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FRIDAY • April 5 • 2019

LRT Phase 2 will open up options for local commuters Trillium Line expansion to Riverside South expected to be completed in 2022

By Charlie Senack and Jeff Morris Shovels for Phase 2 of Ottawa’s LRT system will soon be in the ground. On March 22, Ontario Premier Doug Ford confirmed the province would put $1.208 billion towards the $4.65-billion Phase 2 LRT project. It’s the same amount of provincial funding the previous Wynne Liberal government committed to for the 44-kilometre rail expansion. “Our government is a strong supporter of public transit and making life easier for the people on Ontario,” Ford said during a press conference at OC Transpo’s Belfast Yards on Friday. “This project will transform the way people in Ottawa and commuters travel throughout this great city,” he added. Under the Phase 2 LRT expansion, the Confederation Line will travel to Montreal Road and Orleans in the east, and Moodie Drive and Base-

line Station in the west. The Trillium line will also be expanded in two directions, going to the airport in the south end of the city, and Limebank Road in Riverside South. While the full Phase 2 expansion isn’t expected to be finished until 2025, the Trillium line expansion out to Riverside South is expected to be the first piece completed sometime in 2022. The purpose of extending the LRT line out to Limebank Rd is to plan ahead for the growing community of Riverside South which currently houses 16,000 residents, and is growing by about 2,000 people per year. The Ottawa Stage 2 LRT project will be capable of reaching a future capacity of up to 24,000 passengers per hour, each way during peak periods. “This is great for Riverside South, but it is also great for the entire rural south end of the city,” commented Osgoode Councillor George Darouze.

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford was joined by Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod, Councillor Jan Harder and other local and provincial dignitaries for last week’s LRT announcement. Charlie Senack photo

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The IndependentNEWS

FRIDAY, April 5, 2019 Page 3

LRT continues from page 1 “People from Manotick, Osgoode, Greely and Metcalfe, as well as other communities south of the city, will be using the LRT and catching it at Bowesville Road. There will also be people from Barrhaven who come across the bridge to use it. The LRT will just open up different options for commuters in the rural south end to get downtown.” Mayor Jim Watson says this is the biggest and most expensive project the city has ever taken on, and sur-

passes the building of highway 417 and the Rideau Canal. Once the project is completed, he says 77 per cent of Ottawa residents will live within five kilometres of light rail service. “When stage two is completed, it will connect residents to our cities major centres of employment, our four post secondary institutions, shopping centres, and important cultural and tourism tourist attractions,” Watson said, adding that 24 new stations will be built. It will also help elimin-

that will go over the Vimy Memorial Bridge. But while this is being seen as a big boost to the city, questions are now circulating as to why the city awarded SNC-Lavalin the contract to extend and maintain the Trillium Line, even though the company failed to meet the minimum technical threshold during the light rail bid. Still, Watson and city officials are defending the process, and says he has full confidence in the procurement process.

ate 900,000 annual bus trips into downtown, and will take 14,000 cars off of city roads during rush hour. It is also expected to reduce greenhouse emissions in the city by 110,000 tons a year. And while Phase 2 will not directly impact Barrhaven residents, commuters will be able to take the trains to Baseline traction, and take the bus rapid Transitway the rest of the way. Barrhaven residents will also be able to take the trains to Riverside South, where they can hop on a bus

“It was approved by the fairness commissioner, approved unanimously by the selection committee, and most importantly it’s the best deal for taxpayers,” Watson said. “It was done by staff. It wasn’t politicians,” he added. “We don’t have the expertise to make those decisions.” The 27-year contract to SNC-Lavalin is valued at $1.6 billion, and came in at $230 million more than what the city wanted to spend. SNC says they

promise to save the city $100 million over the three decade-long contract. And in order to build the Trillium Line expansion, the city will have to close the existing line from Bayview to Greenboro stations, in order to finish the project. During that time OC Transpo buses will have a parallel route in place. And once Phase 2 is completed in 2025, Mayor Watson says Phase 3 will be started which will bring the trains into Kanata, Barrhaven and Stittsville.

Achieving results for all Canadians and residents of Nepean Since taking office, our government has fulfilled many of its promises: • Passed the Middle Class Tax Cut to bring relief to more than 9 million Canadians. • Introduced the Canada Child Benefit • Simplified the Canada Student Loans • Repealed unfair provisions of Bill C-24 in the Citizenship Act • Strengthened the Canada Pension Plan • Invested $2.97 billion in public transit infrastructure in Ontario

In addition... • Created 77,000 jobs across the country, including over 200 in Nepean through the Canada Summer Jobs program. Our riding received $673,000 in funding! • Created the MP Chandra Arya Outstanding Achievement award and gave Kindle e-readers and $500 cash awards to graduating students at 23 elementary, middle and high schools in Nepean. • Consulted constituents on key issues such as Budget 2016, Climate Change and Electoral Reform. We are planning several more town halls as well.

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Barrhaven late night car thefts on the rise

Zee Mirzayee, 24, normally works as a Mechanic at Donnelley Ford. However, when he woke up Saturday morning to go to a chiropractor appointment, he did not suspect his car, along with his wallet, to be taken right from outside his front door. “I had gone home at around 11:30 p.m. or 12 a.m. on Friday,” said Mirazyee. “I parked my car in front of the house on the side of the street, however, I forgot my keys inside the car.” Mirzayee never suspected anything like this would happen in his quiet Barrhaven neighbourhood. But car thefts have become a concern in both Barrhaven and Riverside South. One police officer told the Independent that the cars are quickly moved to Montreal and are shipped overseas. Honda vehicles are in particular demand by thieves. Mirzayee first thought a sibling might have the car, and then thought perhaps it was towed. “I called the city to see if it maybe got towed but they said it wasn’t on their tow list,” said Mirzayee. “It wasn’t until after that I realized that my wallet was in my car.” Upon this discovery, Mirzayee decided to take a different approach. “I went and checked my banking activity and I saw that someone used my cards at a gas station, so I called the police and informed them that my car had been stolen.” There it was, the truth laid wide open. “I called the card companies and they told me that the cards had been used at around 3 or 4 in the morning at some gas stations as well as trying to use it online,” said Mirzayee. “I cancelled all my cards, now I’m just waiting to hear back.” Mirzayee claimed that his neighbour’s car was also broken into the same night, where her wallet and several valuables were apparently stolen. Though, it could be said she was fortunate enough to not have had her vehicle taken as well. Similarly, according to CrimeReports there was a report for a theft of a vehicle near Rutlege Street on Mar. 25, while on the 27 there were three separate reports of thefts from cars. One on Hathaway Drive, 9 p.m., another on Pavona Street listed at the same time and one on Waterbridge Drive at 8 p.m. While there it would only be speculation to say they are connected, it is still a wise idea to take necessary measures in preventing your car from being broken into. Especially if you live in the Barrhaven area, given the recent rise in break ins as well. Keenan Smith-Soro and Jeff Morris


