighbourhoods within the Town Centre. The lowest density uses are located along the south edge of the Town Centre to provide an appropriate interface with the Jock River and the community park, preserving views and vistas. “To attract business to Barrhaven, you have to have a downtown,” said Harder. “It would give us a heart of the community, like we had about 45 years ago when the Walter Baker Centre was built.”

City announces plans to make Ottawa roads safer for all users Mayor Jim Watson and Transportation Committee Chair, Stephen Blais, announced a new plan that, pending Council approval, will direct City resources between 2020 and 2024 to improve safety for all users on Ottawa roads. This would be the third Road Safety Action Plan (RSAP) the City has implemented to make area roadways safer for all road users. The first was from 2003 to 2011, and the second from 2012 to 2016. The last plan resulted in a 14 per cent reduction in fatal and major injury collisions in Ottawa. “Making roads safe for all road users is a priority in Ottawa,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “While I am pleased that we have a fatal injury rate that ranks among the lowest in the world,

even a single fatality is one too many. We will continue to work towards zero fatalities and major injuries in our city. This plan will direct our actions to get closer to that goal.” The proposed 2020 – 2024 Strategic Road Safety Action Plan has four main emphasis areas: - Vulnerable road users (collisions involving a pedestrian, cyclist, or a motorcyclist) - Rural areas - Intersections - High risk drivers (collisions resulting from aggressive, impaired or distracted driver behaviours) To address areas identified in the plan, new and rebuilt residential streets would be designed for an operating speed of 30 kilometres per hour. The plan

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will explore new and rebuilt collector and arterial roads that would separate cyclists and pedestrians from vehicles, and the City would implement a communications and public education strategy with an emphasis on changing the safety culture of road users. “Everyone shares responsibility for safety on our roads; the City as the roadway providers, the Police who enforce the rules of the road, and even the users,” said Councillor Stephen Blais, Chair, Transportation Commission. “Human life and health and the number one priority, so when we design and build roads, we will make sure that a small human error doesn’t result in death. We’ll supplement Police enforcement efforts with automated tools, but


we also need to change the habits of high-risk users to make our roads safer.” The new plan is datadriven, has measurable outcomes, and encompasses principles from the safe systems approach which prioritizes human life and health, and notes that safety is a shared responsibility between roadway providers, regulators and users. Road traffic systems should be designed so that human error on the roadway does not lead to death or serious injury. The plan also recognizes that road safety requires a change in culture to achieve the long-term vision and goals of the RSAP. The plan aims to continue progress towards zero fatalities and major injuries on our roadways and has a goal of a 20 per cent reduction in the



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average annual rate of fatal and major injury collisions by 2024. According to the 20132017 Collision Data Analysis, Ottawa currently has an average of 2.8 fatal injuries per 100,000 in population. This statistic is significantly lower than Canada’s national rate of 5.8, and aligns with that of Sweden and the Netherlands, which are some of the leading countries in the world that have adopted a safe systems approach to road safety resulting in low rates of serious injuries and fatalities. Dedicated funding has been allocated to fund the initiatives outlined in the plan. Subject to Council’s approval of the Draft Budget, in 2020, the City will invest $31.5 million in road safety measures and initiatives,

compared to $25 million in 2019. Revenue from current and future automated enforcement would go to program funding, starting in 2021. Staff will report to the Transportation Committee annually on the progress of the Road Safety Action Plan and to get approval for the following year’s initiatives. The staff report outlining the proposed measures in the 2020 – 2024 Strategic Road Safety Action Plan will be the subject of deliberation at Transportation Committee on December 4, and at Council on December 11. For more information on City programs and services, visit ottawa.ca or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401). You can also connect with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY


Being a Cappy Award nominee a highlight for LDHSS student

Name: Matthew Locking Age: 17 Address: Barrhaven

School: Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary Grade: 12 Parents: Ruth and Brian Sister: Abbey (11), grade 6 Part-time Work: “I work at Firehouse Subs in Barrhaven, where I mostly wash dishes and clean anything that needs cleaning.” Favourite Subjects: “Drama and Comm Tech (which is graphic design, animation, and video making all rolled into one course)” What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I enjoy reading comic strips the most, but I also really enjoy reading both the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series


YOUTH by Phill Potter

and the Big Nate series.” Who is/are your favourite author(s)? “My favourite authors are Jeff Kinney (who wrote the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series) and Lincoln Pierce (who wrote the Big Nate series).” What is Your Greatest Accomplishment? “I think my greatest accomplishment is my role in my school’s production last year of The Addams Family Musical. I played the role of Uncle Fester, and in the role I got nominated for a Cappy Award. I received a lot of praise for it and was incredibly happy, especially considering this was my first major role in a school production.”

