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Barrhaven’s Only Community Newspaper

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Page 20 Year 28 • issue 13



FRIDAY • June 22 • 2018

Mayor presents Barrhaven’s Hélène Campbell with key to the city By Charlie Senack Barrhaven’s own Hélène Campbell was honoured with the city’s highest award on June 14. During a ceremony at Ottawa’s City Hall, Campbell was presented the key to the city by Mayor Jim Watson for all her work as an organ donor advocate. “This is so special, I’m so honoured I can’t believe it’s happening. I’m just really fortunate that I’m still here for it,” Campbell told a group of reporters on Thursday. “There is so much for me to be grateful for but I really, really love this city and I’m so grateful to this city for everything.” Campbell became a worldwide sensation in 2012 after starting a twitter campaign under the hashtag #BeAnOrganDonor encouraging everyone to put their name on the donor registry. It gained the attention of

many, including celebrities like Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres. In February 2012, Hélène made her first appearance on the Ellen Show through a Skype call — and then got to dance with Ellen on the show after her double lung transplant. At the young age of 14, Campbell was diagnosed with asthma, but her breathing conditions continued to worsen. She had a hard time keeping up with friends, and almost collapsed during a hiking trip. That experience caused her to book an appointment with her family doctor, and in October 2011, she was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a degenerative lung disease. “I had a really normal life (and doctors) thought it was asthma,” Campbell said recounting her deadly health issues. “I got a chest X-ray and both lungs had collapsed.

campbell continues on page 4

Hélène Campbell receives the Key to the City from Mayor Jim Watson during a ceremony at Ottawa city hall on June 14. The double lung transplant recipient underwent another double lung transplant last September after her body rejected the first set. For the full story, see page 13. Mike Carroccetto photo


3777 Strandherd Drive



Page 2 FRIDAY, June 22, 2018



The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, June 22, 2018 Page 3

Smashed! Police officers investigate a smash and grab robbery at the Willy’s Pizza on Cedarview Rd. early Sunday morning on June 10. It appears that the thief or thieves targeted the cash register after breaking in, but it unknown what they got away with, if anything. Mike Carroccetto photo

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Page 4 FRIDAY, June 22, 2018

The IndependentNEWS


Barrhaven minor hockey coach granted bail, living in New Brunswick Former Barrhaven minor hockey coach Michael Hull has been granted bail. Ottawa Citizen court reporter Gary Dimmock reported last week that Hull, 49, will be living with his parents in a low-income waterfront apartment in St. John, NB. Hull was arrested in March and is facing charges of stalking and indecent exposure to a minor. Police allege that Hull victimized a girl twice – once at the Centrepointe Branch of the Ottawa Public Library, and once at a discount store on Merivale Road. The incidents happened in February and March. Dimmock reported that Hull is also charged with breaching a 2016 probation order to stay away from children under the age of 14. Hull had previously coached Nepean competitive minor hockey players with 2005 birthdates. He was arrested in 2016 following an incident in Ogdensburg, NY. Hull was using his cell phone to film females trying on clothes and changing

in the Ogdensburg Walmart. The videos were discovered by a border patrol agent at the Prescott-Ogdensburg International Bridge when Hull handed over his phone to show the agent an electronic receipt. Hull was arrested during the 2016 spring hockey season, when he was the coach of the Myers Snipers 2005 Triple-A tournament team. He was also arrested as one of about 80 people involved in a child pornography bust by the OPP. Hull appeared in court in both Ogdensburg and Brockville – in Ogdensburg for the voyeurism incident, and in Brockville on child pornography charges. He was sentenced to probation in both cases. Earlier this year, the Barrhaven Independent learned and then confirmed that Hull was coaching minor hockey players in a private hockey clinic in Kanata. An employee from the Bell Sensplex told the Independent that all of the

instructors for their inhouse programs have police vulnerable sector checks. However, if an independent clinic rents ice there or at another arena in Ottawa, they only need to show proof of insurance. Dimmock reported that Hull’s parents are listed as his sureties and each posted $5,000 to secure his bail, while Hull also posted $20,000. They only have to pay it if Hull breaches any of his bail conditions. Under his new bail conditions, Hull has to stay inside the apartment at all times unless he is at a medical appointment. Hull has to present himself at the doorway if police appear at his home to verify his home confinement condition. Hull must allow Ottawa police or Saint John police to examine any electronic devices inside the apartment, including internet search history. Hull can only use the internet for banking and talking to his family or his lawyer. Hull will be allowed to travel back to

Ottawa for upcoming court dates so long as he takes the most direct route possible. Hull is also prohibited from being around children under the age of 16 unless he is with one of his parents. He is also

banned from the discount store on Merivale Road and the public library on Centrepointe Drive. None of the most recent charges against Hull have been proved in court.

Campbell continues from page 1 I was on oxygen and in October I was told I needed a double lung transplant.” Hélène then moved to Toronto since lung transplants were not done in Ottawa. In late March 2012, her lungs were only

working at six per cent, and her condition was worsening by the day. On April 6, 2012, Campbell was given the gift of two new lungs after being put on the high risk donor list. During Thursday’s

Hélène Campbell holds up a Hélène for mayor sign which was made by her friend Bruce Deachman as gag prop for her Key to the City ceremony at city hall on June 14. Mike Carroccetto photo

ceremony, Campbell confessed she needed to get a second transplant last year after her body rejected the first transplant. “There is something that happens with organ and tissue donation called rejection and it’s something that the body just does after a certain amount of time,” Campbell said. “It will never recognize the donor lungs or the organ you received and so my body was slowly rejecting them.” The now 27-year-old is currently on anti-rejection drugs, and said she is starting to pick her life up where it left off. She has recently moved back to Barrhaven, a place she calls “the greatest, greatest little suburb in the world,” and has also adopted a new dog. She plans to return back to work and school, and

Hélène Campbell is congratulated by Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder after receiving the key to the city.