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One tin soldier rides away It’s funny how you seem to recall where you were an what you were doing when you recall certain things. I saw a reference in an article I read last week to Jack Babcock, who was the last survivor of World War I. It made me remember a simple commute home from work about 15 years ago. I was near Seattle, driving along I-5, listening to the news and talk station waiting to hear “Traffic and Weather on the Ones.” I surfed the radio a lot in those days, as I had an hourand-a-half commute each way from Puyallup to Lynwood. But I never forgot the interview with Jack Babcock, and how intrigued I was by his story. He lived in Washington State, though he was originally from the Sydenham area. He had moved to Spokane some 80 years earlier, but it was charming that he still had an emotional connection to his Eastern Ontario roots. He referred to himself as a “tin soldier” in that interview. I had never really heard that term used before, other than from the late 60s folk/rock song I heard a lot as a kid. But even the fact that Babcock, who was north of his 100th birthday, had the wits to use such a clever metaphor in itself exemplified the humility that made him the perfect Canadian soldier. “They said I could have a state funeral, but I don’t want anything like that,” he said in the interview. “State funerals should be for the real soldiers who fought in the trenches and faced the enemy. All I did was do what I was told, dig ditches and load and unload some trucks.” Babcock’s story was not an unusual one. He grew up on the Crater Dairy Farm in Frontenac County. The farm, named for the Holleford Crater that was left by a meteor strike on the property, is now in its fifth generation of being owned and operated by the Babcock family. Jack was underage when he enlisted, and like thousands of other underagers, he was drawn by the lucrative salary of $1.10 per day – more than twice as much as he could make on the farm. His father had died in an accident while cutting down a tree when Jack was six. Claiming he was 18, Jack was recruited in Sydenham and joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He was sent to Valcartier, and it was discovered during his physical that he was underage. He was given A-4 status, physically fit but underage. He made it to Halifax, where he loaded freight onto army trucks and dug ditches. In August, 1917, the 16-year-old Babcock got the chance to go overseas as part of the Young Soldiers Battalion. He landed in Liver-

pool and was sent to Bexhlll-on-Sea to train with other soldiers, many of whom had seen battle action in France. Although Babcock heard stories of horror from the front lines, it was his dream to be there, fighting arm in arm, with his fellow Canadian soldiers. “I wasn’t smart enough to be scared,” was one of the lines I vividly reFROM THE member from that interview. The war would end, he said, before he got the chance to get to the front lines. The end of the Great War was hardly a time of by Jeff Morris glory for the young Canadian soldier. In France, soldiers had to be 19 years old to see active combat. Babcock was 18 years old in October, 1918, when he and some of his Canadian friends headed to Wales on leave and went to a dance hall. The Canadians were kicked out of the dance hall by British Army Veterans. Babcock explained how they decided to go back into the hall and “clean things up.” A dust up ensued, a Canadian soldier was stabbed in the thigh with a British cadet’s bayonet, and Babcock and his friends were handed two weeks of house arrest. Before the two weeks were up, the war ended, the Armistice had been signed, and Babcock was on his way home. Babcock returned home and would become an electrician. At 21, he would head to San Francisco, and would eventually join the United States Army, reaching the rank of Sergeant. In 1941, when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, Babcock tried to enlist for active duty. He was once again rejected because of his age, this time because he was too old. Babcock became a U.S. citizen in 1946 and had a career as an industrial salesman. He became a pilot at the age of 65, and when he was 95, he would earn his high school diploma. Jack Babcock said he didn’t deserve attention as a soldier because he “didn’t really do anything.” However, he saw the importance of being the last link to one of the most horrific wars in history. He didn’t want people to forget the war or let it fade into obscurity. In February, 2010, Babcock passed away at his home in Spokane after a bout with pneumonia. Queen Elizabeth II, whom Babcock had joked was “a nice looking gal” when she extended birthday wishes to him in 2007, acknowledged his passing two months later, on the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Maybe in his own eyes, Jack Babcock was a tin soldier. But to us, he was a piece of Canadian history that both linked us to, and defined, a generation and a war that will never be forgotten.


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The IndependentNEWS

Autism funding protesters march from Barrhaven to Parliament Hill


By Charlie Senack

The day before new Ontario autism funding changes came into effect, a few hundred parental advocates who are against the changes marched from Barrhaven to Parliament Hill to show they are not giving up their fight. Starting April 1, families with autistic children up to the age of six will receive $20,000 per annum for support, while children age seven or more will be eligible until they turn 18 for $5,000 a year. And while the parents are welcoming that funding, they say it’s not nearly enough to cover Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs that can cost families up to $100,000 a year. Barrhaven resident Kerry Monaghan has two children on the autism spectrum, and says the ABA supports her family has been receiving has been helping. Her almost 6-year-old son Jack has a severe diagnosis, and with that comes some severe challenges. He currently receives $82,000 worth of Ontario Autism Program (OAP) services a year, but that funding stopped when the new changes came into effect. “When we leave the house with him, we often require a 2/1 ratio for him. He’s very difficult to manage, he’s in a specialized classroom, he needs a profound amount of help,” she said. “He’s been getting that help for a year (and) we have been seeing

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Proudly serving you since 1936! Protesters marched to Parliament Hill from the Barrhaven office of Nepean MPP Lisa MacLeod last week. tremendous progress over the past year through the OAP.” Charlotte, Monaghan’s almost three-and-a-half-yearold daughter, however, has a mild case of autism, and was diagnosed early at 22 months. Her struggles have been with speech and developmental delays, but has been improving since she was put in an OAP program. Monaghan, however, has been forced to pay for that therapy out of pocket because Charlotte has been on the OAP waiting list for 22 months.

