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Brian St. Louis wins federal Nepean Conservative nomination -

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Year 28 • issue 26



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Mike, Ali, and Kiera Yaehne, along with their three-year-old warmblood, Kenny, were in the Christmas spirit at the Royale Equestrian Centre in Barrhaven Friday. It was a special day at the centre at Woodroffe and Fallowfield, as three women were selected to receive make-overs and then do a modeling phot shoot with the horses. For the full story, see page 16. Jeff Morris photo

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Brian St. Louis wins Nepean Conservative federal nomination By Jeff Morris

The Conservative Party has their candidate for Nepean for next year’s federal election. Brian St. Louis, a 32-yearold Barrhaven native, received 51.7 per cent of the vote at the Nepean Conservative federal nomination meeting Sunday at the Nepean Sportsplex. Former City Councillor and Deputy Mayor Steve Desroches received 34 per cent of the vote. Also running were Denise Siele, Brian Gaber and William Xie. “We will take Nepean back in the next election,” St. Louis said to the party members and supporters who stayed until the end of the meeting. The results were announced about two hours after the ending of the threehour voting window. “I didn’t get into this for myself,” St. Louis said. “What motivated me was every day, going to a door, and seeing someone that said ‘Hey Brian, I got your back, you go get them.’ That’s what motivated me throughout the summer, into the winter, into the dead of winter.” St. Louis planned to spend Monday with his family and hit the ground running with his campaign Tuesday. “The work starts now,” he said. “We need to get Justin

Trudeau out in the next election.” Before the voting began, each candidate was given seven minutes to address the crowd. Criticizing Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal government was a recurring theme. Liberal overspending and budget deficits, as well as Canada’s immigration and refugee policies were all a common theme. “You’re here because you care,” said St. Louis, who was the first candidate to speak. “You’re hear because you need to make Justin Trudeau a one-term Prime Minister.” St. Louis added that Trudeau “has no idea what he is doing, and he has no concept of business relations.” St. Louis talked about his roots in the community. “I grew up in Old Barrhaven before it was Old Barrhaven,” he said. William Xie, a Chinese immigrant, was also critical of the Prime Minister and was very blunt with his opinions on the Liberal Government’s immigration policies. “Canada’s refugee and immigration policies are linked to our budget,” he said. “And we have some refugees who become gangsters. We have seen that in South Keys and Walkley Road. We have some refugees who are terrorists. We should send our troops to their countries to help them

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solve their problems rather than bring them here. And when they come here, refugees get more than our veterans and our seniors. How ridiculous is that?” Xie also delivered a personal attack on Trudeau. “He’s not qualified,” Xie said. “He rode his father’s fame. He is a high school drama teacher, and right now, he is using Canada as his stage to perform.” Brian Gaber, an engineer and former military officer, talked about the Peter Principle, where in a situation, people will rise to their level of incompetence. “We have a perfect example of that with our Prime Minister,” he said. “We need to come together and work with our Prime Minister and find him a job he’s qualified for.” Denise Siele criticized the Trudeau Liberals for “out of control spending for out of control policies.” Steve Desroches was the only candidate who directly criticized Nepean Liberal MP Chandra Arya. “We have a weak MP,” he said in his opening remarks. “We have heard it from the business community, and we heard it from people during

Barrhaven native Brian St. Louis received 51.7 per cent of the vote during the Nepena Conservative nomation meeting Sunday at the Nepean Sportsplex. Jeff Morris photo

the tornado crisis. Strong leaders like (Councillor) Jan Harder and (Nepean MPP) Lisa MacLeod stepped up, but where was our Member of Parliament?” The next federal election will take place in 2019. No date has been set.

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All B2B sessions are free and attendance is limited to 20 participants to ensure a truly hands on and interactive experience. A light breakfast and refreshments are provided at each workshop.

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Wednesday, February 27th, 11:30-1pm VIVA Barrhaven Retirement Community, 275 Tartan Dr, Nepean, ON K2J 6A9

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WITH JANET MCLEOD AT WHIZBANG RETAIL TRAINING Wednesday, Mar 27th, 7:30-9am VIVA Barrhaven Retirement Community, 275 Tartan Dr, Nepean, ON K2J 6A9

FEATURING A BARRHAVEN PANEL OF EXPERTS Thursday, May 16th, 7:30-9am Cedarhill Golf and Country Club 56 Cedarhill Dr, Nepean, ON K2R 1C5




BIA is moving in the right direction

Barrhaven’s business community is moving in the right direction. The Barrhaven BIA held its Annual General Meeting at St. Mother Teresa High School earlier this month, and all indications are that it’s full steam ahead for the new year. “One of the main points of focus for us in the new year is that we are going to provide more support for our local businesses,” said Barrhaven BIA President Jason MacDonald. As the community has grown from a bedroom suburb to a vibrant community of 90,000 people, MacDonald said that the Barrhaven business community is in a strong posit ion to take advantage of the opportunities the growing community is presenting. “There is strength in numbers,” he said. And he is right. While the BIA will continue to drive home the importance of shopping locally to the community – local businesses support local endeavours, provide jobs in the community, strengthen the local economy, and the variety of amenities are partly responsible for driving up our property values in Barrhaven – work is also being done by the BIA to give local businesses more tools to succeed. For MacDonald and his board, and Executive Director Andrea Steenbakkers and her staff, this focus will help Barrhaven businesses help lure back some of the shopping dollars that are escaping the community on a daily basis. One of the initiatives of the BIA in the new year is a series of informative breakfast sessions for local business owners. The first, which takes place Jan. 22, is on setting up an on-line store as part of the Shopify platform. Even from a business perspective, MacDonald said that the largest issue in the community is transportation. Improving the way we get bodies in an out of Barrhaven every day through public transit is going to be the backbone of future growth and opportunity in the community. MacDonald said that the work done by Councillor Jan Harder in the last municipal political term, as well as the recent Environmental Assessment done on bringing light rail to Barrhaven have been big wins for Barrhaven. “When the first phase of the LRT opens, we will be better served,” MacDonald said. While MacDonald had nothing but praise for Harder, he also said there is excitement around having Carol Anne Meehan as her counterpart in Ward 22 GloucesterSouth Nepean. “The BIA is excited to have Carol Anne Meehan as a councillor,” he said. “She clearly understands the BIA and its needs and priorities, and she will work well with Jan (Harder). We are sure that we can count on her support as we move forward with the future of the business community in Barrhaven.” BARRHAVEN

