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FRIDAY • december 7 • 2018

The Survivors

Survivors of the MS St. Louis, including Sonja Geismar (speaking on mic) along with Sol Messinger, Eva Wiener, and Judith Steel along with documentary film maker Robert Krakow were special guests at the Ottawa Torah Centre Chabad in Barrhaven on Nov. 8. In the spring and summer of 1939, hundreds of MS St. Louis passengers, all of whom were Jewish refugees with legal visas to enter the US, were refused entry into Cuba, the USA and Canada, so the boat returned to Europe, docking in Belgium. More than 250 of the returned passengers were captured and murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. For the full story, see page 4. Mike Carroccetto photo

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The IndependentNEWS

FRIDAY, December 7, 2018 Page 3

Roads, traffic a top priority for Meehan as new city council is sworn in

21-year political veteran Jan Harder announces this term will be her last as Barrhaven Ward councillor By Charlie Senack The work has just begun for Ottawa’s newest members of city council who took the oath to office during a ceremony held at the Shaw Centre on December 3. There are 23 councillors total — seven of which are newly elected. Among the new names on the list is Carol Anne Meehan who is known for the 27 years she spent as co-anchor of the six o’clock news on CTV Ottawa before abruptly being let go just over three years ago. Her life has changed a lot since then. The mother of two started her own blog, and became a talk show host on 1310 News. When Meehan decided her heart was looking for something new and different, the Beryl Gaffney Park resident decided to take a run for council in Gloucester South-Nepean. The former media personality won the October 22nd municipal election with 42.5 per cent of the vote, beating incumbent Michael Qaqish who garnered 38.7 per cent. Now more than a month after the election, newly elected Councillor Meehan said reality is starting to sink in. “I looked around on the stage and I looked around at all the colleagues I was elected along with I think then it finally sunk in that I am really a part of this special group that are now trusted in doing things that benefit the citizens of Ottawa,” she said. Over the next four years, Meehan has a number of issues she would like to tackle, including traffic and transportation in the ward. She would like to see more people taking public transit, and would like to see rush hour traffic decrease. “We have to widen

our roads,” Meehan said. “People don’t like to hear that, but the fact of the matter is we put 20,000 people out with the old existing roads. People say ‘if you widen the roads, you’re going to have more traffic,’ but the bottom line is these roads that we do have are full of pot holes.” One of the big decisions city council will be facing is whether or not to opt in or opt out of private pot sales. Meehan would like to see the city opt out — at least for now. “We can opt out for now as a bargaining tool to the province to get more say on the number of pot shops that we can put up in the city or wherever we want them located, and also negotiate with the province to be able to get a better share of the revenue,” Meehan said. “If we get those things we can just say we are opening the stores. Let’s move it as a bargaining chip right now.” Barrhaven city councillor Jan Harder also took the oath entering her seventh term in council. While she loves serving her 60,000 constituents, Harder said she won’t be seeking reelection in 2022 — and plans to transition into another career in customer service. “A lot of people are saying are you crazy? Why are you saying that? I’m going to tell you that I have lots of plans for this next term — one of them is to find somebody who is going to represent Barrhaven really well (in the next election).” Harder plans to chair the planning committee again for the second time, and said she would like to see LRT move out to Barrhaven. She also plans to fill the Barrhaven business park with jobs and would like to complete “downtown” Barrhaven. Harder said she has

Carol Anne Meehan, pictured with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, was sworn in as Ward 22 Councillor Monday. Charlie Senack photo

known Meehan for a long time and looks forward to working with her over the next four years. Their wards neighbour one another and will have to work together on many key issues including the Barnsdale intersection, the re-aligning of Greenbank Road and the re-development of Strandherd. “I’ll have somebody to help me and somebody who will have some ideas of her own and we will work together for Barrhaven for sure,” Harder said.

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The IndependentFEATURE

Rabbi Menachem Blum shares a smile with survivors of the SS St. Louis, Sonja Geismar, Judith Steel, Eva Wiener and Sol Messinger, along with documentary film maker Robert Krakow (far right) inside the Ottawa Torah Centre Chabad in Barrhaven on Nov. 8. In the spring/summer of 1939, SS St. Louis passengers, all of whom were Jewish refugees with legal visas to enter the US, were refused entry into Cuba, the US and Canada, so the large cruise ship returned to Europe, where many of its passengers were eventually captured and killed. Wiener, Messinger, Steel and Geismar, along with Krakow, shared their stories in Barrhaven a day after visiting Parliament Hill. Mike Carroccetto photo

‘Voyage of the Damned’ survivors share their story in Barrhaven In 1939, the Canadian government sent the MS St. Louis, a ship full of German Jews, back into the jaws of the Holocaust By Jeff Morris “None is too many.” Those were perhaps the four most vile words ever strung together by a Canadian government official. Those four words, uttered by Canadian immigration official Fredrick Blair on June 9, 1939, directly led to the murder of 254 Jews who had tried to flee from the Holocaust aboard the MS St. Louis. Blair’s statement was in response to the question of how many Jewish refugees should be accepted by Canada. In November, the Ottawa Torah Centre in Barrhaven hosted Sonja Geismar, Dr. Sol Messinger, Eva Wiener and Judith Steel who were passengers on the MS St. Louis. There was also a screening of Robert M. Krakow’s awardwinning documentary “Complicit”. Krakow’s film “Complicit” blends drama, survivor interviews and actual footage to tell the story of the doomed ship. Krakow, the film’s creator and director, was also

present to introduce the film and lead a conversation following its screening. The night coincided with an official apology issued by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “We know that there are very few Holocaust survivors left today, this was a unique opportunity to have four surviving passengers in the same room and hear about their experiences and their reflections on the Prime Minister’s apology,” says Rabbi Menachem M. Blum of OTC. “The timing of this event to coincide with the apology and November being Holocaust Education Month made this event even more relevant.” The MS St. Louis was carrying 937 Jewish passengers seeking asylum from ill treatment and abuse by the Nazis in Germany. The ship arrived in Havana, but the Cuban government only allowed 29 of them to enter the country. These were passengers with valid US visas, Spanish citizens

and Cuban nationals, the MS St. Louis left Cuba and kept on sailing, still with 907 passengers on board. The ship was turned away from the coast of Florida, and headed north up the coast toward Canada. While Canada may be known as a haven for refugees today, it certainly wasn’t the case during World War II. Despite the urging from academics and clergy, Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King opted to listen to Blair, who was against Jewish immigration to Canada. Captain Gustav Schröder, a non-Jewish German, was forced to return to Europe and docked in Belgium. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain agreed to take 288 passengers. France accepted 224 passengers, Belgium took 214, and the Netherlands took 181. One passenger had slit his wrists and thrown himself overboard when he found out the ship was returning to Europe. The Nazis would invade

those countries the following year, putting the St. Louis passengers in that country at renewed risk. It was determined through records that 254 of them were murdered during the Holocaust. Sonja Geismar was four years old when the Nazis carried out the Kristallnacht slaughter of more than 90 Jewish Germans in 1938. Yet, she remembers it vividly. Geismar talked about the dilemma facing Jews from Germany and throughout Europe during the war. “Do you leave, or do you stay?” she said. “And if you stay, when do you leave? And if you leave, where do you go?” She noted that earlier in 1938 at the Evian Conference, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic were the only two countries that stepped forward and said they would accept Jewish refugees. “Anti-Semetism extended far beyond Europe,” she said. But Nazi Germany took anti-Semetism to an in-

humane level. Businesses were destroyed, property and belongings were confiscated, and synagogues were burned to the ground. Some Jews were imprisoned, and many were murdered. Six months after Kristallnacht, Geismar and her family boarded the MS St. Louis, a luxury cruise ship that was intended to comfortably deliver its passengers to a safe haven. Unfortunately, the ship remained in the dock at Cuba, while the confused passengers were denied the ability to get off the ship. Eventually, the ship turned away and Captain Schröder headed to Florida. He pleaded with American officials and even with American President Franklin D. Roosevelt but was unable to find a home for his passengers. Captain Schröder considered wrecking the ship off the American coast, which would have forced the Americans to accept the refugees, but the US Coast Guard sent vessels to shadow the ship to make that tactic impossible.

