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FRIDAY • March 30 • 2018

Myers Automotive forward Braxton Ross (88) unsuccessfully tries to tip the puck past Ottawa Jr. 67’s goalie Eaman Charles while Jakob MacRae defends the front of the net during Ontario East Minor Hockey League Major Peewee AAA playoff action at the Walter Baker Centre last Tuesday (March 20). The Jr. 67’s won the game 4-2 and currently lead the series 6-4. Game 6 and Game 7 (if necessary) were scheduled after BI’s print deadline. Players from the Nepean and Kanata Minor Hockey Associations play for the Myers AAA team, which until this year had been known as the Ottawa Jr. Senators. For more minor hockey playoff results, see page 18. Barrhaven Independent photo by Mike Carroccetto

Happy Easter from us to you!

3777 Strandherd Drive


Our Easter Eg

Page 2 FRIDAY, March 30, 2018


The IndependentNEWS

Boundary issues in Half Moon Bay not likely to be fixed until 2022 election By Jeff Morris Barrhaven Independent A river runs through it. And in the case of the boundary between the Barrhaven Ward and the Rideau-Goulbourn Ward, so do a few houses, a bunch of front yards, and an entire community. Several homes in the Half Moon Bay community actually straddle the boundary line. It has caused some confusion for Rideau-Goulbourn Councillor Scott Moffatt and Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder. Adding to the complexity of the problem is that Harder’s priorities are urban and suburban By: Kellywhile LittleMoffatt’s are village and rural. “The boundary beIF YOU suffer tween the wards was from low back pain drawn up in 2005, before andthesciatica, 2006 election,” Mofof over million fatt 3said. “At the time, it

was just a line in the field. his family wakes up in The line is jagged, and Rideau-Goulbourn. The I don’t really know why issue has caused some it was drawn the way it confusion for the upcoming municipal election. was.” “The deciding factor Moffatt brought the boundary issue up in on which ward someone an interview with the lives in depends on their Independent at the OC frontage,” said Moffatt. Transpo bus forum at “After that, the city loos at Pierre-Savard Secondary what percentage of your School earlier this month. property is where. There While most of the city’s are situations where a ward boundaries follow resident will live in my roads or bodies of water, ward, but their next door or they are straight lines. neighbour only a few feet This boundary, however, away are in Jan’s ward. The review of the resembles something from an Etch-a-Sketch boundary is expected toy. Moffatt said that the to cost the city north of boundary has caused $300,000. He said the some confusion. Vidul city plans to review the Patel, a Half Moon Bay boundary in 2019. Mofprecisely diagnosing theadded cause of a mathat resident who was inter- fatt viewed CBC on pain the and jor factor leading to the yourbylow back sciatica; topic, owns one of program the problem and a unique for was the rapid homes straddling the growth of the Half Moon reconstructing the damaged area boundary line. Part of Bay Community. the pain; has been called for that his causing family wakes up in this “Plans shown and to provide long area to be developed beBarrhaven, part of superior

Barrhaven News Reader Offer

tween 2018 and 2022, and one of them should ly to ensure that the needs and concerns of those but it happened sooner include Half Moon Bay.” Moffatt said he and Half Moon Bay residents than that,” he said. “It will have to stay the way it is Harder are working close- are met and addressed. through this election and term, but it will be fixed before the 2022 municipal election.” By the time the next Canada does have a reA Message from term is up, Barrhaven’s porting option under the Constable Jordan. population is expected There seems to be an heading “Canadian Antito be close to 50 per cent increase in break and en- fraud Centre”. This is a larger than the average ters in new construction great resource as it lists city ward. Moffatt said he areas of Barrhaven espe- current trends of differexpects a new ward to be cially south of Cambrian. ent types of frauds and created when the boundPlease report suspicious it allows the “victim” to aries are redrawn. vehicles to Ottawa Police report. “It’s the best solution,” Are you interested in at 613-236-1222. If you he said. “The city redrew see a possible break and crime reports? Go on to the boundaries before the enter in progress then and look 2006 election and created “911” is the more appro- under the top header two new wards, including “crime reports”. This is priate option. the Gloucester-South NeI have been presenting a system that is updated tolist your Corrective Spinaland Care fraud can helppresentations and pean Ward. Stittsville dailytake and ititwill crimeappointm Kanata in your area. Click on throughout the west end You’ll be entitled tothe a you. went from two wards to three. I would “launch” on the right side and have spoken about comprehensive examination Book a consultation with Dr. think that with the growth different of the pagethe andcause scroll toof your Penney and his team now by types of frauds diagnose here, it would make sense in previous articles. To the bottom to agree to and you’ll be on you calling (613)823-8466. They that the city would add the disclaimer. add theare Government of problemway to safe, lasting relief! waiting to take two new wards in your 2022, call today.

Community Police

akthrough Relief For Back Pain and Sciatica

ne term results for most people”. Canada with this often treatment is spinal condition. Barrhaven IndependentBecause Reader the Offer nonsurgical, safe and easy, most , stabbing and patients report an almost ains from the low back, immediate relief from their pain. s with additional pain nals. With successfrom rates Barrhaven as Thank goodness Nathalie saysI tried Core buttocks and down high as 90% some back sur- rective Chiropractic Care, “ I felt that the pain in my leg was re all symptoms of a geons are recommending their Im 95% better in just a few something I justfirsthadweeks.” to deal with. erves often called patients try this treatment Your invitation for a conbefore having surgery.less pain, Now I have more In severe cases, it can In Barrhaven, you can try sultation and examination energy and more hope. Im even uscle wasting, numbness Non- Surgical Corrective Spi- to pinpoint the cause of IF down YOU suffer from low nal taking less pain medication. ant tingling to the your low back pain and sciCare at Evolation Chiropain and sciatica, you practic atica… Clinicgoodness - the office ofI tried Thank Corrective oes. Leftback untreated, the are one of over 3 million low back pain and sciatica We have teamed up with Chiropractic Care, Im betterexperts at in can rapidly adults in wear Canada you with this of- relief the 95% spine therapy expert, Dr Rick Penney. crippling spinal condition. just has a few weeks.” drain thetenjoy out of life. Drin Penney helped more the Evolation Clinic, to help Shooting, stabbing and readers thanYour 1000 patients find re-for invitation a find relief from their until now… burning pains from the low lief from their agonizing back persistent back and sciatic and examination vances in thesometimes with addi- painconsultation back, pain. All you have to do to and sciatica. According tional pain through the but- to Dr receive thorough diagnos“we usethe a comtoPenney, pinpoint cause ofa your of sciatica and tocks and down the legs are bination of modern technolo- tic examination with modern low back pain and sciatica… k pain have led to the all symptoms of a pinched gies and techniques, for pre- technologies and innovative havetheteamed with the ent and huge success of nerves often called “sciatica” techniques and ciselyWe diagnosing cause of up . In severe cases, it can lead comprehensive easy to unyour low back pain and sciatspine therapy experts at the cal Corrective Spinal to muscle wasting, numbness ica; and a unique program for derstand report on your state EvolationtheClinic, to help readers excellent this down reconstructing andresults constant of tingling damaged of health is call (613)823relief from their persistent have been to the tip of the toes. Left un- areafind causing the pain; this has 8466. treated, the Mention been shown to provide supeback and sciatic pain. All you this have article in major journals. intense pain can rapidly rior long term results for most (CODE:LBPSC37) and Dr to doBecause to receive a thorough cess rates wearas youhigh downas and drain the people”. the treat- Penney will happily reduce joy out of life. diagnostic with e back surgeons are consultation fee of ment is nonsurgical,examination safe and his usual is, until now… to just $37. easy, most patients report an $247 modern technologies and nding theirThat patients try Recent advances in the treat- almost immediate relief from But hurry, due to obvious and- this is a time limitment first ment before having of sciatica and lower theirinnovative reasons pain Nathalie techniques from Barback pain have led to the de- rhaven comprehensive easyed to offer expiring April 13th. says “ I felt that the and huge success pain in my leg was something My advice, don’t suffer a understand report on your state of aven, youvelopment can try Nonof Non-Surgical Corrective I just had to deal with. Now moment longer… Find out if health is call (613)823-8466. orrectiveSpinal Spinal Care.Care The at excellent I have Non-Surgical Corrective Spiless pain, more energy resultsClinic of this treatment nal Care can help you. hope. Imthis even takMention article Chiropractic - the have and more been published in major jour- ing less pain medication. Book a consultation with Dr. (CODE:LBPSC37) and w back pain and Dr Penney will happily reduce lief expert, Dr Rick his usual consultation fee of $247 to just $37. ey has helped more But hurry, due to obvious patients find relief from

