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FRIDAY • October 4 • 2019

Province commits $105k for concussion awareness on Rowan’s Law Day By Charlie Senack

Concussions are becoming more common in sports, but athletes are becoming more aware of when they happen thanks to provincial legislation which was started in Barrhaven. On Wednesday, September 25, people all across the city paused for the second annual ‘Rowans Law Day’, which is held on the third Wednesday of every September. It was started last year to remember Rowan Stringer, a Barrhaven teen who died in the spring of 2013 after suffering three concussions in six days — all while playing rugby. The 17-year-old captain of John McCrae High School’s rugby team, died from Second Impact Syndrome, which is swelling of the brain caused by a subsequent injury that occurred before a previous injury healed. Soon after her passing, her parents Gord and Kathleen Stringer decided to open up about their daughter’s death to raise awareness on concussions. An inquest was held after her passing which brought forward 49 recommendations centred on keeping athletes away from playing after having a concussion. The second annual Rowan’s Law Day began at Rowan’s Pitch — a Rugby field at Ken Ross Park in Bar-

rhaven — which was named after Stringer. There friends, family, sports officials, and local MPP Lisa MacLeod gathered for a special provincial announcement. “It is not lost on me how important Rowan’s legacy is not just in sport and throughout Ontario,” said MacLeod, who is also the minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, and was the MPP who drove Rowan’s Law to fruition. “Rowan’s Legacy is important here in Barrhaven and our entire former city of Nepean,” she added. “It’s important that we honour her through the pitch, it’s important that we honour her through this day, and it’s also important that the young athletes that play minor sports in the city of Ottawa understand how important her legacy was, and that she drove change.” MacLeod announced the Ontario government is committed to helping the concussion legacy foundation, and said the province would put $105,000 into concussion safety and awareness. The day was a big deal for MacLeod who first introduced Rowan’s Law as a private members bill, which gained support from all three main political parties and was unanimously passed in March 2018.

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Nepean MPP Lisa MacLeod, former NHL star Eric Lindros and Kathleen Stringer were at Ken Ross Park in Barrhaven to commemorate Rowan’s Law Day across Ontario. The day was named for former John McCrae Secondary School rugby player Rowan Stringer, who passed away after suffering her second concussion in less than a week during a game against St. Joseph. Charlie Senack photo

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The IndependentNEWS

law continues from page 1 The Concussion Legacy Foundation was also on hand at Wednesday’s announcement, and said Rowan’s Law has been a big step forward in concussion awareness in the province. “Together we will make sports better and safer in Ontario,” said Tim Fleiszer, Director of Concussion Legacy Foundation. “Change starts in our communities by encouraging our kids to speak up if they suspect one of their teammates or classmates has a concussion. This important investment in our work will prove advantageous and cost effective for Ontarians, by preventing catastrophic injuries before they happen.” Rowan’s parents Gord and Kathleen Stringer were on hand at Wednesday’s announcement, and have been huge champions for concussion prevention since their daughters death. They said while so much has been done in Rowan’s legacy in the past few years, there is still so much more to be done. Gord Stringer says having Rowan’s Law Day come into effect was a huge positive step in itself, but would now like to see it take

place on a national scale. “What we really need is a Canadian approach on this (because) this just isn’t an Ontario issue,” he said. “We have the template here in Ontario. Let’s follow it and make it a Canadian objective to achieve what we have achieved here in Ontario and then grow with what we have achieved. “ After the announcement it was then onto City Hall where Mayor Jim Watson alongside city councillors officially proclaimed it Rowan’s Law Day in the city of Ottawa. A concussion symposium was held at St. Mother Teresa High School in Barrhaven — just one of many schools all across the province which held concussion awareness events. The day ended at TD Place where a free symposium was open to the public to have a discussion on the impact of concussions in sports. Grey Cup champion Andy Fantuz, Ottawa Redblacks defensive lineman Ettore Lattanzio, and Kalley Armstrong, former captain of the NCAA’s Harvard women’s hockey team, participated.

Community leaders and members of the Barrhaven Scottish Rugby Club joined former NHL star Eric Lindros for the unveiling of a plaque to honour Rowan’s Law Day. Charlie Senack photo

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2019 Page 3

It’s time to find new solutions to old budget problems

I want to thank everyone who came out to my very first Community Corn Roast and Family fun day on Saturday, September 21st. Two hundred and fifty residents attended over the course of the event, and it was especially nice to see people from all communities of Ward 22. The corn, from Miller’s, got rave reviews. The jumpy castle, face painting and firetruck were also bit hits. Big thanks to all my volunteers. We’re into the Budget process at City Hall and I need your input. What needs more funding or less? Let me and City Staff know. I’m co-hosting a Budget Consultation meeting with Councillors Harder and Egli Oct. 28th, 5:30 to 7:00 pm at the Walter Baker Sports Center. I encourage you to attend.


WARD REPORT by Carol Anne Meehan

In my last column, I tried to highlight a few of the fiscal pressures facing the City and its taxpayers and what tax and fee increases residents can expect in 2020. With LRT Stage 1 up and running and Stage 2 construction beginning, Ottawa is facing severe budget pressures, both internal and external. What is crucial for me is protecting core public

services while keeping tax increases reasonable. Staff need to be challenged to ensure public tax dollars are spent efficiently on programs and services we need. There is no silver bullet to fix our budget woes; instead, it will require new ideas, determination to do what is right and the commitment of the public and politicians to carry it through. I speak for myself when I say the budget process is complicated. However it needs to be understood in order to know how services are funding and to identity efficiencies. Let’s use 2019 as an ex-

ample. In 2019, the City of Ottawa’s is estimated to spend $3.6 billion for services and programs. Property owners contribute $1.6 billion of that through property taxes, just under half of what Council needs to fund our services. Transit fares, recreational fees and other pay per use services account for $849 million, and although we have heard a great deal about provincial funding cuts, in 2019, Queen’s Park was estimated to turn over $621 million to the City of Ottawa or roughly 17% of the City’s budget. We also receives money from the Federal Government, fines

and investment income. Before the budget is approved, most of the money is already spoken for, and this is the difficulty facing decision-makers at City Hall. To see more or better services, Council needs to find ways to save money within the budget so it can be reinvested. The City also needs to review how it funds growth-related infrastructure projects, such as road widening. Ottawa’s policy that growth must pay for growth makes sense; however, how we collect that money (DC’s) does not. Currently, Development Charges are received late