also plans to continue her organ donor advocacy. Since Campbell came forward with her story, the number of people putting their name on the donor registry as skyrock-

eted — and within 2012 alone — the Trillium Gift of Life Network credits her advocacy for adding more than 8,000 names on the registry list. On May 23, 2012, Campbell received the

Queen ii Diamond Jubilee medal, and also had a Barrhaven Street named after her in May 2016. Anyone who is interested in finding out more on how to be a donor can visit


The IndependentNEWS

FRIDAY, June 22, 2018 Page 5

Watson pushes for EA to study feasibility of light rail extension to Barrhaven gram,” Watson said. “It’s an important first step in connecting Barrhaven with the city.” Watson said that the environmental assessment will help determine the exact route and the exact cost of the light rail project. “We will obviously have to work with our partners at the federal and provincial levels,” said Watson. “We have already chatted with Lisa (MacLeod) about the importance of the project.” Harder hosted two public meetings in the spring at Pierre Savard High School to hear about the frustrations that local riders and commuters have been facing with regards to OC Transpo. Local commuters, particularly on the 95 route, have been dealing with long wait times and crowded buses. Getting back to

By Jeff Morris It was the news everyone in Barrhaven has been waiting for. Mayor Jim Watson announced at the semi-annual Barrhaven BIA Business Breakfast that the initial steps were being taken in bringing light rail to the community. Watson, who was joined at the meeting by local councillors Jan Harder and Michael Qaqish, said that funding for an environmental assessment would be on the agenda for the next city council meeting. The environmental assessment is the first step in the light rail process and carries a cost of $600,000. Harder and Watson brought the issue up at last Wednesday’s council meeting. Harder has been working on the challenge of working with OC Transpo to get the community’s rapidly growing number of commuters in and out of downtown. “We’re laying the groundwork to bring the LRT to Barrhaven,” Watson told the gathering of more than 100 Barrhaven business people at the breakfast. He also praised Harder for her support in the process. “This will bring Barrhaven on par with Kanata for the LRT pro-

Barrhaven at the end of the day has been even more challenging. Many riders are getting on the 95 bus downtown, taking up seats from potential Barrhaven riders, and then hopping off after just a few stops. Buses leave Barrhaven’s Fallowfield Station park and ride and then head north to the Nepean Sportsplex. Harder said that one of the problems with the current routes is that the buses funnel into the dense traffic along Woodroffe. The proposed light rail route would go along the current transitway and extend to Algonquin College and the planned Baseline Road station. Light rail is expected to service Algonquin College and Riverside South by 2023. The light rail extension to Kanata has a

Curtis Brady stONE CONstruCtiON & LaNdsCaPiNG

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson updates members of the Barrhaven BIA on the plans for light rail to the community at the BIA’s business breakfast meeting last week. Mike Carroccetto photo

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price tag of $1.85 billion and is scheduled to be completed by 2030. The plan to connect Barrhaven with Algonquin and Baseline may see the local plan jump ahead of Kanata on the priority list. “We are not trying to pit communities against each other,” Harder said. “What we need is a level playing field, and this puts Barrhaven on a level playing field.” The Barrhaven plan will be discussed at the next city council meeting.

5 Nakota Way, Barrhaven

N o w AvA i l A b l e Barrhaven Marketplace (Rio-Can in front of Wal-Mart)


Page 6 FRIDAY, June 22, 2018



Houston, our problem is fixed It took an extra 12 years, but it looks like the City of Ottawa finally got it right. Mayor Jim Watson announced at the Barrhaven BIA Business Breakfast last week that the Environmental Assessment would be launched for extending light rail to Barrhaven. It’s better than good news for the tens of thousands of commuters who endure long waits and crowded buses. Barrhaven should have had light rail by now, and the plan was in place more than a decade ago to have the O-Train servicing Barrhaven and Riverside South. In fact, Riverside South was built around the prospect of light rail for new residents who would be commuters. There were only two words that prevented light rail from becoming a reality. Due diligence. The lack of homework done by city staff have everyone the impression that light rail was being forced through as former Mayor Bob Chiarelli’s legacy than as a feasible plan. The gong show started with a simple media tour of the route. Planners from Siemens were on the tour and available to ask questions. The Siemens team descended on the Barrhaven Independent, boasting about how they were the team that had just built the world class light rail system in Houston. What they didn’t know, however, is that we happened to be in Houston when light rail opened there.


The story from Houston was not a pretty one. There were 117 crashes between cars and the “wham bam tram” in its first year of operation. When we went back down to Houston to do a follow up on how things were going down there, we heard that it was a good thing we were not there the previous day. The system had shut down for several hours because a rat had gnawed through a cable. We immediately thought back to how the O-Train was going to run under Dow’s Lake. We are sure there are no rats down there. And then there were problems with electric currents from the system zapping and eroding concrete overpasses and the children’s hospital at the end of the line. What stunned us, however, was that none of the councillors voting on this project were aware of these problems. That blame can be placed entirely on the city staff. If you are spending $1.5 billion on something, and you know exactly who is building your project and where they have been, wouldn’t you at least make a phone call or Google them? That light rail project was unfortunately cancelled, and Mayor Bob Chiarelli, blamed by some for trying to shove the project forward without due diligence, lost the next election. It was a tough blow for Barrhaven, because we needed light rail. We still need light rail, desperately. But now, we are just happy that the city is finally getting it right.