Dr Penney will actually treat the cause of your health problem, not just your symptoms. That’s why hundreds of grateful patients rejoice “This gives me back my Penney life!” and his team now by exam is $247 so you will save calling (613)823-8466. They $210! Over the years, Dr Penney has Don’t suffer from the pain are waiting to take your call treated thousands patients withany longer. immobility today. Dr Penney will actu-of and Discover The ally treat problems the cause of and your sciatica. back natural treatment that health problem, not just your vast majority of them the have symptoms. That’s why hun- can enjoyed lasting In fact,the cause of your eliminate dreds of grateful patientsrelief. reproblem and give you the joice “Thiswho’ve gives me back my many suffered and have safe, life!” triedth other lasting told relief you deserve. Over e years,remedies Dr Penney have them they ofwished they called Call them now at (613)823has treatedthat thousands pa8466 and cut out or tear off tients with back problems and sooner! sciatica. The vast majority this valuable article now Mary from Barrhaven of them have enjoyed lasting and take it to your appointrelief. In fact, manysuffering who’ve ment. wrote,“After for many You’ll be entitled to a comsuffered and have tried other years from sciatic nerve pain, I remedies have told them that prehensive examination to have finally found After diagnose thejust cause of your they wished they called soon-relief. andtoyou’ll be on er!a month and a half, I problemam back Mary from Barrhaven your way to safe, lasting rean exercise level that is allowing wrote,“After suffering for lief! me to attain mynerve personal Don’thealth delay your important many years from sciatic diagnosis and treatment anpain, I have finally found regoals, better body conditioning, a lief. After just a month and other moment! You can even better overall attitude and more a half, I am back to an exer- call and leave a message energy.” cise level that is allowing me on their answering machine secure to attain personal health Callmythem now andto get a your full spot as they goals, better body condition- promise to return all calls; and thorough examination to week they are and during the ing, a better overall attitude pinpoint the cause of veryyour busy, so if they don’t and more energy.” up normal straight away do Call them now get $37, a pick problem forandjust the full and thorough examina- leave a message. For Obvious cost of such an exam is $247 so they can’t help everytion to pinpoint the cause of reasons your for just$210! $37, one at this reduced price youproblem will save this isand a time limited ofthe Don’t normal suffer cost of such fromanthe-pain immobility any longer. Discover the natural treatment that can eliminate the cause of your problem and give you the safe,

Don’t delay your important diagnosis and treatment ano moment! You can even call a leave a message on their answering machine to secure fer Sciatic Relief Expert Dr to retur spot as they promise Rick Penney calls; and during the week th DC, says: In 16 years of are very busy, soseen if they don’ practice I have never a treatment effectivedo as leave a up straightasaway Non-Surgical Corrective message. For Obvious reaso Spinal Care for patients they can’t or help everyone at th with sciatica lower back pain. expiring April- 13th reduced price this- is a time so please call soon to secure limited offer your special opportunity.

Breakthrough Relief For Back Pain and Sciatica

Sciatic Relief Expert Dr Rick

Penney DC, says: Expert In 16 yearsDr Rick Pen Sciatic Relief of practice I have never seen a DC, says: In 16 years of practice treatment as effective as Nonhave seen Spinal a treatment as Surgicalnever Corrective effective as Non-Surgical Correc Care for patients with sciatica or lower back pain. Spinal Care for patients with scia orCall lower back pain. (613)823-8466 NOW and

leave a message. If it’s the weekend or the line is busy - they expiring April 13th promise they will get back to you - so plea call to So secure as soonsoon as they can. call now your sp at (613) 823-8466 and quote this opportunity. special discount code:LBPSC37

Call (613)823-8466 NOW a leave a message. If it’s the weekend or the line is busy promise they will get back to as soon as they can. So call

FRIDAY, March 30, 2018 Page 3


4 Bedroom, 4 Bath, Private Beach, Home Theatre & Gym 1299 Woods Lake rd - GreeLy - $899,900


Upgraded 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Hardwood Throughout, Fenced Yard

1600 Des Grives Cres - OrLeanS $424,900

401 riverboat heights – half Moon Bay $509,900

5 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Wood Burning Fireplace, Inground Pool

4 Bedroom, 4 Bath, Hardwood Flooring, Fully Fenced

2406 rideau rd – GreeLy - $464,900


New Build, 4 Bedroom, 4 Bath, Hardwood Flooring 280 Bert hall St – arnPrIOr - $389,000

3 Bedrm, 4 bath, Hardwood Flooring, Fully Fenced

92 Waterbridge – Barrhaven - $399,900

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Hardwood Flooring, Large Fenced Yard

New Build, 4 Bedroom, 4 Bath, Double Car Garage 300 Bert hall St – arnPrIOr - $395,000

Corner Lot, 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Open Concept

706 Triton Pl – STOneBrIDGe - $615,900

New Build, 4 Bedroom, 4 Bath, Fenced Yard

654 Broad Cove Cres – half Moon Bay - $474,900



4 Bedroom, 2 Ensuites, Jack & Jill Bath, 2nd Floor Loft, Hardwood Flooring

61 Bert hall St – arnPrIOr - $395,000


Corner Lot, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, large yard

2 ventnor Way - Barrhaven - $324,900


398 abbeydale Circle - KanaTa - $459,900

End Unit, Fully Fenced, Hardwood Flooring, Stone Gas Fireplace 150 Lochnaw Pvt - STOneBrIDGe $399,900

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Hardwood Flooring, Large Fenced Yard 34 Saffron – Barrhaven - $384,900

Upgraded Condo, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Parking 108 Lindenshade Dr – Barrhaven - $269,900

Page 4 FRIDAY, March 30, 2018

The IndependentCOMMUNITY


Spring is here, but winter weather taking its toll on Barrhaven roads LET’S TALK

BARRHAVEN by Jan Harder

year, let me know if I can help. Give Carol a call at 613 580-2473 Dine Out For A Cause On March 28th at Boston Pizza in Barrhaven,

not required prior to the event - all ages are welcome. The event will end approximately at 11am or when all the gift bags are given away. There is no cost to the event.

Volunteers are welcome, please contact if interested. This is a great opportunity for students looking to fill their 40+ volunteer hours.

Harder continues on page 5

Half Moon Bay Community Association Annual Easter Egg Hunt On March 31st, 2018,

Special Offer For April Special redeem with this ad

LASER BIKINI & UNDERARM $79 BOTOX® $7 UNIT (by an experienced physician) FACIAL $50

Save $5 on tickets* with code: SAVE5

One service per client. APRIL SPECIALS EXPIRING APRIL 30th| 613.822.7956 |

*Not valid on Courtside

Located in Riverside South across the bridge from Barrhaven


Palm Sunday – March 25 Good Friday Easter Sunday 10:00 am - “Tale of the 12 Cups”

starting at 10am at the Half Moon Bay Park, the HMBCC will be hosting the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Please don’t forget to bring your Easter baskets to collect eggs with your child! Registration is


Barrhaven United Church MARCH 30

Dine Out For A Cause in support of Regional Cancer Foundation to Support local families facing cancer. Join in from 5pm - 9pm, and 10% of all sales will go towards this great cause that helps so many in our community.