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in the growth process, leading to residential development being built first, and needed infrastructure, like roads being built last. That’s why we’re in our current mess. Council needs to press for changes that will lead to better planning. Changing how we collect development charges could help do that. Taxes are increasing, debt is rising, and Ottawa is feeling the squeeze. It’s time to shake the tree and find new and better solutions to fix old problems. Carol Anne Meehan is the Councillor for Gloucester- South Nepean

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Page 4 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2019


The IndependentCOMMUNITY Students hear first hand accounts of the seriousness of concussions

To celebrate Rowan’s Law Day and learn about safety when playing sports, over 500 Mother Teresa High School students had the opportunity to take part in a panel with local well-known athletes. The event which was held on September 25, was organized by Ottawa Catholic School Board Trustee Spencer Warren — who is also a minor hockey coach — and featured a panel of athletes including; Eric Lindros, Andy Fantuz, and Kalley Armstrong. The students had the opportunity to hear about how they started out in their selective sports careers, and how they overcame concussions. Out of the three athletes, Lindros’ concussions were the most public, with them being very well documented. His NHL career was cut short after he suffered repeated debilitating concussions. Speaking to the students,

Lindros said his parents were well educated on the topic after his brother also had his NHL career die after suffering a concussion while playing for the New York Islanders for only a year and a half. His main message to the group of young teens was to watch for the signs, and speak up if you believe yourself or a teammate is concussed. “It pulls away, it takes away from you, but the biggest thing is to be honest with yourself about where you’re at,” the former NHL player said. “It’s not like you’re going to be able to go on Kijiji and pull yourself up another brain. Take care of what you have and know what’s necessary. Look out for your teammates and look out for everyone.” Those are sentiments Armstrong echoed. She had a successful career as a former captain of the NCAA’s Harvard women’s hockey team, and suffered a concussion while in junior year — her

third year at Harvard. “I slammed my head on the back of the ice and right away I knew that something wasn’t right,” Armstrong said remembering that day. “I blacked out, I just had this feeling in my stomach that I was going to be sick. I got off the ice and went home.” Armstrong said looking back she realized she didn’t give herself enough time to heal, and wishes she would have taken more time off from the game. She said it’s easy to think more about the game then your health when you’re at the highlight of your career, but says it’s not worth it. “I would say when you’re in that moment it feels like your sport is your world and it might be, but there is so much life after your sport,” she said. “I think it’s important to manage yourself properly so that you can continue to live a healthy life after.” Fantuz had a similar experience being concussed,

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after getting a concussion while playing for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2012. While playing a game against the Calgary Stampeders he got hit from behind by the safety, smashed by the linebacker in front, and smacked his head on the ground, “which is probably about as soft as the gymnasium floor.” Despite being cleared to return to the game, he decided to take a week off to heal because he knew he didn’t feel right. He knew he was different in character, and urged the students to spot the signs

in themselves or their teammates if they ever find themselves in a similar situation. “I actually passed the test the night of the game when I was getting asked all these questions and I couldn’t even answer who won the game or who was winning or anything about it. I knew I wasn’t ready and everyone close to me knew I wasn’t ready. It’s very important to recognize character differences in yourself and in your peers.” According to the Ontario government, the highest rates of concussion in Ontario are found among children and

youth under the age of 18. Ontario students who report a head injury are more than twice as likely to report very high emotional distress and less success in academics. In Canada concussions are the most common type of head injury, with over 210,000 incidents reported in the country every year. The hope is that Rowan’s Law Day alongside events like this one will encourage young athletes to be more careful when playing sports, and to know the signs of a concussion in case it happens to them or a teammate.

ies Activit for


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Wednesday, October 30 12:30 – 4 pm 613-580-2828 option 2


By Charlie Senack.


The IndependentCOMMUNITY

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2019 Page 5

City of Ottawa Budget Consultation Oct. 28 at Walter Baker Centre

Fall is here and the leaves are beginning to change. It is less than three months until Christmas! The other day, I picked up a few gifts. I rarely have any planned unless my grandchildren write me a list of course. I don’t like shopping but I do like spending money on grandkids and I love being able to shop in Barrhaven. Thank you all for your patience this year with all the road projects. The asphalt plants will close in November and Barrhaven will be in a better position for travel once these works are completed. I was honoured last Council meeting to stand with MPP Lisa Macleod and participate in Rowan’s Day Proclamation at City Hall.

2020 Budget Consultation

Join Councillors Jan Harder, Carol Anne Meehan and Keith Egli for a 2020 Budget Consultation on Monday October 28th, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.at the Walter Baker Centre (100 Malvern). Take this opportunity to share your feedback, learn more about the budget and hear a presentation on the city budget structure from the City’s Treasurer’s office.

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Minto Rec Annual Halloween Event

You are invited to a Ghostly Gathering Halloween event at the Minto Recreation Complex on October 25th from 5 - 7 p.m. This FREE family-friendly event will have crafts, games, candy and more! Wear your costume! For more info visit: ottawa.ca/recreation

Registration for the annual GLAD Cleaning the Capital Fall is now open.

