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Barrhaven’s Only Community Newspaper Page 12

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FRIDAY • July 20 • 2018

Community raises money for uninsured family after fire A Go Fund Me page has raised $25,000 for an uninsured family of six who lost everything but the clothes on their backs after a Thursday fire in Barrhaven. The page, accessible at www.gofundme. com/move-mountainsfor-the-melkis, was set up by a family member to assist Mike and Nancy Melki and their four children following the $1 million fire on Claridge Avenue, across from the sports fields at St. Mother Teresa Catholic High School. The fire, which started on the deck of the townhouse they were renting at about 4:45 p.m. Thursday, left 15 people homeless. Two other homes adjacent to the Melki’s townhouse unit were declared uninhabitable by the Ottawa Fire Depart-

ment. The fire was spotted by 16-year-old Callia Melki, who noticed something unusual out the back window. “I was just looking outside and I saw orange, and then I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but then I saw shadows, and I thought eyes don’t make shadows,” she told CTV Ottawa. Callia quickly alerted her family to get outside, and she called 9-11. Her mother credited her with saving the lives of her siblings. Although there were no injuries, the family’s four cats were lost in the blaze. The Melki family was renting the townhouse unit. According to Mike Melki, their home insurance policy covering the contents of the

Fifteen people were left homeless after a $1 million fire to townhouse units on Claridge Drive, near St. Mother Teresa High School. Mike Carroccetto photo

home had been revoked earlier in the summer for missed payments.

He made the comment that the last year has been tough financially

on the family, as his wife was going through school.

The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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Page 2 FRIDAY, July 20, 2018



FRIDAY, July 20, 2018 Page 3

The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Trade Secrets experts explain the differences between threading and waxing Ask the Beauty Expert By Courtney Mulligan Trade Secrets This week we asked the Estheticians at Trade Secrets to help explain some of the most common questions and debunk some myths about hair removal.

What is threading?

- Threading is a hair removal process that uses thread to remove facial hair. It can be traced back to ancient Eastern cultures and is becoming very

popular here in Canada. The esthetician takes two long twisted pieces of thread and removes sections of hair by rolling it over your skin and catching the hair, removing the hair from the follicle in one fluid, scissor like motion.

Does threading hurt more than waxing?

Removing hair is can be painful. Waxing removes a larger surface of hair quickly so it can be painful. Threading hurts about as much as plucking, but

it’s much faster so you’ll spend less time feeling it.

Is Waxing or Threading better?

Threading offers a few benefits over waxing. Threading is better for sensitive skin because it is 100% natural. Threading uses no chemicals or creams that may cause irritation. There is little contact with the skin. Many people who breakout from waxing tend not to breakout from threading. Threading is more pre-

cise than waxing. The esthetician removes one line of hair at a time and can give you the desired shape you are looking for. Waxing removes hair with one strip, and often stray hairs are then plucked. Threading is better for aging skin. The thread pulls only the hair not on the skin. Wax pulls the skin and hair, which is why it leaves redness on the area afterwards.

How long does the hair need to be to get Waxed

or Threaded?

Threading can be done when there is 1/8” of hair. For waxing there needs to be ¼” of hair

Does facial Threading take longer than Waxing?

pends on how fast your hair growth is. The hair will grow back finer than before.

Is threading more expensive than waxing?

At Trade Secrets, we offer both for the same price!

Both facial threading and waxing take the same amount of time to perform.

Does Waxing or threading last longer?

On average both lasts 3-4 weeks, but it really de-

Trade Secrets offers esthetic services everyday of the week to fit your busy schedule. You can walk-in or call to book an appointment. It only takes a couple minutes and then you’re on your way.

Tick season raises local concerns about the prevention of Lyme disease By Preet Sidhu BSc. RPh. CDE Longfields Pharmacy Tick season is upon us, and we are frequently asked by our customers about the correlation between ticks and Lyme disease. Ticks become infected by feeding on the blood of infected wild animals (e.g., birds, rodents). Infected ticks move from vegetation to the host as the host brushes by. Tick saliva has anesthetic properties and bites may go undetected. As the tick feeds, it becomes engorged and considerably larger in size. Most humans are infected through bites of immature ticks called nymphs. Nymphs are generally less than 2 mm in size (about the size of a poppy seed) and feed dur-

ing the spring and summer months. Although adult ticks can also transmit Lyme disease, they are larger than nymphs (about the size of a sesame seed) and therefore more likely to be discovered and removed before transmission of the bacteria. Adult ticks are most active during the cooler months of the year. Blacklegged ticks are found in forests, shrubs, tall grasses and leaf piles; they are present in rural and suburban settings. Blacklegged ticks bite the host and may feed for several days, then drop off. In Canada, Lyme disease is caused by spirochete bacteria Borrelia burgdoferi, which is transmitted by infected ticks. Generally ticks/nymphs must be attached for 36–48 hours or more before B. burgdorferi can be transmitted.

The greatest risk of tick bites occurs between April and October; the majority of cases of Lyme disease in Canada occur during the month of July. Risk areas for Lyme disease in and around Ottawa area are: - Kingston and surrounding area - Along the St. Lawrence Valley to the border with Quebec and northeast towards Ottawa Examination of a dog for ticks after being in a tickinfested area is an important precautionary measure to take in the prevention of Lyme disease. Key spots to examine include the head, neck, and ears. If untreated, symptoms of Lyme disease occur in overlapping stages and include early localized, early disseminated and late disseminated disease.

Longfields Pharmacy -

Fast and friendly service Accurate prescription Reliable health care advice Compounding Services available Free Delivery in Barrhaven!

We are certified to compound medication for your pets! (dogs, cats and horses only)

Early localized disease usually presents as an acute illness with systemic symptoms such as fever, arthralgias, myalgias and headache, and a single localized skin lesion known as erythema migrans (EM). EM is esti-

mated to occur in 70–80% of Lyme disease cases. This circular or oval erythematous skin lesion develops at the site of the tick bite, is usually painless and not itchy, and slowly enlarges in size (to > 5 cm in diameter) over days to weeks.

The lesion may persist for up to eight weeks. A classic “bull’s eye” appearance is seen in 20%–35% of lesions, with an erythematous centre surrounded by a zone of clearing and another ring of erythema.

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Page 4 FRIDAY, July 20, 2018


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

After the fire: The rebuild begins for local dairy farmer By Charlie Senack Barrhaven Independent Almost a year after a devastating fire ripped through the dairy barn at Black Rapids Farm killing 80 head of cattle, Peter Ruiter is working hard to rebuild, and hopes to have operations up and running before Christmas. The new barn will be more technologically advanced than the previous one, and will feature robotic milking machines as well as a computer system which will monitor the cows behaviour. “The cows will wear a monitor that will tell me how many steps they take in a day, their temperature, there mobility,” Ruiter, 50, said at his family farm on Prince of Wales Drive on Saturday. “It’s actually quite amazing technology but not new in a dairy world. It’s been out there over 10 years, it’s just something that I can put into practice right now.” The new system also means Ruiter will have to put in less manual labour, and figures he will go from working 80 hours a week to around 40. It will also add more flexibility to his life and will allow him to choose what hours to work meaning he will have time to go out and watch a show or hockey game, or attend his son Mark’s basketball games. The new barn is a bit bigger than the previous one built in 1850, and is expected to bring the number of cows from 45 to 65. Ruiter says the new barn is about 25,000 square feet, and milk production will increase by about 20 per cent. The Craig family were the original farmers on