“Our family has been putting out at least $4,000 a month since August 2016, towards ABA therapy, which is roughly $55 an hour — or a dollar a minute is how I like to describe it,” she said. “The idea was we were comfortable going into debt and spending our savings knowing that we would be able to recover once both of the children were in service, and now we’re at a point where our backs are against the wall (and) we are broke.” The Next Step Autism March which started at MPP

Lisa MacLeod’s office in Nepean on March 31, was supported by hundreds who joined in at different parts of the walk. Many local politicians also took part including Barrhaven MP Chandra Arya, and Ottawa-Centre MPP Joel Harden, who is the NDP critic for persons with disabilities. Monaghan says the group will continue holding protests all across the city — including at MacLeod’s constituency office — u tip their voices are heard, and they get more support for their children.

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The IndependentNEWS


Pattern suggests break ins on the rise in Barrhaven By Keenan P. Smith-Soro Since September of 2018, Ottawa has seen approximately 68 break-ins, all of which have occurred in the same areas. On Wednesday, March. 25, several public meetings were held with Deputy Chief Steve Bell and Barrhaven Community Police Officer, Cst. Sherry Jordan to make announcements and generate discussion surrounding the issue of break

ins occurring in Barrhaven, Kanata and, Stonebridge areas. It was announced at the meeting that the Ottawa Police have made three arrests, along with one pending in relation to the organized break-ins. The official area of where the arrests were made was not detailed by the officers. However, Cst. Amy Gagnon wrote in an email that there have officially been four arrests made and all

four of the individuals have been charged. Gagnon also wrote that there have been approximately 18 incidents reported in Barrhaven in 2019. Barrhaven’s Councillor Jan Harder was also present at the meeting, though she later discussed the issue via phone interview. “I can tell when there’s a pattern,� said Harder. “Especially when I get a lot of emails about the same topic and just as importantly

when I’m in the community at the grocery store and someone will say, ‘I’ve been meaning to ask you, what’s going on my neighbour had a break in.’� A pattern isn’t necessarily far off. In fact, according to articles from both CBC and CTV News reported there were 20 in September 2018, October saw 21, November to December saw 12 and from January up until now, approximately 15.


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The IndependentNEWS break ins continues from page 6 Technically, that means in the past seven months -- there have been approximately 68 break and enters in those three areas. Though It should be noted that this is over the span of several months, spread across the different areas; of which are not small. Harder also expressed that

there had been some confusion for a few individuals in the community about how many break ins have occurred. “Someone the other day had told me there had been 90,” said Harder. “I thought to myself, 90? But shortly after I realized that it was not those numbers.” While it certainly isn’t 90, there have been approxi-

mately 68 over the past seven months. Despite this number being high over a period of time, it is probably enough to warrant taking some cautionary steps. Harder went on to state that the police provided a detailed list of precautions residents can take in order to help prevent theft, help each-other and keep the community safe.

What you can do? -Be the nosy neighbour -Set up a neighbourhood watch -Report Suspicious activity -Don’t keep valuables in the master bedroom -Buy a safe -Don’t answer the door to strangers -Invest in good door and window locks -Invest in a door bell camera or home security -Schedule a home safety audit with

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Page 8 FRIDAY, April 5, 2019


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Break a leg! Spring CAPPIES season is underway

By Mike Carroccetto

For fans of the arts in the Barrhaven area, springtime offers ample opportunity to catch a high school play (or two). From April 4-6, students at Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School (LDHSS) will stage The Addams Family, a 1991 American supernatural black comedy based on the characters from the cartoon. This musical comedy focuses on a bizarre, macabre, aristocratic family who reconnect with whom they be-

lieve to be a long-lost relative (he’s actually a con artist). LDHSS is located at 149 Berrigan Dr., corner of Longfields Dr. All three performances of The Addams Family begin at 7 p.m. in Alex Getty Auditorium. Next week (April 10-12), St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School will stage The Wizard of Oz at 7 p.m. There is also a children’s matinee at 1 p.m. on April 6 and a student’s matinee at noon on April 8. When a sudden twister in Kansas sends Dorothy and her little dog Toto to the magical land of Oz,

our heroine must travel to the be staged in the gymnasium are available at the reEmerald City to seek help. at St. Joe’s (3333 Greenbank spective schools and at the Oz is a classic tale, one we Rd.) at 7 p.m. on Thursday, door. The CAPPIES is an all know and love. May 2 and Friday, May 3. international high school St. FX is located at 3740 EDITOR’S NOTE: Tickets arts program. Twenty-five Spratt Rd. in Riverside South. In early May, St. Joseph High School students will present Murder’s in the Heir. This play by Billy St. John is a hilarious whodunnit which captures the attention of its audience with quick wit and Stevens Creek offers a full interactive dialogue. And, Stevens Creek offersand full Stevens Creek offers aa full service equine boarding horse audience members (that’s service equine boarding and horse service equine boarding and horse training facility. We offer riding Stevens Creek offers a full us!) get to vote on who they training facility. We offer riding We offer riding lessons for students of all horse ages, service equine boarding and Stevens Creek offers a full believe the killer is. lessons for students of all ages, lessons for students of all ages, pony club, and a competitive and training facility. We offerand riding service equine boarding horse Murder’s in the Heir will pony club, and aa competitive and recreational rider program. pony club, and competitive and lessons for facility. students ofoffer all ages, training We riding recreational rider program. recreational rider program. pony lessons club, and a competitive and for students of all ages, ● Introductory Lessons recreational rider program. Monthly pony●●club, and aLessons competitive Introductory Lessons and ● Spring and fallprogram. sessions recreational rider

schools in the OttawaGatineau area are participating this year. The public is most welcome to attend these high school plays.

