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I am eating an ice cream. Xènia and Rubén are talking . Aina is climbing a tree. Ariadna Canela is playing with bike. Ivan is hiding.


Arnau Tarrida is playing basketball. I’m running . Juan and Marc Soler are playing football . Marc Gombau is jumping.


Aina and Ona are talking . Jorge and Carlota are playing a football. Ariadna Subiràs is reading. I’am playing with dog . Ariadna Canela is talking . Marc soler is drawing .

Ariadna Subiràs is reading a book Rubén Gallart is painting Ona Izquierdo is jumping with a rope Xènia Jimenez and Aina Martínez are playing football ARIADNA CANELA I'm eating an ice cream


Carlota is running Joel is jumping Pablo is drawing I'm reading Viky is driving a car Àlex is plying Marc S is laughing Eric and Jordi are walking Marc G is riding a bike

CARLOTA PUJADAS Alia is reading a book Marc S and Arnau Rey are playing football Marta is walking with the dogs. Arnau T is talking I'm running

I am playing a football Ainhoa is painting a picture Marina is walking with a dog Ariadna C is jumping Ariadna S is eating an ice cream ONA IZQUIERDO

Arnau T. is playing basketball. Marc S. is playing football. Xènia is jumping. Ariadna S. is running. Ariadna C. is playing. MARTA GONZà LEZ

Marc G. is swimming. Rubén is playing. I am climbing. Juan is climbing. MARC LÓPEZ

Marc S. is running. Marc G. is playing tennis. I am eating an ice cream. Juan is playing with Ivan. JORDI MARTĂ?

Marc L. is reading a book. Arnau R. and me are playing football. Carlota and Ainhoa are playing. Joel is jumping. MARC SOLER

Xènia is eating an ice cream. Ivan and Ariadna C. are playing. Ariadna S, Arnau T. and me are playing. AINA MARTÍNEZ

Xènia is playing. Marina is running. Carlota is playing.with a ball.


Arnau T. is playing basketball. Carlota is running. Arnau R, Marc S. and me are playing football.


I am jumping. Marc S. is climbing. Juan is playing football. ÉRIC MAC�A

Ainhoa and me are swinging. Ariadna C. is playing on the slide. Ariadna S. is standing up. XÈNIA JIMÉNEZ

Marc S. and me are playing football. Joel is jumping. Ruben is running. Arnau R. is playing basketball. JUAN BLANCO

I’m riding a bike. Marc G. and Arnau R. are playing football. Joel is running. Carlota is drinking. Ona is making pictures.


Juan and Marc S. are playing football. Pablo is playing on the skateboard. Xènia is flying a kite. Ona is skating. Jordi is flying. MARINA FORTES

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Present continuous