the land. Ruiter’s parents, Tinus and Milen, immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands in 1958 and started to work as hired hands on the farm right away. They took over the operations in 1962 when the NCC took over the land. September 8, 2017 started off like any other day, Ruiter said. The doorbell rang at 1:03 pm, and by 1:07 pm, he was telling his cows sorry. “The barn was fully engulfed,” Ruiter said recounting that day. “The firefighters were here, but really just to contain the fire (so) it wouldn’t spread because there was really nothing to save.” In the past few months since his livelihood was lost, Ruiter has been helping out other farmers in the area with their crops and cows, and has also been touring parts of Ontario and Quebec seeing how other farmers are getting involved in modern day agricultural farming. He has been implementing some of those ideas around his farm. He said a few changes from the old barn to the new one will include being only one floor instead of two, and it will have large straight windows you can open in the summer to help air ventilation and create a cross breeze. It will also feature a sprinkler system to keep the cows cool in the summer. As far as the new barn being more fire retardant, Ruiter said there really isn’t much you can do to help protect the barn once it’s engulfed in flames. “It’s still the same barn except the cows will be held loose,” he said. “There is hope if you can get the gate open in time they will

leave, but past experience shows cows don’t want to leave where they feel safe so they don’t venture out too much.” The foundation for the new barn was laid out at the beginning of May, and the beams started going up at the beginning of June. Ruiter said if all goes as planned, the new barn will be up and running by Christmas. He added that he does still have a few pieces of charred remains from the old barn he would like to implement in the new one.

Farmer Peter Ruiter has started construction on a new dairy barn less than a year after a devastating fire which razed the previous 150 year-old structure on Prince of Wales Road at Fallowfield. The new barn is expected to be operational by year’s end. Ruiter, age 50, is grateful for the outpouring of community support which helped make the decision to rebuild financial possible. Mike Carroccetto photo

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FRIDAY, July 20, 2018 Page 5


The IndependentCOMMUNITY Barrhaven author has book on national non-fiction best seller list

Barrhaven writer Brian Hanington has just scored a big hit as co-author with Major General David Fraser of the book Operation Medusa: The Furious Battle That Saved Afghanistan from the Taliban. Hanington was recently signing copies of his book at Indigo books in Barrhaven. Operation Medusa has been on the top-ten, national, non-fiction bestseller for six consecutive weeks. Written in the voice of David Fraser, the Canadian general in charge of the joint military command in Kandahar Province in Afghanistan, this is the real on-the-ground story of NATO’s bloodiest and most misunderstood operation. In the summer of 2006, David Fraser was the Canadian general in charge of NATO’s Regional Command South, a territory spanning six Afghan provinces surrounding the Arghandab Valley. Birthplace of the Taliban decades earlier, this fertile region had since become Afghan-

a full-scale military assault, Fraser knew it would fall to him, his Canadians and their allies to avoid the wholesale slaughter of NATO troops, keep the Taliban from laying siege to Kandahar and restore control of the south of the country to a newly formed, democratic Afghan government.

The odds were solidly against Fraser’s forces. The Taliban knew every millimetre of their own terrain. During the months of secret manoeuvres they had stocked every farmhouse, school, grape hut and tunnel with weapons and ammunition. They had drilled Soviet-era landmines into all of the marijuana and poppy fields, and dug IEDs into every roadway. Protected from detection by corrupt officials, their sophisticated warfare schools had successfully readied an army of zealous fighters to attack and fight to the death. And now their top commanders were poised to launch decisive military operations against freshly arrived troops who had never seen combat. The bloodiest battle in NATO’s history was about to begin. A great read for sure. If you’re lucky, you can score a signed copy of Operation Medusa right here at Indigo in Barrhaven. Operation Medusa is also widely available online.

within 24–48 hours. Early disseminated Lyme disease occurs when B. burgdorferi enters the bloodstream and disseminates from the site of primary infection. Dissemination may occur up to 30 days after the tick exposure. Symptoms may include fatigue, general weakness and/or multiple EM lesions. In untreated patients, 4%–10% have cardiovascular complications (e.g., arrhythmias) and 10%–20% have neurologic symptoms (e.g., facial nerve palsy or meningitis). Late disseminated Lyme disease occurs three months or more after tick exposure and,

if untreated, can last months or years. It most commonly presents with musculoskeletal symptoms (e.g., arthritis, muscle pain or joint effusions) and/or neurologic symptoms (e.g., changes in memory and concentration, or peripheral neuropathy). Prevention is the best key: wearing hat, longsleeved shirt, and long pants tucked into socks or boots. Light-colored clothing makes the tick more easily visible before it attaches itself. DEETcontaining repellants are thought to be moderately effective in the prevention of tick bites.

istan’s most deadly turf. It would soon turn deadlier still. Advised in the night by his intelligence officers that the Taliban had secretly amassed for

ticks continues from page 3 Lesions can also appear homogenously erythematous, blistering or crusted, have a blue-purple hue, or a vesicular or necrotic centre. EM can occur three to 30 days after the tick has detached. Tick bites and EM lesions typically occur at the armpit, groin, back of knee joint or belt line. In contrast to EM, an erythematous skin lesion that develops while an Ixodes tick is attached or within 48 hours of detachment is more likely to be a tick bite hypersensitivity reaction. These lesions are typically less than 5 cm in diameter, may have an urticarial appearance and usually start to disappear

Barrhaven author Brian Hanington was at Indigo in Barrhaven last month to sign copies of Operation Medusa: The Furious Battle That Saved Afghanistan from the Taliban. Jeff Morris photo

Page 6 FRIDAY, July 20, 2018



Back in the game We were happy to see that Steve Desroches is tossing his hat back into the political arena. Desroches was the first councillor to represent Ward 22 when it was created more than a decade ago. While he experienced the scrutiny and criticisms that all young and new politicians face, he quickly rose up the ranks and served as both an effective councillor and as Ottawa’s Deputy Mayor. News broke earlier this week that Desroches will be running federally for the Conservatives in the riding of Nepean. Should he win the nomination, he will be up against incumbent Chandra Arya. In the last federal election, Arya rode the wave of Justin Trudeau’s momentum to take the riding that had been held by Conservative Pierre Poilievre before the Nepean-Carleton riding split into two. One of the criticisms Desroches faced during his time as a councillor was that he ran municipally as a stepping stone to a career as a representative at a higher level of politics. Desroches stunned many when, after two terms, he decided not to run. He had told us in an interview early into his tenure as a councillor that two terms would be his limit, and then it would be time for someone else to come in with new ideas and a fresh perspective. Ironically, those who criticized him and accused him of having his sights set on a career beyond city hall are the same people encouraging him back into politics and applauding his decision to run again. BARRHAVEN

Desroches developed a strong working relationship with Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder during his time as Ward 22 councillor. He also worked closely with MP Pierre Poilievre and MPP Lisa MacLeod on a number of issues. The most visible project with Desroches’ political fingerprints on it is the Vimy Bridge. While it is something we now use frequently and often take for granted, getting the 173-yard bridge funded and built – 173 yards is about the equivalent in length to a redesigned Par 3 hole when Stonebridge’s golf course gets shortened for the sake of building more homes – was a political hot potato that brought out the best in Desroches. Arya had little trouble in winning the Nepean riding over Conservative candidate Andy Wang, a former Poilievre staffer. But an election against Desroches would be an entirely different challenge for the Liberal MP. The glitz and glamour of Justin Trudeau has worn off, and the Liberals may not be able to ride his wave of celebrity through another election. The Conservatives, on the other hand, have the opposite problem. Andrew Scheer is, at this point, a vanilla candidate who would be unrecognized by most Canadians if he were appear with you in a selfie on your Instagram account. Locally, our best case scenario is to have the strongest candidates running, and that they bring out the political best in each other during a campaign. Steve Desroches will do that.