Participants can register their cleanup projects by call-

ing 3-1-1 or by using the online registration form available at ottawa.ca/clean until October 15th. The interactive map on our website shows which locations have been chosen and allows residents to register their own project. For more info visit: ottawa.ca/clean

Up With People Coming to Ottawa

If you are unfamiliar with this non-profit group, here is some background: Since 1965, Up with People has empowered young people to become global citizens, community change makers, confident performers, and discover their ability to promote positive change in our one of a kind global education program. Through art, volunteer service, travel, and community engagement, they aspire to unite and inspire communities, spark others to think more broadly about their world, and forge connections among diverse cultures. The international cast is in Ottawa from October 1st to October 12th, with their performances happening on October 10th and October 11th. When they are not performing, they will be spending their days volunteering with different organizations. They already have projects set up with Ottawa Community Housing and hope to work with City Staff to work on beautifying the city or tree planting projects. For more details: upwithpeople.org/

Sons and Daughters

SONS & DAUGHTERS. It speaks to the issue of the vulnerabilities experienced by our children today stemming from social media, peer pressure and influences of others who would seek to exploit them. Human trafficking is impacting our young people right here in

Ottawa, perhaps in your neighbourhood. This conference is being put on by women for women (18 years and up). We invite you to join us, or pass this along to those women you know who would benefit from this information and interactive event. Tickets can be obtained through Eventbrite.ca. Seating is limited to 200. This one-day event will be held on Friday, November 1st, 2019 at the Cedar Hill Golf and Country Club. Doors open at 8:00 a.m. for registration. The conference starts at 9:00 a.m. Lunch, coffee and snacks are included in the ticket price. Tickets are $20, and available through Eventbrite. Get yours now as seating is limited: events@proximitychurch.ca If you would like to know more about this event please feel free to contact: debra.steele@me.com

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As South Nepean grows, so does the demand for electricity. In order to ensure that South Nepean has the power to grow, Hydro Ottawa and Hydro One are planning for new electricity facilities to strengthen the electricity system that serves your community. For more information please contact by Email: info@powersouthnepean.com or Telephone: 1-877-345-6799 Project website: powersouthnepean.com

Customers will notice changes at their stop, including new bus stop signs, schedules and maps. With almost 6,000 stops across the city, OC Transpo is preparing for the network-wide


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Your bus route is changing on Sunday, October 6

On Sunday, October 6, OC Transpo’s bus service will transform to align with O-Train Line 1. These are the biggest OC Transpo changes in Ottawa’s history. Most customers will be affected so we ask that you use the travel planner on octranspo. com to find out how your route will change. OC Transpo staff are available to help at key locations across the city— look for them in red vests.

Five things you need to know

1. This is a #ReallyBigServiceChange, so use the travel planner on octranspo.com. 2. O-Train Line 1 will replace most buses through downtown, meaning many customers will connect at one of the three major transfer stations: Tunney’s Pasture, Hurdman and Blair. 3. Most areas of the city will see changes to bus service, especially Kanata North, Bridlewood, Bells Corners, west Ottawa, downtown, Alta Vista and Orléans. Many routes will be adjusted to align with Line 1, and in many cases, route numbers and schedules will change. 4. Service is changing to major destinations, including

Gatineau, hospitals, universities and colleges. Visit Ottawa Destinations in the Plan Your Trip section of octranspo.com to download a new printable guide. 5. OC Transpo staff will be at stations across the city to help.

Have you tried the train?

O-Train Line 1 is running to major destinations in central Ottawa, from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair stations. Give the train a try before the #ReallyBigServiceChange on Sunday, October 6 to see how quick and easy it is to ride. Get real-time schedule information 24 hours a day by calling 613-560-1000 or texting 560560 plus the four‑digit bus stop number. For more information, travel planning assistance and new timetables, visit octranspo.com. You can also call OC Transpo at 613741-4390, particularly when it is less busy between 5:30 pm and 9 pm.

TELUS to provide free Wi-Fi and cellular service on O-Train Confederation Line

Commuters will enjoy access to Canada’s largest and fastest mobile network. O-Train Confederation Line customers will be able to stay connected underground, as there will be a continuous cellular connection, including between stations and in the 2.5-kilometre tunnel, for all passengers.

Better Para Transpo experience on the way with online services

A proposed plan to provide online services for Para Transpo users will mean better service for customers starting at the end of 2019.

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Page 6 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2019



Ontario students outperformed despite smaller class sizes Despite popular misconceptions about class size and student performance, provinces with larger secondary school class sizes such as Quebec and Alberta outperform Ontario on international tests, finds a new study released this week by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank. “There’s no evidence that larger class sizes in Ontario secondary schools will hurt student performance—in fact, other provinces with larger class sizes outperform Ontario,” said Derek J. Allison, professor emeritus of education at the University of Western Ontario, Fraser Institute senior fellow and author of Secondary school class sizes and student performance in Canada. The Ontario government plans to establish a new larger average class size of 28 students for Grades 9 to 12. The study, which compared average provincial class sizes and test scores from the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), found that in 2015 (the latest year of comparable data), among the four largest provinces, Ontario had the smallest average secondary school class size (24.8 students) but the lowest average PISA test scores in all three subjects—reading, math and science. In fact, Quebec, which had the largest average class size (30.1 students) among all 10 provinces had significantly higher test scores than Ontario and the highest math scores in Canada. Alberta (28.5 students) had the highest science scores, British Columbia (25.4 students) the highest reading scores. Because it’s expensive for any province to maintain smaller class sizes, the money may be better spent on other educational initiatives aimed at improving student performance. “Many factors contribute to student performance, but larger class sizes in high school do not appear to have a negative effect, something policymakers should understand when allocating scarce education resources in Ontario,” Allison said. xxxxxxx There was a lot of buzz and excitement about Amazon when it opened its warehouse at 417 and Anderson Road, and many Barrhavenites are working there and making the east-west commute along Mitch Owens Road. But while Amazon arrived with great fanfare, there is a similar warehouse project being planned much closer to Barrhaven. A zoning application is in the works for a parcel of land on Roger Stevens Drive just off Highway 416. For those of you who never venture south of Bankfield Road on the 416, Roger Stevens is the next interchange.