Activities/Interests: Drawing, Acting/Singing, Playing Video Games, Creative Writing.

exactly what I’m doing after high school, I’m hoping to

study something in either the Performing Arts, or

something to do with video making.”

Why did you get involved in what you do? “I moved to Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary School in grade 9. My Dad suggested I join the play, so I could make some friends. Although I had been acting for a very long time, I didn’t, because I didn’t listen to the announcements for auditions. However, in grade 10 my Dad made sure I auditioned, and it was one of the best suggestions he ever gave me. While my initial roles were pretty small, I still enjoyed being a part of it. I also enjoyed being around the people who were involved with the plays. So I stuck with it, and eventually landed a major role in my fourth play at Longfields, that being The Addams Family Musical.” Career Goals: “While I don’t know

NOMINATIONS WANTED! Do you know someone between the ages of 6-17 who is making a difference within their community? Nominate them for an Ontario Junior Citizen Award today!

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 13, 2019! Nomination forms are available from this newspaper, and at www.ocna.org/juniorcitizen. COORDINATED BY: Or call 416-923-7724 ext. 4439

Matthew Locking was a Cappy Award nominee for his portrayal of Uncle Fester in the LDHSS musical, The Addams Family. PHILL POTTER PHOTO


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2019 Page 5

For Nick Polegato, it all starts with a conversation Local member of the Armed Forces uses Movember to talk about men’s mental health issues

By Jeff Morris For Nick Polegato, it’s a conversation starter. The Barrhaven resident is a corporal in the Canadian Forces. This year, as he does each year, he is donning the moustache for Movember. It’s a cause close to his heart. “If people ask about it, it’s a great opportunity to open a discussion,” Polegato said. While Movember is best known for promoting men’s health issues such as prostate health, it also includes men’s mental health issues. That was the cause that inspired Polegato. “My mother suffered from depression,” he said. “I didn’t really know much about it at the time. Nobody talked about mental health.” Polegato thought, at the time, that her mother’s depressions “was all in her head” and that she had full control over her thoughts and actions. That all changed in 2013 when he joined the Canadian Forces. “In basic training, we learned about stress management and PTSD,” Polegato said. “But at the time, there was so much going on. We were tired and we were focusing on things like making sure our room was ready for inspection. It seemed at the time like it was just another lesson and then we would move on to the next one.” In 2016, Polegato was posted to Winnipeg. He started to notice things weren’t quite right with his own mental health. “I had been away from my friends and family for a few years, and I started recognizing some of the signs of depression,” he said. “I was getting angry, I felt alone, and I didn’t feel like doing the things I used to like to do.” Polegato said these feelings went on for several months before he finally decided it was time to talk to someone about it. “The hardest step to take is the first one,” he said. “It’s always difficult to admit that you aren’t okay, and that you need help. The next difficult step for me, being in the military, was building up the courage to talk to the medical

staff and tell them about the issues I was having.” Being in the military was a double-edged sword for Polegato when he needed help. “In the military, we have tremendous resources and access to people to help us through these issues,” he said. “The problem was that because we are in the military, we feel that we have to be strong and tough. We were brought up to believe that opening up about our feelings was a sign of weakness. There was also the fear that showing that weakness could cost us the job we loved to do. We were just supposed it suck it up.” Polegato said it took several sessions with a professional before he started to notice that he was turning a corner with his depression. “At first, it’s just about getting to know you and your background,” he said. “Nobody is going to say anything that will make your depression go away, but after a while, you learn certain techniques that can help you. It’s all about putting tools in your toolbox to help you.” Polegato began to take part in Movember to raise money and awareness for men’s mental health. “At first, I set a modest goal of raising $100,” he said. “I have increased it a little bit every year. This year, I am trying to raise $1,000.” While the moustache changes the looks of some people dramatically, the biggest change for Polegato comes at the start of the month. He usually wears a moustache and full beard. To start Movember, he shaves off everything. “People always joke that when I shave everything off, I look like an eight-year-old kid,” he said. More important than the change in the look is the purpose of what he is doing. “The moustache is a great way to start a conversation about why I am doing this,” he said. “If it gives me an opportunity to talk about some of the struggles I had and talk about some of the techniques I used to overcome my challenges, then that’s why I do