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A beer with Buzz in Heaven I was told about half my life ago that as you get older, time speeds up. It didn’t make sense to me when I was a cocky, brash 20-soemthing fresh out of school. Now, it makes total sense. Life is short, and each day it gets shorter. I got thinking about this last week as I thought about Buzz Kilpatrick. It has been ten quick years since Buzz passed away at the age of 41. A decade can go by quickly, like the blink of an eye. I had never met Buzz in person until the final day of June in 2008. I got the opportunity of a lifetime for a sports fan and media person as I got to fill in for Steve Warne on the TSN 1200’s morning show, Three Guys on the Radio (TGOR). I knew Steve and the third guy, Stuntman Stu, but I had never met Buzz in my media travels. I listened to him on the radio every morning and he often read my emails to the show, but our paths had never crossed. It took Buzz a while to warm up to “the new guy filling in,” but by the end of the week, we were long lost pals. It’s amazing how quickly you can get to know someone by talking for four hours straight for an entire week. What I remember most – and it still haunts me – is the very last conversation I ever had with Buzz in person. It was It was Friday, July 4, 2008. We had just signed off the air on my last day of filling in for one of the most enjoyable weeks I had ever had working in the media. “If you got to go to Heaven and have a beer with anyone you could, who would it be?” was the question Buzz threw my way. I had no idea how poignant it would become until Buzz passed away a couple weeks later. Every time I think of him, I think of that question. It’s a question I often thought about. When I think of friends of mine who have passed away, or my father, I think of happy memories they have left me with and then wonder what they are doing in Heaven. Are they having lunch and sharing stories? Are they playing golf? That makes me smile, as I picture my father breaking 80 regularly as he gets to play without the back pain that forced him – along with his six-handicap – to walk away from the game before his 40th birthday. Buzz always liked to wear the black hat. He represented darkness and was a proud fan of the Leafs and Yankees, the two evil empires in our sports universe. He also loved to be the immoral fabric of the TGOR show, if there is such a term. He would always be

the devil on your shoulder, saying ‘why not’. It became shtick, especially when talk turned to women. “So what if she is your cousin?” “So what if she is still in high school?” Buzz would gladly play the villain to create moral chaos. If people took it seriously, they didn’t get the humour. We got talking about Yankees history and FROM THE Bobby Murcer, who also just passed away. I told him that, growing up in Prescott, one of our three channels was WWNY in Watertown, by Jeff Morris and how they used to broadcast a lot of Yankee games, so I followed the team. My favourite all-time Yankee was Thurman Munson, who was killed in a plane crash during the 1979 season. Bobby Murcer delivered the eulogy and brought a sold out Yankee Stadium and millions of baseball fans across the country to tears with his speech. Bobby Murcer was on Buzz’ list of guys in Heaven to have a beer with, along with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Tim Horton. Munson and One-Eyed Frank McGee topped my list. I talked to Buzz one other time after that week. He ripped into me for being a contestant in the Canadian Idol media competition. I shot it back in his face, offering to sing at his wedding when he finally married his cousin. The next day, he was hospitalized. On Friday, July 25, 2008, Buzz passed away. Anyone who listened to Buzz in the morning had a tough time wrapping their heads around this one. What words do you use? Shocking? Sudden? Sad? Tragic? He loved to be the guy we all loved to hate, but it was all in fun. And now, after ten years, my thoughts still go back to that discussion. What if you really do get to have a beer with the people you want when you get to Heaven? Maybe, right now, Buzz is enjoying a frosty one with Bill Barilko and Ace Bailey. Maybe he’s already gone on a bender with Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle and they were talking about how hot the waitress was. Maybe he is playing darts with Joe DiMaggio. If DiMaggio is there, Marilyn Monroe can’t be too far behind. I wonder, when I die, if I will get to have a beer with Buzz in Heaven. Maybe I will, but not until I’ve been there for a few days. Because I’m sure, at first, I’ll just be “another new guy”. I’ll have to earn my beer, and that may take a few days. I can’t wait to ask him who his first beer was with. I’d be honoured if mine could be with him.


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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, July 20, 2018 Page 7

City to look at fireworks sales and safety after Canada Day mayhem I am sure you are aware of the events that occurred at Barrhaven’s Canada Day. This is a wonderful event, and every year organizers raise in excess of $100,000 so we can have this Canada Day event in our community. I want to thank all the volunteers and the Barrhaven Canada Day committee, who work tirelessly on this event. I whole-heartedly believe that the terrible lack of respect for volunteers, families, citizens, and police officers cannot go without action. Here are a few things I have actioned to prepare for next year. My staff attended a special events committee update with Fire, Police, City staff and the organizers of Canada Day. Moving forward next year, we will fence the entire event area, have a security entrance with “bag” check, add more Police and security on site and add extra lights to the surrounding area to ensure safe exit from the park after the fireworks. At Council on July 11th, I have a motion to direct city staff to look at the sale of fireworks, specifically: insurance requirements, total amount of fireworks kept on site for vendors, security provisions, and minimum age requirements. It is unfortunate our family event has been threatened by badly behaving youth. I can tell you that I have asked hard questions as to where these kids organized. I am very disappointed that Ottawa Police have so “little teeth” to charge these criminals. They went far beyond “kids behaving badly”. They threatened the safety of Barrhaven residents. That is not acceptable to me and the fact the police have “closed the file” is not ac-


BARRHAVEN by Jan Harder

ceptable either. I expect far better. Barrhaven is a safe community. We are a large Ontario City by population. I expect the Ottawa Police to understand this and provide us with the necessary support and I do want this gang to face community service if that is the only punishment at hand. At least then they may understand how very special our community is and how very wrong they were. I can’t believe it has taken two years for us to get here but I am happy to tell you that we finally have a dugout cover coming for Eagles Nest 2 at Ken Ross Park. Bruce Campbell, President of East Nepean Little League, and I have been working together to find a solution that will provide our kids with some shade. Construction will begin in the coming days and you will see a frame being built over the dugout. Bruce and his team are working on ordering some sun shade material to go over top. We’ll be sure to share a picture with you upon completion! I hear from residents and businesses all the time. Last week I heard from a tennis playing resident. The Barrhaven Larkin Tennis Club has a bench in bad shape and a dead lilac bush causing the interlock to lift. Parks staff are on it! If you notice something in Barrhaven please don’t hesitate to call me. We will try our best to help. We have been challenged indeed trying to solve the “rat infestation” problem on Bartley Cres and Montavista. When I

Grand Opening The rain held off on Sun., June 24 for the Grand Opening of the Haven, a Multifaith Housing Initiative (MHI) affordable housing facility located near Fallowfield Station. The celebration was open to Haven tenants, volunteers, supporters and members of the public. Highlights included: a free BBQ lunch, courtesy of LiveWorkPlay; snow cones, courtesy of the Sequoia Fun Cruiser; guided tours of the Haven; an inflatable ride/bounce castle for children; and face painting. Pictured are Sahada Alolo (left), MHI’s community engagement manager; Leïla Seig, a volunteer and tenant; and Amanda Smith-Millar, MHI administrator.

first heard, I wondered if construction along Greenbank Rd was the cause but no this was not the case. I discovered that someone had an illegal chicken coop in their back yard. Bylaw has since dealt with the owner and the chickens have been removed. Rats are very attracted to chicken feed and eggs and also bird seed that is dropped out of feeders. Ottawa’s Sewer and Water department baited the sewers. Results will show whether the rats are travelling in the sewers. Proper storage of garbage is also very important. Our Waste Management team will be in the area in the next few weeks making recommendations to residents. There is an explosion coming to the John McCrae SS population and this past week 6 portable classrooms were delivered to the school grounds! Enrollment at this school will be

increasing by 200 students! Thanks Cedarview Middle School! It’s been a little over 20 years since Greenbank Park was updated. Decades ago Barrhaven’s first waterpark was built at Greenbank Park. My children when they were little loved this little splashpad. I can hardly wait to see the final product.