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A fish called Panda

There are planned reunions, like the ones soundtrack, Burnin’ Down the House by your high school will hold every decade the Talking Heads, In a Big Country by or so. You smile to yourself when you see Big Country, Safety Dance by Men Withhow the popular and best looking people out Hats, It’s a Jungle Out There by Bonnie have aged, sometimes less than gracefully. Tyler. The game was supposed to start with a Of course, you look in the mirror and you skydiver parachuting the game ball to cenhaven’t aged at all. But there is another kind of reunion. tre field at the beginning of the game. He These are the unplanned and impromptu didn’t quite execute the landing. He ended ones where you run into old friends and up in the knee-deep water in the Rideau FROM THE OTHER reminisce about the best of times. Even Canal behind the south side stands. Late in the first quarter, I was on the when the worst of times are remembered, it is usually with some humour or with a field, awaiting a snap for a punt. A few positive spin. Jeffrey Morris seconds before the ball was snapped, I was At last year’s Panda Game, there was stunned by a “thwack” on the side of my a Carleton Ravens Alumni Brunch at TD head. Then, the ball was headed my way, Place Stadium. I looked forward to going, along with about 10 angry Gee Gees charnot having any idea who was going to be ging at me. I refocused, caught the ball, there. But one by one, old teammates and and punted it. As the ball left my foot, I noticed something on my hand and wrist. I friends filtered in. noticed it on my jersey. Then I smelled it. I Obviously, none of us had aged a bit. There have been some crazy things that looked at the ground beside me, and I saw COUNCIL happened in the Panda Game through the a dead fish that was split open. After the play, I came off the field and years. It didn’t matter if you wereCORNER on the went Carleton side or the Ottawa U. Mayor side. It Suzanne Dodge straight for my towel and water botwas mayhem. Water balloons flew over tle. I rinsed and wiped. It was in my face. our heads as students from both schools It was all over my helmet and in my ear had built giant sling shots in the stands hole. It even felt like some of it had found and were propelling objects to the other its way inside my shoulder pads and down side of the field. The smell of firecrackers my shirt. At halftime, I went into the washroom to filled the air. It seems that each game was THE NOT SOand wash the rest of it off. But no mattry delayed three or four times to deal with ter what I did, all I could smell through the streakers. In one game, a streaker started NEW GUY rest of the game was that fish. climbing one of the goal posts and got Tim to Ruhnke In the fourth quarter, we pulled off a mirthe top of the upright on the Bank Street side of the field. Then, naked and drunk, aculous comeback. It remains the greatest had no idea what to do or how to get down. comeback in Panda Game history. We were All he could do was wait for the emergency down 28-4 with nine minutes left, and then response team to get him down with a lad- everything just fell into place. Our quarterback, Cam Collins, kept finding wide reder. Then he was arrested. ceiver John Dawley for pass after pass, And then there was the fish. touchdown after touchdown. When “I had no idea you had been hit with a and WALKER HOUSE fish,” Angus Donnelly said over the saus- the dust settled, we had stolen a 33-28 win ages and eggs we were having at the break- away from the Gee Gees. That night, the team partied like never fast. “How the hell did that happen?” Susan Vallom Angus was a tough-as-nails, heart-and- before. I didn’t go out because I stunk like soul guy as a teammate. He came into fish. I went home and had a half hour-long Carleton in 1982, the same year that many shower and did my laundry. It’s funny but the fish is still the first of us on that team did. He was a national level rugby player and one of the best de- thing I think of when I remember the Panda Game. fensive linemen in the country. Simply put,BLAKE’S I imagine that somewhere this week, if you were in a situation, he was the guy TAKES there was some idiot Ottawa U. grad siton that team that you would want to have Blake McKim ting at a bar and telling all his friends about your back. how, 35 years ago, he snuck a fish into the It was the 1983 Panda Game. Before the game, I sat nervously in the stadium and put it in the slingshot and hit dungeon that passed as a dressing room the Carleton punter in the head. It was the near the hockey arena under the north side best shot in the history of fish in slingshots. I’m sure his friends don’t believe the stands. I even remember the cassette I listened to on my Sony Walkman. Maniac story when he tells it. But it’s true. and What a Feeling from the Flashdance I bet that guy has really aged.



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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2019 Page 7

BARRHAVEN INDEPENDENT  HARDER continues from page 5 Councillor Allan Hubley, Chair of the City’s Transit Commission, and Jean Cloutier, Vice-Chair, outlined a two-stage project to make booking a Para Transpo trip easier. The full proposal will be detailed in a report to Transit Commission at its meeting on November 20th, 2019. In the first stage, customers would be able to book a Para Transpo trip using an online web form. This would be available by the end of 2019. The second stage of the project would see OC Transpo working with its software supplier to develop a full suite of online services that would, among other things, allow customers to book, confirm or cancel trips using a computer, laptop, or mobile app on a smart phone, and to track the loca-

tion of their trip. This full suite of online services would be in place by the end of 2020. The strong demand for Para Transpo service has sometimes resulted in long phone wait times for customers. Offering online services is expected to reduce call volumes and therefore shorten wait times.

Bruce Campbell receives Mayor’s City Builder Award

Mayor Jim Watson and College Ward Councillor Rick Chiarelli presented the Mayor’s City Builder Award to Bruce Campbell at City Council, in recognition of his volunteer contributions to the East Nepean Little League. It’s safe to

say that Bruce Campbell loves baseball. For the past 29 years, Mr. Campbell has served as the president of the East Nepean Little League. During his tenure, the league has hosted provincial and Canadian Little League Championship tournaments on a number of occasions, bringing tourists and teams from all over Canada and boosting the local economy. Mr. Campbell served on the Little League International Advisory Board and Little League Ontario Executive Committee, and currently serves as the treasurer of Little League Canada. He is a representative of Challenger Baseball Ontario, which provides opportunities to play baseball for children, young people and adults with cognitive and physical

disabilities. Mr. Campbell puts children and youth first, focusing his attention on building a strong house league program to teach baseball fundamentals and encourage player development. He ensures all participants have proper uniforms and works continuously with the City to improve facilities for the league and the players.