6:30 am Mowat Farm Park 10:00 am Church Sanctuary


3013 Jockvale Rd 613-825-1707


A-1ERAL CONTRin Business GEN

rs 35 yea

Finished Basements. Bathrooms, Kitchens, Flooring, Framing, Drywall, Painting, Baseboards, Windows, Doors


Call Phil 613-828-9546


Easter is early again and unfortunately, we don’t know that “spring” is aware of this because as I write this there is still a whole lot of cold weather before us. I hear so many people, family members included, saying, “why do we live here?” Heck, every place has its ups and downs it’s highly unlikely a tornado will devastate us or a tsunami will rise story’s above the landscape causing the Jock River to present a “wall of water”. A hurricane is unlikely. Regardless “bring on spring” please! A quick drive around the neighbourhood has shown the toll winter has taken on our roads and lots. There are numerous potholes and with the recent snow, it has been difficult to repair them. Please keep reporting them to 311 so they can be repaired as soon as the weather conditions allow it. Furthermore, some of the corner lots have been damaged by plows. Please make sure that you call 311 to report any damage so that you are on the list for the spring repairs. With the extreme fluctuation in weather (remember the Spring-like conditions we had in February?) there has not been enough frost to protect the lawns. Finally, the construction taking place in some neighbourhoods have also wreaked havoc on the roads. Besides the winter debris, construction has left roads dusty and dirty. Until the snow clears, and from the weather reports it will be a while yet, the sweepers cannot do their job efficiently It’s going to be a busy



experienced in all home renovations and repairs fuLLy iNsuRED.

Free estimates

(613) 867-2251


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, March 30, 2018 Page 5

harder continues from page 4 The Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association (FOPLA) are pulling out their best sci-fi & fantasy stock for a special sale at FOPLA’s Distribution Facility. No need to go to Mordor to indulge your inner geek with used books, graphic novels, manga, DVDs, audiobooks, MTG and more at great prices. They also want our community to live long and prosper, so proceeds help support the Ottawa Public Library.The sale will be held on Saturday April 7th from 10am - 2pm, located at 100 Tallwood Drive, K2G4R7 (James Bartleman Centre)

Absolute Comedy Dinner and Show Fundraiser

Come out on April 14th, to the Barrhaven Legion from 6pm to 10pm for a hilarious night of Absolute Comedy with 3 fabulous Comedians featuring Craig Fay and Mark Anthony Sinagoga . Enjoy a wonderful Chicken dinner with all the fixin’s and help support Mattamy Homes Canada Day in Barrhaven Canada. Call Darrell at 613-298-9119 to order tickets and reserve your table.

Stonebridge Community Assoc. AGM

The Stonebridge Community Association is having it’s AGM on Thursday April 12th at 7pm to 9pm at the Stonebridge Golf Club, 68 Hawktree Ridge, Nepean. You are welcome

to join the AGM to find out about all the activities our association has been up to this past year and plans to do next year, to voice your concerns and ask questions about things that are important to you. The AGM is open to active association members with sign up and renewal of memberships available at the door. Doors open at 6:30pm for Mix & Mingle with light refreshments available. Email

Stonebridge Community Assoc. Clean Up the Neighbourhood

On Saturday April 28th from 9am to 12pm the Stonebridge Community Association would like to invite you to join your friends and neighbours in cleaning up the parks and entrances of our neighbourhood. Gloves, bags and treats will be provided at Kilbirnie Park. Rain date is April 29th.

Stonebridge Mother’s Day Craft and Vendor Show

On Sunday April 29 at 10am to 3pm, at the Stonebridge Golf Course, there will be a Stonebridge Mother’s Day Craft and Vendor Show where you can get your Mother’s Day shopping done while supporting Barrhaven area small businesses. There will be free gift bags for the first 40 visitors, gift basket raffles, and business showcases throughout the event! Donations will be accepted for the Barrhaven Food

Cupboard. Pre-registration is now open for Stonebridge area residents and businesses, as well participants of our November event. Public registration will open on our website on March 7. For more information contact (613) 692-6093 or email

Party for a Purpose ALS Dinner and Benefit Concert

Party for a Purpose ALS Dinner and Benefit Concert featuring Montreal’s The Cranes is on May 12th, 2018 from 6pm to 12am at the Orchard View Wedding & Event Centre, 6346 Deermeadow Drive. Cecil Landon, was diagnosed with ALS in January of 2017 and passed away in November 2017. He was an amazing person who touched a lot of people in many different circles. Stephanie Hall is a mother of 3 who was diagnosed in October of 2017. The gala is in Cecil’s memory and in support of Stephanie through supporting the Walk for ALS as the ALS foundation offered them a ton of support over the past year. Please visit Facebook Event and Eventbrite page for more information and to buy tickets.

Top Shelf Youth 4 on 4 Ball Hockey Tournament

Top Shelf Youth 4 on 4 Ball Hockey Tournament will take place on Saturday May 26th, 2018 at the Cedarview Alliance church. This outdoor tournament is comprised of the follow-

Drummond’s Sugarbush and Pancake House Open 8:30am to 4:30pm

Saturdays & Sundays March 3rd until April 15th Reservations not taken, so arrive early 3719 CR 21, Spencerville, Ont. 1-613-658-2188 Open Daily for Syrup Sales A Family Tradition for 216 Years - Our Third Century Sorry, Debit & Credit Cards Not Accepted.

ing age categories: 7-8 years 9-10 years, 11-12 years, and Minor Bantam and Major Bantam divisions. There will be an 8 team maximum in each age division with a 6 player per team limit. This is a 3 game guarantee

tournament. Take advantage of the EARLY BIRD rate in effect until February 28th, 2018 of $150.00 per team: Registration is online @ www.topshelf4on4barrhaven.caAll proceeds from the tournament go

to supporting social and recreational opportunities in Barrhaven for youth. The tournament is hosted by the Salvation Army and the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre.


Michelle R. Perry, B.A., LL.B.

Richmond C.E. Wilson, Q.C. (Ret.)

Corporate Law • Real Estate • Commercial Law Wills and Estates • General Counsel

5542 Manotick Main St. 613-692-3547

spRing is HeRe Redken duos & LitRes on sALe

Barrhaven Marketplace (Rio-Can in front of Wal-Mart)



Sci-Fi & Sundry Sale

Page 6 FRIDAY, March 30, 2018



Watch what you say Will the Ontario Liberals never learn? Nepean-Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod went off in the legislature – and rightly so – at Queen’s Park last week after Liberal Economic Development Director Steven Del Duca referred to her actions as “adorable.” The Toronto Star reported that MacLeod stood up in the legislature and referenced the fact that 2,000 people showed up at a pep rally for PC leader Doug Ford. “It’s adorable to watch the member across the floor talk about Doug Ford and the crowd that showed up to see him,” said Del Duca. Not surprisingly, MacLeod took exception to Del Duca’s choice of words. “Would the minister call one of his male colleagues ‘adorable,’ and does he think this is appropriate? Will he apologize to me?” Del Duca did apologize to MacLeod, and also issued a written apology that was delivered to MacLeod and to reporters. It also appeared on Twitter. “I’m sorry for not using a more appropriate term in my response to your question this morning,” the apology by Del Duca stated on Twitter. “It was never my intention to offend you. Once again, I’m truly sorry.” MacLeod accepted the apology. Unfortunately, Del Duca was not the only provincial Liberal to stick his foot in his mouth. Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa jokingly referred to a group of male and female staffers at a hospital as eye candy. Tory MPP Laurie


Scott took exception to the comment. “What a day it’s been for women in politics,” she was quoted as saying in the Toronto Star. “We have the minister of economic development calling my female colleague ‘adorable’ in a demeaning and condescending manner (and) the Minister of Finance called the women behind him at an announcement today ‘eye candy’,” Scott said. “How is this acceptable?” While Del Duca immediately apologized, Sousa took offence to Scott’s insinuations. Later in the day, however, he did apologize. The reaction to the comments has been predictable. Progressive Conservatives are crying shame on the Liberals for their sexist remarks. Liberals, meanwhile, say the PC’s are overreacting to comments where the context has been exaggerated. But the fact that these remarks were newsworthy only tells us that the microscope that politicians are under is increasingly intensifying. The Liberals politicians should know that they will be called out for inappropriate comments, and they should know that MacLeod is looking for any reason to call them out and hold them accountable. They should also be sensitive to the fact that even if their comments had no sexist intentions, no politician has faced more sexist remarks and hatred than Premier Kathleen Wynne. Regardless of who wins the upcoming election, Ontario needs change. A good place to set the tone for that is to have a clean, civil and respectful election campaign.