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Showing some pride in Columbus Have you ever been in the wrong place at Oh, and judging by their physiques in their shirtless appearance, they weren’t dudes. the wrong time? Just as I realized that topless lesbians were That was me, 10 years ago this week. In fact, I don’t think I have ever been in a worse making out a few feet in front of my car, I place at a wronger time. Yes, I know, wronger heard something behind me. It was a parade is not a word. But it should be if only for this float, with a group of guys dressed as the Village People leading the crowd as they sang story. I was driving around Columbus, Ohio, ex- YMCA. I looked around, saw the big crowd cited when I saw a White Castle. Ah, yes. White and the rainbow banners lining the streets. Castle. Purveyors of those disgustinglicious Being an award-winning investigative jourlittle slider burgers. They are steamed to per- nalist, I quickly pieced together that I had fection with a little pickle in the middle that driven right smack into the middle of the Colmakes the slider taste perfect, even though umbus Pride Parade. the pickle on its own I looked back at the Village would be revolting. People through my rearview I had been workmirror. It was the first time that ing all day at the NHL FROM THE OTHER I had noticed that “Objects in Draft at the Nationwide mirror are closer than they apArena in Columbus. pear” is imprinted at the botI hadn’t eaten all day, tom of my mirror. Jeff Morris and passing a White I surveyed the crowd again Castle on my way back and saw a really tall guy with a to the luxurious Hampton Inn was the most spiky mohawk. He had no short on, exposing exciting part of my day. I thought, clearly, I his pierced nipped, and he had high cut off was in the right place at the perfect time. black jean shorts and Doc Martin boots. He I pulled into the parking lot, with the Ot- started pointing at me and yelling. tawa Senators car flags on my car dancing “He’s not part of the parade,” he shouted. in the breeze. I parked and went in, stood in “He’s a hockey guy! He’s a breeder!” lane, and was as excited as a kid at theCOUNCIL mall in I had never been called a breeder before. CORNERThen again, I don’t know if I have ever been line to see Santa. I parked beside the dumpster. Ah, Mayorthere Suzanneis Dodgeso scared. nothing like the smell of a fast food dumpMy mind raced. I had accidently become ster. A priest with Holy Water-scented Fabreze the White Castle-smelling Ottawa Senators couldn’t get the smell of White Castle trash float in the Columbus Pride Parade. out of your car. But how would you get rid I quickly reached and fumbled for the of the smell of a White Castle dumpster. The Neil Diamond cassette and rammed it into dumpster would be like the Michael Phelps of the standard-feature cassette player. 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Letters to the Editor welcome – email to


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, June 22, 2018 Page 7

First step taken in bringing light rail to Barrhaven By Jim Watson, Mayor, City of Ottawa; Jan Harder, Councillor, Barrhaven; Michael Qaqish, Councillor, Gloucester South-Nepean’ Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) project, the city’s largest infrastructure project since the building of the Rideau Canal, will welcome its first passengers this November. The rapidly expanding project is one of the most significant and transformative projects in Ottawa’s history. It will change the way residents move around all fastgrowing parts of our city, including Barrhaven. Along with this growth must come an increase in public services, so that we may address the needs of this community, and this includes transit services. It is therefore crucial that we bring LRT to Barrhaven.

We are proud to announce that at the June 13 Council meeting, we took the first step in laying the groundwork to bring LRT to the booming community of Barrhaven. We tabled a motion, which will be discussed at the next Council meeting, to fund the launch of an Environmental Assessment (EA) Study into the future conversion of the Barrhaven Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor to LRT service. The funding of this EA would bring Barrhaven on par with the Kanata LRT project, which received the results of its EA in April 2018, and the Stage 2 extension to Orléans, where LRT will go as far east as Trim Road by 2022. The work undertaken as part of this study would assess costs and timelines for implementation, including various options for a staged

deployment of LRT. The study would also consider facilities and active transportation infrastructure that will support Barrhaven residents in their use of LRT, such as Park and Ride locations and multi-use pathways. If the motion receives Council approval in two weeks, the EA Study would begin in the fall of 2018, and results should be received within 12 to 24 months. The results of the study will inform the next review of the Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which will take place in the next Term of Council and will determine the order of priority of the City’s future transit investments. This exercise will also enable the City to be ready to benefit from the next rounds of federal and provincial transit investments. In March 2017, Council had directed City staff to assess at the earliest

Mayor Jim Watson and Councillors Jan Harder and Michael Qaqish stand proudly behind a mock-up of an LRT train. On June 13, Watson and Harder introduced a motion to launch an Environmental Assessment (EA) Study to bring LRT to Barrhaven.

opportunity the feasibility of this conversion to LRT service, connecting Barrhaven to the O-Train

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Confederation Line, which is now scheduled to go to Algonquin College by 2023. The motion

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Page 8 FRIDAY, June 22, 2018


The IndependentNEWS

After fifth win, MacLeod finally gets chance to be with ruling party By Charlie Senack Lisa MacLeod danced her way into her fifth term as MPP for Nepean. As the election results came in, a few hundred MacLeod supported packed her campaign office at the former Jonny Canuck’s Bar and Grill to watch the polls close. MacLeod was the MPP for Nepean-Carleton for the past 12 years until the ridings boundaries changed this election season. She decided to run in Nepean because it’s where she calls home and where her daughter Victoria, 13, goes to school. MacLeod, 43, won in her riding this election term with 45.2 per cent of the vote, with NDP Candidate Zaff Ansari coming in second, and Liberal Candidate Lovina Srivastava coming in third. “There are a lot of people in this room who

have been with me since 2006,” MacLeod said on June 7, as the polls closed. “(People) who have stood by me and campaigned hard for me.” She is one of four Conservatives to be elected in Ottawa including Merrilee Fullerton in Kanata, Goldie Ghamari in Carleton, and Jeremy Roberts in Ottawa West-Nepean. She said with them by her side, she will make sure Ottawa has a voice at Queens Park. “We will ensure that we will support our municipalities and we will make sure that light rail is built,” MacLeod said. “We will continue to support the building of the Civic Hospital. We will continue to support building new schools in Kanata, Barrhaven, (and) other parts of the city including in Stittsville and Riverside South.” The Wynne government promised that

under phase two of light rail transit, the Trillium Line would be expanded past South Keys out to the airport and Limebank Rd — serving the residents of Riverside South and Barrhaven. Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford said while he was in Ottawa a few weeks ago that the Conservatives will also provide that funding. MacLeod also said that she will continue to fight for many issues on the Provincial level including scrapping the carbon tax, widening the 401 and 417, taking 10 cents off of every litre of gas, and ending hallway health care. She said she is confident that Doug Ford will be a good Premier, and that he is very collaborative with working with other MPPs

including Christine Elliott and Caroline Mulroney — two people who ran against Ford in the Leadership Race. “He calls me really once a week just to see how I’m doing (and) asks for advice so I really appreciate that,” MacLeod said. “I think he is really dynamic.” Under a Progressive Conservative government, it is likely that MacLeod’s bill, Nick’s Law, will also get passed. Its purpose is to take 10 per cent of the provincial government’s marketing budget go towards opioid education and awareness. It has already gone through a second reading. MacLeod is now the longest serving MPP to represent Ottawa at Queens Park, and has been a powerful woman