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The ghost of Christmas concerts past When I was a kid, I had a hard time with perspective. I guess my most irritating trait as a child was that I thought I was a pretty big deal. And those of you who know me will probably laugh – or not – and note that I never really grew out of that. Point taken. But part of that came from the assumption that everything I was involved with was a much bigger deal than it was. I remember in my first year of minor hockey in Prescott, assuming that because my team was called the North Stars, that the Minnesota North Stars owned my rights. I was disillusioned when I found out that wasn’t the case. Clearly, the tyke house league wasn’t quite as big of a deal as I thought it was. And then there was the 1970 Christmas concert at Churchill Public School. We did this song where we were the animals in the manger during the birth of Christ. I was one of four kids in our class selected to do a solo. I was the sheep. I thought I was a big deal, and to me, the event was a huge deal. All three of the school’s classes were taking part, and the gym was going to be packed. It was a couple of days before my seventh birthday, and I was still at the stage in my life when I couldn’t decide if I was going to be a football player or a singing cowboy when I grew up. If I nailed my solo, I was destined to be a star. Maybe I would even get to sing on Hee Haw. Everyone watched Hee Haw on Saturday night before the hockey game. And besides, the Churchill Public School Christmas Concert in Riverview Heights – population 249 (we counted one night and painted the population on the sign) – was a pretty big deal. Glen Campbell must have been crapping his pants, fully aware that this singing cowboy kid was going to replace him atop the country charts. When the concert began, the stage lights were shining in our faces. I stared out into the audience but I just saw silhouettes of what seemed like hundreds of people. We all sang the first verse, and I had solo number three. My stomach fluttered as the first two soloists delivered their verses. My moment was coming. My mouth got dry. I swallowed. I took a deep breath. Here it comes. “I, said the sheep with curly horn, “I gave Him my wool for His blanket warm; “He wore my coat on Christmas morn. “I, said the sheep with curly horn.” And then, just like that, it was on to the next verse and the next nervous member of the class.

I relaxed, brushed my arm against my forehead to wipe off the sweat, and I coasted through the rest of the songs that we sang as a group. We sang ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’ and we sang ‘Silent Night’ and finished off with ‘Away in a Manger.’ And then, the Churchill Christmas Concert of 1970 became nothing but a FROM THE memory. Over the years at Churchill, there were a few other Christmas plays and concerts, but that is the one that seems to stand out in my memory. They were usuby Jeff Morris ally the same. The class gets on stage, we all took our spots, and we would sing a few Christmas songs. Chances are that you may have gone through the same thing as a kid. But what about the kids of today? With the exception of the odd Catholic school class, the Christmas concert seems to be a right of passage that has faded away. We have sacrificed one of the most treasured rituals of Canadian generations past out of our fear of offending religious minorities. Of course, my mind is drifting back to the 1970 Christmas concert. Santa made an appearance, and we all got a chance to visit with him in the reception after the big show. “It’s not the real Santa,” one kid said to me just before it was my turn. “You can see the elastic for his beard.” We had a huddle to try to figure out who Santa was that night, and we never did figure it out. The Grade 5 kids went last. They were the oldest kids in the school. One of them provided another one of those never-gonna-forget-this moments when he hopped up on Santa’s knee. “And what would you like for Christmas this year, young man?” “Ummm, Hot Wheels… and a carton of smokes. Macdonald Menthol. That’s the kind me and my dad smoke.” That one caught Santa off guard, and the poor guy didn’t know what to say. And that kid was a really big deal in the school. Okay, so maybe some customs and traditions are best left behind in 1970. Churchill Public School was torn down years ago. Where it stood is now just an empty field along Merwin Lane. But every time I drive by there, the memories come flooding back. Glen Campbell was probably relieved I tried to become a football player instead of a singing cowboy. I hope this column triggers memories of your Christmas concerts past. Even if your concert wasn’t as big of a deal as the one at Churchill was ;)


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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, december 21, 2018 Page 7

Robotics competitions have been a driving passion for LDHSS student

Name: Zachary Kayed Age: 17



School: Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary Grade: 12

by Phill Potter

Parents: Marianne and Abraham Sisters: Kristal (30), Graduated from Algonquin, after attending Canterbury. Working at an advertisement firm. Amber (25), Graduated from McMaster for Bio-Medical sciences, attended Merivale. Sabrina (23), Graduated from University of Ottawa, attended Longfields. Currently doing teacher’s college at U of O. Jenna (14), Currently attending Canterbury in their Vocal Program. Pets: “We have one pet in my house. Catboy is an 8 month old cat. He’s Sabrina’s cat, and was named by my 8-year-old twin cousins on the family farm.” Pet Peeve: “My biggest pet peeve is a poor work ethic. I believe if you aren’t doing work, there isn’t really a reason for you to hang around. I’m very dedicated to my interests, and will often won’t leave until it’s complete.”

lights and sounds of a performance. This can include internal events within school, or community rentals of our school’s auditorium.” • Assistant Instructor: “Three years ago at one of the Robotics Competitions I attended, I sat across the table at dinner with my current boss, Ian Dudley. (Some people call him the Lego Guy). By the end of the year, another person I competed with approached me about getting a summer job. Now I run Lego robotics courses with Mindstorms, Engineering camps with Lego Technic and Electronics. All these things, I have been interested in for a vast majority of my education. I competed six years ago in a competition that utilized the same skills I teach today. I use analogies I’ve learned, to help simplify logic and to increase the understanding of these 6 to14 year old students/ campers.”