this every year.” Over the last few years, Polegato said he has seen a dramatic change in the reaction of people to men’s mental health issues. “Suicide is the number two cause of death among men,” Polegato said. “It’s a very real problem. We pour a lot of focus and attention into the mental health of our youth, and there are a lot of resources for women, particularly for post-partem depression. The problem is that for men, there really is nothing. There is still a stigma that we are supposed to be strong and just fight through our problems, but that’s not the case at all. That’s why Movember is important. “Men are becoming more willing to open up and talk about their mental health struggles,” he added. “Even in the last few years, the landscape for men’s mental health has changed dramatically in a positive way. Men are more willing to step forward and ask for help if they recognize they need it.” Getting men to realize that reaching out for help remains the primary focus for Polegato during his campaign. “If I can help one person overcome their struggles and get the help they need, then it is all worth while,” he said.” The most important step in dealing with mental health issues is to reach out. “It starts with talking,” he said. “Maybe it’s talking with a friend, or with a co-worker or with a family member. What most men realize is that while they are afraid to come forward and talk, people are usually open and willing to talk to them.” Polegato said that there are many options men have

Barrhaven resident Nick Polegato is participating in Movember to raise money and awareness for men’s mental health issues. JEFF MORRIS PHOTO to reach out and talk. They include the Ottawa Distress Centre (dcottawa.on.ca), Suicide Hotline (crisisservicescanada.ca), Walk In Counselling Clinic (Free 1.5 hour counselling sessions, walkincounselling.com). “And if people want to reach out to me, they can find me on Facebook and message me directly,” he said. To support Nick Polegato by making a donation to his Movember page, visit https:// mobro.co/polegato. Nick Polegato usually wears a full beard, but every year to start Movember, he begins the month clean shaven.

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Food banks need our help We’re reminded every year how many Canadians are left behind in our society, without enough food. Hunger Count 2019 has just been released. The report says that despite a strong economy and living in one of the richest countries in the world, many Canadians still don’t have enough food. The report says food banks have been visited 1.084 million times in the last year and 34.1 per cent of those visits were by children. Almost half of the people visiting food banks live alone. The single-household economy is clearly not doing so well. It seems the range of benefits provided to people who live alone is limited. In addition, most food bank users this year have some income, including those with student loans or those receiving a pension. The quality of food has improved – it’s no longer just canned goods or boxed macaroni and cheese. In many outlets, fresh produce and meat are offered regularly. Some food banks train clients how to cook, so they can prepare food at home and become more kitchen savvy. And cooking skills are the best tool to make food more affordable for a household. Food banks continuously reinvent themselves. Beyond providing food, they help clients with income tax returns, offer referrals, and offer employment help, such as training and helping people find jobs. Their game is no longer about supplying calories but rather about nurturing the human spirit, the whole person. But food banks need help. In June, the federal government, through its new food policy, recognized food banks for the very first time, providing some well-needed support by way of funding refrigerators and freezers. That was a huge win. But the need for a basic income for all Canadians remains. To help children and people who live alone, welfare and pension incomes aren’t nearly enough. The federal government, not provinces, should launch pilot projects, accumulate data across the country and evaluate how basic income programs can be implemented throughout Canada. Hunger is invisible and the hungry rarely ask for help. And since hunger nurtures violence, hatred and fanaticism, we need reliable, effective social safety nets beyond what we currently have. Food banks are at the forefront of our understanding of how to engage the vulnerable in our society, the ones who don’t want to be judged. Food banks are brokers between those who need help and those who want to help them. It’s incredible and it works. We should be thankful for their work, as they perform small miracles daily. Troy Media. Dr. Sylvain Charlebois is the senior director of the agri-food analytics lab and a professor in food distribution and policy at Dalhousie University, and a senior fellow with the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.