Community Events Rock the Park Party!

On Saturday July 21st at 1pm - 3pm at Regatta Park - Half Moon Bay (corner of Egret and Regatta) join us as we spend an afternoon “Rocking” out at our newly adopted community park! RAIN DATE will be Sunday July 22nd @ 1pm - 3pm Spend an afternoon at Regatta Park where we will spend our time having fun painting rocks to distribute around Barrhaven to spread kindness, clean up any garbage in our park and

spend some time getting to know the families in our club while we play on the structure and splash around in the splash pad. Bring a snack to share and be on the lookout for some nice smooth rocks for painting to bring with you. Painting supplies and garbage collection materials will be provided.If you can’t make our event but would like us to pick up some rocks from your house please let us know and we can make arrangements. Can’t wait to spend some time having fun in the sun this summer with everyone! Visit the Rock the Park Party facebook page.

Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association

FOPLA Mammoth used book sale - Saturday July 21 10AM-2PM at 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa, ON K2G 4R7 (James Bartleman Centre). The Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association (FOPLA) in-

vite you to their monthly Mammoth Used Book Sale! Hundreds of used books for sale at unbeatable prices, including as low as for $1. Browse a variety of genres including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Lifestyle, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Biography, Children’s and more. NOW FOR SALE VINYL RECORDS. Proceeds benefit the Ottawa Public Library. Website

Barrhaven Classic Car Show

The Barrhaven Classic Car Show will be held at the Fallowfield Park and Ride, Corner of Fallowfield and Woodroffe from 10am to 4pm on Sunday August 12th, 2018. Show off your Classic, Custom and Rods. Food Trucks, Vendors and Music. $5 per Vehicle. Dash Plaques for first 150 Cars. Prizes based on your knowledge of Classic Cars. All proceeds to CHEO Foundation. Contact Keith Goebel at r.k.goebel@

Page 8 FRIDAY, July 20, 2018


The IndependentCOMMUNITY Barrhaven East Community Association hosts Movie Night in the Park

Ward 22 4th Annual Community BBQ

Thank you to all residents who were able to come out to my 4th Annual Community BBQ. We had a great turnout again this year with great weather. I was so pleased that so many residents came with canned foods and we were able to contribute a large donation for the Barrhaven Food Cupboard. If you would like to make a donation, please visit for details.

Council Approves 10 Additional Police Officers

City Council has approved the hiring of 10 additional police officers to deal with gun violence in Ottawa. The officers are expected to be in place in the fall. Growing concern regarding the increase in gun violence across the country has resulted in the announcement of a federal government grant program, with funding of $100 million nation-wide anticipated to begin in April 2019.


WARD REPORT by Michael Qaqish

Ottawa Continues to Show Strong Economic Performance

In the 2017 Annual Development Report, City staff reported that Ottawa continues to have a strong economy with a healthy supply of jobs and general economic stability. The unemployment rate decreased 0.7 per cent to 5.6 per cent in 2017 – lower than both the six-per-cent provincial rate and the 7.3-percent national rate. The number of commercial services and amenities located within a 30-minute walk of each light-rail transit station has also increased. Ottawa’s population grew 1.1 per cent in 2017, rising from 968,580 to an estimated 979,173 residents. Migration was an important factor in that growth, with 9,888 people moving to Ottawa – an increase of 69.7 per cent over the previous year.

Ottawa Police Community Equity Council

Last year, the Ottawa Police decided to create an improved-representative body to connect the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) with the communities it serves. They are in the process of soliciting applicants for their new community-based consultative group, the Community Equity Council (CEC). The CEC will provide advice and insight to the police on ways to improve and strengthen relationships between the OPS and the many Indigenous, faith-based and racialized communities in Ottawa. OPS are

Councillor Michael Qaqish and Mayor Jim Watson were joined by staff from CoCo Paving and the City of Ottawa to see the intersection improvements made along Prince of Wales Drive.

Ottawa economy, nominate them for the 2018 Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards. The City is now accepting nominations online until September 28. Nominate a friend, colleague, client, employee or employer who deserves to be celebrated for their contributions. The awards are presented to select indiNominations Open for viduals who make a conthe 2018 Immigrant siderable contribution Entrepreneur Awards to the Ottawa economy, If you know an im- with a particular focus migrant to Canada who on: Hiring, sourcing and embodies the entrepre- purchasing locally, exneurial spirit and porting goods or services DiDndet see “” U CAn MAKe MY serves recognition for from Ottawa, attracting nAMe MAKe to their contributions to the sMALLeR tourists or tO investment

now accepting applications from the public to join the new council; the deadline to apply is July 20, 2018. Successful candidates will be notified, and interviews will be held in late August. If you require more information, you can visit the CEC website page at

ROOM...ALsO sinCe 1988



rs 35 yea

Finished Basements. Bathrooms, Kitchens, Flooring, Framing, Drywall, Painting, Baseboards, Windows, Doors


Call Phil 613-828-9546


The event for this new community association will take place on Saturday July 21st at Stonecrest Park at 8pm. Join the Barrhaven East Community Association for great treats and a fun movie in the park. Bring your blankets, camping chairs, mosquito repellant and your friends. Please note that the cancellation decision will be made by 6pm on the day of the event. Complimentary treats are courtesy of Sequioa Church volunteers. Movie equipment and time is also being generously provided by Sequioa Church volunteers. This event will be organized and assisted by Barrhaven East Community Association members and volunteers.

the city, launching new and innovative businesses in Ottawa, mentoring other entrepreneurs, helping other businesses succeed by providing time, expertise or knowledge or getting involved in, or giving back to, their community. If you know someone who fits this description, nominate him or her today at

Prince of Wales Drive – Co-ordinated Network Modifications Construction Completion

I was pleased to join Mayor Jim Watson

along with CoCo Paving and City staff to take a look at some of the improvements made to intersections along Prince of Wales in Phase One of the Rehabilitation Project, which was completed in June this year. The community will now see significant improvements along Prince of Wales Drive, including a rehabilitation of the road and a number of intersection improvements from Strandherd Drive to Hunt Club Road. For a full list of improvements, please visit


• Reno’s • Additions • Basements • Bathrooms • Kitchens

Paul McCulloch sinCe 1988

• Garages • Repairs • Commercial • Residential • Insurance Restoration OFF: (613) 749-0209 Email:

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY Wellings to challenge Blackburn for Zone 3 OCDSB trustee seat