Stevens Creek Creek Farm Farm Stevens

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Adult Education

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Owners: Andy de St. Croix and Teddie Laframboise Adult Group going out on a ride in the country. Contact: contactstevenscreek@gmail.com Owners: Andy de St. Croix and Teddie Laframboise Website: http://www.stevenscreekfarm.ca/ 613-489-0248 Monthly Lessons Adult Group going out on a ride in the country. Contact: ​contactstevenscreek@gmail.com Spring and fall sessionsAndy Owners: de St. Croix and Teddie Laframboise Website: ​http://www.stevenscreekfarm.ca/

Contact: Owners: Website: Stevens Creek Farm, Contact:

Adult Group going out on a ride in the country.

​contactstevenscreek@gmail.com Andy de St. Croix and Teddie Laframboise ttp://www.stevenscreekfarm.ca/ 6439 Second​c​h Line Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A 2E0 ​613-489-0248 ontactstevenscreek@gmail.com

​http://www.stevenscreekfarm.ca/ Andy de St. Croix and Teddie Laframboise Stevens Creek Farm, 6439 Second Line Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A 2E0 ​613-489-0248 Contact: ​contactstevenscreek@gmail.com StevensWebsite: Creek Farm, 6439 Second Line Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A 2E0 ​613-489-0248 ​http://www.stevenscreekfarm.ca/ Website: Owners:

Stevens Creek Farm, 6439 Second Line Rd.,Kars, Ontario., K0A 2E0

Stevens Creek Farm

Play, learn, Have Fun

Stevens CreekFarm Farm Stevens Creek Riding Lessons

Stevens Creek offers a full Stevens Creek offersand fullhorse Stevens offers aa full service equineCreek boarding service equine boarding andriding horse service equine boarding trainingCreek facility. We offer Stevens offers aand fullhorse facility. We ofoffer riding riding lessons for students ages, service training equine boarding horse Stevens Creek offersandalla full lessons ofof allall ages, lessons forandstudents students ages,and pony club,for training facility. Wea competitive offer riding service equine boarding and horse pony club, aa competitive program.and ponyrecreational club, and and rider competitive and

lessons for facility. studentsrider all ages, training Weofoffer riding recreational program. recreational rider program. ponylessons club, and a competitive and for students of all ages, ● Introductory Lessons recreational rider program.

Riding Lessons Summer Camps Riding Lessons Adult Education Summer Camps Adult Education

Summer Camps Adult Education Adult Education


FRIDAY, April 5, 2019 Page 9


The IndependentNEWS

Lépine Luxury Apartments offers a new lease on lifestyle Howard Grant Terrace will bring luxury apartment living to Barrhaven in spring of 2021

A new lease on lifestyle is about simplifying your life, not downsizing it. That’s the message that has driven the Lépine family as they have helped many Ottawa residents upgrade their lifestyles in a Lépine luxury apartment. Lépine is bringing its luxury apartment living concept to Barrhaven. Already in Kanata Lakes, Carleton Place and the Vanier Parkway, the Lépine Apartments building will offer first class amenities in what will be some of Ottawa’s finest buildings. While the amenities and the finishes will make for a beautiful building, the foundation has to have a strong and reliable framework. “The bones have to be solid,” said Francesca LépineWilson. Francesca and her brother, Francis, learned the business from their father, René, a world-class developer. By solid bones, Francesca means that her family’s buildings feature thick concrete floors, R40 insulation in the exterior walls, thick sound insulation, and windows that are above code to ensure both energy efficiency and an increased level of soundproofing. Each property constructed by Lépine comes with open lounge areas, massage chairs, recreation rooms, pools, and fitness centres, all with secure and interconnected access from every unit. Residents can relax with friends, hit the gym, or unwind in the luxurious saltwater pool without having to think twice about

the weather or time of day. There are even terraces with barbecues and guest suite hosting for visiting family. Underground, there are spacious, climate-controlled lockers and parking for bikes, cars, and other belongings. A number of parking stalls are prepared with outlets for charging electric cars. Francis Lépine’s vision was to redesign the traditional apartment building bring apartment rentals to the 21st century. “We call it a new generation of rentals,” Francesca said. “It’s rethinking rentals and making them feel more like a home. We want it to be more like something you would build yourself with more attention to detail.” The Lépines built and eventually sold the Williams Court complex in Kanata.

They currently have four new buildings built or being built in the Ottawa area. Les Terrasses Francesca is a high-end luxury building with 24/7 security at the door, underground parking and free guest parking. It is on the site of the former Franciscan nuns’ convent at 1425 Vanier Parkway. Units range from 825 to 1,725 square feet. The building includes a gathering place called ‘Main Street’. Residents have access to a saltwater pool, fitness centre, yoga studio and a lounge with pool table and large-screen TV. There’s also a reception room with a full caterer’s kitchen and a baby grand piano in the foyer. Johanne’s Court opens near the downtown core in Carleton Place on July 1, the first building of its kind in the quaint and charming

town southwest of Ottawa. The building is a low-rise, concrete structure with underground parking and suites ranging from 926 to 1,389 square feet. Rent includes heat, air conditioning, hot water, six appliances, window coverings, locker and bicycle storage. The 2019 expansion will include amenities such as a fitness centre and party room. Lépine calls its Kanata Lakes building, Saint Émilion, “La crème de la crème”. Opening in the fall, it is surrounded by green spaces with ponds and walkways. It is located at 1136 Maritime Way, and it will feature just 154 units sized between 835 and 2,187 square feet. The building will include a fitness centre and party room with a caterer’s kitchen. It’s just two blocks from the Kanata Cen-

Lépine luxury apartment buildings include salt water pools for the relaxation of residents and their guests.




René Lépine’s vision becomes a family affair With humble beginnings in home construction in Montreal, René Lépine would leave an historic signature on the skyline of his home city. When Montreal was awarded the 1976 Olympic Games, a new stadium was to be built, and with it, an athlete’s village. While the stadium side of the project was one that presented decades-long challenges to the city, it was René who designed and built Montreal’s Olympic Village on time and on budget. This was a remarkable achievement considering the initial contractor’s project fell apart just 14 months before the 1976 Games. René gained valuable experience as a builder during the housing boom of the 1950s. He would move on to work on high-rises and condominium projects beginning in the 1960s. In 1997, he renovated Horizon Towers at Rideau and Chapel Streets. While the project was something different from the norm for the company, the Lépines identified a new and emerging niche market that would escort them into the next generation of building. “My father always had a knack for being ahead of the curve,” said Francesca. With the baby boom generation aging and approaching retirement, many found themselves wanting more freedom to travel and shed the responsibilities of home ownership. However, options were limited. They were too young to live in seniors’ homes. They did not want the burden of ownership that condos presented, and apartment options were more geared toward student life. “We came up with a more appropriate option that allows them to downsize without compromise,” Francesca explained. René brought his children up in the industry, and created a solid foundation for a strong family business. He raised Francis and Francesca on the golden rule of property management: Put yourself in your client’s shoes; treat them as you would like to be treated.