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The next time you drive thru at Tim’s… I stood there at the Toronto Convention a slapshot and the puck fluttered toward the Centre more than a decade ago, chatting with net. It deflected off the stick of Red wing star Bobby Baun while he nursed a drink. It was a Bill Gadsby, and handcuffed Sawchuk, who 40th anniversary reunion dinner for the 1967 was with Detroit at the time. Bobby Baun had Toronto Maple Leafs – the last Leafs team to scored the overtime winner on a broken leg! win a Stanley Cup. Two nights later, Baun would play in They were all there. Well, most were there. Game 7. Terry Sawchuk and Tim “I sat at a friend’s farm Horton had passed away, and iced the leg for two and Dave Keon refused days,” he told me. “They FROM THE OTHER to attend. taped the leg as tight as they “Tim was, pound for could, but they left enough pound, one of the strongroom for Novocaine injecest men I had ever seen,” tions.” Jeffrey Morris said Baun. “People today Baun played well enough seem to forget about Tim to earn one of the game’s Horton the hockey player. They know him for three stars, and the Leafs won 4-0 and hoisted coffee and doughnuts.” the Stanley Cup on home ice at Maple Leaf In the 1960s, Horton talked to his team- Gardens. After the game, Baun had his leg xmate about his idea for launching a chain of rayed, and it revealed that the Leaf defencedoughnut shops. Baun loaned him $10,000 men had, indeed, played on a fractured fibula. for the venture, and eventually became the Since then, the only other time the Leafs COUNCILwould win the Stanley Cup was in 1967, owner of three locations. “The drive thru was my idea,”CORNER he said which was being celebrated at that dinner. coyly. “I kept telling him that he hadMayor to have Suzanne DodgeWhile Bobby Baun will always be rememdrive thrus to make it work, but his restaurant bered for that heroic goal, 50 years ago this investors didn’t think it was a good idea, but week, that moment is only a snippet of what I pushed for it.” has been a remarkable and inspirational life. It wasn’t the first time I had met Bobby Bobby Baun was, in every sense of the Baun. I first met him with my father at word, a self-made man. He was driving a Queen’s University after a football game. Re- Cadillac by the time he dropped out of high THE NOT SO to focus full time on hockey. He was gardless of how many future CFLers played school in that game, it surprised no one that Bobby’s a sharp business man off the ice. In 1967, he NEW GUY son, Greg, was the toughest man on the field. and a few other Leafs were so focused on the Tim Ruhnke Through the years, as I worked with vari- stock market that they nearly missed winning ous companies involved in producing NHL the Cup. While the players’ salaries were products and memorabilia, I ran into Bobby around $12,000 at the time, the players made Baun a number of times. He always had a for than $30,000 each on Bay Street. warm smile, a handshake that would send you Baun told the story of how they met to physio, and more stories about his days in President Richard Nixon during an airline hockey. He was and still is one of the most flight delay. As it turned out, Nixon was a big positive people you could ever meet. WALKER hockey HOUSE fan and knew who the players were. As I chatted with him at the dinner, count- “So Eddie Shack shakes his hand and turns to less people came up to get his autograph. All me and says, who the f--- is this guy again?” Susan Vallom of them asked about “the goal.” I don’t know He loves to tell the story of how he went in how many times he has told the story of the for surgery and secretly set up a stocked bar famous goal that happened 50 years ago this in his hospital room and had lobster delivered week, on April 23, 1964. But he seemed eager to his room. to share it. After a broken neck finally ended his caThe Leafs trailed Detroit 3-2 in games in reer, he owned a 2000-acre farm with 600 the 1964 Stanley Cup finals. Bobby blocked aBLAKE’S head of cattle, but a bad year bankrupted him. hard shot from Gordie Howe, and he crumpled He coached in the WHA and then was hired TAKES to the ice. He was carried away in a stretcher by a condo developer to sign autographs for Blake McKim with a suspected broken leg. Baun refused customers at a showing. He ended up being treatment and demanded that he would be hired as a salesman and made $120,000 in taped up, get an injection to freeze the leg, commission that year. and get back on the ice. Bobby Baun’s goal was just one piece of On the first shift of overtime, Larry Hill- one man’s incredible journey through life. man was about to go onto the ice with Carl The next time you order a double-double at Brewer, Baun’s defence partner that year, the window, you will know that his legacy when Baun called him back. Seconds later, the extends far beyond that fluttering slapshot in puck rolled on its edge back to Baun. He took Detroit.