Canada was even less receptive than the Americans were, and Blair’s words, “none is too many,” are an embarrassing blemish on Canada’s World War II history. In 2000, Blair’s nephew issued an apology for his uncle’s actions and words. Geismar and her family would get the opportunity to return to the United States in February, 1940. They were assisted by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society in New York, and they would end up in an apartment in the Bronx. Her father got a job as a night watchman, but she shared a funny story of how he was fired for falling asleep on the job. He would start his own business as a personal shopper. Sonja, meanwhile, would grow up and eventually become a librarian in New York. Geismar vividly remembers her family waking up to look at the Statue of Liberty one morning as they sailed into the New York harbour. “It was a sight I will never forget,” she said.


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, December 7, 2018 Page 5

Qaqish says working with Syrian refugees most rewarding part of term munity centre, library and pool, make up this organization from and was also involved in the the city manager at the top all creation of the Riverside South the way through the city staff.” Qaqish praised the city staff Farmer’s Market. He was also a strong voice to bring light rail to for their work on numerous proall three of these communities.” jects. DIRECT RESPONSE “I think of all the projects we Watson presented QaqishMEDIA GROUP Wyecroft Road have worked on in the four short with a photo of2285 the Chapman Oakville, ON L6L 5L7 Canada (905)Area. 465-1233 | 1 (866) 993-0600 years,” he said, referencing Mills Conservation info@drmg.com | drmg.com Qaqish started his career at the infrastructure upgrades the City Hall as a 23-year-old city Mayor had mentioned. “Bank staffer APPROVAL and worked in theREQUEST office was not in the books until 2026 PUBLICATION: SOLO CARD of Ward 22 Councillor Steve so imagine that you come in and AD SIZE: 10.875”w x 5.25”h you think you can’t do anything Desroches forNUMBER: four years. DOCKET 158188 “I have loved every minute about something for that period PUBLICATION DATE: XXX of it,” Qaqish said of his tenure of time. But we got together, we SOLO SIDE at City Hall.CARD “I love this1organ- brought the stakeholders, the ization and I love the people that landowners, Mr. Manconi, our

colleagues in the south end like (Osgoode Councillor) George Darouze, and we rolled up our sleeves and we came up with solutions.” Qaqish also noted that the library and community centre were not supposed to be built until 2031. “We worked with Urbandale and they provided us with a discounted rateARTIST: for theJHland we acPRODUCTION quired,” DATE: JUNEhe 13,said. 2018 Qaqish said his most rewardREVISION: 07 ing accomplishment as a councillor was his work with the Syrian refugees who arrived in Ottawa during his term.

“Helping integrate those councillor. While Qaqish is not yet cer2,700 newcomers is without a doubt the most rewarding tain what his next career move and gratifying thing I was able will be, he is hoping that his to do,” Qaqish said. “Many next job offers the same level of of them are now speaking the gratification that being a counlanguage and are gainfully em- cillor did. “The best part about the tranployed as a result that many of the settlement agencies did sition is not finding a job, but in co-ordination with our city finding something as gratifying Any correction to the ad must beand requested by the customer 48 rewarding, andwithin knowing staff.” of receiving this approval request in order to meet the closing Qaqish HOURS thanked the city that you are going to be making dates, which vary from one issue to another. staff and the employees of his a difference on a daily basis.” PLEASE NOTE: YOUR AD WILL RUN “AS IS” UNLESS CHANGES ARE MADE QaqishEXPIRY also thanked office for their work and dedi- CHECK OFFERS, TO THIS PROOF, SO PLEASE DATES, CONTACT the & ALLyears. WRITTEN COPY. Mayor, his colleagues on the last cation over INFORMATION the past four He also thanked the people of term of council, and his family Thank you for using DRMG to promote your business Gloucester-South Nepean for for their support during his term the opportunity to serve them as as Ward 22 Councillor.



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CHRISTMAS FOR KIDS (ages 4 – 10)

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Achieving results for all Canadians and residents of Nepean


While the new Ottawa city council has been sworn in, it was time to say good-bye to the outgoing councillors. Michael Qaqish, who won the Ward 22 Gloucester-South Nepean riding in the 2014 election, was unseated by former CTV media personality and longtime local resident Carol Anne Meehan in the October 22 municipal election. “He has done wonderful work during this term as special liaison for refugees,” said Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. The mayor said Qaqish helped coordinate between various levels of government and non-governmental organizations to provide housing, language training, health services and employment opportunities, resulting in integration of close to 3,000 Syrian refugees who now call Ottawa their home. Watson also said that Qaqish worked hard for increased infrastructure in Ward 22. “Councillor Qaqish was a strong advocate for investments in local infrastructure, on Prince of Wales, Greenbank and Chapman Mills, and he also saw through the completion of the Barrhaven Rail Safety Program,” Watson said. “In Findlay Creek, Councillor Qaqish was instrumental in advancing the widening of Bank Street by more than five years. In Riverside South, Michael helped secure and funding for a new com-

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Since taking office, our government has fulfilled many of its promises:

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SATURDAY – 15 DECEMBER 9 am – 12 pm

• Passed the Middle Class Tax Cut to bring relief to more than 9 million Canadians. • Introduced the Canada Child Benefit • Simplified the Canada Student Loans

Divine Word Lutheran Church Corner Greenbank & Berrigan

• Repealed unfair provisions of Bill C-24 in the Citizenship Act




• Strengthened the Canada Pension Plan

• Invested $2.97 billion in public transit infrastructure in Ontario

(613) 825-1629 SIGNATURE & DATE www.divinewordottawa.ca PLEASE REPLY TO EMAIL WITH YOUR APPROVAL OR CHANGES Call, write or SCAN BELOW to register – spaces fillhave up read fast!the notice below before providing your approval. Please ensure you

In addition...


• Created 77,000 jobs across the country, including over 200 in Nepean through the Canada Summer Jobs program. Our riding received $673,000 in funding!

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LEARN the true story of Christmas from the Bible • Created MP Chandra Arya Outstanding Achievement award and gave Kindle third party. To support these warranties, the customer agrees to indemnify and hold DRMG harmless for all liability, damages, and attorney fees that maythe be incurred in any legal action connected with copyright infringement involving the work produced or provided. PLAY games and sing a Christmas song e-readers and $500 cash awards to graduating students at 23 elementary, middle DECORATE Christmas cookies to take home and high schools in Nepean. LUNCH is provided for you and your child

• Consulted constituents on key issues such as Budget 2016, Climate Change and


Electoral Reform. We are planning several more town halls as well.