P.O. Box 567 Manotick, Ontario Tel: 613-692-6000

The Barrhaven Independent is published by Manotick Messenger Inc. biweekly at P.O. Box 567 in Manotick, Ontario. The Barrhaven Independent is not responsible for the loss of unsolicited manuscripts, photos, or other material used for publication purposes. Letters will be edited for length, clarity and libellous statements. Display, National and Classified rates are available on request.

Publisher: Jeff Morris Managing Editor: Jeff Morris Advertising and Marketing: Gary Coulombe Photographer: Mike Carroccetto

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DEADLINE FOR ALL ADVERTISING IS FRIDAY AT 4PM All layouts and composition of advertisements produced by employees of Manotick Messenger Inc. are protected by copyright invested in the publishers of the Barrhaven Independent.


Nothing like a cheeseburger on the lido deck “I’m going to get a couple of chairs for us,” the Diva said to me last week. “Okay,” I replied. “Where exactly are you going to be?” “I am going to try to find a couple on the lido deck before it gets crowded.” I knew exactly what the lido deck was, but after she walked away, I started thinking about it. Have I ever heard the word lido before being on a cruise ship? I don’t think so. Had I ever heard it in my life other than on a cruise ship? Wait a minute. Did that word pop up in that awkward two weeks of sex education in ninth grade phys. ed. class? It sounds like one of those words, but I don’t think it is. The annual March Break cruise has come and gone. We shoe-horned ourselves into the crossover, drove to Baltimore via the Syracuse Destiny USA Mall, and spent a week with the good people from Carnival as we sailed to the Bahamas and back. And ‘the good people at Carnival’ covers everyone from the Scandinavians who built the ship, to the Panamanians who registered it, to the Italians navigating it, to the Filipinos, Indians and Ukranians who formed about 98 per cent of the ship’s staff. ‘Oh, this is going to be great,’ I thought. ‘There will be so much to write about for my column!’ But there wasn’t. I kept waiting for that ‘gotta write about this embarrassing moment,’ but it never happened. Okay, well, one of those moments happened. It involved some half-arsed break dancing moves on top of the bar at Senor Frogs in Freeport after beers and shots at 10 a.m. I couldn’t really write about that because it is hard to describe a fat, 50-something sunburned Canadian white guy with an Expos jersey and hat trying to moon-walk in Birks and then bodypopping to Salt ‘N Peppa’s ‘Push It’. One of the kids caught it on his phone. The Diva shook her head and stared at the floor in shame, then got worried that my big cow heart would explode right there on the stage of the bar. I don’t think they would have cared. They would have just rolled me out of the way and continued the Tequila-drinking contests and Conga line for shots. Besides, what happens in Freeport stays in Freeport. Well, at least it did until the Diva put the video on Facebook. Stupid Zuckerberg and his stupid social media empire. There wasn’t much else to see in Freeport. It was kind of like the industrial park on Conroy Road in Ottawa, except with palm trees and a few souvenir stands. And a few hours later, we were back on the lido deck with a bucket of Corona. I chatted with the cruise director for a few

minutes. He was Australian. I thought he would know the answer so I asked him what “lido” meant. He enlightened me that it was a British term that meant pool deck. It is usually only used on cruise ships. Knowing that, I totally want to work that word into the every day rotation. “Honey, I’m taking the kids to the rec centre to swim. I’m just going to sit with a book on the lido deck.” Lido deck is not the only thing you hear only FROM THE on a cruise ship. Here are some of the other gems we heard. There was one aimed at the cruise director. “What happens if we by Jeff Morris flush the toilet while sitting on it?” “You’ll get a Texassized hickey,” he replied “And on the last cruise a boy was sucked down the toilet and popped up in the hot tub on the lido deck.” “Oh, and is the water in the toilet fresh water or salt water?” He didn’t have an answer to that one, but replied that “there are two reasons I don’t want to know. Number one… and number two.” Here’s another question that was directed at one of the entertainers. “Do you guys stay on the ship, too?” The response was predictable. “No. Actually they have a submarine that comes out into the ocean and goes under the ship to drop us off and take us back to shore every night.” Here’s another. “Kids, hold your breath walking through the casino. All you can smell is a pot pourri of cigarettes, desperation and burnt armpits.” Okay, I didn’t really hear that one. I kind of said it. But hopefully someone else heard it and is using it, because that is exactly what the casino smelled like. And we had to go through there to get to Harry Potter Trivia. Which leads me to the next thing we heard. “Does anyone here have a Harry Potter tattoo?” “I have two,” replied the geek that kicked our butts. It was sad to come home, but your body can only handle so many Guy’s Burger Joint cheeseburgers as a 3 p.m. snack. And I think all 2,100 of us said the same thing when we got home. “Honey, there’s something wrong with the scale in the bathroom. How can I gain 12 pounds when we were only gone seven days?” I think I’ll have a spinach, banana and protein shake for dinner. And maybe an Advil. I may have popped my body while body popping on the stage at Senor Frogs.


Letters to the Editor welcome – email to



FRIDAY, March 30, 2018 Page 7

Family’s love of hockey takes honour roll students to ringette nationals Favourite

Name: Madigan McHugh Age: 17




School: St. Francis Xavier High Grade: 12

by Phill Potter

Parents: Laurie and Dave McHugh

“English and Biology.” What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I enjoy reading dystopian/ post apocalyptic novels. I find them the most interesting.”

Sister: Kelsey (17), St Francis Xavier High Pet: “Pet cat named Gader.”

a Mitchell_Ad copy 8:47“DishonAM Page 1 Pet 5/3/17 Peeves:

esty and Procrastination.”

Part-time Work: “I work part time at Pro Hockey Life as a cashier and sales associate.”

Ac c o m p l i s h m e n t s : “I’ve been an Honour Roll student throughout my high school career and have worked hard to maintain my grades. As for other accomplishments, I have been fortun-

ate enough to compete at a competitive level of ringette for the majority of my life. It has taken me to a national competition in 2016, as my team travelled to London, Ontario for the Canadian National Ringette Championships.” Activities/Interests: “I’m a very athletic person, having played competitive ringette for 10 years. I’ve also done lots of volunteer work in my community, with activity days, working with youth, and at a retirement home during the summer.” Why did you get involved in what you do? “I got involved with ringette because my family had always been involved in hockey. I discovered ring-

Photo Restoration BEFORE


ette through my cousin, who had played as well, I had never seen it before and became very interested in the game. I got into volunteering because of my mom who had been very involved with the community. She inspired me to try and make a difference in my community.” Career Goals: “Next year I’m studying psychology at Carleton University. Eventually, I hope to study forensic psychology. After university I’m unsure where I will end up.”