Lisa MacLeod dances at her victory party on June 7. The former Nepean-Carleton MPP was easily re-elected in the new riding of Nepean. It’s her fifth term at Queen’s Park.

in Conservative politics. With that, many are confident that she will have a cabinet position under the Ford government. “I’ll let Doug ford commit to making and delivering a cabinet,”

MacLeod said. She added that regardless of what will happen, she will continue to work with local city councillors like Jan Harder and Scott Moffatt on local issues.Mike Carroccetto photos

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY Ottawa Police to host South Campus Public Engagement Session WARD REPORT by Michael Qaqish

be an early opportunity for members of the public to provide their input into the campus design and how it can be best integrated with the surrounding community. Phase one construction is expected to begin in late 2019, with phase one completion slated for 2021.

Upgrades to Davidson Park

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the public consultation to review options for upgrades that will be coming to Davidson Park located at 5 Ryerson Avenue in

Heart’s Desire. This is a lifecycle project, which will replace some of the junior play equipment and swings. If you were unable to attend the meeting, but would like to provide input, please visit Comments will be accepted until June 29th.

Beat the Heat this Summer at City of Ottawa Swimming Pools

Lifeguards are now on duty at most City beaches and outdoor pools. Lifeguards will be on duty and Ottawa’s supervised beaches every day until August 26th from noon to 7pm. Please refer to Ottawa. ca for beach locations, descriptions, and recreational programs offered. Splash pads are now open and will operate from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

through to September. Please contact 3-1-1 to report a splash pad that is not working.

Lyme Disease Program 2018

As spring has finally arrived, Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is resuming its Lyme disease program for 2018. While there are tremendous health benefits to getting out and enjoying activities in the City’s many outdoor areas, it is important that residents be aware of the risks of Lyme disease, particularly if they are in areas suitable for ticks, such as wooded areas or areas with tall grasses. Remember there are ways to protect yourself such as applying an approved insect repellent containing DEET or icaridin, wearing long pants and

Barrhaven Village Square

doing a tick check on yourself, your children and your pets. It is important to remove ticks as soon as possible, if you find a tick on your body, using fine-pointed tweezers, grasp the tick’s head as close to the skin as possible and pull slowly until the tick is removed. If you are interested in receiving more information or a tick key, please contact my office at Michael.

The Mayor’s Canada Day Breakfast for Seniors

Tickets are now available for the Mayor’s Canada Day Celebration for seniors, which will take place on Sunday, July 1 from 8:00 to 10:30 am at the Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne Park. The sponsored event with

ven Barrha e Squar e g a l l i V



ugh o n E g i B you. e v r e s to gh u o n e l l Sma ! to care

! R E E B

(613) 825-5585

Chris Kimball, Locally Owned by CFranchisee hris EvangElidis

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Sobeys Barrhaven

1581 Greenbank Rd., Village Square Mall Franchisee Sobeys Barrhaven


Greenbank Rd.

SeLL W O N e W

Chris Kimball,


Longfields Dr.

1581 Greenbank rd nepean

Locally owned and operated

Mayor Jim Watson includes breakfast served until 10 am as well as door prizes and live entertainment. Free tickets and entry bracelets are available by calling the City of Ottawa at 613-580-2424, ext. 21245, or by emailing protocolersvp@ottawa. ca. Tickets and entry bracelets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis while quantities last, with a limit of two tickets and bracelets per household.

Strandherd Dr.


Berrigan Dr.

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) will be holding a Public Engagement Session where they will present their plans to develop a 15-acre City-owned site at 55 Lodge Rd, into a campus housing key OPS functions. The session will be held on Tuesday, June 26 from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Rideau Valley Conservation Centre (3889 Rideau Valley). OPS is committed to delivering the best policing services possible and meeting the needs of our community. The new Ottawa Police South Campus will ensure that all Ottawans have access to modern and efficient police stations with client service centres across Ottawa – in the east, west, the core and now the south of Ottawa. The session will


7 am-11Pm 7 DaYS a WEEK

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Page 10 FRIDAY, June 22, 2018



Annual Bike Parade 12:00 noon

For Safety reasons, please encourage all participants to stay behind the lead Fire Truck.


H. L.

Opening Ceremony 12:30 pm Join us at the Pavillion for the singing of O Canada, Canada Cupcakes, Best Decorated Bike and Greetings from our Elected Officials

Rides and Activities 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm –

Beer Garden open from 1:30 pm to 10 pm - 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Building outdoors? Choose Western red cedar, naturally! For all your fencing and decking needs! Wide selection of building materials for all your construction projects. Full line of pressure treated spruce, #1 pine, plywood, insulation, caulking, and builders’ hardware supplies.

Proudly serving you since 1936! 613-489-3735 North Gower

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Open 7 day’s a week fOr




FRIDAY, June 22, 2018 Page 11



Bring your lawnchair, friends and enjoy the show! we think it’s the best south of Parliament Hill! Many thanks to our Volunteer Firefighters who make it possible. Rain Date for the Fireworks is July 2

Some activities may have a small charge and we very much appreciate donations to enable the North Gower Recreation Association to continue this long standing tradition. Volunteers always appreciated and much needed – contact Sara at or 613-489-3975

Canada day Challenge Complete an aCtivity from eaCh provinCe & territory to win a prize.