Chandra Arya Member of Parliament - Nepean

Constituency Office 240 Kennevale Drive Unit 201A Nepean, ON K2J 6B6 (613) 825-5005

facebook.com/ChandraNepean @ChandraNepean ChandraArya.ca chandra.arya@parl.gc.ca




Yes, Barrhaven, there is a Santa Claus Thank you. Thank you to everybody in Barrhaven and beyond for lifting a tremendous burden off the shoulders of a family in distress and allowing them to move forward and enjoy the Christmas season with one less thing to worry about. In our last issue, we presented a story about the Kraft family. Wendy, who retired from the LCBO two years ago, became ill with a rare kidney disease during the Christmas holidays in 2016. Wendy has been on dialysis for eight hours a day for more than a year. In order to survive, she needs a transplant. Wendy’s daughter, Kielli (pronounced Kylie), stepped up to the plate and went through the testing process to see if she was a match. When she discovered she was, Kielli decided to give her mother the ultimate Christmas gift and give her one of her kidneys. Kielli works in a retail lighting store and has no benefits, no insurance and no paid sick leave. The cost of saving her mother’s life is financial ruin. A GoFundMe page was set up in conjunction with the article, and as of press time, nearly $10,000 has been raised for Kielli to cover her rent, living expenses and prescription drugs while she heals from the operation and misses three to four months of work. “I don’t even know where to begin,” Kielli said. “A thank you to everyone who helped us doesn’t even scratch the surface of how grateful we are.” Kielli and Wendy were featured on the CBC Ottawa news last week, and many people who saw the feature on them on TV and many who read about them in the Independent have reached out to them. “One thing that has been really special is that several people have contacted us and told us that we inspired them to sign their organ donor cards,” Kielli said. For Wendy, the surgery will be risky. She knows she may not survive the kidney transplant surgery. But she also knows that she will not survive without the transplant. For her, though, a blanket of warmth from the community has subdued her fears and worries. “I want to let everyone know how grateful our family is for the wonderful support we received from the community,” she said. “We have been given love and support from friends, colleagues, and from people we don’t even know. You are all in our hearts and God Bless all of you.” Our meeting with the Krafts ended with hugs and tears, just as the last one did. But this time, there was something different. There was a feeling of hope. And it was because of all of you who stepped up to support this incredible family. So, yes, Barrhaven, there is a Santa Claus. Thank you for being the most loving and compassionate community in Canada. JM


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Miss Dee’s special ingredient of life I love to put myself in situations where I will meet exceptional people. Last month, the Diva and I were kicking it at Boca Raton at an Aramark corporate retreat. As we looked around us, we saw and met people who were every day heroes. Dee Pollard was one of those people. “I think I’m going to head down to the domino challenge,” I said. The Diva said she was going to just chill and recharge in our room for an hour. “Maybe I will meet someone cool I can write about.” There were a few dozen of us gathered on the lawn bowling greens. It was hot – about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and humid – and the sun was beating down on us. We were given coloured bandanas, kind of like on Survivor, and we were divided into teams. I was on the red team with about a half dozen other people. Our task was to build a pattern with our dominos and then do that thing where you knock them down and watch them fall. We tried to overachieve and build an elaborate pattern, mocking the blue team and the green team and the others for their remedial and simplistic patterns. But a gust of wind or an unsteady hand by one of us – usually me – would knock everything down and make us start over. We would get frustrated. No, make that most of us would get frustrated. Miss Dee would just pick up and start all over without a worry. I watched her and her mannerisms and her body language. There was something special about her. She had a quality that so many of us wish we had. “You know,” she told me, “this is my 76th birthday. What a beautiful place to be for it.” The way she danced and the way she laughed and smiled, I never would have guessed she was 76. Miss Dee is a chef at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. She has been an Aramark employee for 50 years, never missing a day of work. She is loved by the students there, loved by her co-workers, and loved by the faculty. “So what’s your specialty?” I asked. “I like to make everything,” she said. “I put in a little bit of this and a little bit of that until it’s just right.” She smiled. “But no matter what I make, there is always one special ingredient,” she added. “I make it with a lot of love.” As the week went on, I couldn’t help but to think what it must have been like when Miss Dee started in her career as a cook. It was 1968, and in the United States, it was one of the most turbulent years on record. There were civil

rights protests and marches, especially at colleges and universities. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. So was Robert F. Kennedy. The Vietnam War dominated the news. The Black Panthers got in a shoot out with police in Oakland. And in that same year, a young Dorothy Pollard landed a job at St. Joseph’s, working for FROM THE Aramark as a cook in the school’s cafeteria. “They were looking for people,” she said. “I could cook, and I could also read, write and do by Jeff Morris math. That’s how I got hired.” Miss Dee even brought her first ever work shirt from 1968 to show it off. The following day, a group of us went on a yacht tour of Boca Raton. The yacht was beautiful, and so were the homes we passed. “You know, on this trip it’s the first time I have ever been on an airplane,” she said. “And I have never been on a boat, either, and here we are on a cruise ship.” On the final night of our trip, Aramark CEO Eric Foss had the entire audience of close to 500 people sing Happy Birthday to Miss Dee. Among the 200 Aramark Ring of Stars Award winners at the conference, Miss Dee and Felecia Wilson, the Food Service Director at Alabama A&M University, were celebrated by Foss for being with the company for 50 years. Foss asked how he could possibly thank someone for 50 years of excellence and dedication to the company. “When I heard Miss Dee call the yacht a cruise ship, I thought maybe it would be a great idea to send both her and Felicia, and their families, on a real, all expenses paid cruise.” The crowd roared, then most cried. Miss Dee broke down in tears and gave Foss what was probably the most genuine hug of his life. There was not a dry eye in the house. The Diva and I talked about the moment several times, and we have both replayed it in our heads countless others. Sitting on the plane, I figured out what made her so special. Everything she did in her life – not just preparing food, but absolutely everything – was done with love. That’s how she lives every day, and that’s why her happiness was so infectious. When we come across every day heroes and exceptional people, we often wonder if they were put in our lives for a reason. I don’t know if Miss Dee was put in our lives for a reason, but I left Boca Raton wanting to live every day like she does.


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FRIDAY, December 7 2018 Page 7

The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Community engagement strong in providing input for transportation plan There’s a whole lot of work going on in Barrhaven on Transportation. I want to thank all who have completed the questionnaire. It is still open and I encourage you to take a few minutes and fill it out. Please go to https://www. surveymonkey.com/r/MoveBarrhaven-Avancer. I have never seen such community engagement on such an important issue, thank you again. With a population of 90,000, it’s important we, as a community, are ready for the Official Plan and the Transportation Masterplan. Join us at Cedarhill Golf Club on Cedarview Road on January 29th to plan our future.

Have You Heard

Ken Ross Park out door Rink is looking for a volunteer operator. If you are able to help out please contact the Seasonal Recreation Office at 613-580-2590 or email SeasonalRecreation@ottawa.ca. We have waited a long time to have a Hotel in Barrhaven and finally we are getting closer! The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application to build a TownePlace Suites by Marriott. The hotel will be located within Citigate at 4433 Strandherd Drive. The proposed building will be five storey’s with 99 rooms. The hotel will include many amenities including a swimming pool, meeting rooms, and a fitness centre to name a few. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer to a construction start time frame. Mayor Watson proclaimed November 28th as Nepean Heritage Day. Did you know (from Wikipedia): · Nepean Township, origin-


BARRHAVEN by Jan Harder

ally known as Township D, was established in 1792. Jehiel Collins, from Vermont, is believed to have been the first person to settle in Nepean Township, on the future site of Bytown. · Nepean was incorporated as a city on November 24, 1978. The geographic boundaries of Nepean changed considerably over this time; the original town hall of the township of Nepean was located in Westboro, which was annexed in 1950 by the city of Ottawa. Nepean’s centre then moved to the community of Bells Corners. In the 1950 and 1960s, Nepean’s urban area began to expand in previous rural areas in such areas as the community of Centrepointe in the east, and the community of Barrhaven in the south. · Nepean was named after Sir Evan Nepean, British Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department from 1782 to 1791. · A Nepean quarry provided the sandstone blocks that were the principal building material used in the Parliament Buildings in downtown Ottawa. On November 19th, a Community Police meeting was held for residents to learn more about what the OPS is doing. Topics addressed included the recent spate of break and enters, guns and gang-related violence and traffic. The main message was Barrhaven is still a safe community. However there is a lot of ways we can keep it safe. The OPS provided their presentation and notes were taken at the meeting. All this will can

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson pronounced wed., Nov. 28 as Nepean Heritage Day. be found on my website www. janharder.ca.

