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Strength training is a great way to build muscle through resistance to build muscle mass and strength. It is an optimal way to help your body burn fat more efficiently. If you are a beginner embarking on a strength training strategy to build your body's muscles and lose fat, then strength training is a must for you. Before trying any work out, check with your doctor and let him or her know what you would like to do. He or she can give you the okay and then you will be on your way to a leaner, healthier body. First of all, you should learn how to lift weights. If you don't follow the rules of weightlifting you could injure yourself. Once you have the guidelines to follow such as how much weight you should begin to lift and how often, you will be ready to start. When you first begin your workouts, start with a program that works all of your muscle groups for one to three non-consecutive days. Work a couple of groups of muscles one day and then alternate with another group of muscles the next day. Your muscles require time to rest and rebuild for the next workout. Choose one or two exercises for each muscle group. You should do one to two sets of eight to sixteen repetitions for each set of exercises. If you are in a gym, you may want to begin with weight machines instead of free weights because it may offer you more stability while you are learning the proper techniques. You should have at least one day of rest between workouts, perhaps more if you are just starting out. After you have finished your first week of strength training and every week thereafter, you should add one repetition or one or two pounds of weight to your exercise regimen. Be sure to not do more than sixteen repetitions, you don't want to overdo it. Make sure that you concentrate on proper form before becoming too concerned with how much weight you are lifting. After you have been consistently carrying out your strength training routine for about six weeks, you can change it to make it a little more challenging. Strength training will build more muscle and more muscle means more fat burned. If you are looking to change your body in a healthy and fun way, training with weights is a great way to go.

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