T:5.063” will be studying psychology at Carleton Madigan McHugh University in the fall. Phill Potter photo

By the time you finish reading this, you could’ve confirmed your voter info online. T:7.714” Stains, Creases, Fading, Tears, Pieces Missing Add or Remove People or Items Colourize Black and White Photographs Change Colour to Classic Black and White Archival/Giclée Printing • Transfer VHS to DVD Transparencies, Negatives, Tintypes, Daguerreotypes Photo Collages • Custom Framing


176 Flat Sedge Cres. Ottawa, ON K1T 0G9


By Appointment – Day or Evening



March is Provincial Voter Registration Month. #GetONit

Over 30 years experience. All work done on premises.

Ad #: EO_N1000-25_J

File Location: Share1:client_work:ELECTIONS Material:ENG:EO_N1000-25_J.indd

Be ready to vote on June 7, 2018.

Page 8 FRIDAY, March 30, 2018


Income Tax Preparation • Personal, self emPloyed, Business • esTaTes • CurrenT & laTe TaX reTurns • GsT/HsT



Stopping smoking may be difficult but it can be done. Over half of Canadians who have smoked quit successfully. There are many well-tested methods that can help you kick the habit. Talk to your Live Well Pharmacist to find out which method might be right for you. LIVE WELL



independent Grocer

would like to wish everyone a great Easter!

store HoUrs: Monday to sunday 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.


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BARRHAVEN BIA AND COMMUNITY NEWS! visit us: • contact us:



Little Caesar's Marshalls Dulux Paints Dollarama Vimy Bridge Dental Sleep Country Natural Food Pantry Ren's Pets COMING SOON... Subway Junior Escape Room Eyes of Barrhaven in the Barrhaven Mall Telus 900 Greenbank Rd Citigate Animal Hospital SuperCuts Citigate Dental Tutti Fruitti – Opening Soon!

WHAT IS THE BBIA & HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? Barrhaven Business Improvement Area (BBIA) — Ottawa’s first suburban BIA created on January 1, 2006. There are more than 130 properties in the BBIA and almost 500 businesses within our boundaries; Highway 416, the south side of Fallowfield Road, the west side of Prince of Wales and the south urban boundary. All commercial properties within the BIA boundary are automatically members of the BIA.




The Barrhaven BIA spearheads a number of initiatives that promote Barrhaven to the advantage of all the properties located within its boundary. Through the BIA, members become more involved and informed about the plans and developments that affect them. These include issues such as property development, policies, policing, by-laws, traffic and transportation. The BIA provides an advocacy role to its members by allowing the area to speak with a united voice on issues of common concern and interest, thereby increasing their influence at City Hall on policies that affect them. For more information about the BBIA, please visit:

HAVE A COMMUNITY EVENT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? ADD IT TO THE BBIA’S NEW EVENTS CALENDAR. Visit – under the “EVENT” tab, simply submit your event using “ADD A COMMUNITY EVENT”. Easy as 1...2...3!

Page 10 FRIDAY, March 30, 2018

The IndependentCommunity


Contract awarded for first phase of police South Campus Master Plan In October 2017, Ottawa Police presented plans for the South Campus Master Plan, which will be located at 55 Lodge Road (off Prince of Wales). This new police station will serve the south end and replace the current locations at Greenbank and Leitrim. Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed in 2021, with phase 2 just a few years later in 2023. Approval of architectural and engineering services were brought to the Ottawa Police Services Board earlier this week. The contract was awarded to Moriyama & Teshima and CS&P Architects for prime consultant services for the design and engineering for phase 1 of the facility.

Ten Year Housing and Homelessness Plan

On March 22nd, the Community and Protective Services Committee received an update on the Ten Year Housing and Homelessness Plan 2014-2024. The City’s Plan was developed to streamline various housing programs, promote people-centred services and human services integration. Recognizing that more needs to be done, especially in addressing rising family homelessness, the City Plan has still had several positive impacts, notably in reducing youth homelessness and building much needed affordable housing units. To access the full report, with all of the current Pick up your

Project1:Layout 1 10-06-24 3:56 PM Page 1

Community News Local sports


WARD REPORT by Michael Qaqish

and future deliverables please visit

Pothole Repairs

The City of Ottawa fills around 250,000 potholes per year. Potholes are caused by the constant freeze-thaw cycle in Winter and Spring. On average, we experience around 68 freezethaw cycles per winter season. Potholes are formed when snow and ice melts and seeps into cracks in the surface of the road, combined with the vibration of traffic over the cracks. Repairs are scheduled and carried out based on the severity of the pothole, traffic impact, and are based on a provincial minimum maintenance standard. Crews clear the pothole of water and debris, fill it with hot asphalt, and compact it to create a tight bond with the surrounding pavement. The City regularly tests new approaches, technology and best practices to find the most effective way to deal with potholes in Ottawa. If you see a pothole, report it online at ottawa. ca or by calling 3-1-1.

GLAD Cleaning the Capital

Early bird registration for the annual GLAD Cleaning the Capital Spring campaign is now open. Participants can register

their cleanup projects by calling 311 or by using the online registration form available at The interactive map on the website shows which locations have been chosen, and allows residents to register their own project. The Cleanup Capital Weekend is scheduled for April 27-29 and the spring campaign will run from April 15 to May 15.

Stoop and Scoop

Dog waste is a public health hazard, takes the pleasure out of outdoor activities and pollutes the environment. Help improve public opinion of dogs and dog owners - make it a habit to pick up after your dog and to take the waste home to dispose of it on your own premises. The City encourages flushing pet waste down the toi-

let, as it will be properly treated at the sewage plant. Dog owners can also place the waste in their regular garbage as long as it is properly wrapped in absorbent paper and placed in a sealed, leak proof bag. Failure to pick up after your dog is a by-law offence. Failure to take it home and dispose of it on your own premises is also an offence under the by-law.

East Barrhaven Community Association

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting to discuss the new East Barrhaven Community Association. I am very excited to see so much interest in community building in the area. If you were unable to attend the meeting, but are interested in taking a more active role in the community association, please contact my office.


3.20% • $50,000 minimum investment required* • Returns are guaranteed

FOR 5 YEAR TERM DEPOSIT • Deposits insured up to $250,000 • 60% higher return than most savings accounts

Offer available until April 30th, 2018.



Coming eveNts BARRHAVEN 1-800-379-7757

* New deposits only

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July 9th - 13th | July 30th - Aug 3rd | Aug. 13th - 17th

Stevens Creek Creek Farm Farm Stevens

Stevens CreekFarm Farm Stevens Creek Riding Lessons Riding Lessons Summer Camps Riding Lessons Adult Education Summer Camps Adult Education

Stevens Creek offers a full Stevens Creek offersand full Stevens Creek offers aa full service equine boarding horse service equine boarding and horse service equine boarding and horse training facility. We offer riding Stevens Creek offers a full training facility. We offer riding We offer riding lessons for students of all ages, service equine and horse Stevens boarding Creek offers a full lessons for students of ages, lessons forand students of all all ages, pony club, a competitive and training facility. We offer riding service equine boarding and horse pony club, aa competitive and recreational program. pony club, and and rider competitive and

lessons for facility. students ofoffer all ages, training We riding recreational rider recreational rider program. program. pony lessons club, and a competitive and for studentsLessons of all ages, ● Introductory recreational rider program. Monthly pony● and aLessons competitive ●club, Introductory Lessons and ● Spring and fall sessions recreational rider program.

● Monthly Lessons ● Introductory Lessons Stevens Creek ● Spring and fall Farm, sessions ● Monthly Lessons 6439 Second Line Rd., Kars ● Introductory Lessons ● Spring and fall sessions

● ●

Summer Camps Adult Education

Adult Education

Join us for our

AnnuAl recitAl

Adult Groupgoing going out a ride incountry. the country. Adult Group out on on a ride in the

Owners: Andy de St. Croix and Teddie Laframboise Adult Group going out on a ride in the country. Contact: Owners: Andy de St. Croix and Teddie Laframboise Website: 613-489-0248 Monthly Lessons Adult Group going out on a ride in the country. Contact: ​ Spring and fall sessionsAndy Owners: de St. Croix and Teddie Laframboise Website: ​

Contact: Owners: Website: Stevens Creek Farm, Contact: Website: Owners:

Adult Group going out on a ride in the country.