Your Local Pool Store 5905 Prince Of Wales (across from Manderly Golf)


Gunite Pool Renovations Seasonal Maintenance Contracts Leak Detection & Repair Eco-Finish - High Performance Pool Finish for more information

Page 12 FRIDAY, June 22, 2018


The IndependentCOMMUNITY Stevens Creek Farm Summer Camp 2018

YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A GOVERNMENT REFUND Do you or a family member have...

• Walking Difficulty • Knee/Hip Surgery • Arthritis • Fibromyalgia • COPD • Incontinence • Crohn’s/IBS • Memory loss

● Boys and Girls ● Ages 6 to 16 ● All day or half day

• Children’s learning and behaviour difficulties • ADD/ADHD • Autism • Anxiety • Depression And many more

We don’t get paid until you get paid!

We have recovered thousands of $$$ for our clients.

Call us today 1-844-832-1777 for your free consultation

Camp Includes: -

riding lessons, horse care, swimming, nature hikes, games, creative crafts, laying hen care and egg collection and nutrition.

For details: ​​ or 613-489-0248

Stevens Creek Farm, 6439 Second Line Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A 2E0

Like us on Facebook - Barrhaven Independent

Follow us on Twitter @BarrhavenIndy

Your local health food store for over 35 years



Expires July 31st, 2018. Cannot be combined. One time use. PLU 1118 PLU 1115 Not valid on purchase of Gift Cards, Best Buy or Multi Buys.

4325 Strandherd Drive (by Costco) • 613-755-2295

FRIDAY, June 22, 2018 Page 13


The Independent#MyBarrhaven Longfields Pharmacy celebrates a successful first year in Barrhaven

Preet Sidhu says it’s hard to believe that a year has gone by. Her business, Longfields Pharmacy, recently celebrated its first anniversary. The business is located in Longfields Station, located in Longfields Station. The complex is on Longfields Drive, across the road from Ken Ross Park. “It’s always tough when you are new,” Sidhu said. “But after we opened up, we have been building the business week by week and month by month. It’s exciting to see it grow.” Longfields Pharmacy, next to Juluca’s, provides personalized care combined with pharmaceutical, medical and nutrition expertise for healthy living. They are diabetes certified, and a compression certified fitter, compounding pharmacy, foot care services, free delivery among many other services. They work closely in collaboration with the physicians next door at Precision Medical Clinic. Sidhu takes pride in serving her clientele in an exceptional manner. “Our customer service is what has helped build our business,” said Sidhu, who is both the owner and pharmacist of Longfields Pharmacy. Since opening, Sidhu has been actively engaged with the community. She has been giving talks and lectures at various community centres in the city’s west end, and has been working closely with local seniors groups. “Communication is a big reason for these sessions,” Sidhu said. “I want to make sure their questions are answered and have a clear understanding of the issues we talk about. Sometimes the information is in lawyer’s language for them. I want to simplify it and make sure they under-

stand everything they have to.” Sidhu said that some of the topics covered include vitamins and what to take, blood pressure, diabetes and other issues. “I always give them unbiased answers,” she said. “With vitamins, they want to know what they should take and which ones are the best for them. Sometimes they ask about things like their medication. They wonder if they should continue taking their medication if they start to feel better, and I always tell them it’s important to continue with their medication as their doctor prescribes.” Sidhu said they also ask about what constitutes an emergency, and when they should call 9-1-1. While Sidhu has made a name for herself in the community, she also wanted to do something that differentiates her from other pharmacies. Last month, she was trained in Florida to become certified in compounding pet medicine. “It’s very exciting, and there are not a lot of people in Canada doing it,” said Sidhu. “I love animals, and I grew up with a dog.” Sidhu got the idea when a customer came in with a prescription for his dog. He was unable to get the medicine from his veterinarian. “He handed me the prescription, and he asked if I could make this,” she said. “I looked at it, and said ‘sure.’ I started to think about it, and I thought it would make my business unique.” Sidhu said that most veterinarians are serviced by a lone distributor from Toronto. “Sometimes vets cannot get the medicine they need in a timely manner,” she said. “This is an al-

ternative. It’s something new and exciting for us, and we are looking forward to working with pet owners in Barrhaven.” Sidhu said that she will be compounding medicine for dogs, cats and horses. She hopes the pet owners will become her customers as well. “I have enjoyed many opportunities such as attending conferences, volunteering and in leadership roles,” she said. “Finally, I decided to take a step back and really figure out why I chose to become a pharmacist. The reason behind opening a locally owned independ-

ent pharmacy is I have always felt the strong need to allot one on one time with my patients which has been challenging working for boxed stores. With this opportunity I can provide personalized patient-focused care combining pharmaceutical, medical and nutrition expertise in an integrative way for healthy aging and longevity to create successful health outcomes. I believe in wholehealth, always putting Health First and doing what is right for my patients. I bring over 10 years of experience working as a pharmacist in the

Preet Sidhu is the pharmacist and owner of Longfields Pharmacy, located in Longfields Station across the road from Ken Ross Park. Jeff Morris photo

Ottawa area.” For more information on Longfields Phar-

macy, visit or call 613.440.9199.





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Page 14 FRIDAY, June 22, 2018

The IndependentCOMMUNITY


2 x 30

Find what The search for the perfect facial results in a unique, home-based spa you need in The Classifieds

Some people have twists and turns in their careers that can take them in different directions. For Anu Bhalla of Barrhaven, her career path did a complete 180, and she could not be happier. Bhalla retired from her career in the federal government as an internal auditor and process design expert to follow her passion. The result was Nakota Spa, a treasure of an oasis in the community. Nakota Spa, located in her home at 5 Nakota Way in Barrhaven, specializes in facials, skin tightening and deep exfoliation. The spa also carries a full line of skin care products. Because having the spa located in her home reduces her overhead costs, Nakota’s prices for treatments are among the most competitive in the city.