Simplify life with modern apartment accommodations and amenities in Ottawa’s finest buildings.


the spring of 2021. The suites will range from more modest sizes to large and spacious. For more information on Lépine’s luxury apartments, visit www.lepineapartments. com.




trum entertainment and retail centre and minutes from golf and the Canadian Tire Centre. The newest Lépine project, Howard Grant Terrace in Barrhaven, is an 18-storey highrise scheduled to open in

L E P I N E A PA RT M E N T S . C O M 613.714.9675


Page 10 FRIDAY, April 5, 2019


The IndependentFOCUS ON YOUTH Future law student remains passionate about writing and literature

Name: Sydney Wheeler


Age: 17


School: St. Francis Xavier High Grade: 12 Parents: Victor Wheeler (Dad) Sisters: Avery (14), grade nine, St. FX. Charlotte (8), grade two, St. Jerome. Pet: Josie Camilla SanchezWheeler. “My Boston-Terrier Chihuahua who is five years old.” Part-time Work: “I currently work on weekends for Urbandale, a Construction company in Riverside South.” Favourite Subjects: Law, History and English What do you enjoy reading? “I adore reading fiction novels, mostly romance. I read frequently, but I rarely read articles and newspapers. It’s almost exclusively novels.”

by Phill Potter

my favourite novel of all time – The Picture of Dorian Gray.” What is your greatest accomplishment? “I’ve written a multitude of novels throughout my life. My writing has gotten me into Canterbury High School, which I attended for two years. It also allowed for me to get many publishing offers and opportunities to expand my writing. Literature in general, is absolutely my greatest accomplishment.” Activities/interests: “I love to write. It’s one of my favourite pastimes – as well as reading. I’ve never been a fan of sports, nor have I ever been very good at them. I’ve always been more academically inclined. Anything to do with literature, is how I prefer to spend my time.”

Why did you get inWho is your favourite volved in what you do? author? “Without a doubt, “I began reading at a very LATEST AD!!!!!!!!!!!!_Diversitea Ad 12/18/18 7:54 PM Page 1 Oscar Wilde is my favour- young age (before kinderite author. He has produced garten), and found myself

wanting to write more as I grew up. By the time I hit middle school, I was writing full novels, and I loved doing it. There is really no interesting story to why I picked up writing. It’s merely something I’ve enjoyed as long as I can remember.” Career Goals: “I’ve been accepted into Carleton University with a scholarship offer, as well as an Entrance Award for my academics. I plan to live in residency for the first year to “live the University experience”, as my dada puts Remove Person_Ad copy 12/18/18 7:56 PM Page 1 it. I will be studying Law, Business, and Government for my undergraduate education. From there I hope to be accepted into law school, preferably at Ottawa U or U of T, both of which have Sydney Wheeler is hoping to go to law school and work in the legal profession. Phill Potter photo extraordinary reputations for their law programs. I hope to become a criminal lawyer, after seven or more years of exclusive schooling. Law includes an immense amount of writing, and as mentioned previously, something I enjoy. I’m also quite fond of arguing – or debating, (for a more appropriate term). The law profession has a fair amount of all these things I love to do, which is why I am so interested in it.”



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Shop online at diversitea.ca

Photo Restoration

Ottawa, Ont. 613.425.1301

Susan Potter PHOTOGRAPHIC RESTORATION and DIGITAL SERVICES Over 30 years experience.

By Appointment Only – Day or Evening at Your Convenience

Call 613.425.1301



176 Flat Sedge Cres. Ottawa, ON K1T 0G9


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The Independent#MYBARRHAVEN Deep roots of the community are strong at Prince of Wales Manor

The Barrhaven Business

Profile is brought to you by the Barrhaven BIA. We encourage you to shop locally and support the businesses that create jobs and support so many organizations and events in our wonderful community. For more on all of the great things Barrhaven has to offer, visit www.barrhavenbia and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @barrhavenbia.

Prince of Wales Manor is located at the corner of Prince of Wales and Strandherd.

Want to Pay More Call theM!

Want to Pay less? Call Us!

2.99 % Full Service BrokerAge

including Buying & Selling Agent Fee.


Sean Hobbs Broker of Record

Barrhaven Village Square

No Up-front Fees! Just full Professional Service.

Tim Lyons Sales Representative

Longfields Dr.

1581 Greenbank rd nepean

Strandherd Dr.

however, is what Van Dam says sets Prince of Wales Manor apart. “Some homes focus on being big and shiny and sell you on being five stars,” Van Dam said. “But what makes us different is the feeling here. People feel the hominess we have here. There is a warmth here that makes it a special place for our residents.” Van Dam said that many of the residents are lifelong residents of the area and often reminisce about how the area where the home is, in addition to much of Barrhaven, was all farm fields back a generation ago. “We have a number of residents who were farmers in the area, and they love to

reminisce,” Van Dam said. “They connect when they come back here. Many of the people here are the people who built this community. Now, they share their memories of Barrhaven and how the community began.” Those memories, Van Dam says, attract other people from the area to Prince of Wales Manor. “It’s definitely a selling point for us,” she said. “So many things change when people age, but they recognize familiarity. They remember and they reminisce about memories. Our residents will recognize people from the community or people from church. We see it so many times. “When people walk into Prince of Wales Manor, there is a feeling of belonging. It’s a feeling of coming home.” Prince of Wales Manor is hosting an open house Sat. May 4 from 1-4 p.m. To RSVP, call 1.844.472.8372.

Berrigan Dr.