​ Andy de St. Croix and Teddie Laframboise ​hLine ttp:// 6439 Second​c Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A 2E0 ​613-489-0248 ​ Andy de St. Croix and Teddie Laframboise

Stevens Creek Farm, 6439 Second Line Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A 2E0 ​613-489-0248 Contact: ​

StevensWebsite: Creek Farm, 6439 Second Line Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A 2E0 ​

Stevens Creek Farm, 6439 Second Line Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A 2E0




June 15th and 16th

Page 12 FRIDAY, March 30, 2018


The Independent#DISCOVERBARRHAVEN Customer service is the key for Barrhaven Sherwin-Williams Paint Store If you ever wondered if the Sherwin-Williams store on Woodroffe Avenue would succeed, it would be fair to say it has. With flying colours. The store, located in the former Royal LePage office in the strip mall at Woodroffe north of Longfields, has become a go-to location for both home decorators and commercial painters. “We have a good mix of customers,” said Barrhaven Sherwin-Williams manager Rebecca Dagenais. “We cater to the home owner looking for that perfect paint for their home, and we also have a number of commercial customers who get their paints and supplies here.” Sherwin-Williams carries a complete line of interior and exterior paints, as well as stains, primers and concrete care products. They also carry a complete line of painting supplies. “We are a one-stop shop for anything to do with painting,” said Dagenais.

Although SherwinWilliams is a household name and a Fortune 500 company in the United States, they are anything but a big box store. They may have enough square footage to satisfy their wide range of paints and related products, but the key to their success has been strong customer service. “It’s more than good customer service,” said Dagenais. “We build relationships with our customers. We get to know them. We get to know what they want and what their tastes are, and that’s why we are able to help them. They would never get that one-on-one attention from a big box store.” The company has been at the forefront of using technology to help its customers. The tools they give their customers to select the right paints and colours are as important as the paints themselves. “We have an app that is really helpful for selecting colours,” said Da-

genais. “And if a customer comes in with a paint chip, our technology will enable us to produce a match.” Sherwin-Williams got its beginnings in 1866, when Henry Sherwin launched his paint business in a small Cleveland storeroom. That was the year that Canadian Sherwin-Williams founder James H. Douglas was born in Omemee, Ontario. At 15, Douglas had embarked on a business career with a retail hardware store in Peterborough, Ontario. The following year found him employed in the Montreal hardware and paint store of James H. Douglas where he first became enamored with the prospects of the paint business. The ensuing romance fostered the development of a Canadian paint enterprise that has become synonymous with quality and leadership. For the sum of twentyfive dollars, Walter Cottingham purchased a formula for Gold Paint

Customer service is the top priority for Rebecca Dagenais and Sara Sargent of Barrhaven Sherwin-Williams.

in 1887 and established manufacturing facilities at 56 St. Peter Street, Montreal. He soon was able to supplement his own meager production through the acquisition of a number of agencies for British paints. Before long, he had gained a reputation as the most important jobber (wholesaler) of good quality paints in Canada. Through the years, Sherwin-Williams has been an innovator in the

industry. “People are surprised when they realize how many innovations Sherwin-Williams is responsible for,” said Dagenais. While Sherwin-Williams focuses on customer service and relationships, it also is involved with a number of community initiatives. “Community is a big part of who we are,” said Dagenais. In three weeks, Sherwin-Williams will be

having a big sale. From April 20-23, the store has 40 per cent off all paints. “We are known for having generous sales, and this is certainly one of them,” said Dagenais. “It’s a great opportunity for people to come in to see everything that we have and how we can help them.” For more information on the Barrhaven Sherwin-Williams paint store, call 613.825.9819.

Paint continues on page 13

FRIDAY, March 30, 2018 Page 13



paint continues from page 12

In�pi�ation� Manotick Art Association

Art Show & Sale Friday April 13 to Sunday april 15 Free Entry Sat & SUn 10:30am - 4:30pm

Vernissage Friday April 13 6:30pm – 9:30pm Tickets $10 Available at Office Pro and Lindsay & McCaffrey in Manotick or online at

Where: MAnotick Curling Centre 5519 South River Drive Manotick, Ontario

Part of the proceeds will be donated to YOMA (Youth of Manotick Association).

Cash donations to ROSSS (Rural Ottawa South Support Services) gratefully accepted.

Review participating artists at

Sherwin-Williams is located at 2900 Woodroffe Avenue in the former Royal LePage location.

DINING OUT g n i The art of making friends r u t a e F

Friends and social connections are important

The importance of friends cannot be overstated. Maintaining a healthy group of friends can help relieve stress by enabling a person to have a go-to network of close companions with whom to share the ups and downs of life. The Mayo Clinic says that friends can increase one’s sense of belonging and purpose; help one cope with trauma; encourage change and help one improve his or her self-confidence and self-worth. The medical group also says that people with strong social support systems have a reduced risk of depression, high blood pressure and unhealthy weights. While friends are important, some people find that making new friends — particularly in adulthood — can be

2364 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower

challenging. That’s because making friends may not be too great a priority compared to caring for families or tending to work responsibilities. Those resolving to broaden their social circles can explore these tips for making new friends. • Start at school. School is often the first place children make friends, but school also can be a great place for adults to meet new people. By attending school functions, you will be thrust into a circle of people similar to you. Parents who get to know their childrens’ friends’ parents may find that they have more in common than just their children. • Join groups. Kids find it easy to make friends due to consistency. They


see the same kids each day at school and through sports teams and clubs. Adults can replicate this consistency by joining groups that spark their interests, finding like-minded people who meet week after week. • Go on a blind “date.” Have a friend set you up with a mutual friend and see if there is a connection there. You may be able to make new friends simply from an introduction. • Take the lead. Pursue a new friendship by taking some initiative. Invite someone out for coffee or over to your home for a glass of wine. Follow up afterward to say you had a good time. • Be positive. Be conscious of what you are adding to a potential friendship. Start off the relationship adding

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

value and joy to the other person’s life, and he or she may be more inclined to do the same. Over time, you can have conversations about rough patches in your lives but wait until the friendship is firmly established to get so serious. There is no magic number of friends a person should have, but individuals should value quality over quantity. Making friends may seem complicated, but it is actually easier than adults may think when they put themselves out there and shows a willingness to build relationships. • Go to an interesting or fun place that will allow everyone to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life, it’s always easier to be yourself when you are relaxed.

7 Days A Week

Page 14 FRIDAY, March 30, 2018


The IndependentCOMMUNITY MP says Budget 2018 brings equality and growth to middle class

Over the last two years, the federal government has made big advancements when it comes to its investment in Canadians and the things that matter most to them. The recent release of the 2018-19 federal budget is a plan that promises to put people first, including strengthening the middle-class, promoting equality in all sectors and growing the Canadian economy. I would like to take the opportunity to focus on some of the highlights this year’s federal budget contains.

Focus on women:

The budget wants to promote a Canada where every person has a real and fair chance at success. Over the last 40 years the number of women in the workforce has grown immensely and accounted for roughly one third of Canada’s real GDP per capita growth.

Nepean on the Hill By Chandra Arya Nepean MP

To support more initiatives that build the capacity of equalityseeking organizations, reduce gender inequality in Canada, and promote a fairer and more productive society, the government proposes to provide $100 million over five years to Status of Women Canada to enhance the Women’s program. Gender equality is not just about women and girls, that’s why the government of Canada will provide $1.8 million over the next two years to Status of Women Canada to develop an engagement strategy for men and boys that promotes equality and pilots advanced, targeted approaches to addressing inequality.