Community Police Message

Distraction thefts appear to be continuing in the City of Ottawa. They approach seniors, often in store parking lots, and offer to help them carry their purchases, point out dropped money or spot car trouble. But when the elderly victim is dis-

Save 40%

from Barrhaven South and Riverside. Keep your car locked and keep lawn and garage lights lit! Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) has launched a new and improved website at crimepreventionottawa.ca. Our new website has several advantages: · Content that’s easier to navigate, read and use. · Better search tools to help you find resources and toolkits. · A full list of our downloadable checklists. · Improved tools for ordering materials (such as magnets and booklets). · Information about CPO Initiatives. · A clean design that works on all devices.

Bill McDonald


up to

tracted, the thieves lift their credit or debit cards or “forcefully” grab their jewelry. The suspects appear to prey on victims in pairs or groups including men and women. Police asked people to “remain vigilant” that they could be a victim or witness of a distraction theft and to report any suspicious encounters. Also, hide PINs during credit or debit transactions and lock a vehicles with keys in hand even if leaving it unattended only briefly. Be aware of your surroundings. Notice that suspicious person looking at you. Don’t be afraid to ask a store clerk for assistance as you are feeling vulnerable. Please be aware that Toyota Highlanders are being stolen

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The management and staff look forward to serving our guests in our recently renovated establishment

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Mullen a free man after receiving sentence of time served

One of the accused killers in the 2010 murder of Barrhaven teen Michael Swan is a free man. Kyle Mullen, 29, was expected to be on trial this week. He was originally found guilty of second degree murder, but won his appeal after it was decided the trial judge made serious errors. Mullen pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of manslaughter, and he was sentenced to time served. Mullen has been in custody since his arrest in February, 2010. Mullen was one of the three men who became

known in the original trial as the “Toronto 3”. Mullen, Kristopher McLellan and Dylon Barnett broke into the home where Swan was living on Moodie Drive near Bankfield Road and stole marijuana, cash and electronics. McLellan forced Swan to his knees and shot him, killing the 19-year-old former Double-A hockey player. Mullen supplied the gun used in the murder. Swan had friends over at his house to watch a 2010 Olympic hockey game when the three men invaded his home. They

had stolen the cell phone of Swan’s girlfriend which had a GPS device. Police were able to track the phone and the three men were arrested while getting gas near Brockville. According to an Ottawa Citizen story written by Gary Dimmock, Mullen expressed remorse and agreed to a statement of facts read in court that implicated himself and Barrhaven man Sam Tsega, a former friend of Swan. Tsega was convicted of manslaughter for his part in organizing the robbery but won an appeal and is


free on bail awaiting trial. Dimmock reported that Mullen’s agreed statement of facts clearly implicates Tsega in the plan. Tsega was a business student and lacrosse player at Carleton University. He was suspended from his classes and removed from the lacrosse team. Tsega is free on bail awaiting a new trial.

Barrhaven teen Michael Swan was killed in his home in Feb. 2010.

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The IndependentFOCUS ON YOUTH

15 YearWorld Operating in Manotick Station! Third Bazaar Third World Bazaar th

— colourful handcrafted goods from around the world — —








15th Year Operating in Manotick Station!

10 Year Year Anniversary Operating in ManotickStation Station 16th Operating in Manotick th

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October 27 ,N 28 l y ! — EN d S26 ,o th



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ThirdWorldBazaar_WOPR18.indd 1

Accomplished musician also has a passion for martial arts

Name: Sophia Fornarolo Age: 17

School: St. Francis Xavier High Grade: 12 Parents: Sandra (Mother), Gary (Father) Sister: Anna (15), Grade 10, Longfields Davidson Heights High Pet Peeve: “People that stop in the middle of aisles, hallways, and sidewalks for no reason.”


YOUTH by Phill Potter

such as Harry Potter and the Lunar Chronicles.” Who is your favourite author? “Marissa Meyer (the Lunar Chronicles). I really like her writing style, and I enjoy the creative ideas she comes up with for her books.”

Favourite Subjects: Music, Physics, Chemistry, and Math.

What is your greatest accomplishment? “I completed Grade 6 of the Royal Conservatory of Music for piano. I also achieved a Brown/ Black belt in karate.”

What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I love to read fantasy and sci-fi books,

Activities/Interests: “I play the alto saxophone in the school Jazz Band and Senior

6110 Mitch Owens Drive, Ottawa


2018-07-31 11:51

Located 5 minutes south of the Ottawa Airport in Manotick Station (next to Bakker’s General Store)


Band. I just started taking taekwondo lessons outside of school. I also like playing ultimate frisbee, kayaking, and biking. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, do jigsaw puzzles, and listen to classic rock music. My favourite band is Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).” Why did you get involved in what you do? “My aunt encouraged me at a young age to start taking music lessons when she saw me playing with a toy piano. This led me to join the school band and take music courses. Now I really enjoy them. When I was younger I did karate, and recently to try something new, I started taekwondo.” Career Goals: “I’m interested in pursuing the sciences and music in post-secondary next year.”