It’s a piece of the community within the community. That’s the way that Monica Van Dam of Prince of Wales Manor describers the Revera retirement home. “A lot of our people are local, and they will come here and reconnect with people they knew 30 or 40 years ago,” Van Dam said. “It’s nice for them to connect with people they have memories with.” The street address for Prince of Wales Manor is 22 Barnstone Drive, but the home is located at the corner of Prince of Wales and Strandherd, overlooking the beautiful Vimy Bridge. Van Dam says the view of the bridge is beautiful, and it is a big attraction for people who live and visit there. Prince of Wales Manor offers assisted living, independent living and memory care, as well as first class dining and amenities. The quality of care the residents receive and the connection to the community,

ven Barrha e quar iV llage S

Greenbank Rd.

ugh o n E g i B you. e v r e s to gh u o n e l l Sma ! to care

SeLL W O N e W

! R E E B

Chris Kimball, Franchisee Sobeys Barrhaven

Locally owned and operated

1581 Greenbank Rd., Village Square Mall


7 am-11Pm 7 DaYS a WEEK

Now accepting Air Miles

(613) 825-5495


Page 12 FRIDAY, April 5, 2019



m.o.t. conStRuctIon.... Additions, Basements, Bathrooms, Renos & Repairs. Come visit our Model Home 613-749-0209 mot666@rogers.com

RIcHmond FamIlY FISHIng & tackle Swap Saturday April 6, 2019 - 9am to 2 pm – South Carleton High School, 3673 McBean Street Richmond. Admission: $5 for a family of 5 with a non-perishable food item. $7 without the food item. Table rentals and information – Call: 613-794-3474

(B7 thru to B11)

Are you looking for a good tradesman? Over 30 years’ experience in Tile and Marble Specializing in bathroom renos but very diversified. including interlock, patio stones and much more call Vince @ 613-797-3213 (B7, M8, B8, M9)

maSonRY cReatIonS: Brick, stone, cultured stone, block, poured steps, garage floors, chimney repair, fireplaces, repointing and parging. Specializing in custom masonry, indoor and outdoor. Quality work. Satisfied homeowner. Licensed professional. Call Phil Smith today for your free estimate; 613-884-7678. (Psv – 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

(M6, B6, M7, B7)

shop locally

Open House Friends and neighbours are invited to an Open House honouring

Vera Mitchell on her 90th birthday. Guests will be received at her residence, 4053 Yorks Corner Road on Sunday, April 14th between 1-4 pm. Best wishes only.


ClassifiedAdvertising Rates 30 cents per word, $8.00 minimum All Classified Advertising Payable In Advance Tel: 613-925-4265 Fax: 613-925-2837 email: classifieds@prescottjournal.com Deadline for Classified Advertising Friday at 4:00 pm Deadline for Display Advertising Friday at noon

MAY 1st OCCUPANCY Single lady (quiet) requires “bed , sitting room or small apartment with kitchen and bathroom privileges. Within walking distance of Manotick Village. (No pets, No car) Call Linda at

Call 613-925-4265 to place yours today!

613-282-2347 or 613-371-1158

Help wanted delIVeRY dRIVeR: - Home base business in the village of North Gower is looking for part-time delivery driver offering full day delivery on Tuesday and Wednesdays with part-time on Thursday/Friday based on need. Drivers must have customer service skills for interaction with clients while also able to complete deliveries in a timely manner. Candidates must be 25 years or older for insurance purposes and have a clean driving record with a current driver abstract and up to date police background check. Please sent all resumes or inquiries to ottawa@hearttohomemeals.ca (M7, B7, M8, B8)

paRt tIme emploYment: Rideau Non Profit Housing is looking for a qualified individual to assist the Manager with the daily operations of an independent living apartment building for seniors. Candidates must have excellent interpersonal, organizational and problem solving skills. Strong computer skills (MS Word, Excel & Publisher) are required. Experience with bookkeeping and Sage/Simply accounting is an asset. Approx. 6 hours per week. Vulnerable Sector Police check required. Please forward resumes to rideauhousing@ rogers.com. Only candidates being considered for an interview will be contacted (M7, B7)

EXTEND YOUR REACH - ADVERTISE PROVINCIALLY OR ACROSS THE COUNTRY! For more information visit www.ocna.org/network-advertising-program



Start something amazing! ATTN: ONTARIO INVENTORS!! Need Inventing Help? Call Davison!! Ideas Wanted! CALL DAVISON TODAY: 1-800-256-0429 OR VISIT US AT: Inventing.Davison.com/Ontario FREE Inventor's Guide!!

M A N U FA C T U R E R ' S O F F E R UNIQUE and exclusive opportunity. Automatic vending machine route. Extremely profitable product, Naya water 600ml. Customers provided by company. Investment required, funding available. 100% turnkey business. Estimated yearly profit potential $100,000. Call TOLL-FREE 1-855514-0440.

Imagine a place where you can spark extraordinary moments for girls in your community – and for yourself, too. As a Girl Guide volunteer, you’ll inspire girls and be their mentor as they explore new challenges, develop ready-for-anything skills and empower each other along the way.

shop locally

PERSONALS MISTY RIVER INTRODUCTIONS Choose Ontario's Top Matchmaker. We can make this the summer you meet someone special. CALL TODAY! 613-257-3531, www.mistyriverintros.com.

FIREARMS WANTED FOR APRIL 27, 2019 LIVE & ONLINE AUCTION: Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Militaria. Auction or Purchase: Collections, Estates, Individual Items. Contact Paul, Switzer's A u c t i o n : To l l - F r e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 6 9 4 2609, info@switzersauction.com or www.switzersauction.com.