Community Events Radium Girls

Saint Mother Teresa High School’s MighTy Theatre is proud to present this year’s production of Radium Girls. This show does contain some mature content and may not be suitable for young audiences. It is not recommended for those under 10 years of age. A portion of this year’s proceeds with be donated towards Threads of Life which is an organization that supports victims and families who have been affected by workplace injuries. When: December 6th, 7th, 8th, 2018 Where: Saint Mother Teresa HS - 440 Longfields Cost: $8-10 Free parking! To purchase tickets visit: https:// www.eventbrite.ca/e/radiumgirls-tickets-52895005385

DIFD Hockey Game

A fundraising event organized by a small group of students from John McCrae HS. All proceeds go towards the Do It For Daron foundation at the

The Royal. The game will not only include friendly girls vs boys competition but also, a chucka-puck competition (with the prize being 2 Sent tickets for a game vs the Washington Capitals), as well as a bake sale around the school on December 7th and finally, a silent auction for a game used Chris Wideman stick (Ottawa Senators defenceman) When: Friday December 14th at Walter Baker Centre 3:30-4:30pm. Cost: Tickets are $2 pre-sale and $5 at the door. The price to purchase a puck for chucka-puck is $5 as well. For more info visit: http://www.difd. com/events/john-mccrae-highschool-difd-hockey-game/

will be donated to the Barrhaven Food Cupboard. Collection of the any of the following on the Barrhaven Food Cupboard’s behalf: Monetary Donations (any amount helps - $125 sponsors a family to receive a Christmas Hamper), Grocery Gift Cards (to purchase perishable items like butter, milk, cheese, turkeys, etc), Dressing, Cereals, Canned cranberries, Canned vegetables, Juice, Coffee, Tea, Canned soups/stews, Foil baking dishes, Please do not donate perishable or expired items. Please consider helping, joining

and being part of this! RSVP by emailing Lisa@ LisaMacleod.ca or calling: 613825-1141.

Community Police Message

Help the Ottawa Police Services help you! Online reporting is a tool to help residents file reports. It allows the police to track trends so they can use resources to combat crime. To learn more info, OPS has provided a short informative video. Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/ bad6Lli-aIc.


MPP Lisa MacLeod’s Barrhaven Foodraiser

Join MPP MacLeod on Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at the Walter Baker Centre, 2nd Floor Cafeteria from 8:3010:30am for a hot breakfast of eggs, sausage and hashbrowns. The event is $2 per person, or $5 for a family. 100% of the proceeds and donations raised

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The IndependentFOCUS ON YOUTH Love for soccer has enriched high school experience for LDHSS student leader

Name: Samuel Visser


Age: 17


Address: Barrhaven School: Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary Grade: 12 old

Parents: Rebecca and Har-

Brothers: Auke (2nd year at University of British Columbia), Joachim (Grade 11), Nicolas (Grade 6), Jacob (Grade 1) Sisters: Madeleine (3rd year at Queens University), Miriam (Grade 8) Part-time Work: “I’ve been working for over a year and a half at Go4Greek in Barrhaven. I enjoy it here, because of the active atmosphere inside the restaurant, working with other very friendly employees, and most of all the delicious food that this place has to offer. Working at a place like this has also made me appreciate all of the very many small private businesses around Barrhaven.”

by Phill Potter

school math classes, and my commitment to math has made me sign up for several of the high school math contests. In the last few years, I have taken and loved multiple courses offered by the business department at our school. Grade 10 Business, which was taught by one of my favourite teachers ever, Ms. Kedroe, was the first class where I really discovered my interest in business. Since then, I’ve taken Accounting, Marketing, and International Business, all of which I enjoyed. I plan on pursuing a business degree in the future.”

What is your Greatest Accomplishment? “My greatest accomplishment came very recently when I won a City Championship with my school soccer team. After being injured, and not playing soccer for 19 months with an ACL ligament tear, I came back from surgery and played every minute of the season. My team won all eight Favourite Subjects: “Since of our league games to win a I was in elementary school, I City Championship. We will have always enjoyed math as now be representing Ottawa at one of my favourite subjects. the Provincial Championships This has carried through into in Sarnia at the beginning of Nov.high 9_Diversitea Adachieved 11/5/18very 10:17 AM Page 1 school. I’ve June.” good marks in all of my high

Activities/Interests: “One time,I have fun doing them. of my biggest interests, since I I think it’s important for high was a little kid, has been soc- school students to be active in cer. Whether playing, coach- extracurriculars, and to find a ing, or watching, I have always way to stay busy.” enjoyed it. I’ve been playing Career Goals: “After I finsince I was 9 years old, and have played at a regional level. ish grade 12 I hope to attend Since I got my learners coach- university and complete a four ing license, in the past couple year degree in business. I’m not of years I’ve coached a couple sure where, but I’m planning different competitive U11 boys on applying at universities here teams. Coaching has given me in Ottawa, in Kingston where the opportunity to combine my sister goes, and in Vancoumy passion for soccer with my ver where my brother goes and leadership skills to gain experi- where I have a lot of extended family.”copy 8/4/18 9:07 PM Page 1 ence helping and Dadworking with Oldwith Car copy_Ad others. At school, I am also using After being out for more my leadership skills, being a than a year because of a part of Athletic Council and knee injury, Samuel Visser Grad Committee. For Athletic is looking forward to the Council, I help organize char- provincial high school socity events, such as our Annual cer championships in June. Phill Potter photo Turkey Shoot at Thanksgiving. I also help plan and organize several intramurals throughout the year by creating schedules for them. For Grad Committee, I help plan all the major events that grade 12’s have in their final year of high school, and for the most part, try and make grade 12 an enjoyable year for all the students. This includes designing and selling grad wear, organizing Grad Late Night, Grad Dinner, and most of all, Prom.” Why did you get involved in what you do? “These various activities really suit my personality. They keep me very busy and active, and at the same

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Ottawa Farmers’ Lansdowne Park

Dec. 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 & 23

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176 Flat Sedge Cres. Ottawa, ON K1T 0G9


FRIDAY, December 7, 2018 Page 9


The IndependentCOMMUNITY Local singer/songwriter to perform at Village Square Starbucks

Local singer/songwriter Kristy Hagerman will be singing songs from her new, full-length album at the Starbucks in the Village Square mall at 1181 Greenbank Rd. Mike Carroccetto photo

Barrhaven Village Square

Longfields Dr.

1581 Greenbank rd nepean

Strandherd Dr.

Coffee drinkers will receive a double hit of music and coffee in Barrhaven next Saturday (Dec. 15). Local singer/songwriter Kristy Hagerman will be belting out some tunes from her soon-to-be-released fulllength album at the Starbucks in Village Square at 1181 Greenbank Rd. (near Berrigan next to Barley Mow and Five Guys). Billed as the Prisoner Starbucks Coffee Tour, Hagerman is headlong into an ambitious 42-date Ontario tour at various Starbucks coffee house locations in Ontario, including Ottawa, as well as Toronto and Scarborough in support of her new video single “Prisoner” (from Oak Recording Studio / Our Audio Kin Records), which is now out. Hagerman will be joined at the Greenbank Rd. loca-

tion by Emma Lamontagne, another local recording artist and winner of the 2016 edition of ‘She’s The One’ competition at RBC Bluesfest. For those with busy Christmas schedules on the above date, don’t fret. Hagerman’s final two Ottawa-area concerts are on Sat., December 22 at West Hunt Club Starbucks (1pm) and at the ByWard Market Starbucks (6pm). For full details on the Hagerman’s tour, watch the music video for “Prisoner” and/or pre-order her new album, visit www.kristyhagerman.com. Hagerman’s tour continues through March 2019.