October 24-27, 2019

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY


10 Ways to Save Money When Buying a New Barrhaven Home

Ottawa - Although most homes for sale are resales, one out of four home buyers purchases a new home. Which is better: existing or new? The right answer, of course, is up to you. Both resales and new homes offer advantages. Existing homes are less expensive on average, and are generally closer to, and enjoy the warmth and surroundings of established neighborhoods, often with mature landscaping. New homes, on the other hand, offer innovative use of

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY Nepean honours its best during Wall of Fame gala at Sportsplex By Charlie Senack

champion with the Hamilton Tiger Cats before joining the On September 19, ten Ottawa Rough Riders. of Nepean’s best athletes, During his roughly tencoaches and builders were minute speech, Tommy remhonoured for their outstand- inisced about his career, and ing athletic achievements took the time to thank his during the Nepean Sports family and coaches for their Wall of Fame gala held at the help over the years. He also Nepean Sportsplex. said a lot has changed in “We have over 200 people football since he first started visiting with us tonight, with out, many positive changes some people travelling all the for when it comes to injuries way from Texas, San Jose, like concussions and mental Vancouver — two of three health. people from Florida, all com“I actually liked knocking ing back to Nepean — the people down a lot. And since community where they were I’m going on the wall, I was born and raised — for this good at it,” Tommy joked. “It event,” said Gavin Leichman, was a different era, though. the events main organizer. Sadly, many of the things we The wall which has not didn’t know at the time did received any new inductees require work later on. The for the past decade, was re- great thing is that there are launched earlier this year some amazing solutions out and received a facelift. The there.” photos on the wall were reAlso inducted into the done, and the wall itself was wall was Erika Seltenreichmoved to a different location Hogdson, one of the youngat the Sportsplex which gives est inductees, who was recit more room to grow. ognized for her achievements Also new this year, coach- in swimming, winning over es managers and builders 30 medals during her 14-year were also put on the wall, career. because the athletes wouldn’t She represented Canada have reached their goals with- in the 200 and 400 metre inout there help and guidance. dividual medley, and took Among the athletes to be part in the 2016 Olympic honoured and inducted onto Games in Rio, Brazil, and the the wall was football player Pan Am Games in 2015 and Joy/Summer copy_Diversitea 9/5/192019, 9:59 just PM Page 1 a few of Jed Tommy. He had aAdsucto name cessful career playing in the her achievements. CFL, becoming a Grey-Cup “When I made nationals

it was actually in this pool which means a lot to me because the beginning of my intense career was based out of the deep end of the pool,” said Seltenreich-Hogdson. “there’s still people that 1015 years later I’m in touch with that are the most important people in my life who I met here in this town and I wouldn’t have been anywhere without them.” Despite only being 24, Seltenreich-Hogdson is Jed Tommy, Erika Seltenreich-Hogdson and Jeff Chychrun were among this year’s Nepean CHARLIE SENACK PHOTOS swimming towards the end Wall of Fame inductees. of her career and said looking back at it during the cere- they know about Stevie Yzer- chrun are the five athletes to away in 2013 after receiving mony was a touching tribute man, it’s important that they be inducted this year, while three concussions in a week, know and have a sense of Duane Jones and Jim York which caused her to get to how fortunate she was. were put on the wall for their Second Impact Syndrome. “It’s so meaningful to be pride in place.” Ten new inductees are ex- coaching and manager roles. Her legacy continues to live given this award — especially at this age, I know I’m pected to be put on the wall Lastly, Alex Foti, Donald on through Rowan’s Law two years, and 1Leich- Kennedy, and Kevin Pidg- which has ensured there is pretty young forFive thisGirls_Ad — andcopyevery 9/5/19 9:50 PM Page this has encapsulated my man said the government’s eon were inducted for being more education, prevention support will help make that builders. and awareness around conwhole career,” she said. Rowan Stringer, a cussions. As a result, organAlso on hand at the gala possible. Jed Tommy, Jamie Baker, 17-year-old Rugby player izers thought it would be fitwas Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Lisa Mac- Erika Seltenreich-Hogdson, from Barrhaven will also be ting to recognize Stringer as Leod, who said the province Steven Black, and Jeff Chy- put on the wall. She passed a builder. will put $10,000 towards the wall to ensure that Nepean athletes achievements will be recognized for generations to come. “They are not only honouring the athletes that are here, but they are honouring the heritage of our community,” MacLeod said. “It’s important that they know about Erica Seltenreich-Hogdson, they know about Jed Tommy,

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The IndependentSPORTS

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2019 Page 13

Gardner scores two third period goals to lift Raiders to 2-0 win

Nepean Raiders Minor Hockey AA/A

Minor Atom A

Mason McMahon scored from Ben Schmidt late in the third period to give the Nepean Raiders a 4-3 win over the Ottawa Valley Silver Seven Sept. 22. Logan Prudhomme had two goals and an assist for the Raiders while Ryan Tracey also scored. Marco Nichele, Callum Underhill and Vincent Leger also had Raider assists. Austin Bennett was the winning goalie. On Sept. 24 at the Howard Darwin Arena, the Raiders beat the Kanata Blazers 4-1. Logan Prudhomme had two goals and an assist, while Logan Colebrook and Ben Schmidt each had a goal and an assist. Callum Underhill had two assists and Marco Nichele had one. Jack Greenberg was the winning goalie. On Sept. 28, the Raiders beat Cumberland 4-1. Logan Prudhomme scored two goals with Logan Dundas and Mason McMahon each scoring one. Ty Delorey, Vincent Leger, Ryan Tracey and Callum Underhill had assists. Austin Bennett was the winning goalie.

Major Atom AA

The Nepean Raiders scored four unanswered goals in the third period to earn a 5-1 win over the Kanata Blazers as their Hockey Eastern Ontario AA season began Sept. 20. Logan Stobernack and Brayden Bennett both scored two goals and Alexi Sawayi added one. Dean Sloan had three assists with one each going to Owen Cooper, Liam Kelly and David Buchman. Tanner MacDonald was the winning goalie. On Sept. 23 in Beachburg, a late comeback fell short as the Upper Ottawa Valley Aces scored an empty net goal in the dying seconds in a 4-2 win. Evan Streek and Dean Sloan scored for the Raiders with assists going to Owen Cowper with two, Brayden Bennett and Reid Harper. On Sept. 24, the Raid-

ers scored seven times in the first period in an 8-3 win over the Eastern Ontario Cobras. Liam Hayes had two goals and an assist; Lean Sloan had a goal and three assists; Evan Streek and Hudson Henderson each had a goal and an assist; Braydon Bennett had a goal; Evan Gardner had two assists; and one assist each went to Cole Stants and Logan Stobernack. Tanner MacDonald was the winning goalie. On Sept. 27, the Raiders lost a high-scoring 8-6 game to the Ottawa Valley Silver Seven. Brayden Bennett scored three goals and added an assist, while Owen Cowper, Liam Kelly and David Buchman also scored. Evan Streek and Hudson Henderson also had assists.