Picture all of the fun, adventure and confidence building-moments – that’s what you’ll help create for girls, and for yourself, too. girlguides.ca/leaders 1-800-565-8111 PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVERS


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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, April 5, 2019 Page 13

The parallels between the growth of Barrhavan and Kanata Recently a resident asked me, “Why does Kanata have more than we do in Barrhaven?” As a general statement, Barrhaven has historically developed 5-7 years behind Kanata, on several planes – population, employment, schools, recreation facilities, transportation etc. Historically, suburban development outside the Greenbelt started in the early 1960’s in what then was Beaverbrook, Glen Cairn and Barrhaven. The three areas developed equally into the late 1960’s, when several factors started to differentiate Kanata from Nepean. In the late 1960’s Kanata had 2 secondary schools (AY Jackson and Earl of March) while Barrhaven didn’t have a secondary school until 1999. Our teens were bussed to Pius, Confederation or Merivale. Kanata started to develop an employment base in Kanata North – building on high tech – Barrhaven remained dependent on employment inside the Greenbelt, which is why the Citigate lands (Costco) is so important. That acreage is zoned appropriately as a Prestige Business Park for professional jobs, 7-10k of them! 1970’s Kanata continued to grow and became a City in 1978 with the amalgamation of March Twp. and portions of Goulbourn Twp. (Glen Cairn) and Nepean Twp. (Bridlewood). Nepean became a City in 1978 – losing the Bridlewood community to Kanata. Kanata developed retail bases in Hazeldean Mall and Hazeldean Road. Barrhaven had minimal retail development with the exception of our beloved Barrhaven Mall. We relied on retail services in Bells Corners and Merivale Road, Bayshore and the Greenbank Mall across


BARRHAVEN by Jan Harder

from the Nepean Police Station. Kanata was a bit earlier to develop recreational facilities while Barrhaven relied on Nepean Sportsplex just up Woodroffe until 1980 when we opened the Walter Baker Sports Centre. Hwy 417 was extended to Kanata / Eagleson Road from Bayshore in 1976 – through to Stittsville in 1980 but Hwy 416 was not extended to Barrhaven from Bayshore until 1996. In the 1980’s growth continued in Kanata (residential, employment and retail). Schools were built to address growth, recreational facilities continued to expand (KRC / Wave pool) and growth continued in Barrhaven, mainly residential, with Barrhaven still receiving most of its services from areas of Nepean inside the Greenbelt. Then in the 90’s retail growth expanded rapidly in Kanata Centrum, along with high density residential. A transitway facility was extended to Kanata and high tech employment growth boomed in Kanata North. The Ottawa Senators moved to Kanata! At the same time retail expansion in Barrhaven Town Center (Greenbank/Strandherd) started. Loblaws moved to the current Ross YIG location and McD’s opened!! Barrhaven’s employment base grew with the JDS Uniphase development. Work to extend the transitway facilities to Fallowfield began in the late 1990’s but did not reach the Town Center until 2007

Gibbon’s Painting & Decorating Local House Painter - Bonded With 27 years experience Customer Satisfaction ALWAYS GUARAnteeD For a free estimate please call Rory 322-0109 Book now for your painting needs

Rapid growth in Kanata and Barrhaven continues, schools, recreational facilities, social services, library’s etc are equally distributed through the community. Hotel facilities have already opened in Kanata ahead of Barrhaven, again driven by the employment base and Canadian Tire Center. That being said groundbreaking for 2 Barrhaven hotels at the 416 & Fallowfield will happen soon and there is interest in 2 more. Ultimately, both Barrhaven and Kanata will be wellplanned communities providing a range of housing options, retail services, education facilities, employment and social/ community needs. Barrhaven has been the #1 growth area in Ottawa for well over a decade. As we like to say, “most of us were not born here; we just got here as soon as we could!”

Spare A “Disco” Night

Please join the Ambassadors Raising Hope Councillors and enter a team into the 3rd Annual MacDonald Moussa Team “Spare A Night for the QCH”. Come bowl with us at Merivale Bowling Lanes, Merivale Road on Saturday, April 6th, 2019. This year we are going disco! Wear your disco threads and our DJ will play the beat! After bowling participants will retire to the lounge to enjoy a home style Italian dinner with complimentary wine and some disco fun! Let’s bowl! Registration for sponsorship and teams is now open - last year this event sold out so book early at www. mmteam.ca All funds raised at Spare A Night for QCH will be to support the Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation’s Hopes Rising Campaign. www.hope-

srising.ca www.qchfoundation.ca

Barrhaven Safety Instructional Courses for Children

Babysitting Course (grade 6 & over)- Friday April 12th (9-5 pm) Home Alone Course (10 & over)- Saturday April 27th (9-4 pm) My Safe Life Course (7 to 10)- Saturday May 4th (9-4 pm) Home Alone Course (10 & over)- Friday May 17th (9-4 pm) Babysitting Course (grade 6 & over)- Friday June 7th (9-5 pm) Babysitting Course (grade 6 & over)- Thursday June 27th (9-5 pm) Home Alone Course (10 & over)- Friday June 28th (9-4 pm) All courses are at the Prince of Wales Manor at 22 Barnstone Drive in Barrhaven Facebook: www.facebook. com/basicswithkaren Website: www.basicswithkaren.ca

Barrhaven Seniors’ Council Potluck

All seniors in Barrhaven are invited to attend this event whether they are currently part of the group or not. It will be held on Friday April 12th from 11:30am-2pm. Entertainment by “The Piano Man” starts at 11am. Sign up with Don at barrhavenseniors@gmail.com

GLAD Clean the Capital

Early registration now open for GLAD Cleaning the Capital! After the winter snow, frigid temperatures and ice, you can now turn your attention to the City of Ottawa’s 2019 GLAD Cleaning the Capital campaign, taking place

from April 15th to May 15th. Registering is quick and easy. Visit ottawa.ca/clean or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401) to register your cleanup. GLAD Cleaning the Capital is also an excellent way for high school students to earn their community volunteer hours.

2019 Household Hazardous Waste Event Schedule

This year the Public Works and Environmental Services Department (PWES) will continue to provide collection services for household hazardous waste such as corrosive, flammable or poisonous materials; by offering free one-day mobile depots from May 5th, 2019 through to October 26th, 2019. Barrhaven will have a Spring and Autumn event: June 23rd at Trail Road Waste Facility (4475 Trail Rd.) and October 26th at Strandherd Snow Dump (Strandherd Dr. at Dealership Dr.)