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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Reader found Morris column ‘hate-filled’ Mr. Morris, After picking up a copy of the Barrhaven “Independent” at the local Canadian Legion I found myself reading your “From the Other Side” piece this week. I’m used to reading hateful partisan internet posts but was surprised at the depths you chose to delve into in your mocking “A Letter to the Prime Minister” as an editorial. Now I accept that many Canadians may have concerns with the election results and read through your effort completely to see if it offered any wisdom at all in terms of constructive

advice. Imagine my disappointment that the complete essay was nothing more than a hate-filled piece serving no purpose other than to mock Justin Trudeau intermingled with what can be best described as flat humour. I would suggest that if you are a business-person (notice how to avoid a red squiggly) - you should be advised that the riding encompassing Barrhaven elected a Liberal as MP and that this sort of behavior is likely bad for business. Not sure if your ambition is to eventually find employment with Rebel Media - but your

piece is completely out of place in a suburban newspaper. Mark Baker, Barrhaven Editor’s Note – It was a humour column, and we hardly feel that pointing out that our Prime Minister survived the election despite the black-face scandal, giving millions of dollars to a comedian in South Africa, embarrassing Canada in India and having no plan to dig Canada out of its deficit qualifies as “hate-filled.” In fact, was the column any more hate filled than your letter?

Police seek victims in scam The Ottawa Police is looking for assistance with possibly identifying additional victims of fraud in relation to a Linfra Developments Inc. renovation/construction scam. Between November 2018 and June 2019, Linfra De-

velopments Inc. fraudulently obtained more than $250,000 in relation to renovation projects at various locations across the City of Ottawa. Frank Baraki, 34 years old, of Ottawa has been charged with eight counts of Fraud ex-

ceeding $5000 and one count of obtain by false pretence exceeding $5000. If you have information that could assist the Ottawa Police Organized Fraud Unit please call 613-236-1222 ext. 7300 to make a report.


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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Draft of 2020 budget includes investment in road repairs

The City is moving quickly through the draft 2020 budget. Last week, the Environment, Transit and Community and Protective Services Committees passed their respective budgets, which will now go to Council on December 11th for final approval. Residents can expect a 3% increase in their drinking water rate, which is slightly lower than the rate increase we saw last year. Transit Committee, among other items, approved a Transit Fare freeze from January to March in 2020, with the option to extend that freeze depending on the reliability of the transit system. We saw the announcement that 20 “quick reaction” buses would be deployed during peak times in the morning and afternoon to ensure that if there is an issue with the train, busses are close by to fill the gap in service. I think this short-term solution will improve the chronic reliability issues riders have been struggling with. Transit Staff have committed to improving the system and are confident that the draft Transit Budget


WARD REPORT by Carol Anne Meehan

of $641 million will fulfill our needs without having to take money from other City Services. The draft 2020 budget plans to invest $51 million in road repairs. This is an increase over the 2019 budget of $43.8 million. This is possible, due to the additional $57 million in gas taxes Council will spend over three years to repair Ottawa’s roads, bridges, pathways and sidewalks. I have begun a discussion with City staff to change how we deal with subdivisions, both new and established, in regards to parking. My office, like many others, receives a constant stream of complaints from residents about on-street parking. For several years, Ottawa’s Planning Department has had a goal of getting residents out of their cars and onto public transit. Current issues aside, Ot-

tawa is a car city. That will never change. The problem I face as a City Councillor is that developers want to build as many homes as they can squeeze into subdivisions, leaving homes with driveways that barely fit one car. This forces many households to park their second and sometimes third vehicle on the street. This impacts the accessibility of

the street, the ability of City crews to effectively clear streets during the winter and takes up a significant amount of By-Law’s time having to send officers out to issue parking tickets. To change this, I have asked City staff to look at ways to better design our subdivisions, with larger driveways and limiting on-street parking to one



side in new developments, where it is safe. My office has already received several petitions from residents requesting the removal of parking on several residential streets. As this is a costly and reactive approach, I have stipulated to planning staff that I must see a concrete plan in every new subdivision application to include housing designs

that better accommodate the reality of households owning multiple vehicles and the implementation of one side street parking. For the City planners, it is a radical change to how we approve new housing development. I would rather face reality head-on instead of making grand plans that look good on paper but does not reflect how we actually live.