Berrigan Dr.

Barrhaven Independent staff

ven Barrha e quar S e g a l l Vi

Greenbank Rd.

ugh o n E g i B you. e v r e s to gh u o n e l l Sma ! to care

SeLL W O N e W

! R E E B

Chris Kimball, Franchisee Sobeys Barrhaven

Locally owned and operated

1581 Greenbank Rd., Village Square Mall


7 am-11Pm 7 DaYS a WEEK

Now accepting Air Miles

(613) 825-5495



CHRISTMAS 2018feast Leave your Easter Christmas is about spending time with your to us this year! family, being together and creating wonderful Our team of professional chefs will

Season's Greetings from

The Manotick Paint Store

5547 Manotick Main Street


memories. our team dinner of professionals cook aLet delicious for youprepare to your fullyenjoy cookedinholiday dinner, all you have to your own home. do is heat and serve. Order one dinner for Easter Dinner Menu someone you love, or enough to share with Salmon & Shrimp Volfamily. au Vent OR your whole Curried Carrot Soup & Dill Crème Fraiche (V, GF) Brown Sugar Bourbon glazed Ham Scalloped potatoes, maple carrots, lemon asparagus OR Slow-roasted boneless Lamb leg Rosemary sweet potatoes cauliflower gratin, green bean medley


Butternut ravioli, House made dinner rolls Carleton mushroom medley, Raspberry Rhubarb Gallette (GF) OR Lemon Chiffon Cake (GF) cream fresh spinach, parmesan OR group of 10 or more $30.00 per person | $280.00 Butternut, apple, fried leek soup Order your Easter Dinner OR by March 30th. Pick-up either April 2nd or 4th. Luxury PieEaster Monday We will be closed GoodSeafood Friday and Crustless potato-topped pies Call us to place your orderwith nowsalmon, shrimp, tilapia and scallops, 613.518.6639 capers, crème dill 1135 Mill Street,fraiche, Manotick


Dinner Rolls Leave House-baked your Easter Whipped chive butter feast to us this year!

roasted Turkey Our teamHerb of Butter professional chefs will Scalloped Yukon Gold Potatoes cook a delicious dinner for you to with Sweet Potato, Asiago & Thyme enjoy in your own home. Rosemary roasted Root Vegetables Apple Cranberry Bread Stuffing Classic Turkey Gravy Salmon & Shrimp Vol au Vent OR RelishFraiche (V, GF) Curried Carrot Cranberry Soup & Dill Crème

Easter Dinner Menu

Brown Sugar Bourbon glazedTartlet Ham Pumpkin Crème Brulee Scalloped potatoes, maple carrots, lemon asparagus OR OR Slow-roasted boneless Lamb leg Rosemary sweet potatoes cauliflower Classic Sacher gratin, Torte green bean medley

OR House made dinner rolls

Chocolate Drambuie Fruit Cake Raspberry Rhubarb Gallette Whipped Cream(GF) OR Lemon Chiffon Cake (GF)

$29| per person $30.00 per person $280.00 group of 10 or more Call us at the store if you have any

Order questions your Easter Dinner by March 30th. or to place your order Pick-up either April 2nd or 4th. 613.518.6639. Send email orders We will betoclosed Good Friday and Easter Monday us at hello@takeanotherbite.com Call us to place your order now

The Board and Staff of Watson's Mill would like to thank you for your support.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday and a joyful New Year!


1135 Mill Street, Manotick


FRIDAY, December 7, 2018 Page 11


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

From: All of us at The Barrhaven Independent




Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Another GreAt yeAr! thank you for your support Holiday Hours:

december 24, 11:30-3pm december 25, ClosEd december 26, ClosEd december 27-29, 11:30-11:30 december 30-31 ClosEd January 1, ClosEd

5540 Manotick Main Street



The IndependentNEWS

Order of Ottawa recipient a lifelong volunteer and leader in community By Charlie Senack When David Rattray moved to Barrhaven 40 years ago, he didn’t expect his commitment to the community would lead him to receiving the Order of Ottawa. On November 22 he was rewarded with just that. Rattray was among 15 recipients of the award — and was one of two from Barrhaven. “It was pretty nice, pretty spectacular,” he said. “It was lovely, one of those moments you will never forget.” The father of two and grandfather of six moved to Barrhaven in September 1978 — at the time the community was only home to about 1,500 people. He quickly got involved in the 23rd Nepean Scouts Group and moved his way up. Rattray quickly became the chairman on the board of Scouts Canada, and also founded its foundation. That’s when he started to get involved in other organizations and committees.

The accountant by trade is proud of not only his acts of volunteerism, but also his professional life which led him to receiving one of the city’s highest honours. Rattray wrote reports for Parliament and sat through many Parliamentary Committees. He also worked in the Auditor General’s Office before moving up to the role of assistant Auditor General. His wife, Marian Rattray, also received the award three years ago for her work as a nurse. She was instrumental in the creation of the palliative care program at CHEO, and also helped create Roger Neilson House. The retired couple is still involved in many local organizations and charities in the community. They are both involved with the Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation, the CHEO Foundation, and David also sits on the Canadian Paralympic Committee. Both David and Marian are also co-founders of Socks

for the Homeless, a group which collects socks in the winter for the less fortunate in our community. The Order of Ottawa recognizes citizen contributions in the many areas of city life, including arts and culture, business, community service, education, public service, labour, communications and media, science, medicine, sports and entertainment, and other fields that benefit the residents of Ottawa. Inderpreet Singh, the Director of the Ottawa Indian Film Festival Awards, also was a recipient of the Order of Ottawa this year, but was unable to accept it because he is out of the country. He will be rewarded with it next year.

David Rattray of Barrhaven was one of 15 Order of Ottawa recipients in November. He was presented the award by Mayor Jim Watson and Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder.

Our biggest event of the year is back!

Monday, December 3rd to Sunday, December 9th Only!

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FRIDAY, December 7, 2018 Page 13


The Independent#MYBARRHAVEN Longfields Dental offers family-focused care in a warm and relaxed environment

JS ROOFING We specialize in Residential

SHINGLE ROOFING and FLAT ROOFING CRC Roof PRO certified Reasonable Rates • Free Estimates • Fully Insured

613-227-2298 • WWW.JSROOFING.CA

Dr. Nasrin Saba opened her practice, Longfields Dental, last year. The practice is located in Longfields Station, on Longfields Drive across from Rowan’s Pitch rugby field at Ken Ross Park. Jeff Morris photo where she received her Canadian dentistry credentials from McGill University. Dr. Saba also has a fulltime dental assistant, Jojo, and a full-time receptionist, Tammy, at the Barrhaven practice. “We have a great staff here, and everyone is very friendly and family-focused,” she said. “We aim to exceed our patients’ expectations by providing modern,

state-of-the-art dental care in a warm and relaxed environment. With the location in Longfields Station, Dr. Saba is in an area where the community will grow around her practice. “We love the community and we love the area,” she said. “We hope our practice grows with the community We are getting a lot of referrals and a lot of new patients


new installation

& repairs


613-227-8608 info@diamondview.ca

who have just moved to Ottawa.” She also hopes to have a bigger presence in the community in Barrhaven. “That’s definitely a goal for us in Barrhaven,” she added. “We are always looking for opportunities to become more involved in the community.” For more information, visit www.longfieldsdental. com.