Favourite Subjects: “My favourite subject by far is computer engineering. It’s a day course, which encompasses creating and designing circuits, robots, and networks. A runner Part time work: up is physics. I enjoy the prob• A/V Technician: “I both Dec. 14_Diversitea Ad 12/14/18 9:43 PM Page 1 volunteer, and get paid, to over- lem solving aspect very much. see tech jobs controlling the I know it relates to my passion of making robots – albeit in a

more theoretical sense. I can often find amusement in these courses, and any of the natural sciences, as it explains the universal laws of our universe.” What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy books. Other than that, I read to improve my knowledge about things at my disposal. Technical documents are good at that. I learn how to use a new integrated circuit, or learn a new technique to apply when I may be machining a part.”

3D-printer and different microcontrollers. I also spend my downtime playing video games – mainly on PC.”

Why did you get involved in what you do? “I got involved in robotics because I’ve always had an interest in making things. I started in grade six doing Lego robotics. When I got to Longfields I found their Robotics Team, and had to join. As for tech, I had a few friends that were a part of the club. I originally started showing up at jobs to lend a hand, and the next thing I knew, I was an ‘Honourary Member’.”

Favourite Author: “I’m torn between Edgar Rice BurCareer Goals: “I plan on Zachary Kayed is the captain of the LDHSS RoboRavens roroughs and J. R. R. Tolkien – Christmas copy 11/9/18 5:58 PM Page 1 to the University of Otthe first two authors that 2018_Ad come going botics team. Phill Potter photo to mind when I think about my tawa for Electrical Engineerfavourite books. I enjoyed The ing. My other two choices were boRavens, where I have a volunteered at countless other Hobbit, and The Mars Trilogy.” Mechanical engineering at U of chance to represent the OCDSB robotics events – big and small. O, and electrical engineering at for a variety of different skills. I may not have the highest I’ve also been an MC for the marks, or the most awards, but Greatest Accomplishment: Carleton University.” Vex Robotics Competition if you give me something to do, “I don’t believe I have a greatest accomplishment. I favour the Other Details: “I’m our team hosts in the middle or something to fix, I can likely idea that every experience I’ve Captain of the LDHSS Ro- of December every year. I’ve figure out how to do it.” had is equal, and has caused me to be who I am today. Some experiences off the top of my head, are the various tech-based competitions I’ve attended. The list includes the FIRST Robotics Competitions in Oshawa, North Bay, and Barrie, the Ontario Trade Skills Competition Prints from Negatives, Slides or Prints where I’ve competed in 4-perColourize Black and White Photographs son robotics, and more recently in Computer-Aided-ManufacPhoto Collages turing.”

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

MacLeod’s annual breakfast supports needs of Barrhaven Food Cupboard The annual holiday breakfast hosted by Nepean MPP Lisa MacLeod doubled as a showcase for the Barrhaven food Cupboard. This year’s event, which supports the Barrhaven Food Cupboard’s Christmas Hamper Program, was moved from the Barrhaven Legion to the

Walter Baker Centre. Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder recently secured space for the food cupboard to move to an area of the WBC close to her constituency office, on the ground level at the back of the building. The breakfast drew several hundred people throughout the

morning of Sat. Dec. 8. “I want to thank Lisa for all of her support,” said Kevin Miler of the Barrhaven Food Cupboard. “Lisa has been a staunch supporter of the food cupboard.” Miller said that the food cupboard had 1,600 food requests this year.

“Every year, our numbers go up,” he said. “We are increasing at a rate of eight per cent per year.” While the Christmas and holiday season brings in a lot of donations for the Barrhaven Food Cupboard, Miller says their needs are year round. “Hunger has no calendar,” he

said. “For the people that need us, their needs are 12 months a year.” MacLeod thanked everyone who attended the breakfast, as well as caterer Daryl Bartraw and the Ottawa Ambassadors girls hockey team for volunteering as servers. MacLeod also said that when

people are living in poverty, it is not up to the rest of us to be judgemental. “One in seven people in Ottawa are living in poverty,” she said. “We can do better. “It doesn’t matter what language they speak or what religion they are. Hunger is hunger.”

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Give us this day our daily bread… from COBS!

COBS Bread is located at Strandherd and Woodroffe by the Heart and Crown. that create jobs and support so many organizations and events in our wonderful com-

Barrhaven Village Square

munity. For more on all of the great things Barrhaven has to offer, visit www.barrhavenbia

and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @ barrhavenbia

Longfields Dr.

1581 Greenbank rd nepean

Strandherd Dr.

day to local charities. Since they opened in Dec 2017, just our COBS store has donated $363,000 in bread. That is fantastic! Some of the charities they donate to are the Salvation Army Bethany Hope Centre, Harvest Mission Bible Church, the Barrhaven Food Cupboard and several more. COBS is also a supporter of many community events such as the Breakfast with Santa, Barrhaven Christmas Hampers and the BIA Breakfast for Businesses. They love Barrhaven and want to show their support in any way they can! Next time you want a freshly baked loaf of bread or a sweet treat, stop by COBS at 3161 Strandherd Dr. You won’t be disappointed! The Barrhaven Business Profile is brought to you by the Barrhaven BIA. We encourage you to shop locally and support the businesses

Berrigan Dr.

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh baked bread? COBS owners Emily and Craig don’t think so! The bakery is coming up on their 1st year anniversary and couldn’t be happier with the tremendous welcome they have received from the residents of Barrhaven. Emily is originally from Ottawa and moved to Toronto to attend post-secondary school. She put herself through school working in the food service and hospitality sector and it was at one of her work places that she met her husband Craig. An unbelievable opportunity to open a COBS franchise in Toronto

came their way and their doors opened in 2010. After years of running a successful store in Toronto, Emily wanted to bring the COBS brand home and Craig was totally onboard so they sold their franchise and worked on opening up our fantastic Barrhaven store! Because they loved the brand and what it stood for and because they lived in Barrhaven, they just knew that it would be a good fit! Everything in their store is freshly baked every day. Craig, who heads up production and the production team, make all of the breads from scratch each day. Emily gets her hands dirty on the weekends but for the most part, she works on the front side of things - customers, staff and paperwork (ugh!!). The one component that many may not know about COBS is that they donate all of their leftover product at the end of the

ven Barrha e Squar Village

Greenbank Rd.