Canada will keep promoting women in the trades and is allocating $19.9 million over the next 5 years to pilot an Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women.


Canadians are proud of our publicly funded, universal healthcare system—based on need, not ability to pay. Yet, we know that one in ten Canadians cannot afford the prescription drugs they need. Those who can pay for their prescriptions, face some of the highest costs among the world’s most advanced countries. As a part of Budget 2018, the government is announcing the creation of an Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare. The council will report to the federal Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance and will conduct

an economic and social assessment of domestic and international models, and will recommend options on how to move forward on this important topic.

Ottawa Public Library:

The government proposes to provide $73.3 million over six years, on a cash basis, starting in 2018-2019, with $4 million per year ongoing, to support the construction and ongoing operations of a new joint facility that will house Library and Archives Canada and the Ottawa Public Library. It is expected the new building will be completed by 2023. “This is a once-in-ageneration opportunity to join forces and create a landmark institution; one that will serve the needs of residents as a Central Public Library, while offering all Canadians access to

Gibbon’s Painting & Decorating

SHINGLE ROOFING and FLAT ROOFING CRC Roof PRO certified Reasonable Rates • Free Estimates • Fully Insured

613-227-2298 • WWW.JSROOFING.CA

Building outdoors? Choose Western red cedar, naturally!

Residential Shingle Specialist

JEFFREY MARTIN • 613-838-7859 •

We specialize in Residential

Bob Riley: 821-0105 Bob Riley: 613 613 821-0105

For all your fencing and decking needs! Wide selection of building materials for all your construction projects.

Quality renovations, additions, • Quality Workmanship • Fully Insured demolitions, decking, maintenance

Bob 613 821-0105Shingles FREERiley: upgrade to Architectural We will Beat any Reasonable Estimate


Serving Homes & Businesses Serving Homes & Businesses in Ottawa over yrs in Ottawa for for over 3535 yrs

Kenril Construction Ltd.

20 Years experience - 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee Senior & Group Discounts

I am looking forward to seeing the propositions of the 2018-19 federal budget come to fruition, and am proud of the steps our government has taken to create a more fair and equal Canada. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch by phone at 613-825-5505, by email at Chandra.Arya@parl., or come by our office at 201-240 Kennevale Drive.

Over 193,000 federal workers have been affected by the Phoenix Pay System. Canada’s public servants deserve to be paid properly and on time for their important work. Budget 2018 proposes a $16 million investment over the next two years to research alternatives to the system that will help the government eventually move away from

Quality renovations, additions,

 • Free Estimates• Repairs Welcome

Phoenix Pay system:

Quality renovations, additions, demolitions, decking, maintenance demolitions, decking, maintenance

ALWAYS GUARAnteeD For a free estimate please call Rory 322-0109 Book now for your painting needs

• Written Guarantee Serving Homes & Businesses in Ottawa for over 35 yrs

it. In addition, the government will allocate $432.4 million over the next six years to try and fix the existing system.

Kenril ConstructionLtd. Ltd. Kenril Construction

Local House Painter - Bonded With 27 years experience Customer Satisfaction


LAC’s public-facing services and their rich and diverse collection of works.” – Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson

 Hours of Operation: Monday
 Monday – Friday 8am 8pm Saturday
 Saturday – 8am 6pm Sunday
 Sunday – 9am 5pm




Full line of pressure treated spruce, #1 pine, plywood, insulation, caulking, and builders’ hardware supplies.

Proudly serving you since 1936! 613-489-3735 North Gower

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday: 7:30 am - 1:00 pm

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Classified Advertising Rates 30 cents per word, $8.00 minimum All Classified Advertising Payable In Advance





HERITAGE WILDLIFE MANAGE-MENT: WILDLIFE PROBLEMS? Get them humanely removed with Heritage Wildlife Management. Call Paul Mussell. 613-601-2959.

MASONRY CREATIONS: Brick, stone, cultured stone, block, poured steps, garage floors, chimney repair, fireplaces, repointing and parging. Specializing in custom masonry, indoor and outdoor. Quality work. Satisfied homeowner. Licensed professional. Call Phil Smith today for your free estimate; 613-8847678.(Psv – B6, 7, 8, 9)

CANADIAN GUIDE DOGS FOR THE BLIND requires post secondary student for full time grounds keeping position from mid May to the end of August, and part time September to November. Must have valid driver’s licence and be able to lift 70 pounds. Email resume to or fax to 613692-0650. No phone calls please. (P-B7,M6)

GOOD NIGHT BED COMPANY - Mattresses that “Fit” your sleep issues, as well as your budget! Kemptville On. 613 258 2902


M.O.T. CONSTRUCTION •Additions •Bathrooms •Basement Finishing •Kitchens •Garages •Renovation •Repairs A - Z. Come visit our Manotick model home. Phone: 613-749-0209. Website: Email: (Ps - M5 -M9)

shop locally

Classifieds will be accepted by telephone, fax or email Tel: 613-925-4265 Fax: 613-925-2837 email:


Call 613-925-4265 to place yours today!

shop locally

Deadline for Classified Advertising Friday at 4:00 pm Deadline for Display Advertising Friday at noon

Visit us online!



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EMPLOYMENT OPPS. MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! Indemand career! Employers have work-at-home positions available. Get online training you need from an employer-trusted program. Visit: or 1-855-768-3362 to start training for your work-at-home career today!



SAWMILLS from only $4,397 MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-567-0404 Ext:400OT.

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World class ports and historic attractions

JULY 8-17, 2018 With Haida guide and artisan Dorothy Grant.

Kingston, Ottawa, Quebec City

No Income, Bad Credit Power of Sale Stopped!!!


*All meals *Shore excursions *Nightly entertainment



14 Front St S. Mississauga

253 Ontario Street, Kingston, Ontario (TICO # 2168740)

(TICO REG # 04001400)


(Licence # 10969)

Your Classified Ad or Display Ad would appear in weekly newspapers each week across Ontario in urban, suburban and rurl areas.

1st & 2nd MORTGAGES from 2.45% 5 year VRM and 3.24% 5 year FIXED. All Credit Types Considered. Let us help you SAVE thousands on the right mortgage! Purchasing, Re-financing, Debt Consolidation, Construction, Home Renovations...CALL 1-800-225-1777, (LIC #10409).

For more information Call Today 647-350-2558, Email:

4, 5, 6, 7 night cruises on a replica steamboat

Old growth forests, sea lions, whales, eagles and Haida culture aboard the 12-passenger Island Solitude.

$50K YOU PAY: $208.33 / MONTH (OAC)






!!Decrease monthly payments up to 75%!! Based on 5% APR. OAC ONTARIO-WIDE FINANCIAL 1801347inc FSCO Licence #12456 !! LET US HELP !!


LOOKING FOR A Home-Based Business? Absolutely No Cost. Free Evaluation, Free Training, and after Support. Solid Earnings Program. Check it out at:

*Spring Specials Available*

PERSONALS A N O T H E R L O N E LY W I N T E R ? don't make it a lonely spring and summer too. CALL MISTY RIVER INTRODUCTIONS, Ontario's Busiest matchmaking service with 22 years experience in finding singles their life partners. 613-257-3531,



VIKING TRAIL EXPERIENCE. Fjords, whales, UNESCO World Heritage sites, abundant wildlife, dramatic scenic vistas and local culture. Newfoundland and L a b r a d o r. Aw a r d - w i n n i n g l o c a l hosts. Wildland Tours 1-888-6158279,

Page 16 FRIDAY, March 30, 2018


The IndependentCOMMUNITY You Tube videos focus on everything to do with real estate in Barrhaven Barrhaven Invis mortgage broker Jerry Schindelheim was looking for something different to market his business. “I wanted something that would separate us,” Schindelheim said. “I wanted to do something

different.” Schindelheim came up with something that has given him a unique niche. He started interviewing people and created his own series of programs that he has put on You Tube. “The interviews in-

clude everything and anything that has to do with real estate,” Schindelheim said. The episodes each have one guest and they focus on everything to do with your home. There are interviews with realtors, lawyers, builders,

handymen – just about anything to do with your home.” Schindelheim said he is careful not to promote himself in the videos. “I am not doing this to talk about me or my business,” he said. “This is more about helping

people, and about getting exposure for a lot of people in our industry. We will all gain exposure through this, and we can all position ourselves as experts in our field. But our first priority is for the videos to be informative, not self-serving.”