“Shortly after my daughter’s wedding in 2015, she and I were introduced to the OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial and Tripollar Skin Tightening,” she said. “We were amazed at the immediate and sustainable results we experienced compared to anything else we had ever tried, and the results from these treatments actually continued to improve over a week after the treatment. This technology worked with our body to help enhance and give us radiant and fresh looking skin.” Anu said she knew the system would be the right fit for her new spa. “I had finally found a technology I was passionate about for myself and truly confident in offering to my clients,” she said. “In the next few months, through extensive training from Oxy-

Geneo I became a certified technician, set up my business, Nakota Spa, and here we are today.” For Anu, the experience of the treatment is as important as its effectiveness. “It’s a non-invasive treatment and it’s very pleasant,” she said. “There’s no vacuuming. It’s very gentle on your face. It’s great for blackheads, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s the most pleasant skin tightening experience one can get.” Anu said she is both hopeful and confident that new clients will enjoy her treatments and will be back. “I want to provide the best service and product and make it economical,” she said. “When I meet new clients, I want them to be clients for life.”

Elke Harder

Life’s brighter under the sun


Diane Koven*CFP® B.A.(Hons) CHS™

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We will help you attain radiant, beautiful skin by specializing in Health Canada approved OxyGeneo Facials, Tripollar Skin Tightening and eDermastamp Collagen Induction Therapy/ Micro-Needling.


5 Nakota Way, Barrhaven

Pick up YOUR community news


FRIDAY, June 22, 2018 Page 15


CLASSIFIEDS Visit us online!


HERITAGE WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT: WILDLIFE PROBLEMS? Get them humanely removed with Heritage Wildlife Management. Call Paul Mussell. 613-601-2959. (Csa-tf-33)

shop locally


EVERY SATURDAY IN ARNPRIOR AND SUNDAY IN OTTAWA June, July and August, Over 100 skills drills every session. See website for details.

Chris @ 613-294-7237, Keavin @ 613-799-2788

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everyone winS your shopping shapes your community

Page 16 FRIDAY, June 22, 2018


The IndependentCOMMUNITY Thank you Barrhaven Independent for a trip down memory lane

Barrhaven BIA

Let the BIA know about your community event. The Barrhaven BIA website has a Community Events page to announce your event for all to see. Add your event to their page.

The Canadian Cancer Society

On June 17, 2018 at

Ke MY 10am, The Canadian Cancer Society is hosting a Ke


BARRHAVEN by Jan Harder

Break Free 5 km event at Andrew Hayden Park in Ottawa to celebrate the success of all the participants in the Walk or Run to Quit program. The program helps people quit smoking by teaching them to walk or run 5 km. The last step of their Walk or Run to Quit journey is crossing that finish line and saying that they completed a 5 km event smoke-free! The Break Free 5K brings families and friends together to remember how staying active keeps us happy and healthy. The Break Free 5k is not your typical walk or running event; it is a celebration of healthy lifestyles that allows you to play along the way. Walk or run and partake in our optional Play Stations. Each Play Station is there to remind us that living a healthy lifestyle is meant to be fun! Rediscover your youth and participate in our Break Free 5K of play! Here is a link to the event for more information:

Break Free 5k | Run to Quit 2017 The Oasis in Kanata

On Monday June 18th, 7 pm, at The Oasis in Kanata, a place for caregivers of people with mental illness: Julie Turcotte, RN BScN, a Public Health Nurse with Ottawa Public Health’s


• Reno’s • Additions • Basements • Bathrooms • Kitchens

Paul McCulloch sinCe 1988

• Garages • Repairs • Commercial • Residential • Insurance Restoration OFF: (613) 749-0209 Email:

The Barrhaven Lions Club recently unveiled two benches they have donated at Ken Ross Park.

Mental Health Team, will take participants through the Mental Health Caregiver Guide, a free national resource developed by Ottawa Public Health and its partners. Participants will learn about the mental health resources and strategies available for caregivers and the individuals they care for.Location: Glen Cairn United Church, 140 Abbeyhill Drive, Kanata.Free.All are welcome. Visit

Ottawa Public Library presents, Kahmaria Pingue and Hamid Ayoub

On Saturday June 23rd, from 10:30am to 1:30am at the Ruth E. Dickinson Branch, 100 Malvern, the Ottawa Public Library will present ‘Under the Palm Tree’ as they make African and Caribbean stories come alive with songs, dance and drumming. Drop in to this family event during Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership’s Welcoming Ottawa Week. For more information contact the Ottawa Public Li-


Movie Night in the Park

Join the Stonebridge Community Association and Sequoia Church on Saturday June 23rd, at 7pm - 10:30pm at Kilbirne Park for great treats and fun movie in the park. Bring your blankets, camping chairs, mosquito repellent and your friends. Fun Cruiser treats will be available from 7pm, with movie showing at dusk. Complimentary treats are courtesy of Sequoia Church volunteers. Complimentary treats are courtesy of Sequoia Church volunteers. Movie equipment and time generously provided by Sequoia Church volunteers. Organized and assisted by Stonebridge Community Association board members and volunteers.

Water Garden Horticultural Society

The 10th annual Water Garden Tour, which will take place on Saturday June 23rd, 2018. Like last year, we will be featuring 10 water gardens of vari-

ous sizes and designs, with one site also being showcased in the evening, where people bring their lawn chairs and beverages. Times: Day: 9am to 5pm. Evening: 7pm to 11pm Cost: $20.00 per person; children 12 and under are free. Tickets/Tour booklets for this self-guided tour are available after May 1st at www.ottawawatergardens. com.