By Charlie Senack Barrhaven Independent Half Moon Bay resident Amy Wellings has decided to put her name forward to run as the OCDSB school trustee in zone three, and said she knows it’s going to be a fight. Donna Blackburn has been the trustee in the area of Barrhaven Knoxdale-Merivale since 2010. Wellings said she plans to run a clean campaign, and said Blackburn has done a great job serving the community. She added that she thinks it is time for a change. “I think there is an opportunity for a different perspective and it’s an opportunity for different voices to be heard,” she said. Wellings, the mother

of Audrey, age 7, recently started a group called ‘Barrhaven Kids Spreading Kindness’, a group which has the purpose of getting youth involved in the community by visiting local retirement homes, having fundraisers for charity and, overall, just spreading kindness. She is running on a holistic view of education, and said it’s important now more than ever with a new provincial government in place, to make sure the public school board collaborates with the Ontario government, and overall does what’s best for the students. Just this week, Premier Doug Ford repealed the sex-ed curriculum the Wynne Liberal government put in place back in 2014, a decision many Ontarians did not agree

with, and caused many protests including one at the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa on Sunday. Wellings said she is in support of the 2014 sex-ed curriculum which included topics like the dangers of sexting, mental health, and alcoholism, yet is open to the idea of a review being done to see what changes can be made. “I would support a consultation process for sure. I don’t support repealing it (and) bringing it back to the old curriculum,” Wellings said. “I would like to slowly make changes and adjustments to what is currently in there.” On top of that, she agrees with a review being done on the math curriculum, and said she has

seen the EQAO scores that are low — scores Premier Ford says are the lowest in the country. Wellings would also like to see more done to teach youth about the dangers of drugs at a young age, something she said is more important now than ever with new illicit drugs hitting the streets like fentanyl and carfentanil — and also said kids are now being exposed to more at a younger age. “If you’re letting the kids in the school yards teach the lessons, that’s when they’re going to be more curious and not have all the answers and information,” she said. “When we’re teaching it in the classroom with a real focus on education and how to make those choices and what the risks

Amy Wellings will be running for OCDSB Trustee in this fall’s municipal election.

seem they are more likely to have the information.” The municipal election is on October 22,

2018. More of Wellings platform can be found on her website at

Your local health food store for over 35 years

coffee & cookie



Spend $100 and get a

FREE $30 GIFT CARD Spend $50 and get a


Before taxes. Not valid on gift cards. Free coffee excludes specialty coffees. PLU 8 free 8 oz drip coffee. PLU 9 free cookie. One use per customer. Offers end August 31/18

4325 STRANDHERD DRIVE (by Costco) 613-755-2295

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY Local author brings Chinese culture to life in The Shadow of the Moon

Christina Matula is a Barrhaven author now living in Hong Kong.

Chang’e must protect it. How can she keep the precious potion safe from the thief’s evil intentions? The sisters are mesmerized by Ah-ma’s retelling and the fact that the very mooncakes they enjoy each holiday are a symbol of this legend’s bravest soul. Vivid, colourful illustrations illuminate the pages - capturing the imagination of parents and children alike - inviting readers to gaze at the

cornflower blue evening and find Chang’e, the Spirit and Lady in the Moon. “The Shadow in the Moon teaches not only the origins of this captivating festival in Chinese culture, but also an understanding of its modern-day values of thanksgiving and uniting friends and families,” said Matula. Weina Dai Randel, the author of The Moon in the Palace, a RWA RITA Award Winner observes “Matula’s The Shadow in the Moon is timeless, appealing, and delicious. It features a heroic Chang’e, the ethereal Moon Lady who has fascinated many generations in China. I love it! I highly recommend this book to parents, and children, who are interested in the Chinese culture.” Matula is a great advocate of early childhood

Barrhaven Village Square

literacy and a Board Member of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong, a nonprofit organization that encourages families to read aloud together and

The Shadow of the Moon is Christina Matula’s first picture book. It celebrates the legend behind the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Longfields Dr.

1581 Greenbank rd nepean

ven Barrha e Squar Village Greenbank Rd.

ugh Big Eno you. e to serv ough n Small e re! to ca




(613) 825-5585

Chris Kimball, Locally Owned by CFranchisee hris EvangElidis Sobeys Barrhaven

Locally owned and operated

1581 Greenbank Rd., Village Square Mall Chris Kimball, Franchisee Sobeys Barrhaven

provides quality books to under-served communities. The Shadow in the Moon is her first picture book.

Strandherd Dr.

Matula, who is of Taiwanese and Hungarian heritage. “My inspiration was to capture the wonderful story behind the Mid-Autumn Festival for the first time in a picture book; to pass on some of my own heritage to my children, and indeed any child with a love of stories.” In Matula’s book, two sisters and their grandmother celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at home with their whole family. Their favourite part? Mooncakes, of course—along with Ahma’s story of the ancient legend of Hou Yi, a brave young archer, and his wife, Chang’e. A long, long time ago, Hou Yi rescued the earth from the heat of ten suns. The Immortals rewarded him with a magic potion that could let him live in the sky with them forever. But when a thief tries to steal the potion,

Berrigan Dr.

For author and Barrhaven native Christina Matula, her latest project is all about sharing culture. Matula, who grew up in the community and attended Barrhaven Public School and then Confederation High School, recently released The Shadow in the Moon. Relocating to Hong Kong eleven years ago and subsequently with young children of her own, Matula was passionate about sharing a greater understanding of Chinese culture with the next generation. Unable to find a picture book about the legend behind the Mid-Autumn festival, a landmark in the Chinese calendar, it sparked the idea to write one herself. “Sharing stories from generation to generation is a time-honoured tradition in folklore,” said

Village Square, 1581 greenbank rd, nepean, On


7 am-11Pm 7 DaYS a WEEK

Now accepting Air Milesnough

Big E you. (613)to825-5495 serve gh nou e l l a m S ! to care


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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Elke Harder

Life’s brighter under the sun Diane Koven*CFP® B.A.(Hons) CHS™

Sales Representative

Tel: 613-728-1223 ext 2235

HUNT CLUB 613-737-5487 224 Hunt Club Road Unit 2 Ottawa

BARRHAVEN 613-823-9699 10 Green Street Suite 300 Ottawa

EAGLESON 613-271-8222 500 Eagleson Rd Unit 30 Kanata

Cell: (613) 794-0560

I can help with:

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Food Basics Freschco Gabriel Pizza Greenbank Health Care Greenfields Heart and Crown Kelsey’s Le Look Loblaws Lone Star McDonald’s Fallowfield McDonald’s Strandherd

MPP Lisa McLeod’s office Metro Minto Rec Centre Mucho Burrito Natural Food Pantry Nepean Sportsplex Panago Pizza Pharmasave -3500 Fallowfield Pharmasave - 6 Green St. Pizza Pizza Prince of Wales Manor Quickie-Cedarview

Quickie-Jockvale Quiznos RBC Royal Bank Rideau Valley Health Care Ross’ Your Independent Grocer Royal Oak Second Cup Shawarma Prince Shoppers Drug Mart Jockvale Shoppers Drug Mart Woodroffe

Sobeys Source for Sports Starbucks Subway Tim Hortons Tutti Frutti UPS Store Viva Retirement Centre Walter Baker Centre Willy’s Pizza The Works

FriDaY • JulY 6 • 2018

With Glowing Hearts

Now available in 70 outlets including: A&W Amazon Café Anabia Barley Mow Barrhaven Legion Booster Juice Boston Pizza Broadway Bar and Grill Burgers and Shakes Court of Barrhaven Crystal Café Five Guys

Page 13 Page 16

Pierre-Savard student Ryley Belanger of Barrhaven celebrate tended despite the hot weather, s Canada Day with a smile despite the record temperat 3 and 4. Don’t forget to check but a brawl at Sunday night’s celebration put a damper ures on the event and raised concerns and humid conditions. Barrhaven’s Canada Day was out our Facebook page for more Canada Day photos. well atabout security and safety. For more on Canada Day, see pages Reegan BelangeR Photo

Save time. Shop on-line .