The Barrhaven Business Profile is brought to you by the Barrhaven BIA. We encourage you to shop locally and support the businesses that create jobs and support so many organizations and events in our wonderful community. For more on all of the great things Barrhaven has to offer, visit www.barrhavenbia and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @barrhavenbia



rs 35 yea

Finished Basements. Bathrooms, Kitchens, Flooring, Framing, Drywall, Painting, Baseboards, Windows, Doors


Call Phil 613-828-9546


In business, when an opportunity presents itself, sometimes you have to jump on it. That was the case for Dr. Nasrin Saba, who opened up her second practice, Longfields Dental, last year. Longfields Dental is a family-focused dental office location in Longfields Station, on Longfields Drive directly across from Rowan’s Pitch rugby field at Ken Ross Park. It is the ground floor development of a larger community within a community. What separates it from other Barrhaven retail and commercial plazas is that it is a complete medical building. “It was a good opportunity for us, and Barrhaven is a great community for us to expand into,” she said. “We had to start from scratch, with no patients, but we have been steadily growing since we opened up last year. We had been through that before as our Old Ottawa South practice also started from scratch.” Dr. Saba grew up in Iran and graduated from Beheshti University in Tehran with high distinction in 1991. Shortly after her graduation, she worked as an instructor in Azad University of Tehran where she taught dental anatomy and morphology to dentistry, and dental hygiene students. She engaged in clinical practice and academic teaching until she arrived in Canada with her family in 2000. Dr. Saba continued her studies at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto and graduated with

Honours in 2006. While her path to becoming a dentist in Barrhaven took her years and a journey halfway around the world, it was a matter of following a dream. “When I was a child, I always wanted to be a doctor,” she said. “I had also wanted to live in the United States. But as I got older, I became more interested in dentistry, and I kept hearing about how Canada was safer and it was a great place to raise a family.” Dr. Saba and her husband, who is a doctor, immigrated to Canada and first went to Toronto. “We chose Toronto because we had family there,” she said. “But after I was finished at the University of Toronto, my husband got the opportunity to come to Ottawa and we moved here. We love it here, and it is a much friendlier city than Toronto. It’s a great place for us to raise our family.” While Dr. Saba works at both the Old Ottawa South and Barrhaven locations, she also has two full-time dentists in Barrhaven. Dr. Shawna Horrigan graduated from Guelph University on the Dean’s Honour List each year, and she also played for the Guelph Gryphons women’s soccer team. She went on from there to attend the University of Western Ontario to earn her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. She worked in a remote location in northern Ontario for two years before coming to Barrhaven. Among her travels are a 2006 two-week dental mission trip to Guyana, to provide dental care in remote villages. Dr. Aparna Narvekar studied dentistry in India and proceeded to specialize in Prosthodontics. She worked as a specialist in Bahrain before moving to Canada,


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Seniors town hall brings out over 200 Nepean residents

The latest Census shows that seniors are outnumbering children for the first time in Canadian history. With an increasing aging population, our government understands the importance of supporting and working with seniors on the issues that matter most to them. On Nov. 26, I held a town hall event in Nepean with the Hon. Filomena Tassi, the newly appointed Minister for Seniors. The event that was at Stonebridge Golf Club, brought out over 200 Nepean residents interested in hearing more about our government’s ongoing plan to better support seniors. It also provided the community an opportunity to put forward inputs and suggestions for the minister to consider. We had lots of great discussions about what matters most to seniors. Some of the main points brought up in these discussions included a suggested emergency line for only seniors, more help getting palliative care at home, suggested increases to retirement income with rising life expectancy, more access to long-term care, and help navigating the internet, among many other topics. Minister Tassi took note of all the suggestions made, and was grateful to gather such informative inputs. Canadians deserve peace of mind when it comes to their retirement security. That’s why the federal government opened up public consultations on the subject. Canadians are invited to provide feedback through the webpage: Consultations on enhancing retirement security, between now and Dec. 21, 2018. The potential actions span a number of areas, including pension regulations, corporate laws, and insolvency and bankruptcy laws, and allow for the exploration of all available avenues to improve retirement security for Canadians. This could include: • measures to help ensure that employers maintain wellfunded pension plans; • better alignment of corporate decision making with pensioner and employee interests; and • more transparency and fairness in insolvency proceedings. After a lifetime of hard

Nepean MP Chandra Arya speaks to Nepean residents during a town hall for seniors at Stonebridge Golf Club with the Hon. Filomena Tassi, Minister for Seniors, Nov. 26. work, Canadians deserve a secure and dignified retirement. That’s why we have taken meaningful action to support seniors and increase their opportunities to maintain a good

quality of living. We will continue to make investments to provide more support for seniors and help close gaps in our system, to ensure that every senior in Canada is cared for.

Senior Live-in Care Giver F/T 40hrs/wk. Care for a 70 yr old senior, Light house keeping; Salary: $15.25/hour; Education: HS diploma; Workplace: live-in; Languages: English/Vietnamese; Exp: 1yr or more; Apply by email: caregiver.ong2018@gmail.com

10 week LEGO® Based Social Skills program offered at Manotick Library starting January 2019.

Proven to be an effective way for children with social difficulties associated with Autism (severity level 1) and ADHD, to improve their social interactions and communications skills in a natural setting. Ms. L-M Trifilette, M. Ed., B.A. Psy., CCC trifilette@hotmail.com or call 613 296-8506


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, december 7, 2018 Page 15

Recollections of winter days and nights in the Country

Winter in a small town means leaden skies, frosty air and hedges gemmed with clumps of snow. It’s only in the country that we grow to understand the meaning and the mystery of nature’s wonderland. It happens when we tread lightly in the fresh snowcovered garden; being careful because under that blanket daffodils and snowdrops may be sleeping; then at night, when we behold the beauty as the silvery moon looks down

THis week,

THIS MONTH by Larry Ellis

on the sleepy town covered with winter-white. Memories of winter evenings are different for everyone but there are some we hold in common. On the farm

for example, settling down after the stock have been fed and sheltered from the storm; the old kitchen stove with the wood box heaped and ready, the soothing click of the clock on the mantle; now it’s time to read yesterdays paper. This was home, where money and politics were not as important as loving kindness and where even the teakettle sang for happiness. In the beauty of the moonlight snowflakes swirled

through the frosty air covering the earth like ermine. A glimmering, bright star shone through the topmost bough of the tree by Watson’s Mill. When the dawn broke bright and fair we saw a picture postcard as far as the eye could see for our country town was gift-wrapped by “Queen Winter’s” artistry. Such a magic transformation had transpired overnight as the drifting pristine snowflakes wove a cover of white. All the trees were



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decked in splendor; frozen icicles trimmed the branches into a fairyland of dreams. The Rideau River gleamed as the golden rainbows shone diamonds in it. Mounds of white crowned every rooftop, fence posts all donned caps of snow. A chickadee on snow topped cedar branch loosened a tiny avalanche of shimmering white stars, and then flew on. Smoke drifts aimlessly from distant chimneys. The lights on lamp posts, outdoor

lights on homes and trees come alive and cast a warm glow on the fluffy snow. Winter’s gift of a sparkling whiteness tied with Jack Frost’s lace and bow. “Old-fashioned” are the small towns but they are the best indeed! Why? Because you’ll truly find the friendships, joy and peace you need. No one knows winter’s dazzling charm unless they’ve seen unblemished snow-covered fields in the country.