ugh o n E g i B you. e v r e s to gh u o n e l l Sma ! to care

SeLL W O N e W

! R E E B

Chris Kimball, Franchisee Sobeys Barrhaven

Locally owned and operated

1581 Greenbank Rd., Village Square Mall


7 am-11Pm 7 DaYS a WEEK

Now accepting Air Miles

(613) 825-5495


Page 10 FRIDAY, december 21, 2018BARRHAVEN INDEPENDENT

This December marks Allure's , , s s a a m m t t s s i i r r Ch  20th YearM ineBusiness! rry Ch

Merry h a k k u n a H Happy r o f s e h s i w t s e b d n a 4 1 0 2 l u f y a jo

h a k k u n a H Happy r o f s e h s i w t s e b d n a 4 1 0 2 l u f y a jo www.allurehairdesignandspa.ca

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah

Lisa MacLeod, MPP and best wishes for a joyful 2019 Nepean-Carleton Nepean-Carleton Lisa MacLeod, MPP

Constituency Office:

Constituency Office:

3500 Fallowfield Road Unit #10 Nepean ON K2J 4A7 Tel. (613) 823-2116

3500 Fallowfield Road Unit #10 Nepean ON K2J 4A7 Tel. (613) 823-2116

Lisa MacLeod, MPP- Nepean

Constituency Office:

3500 Fallowfield Road Unit #10 Nepean ON K2J 4A7 Tel. (613) 823-2116



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CHRISTMAS 2018feast Leave your Easter Christmas is about spending time with your to us this year! family, being together and creating wonderful Our team of professional chefs will

memories. our team dinner of professionals cook aLet delicious for youprepare to your fullyenjoy cookedinholiday dinner, all you have to your own home. do is heat and serve. Order one dinner for Easter Dinner Menu someone you love, or enough to share with Salmon & Shrimp Volfamily. au Vent OR your whole Curried Carrot Soup & Dill Crème Fraiche (V, GF) Brown Sugar Bourbon glazed Ham Scalloped potatoes, maple carrots, lemon asparagus OR Slow-roasted boneless Lamb leg Rosemary sweet potatoes cauliflower gratin, green bean medley



Butternut ravioli, House made dinner rolls Carleton mushroom medley, Raspberry Rhubarb Gallette (GF) OR Lemon Chiffon Cake (GF) cream fresh spinach, parmesan OR group of 10 or more $30.00 per person | $280.00 Butternut, apple, fried leek soup Order your Easter Dinner OR by March 30th. Pick-up either April 2nd or 4th. Luxury PieEaster Monday We will be closed GoodSeafood Friday and Crustless potato-topped pies Call us to place your orderwith nowsalmon, shrimp, tilapia and scallops, 613.518.6639 capers, crème dill 1135 Mill Street,fraiche, Manotick


Dinner Rolls Leave House-baked your Easter Whipped chive butter feast to us this year!

roasted Turkey Our teamHerb of Butter professional chefs will Scalloped Yukon Gold Potatoes cook a delicious dinner for you to with Sweet Potato, Asiago & Thyme enjoy in your own home. Rosemary roasted Root Vegetables Apple Cranberry Bread Stuffing Classic Turkey Gravy Salmon & Shrimp Vol au Vent OR RelishFraiche (V, GF) Curried Carrot Cranberry Soup & Dill Crème

Easter Dinner Menu

Brown Sugar Bourbon glazedTartlet Ham Pumpkin Crème Brulee Scalloped potatoes, maple carrots, lemon asparagus OR OR Slow-roasted boneless Lamb leg Rosemary sweet potatoes cauliflower Classic Sacher gratin, Torte green bean medley

OR House made dinner rolls Chocolate Drambuie Fruit Cake Raspberry Rhubarb Gallette Whipped Cream(GF) OR Lemon Chiffon Cake (GF)

$29| per person $30.00 per person $280.00 group of 10 or more Call us at the store if you have any

Order questions your Easter Dinner by March 30th. or to place your order Pick-up either April 2nd or 4th. 613.518.6639. Send email orders We will betoclosed Good Friday and Easter Monday us at hello@takeanotherbite.com Call us to place your order now


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Page 12 FRIDAY, december 21, 2018BARRHAVEN INDEPENDENT

The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Barrhaven Hampton Inn construction to begin in early 2019

Last week at Council I was confirmed as Chair, Ottawa’s Planning Committee. I am proud to serve in that role again. As well I will return as a member of the Finance and Economic Development Committee. I continue as a Director, Hydro Ottawa Board plus I have a few more responsibilities. I am going to be asking you to provide input on several topics this coming year. This term will be very busy. I hope I can count on Barrhaven to step up in big numbers to help me convey our priorities at City Hall. Look for more “save the dates” and mark your calendars. In later January Budget will be up for discussion and “save the date” January 29th for a fulsome Transportation Meeting at Cedarhill Golf Club. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas everyone, and shop Barrhaven every chance you get!

Have You Heard

We have just received word that our second hotel is well


BARRHAVEN by Jan Harder

under way in Barrhaven. We will be welcoming a Hampton Inn on the other side of Fallowfield just off of O’Keefe Court. They should be receiving their final approvals shortly and construction to begin in early 2019. The hotel will be a six-storey building with 102 hotel rooms and space for meeting rooms. This is a great opportunity for more local jobs and bringing business to Barrhaven. We’ll keep you updated as we receive more information. Mark January 29th, 2019 on your calendars! Barrhavenites -- your input is needed on matters involving Transportation. LRT, Transit, and Infrastructure are the focus of this discussion -- the issues that affect you directly. Meeting to be held

at Cedarhill Golf Course. Stay tuned ... more information to come.

The Mayor’s City Builder Award goes to...