3777 Strandherd Drive 613-843-9 413


Bath Safety




Aircast Select

Barrhaven’s Only Community Newspaper Page 5

Year 28 • issue 14

Light Therapy

Compression Socks

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(613) 823-3500 3500 Fallowfield Roa

Page 12 FRIDAY, July 20, 2018


The Independent#MyBarrhaven

20/eight Digital connecting businesses with their customers In today’s local economy, the biggest challenge for small and medium-sized businesses is targeting the right customer. At 20/eight, finding those customers and reaching them with your message is what they specialize in. The Barrhaven-based boutique agency specializes in digital marketing. Their services go far beyond the current trend of search engine optimization. “We’re a one-stop shop,” said Mark Dickie of 20/eight. “We develop campaigns and strategies to get results for our customers. We want them to be reached organically.” Among its services, 20/ eight can help businesses by making them more noticeable and more easily found through search engines like Google. They also work on developing and implementing strategies to target their direct audience across multiple social media platforms. They also help their customers analyze and track the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. Dickie and Louise Scanlan started 20/eight as an agency that provides complete services for the digital marketing and advertising needs of businesses. Dickie has more than 30 years of sales, marketing and senior management experience in the radio broadcast and digital industries, and brings a two-punch of big picture thinking while at the same time diligence in executing the tiniest of details. Never afraid to turn things upside down, he has led many new ventures in the span of his career, including the launching of brand new radio stations. Louise Scanlan is an experienced digital marketing professional who

has helped businesses build traffic to their websites since 2001, the very infancy of the search engine marketing world. She remembers the days when people referred to the industry simply as “keyword marketing” – days when a few keywords in your website metatags could get you organic rankings on Yahoo and Google. Fast track 15 years and her expertise now spans a variety of digital advertising vehicles whether in a search or display environment – understanding the intricacies of the platforms, how they can be integrated, and how to interpret the volumes of data. “We have a lot of experience, and we have a great team in place,” said Scanlan, who is fully bilingual and grew up in a franco-anglo family in Chicoutimi, QC. “We’re there to have an impact and to get results. For our customers, we are partners, not suppliers.” The staff at 20/eight has years of combined experience in the web and advertising industries, and their understanding of digital advertising goes far beyond knowing the features of the digital advertising platforms. They bring a marketing intelligence to your digital campaigns that integrates and builds on all your marketing efforts, so you get the results you want. As a boutique agency, there is no need to filter through layers of an organization just to get the answers you want. Both Dickie and Scan-

The team at 20/eight Digital is hard at work to connect businesses with their customers online. From left to right are Louise Scanlan, Mark Dickie, Zander MacDonald, Lana-Marie Souaid and Gabriela Lopez. Lying down in front is Hurley. Jeff Morris photo

lan say their team is the key ingredient to the success they have had working with companies both locally and internationally. Zander MacDonald is a Google Partner with certifications in Analytics and Display advertising. A graduate of Algonquin’s Mobile and Social Media Management program, he always keeps one eye on the horizon for emerging trends and technologies. He has come to 20/eight from a career in freelance digital communications consulting for small businesses in the Ottawa area. He loves understanding systems, how they work, and how

they can be made better. He believes in demystifying the digital cutting edge and making it accessible and practical. Lana-Marie Souaid is known to her co-workers as 20/eight’s “design fairy.” Ambitious and enterprising at a young age, Lana has established a versatile portfolio in graphic design, video production, photography, and motion graphics. She graduated top of her class from Algonquin College’s Interactive Media Design program and worked on a variety of freelance projects before joining the 20/eight team. New to the team is

Gabriela Lopez, a native of Mexico City. In addition to her expertise, she has also helped the company grow internationally as she is fluent in Spanish. In addition to their strong team, Dickie said that one of the company’s biggest assets has been their customer service. He said they understand that 20/eight’s customers want to get in front of their own customers online and at an affordable price. “We work very hard at being transparent with our fees,” Dickie said. “We work with our clients so that they know what their media spend

is and what our agency fees are.” Dickie said that the results that 20/eight has achieved for their customers speak for themselves. “With every client we have taken on, our fees have been more than paid for through the improvement of the effectiveness of their online campaign,” he said. And in a digital world of optimization, organic reach and keywords, results matter just as much as they matter in every other business. For more information on 20/eight and how they can help your business, visit


The Independent#MYBARRHAVEN

FRIDAY, July 20, 2018 Page 13

Sharkey’s turns a kid’s hair cut into a fun and memorable experience Angela Nolan is not unlike many business franchise owners in Barrhaven. She identified a need in the community, and then found a niche. Nolan, who owns Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids on Woodroffe Avenue, discovered the business while looking through different franchise opportunities online. Sharkey’s you could say, jumped off the screen and bit her. Though relatively new to Canada, Sharkey’s was highly-rated as a franchise in the U.S. It was rated as one of the top 100 franchises south of the border, and it is also considered the top kids’ salon franchise. Next month, Sharkey’s will be celebrating its first anniversary in Barrhaven. “I looked at it and then did some research, and we saw it as a perfect fit for our family,” Nolan said. The target market for Sharkey’s is children from as young as eight months

up to 12. The concept is to provide a fun experience for children getting their hair cut. Children can sit in a Dodge Police Cruiser, Barbie Jeep, Lightning McQueen Race Car, Buzz Light Year Vehicle, Hummer, #8 Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Race Car, and/or Mini Cooper while watching their favorite cartoons or Netflix. Older kids will love the chance to play Playstation 3 or 4 or X-box 360 on 40” screens while getting their haircut. They can also watch their favorite sporting events or music concerts through Satellite TV. “Even though we are known as a kids salon, we provide services for the entire family,” Nolan said. “Our staff is very experienced, and we have two master colour specialists on staff.” Beyond children, Sharkey’s has a Tween Glamour Lounge, and a special room for women to get a full line of hair services.

Sharkey’s also does men’s cuts, and men can play NHL, NFL or Minecraft vide games while getting their hair cut. “The video games are popular with all ages, but we make sure there is nothing violent,” Nolan said. “For the men, they love coming in and playing video games, especially the NHL game.” In addition to their regular services, birthday parties at Sharkey’s have also become popular. “We offer packages for anywhere between eight and 16,” Nolan said. “We do the parties off hours, so they have the salon to themselves. We do updoes and the girls get a mini-cure. They have a pizza party, and there are loot bags for everyone and a special gift for the child with the birthday. We basically take care of everything but the cake.” For the mini-cures, Sharkey’s uses Piggy Paint, which is a non-toxic, natural children’s nail polish.