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY Lesia Gilbert honoured with United Way Community Builder Award

Since 2007, Riverside South resident Lesia Gilbert has been an integral part of her community. On Monday, Nov. 5, Gilbert was presented with a United Way Community Builder Award during a volunteer dinner at Broadway Bar and Grill in Riverside South. Gilbert has been showing her local love over the past 11 years by serving on the Riverside South Community Association (RSCA) as Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, Event Coordinator, and Director. She has helped her community association achieve new and loftier goals through the Toy Mountain campaign, an initiative which endeavours to make sure no child is without a toy at Christmas. Additionally, she has led the Canada Day festivities held by the RSCA to bigger venues and greater attendance since getting involved with the event. And Gilbert hasn’t stopped there. She also volunteers as the treasurer with Children at Risk, a local organization which supports families of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. That organization prides itself

on its programming for children on the autism spectrum, and the in-person, one-on-one support it is able to provide. In addition to the above, Gilbert has raised funds for March of Dimes, an organization which provides services and advocates for better accessibility for people with disabilities and also fundraises for breast cancer research. Each of these organizations and charities have benefitted from having Gilbert in our community. Her commitment to local impact is truly remarkable, whether it be making the Christmas season joyful or supporting accessibility in our city. Gilbert has continually shown her local love in every volunteer activity she has taken on. The Community Builder certificate reads: “Thank you for helping to build a stronger, healthier and safer community for all of us.” United Way has a permanent display at City Hall, called the Community Builder Wall of Inspiration. Gilbert’s name will be permanently added to that Wall of Inspiration.

Lesia Gilbert poses for a photo with emcee Dylan Black and Bruce Lindsay (who nominated Lesia) after receiving her Community Builder Award during a volunteer dinner at Broadway Bar and Grill in Riverside South. Submitted photo

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FRIDAY, december 7, 2018 Page 17

The IndependentSPORTS

Five third-period power play goals spark Myers Minor Bantam win Myers AAA Hockey Report

Major Pee Wee AAA

The Myers Automotive Major Pee Wees scored three third period goals in a 5-2 win over the Ottawa Jr. 67s at Beckwith Sat., Nov. 24. Thomas Dickey scored twice with Ben Watzenboek, Lucas Leblanc and Mikayil Kahriman scoring one

each. David Huang had two assists with Watzenboek, Miller Kay, Cole Beaudoin and Henry Mews also adding assists. David Egorov was the wining goalie. On Sat., Dec. 1, Myers edged the Eastern Ontario Wild 3-2. Lucas Leblanc, William Nicholl and Henry Mews scored for Myers with Jack Paquette and Ben Watzenboek pick-

ing up two assists each. David Huang and Mikayil Kahriman also had assists. Karsen Chartier was the winning goalie.

Minor Bantam AAA

The Upper Canada Cyclones edged the Myers Minor Bantams 2-1 Nov. 28. Treyson Dewar scored in the third period for Myers from Kyle Powers and Gabe Kingsbury. The next night, My-

ers bounced back with an 8-1 win over the Ottawa Valley Titans. Myers scored six goals in the third period, including five on the power play. Luke Posthumus had three goals, Seamus Lockhart had two, Kent Moors had a goal and two assists, and Nicholas Larkin and Luka Benoit each had a goal and an assist. Gabe Kingsbury, Ty Campbell,Fagioni Braxton Ross DE 05 18 and

Kyle Powers each had two assists with John Stewart and Treyson Dewar collecting one each. Frederic Bismarji was the winning goalie.

Trevor Taniguchi also scored. Dylan Pollock, Jonathan Swyer, Will Gerrior and Nicholas Tsegos added assists. Ian Michelone was the winning goalie. On Sat., Dec. 1, Myers tied the CIHA Voyageurs 4-4. Will Gerrior and Blake Vennor each had a goal and an assist with Jonathan Swyer and Gavin McCullough also scoring. Kai Dunits added an assist.

Major Bantam AAA

Kai Dunits had two goals and an assist as the Myers Major Bantams beat the Ottawa Valley Titans 4-2 Mon., Nov. 26. Gavin McCullough had a goal and an assist and


1968 ~ Anniversary ~ 2018


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Ottawa Manotick




The IndependentSPORTS

Chase Hull has five points as Minor Pee Wee AA Raiders down Aces 8-3 Nepean Raiders A/AA Minor Hockey Report

Major Novice A

Logan Prudhomme scored from Logan Dundas with just 1:12 left to lift the Raiders to a 2-2 tie with Kanata on Sat., Nov. 24. Earlier in the third period, Ty Delorey scored for the Raiders from Callum Underhill and Cameron Coady. On Tues., Nov. 27, the Raiders would end up in another tie, as they played to a 1-1 draw with Cumberland. Callum Underhill scored for the Raiders from Ty Delorey and Cameron Coady. On Thurs., Nov. 29, the Raiders scored four goals in the third period to earn a 6-2 win over the Ottawa Valley Silver Seven. Ty Delorey had two goals and an assist, Callum Underhill and Logan Dundas each had a goal and two assists, Logan Prudhomme had a goal and an assist, Cameron Coady scored one, and Mason McMahon added an assist. On Sun., Dec. 2, the Raiders tied the Seaway Valley Rapids 1-1. Logan Dundas scored an unassisted goal for the Raiders.

Minor Atom A

Jack Ostapyk had a shut out as the Minor Atom A Raiders blanked the Kanata Blazers 4-0 Nov. 29 in Barrhaven. Brayden Bennett scored two goals and had an assist, with Dean Sloan and Owen Cowper also scoring one and

assisting another. Liam Ferguson, Liam Kelly, Hudson Henderson, Evan Gardner and Cole Stants also had assists. On Dec. 1, it was Tanner MacDonald’s turn to earn a shutout as the Raiders beat the Gloucester Rangers 3-0. David Buchman had a goal and an assist, Liam Kelly and Reid Harper each scored, and Cole stants added an assist.

Major Atom AA

The Major Atom AA Raiders travelled to Cornwall Nov. 23 and came home with a 4-1 win over the Seaway Valley Rapids. Tommy Mullen had two goals, Antione Ziade had a goal and an assist, and Nick Voisey had a pair of assists in the win. Mario Giannetti also scored with Isaac McMillan, Thomas Vandenberg and Charlie Mews adding assists. Callum Clare was the winning

goalie. Austin Bennett was the winning goalie. On Thurs., Nov. 29, the Raiders headed to Kanata and took an early 1-0 lead on a goal by Xavier Tessier from Tommy Mullen, but the Blazers bounced back with two in the second and two in the third to claim a 4-1 win. On Sun., Dec. 2, the Raiders lost 5-2 to the Gloucester Rangers. Mario Giannetti scored on the power play from Xavier Tessier, and Max Mews added an unassisted goal.

Major Atom A

Jonah Rutz scored from Bryce Warren in the third period to give the Raiders a 1-0 over the Ottawa Sting at the Sandy Hill Arena Nov. 23. Ryan Carrier earned the shutout for the Raiders.


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Mega City Promotions Three Stars Ryan Robichaud had the hat trick, including the gamewinner, as the Major Bantam AA Raiders beat the Seaway Valley Rapids 5-4. Chase Hull of the Minor Pee Wee AA Raiders had a goal and four assists in an 8-3 win over the Upper Ottawa Valley Aces. Jack Ostapyk and Tanner MacDonald each had shut outs in back-to-back games for the Minor Atom A Raiders.