EMPLACEMENT PROPOSÉ PAR ROGERS POUR TYPE INSTALLATION L’INSTALLATION D’UN SYSTÈME D’ANTENNES DE RADIOCOMMUNICATION : TOUR DE TYPE MONOPOLE DE 40 MÈTRES DE HAUTEUR PROJET PROPOSÉ : Rogers propose l’installation d’un système d'antennes au 3311, promenade Woodroffe à Ottawa. Les détails du projet proposé sont comme suit : - une tour de télécommunication de type monopole blanc dans un espace clôturé et barré et ce, situé à l’extrémité sud-est du lot proposé. Une fois les travaux terminés, le système d’antennes mesurera environ 40 mètres de hauteur (élévation hors tout). Rogers vous invite à assister à une rencontre d'information au salle de réunion Black Leaf au Complexe récréatif Minto Barrhaven, au 3500 rue Cambrian, le 18 décembre 2019 de 19 h 00 à 20 h 30. De plus, nous vous invitons à nous faire part de vos commentaires par courriel ou courrier postal à l’adresse mentionnée (avec une adresse de retour), dans les 30 jours ouvrables suivant la date du présent avis, et/ou à demander de connaître la position de la Ville quant à la proposition du système d'antennes. De plus, Rogers donnera suite à toute préoccupation jugée pertinente et raisonnable et la Ville tiendra compte des commentaires du public et de la réponse du promoteur à l'égard de ceux-ci au moment de faire part de sa position au promoteur et à Innovation, Science et Développement économique Canada. Enfin, Innovation, Science et Développement économique Canada, qui est responsable d'approuver ce système d'antennes, exige que Rogers passe en revue la présente proposition avec le public et la municipalité locale. Après avoir examiné cette proposition, la Ville d'Ottawa fera part de sa position à Innovation, Science et Développement économique Canada et à Rogers.

Councillor Carol Anne Meehan greeted thousands of people during the Barrhaven Santa Claus Parade. Jeff Morris photo

Newspaper: The Barrhaven Independent

Pour toute information additionnelle, veuillez communiquer avec Rogers : Projet proposé: C4593 Strandherd & Woodroffe Eric Belchamber Au nom de Rogers Communications Inc. 666 Kirkwood Ave., Suite B100 Ottawa, ON, K1Z 5X9 (613) 220-5970 eric.belchamber@rogers.com

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2019 Page 9




It certainly was a pleasure to see so many of you out at the Barrhaven Santa Parade a couple of Sundays ago. The Mayor asked me if I thought the crowd was bigger than previous years. It sure looked like it. Thanks go to all the organizers. It is no small feat to pull together such a large and diverse parade. Here’s hoping that Environment Canada’s Winter & Spring prediction for Eastern Ontario is wrong! I don’t think any of us want to see a repeat of last winter. We have already seen record breaking cold temperatures in mid-November. I have my fingers crossed for at least one thaw before Christmas.

Community Events Creators Holiday Craft Fair We have all your gifts here, with local artists and creators! Come, November 30th from 12:30 pm – 4 pm, into the comfort of the Barrhaven Legion, at 3500 Fallowfield Road, accessible, main floor with a coffee tea and small plates area and a licensed lounge (operated by the Legion). Spend the afternoon with your local creators! Craft fair includes beadwork, ornaments, jewelry, gifts, painted glass and wreaths.



BARRHAVEN by Jan Harder

Create your Letter to Santa Join the City of Ottawa Archives to create your letter to Santa on November 30, 2019, from 9 am to 3 pm at 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa. You will also get to make crafts, decorate cookies and hear traditional holiday stories. Bring your whole family it’s free! Baby Basics Holiday Drive From Nov 30 to Dec 14, the Baby Basics Holiday Drive hosted by Louise Rochefort needs your support in participating in the Ottawa Food Bank’s Holiday Drive. Specifically supporting the Baby Basics program collecting diapers, wipes, baby formula, baby food and baby bath items. Most needed diaper sizes: 2 & 5. Unopened diaper sleeves are accepted. You can drop off your items to locations in Barrhaven, Kanata, Orleans and Civic Hospital area. For specific drop off locations email louise.rochefort@hotmail.com.

PROPOSAL: Rogers is proposing an antenna system at 3311 Woodroffe Ave., in Ottawa, which consists of the following: a 40m white monopole in a fenced compound in the southeastern corner of the property. Once completed the antenna system will measure 40 metres in height. Rogers invites you to attend our Community Information and Comment Session in the Black Leaf Room at the Minto Recreation Complex Barrhaven, th 3500 Cambrian Rd. on December 18 , 2019 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Furthermore, Rogers invites you, within 30 calendar days of the date of this notice, to provide by mail or email your comments, and / or request to be informed of the City’s position on the proposed antenna system.