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids held their grand opening last September. The business is located on Woodroffe Ave in the plaza next to the Shell station in Barrhaven, and the business is next to One for One Pizza. From left to right are Patrick Nolan, Councillor Jan Harder, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Nepean MP Chandra Arya and Sharkey’s Cut for Kids owner Angela Nolan. In front are Alyssa and Emilia Nolan. Jeff Morris photos

The birthday parties are held after hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Nolan said that Sharkey’s also does wedding parties. “We have done a number of wedding parties,” Nolan said. “Some of our stylists had customers at other places before we opened, and they have

Gibbon’s Painting & Decorating

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a big demand for natural products, especially when parents are using them on their children’s hair.” At this year’s West Ottawa Board of Trade Awards, Sharkey’s was a finalist for the Best New Business Award. For more information on Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids, call 613.440.5455.

Kenril ConstructionLtd. Ltd. Kenril Construction

Local House Painter - Bonded With 27 years experience Customer Satisfaction


been contacted about doing wedding parties. They are growing in popularity.” Aside from their services, Sharkey’s also carries a full line of products. “We have shampoo, gels, paste, mousse and several other items,” Nolan said. “Most of our products are paraben free and vegan. There is

 Hours of Operation: Monday
 Monday – Friday 8am 8pm Saturday
 Saturday – 8am 6pm Sunday
 Sunday – 9am 5pm




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Proudly serving you since 1936! 613-489-3735 North Gower

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Page 14 FRIDAY, July 20, 2018

The IndependentFOCUS ON YOUTH St. Francis Xavier an advocate for organ donation and awareness Name: Dawson Corbett Age: 18 School: St. Francis Xavier High Grade: Graduated this past June Parents: Bettina Iraci and Patrick Corbett Brother: Hunter (2), half brother Sister: MacKenzie (6), half sister Pet: Black Lab named Storm Pet Peeve: “Repeating my self multiple times, having a messy room and car.” Part-time



LATEST AD!!!!!!!!!!!! copy_Diversitea Ad 5/25/18 9:02 PM Page 1


YOUTH by Phill Potter

“Currently looking for work.” Favourite Subjects: Science, Mechanics Class, English What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I enjoy reading horror novels on occasion.” Who is your favourite author? “I don’t have a favourite author or section; however, Elisabetta Dami used to be a favourite back when I was in elementary

school, as she was the one who created Geronimo Stilton.” Who is your favourite author? “Stephen King”

Healthy and Delicious



Activities/Interests: “I like playing video games, fishing with my Dad, spending time Blended in small batches ensuring the finest quality! with family and friends, Remove a Person_Ad copy 5/15/18 5:22 PM Page 1 working with cars.” Shop for DiversiTea at the Ottawa & Metcalfe Farmers’ Market Why did you get involved in what you do? “Because it’s important to get the word out about organ donation and becoming a living donor.” Career Goals: “I plan to take a few part time courses in Business or the Trades. I also want to acquire a part time job.”

Pêches & Poivre (Almonte), Osgoode Country Creations (Osgoode) Beyond the House (Russell), Foodland (Russell) Geronimo Coffee House (Kemptville), Tammy’s Tub Treats (Manotick) Shop online at Ottawa, Ont. 613.425.1301

Photo Restoration BEFORE


Remove or Add a Person Stains, Creases, Fading, Tears, Pieces Missing Colourize Black and White Photographs Change Colour to Classic Black and White Archival/Giclée Printing Transparencies, Negatives, Tintypes, Daguerreotypes Photo Collages, Custom Framing

Susan Potter PHOTOGRAPHIC RESTORATION and DIGITAL SERVICES Over 30 years experience.

By Appointment Only – Day or Evening at Your Convenience

Call 613.425.1301 Dawson Corbett recently graduated from St. Francis Xavier High School.

Phill Potter photo

176 Flat Sedge Cres. Ottawa, ON K1T 0G9


Visit us on-line at

FRIDAY, July 20, 2018 Page 15


CLASSIFIEDS Visit us online!


HERItagE WIldlIfE ManagEMEnt: WIldlIfE pRoblEMS? Get them humanely removed with Heritage Wildlife Management. Call Paul Mussell. 613-601-2959. (Csa-tf-33)

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HoCkEy SCHool

EVERy SatuRday In aRnpRIoR and Sunday In ottaWa June, July and August, Over 100 skills drills every session. See website for details.

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everyone winS your shopping shapes your community

Page 16 FRIDAY, July 20, 2018


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

424 Lockmaster Cres - Beautiful home 424 Lockmaster Cres - Beautiful home on a ravine lot in Manotick. Backyard is on a ravine lot in Manotick. Backyard is fully fenced with fully fenced withPool Pooland andHot HotTub. Tub. A A Must See! List Price $1,100,000 Must See! List Price - $1,100,000

2889 Swale Rd -EXCLUSIVE LISTING 2889 Swale Rd -EXCLUSIVE LISTING Gorgeous renovated country 2+1 Bed 3 Gorgeous renovated country 2+1 Bed 3 Bath home with private pond on a 5 acre Bath home with private pond on a 5 acre lot. !! List ListPrice Price- -$575,000 $575,000 lot.

10526 County 10526 CountyRd. Rd.2 2- -Stunning Stunninghome home on on 4.84.8 acres the acresonon theSt. St.Lawrence LawrenceRiver. River. ItIt hashas been completely been completelyrenovated renovatedww pool pool and hothot tub. and tub. List ListPrice Price- -$699,999 $699,999

5708 Manotick ManotickMain MainStreet Street- Pending - Pending 5708 Listing. Beautiful hi-ranch within walking Listing. Beautiful hi-ranch within walking distanceof ofthe theVillage VillageofofManotick. Manotick. List distance List Price -- $559,900 $559,900 Price

Doug DougStuewe Stuewe

Letting it fly Nepean Eagles quarterback Rebecca Bickerton, 11, loads up to throw during a girls’ touch football exhibition game on the TD Place Stadium turf prior to the Ottawa RedBlacks game against the Calgary Stampeders last Thursday (July 12). Bickerton plays in the Mosquito division of the Eagles’ firls touch football program. Mike Carroccetto photo

Office: Office:613-692-3567 613-692-3567 Mobile: Mobile:613-868-2623 613-868-2623 Fax: 613-692-0293 Fax: 613-692-0293 Email: Email: Royal LePageteam teamRealty, Realty,Brokerage* Brokerage* Royal LePage

1096 ON 1096Bridge BridgeStStManotick, Manotick, ON

For MoreMulti-Media Multi-Mediaon on our our Listings: Listings: For More


She’s The One!

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Ellie Gadzos (second from right) celebrates her “She’s The One” emerging female artist victory at RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest on July 14 with her dad Stephan, mom Joelle and 11-year-old sister Leah. Gadzos, 13, is a student at École Secondaire Catholique PierreSavard in Barrhaven. She was chosen the winner out of a field of 10 singers, aged 13-21, from across Canada. Mike Carroccetto photo

Enjoy the freedom!

Rocking Bluesfest Barrhaven singer Kelsey Hayes was on the RBC Bluesfest Claridge Homes Stage on July 8. Hayes was one of a number of Ottawa-area artiststo perform at this year’s show. A crowd of more than 300,000 attended this year’s event. Mike Carroccetto photo

Stevens Creek Farm Stevens Creek Farm Summer Camp 2018 Summer Camp 2016 Stevens Creek Farm Camp 2016 RIDING ANDSummer FARM CAMP AGES 6 TO 14 FALLOWFIELD PHARMASAVE

or phone 6134890248

ForCreek details go6439 to: or2E0 phone Stevens Farm, Second Line Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A

613 489 02

Stevens Creek Farm, 6439 Second Line Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A 2E0

Mon - Thurs: 9am - 8pm • Fri: 9am - 6pm • Sat: 9am - 3pm • Sun: CLOSED

FallowfieldRd. GreenbankRd.