On Wednesday December 5th, Elio Marcantonio received the Mayor’s City Builder Award in recognition of his contribution to the community and building of a BMX track in Barrhaven. From Ottawa.ca: Elio Marcantonio formed the Nepean BMX Association, a non-profit organization, and developed a BMX racing track on Strandherd Drive to provide a new recreational facility for the community. He acquired the land in Barrhaven with the help of Councillor Harder, and spent hundreds of hours designing and building the state-of-the-art track. The Nepean BMX Association is an inclusive and familyfriendly organization that promotes a healthy and positive lifestyle. It is one of the fastest growing and largest BMX asso-


ciations in North America. Mr. Marcantonio, his wife, son and two daughters all race BMX at the track. Since hosting its first race in June 2013, the Nepean BMX track has created a positive economic benefit for the area and has become an important part of the community. The track brings in riders from across Ontario, the rest of Canada and the eastern United States for races. Mr. Marcantonio, along with association members and volunteers, works continuously to improve the track, which hosted the Capital City Nationals in 2015, 2016 and 2018. The Mayor’s City Builder Award is a civic honour created to recognize an individual, group or organization that, through outstanding volunteerism or exemplary action, has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to making our city a better place today and for the future. This may include lifelong service, outstanding acts of kindness, inspiring charitable work, community building or

other exemplary achievements.

Walter Baker After School Program and March Break Camps

Looking for care in the new year? Walter Baker’s after school program has a wide variety of options for your child each day. These activities could include active games, crafts, swimming, skating and more! Give your child the opportunity to make new friends and create new memories in a structured program. The City of Ottawa is an accredited HIGH FIVE organization. We commit to healthy child development and safety for children’s recreation programs. All of this for less than $12 a day! The program runs from 2:45pm to 6:00pm Monday to Friday and the ages for this program are 6-12 years. The barcode to register online at Ottawa.ca or at any City of Ottawa facility is 1179265. For any additional information including March Break Camps, contact Walter Baker at WBSC@

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Swap a turkey for Pizza!

Until December 21st, bring a frozen turkey to Boston Pizza (1681 Greenbank Road) and get a gift certificate for a medium 3-topping pizza! In its 4th year, Boston Pizza gives all its proceeds to the Barrhaven Food Cupboard. #neighbourshelpingneighbours

Community Police Message

Shopping during the holiday season Lock your vehicles!! Do not leave any valuables (cell phones, laptop, and purse) visible from the outside. This can include visible garage door openers which could allow access to your garage and residence. Do not leave any personal identification (vehicle permit/insurance cards, credit cards).If possible, do not leave shopping bags in plain view. Consider using the trunk of a vehicle. #lockitorloseit

Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

Wishing youyou and your Wishing and families a very Merry Christmas!

your families 613-580-2473 a very Merry @BarrhavenJan Christmas and Happy Christmas! facebook.com/BarrhavenJanHarder

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The IndependentNEWS

FRIDAY, december 21, 2018 Page 13

Mayor credits rookie councillor Meehan for bringing weed concerns forward By Charlie Senack Ottawa council has stirred the pot and voted a resounding ‘YES’. Two months after cannabis was legalized in Canada, councillors voted 22-2 in favour of private pot dispensaries within the city of Ottawa, during a special cannabis meeting held in council chambers on December 13. Gloucester-South Nepean councillor Carol Anne Meehan was one of two city councillors to vote no. She put a motion on the table asking council to opt out of pot shops. However, she could only get support from College Ward councillor Rick Chiarelli. The mayor and the other 21 councillors voted yes, supporting the opt in decision. “I’m not surprised actually that I lost the motion today,” Meehan said. “I think it

was important for me to bring the motion forward because I think that we are getting a really bad deal here.” The newly elected councillor would have liked to opt out — at least for now. She feels by doing so, the city could negotiate for more control from the province. “We missed an opportunity here today to put pressure on the provincial government to give us a better deal,” Meehan said. “Give us more say on where these stores will be located, how many and a bigger slice of the revenue pie.” Meehan’s main message? She wants to reassure the residents of her ward that she’s not anti-cannabis. “I’ve got a lot of flack from people who say that I’m totally anti marijuana and anti retail (and) I’m not,” she said. “I want to speak for the tax-

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payers of this city. We voted for a tax increase and here we are still going to have to cough up more money, find more money, for policing and things like that.” Mayor Jim Watson was happy with the outcome of Thursday’s special council cannabis meeting, and credits Meehan for bringing her concerns forward. “Our responsibility was very narrow,” Watson said. “We had to decide whether we were going to allow retail stores or not and I think council made the right decision.” Watson believes that opting in to private dispensaries will help get rid of the black market. “In order to insure we minimize these illegal shops popping up, we have to give consumers a legitimate alternative which is legal stores which are strictly regulated in

Rookie city councillor Carol Anne Meehan (Ward 22 Gloucester -South Nepean) was one of two dissenting councillors who voted against retail pot shops for the city of Ottawa. The other was Rick Chairelli (College Ward). The vote passed by a margin of 22-2. Mike Carroccetto photo

terms of size, signage and displays and so on,” he said. Watson had a meeting with Premier Doug Ford last week, who said that he would

keep an “open mind” when it comes to giving municipalities more control. Private cannabis stores will start to open in Ontario

come April 2019, but the Ford government has announced that only 25 stores will open in Ontario on April 1, and will be decided through a lottery.

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Page 14 FRIDAY, december 21, 2018BARRHAVEN INDEPENDENT

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everyone winS your shopping shapes your community

FRIDAY, december 21, 2018 Page 15


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Cappies a labour of love for Gr. 12 student World War I-era play “Radium Girls” staged at St. Mother Teresa

By Emma Perreault Special to the Barrhaven Independent This fall, I was honoured to be cast in the St. Mother Teresa High School production of ‘Radium Girls’, the

classic World War I-era play. Radium Girls was staged at the school in early December. I played Kathryn Schaub, the feisty best friend of the main character (Grace Fryer). Schaub and Fryer were real-life women who died of a workplace accident, common at the time. I have much respect for what our characters did to change people’s attitudes towards dangerous work conditions. What better way is there to end my high school acting career than portraying a strong woman working to change the world? Being surrounded by talented teachers / directors and a dedicated cast helped make Radium Girls a phenomenal

life experience. However, my decision to get into acting began spontaneously two years ago. Before entering Grade 10, I had never been onstage. But when I learned my school was holding auditions for the musical ‘Sister Act’, I signed up immediately. After initially getting a role in the play’s ensemble, I was promoted to the part of Mother Superior, a role with two solo songs. Sister Act was my first production, and still one of my favourites. The cast exuded energy and I could tell the audience loved every minute of it. For me, it was an unforgettable experience. Last fall, in Grade 11, l did

not hesitate to audition for A Christmas Carol, receiving the roles of “Woman” and “Mrs. Cratchit”. The cast’s talent was astounding. I was surrounded by students who shared a love of acting, and it showed through our devotion, not just on stage, but in rehearsals. I also gained a new respect for the program and how it celebrates high school theatre when I became a Cappies Critic last year. You can imagine my excitement when I learned I had received a highly coveted nomination forFeatured Actress in a Play from my critic peers. My rendition of “Mrs. Cratchit” didn’t ultimately