Movie Night in the Park- Pete’s Dragon

Join the Barrhaven East Community Association on Saturday July 7, at 7pm - 11pm at Berry Glen ParkWoodroffe ave for great treats and fun movie in the park. Bring your blankets, camping chairs, mosquito repellant and your friends. Fun Cruiser treats will be available from 7pm, with

movie starting showing at dusk. Complimentary treats are courtesy of Sequoia Church volunteers. We will be showing Pete’s Dragon Movie https:// tt2788732/

Barrhaven Classic Car Show

Barrhaven Classic Car Show will be held at the Fallowfield Park and Ride, Corner of Fallowfield and Woodroffe from 10am to 4pm on Sunday August 12th, 2018. Show off your Classic, Custom and Rods. Food Trucks, Vendors and Music. $5 per Vehicle. Dash Plaques for first 150 Cars. Prizes based on your knowledge of Classic Cars. All proceeds to CHEO Foundation. Contact Keith Goebel at

JS ROOFING We specialize in Residential

SHINGLE ROOFING and FLAT ROOFING CRC Roof PRO certified Reasonable Rates • Free Estimates • Fully Insured

613-227-2298 • WWW.JSROOFING.CA


A-1ERAL CONTRin Business GEN

rs 35 yea

Finished Basements. Bathrooms, Kitchens, Flooring, Framing, Drywall, Painting, Baseboards, Windows, Doors


Call Phil 613-828-9546


It is hard to believe summer holiday is one week away. Likely you have been busy with graduations, maybe some weddings (or will be), planning some away time, or more; time seems to slip by quickly this time of year. Personally, I am happy it hasn’t been stinking hot as I don’t like humidity but really last week on Thursday, it was 16 degrees…yikes! I was very pleased to attend the Barrhaven BIA breakfast meeting that featured 28 years and 1,000 issues of the Barrhaven Independent… congrats Jeff Morris and thank you for that trip down m emory lane. Then Mayor Watson announced the wonderful news regarding the motion he and I are moving to undertake the environmental assessment NOW for LRT to Barrhaven. It will level the playing field. I was most pleased that our MPP Lisa Macleod was available to stop by and share some news on the transition process at Queen’s Park… congratulations Lisa!


The IndependentFOCUS ON YOUTH

FRIDAY, June 22, 2018 Page 17

Honour Roll student graduates with 253 volunteer hours in community Name: Chamoun




Age: 18 School: St. Francis Xavier High Grade: 12 Parents: Tony Chamoun and Mirna Saade Sister: Celine (20), Third year Accounting at University of Ottawa, Attended St.Francis Xavier High School, Works at Transport Canada Pet Peeve: Car alarms

by Phill Potter

new products in technology, such as phones, cars, etc.” Who is your favourite author? “I don’t have a favourite author or section; however, Elisabetta Dami used to be a favourite back when I was in elementary school, as she was the one who created Geronimo Stilton.”

Accomplishments: “I have a few accomplishments which I am proud of. One of these is What do you enjoy the 253 volunteer hours I reading for pleasure? have completed over the “Although I am no past four years. I started bookworm, I enjoy read- volunteering after I fining books here and there. I ished grade 8, with my enjoy reading non-fiction first experience being at rather than fiction. Person- the Lebanese Festival at ally, a good book is one that St. Elias Church in Ottawa. inspires me and changes I have volunteered there the way I view things in life. for the past four summers I recently read Love is Let- with my friend John Siouti. ting Go of Fear by Gerald G. I’ve also volunteered at the Jampolsky. I would for sure Lebanese Festival at St. consider that a good book. Charbel Maronite Church. However, I read the news Another event I volunLATEST AD!!!!!!!!!!!! Ad 5/25/18 9:02 PM Page 1 on a daily basis.copy_Diversitea I also really teered at was RBC Bluesfest enjoy reading reviews for where I did 50/50 Raffle Favourite Subjects: Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science,

my dad.” Tickets Sales for two years. Furthermore, I have Why did you get inbeen an Honour Roll student since grade 7, with a volved in what you do? “There are a couple of 90%+ average since grade reasons as to why I got in10. Another accomplish- volved. The main reason is ment I am proud of was me. I do things I find enjoybeing accepted into the able, and that brings me YIPI (Youth In Policing In- happiness. I really enjoy itiative) Program for the helping the community summer of 2017. YIPI is a and giving back. I try to do program by the Ottawa Po- things that have a positive lice Service which employs impact on others. Furtherthe youth, while allowing more, my parents are a big them to build a stronger re- influence when it comes to lationship with their com- the things I do. They always munity. It was an awesome encourage me to work to experience where I met a my highest potential, and Remove a Person_Ad 5/15/18 5:22that PM Page to copy follow paths are 1 lot of amazing, developed essential skills, and made right for me. They support lasting friendships. I truly me no matter what I do, Georges Chamoun has had an average of more than 90 per cent since tenth grade. Phill Potter photo recommend this program and are always there when to anyone who is interested I need them. Therefore, I proud.” attending the University of in policing, or simply wants tend to do things in order Ottawa next year to study to make them happy and to gain vital skills. Career Goals: “I will be Software Engineering.” Lastly, a recent achievement of mine was being voted as the 2018 Valedictorian for my graduating class. I am truly honoured to be able to represent these amazing people, many of whom I have BEFORE AFTER grown up with.”

Photo Restoration

Activities/Interests: “I really enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to Tim Hortons, playing Xbox, listening to music (especially Kanye West), and watching movies with

Healthy and Delicious

Remove or Add a Person Stains, Creases, Fading, Tears, Pieces Missing Colourize Black and White Photographs Change Colour to Classic Black and White Archival/Giclée Printing Transparencies, Negatives, Tintypes, Daguerreotypes Photo Collages, Custom Framing


Susan Potter


Blended in small batches ensuring the finest quality!

Shop for DiversiTea at the Ottawa & Metcalfe Farmers’ Market Pêches & Poivre (Almonte), Osgoode Country Creations (Osgoode) Beyond the House (Russell), Foodland (Russell) Geronimo Coffee House (Kemptville), Tammy’s Tub Treats (Manotick) Shop online at Ottawa, Ont. 613.425.1301


By Appointment Only – Day or Evening at Your Convenience

Call 613.425.1301

176 Flat Sedge Cres. Ottawa, ON K1T 0G9


Page 18 FRIDAY, June 22, 2018

The IndependentCOMMUNITY


Ice Cream Lawn Social Ice Cream *Toppings*Cake *Strawberries SUNDAY JUNE 24, 2018 | WATSON'S MILL 1-3 PM 5525 Dickinson St, Manotick Tickets: call (613) 692-6455 or visit Watson's Mill!