Contact information: Proposed Wireless Communications Installation Reference: C4593 Strandherd & Woodroffe Eric Belchamber On behalf of Rogers Communications Inc. 666 Kirkwood Ave., Suite B100 Ottawa, ON, K1Z 5X9 (613) 220-5970 eric.belchamber@rogers.com

Rogers will respond to all reasonable and relevant concerns, and the City will be taking into account comments from the public and Rogers’ response to each when providing its position to the proponent and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is responsible for the approval of this antenna system, and requires that we review this proposal with the local municipality. After reviewing this proposal, the City of Ottawa will provide its position to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and to Rogers.

HARDER continues on page 11

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Newspaper: The Barrhaven Independent


Project: C4593 Strandherd & Woodroffe Publication Date: Nov. 29th, 2019

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

TSN 1200 radio personalities Ian Mendes of Barrhaven, seated, and Lee Versage were broadcasting live from the Sleep Country outlet on Strandherd Drive (near Costco) last week to promote Sleep Country’s community initiative where people can drop off snow suits and winter clothing for PM people ?????_Diversitea Ad 10/24/19 12:22 Pagein1 need. TSN 1200’s Bell Media sister station, Pure Country 94, was also on hand to broadcast from the site. People can drop off winter clothing at Sleep Country throughout the winter. JEFF MORRIS PHOTO


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Farmers’ Market: Sundays at Ottawa, Lansdowne

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Open House

A Community you can call home

Please join us Friday, December 6th 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Afternoon Tea | Live Entertainment

For more information or to book a tour contact Chelsea at

(613) 692-2121 | ManotickPlaceRetirement.ca 1145 Bridge Street, Manotick, On K4M 0G8 Underground parking • One-on-one and group Physiotherapy included Dedicated Assisted Living floor • Daily fresh, Chef delivered meals • Spectacular Rideau River views • Quiet, village lifestyle


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2019 Page 11

HARDER continues from page 9 Barrhaven Family Skate Day On December 1 from 4 pm to 6 pm join the Half Moon Bay, West Barrhaven, Stonebridge & Barrhaven East Community Associations for a free skate community event! Note: All skaters 10 years and under / requiring assistance must wear a CSA-approved helmet. Watson’s Mill Christmas Market Visit picturesque Manotick to check out the Christmas Market at Watson’s Mill, weekends until December 8th! Christmas Market starts from 10 am – 4 pm, 1st & 2nd floor of the Mill and don’t forget the carriage shed. Something for everyone. BASICS – Barrhaven and Area Safety Instructional Courses for Students BASICS With Karen: teaching the Canada Safety Council Babysitting Course, Home Alone Course & the SOS 4 Kids My Safe Life Course to children and youth from ages 7 and over. On Saturday, Nov-

ember 30, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, BASICS is offering a My Safe Life Course for youth aged 7-10 years. Courses are $70, located at the Revera Prince of Wales Manor, 22 Barnstone Drive, in Barrhaven. Register at http:// www.basicswithkaren.ca email karen@basicswithkaren.ca FOPLA Mammoth Used Book Sale Saturday, December 7 from 10 am - 2 pm at the James Bartleman Centre the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association (FOPLA) invite you to their monthly Mammoth Sale! Hundreds of used books, CDs, DVDs and vinyl records for sale at unbeatable prices, including as low as for $1. Browse a variety of genres including Fiction, NonFiction, Lifestyle, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Biography, Children’s and more. This month all CD’s are $1 and all Holiday related books (fiction and non-fiction) and audio-visuals are 2 for the price of 1. Proceeds benefit the Ottawa Public Library. Annual Barrhaven Christ-

mas Breakfast Foodraiser On Sunday, December 8, 2019 at the Walter Baker Centre (100 Malvern Dive), in Hall A from 8:30-10:30 am for a hot breakfast of eggs, sausage and hashbrowns. The event is $2 per person, or $5 for a family. 100% of the proceeds and donations raised will be donated to the Barrhaven Food Cupboard. Come Sing Noel Barrhaven United Church will be hosting the 17th annual Come Sing Noel Concert featuring local church choirs singing Christmas music followed by light refreshments. A free-will monetary offering in support of the Barrhaven Food Cupboard will be gratefully received. Events starts on Sunday, December 8 at 7 pm. Free Group Coaching! On December 9, from 7 pm - 8:30 pm come join us in connection & community for a free group coaching call to work through issues around relationships, career, wellness & financial freedom! Come learn what