New Hydro Transformer Delayed

The transformer replacement project initially scheduled to take place this April in Barrhaven, has been postponed to April 2020. While this transformer replacement project has been delayed, affected residents may be required on their part next year to allow hydro crews access to the critical infrastructure located within the easements and on the City of Ottawa’s Road Right-of-Way. As previously communicated and discussed at the community meeting that was held in October 2018, any smaller structures such as sheds, decks, and walkways, as well as landscaping located over the underground cables or around

transformers may require removal in advance in order to allow safe access for crews. Hydro Ottawa will work with customers to keep removals to a minimum. For permanent structures such as pools or additions, Hydro Ottawa will work with the customer to find an alternate route for the proposed cable. In most cases Hydro Ottawa will be able to complete the work as planned with minimal disruption to the customer’s property. Where excavation is required, reinstatement will be completed at the end of the project. An overall map showing the proposed work area is available at hydroottawa.com/plannedwork. All residents will receive notification regarding the delay of this infrastructure investment project and be provided with a point of contact.


Pothole filling is a temporary fix to the challenges we are facing. The Road crews have a process whereby potholes are cleaned out, filled with hot asphalt and then tamped or pressed down to make a surface that is even with the road, and smooth for cars to travel on. One of the challenges they are facing at this time, besides the quantity of potholes, is the water that is in them. It can be hard to get them dry before the asphalt is applied and an area that is saturated. Add that to the frequency of cars hitting them and the asphalt is not able to adhere as much as in dry conditions. This can lead crews to filling the same pothole more than one time. This is not because of the asphalt, but the conditions they are applying it in. Residents are asked to report potholes online rather than on the phone.

GRouP LeSSon ReGiSTRaTion • Two separate Sessions or series of lessons May-June • Lessons geared for all levels & experienced golfers • Each session includes 4 weekly 90 minute group lessons • Smaller Groups (Maximum 6 Golfers)

Total cost For Golfers Per Person $100.00 (Plus HST) Ross Leeder - Instructor

(613) 408-2468 conleyroaddrivingrange.ca

3420 Conley Road, Richmond rossleeder@me.com

Page 14 FRIDAY, April 5, 2019


Movati Fuel Studio open

Brad Gorgichuk of Movati Barrhaven cuts the ribbon for the grand opening of the new Fuel Studio last week. Movati Athletic Barrhaven location has invested over $220,000 into a new functional training area called The Fuel Studio. This investment is adding functional training space and equipment to help members take their workouts to the next level. The Fuel Studio includes a training playground, turf lanes, and new strength and cardio equipment. For more information, please contact the Barrhaven location at 613-515-2663, or email Steve Hall at shall@movatiathletic.com. Jeff Morris photo

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KEN GRANT, CFP 41B Fable St., Barrhaven


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The IndependentSPORTS

Myers wins Hockey Eastern Ontario Minor Bantam AAA championship Myers has won the Hockey Eastern Ontario Minor Bantam AAA hockey championship. The team, made up of players from Barrhaven, Nepean and Kanata, swept the Ottawa Junior 67s in four games to claim the title. The 2005-born players also won the Major Pee Wee title last season. In the final game played Wed., March 27 at the Richcraft Sensplex, Myers scored four goals in the third period to clinch the win. Myers opened the scoring in the first period when Luke Posthumus scored from Braxton Ross and Luka Benoit, but the 67s tied the score in the second. In the third, Kyle Powers scored on the power play from Benoit and Gabe Kingsbury, and then Kingsbury netted the eventual game winner from

Seamus Lockhart and Oliver Bonk. Less than a minute later, Braxton Ross scored on the power play from Bonk and Nicholas Larkin. The 67s scored to make it a 4-2 game, but Myers sealed the deal when Luka Benoit scored an empty net goal from Braeden Kelly. Zachary Bowen was the winning goalie. Myers’ Minor Bantam AAA players celebrate a victory with goalie Frederic Bismarji at the Minto Recreation Complex-Barrhaven on March 23. Myers won the game 5-1 and went on to sweep the series in four straight games, capturing the Barry LaBrie Cup (HEO Minor Bantam AAA championship). Mike Carroccetto photo




BREAKFAST-LUNCH-DINNER (6:30am-10:00pm -7 DAYS A WEEK) 5511 Manotick Main Street Manotick, ON

The management and staff look forward to serving our guests in our recently renovated establishment

Located on the shores of the famous Rideau River in Manotick!





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REGISTER online at www.eastnepeanbaseball.on.ca TBALL….COACH PITCH…..PLAYER TBALL….COACH PITCH…..PLAYER PITCH WALK-UP REGISTRATION Saturday March 19, 1pm to 3pm TBALL….COACH PITCH…..PLAYER PITCH PI Walter Baker Sports Centre 2nd Floor

REGISTER onlineat www.eastnepeanbaseball.on.ca REGISTER www.eastnepeanbaseball.on.ca REGISTERonline online atat www.eastnepeanbaseball.on.ca WALK-UP Saturday March 19,1pm 1pm 3pmto 3pm WALK-UP REGISTRATION Saturday March 19, 1pm WALK-UPREGISTRATION REGISTRATION Saturday March 19, toto 3pm Walter Baker Sports Centre 2ndFloor Floor Walter Baker Sports Centre 2nd Floor Walter Baker Sports Centre 2nd

Page 16 FRIDAY, April 5, 2019


4 bay steel construction on large corner lot with front reception & 3 formal offices

6909 Mckeown Drive - Greely - $1,670,000

4+2 bedroom single family home. Main floor den. Large Master bedroom with ensuite. Fully finished basement with 2 additional bedrooms + full bath

17 Eleanor - Skyline/City View $749,900

3 Bedrooms on main floor. 2 bedrooms on lower level. Live in one and rent the other

5040 Limebank Rd. - Riverside South - $629,900

3 Bedroom Bungalow. Fully finished basement. Hardwood on main floor. A must see.

1 Lewiston - Barrhaven - $560,000

4 bedroom single family home. Updated kitchen with granite counters. Large Master bedroom with renovated ensuite. Fully finished basement.

63 Silver Horse - Kanata - $509,900 3 bedrooms, 3 baths single family home. Updated kitchen. Finished basement with huge recreation room.

23 McClure Cres, Kanata $499,900

3 plus 1 bedroom with 3 full baths and with in law suite potential. Updated and move in ready.

2310 Ryan Dr. OTTAWA - $499,900 Well established Grocery/ Convenience store. Great potential to expand.

2910 Carling Ave. – $249,900


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Barrhaven Independent, April 5, 2019  

Barrhaven Independent, April 5, 2019

Barrhaven Independent, April 5, 2019  

Barrhaven Independent, April 5, 2019

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