First OHL goal! Paul Larabie, former Nepean Raiders player, scored his first career OHL goal last week (Nov. 28) in a school day game against the Ottawa 67’s in Kingston. The 18-year-old Nepean native and NMHA grad native has since added another goal. The 6’1”, 190-pound centre played in the Raiders’ minor hockey system before moving up to the Ottawa Senators (now Myers Automotive) AAA program. He played Jr. A hockey for the Nepean Raiders of the Central Canada Hockey League in 2016-17 before joining the Frontenacs last year. Mike Carroccetto photo

Custom ClothinG 810 Greenbank Rd. anD appaRel foR the (Downstairs)



The IndependentSPORTS

FRIDAY, december 7, 2018 Page 19

results continues from page 18 Minor Pee Wee AA

The Ottawa Sting scored twice in the third period to come back and tie the Raiders 3-3 Nov. 29 at the Jim Durrell Complex. Lior Buchler, Tristan Boudreau and Zachary Venance all had goals with assists going to Venance, Max Shewfelt and Braden Ho. On Dec. 1 in Beachburg, the Raiders scored five goals in the third period in an 8-3 win over the Upper Ottawa Valley Aces. Chase Hull had a goal and four assists, Harry Nansi had a goal and three assists, Jacob Warnes had two goals and an assist, and Ricky Wilson and Gabriel Bergeron each scored a pair of goals. Tevor Tangalin, Tristan Boudreau, Zachary Venance and Max Shewfelt each added assists. Darcy Murphy was the winning goalie.

Minor Pee Wee A

A third period comeback

fell just short as the Raiders dropped a 3-2 decision to the Gloucester Rangers Nov. 26. Ethan Taylor scored a power play goal from Ellard Slipacoff and Connor Stobernack early in the third, and then Stobernack counted one from Taylor midway through the period. On Fri., Nov. 30, the Ottawa Sting beat the Raiders 3-1 at the St. Laurent Arena. Andrew Pickering scored an unassisted goal for the Raiders.

Major Pee Wee AA

Liam Monaghan scored a pair of goals as the Nepean Raiders beat Cumberland 4-1 in their Hockey Eastern Ontario game in Barrhaven Nov. 23. Jack Hawken and Lucas DeBruyn had a goal and an assist for the Raiders with Alessandro Lapietra picking up two assists. George Zouzoulas, Robert Steenbakkers, Noah Daher and Ashton

Proulx each had one assist. Andy Fraser was the winning goalie. On Sun., Nov. 25 in Spencerville, the Raiders got a pair of goals just 42 seconds apart late in the third period to earn a 2-2 tie with the Rideau St. Lawrence Kings. Liam Monaghan scored an unassisted goal before Vincent Belok tied the game with a goal from Nathan Hovila and Connor Ronberg. ON Mon., Nov. 27, the Raiders beat Kanata 5-3 at the Bell Arena. Jack Hawken and Andrew Penner each scored twice while Liam Monaghan added one. Noah Daher had a pair of assists with one each going to George Zouzoulas, Nathan Hovila, Vincent

Belok, Griffon Gagnon, Robert Steenbakkers and Connor Ronberg. Alex Beaulne and Andy Fraser split the goaltending duties.

Minor Bantam AA

Scott Wirvin had two goals and an assist as the Nepean Raiders beat the Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 5-3 in Chesterville Nov. 23. Tyson Parker and Liam Campbell each had a goal and an assist, and Kody Hull added a goal. Declan McCarthy, Mateo Mongeon, Cameron Vecchio and Shawn MacDonald also had assists. Andrew Brooks was the winning goalie. The following day at the Minto Arena, the Raiders were beaten 6-2 by the Ot-

tawa Sting. Mateo Mongeon scored from Cameron Vecchio and Shawn McDonald, and Tyson Parker scored from Thomas Gallivan.

Major Bantam AA

Thomas Jones scored from Francesco Sicoli with just 2:03 left in the third period to give the Raiders a 4-3 win over the Seaway Valley Rapids Tuones also had an assist, while Justin Wammes scored two and Braeydon Fenn had a goal and two assists. Matthew Stoppa and Mason MacNeil also had assists. Ethan Dinsdale was the winning goalie. On Nov. 29 in Barrhaven, Ryan Robichaud had the hat trick, including the game-

winner, as the Major Bantam AA Raiders beat the Seaway Valley Rapids 5-4. Mason MacNeil and Sam Edwards also scored. Luke Richardson and Thomas Hones each had two assists with one each going to Justin Wammes, Francesco Sicoli, William Tario, Braeydon Fenn and Connor Platt.

Minor Midget AA

The Minor Midget AA Raiders played to a 3-3 tie with Gloucester on Sat., Nov. 24. Costa Touliopoulos scored in the first from Aidan Schwartzentruber, Logan Lemay scored from Max Saito in the second, and then Saito scored an unassisted goal late in the second.



Dining Out uring Feat

Gatherings with friends and family are a big part of the holiday season. Many people travel during the holidays to spend time with distant relatives, but those same people often want to gather with those loved ones who live nearby as well. Thus an abundance of gatherings comes in December, when office parties, dinners with family and festivities with friends have a way of dominating the last five weeks of

the year.

Stress-free holiday hosting tips

All of those gatherings translate to a lot of holiday hosting, and hosts can easily feel overwhelmed as they try to juggle hosting duties with everything else that comes along during this time of year. Dining out can help relieve some of the holiday stress. Dining out has many advantages, including no cleanup once the meal is over and a more varied menu that provides guests more choices than the standard holiday fare. Dining out can also prove less expensive for the holiday host. The tab at the end of a

2364 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower

night on the town can be split among the guests, whereas the food bill when hosting a holiday dinner at home is often left to the host and the host alone. • Call around. A favorite restaurant might be tops on your list, but do some comparison shopping before settling on a restaurant. Prices can vary greatly when it comes to private parties, and some might not even be capable of accommodating the kind of large party that might accompany you for a holiday dinner. • Pick a restaurant that’s accessible to everyone. Guests can


stay overnight when a holiday dinner is at a relative’s house. However, guests will almost certainly be driving home after a holiday dinner at a restaurant. Make everyone’s post-meal commute home as easy as possible by choosing a centrally located restaurant that’s equidistant from everyone’s home. • Is the restaurant’s pricing flexibile. There might be room for negotiation regarding the menu, including choices on the food and beverages being offered, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask. Traditional holiday fare will likely be available,

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

but discuss alternatives to such menu items, including if there is anything for vegetarians or if there is a gluten-free meal option. In addition, some restaurants might be willing to negotiate price, especially for large parties. • Don’t forget invitations. Treat the holiday dinner like you might treat a wedding reception or a birthday party. Include directions to the restaurant in your invitations, and remind guests that holiday traffic might require they leave earlier to make it to the restaurant on time for the start of the meal.

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4 bay steel construction on large corner lot with front reception & 3 formal offices

4 bedroom located on a huge premium lot on a quite crescent. Chefs dream kitchen. A must see

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818 Long Point Circle - Riverside South - $697,900

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4 Bedroom single family home. ‘ Located on a huge private lot with no rear neighbors.

1 Lewiston - Barrhaven - $599,900

3 Bedroom. 3 Bath, Finished basement. Upgraded Kitchen with granite counters

Half Moon Bay 223 Rue Des Soldats Reindeau - $469,900

6724 Farmstead - North Gower - $529,900 st JuOLD s

3 Bedroom, 4 Bath Semi-detached in an excellent family oriented neighborhood

66 Furness Way - Barrhaven


Profile for J Morris

Barrhaven Independent, December 3, 2018  

Barrhaven Independent, December 3, 2018

Barrhaven Independent, December 3, 2018  

Barrhaven Independent, December 3, 2018

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