Schindelheim records the videos every Wednesday, and he has several in the bank to be posted once a week on You Tube. To find the series of videos, visit YouTube. com and search Why Rent in Ottawa.

A non-competitive group of small business owners sharing knowledge & experience to improve our businesses.

Why rent in Ottawa? For Invis mortgage broker Jerry Schindelheim, putting the customer first means more than just excellent customer service. They are words that inspire, guide and permeate his every dealing. Schindelheim has been part of the financial industry for many

years. Working for CIBC and later at BMO, and holding positions such as Senior Personal Banker and Senior Financial Services Manager, he provided customers with a wide variety of financial services. “My decision to focus on mortgages stemmed from my deep conviction

that by doing so, I will be able to create a customer experience that is more personal and more tailored to individual needs,” he said. Schindelheim, who was nominated for the Nepean Chamber of Commerce Businessman of the Year award in three straight years, was

trained by the best of the best in the financial sector. He brings that wealth of experience, unbiased advice and affiliation with over 50 different lenders as he works with customers on securing the best possible mortgage that meets their needs. “Doing an excellent

job finding the right lending solution for our clients is the foundation of my business,” he said. “Having our client’s best interest as the top priority has helped create customers for life. I look forward to assisting my clients, their friends and family now and in the future. I empower clients

with information to make informed decisions, offer transparent solutions, and provide the best possible service to not only meet, but exceed my clients’ expectations. I very much look forward to working with you!” For more information, visit

Wine Making now in Barrhaven! Free bottles or

$20 off Your first batch


3350 Fallowfield Road, Unit 8

Elke Harder Sales Representative Cell: (613) 794-0560

RE/MAX Affiliates Realty Ltd. Brokerage Independantly Owned and Operated

HUNT CLUB 613-737-5487 224 Hunt Club Road Unit 2 Ottawa

BARRHAVEN 613-823-9699 10 Green Street Suite 300 Ottawa

EAGLESON 613-271-8222 500 Eagleson Rd Unit 30 Kanata

Life’s brighter under the sun Diane Koven*CFP® B.A.(Hons) CHS™ Tel: 613-728-1223 ext 2235

I can help with: • Life insurance • Mortgage insurance • Critical illness insurance *Mutual funds distributed by Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies. © Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2018.

FRIDAY, March 30, 2018 Page 17


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Two-goal performances by Kay, Mews lead Minor Pee Wees to AA title The Nepean Minor Pee Wee AA Raiders pulled out two wins over the Gloucester Rangers to and win their Hockey East Ontario championship series over the Gloucester Rangers. The Raiders won four of the five games to take the seven-point series 8-2 in points. On Wed., March 21, the Raiders took com-

manding lead of the series with a 3-1 win over the Rangers. Mller Kay scored a pair of power play goals to give the Raiders a 2-0 lead. He scored from William Nicholl and Henry Mews in the second, and then scored from Ashton Proulx and Jack Paquette in the third. Colin Perrier scored for Gloucester from

Max St. Laurent and Aiden Souligny in the third to bring the Rangers to within a goal, but Nicholl scored an empty net goal in the final minute of play to clinch the win. David Egorov earned the win in goal. On Saturday, the Raiders got two goals from Henry Mews as they won 3-2. Mews scored in the

first from Lucas Leblanc and Liam Monaghan, and Nicholl also scored from Monaghan. Gloucester needed a win to stay alive, and with the score tied at 2-2, they pulled their goalie late in the game. Mews clinched the win with an empty net goal to make the final 3-2. David Egorov was the winning goalie.

Nepean Ravens U-16 ringette players Grace Perry, Christina Caldwell, Ella Simpson, Rileigh Hache and Katrina Tremblay sport their Team Ontario jerseys during a fundraising event in Barrhaven last Saturday (March 24). The team won the provincial title and will be heading to Winnipeg in early April for the nationals. Mike Carroccetto photo

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Pee Wee girls hockey brings two worlds together at the Minto Rec Centre oldtimers team. He had also coached many boys in the community. With only skates, sticks and pucks, the coaches taught the girls to skate on a frozen lake. Emma Tworzyanski, a high school student from Markham, heard about the team through her father, who often travelled to northern Ontario to work. As part of her sports management class, she started collecting as much equipment as she could. Before long, Tworzyanski, now a student at Queen’s, was able to gather 45 bags of new and used gear to the team. She then got the help from a trucking company and an airline to get the equipment to Fort Hope. They practised with and against a boys team, and their first ever tournament in Thunder Bay was against boys teams.

The Rez Girls, a girl’s hockey team from Eabametoong First Nation, 350km northwest of Thunder Bay, pose for a photo with the Nepean Wildcats prior to playing a friendly scrimmage the MRC-Barrhaven last week. All the girls are aged 10-13. Mike Carroccetto photo

This year, the trip to Ottawa provided the girls with more than a hockey experience. Their scrimmage in Barrhaven marked the first time they played against girls. They also visited Parliament Hill, and they got to go to the Edmonton Oilers-

Barrhaven Village Square

Ottawa Senators game last week. The trip had a price tag of $100,000, but a number of sponsors, donors and a GoFundMe page helped make the trip happen. The City of Markham kicked in for new jerseys for the girls, and Tragically Hip guitarist and

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songwriter Paul Langlois of Kingston also kicked in some money to help. The trip turned out to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For more photos of the Rez 64 Wolves in Barrhaven, visit the Barrhaven Independent Facebook page.

Strandherd Dr.

exist as a team is remarkable. The fact that they made it to Ottawa is a miracle. The tournament in Kanata gave them their first ever opportunity to play a game against a girls team. The team was put together by Leslie Campbell, a Grade 1 teacher at John C. Yesno School in Fort Hope. Campbell is a former competitive goalie from Whitby, Ontario. When she arrived at the school, the girls approached her with their dream of having their own hockey team. Last year, the girls had no equipment, no ice time, and most had never worn skates before. Campbell recruited another teacher, and then the two women were joined by Leo Altookan, a 47-year-old known in the village as “Grampa Hockey.” He was a good player and is still active on an

Berrigan Dr.

The Nepean Wildcats girls pee wee house league hockey team knew that it was more than another game. For the Rez 64 Girls Wolves they faced last week, it was the hockey experience of a lifetime. The Wolves travelled from Fort Hope, a remote village 350 kilometres north of Thunder Bay that is only accessible by air and canoe, to take part in the Kanata Girls Hockey Association’s annual house league tournament. The girls on the team are from the Eabametoong First Nation. Their name, Rez 64, comes from Reservation 64, which the community was once known as. As part of their trip, the team played the Nepean Wildcats at the Minto Rec Centre. The Wolves are in their second year of hockey. The fact that they even

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Barrhaven’s Isaiah Baptiste, a Nepean Raiders (CCHL) prospect, is expected to be drafted into the OHL next Saturday (April 7). The soon to be 16-year-old played this season on the Raiders U-18 team and had nine points in 37 games. The 6’, 200-pound defenceman is the younger brother is Buffalo Sabres forward Nick Baptiste. Mike Carroccetto photo



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Barrhaven Independent March 30, 2018  

Barrhaven Independent March 30, 2018

Barrhaven Independent March 30, 2018  

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