Major Atom A

The Atom A Raiders took on the Ottawa Valley Silver Seven at Beckwith Sept. 24 and tied 2-2. Caleb Lacasse scored an unassisted goal and Benjamin Carr scored from Logan MacKinnon. On Sept. 29, Kairui Gardner had two third period goals as the Raiders blanked Cumberland 2-0. Jacobo Londono had the shutout.

Minor Pee Wee AA

The Nepean Raiders scored twice in the third period to hang on for a 4-3 win over the Ottawa Sting at the Howard Darwin Arena Sept. 23. Cooper Delorey and Thomas Vandenberg each had a goal and an assist, with Ellyott Dundas and Matas Bubelevicius also scoring. Tommy Mullen and Patrick Buckley added assists. Callum Clare was the winning goalie. In Cornwall Sept. 28, the Raiders lost 1-0 to the Seaway Valley Rapids.

Minor Pee Wee A

The Gloucester Rangers defeated the Nepean Minor Pee Wee A Raiders 4-1 Sept. 24 in Barrhaven. Jacob Srdoc scored the Raiders goal from Preston Charron and Michael Bedard.

On Sept. 29, the Raiders lost 5-0 to the Ottawa Valley Silver Seven.

Major Pee Wee AA

Darcy Murphy had the shutout as the Raiders beat the Eastern Ontario Cobras 8-0 Sept. 23 at the Howard Darwin Arena. Daxton Markwick had two goals, Stefano Cesario had a goal and two assists, Maxwell Shewfelt had a goal and an assist, and other goals went to Joshua Caesar, James Hughson, Chase Clement and Andrew Pickering. Antonio Perez, Zachary Venance, Antonio Zito and Ashton St. Germain added assists. On Sept. 25, the Raiders and Kanata Blazers tied 4-4. James Hughson scored the tying goal in the third period, as he and Stefano Cesario had a goal and an assist. Daxton Markwick and Zachary Venance also scored, with Ashton St. Germain, Maxwell Shewfelt and Andrew Pickering adding assists.

Minor Bantam AA

The Upper Ottawa Valley Aces scored four goals in the third period on route to a 7-4 win over the Raiders Sept. 24 in Cobden. Robert Steenbakkers had a goal and an assist for the raiders with Kyle Shibata, Ethen Hopkins and Braden Legault also scoring. Lucas DeBruyn had two assists with one each going to Ashton Proulx and Alessandro Lapietra. On Sept. 25, the Rideau St. Lawrence Kings beat the Raiders 2-1. Justin Lee scored a power play goal from Kyle Shibata.

Major Bantam AA

Kody Hull scored a pair of goals and Zachary Renaud had the shutout as the Raiders blanked the Eastern Ontario Cobras 3-0 Sept. 24. Mateo Mongeon also scored, and Paolo Peloso had an assist. On Sept. 26, the Raiders beat the Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 5-3. Ryan Correia, Caleb Jewell, Mateo Mongeon, Aidan Conroy and Kody Hull scored goals for the Raiders. Tyson Parker had two assists with one each going to Wade Boudrias and Ben MacMullen. James Kiewan was the winning goalie. On Sept. 28 in Kemptville, the Raiders beat the Rideau St. Lawrence Kings 7-2. Ryan Correia scored two goals; Aidan Conroy had a goal and three assists; Tyson Parker and Shawn MacDonald each had a goal and an assist; Wade Boudrias and Cameron Vecchio each scored a goal; Kody Hull had two assists; and Jonas Passian, Paolo Peloso and Mateo Mongeon each had one assist. Zachary Renaud was the winning goalie.

Haley Carter of St. Mark, left, and Reegan Belanger of Pierre-Savard, right, go for a loose ball during the NCSSAA girls basketball season opener Monday in Barrhaven. Carty scored 31 points for St. Mark as they broke a 43-43 tie and won by a score of 51-43. JEFF MORRIS PHOTO

Minor Midget AA

The Raiders scored four unanswered goals in the third period to beat the Seaway Valley Rapids 5-2 in Kemptville Sept. 29. Thomas Jones had two goals and an assist, Matthew O’Doherty and Andrew Carr had a goal and an assist, Jack Gillis scored one, Ryan Robichaud had two assists, and Marco Peloso and Keenan Woods each had an assist. Ethan Dinsdale was the winning goalie.

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The IndependentCOMMUNITY

Titans return to high school football with pair of wins Kemp, Brown have TDs in St. Mother Teresa win over St. Mark in opener

The St. Mother Teresa Titans are back. The Titans opened up their season with a pair of impressive wins over St. Mark and Sacred Heart. They faced Franco Cite this week after press time as they prepare for the renewal of their annual rivalry game with St. Joseph. Head coach Andrew Currie has an impressive roster with more than 40 players. The team includes a number of players with years of experience in the Nepean Eagles and Myers Riders youth programs, as well as some from the Ottawa Sooners OPFL team. In their opener against St. Mark, the Titans were 13-0 winners. Quarterback Nick Boschetti tossed a touchdown pass to Steven Kemp in the first quarter, and then defensive back Jaden Brown sealed the win with an interception return for a touchdown with less than two minutes to play. All three were teammates two years ago with the Nepean Bantam Eagles. Boschetti completed seven of 15 passes for 96 yards in the game. Kemp was on the receiving end of five of Boschetti’s seven completions. Defensively, Josh Sowah, one of the top high school prospects in Canada, led a strong defence while safety Cameron York, defensive halfback TJ Taylor and defensive end Elijah St. John turned in strong performances. The strong Titans defence held St. Mark to just five first downs and 105 yards of total offence. In their first home game of the season Sept. 25, the defense again came up big in a 21-11 win over Sacred Heart. Boschetti passed for 204 yards in the win, throwing a touchdown pass to Kemp