● All day or half day


Camp Includes: riding lessons, horse care, swimming, nature hikes, games, Camp Includes: riding lessons, horse care,and swimming, hikes, ga creative crafts, laying hen care and egg collection athlete nature nutrition. For details go to:laying creative crafts, hen care and egg collection and athlete nutritio For details go to: or phone 613 489 0248

3500 Falloweld Road 613.823.3500



● Boys andisGirls There still space left: ● Ages 6 to 16● Boys and Girls JULY 30th to AUGUST 3rd ● All day or half day6 to 16 ● Ages

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY Enjoy the long days of sunshine in a Canadian summer

Camp at Home The Camp at Home team at the Salvation Army in Barrhaven finished up their great camp week in Barrhaven with a Rock Wall climbing experience outside their ministry centre in Barrhaven which is located in the strip mall at the corner of Cedarview and Jockvale. Many of the kids in the program have been sponsored through proceeds from the Christmas Kettle Campaign.



SHINGLE ROOFING and FLAT ROOFING CRC Roof PRO certified Reasonable Rates • Free Estimates • Fully Insured

• Proven experience with prepping for and applying plastic laminates over existing cabinet surfaces. • Must pass a background check • Must have own tools and transportation • Top wages, immediate start.

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To reface KiTchens in The oTTawa area

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Summer in our part of Canada is usually described as the months of June, July and August. In summer the days are long and at noon the sun appears high in the sky. The sun’s ray’s fall quite directly on Ontario for much of the long day, and this of course accounts for the warmth. The days are longer because more of the Earth is reached by the sun. This means that any place in the north is touched by the Sun’s rays for a longer time every twenty-four hours, and therefore, has more daylight – a longer day. July and August are the typical vacation months, some will spend the holidays on the water, sailing or cruising, some will “do the traditional cottage route”, and others’ with a tent, RV or trailer will visit distant towns and cities. All are in search of rest, new scenes of beauty, exciting adventures and perhaps for some even romance! It is the long awaited break from the daily routine - you pack up everything, arrange for a neighbour to check the house periodically; lock the door and you are free for leisure - for

THis week,

THIS MONTH by Larry Ellis

a little while! Take the time to see the beauty of the stars when you are out in the wide open spaces in the country during your holiday. Look up, on a gloomy night, watch the clouds separate and the soft light of the starry lamps gleam through for a moment then disappear, returning before long, glittering and twinkling even brighter than before. Have you ever thought that we need the night to bring out the stars? We all are called, at some time during our lives to pass through some dark nights of sorrow which bring out the virtues shining like stars, hardships in our lives are as necessary as happiness. Perhaps you have a “favourite” star that you may even “talk” to – a star that you look for each night when the sky is clear! Don’t worry about whether the sun will rise – be prepared to enjoy it!

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Mateo’s Legacy Ottawa South United was proud to support Mateo’s Legacy, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation as their charitable partners for the Boys Challenge Cup event. Ottawa South United was able to make a donation of $1650, with additional fundraising and canteen sales totalling over $2200 raised last weekend. Mateo Aceval was a member of OSU for five years and remains deeply missed by all of his teammates and coaches. For Mateo, Make-A-Wish was the magic wand that granted his brightest hopes during his difficult journey. Mateo’s ultimate wish was for every sick child to have something to look forward to, especially after all the bad days they are forced to face both in and out of the hospital.

Vintner’s Cellar Ottawa

3350 Fallowfield Road, Unit 8 • 613-818-8785



Bachelor and bachelorette ideas!

Affordable bachelor and bachelorette party ideas Weddings can be expensive. Various sources estimate the average cost of weddings is anywhere from $26,000 to $31,000. Couples and their parents may bear the brunt of wedding expenses, but those who have accepted a role in the wedding party also can expect their share of expenses. Taking into account gifts, wardrobes, makeup, bridal showers, and travel, including getting to and from the bachelor/ bachelorette party, bridal party members are on the hook for a lot of money when their friends or family members tie the knot. Many men and women like to travel for their bachelor/bachelorette parties, and costconscious bridal party members may be

2364 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower

concerned about how expensive such parties can be. Pulling out all the stops can be exciting, but there’s no guarantee these types of parties will be more enjoyable than simpler soirées. Taking steps to control costs can help cost-conscious couples and their friends. The following are some affordable ideas that can be fun for all involved. · Local Bar, pub or tavern crawl: Partygoers typically want to enjoy a night out on the town, and traveling from one establishment to another can be a fun way to do just that. Everyone invited can set themselves apart with a signature item (hat, T-shirt, or colored clothing), and make the rounds.


· Attend a group event: Group events include sporting events, concerts, theater shows, or a night at a comedy club. Investigate discounted tickets for large groups. · Belt out the tunes: Open mic nights at restaurants, bars and other establishments around town may make for a fun way for friends to share a few laughs together. Participants need not be professional singers to join in on the festivities. · Dinner party: Hire a caterer to visit your house and prepare a meal for guests. Serve a signature cocktail and let the conversation flow. Bachelor and bachelorette parties can be affordable without sacrificing fun.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

7 Days A Week

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4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Hardwood Flooring Fenced Yard

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Large Property, Workshop/ Carriage House

566 Carina Crescent - Stonebridge - $609,900

539 Broadhead Ave. – Westboro $579,900

Marble/hardwood flooring 5 Bedroom, Inground pool, Sauna 32 Merkel Dr - Knollsbrook $689,900

4 Bedroom Bungalow, 2 Bedroom in-law suite guest cabin 612 County Rd 44 - Kemptville - $399,900

st d u J te Lis

2 Storey Condo, 2 Bedroom, 2 Balconies, Gas Fireplace

906 Longfields Dr - Barrhaven - $249,900

std u J OL s

4 Bedroom 4 Bath Bedroom Hardwood flooring, Fully fenced with Deck

2402 Nutgrove Ave - Half Moon Bay

std u J OL s

4 Bedroom, 4 Bath, Private Beach, Home Theatre & Gym

1299 Woods Lake Rd. - Greely

st Ju ted Lis

3 Bedroom, 5 Bath, Hardwood Flooring, Luxury Master Ensuite

207 Deerfox Dr - Barrhaven - $384,900

st Ju ted Lis

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Fenced Yard

1045 Morrison Dr. Unit 84 – Redwood Park - $195,900

std u J OL s

Corner Lot, 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Open Concept

401 Riverboat Heights – Half Moon Bay

std u J OL s

Large Fully Fenced Yard 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Hardwood Flooring

57 Stonepointe Ave. - Barrhaven

st Ju ted Lis

Secluded Lot, 3 Bedroom, Hardwood Flooring

1004 County Rd 44 - Kemptville - $364,900


e Nt


3 Bedroom Townhouse, 4 Bath, Fireplace, Laundry

256 Forestbrook St. – Morgans Grant

std u J OL s

Corner Lot, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Harwood Flooring

2400 Nutgrove Ave.- Half Moon Bay

std u J OL s

Upgraded 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Hardwood Throughout, Fenced Yard

1600 Des Grives Cres. - Orleans

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