Arthur Roeder (played by Marcel Wodgrodny) and Charlie Lee (Cameron Carter) discuss charges filed against the company, brainstorming for the best outcome during a scene from Radium Girls, a play staged at St. Mother Teresa High School in early December. win, but I felt like a winner, Grade 12 student at St. Mothas I was able to reprise a er Teresa. An aspiring politsmall part of my role on stage ical writer, she plans to study in front of thousands of stu- journalism at Carleton U. dents, parents and teachers starting next fall. Hobbies inat the National Arts Centre clude reading, writing, basketduring the Cappies Gala last ball and spending time with friends and family. Perreault spring. Editor’s Note: Emma Per- is co-presidentof the2018-19 reault, age 17, is currently a SMTHS student council.

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Dr. Knef (played by Maela Kaminski) shows Grace Fryer (Sierra Labelle) an x-ray of her jawbone showing her what is wrong and explains what might be happening to her health during a scene from Radium Girls, a play staged at St. Mother Teresa High School in early December. Mike Carroccetto photos / BI

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Page 16 FRIDAY, december 21, 2018BARRHAVEN INDEPENDENT

The IndependentCOMMUNITY Three deserving women get pampered for the holiday season

By Jeff Morris

It was a special day for three women at the Royale Equestrian Centre in Barrhaven. “They are three very special people who have gone through some difficult times and we wanted to do something special for them,” said Emily Bertrand of Royale Equestrian Centre, which is located at the northeast corner of Woodroffe and Fallowfield. Bertrand organized a day where the women – two moms and a teen – would get their hair and make up done professionally, and then arranged a photo shoot in the indoor arena with the horses. Five professional photographers from the area donated their time. Hair stylist Natalie Thompson of Pretty Little Secrets Hair Salon and Michelle Brennan of Make Up for Lung Cancer did their make overs, Voula Theodossious of Vu La Spa did facials, and Emma StGeorges of Sweet Legs provided each woman with a free pair of pants. “The purpose is to give them

Dawn Schultze is a mother of two who has helped out at Royale Equestrian Centre for a number of special events, but has never ridden a horse. Having a professional make over was a wonderful treat for her. “The last time I had my hair done was at my sister’s wedding about eight years ago,” she said. Karla Pugh has known Bertrand since Royale Equestrian Centre opened. “I was one of the first borders here,” Pugh said. “I had my mare here. But then I had two full time jobs and I couldn’t keep the horse.” Pugh reconnected with the stable at Easter, as she brought her six-year-old son, who has high-function Autism, out for the pony rides. “He really connected with the horses and enjoyed it, and we were able to arrange for him to start riding lessons in September,” she said. “He just loves the horses and all the animals. He loves it here and has so much fun.” Seeing the happiness in her son while he is with the horses

a very special day to help them to feel special and confident,” Bertrand said. The two moms always put everyone else first and the needs of others before their own. We want to help them feel pretty and give them photos the will feel proud of.” For 13-year-old Maya Tomaro, being with the horses and the connections she has made with them at the local stable has been a wonderful way to cope with the stresses and difficulties in her life. “I love being around the horses,” said 13-year-old Maya Tomaro. “When I come here it doesn’t matter what kind of day I have had, I just want to give them a hug.” Tomaro said she was very shy the first time she went to the stable, but she immediately connected with the horses. Being a model for a day was a special experience for her. Being a photography enthusiast, the day gave her the chance to be on the other side of the camera. “I’m really thankful that people are doing this for us,” she said.

and riding makes it all worth while and takes the weight of the world off her shoulders. “It’s very rewarding to see him,” she said. “It makes me happy to see him get pure joy in something he and I can share. I was into horses when I was younger and still am now, and he shows great interest in it too. Being a single mother, you want to do what you have to do so that your child can be happy.” Being pampered and fussed over for a day was a special treat for the single mother. “Emily messaged me and asked if I could take the day off work because she wanted to do


Emily Betrand of Royale Equestrian Centre poses with Karla Pugh, Maya Tomaro and Dawn Schultze during a photo shoot in the centre’s arena Friday. Jeff Morris photo something mice for me,” she said. “I talked to my boss and

he said to do it, that I am never doing anything for myself.”


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The IndependentSPORTS

FRIDAY, december 21, 2018 Page 17

John McCrae students lace up the blades to Do it For Daron By Charlie Senack More than $1,225 was raised for the Do it for Daron foundation (DIFD) during a boys against girls hockey game organized by John McCrae Secondary School students. On December 14, around 100 hockey lovers packed the Walter Baker Centre to see the boys team face off against the girls team — supporting a good cause. Madison Hawken, a grade 11 student and one of the main organizers of the tournament said they chose to donate their profits to DIFD after hearing about Daron’s story growing up. “We have all grown up in a community that really supports mental health, and that really gives us leeway to just talk about something that’s important to us” Hawken said. “It’s not just raising the money, it’s more about getting out there and talking and spreading the message and knowing that there is someone to talk to,” added grade 11 student Kathryn Stockdale. “There are resources for you.” In November 2014, Daron Richardson, an athletic and outgoing 14-yearold, took her own life. Her parents said at the time she showed no signs of depression or mental health issues. In 2011, her parents started a charity in her honour, in hopes that other parents wouldn’t have to face the same pain they were facing. Daron was one of around 5,800 Canadian youth who committed suicide in the last 13 years. According to Youth Men-