and another to two-way standout Cameron York. Colby Harkes, another former Eagle, had five receptions for 74 yards while Kemp had five catches for 71 yards. Running back Andrew Ayrakwa had 51 yards on seven carries, including a 23-yards touchdown. Defensively, Elijah St. John had four quarterback sacks, and linebacker Jordan Falcone led the team with seven tackles while York, Sowah and St. John had three each. “It was great to get a couple of wins to start the season,” Kemp said. “Everything has come together really well. Our defence is strong, our offensive line is good and they are giving Nick protection, and we have a lot of depth.” Kemp added that three of the top performers on the team have been the three Grade 10 starters – Taylor, St. John and Ayrakwa. “It doesn’t matter that they are younger,” said Kemp. “They were making plays in the first day of practice. They’re great teammates, and they are going to be great leaders on this team in the next couple of years.” Kemp, a 6’3”, 175-pound receiver, is considered one of the top high school prospects in the city. He is part of the Carleton Ravens Elite Prospects program, and he is one of a handful of Titans hoping to get to the next level. He turned heads with both his speed and strength at the Football Canada High School Combine at TD Place in the spring. He also tested for under five per cent body fat in the summer, which is comparable with elite athletes. Kemp is also happy to be reunited with Boschetti, who transferred to St.



St. Mother Teresa slot back Steven Kemp (2) goes airborne but has the ball tipped away by a defender during the Titans’ 13-0 win over St. Mark. Kemp has 10 receptions for 159 yards and two touchdowns in the first two games of the season. Mother Teresa this year. Both played quarterback with the Eagles, and when one was at QB, the other was a favourite target at slot back. Halfway through the 2017 season, they flipped starting roles. Boschetti’s first start at QB with the Bantam Eagles was also Kemp’s first start at slot back. On their first play of that game, Boschetti connected with Kemp on a 76-yard touchdown pass. It was one of three TD passes he threw to Kemp that day. Both are candidates for university football careers. “Nick and I have always played well together, and we have always had each others’ backs,” Kemp said.

“I was excited when he texted me and told me he was coming to school here. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the city, and we know he will get us the ball.” The Titans will take on Barrhaven’s other high school team, the St. Joseph Jaguars, Thurs., Oct. 10 at

Bob Stephen Field at Ken Ross Park. The Jaguars were shutout by FrancoCite in the opening game of the season but bounced back with a win over Glebe. A large crowd is expected. “It will be a fun game for both schools,” Kemp said. “We have a lot of

friends playing for the Jags and they will have friends playing for the Titans, so that only makes the rivalry that much better. It’s a night game and there will be a big crowd. It’s definitely going to be one of the highlights of the year for both schools.”

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The IndependentSPORTS

Myers off to strong start as Hockey Eastern Ont. AAA season begins

Major Pee Wee The Myers Major Pee Wees won their Hockey Eastern Ontario AAA game against the Ottawa Jr. 67s Sept. 20 5-1. Harry Nansi, Ricky Wilson, Peter Legostaev and Grayden Robertson-Palmer all had a goal and an assist. Jacob Warnes added a goal with assists going to Blake Egan, Lior Buchler and Chase Hull. Jaeden Nelson was the winning goalie. On Sept. 25, the Upper Canada Cyclones scored two goals in the second period as they hung on to beat Myers 2-1. Chase Hull scored a power play goal in the first period from Ryan White and Peter Legostaev for Myers. On Sept. 28 at Beckwith Arena, Myers tied the Ottawa Jr. 67s 4-4. Harry Nansi had two goals and an assist, and Jacob Warnes scored twice. Ryan White, Callum Hartness and Ricky Wilson picked up assists.


Minor Bantam David Egorov had a shutout as Myers blanked the Ottawa Valley Titans 6-0 Sept. 19. William Nicholl had two goals and an assist, Henry Mews had a goal and two assists, and Caton Ryan scored one and assisted one. Jack Paquette and David Huang also scored. Miller Kay and Thomas Dickey had two asssits. On Sept. 22 in Barrhaven, Myers beat the Eastern Ontario Wild 5-2. Jonathan Laporte had a goal and two assists, Jack Paquette and Caton Ryan had a goal and an assist, while Cole Beaudoin and William Nicholl also scored. Miller Kay, David Huang, Lucas Leblanc and Liam Monaghan all had assists. David Egorov was the winning goalie. On Sept. 26, Myers tied the Eastern Ontario Wild 2-2.

Henry Mews opened the scoring with an unassisted, short handed goal in the second. In the third, Lucas Leblanc scored a power play goal from News and Cole Beaudoin. Major Bantam Myers and the Eastern Ontario Wild played to a 4-4 tie in Hockey Eastern Ontario AAA Major Bantam action Sept. 22 at the Bell Sensplex. Braxton Ross scored two goals with Braeden Kelly and Seamus Lockhart scoring one each. Nicholas Larkin had two assists with one each going to Lockhart, Luka Benoit, Treyson Dewar, Gabriel Cummings and Luke Posthumus. On Sept. 24 at the Bell Sensplex, Lucas Veilleux of the Upper Canada Cyclones scored late in the third period to salvage a 1-1 tie against Myers. Ryan Lebreux scored the Myers goal from Seamus Lockhart and Braxton Ross.

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The Independent SPORTS The NCSSAA high school girls field hockey season got underway this week as the South Carleton Storm edged the St. Mother Teresa Titans 1-0 in Tier 1 action Monday. In the OFSSAA division, John McCrae got off to a good start with a 4-0 win over Ashbury. JEFF MORRIS PHOTO

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Barrhaven Independent, October 4, 2019  

Barrhaven Independent, October 4, 2019

Barrhaven Independent, October 4, 2019  

Barrhaven Independent, October 4, 2019

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