Knight Watch

Barrhaven Location onLy

Barrhaven’s Ty Thompson (91) is one of the scoring stars on this year’s Nepean Knights Jr. ‘B’ lacrosse team. The 6’5” 190 pound Thompson was second on the Knights in scoring with 30 goals and 57 assists for 87 points. The Knights begin their playoff series against Akwasasne on the road Saturday. Mike Carroccetto photo

2 -$6 Under 1 -$12 A d u l t s plies up While s last!


15 th AnnuAl CAnAdA dAy SAle 30% OFF STOREWIDE


Adult Sizing Available - Men’s 7-15 : Women’s 5-12

Chapman Mills Marketplace Greenbank / Strandherd


One Day Only TuESDAY JuLY 3RD, 9Am - 9pm @ kkbarrhaven

@ kkbarrhaven

CLOSED JuLY 2nD @ kkbarrhaven

80 Marketplace Ave, Ottawa, ON Unit J-8

(613) 823-0673


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, June 22, 2018 Page 19

Barrhaven ready to celebrate Canada Day at Clarke Fields By Charlie Senack You don’t have to go downtown to take part in Canada day celebrations. For the 38th year, Canada Day in Barrhaven will take place at Clarke Fields, and will feature games, performances, and fireworks for people of all ages. Celebrations will start in the morning with a seniors breakfast. Although it’s free, tickets do have to be picked up at the Viva Retirement Community on Tartan Rd. A midway will also be running from June 28 to July 1, and a discount for the rides can be found on the Canada Day in Barrhaven website. On July 1, there will also be

a kids zone which will include activities for the kids as well as musical performances. “We have invited over 25 vendors this year from the Capital Artisans Guild and other local local vendors and businesses will be in attendance,” said Darrell Bartraw, one of the organizers for Canada Day in Barrhaven. He added there will also be eight additional local food vendors. There will also be a multicultural stage running from 11:00am to 4:00pm that will feature performances from different groups and cultures through music and dance. The evening show will feature many local performers including

Stephanie La Rochelle as the first act. She has been entertaining since the young age of five, and regularly posts videos to her YouTube channel. In 2009 her chanel was titled the 20th most viewed YouTube channel for musicians according to Today. She was also a guest star on CBC’s show Heartland where she sang one of her originals, Seize the Day. Shows on the main stage will be running from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. The celebrations last year were washed out by a record breaking rainfall. It totally destroyed the field, and almost put this year’s celebrations in jeopardy. Many of the soccer teams that played at the park had to go elsewhere to play their

games. “The City of Ottawa is working hard to fill all the ruts caused by the torrential rainfall we had last year,” said Bartraw. “They have now turned Clarke Fields into an events park removing two of the soccer fields.” Bartraw hopes that the weather will hold out, yet is glad the event did not have to be moved — and that the park has been altered to better serve the rides and vendors. The fireworks will start at 10:00 pm, and Bartraw says there is a possibility that a citizenship ceremony will take place. A shuttle will also be running to and from Ross’ Independent to the park throughout the day.

After days of rain leading up to and on Canada Day last year, organizers are hoping for a much dryer celebration in Barrhaven this year. Jeff Morris photo

DINING OUT g n i r Marlborough Pub u t a e F

“Marlborough Pub & Eatery is a classic, country pub in North Gower where they focus on the meals, the service and fun.” Marlborough Pub and Eatery

2364 Rogers Stevens Drive, North Gower 613-489-2278 Facebook at The Marlborough Pub & Eatery

2364 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

7 Days A Week

Page 20 FRIDAY, June 22, 2018


Marble/hardwood flooring 5 Bedroom, Inground pool, Sauna 32 Markel Dr - Knollsbrook - $689,900

st Ju tEd LIs

566 Carina Crescent - Stonebridge - $609,900

4 Bedroom 4 Bath Bedroom Hardwood flooring, Fully fenced with Deck 2402 Nutgrove Ave - Half Moon Bay - $539,900

st d u J tE LIs

4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Hardwood Flooring Fenced Yard

401 Riverboat Heights – Half Moon Bay - $499,900

Large Fully Fenced Yard 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Hardwood Flooring

57 Stonepointe Ave. - Barrhaven - $489,900

1600 Des Grives Cres. - Orleans - $414,900

1600 Rosebella Ave. – Findlay Creek - $214,900


L O s

Newly Built, Hardwood Flooring, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath

160 Wild Senna Way – Barrhaven


L O s

4 Bedroom, 4 Bath, Private Beach, Home Theatre & Gym

1299 Woods Lake Rd. - Greely


L O s

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 Balconies, 2 Parking Spots

313-2650 Southvale Cres – Sheffield

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Large Property, Workshop/ Carriage House

539 Broadhead Ave. – Westboro $579,900

Corner Lot, 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Open Concept

Upgraded 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Hardwood Throughout, Fenced Yard

Vacant Lot, Excellent opportunity to build


Corner Lot, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Harwood Flooring 2400 Nutgrove Ave.- Half Moon Bay - $489,900

st Ju tEd LIs

4 Bedroom Bungalow, 2 Bedroom in-law suite guest cabin

612 County Rd 44 - Kemptville - $399,900


L O s

Corner Lot, 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Hardwood Flooring

500 Kentmare Cres. - Barrhaven


L O s

Harwood Flooring, Open Concept, Fenced

1250 Mcwatters Rd. – Queensway Terrance

Profile for J Morris

Barrhaven Independent June 22, 2018  

Barrhaven Independent June 22, 2018

Barrhaven Independent June 22, 2018  

Barrhaven Independent June 22, 2018

Profile for jmorris0