tal Health Canada, 10 to 20 per cent of Canadian youth will be impacted by a mental illness or disorder — and that number continues to rise. Why did a group of high school students decide to hold a hockey game in support of mental health? It’s a part of a bigger project going on in their grade 11 and 12 anthropology classes. “Our teacher, Mrs. Chambers, taught us to basically unlearn everything we have previously learned and I really like it because it gives us a new way of thinking,” Hawken said. “I feel like you learn so much more by actually doing stuff in the community and helping other people.” “I know for me personally, I learn a lot better doing things,” said grade 11 student Emma Artichuk. For that reason, the 16-year-old is glad she can take part in hands on education while making a difference. The classes were asked to split up into small or medium sized groups, and find a way to give back to the community. Some groups sold dog treats and donated the profits to a local charity, others found ways to support local organizations in the community. When this group of students had the idea to host a charity hockey tournament, there goal was to raise around $800. When they surpassed that goal days before the game, they raised it to $1000. “We are really happy and we are really proud of ourselves because we didn’t think we were going to get here,” Hawken

said. The boys team ended up winning the game during a shoutout 4-3. “It was a pretty intense game,” grade 12 student Shawn Pinder said after the game. “It was a really good game for a great cause (but) It was pretty nerve wracking. I gotta give it to the girls.” Any youth who is struggling with mental health issues can call the toll free Crisis Service Canada hotline at 1.833.456.4566 or visit the Youth Services Bureau.

John MacCrea Secondary School students Chantelle Ross, Kyle Fillion and Madison Hawken all participated in the first-ever D.I.F.D girls vs. guys fundraising hockey game at the Walter Baker Centre on Dec. 14, 2018. The guys won 4-3 in a shootout. Mike Carroccetto photo

Nepean BMX founder Elio Marcantonio wins Mayor’s City Builder Award Elio Marcantonio, a Barrhaven resident, received the Mayor’s City Builder Award at the Ottawa City Council meeting Wed., Dec. 5. Marcantonio founded the BMX track, a new recreational facility on Strandherd Drive, in Barrhaven and formed the non-profit Nepean BMX Association. He acquired the land in Barrhaven with the help of Councillor Harder, and spent hundreds of hours designing and building this state-of-the-art track. The Nepean BMX Association is an inclusive and family-friendly organization that promotes a healthy and positive lifestyle. It is one of the fastest growing and largest BMX associations in North America. Since hosting its first race in June 2013, the Ne-

Elio Marcantonio of Barrhaven receives the Mayor’s City Builder Award from Mayor Jim Watson and Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder.

pean BMX track has created a positive economic benefit for the area and has become an important part of the community. The track brings in riders from across Ontario, the rest of Canada and the eastern United

States for races. Marcantonio, along with association members and volunteers, works continuously to improve the track, which hosted the Capital City Nationals in 2015, 2016 and 2018. Mr. Marcantonio

was joined at the ceremony by his wife Sarah and their three children: soon to be 14-year old son Dean and twin sister Lauren, along with daughter Ava, 16. The entire family races at the track.

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Sheareiswill qualified both or which drastically differs thatRosanne of retail settings, larger clinics doing it her way and putting patients first, they McNamee, Doctor of Audiology, disheartening. a slightwith private pay or to thirdservice party supportoffering true ed (WSIB, VAC, etc). loss, conversations can be difficult and had many interchildren and adults, whether they are private payandorsothird party and manufacturer owned chains. Hearing Freeviews for posiexhausting. What once were cherished “Hearing isto complex are today’shearing have chosen the best place trust with your focused on the number of hearing aid units she was expected dom. etc). Now, hearing aids,” McNamee explains. “Dealtions at local conversations become onerous tasks, espegraduated Audiologist, Rosanne supported (WCB, VAC, In 2001, as a newly over 15 years ing with the most qualified health care procially in group settings. Indeed, untreated dispensaries. At McNamee, Doctor ofloss Audiology, interviews for “Hearing complex arein right today’s hearing aids, ” later, she con-and establishfessional, the mostto independent setting, improperly treated hearing has a each had So, ifisyou believe insoyour the best, fullest a toorpronounced sell andnegative the company’ s affiliation tomany a given Manufacturer. tinues to help is crucial.” This grass-roots business modimpact on your qual- ment she was “Dealing theraremost qualified health positions at local dispensaries. At each establishment she was McNamee explains. patients stay with disappointed to el is very in today’s market and it is ity of life. of proper hearing health care, ” says customized service available, make sure you consult R “That was not my idea young, active find the same this refreshing approach that sets Hearing Although the negative impact of untreated care professional, in the most independent setting, is crucial. ” disappointed to find the same thing; the interviews had and socially Freedom apart from other hearing compaor improperly treated hearing loss is uni- thing; the interviews hadand noth-skills, they instead nies. Atworry Hearingwhether Freedom you versal, the details of your hearing ability, At Hearing Freedom will never orwill not you nothing to do with her knowledge McNamee. “I wanted ontomydo patients’ needs, not sales. McNameeconnected. inyou Manotick. won’t regret thenever short dr Hearing Free- worryYou with whether or not you have chosen the your hearing needs and the toolsto thatfocus could ing trust with your needs. focused on the number of hearing units she was expected have chosen the best dom place offersto best her aid knowledge help are unique to you. Consequently, place to trust withhearing your hearing needs. a program of care where, unlike larger and skills, they instead focused on the exovercoming even the slightest hearing loss So, if you believe in your right to the best, I wanted tothe be able to consider everything available, not just So,andif you believe toand themost best, fullestservice and availmost sellachieved and affiliation a given Manufacturer. chains, there is in no your prede-right speed of service delivery, the num- companies istobest if thecompany’s solution selected is pected to fullest customized product orservice plan. Each and every make ber of hearing aid units she was expected to termined just as“That distinctive you are. To achieve able, make sureyou you consult Hearing Freeof proper hearing health care, ” says customized available, sure consult Rosanne wasas not my idea patient’s intervention planisis free. as unique as domvisits sell and the company’s affiliation to a given profit all products available need to be con- the in Manotick. You won’t regret the Parking Home optional. Wheelchair fri thethis, product lines providing employer the biggest are. The experience begins with sidered and discussed. Fortunately, short drive! McNamee. “I wanted to focusat onManufacturer. my patients’ needs, not sales. they McNamee in Manotick. Youa won’t regret the short drive! “That was not my idea of proper hearing thorough assessment which is followed by Hearing Freedom, this level of personalI wanted to be abletotobe consider everything just Fordiscussion more information visit www.hearingfreedom.co margins. wanted driven bycare,” satisfied customers and by needs and continued health says available, McNamee. “Inot wanted to a detailed ized detail isIheld paramount. Locally grown, owned and operated, this focus on my patients’ needs, not sales. I follow-up.

