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Creating our machines LEVEL 6

THE CUPCAKE MACHINE How does it work ? First of all, we put all the ingredients in a bowl. Then we mix the ingredients. After that, we put the mixture in lovely cups and we put the cups in the oven. Finally, we decorate the cupcakes with frosting and with other lovely things ( heart, small balls‌) This machine has a nice price. Just DISCOVER IT !

Anna Franquesa and Eva Amado ( 6è B )

JUDBER MACHINE The judBer machine is the best of the machines. This machine can solve and tidy the environmental problems. It is a round machine with yellow hair, purple body and between the two arms an environment symbol. The machine is made of plastic and it is water resistant. It works with solar energy. Ah ! And it speaks. At the same time it’s a paper bin. If you’re interested, phone the number 933-82-28-99 or send an e-mail.

50% discount ! And only it costs 57 pounds. Judith Carmona and Berta Sobrino ( 6è B )

PIZZATRON Hi! I’m Abril, and now I’m going to present …. The only, the exceptional, the best…. Pizzatron ! Pizzatron is a machine to make pizzas. There are three models with differentcolours: red, black and white. The buttons and some other things are made of plastic, and the rest is made of metal. Inside the buttons there are the ingredients: cheese, boiled ham, pepperoni, prawns, tomato and olives. Her price is

99.99 pounds ! But if you come here now, you will have this machine with a

5o% of discount ! You can buy it in the shop : HECTAB,12. I’m waiting for your visit !

Abril Pérez and Hector Bernabeu ( 6è B )

TRAVEL MACHINE This machine has the same shape as a telephone box. It is made of glass. You can use this machine if you want to travel and visit some other places. Instructions of use:  You put this number: 934596278  You must say where you like to travel.  Close your eyes and in 5 minutes you are already there. With this machine is less difficult to travel. The price is 20000 pound, but today there’s a Special Offer : 500 pounds. Come on. It is only today ! Cristina Conde and Marc López ( 6è B )

THE MAGIC MACHINE The magic machine is a special machine because you can eat and enjoy a cake in only five minutes. You draw the cake, you scan the cake and you eat the cake. IT IS VERY EASY ! This machine is made of plastic andmetal. It has different colours : blue, orange, green, yellow and grey. This machine only costs 100 pounds.

It’s fantastic! Laia Martí and Nerea Infante ( 6è A )

CUPCAKE FROSTING MACHINE Do you think your cupcakes are bored ? Your mum doesn’t want to decorate them ? Don’t worry ! With the new cupcake frosting machine, decorate your cupcakes is going to be easy and fabulous. But maybe are you wondering: How does it work ? Easy ! You select the ingredient on the screen: vainilla, chocolate, strawberry…, and after that you choose the sprinkles. The art of the cupcake frosting is going to be perfect. AH ! And don’t worry about the price !!!

Marina Gil ( 6è A )

THE SWEETS MACHINE This machine makes a lot of delicious sweets.

It only costs 86.67 pounds ! The sweets are made of sugar, a little bit of milk and freh fruits. You can make love-heart sweets, cloud sweets and strawberry sweets. You can also add the fruits you prefer, like watermelon, pear, apple… You can control the velocity and you can choose among slow, medium or fast. The machine is very big and it is pink. It is like a cube and if you want to start the process, you have to press on the start bottom. And after all that, you will eat

the best sweets in the world.

Maria Tomàs ( 6è A )

WASHING TOYS MACHINE This machine can wash all type of toys. It doesn’t spoil the objects and it can repair broken objects. The colours of this machine are pink, purple, brown and grey. The machine has got an arm that gives you water, soap, polish… The shape is rectangular and it is made of metal and plastic.

It only costs 78 pounds ! Júlia Bort and Izan Cabrerizo ( 6è A )


This machine is very simple to use. It can make crepes with different flavours : sweet or salty. The crepes are delicious. The crepe machine is made of metal and plastic. It can be of different colours : blue, red, black or white. It is circular. The crepes are made with natural ingredients. It works with solar energy. It only costs 99 pounds. This is the machine of your dreams ! BUY IT !

Anna Saludes and Sergi Cubillo ( 6è C )


This milkshake machine is wonderful and very simple to use. You only press a buttom. This machine makes milkshakes with cream. You can produce different flavours using the correct ingredients. The shape of the machine is like a square. It is blue, and it is made of plastic and metal. Come to our shop to discover the fantastic and incredible price !!!

Maria MondÊjar and Xavi Polo ( 6è C )

MUFFINS MACHINE This is the best machine in the world. Why? Because there are only three machines in the world as this one. What does it produce? This machine produces muffins, delicious muffins. What’s the shape of this machine ? This machine is very original because it has a muffin shape. What are the colours ? Green and blue. What are the ingredients you use to make the muffins? You only use natural ingredients. What is the cost of the machine ? It only costs 150 pounds and it works with solar energy.

Clàudia Izquierdo and Júlia Mangues ( 6è C )


This is the new machine of sweets. This is a special machine because it is the number one of the list of the machines. The sweets are made of natural ingredients. This excellent machine is made of metal and plastic. The shape of the machine is square and it is blue, red, black and white. We have a lot of sweets like: chupa-chups, melon gum, cupcakes‌ This machine works with electricity. You can buy it for only 150 pounds.

Anna Flores and Alba Artero ( 6è B )

Creating our machines  

Creating our machine