life coaching & group coaching is all about via the comfort of your own home! The coaching call will take place online on Zoom video at h t t p s : / / z o o m . us/s/8097651597 Stonebridge Children’s Christmas Party What? Crafts, Luv2Groove to entertain the children, a visit and presents from Santa, as well as snacks and refreshments to enjoy. When? December 15, 9 am - 11 am. Where? Stonebridge Golf Club. How much? $10 per child of SCA member. Registration is now open. Limited space at venue, get your tickets early! Get details on website, Get details on Facebook Socks for the Homeless Donation boxes will be popping up around Barrhaven for the annual Socks for the Homeless fundraiser. New and gently used socks can be dropped off at a variety of locations including; Ross’ Independent, Sobey’s Barrhaven, The Bar-

rhaven Legion, UPS Store #137 Barrhaven, St. Joseph High School, Longfields Davidson Heights High School, John McCrae High School, and St. Mother Teresa High School. The fundraiser will run between November 1, to December 15, 2019. Ottawa Public Health New launch of the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program. Ontarians aged 65 and over with an income of $19,300 or less or couples with a combined annual income of $32,300 or less, who do not have dental benefits, will qualify. Dental services include examinations, x-rays, preventive services such as tooth cleaning; restorative services to repair broken teeth or cavities and denture services. The program requires clients to pay a 10% co-payment on the denture cost. The province also detailed that services would be accessed through public health units, community health centres and Aboriginal Health Access centres across the province. To apply visit: Ontario.ca - Health and Wellness.

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

The gang from Hot 89.9 wave to the crowd.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2019 Page 13

And of course, Jolly Old St. Nick was the highlight of the pa- Barrhaven BIA President and local realtor Jason rade for Barrhaven children, young and old. MacDonald served as the emcee for the event.

The 75 Barrhaven Royal Air Cadet Squadron was out in full force.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was one of several local schools with a float in this year’s parade.

Ottawa Crimestoppers had the Grinch right where he belonged during the parade.

Barrhaven has one of the top BMX youth programs in the country, and the young riders from Nepean BMX got some off season riding in during the parade.

The Nepean Girl Guides had a large contingent in the parade.

The 27th Nepean B Pack waves to the crowd. For our full Santa Claus Parade photo album, visit our Facebook page. JEFF MORRIS PHOTOS

Page 14 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2019


22nd Annual

In The Gower alfred taylor Community Centre, North Gower th

Friday, November 29 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Socialize with friendS and neighbourS! enjoy homemade christmas cookies and hot apple cider! Sing along to your favorite christmas carols!

Admission is Free but Please Bring a Toy, Food, or Cash Donation for the North Gower Outreach Food and Toy Bank!!

Visit with Santa!

Photos by John Major Photography: Family Photos with Santa for only $15.00 (Includes a Minimum of 15 Photos!!) *cash only please

Sponsored by the North Gower Recreation Association and Councillor Scott Moffatt

Pool Renovations Opening & Closing Weekly Maintenance Leak Detection & Repair info@bensonpools.com for more information

5905 Prince Of Wales (across from Manderly Golf)

613-733-0332 www.bensonpools.com

2364 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 613-489-2278

7 Days A Week


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2019 Page 15

The IndependentSPORTS

The St. Joseph Jaguars defeated Immaculata 20-0 to win the National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association Tier II Football championship at Immaculata last week. Schneider Philippe scored two touchdowns for the Jags, and then Dayton Sampson scooped up a fumble and ran 40 yards for a touchdown after a bone-jarring hit by Joshua Mputu. Rino AbiKhalil kicked a pair of extra points. JEFF MORRIS PHOTO

Everything Raw Doggie Café We’ve seen the benefits of feeding raw to your dog. Take the one (1) month challenge and see the benefits for yourself.

Mon — Fri: 10 am to 7 pm ; Saturday— Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm



990 River Road, Manotick, Ontario - Former M&M location across from Tim Hortons

DINING OUT 2364 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner




BREAKFAST-LUNCH-DINNER (6:30am-10:00pm -7 DAYS A WEEK) 5511 Manotick Main Street Manotick, ON

The management and staff look forward to serving our guests in our recently renovated establishment

Located on the shores of the famous Rideau River in Manotick!



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Profile for J Morris

Barrhaven Independent, November 29, 2019  

Barrhaven Independent, November 29, 2019

Barrhaven Independent, November 29, 2019  

Barrhaven Independent, November 29, 2019

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