Diningto a given liation Out proper hearing h on my patients’ n er everything av Looking forward to the Holidays? he employer the n by satisfied cus

grity Integrity s Top Quality No Shortcuts

Givi Parking is free. Home visits optional. Wheelchair Friendly. For more information visit www.hearingfreedom.com

Parking isthere free. Home the product linesa providing employer biggest profit Furthermore, are no Hearingvisits Instru- optional. Wheelchair friendly. wanted to be ablethe to consider everything Manotick clinic adopts unique and re-the or Hearing Instrument available, not justcustomers the product lines providfreshing approach to patient care driven which by ForPractitioners more information visit www.hearingfreedom.com. margins. I wanted to be satisfied and by ment

andIntegrity Top Quality and with No Shortcuts with

Giving you Hearing Freedom! Giving you Hearing Freedom!

Call today to book Giving you Hearing Freedom! Call today to b Call to book yourtoday appointment your appointment

your appointm




5528 Ann Street Manotick, ONStreet K4M1A2 5528 Ann

Manotick, ON K4M 1A2 Rosanne McNamee Doctor of Audiology

Rosanne McNamee Doctor of Audiology

www.HearingFreedom.com www.HearingFreedom.com

TEL: (613) 692-7375

Tel: (613) 692-7375

5528 Ann Stree Manotick, ON K4M

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Winter & Holiday Service Starts December 23 New Winter Service New winter schedules and service adjustments start Sunday, December 23.

Routes 283 and 301 will continue to be detoured around roadwork on the Richmond Bridge in the village of Richmond.

Schedule and Service Changes This winter, schedule changes are being made to respond to the changing needs of customers. New timetables are available for the following routes, which have schedule changes: 38, 80, 89, 95, 105, 153, 175, 275 (new), 277, 278 & 283.

For more details on winter schedules, travel planning assistance, and new timetables, customers should call OC Transpo at 613-741-4390 or visit octranspo.com. Printed timetables are also available at OC Transpo Customer Service Centres.

New Connexion service in Barrhaven

Holiday Service

New Connexion Route 275 will be introduced on Monday, December 24 by renumbering some trips on Route 95 between Cambrian Road and downtown. Route 275 will provide Barrhaven residents an additional peak period option, with limited stops between Tunney’s Pasture Station and Hunt Club Road.

December 24 to January 4 A special revised service will operate during the holidays for a two week period from December 24 to January 4. Special school trips will not operate during this period.


Route 275 in Barrhaven Paul Métivier Golflinks

St ra M nd ar he ke rd Ba tpl rrh ace av en C.

e al kv oc ST-JOSEPH



River Mist

School Trips to De La Salle Renumbered Route 9 school trips between Hurdman Station and De La Salle High School will be renumbered as Route 609 starting in the new year. Trip times will remain the same.

Construction Detours 2019 Elgin Street road closure Routes 5 and 14 will be detoured downtown starting in January for the Elgin Street Renewal Project. Customers who use these routes should allow for additional travel time. For detailed information on these detours, visit octranspo.com.


Have a safe and happy holiday. Take transit. OC Transpo and Para Transpo services will be FREE after 8 p.m. on December 31. A reduced weekday service will be running, so check your schedule before heading out.

CHRISTMAS DAY, December 25 and NEW YEAR’S DAY, January 1 A Sunday schedule will operate, so only those routes that normally run on Sunday will be in service.

Kilbirnie MINTO Rec. Complex Complex Réc. MINTO




Mackenzie King


BOXING DAY, December 26 A Saturday schedule will operate with extra service on busy routes. Shopper Route 303 will be in service. December 24, 27, 28 and 31 and January 2-4 A reduced weekday schedule will operate on many bus routes since many riders are on holidays. This means that trip times may vary on all routes, so call 613-560-1000 or text 560560 plus your four-digit bus stop number, or visit octranspo.com.

New Service Map Available Online Customers can go to octranspo.com/ready4rail and see how Ottawa’s transit network will be transformed after O-Train Line 1 opens. The New Service Map is an interactive tool that lets you explore the city’s future transit network. You can also learn about how your trip will change and what service will be offered in your neighborhood.

Para Transpo Holiday Bookings Para Transpo will operate a holiday service on Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Days. Regular scheduled trips are automatically cancelled. Customers may book trips by calling 613-244-7272 on or after: • • •

December 18 for Christmas Day bookings December 19 for Boxing Day bookings December 25 for New Year’s Day bookings

Don’t forget to suspend your regular bookings if you are on vacation during the holiday season.

INFO 613-741-4390 octranspo.com

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4 bay steel construction on large corner lot with front reception & 3 formal offices

6909 Mckeown Drive - Greely - $1,820,000

4 Bedroom, 4 Bath single family home. Finished basement can also be used as in law suite

3 bedrooms, 3 bath. Spacious kitchen with granite counters. Master bedroom with ensuite

327 Twinflower Way. Barrhaven $389,900 3 Bedroom on main floor. 2 bedroom in lower level. Live in one and rent the other

818 Long Point Circle - Riverside South - $697,900

5040 Limebank Rd. - Riverside South - $640,000

3 Bedroom Bungalow. Fully finished basement. Hardwood on main floor. A must see.

4 Bedroom single family home. ‘ Located on a huge private lot with no rear neighbors.

1 Lewiston - Barrhaven - $599,900

6724 Farmstead - North Gower - $529,900

As you celebrAte christmAs, mAke wonderful memories thAt will linger in your home, mAke greAt friendships thAt will lAst A lifetime And mAy this seAson be filled with peAce And joy.


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Barrhaven Independent December 21 2018  

Barrhaven Independent December 21 2018

Barrhaven Independent December 21 2018  

Barrhaven Independent December 21 2018

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