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FALL 2023 // VOLUME 20


FALL 2023

Volume 20, No 8

The “JSU Love” series highlights alumni who met their fiancé/ fiancée or spouse while attending ‘Thee I Love.’



Public health program looks to strengthen the workforce.



JSU alum and distinguished Brigadier General (Ret.) says $1 million gift aims to inspire.

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Dear JSU Family,

Welcome to the Fall 2023 edition of the Jacksonian. We are happy to announce a strategic initiative to keep you more informed about our "Dear Ole' College Home." The Jacksonian is transitioning to two issues a year. We believe that a bi-annual delivery will keep you more connected and engaged with the latest Jackson State University news.

As you know, a new academic year is upon us, and with it comes the energy and excitement of a promising semester for our faculty, staff and students. I remember all too well my time as a JSU student and looking forward to the start of classes and reconnecting with professors and friends. Each day brought me closer to attaining my college degree from “Thee I Love.”

I am sure our new students have been eagerly anticipating this moment, and we welcome the many beautiful possibilities and opportunities our campus community will provide them. Helping our students fulfill their academic and professional dreams is always at the heart of what we do.

Jackson State University continues to be an industry leader in preparing students for the awaiting and evolving workforce. Over the summer, our Public Health Informatics and Technology program introduced high school students to robotics, coding, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity through their Health Informatics, Science and Technology Academy. Our youth are the masters of the future, and we must nurture their talents and potential as such.

Many of our students spent the summer interning with in-demand companies such as Apple, Woolpert, Microsoft, Deloitte and Amazon. They were able to grow their skillset, gain mentors and build their networks. All of this contributes to their professional success once they leave our charge.

You, our alumni, exemplify what is possible with a JSU education and are a shining example of the academic excellence we foster at 1400 J.R. Lynch Street. This excellence resonates in the story of fellow alum DeMarco Morgan, who was recently named co-anchor of "GMA3," an afternoon spinoff off ABC’s "Good Morning America." He proudly credits his JSU education as a means to his achievements.

We also remain an institution that produces scholars who use their acumen and circumstances to help transform lives throughout the globe. JSU alum Nicole Betson is heading cancer research in her native Belize. She talks about the professors who inspired her desire to improve processes and treatments for those in need. As she works to establish a cancer research unit, she brilliantly represents Jackson State on the other side of the world.

As we look ahead to the fall, make sure you support Coach T.C. Taylor, who shares his vision for our football program in this issue. All of your stories embody what it means to be a member of the JSU family. We are bold, resilient and collaboratively working to elevate our institution through the exceptional learning encounters we create for our students.

The JSU community’s service-driven spirit raises our profile, helping to attract and retain students, bolster institutional support and create philanthropic opportunities. I thank you for your many contributions, as evidenced in our Day of Giving, exceeding our $650,000 goal for academic scholarships.

And while we know things must evolve for us to grow as an institution of the future, the deep love and care you show for our alma mater remains unchanged. Thank you for all that you do for Jackson State University.


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Greetings JSU Tiger Alums,

Serving as president of the Jackson State University National Alumni Association is a privilege. Our organization is full of phenomenal, supportive and energetic alums. You pour your hearts and souls into our “dear ole college home,” and your contributions make us one of the best alumni associations in the nation. There is no one better than a JSU Tiger, and we execute this spirit in all we do.

We have successfully concluded the first year under my administration and have made significant strides in our fundraising and mentorship efforts. I want to thank each of you for donating to JSU, an institution that has shaped and influenced our lives in ways, great and small. We have prioritized our giving, focusing on the direct support of our scholars.

Therefore, I am excited to report that we raised more than $100,000 for the university. Our funds will be used to assist the Tiger Food Pantry, student scholarships, athletics, the Sonic Boom of the South and the MADDRAMA Performance Troupe. I am proud of this accomplishment, but we can and will do more. Our charge is to continue “Building Capacity” and “Strengthening Bonds” as we engage alumni in new ways and elevate JSU as a first-class institution.

Remember, your time and financial gifts can be life-changing for JSU students, helping them reach their academic aspirations and propel them to the ultimate goal of commencement. We also need your creativity to help us enhance ways to recruit new alums and ensure they remain active throughout their membership. Please do not hesitate to share your ideas for new initiatives, events and opportunities to grow our presence and spread the JSU footprint beyond our imaginations.

We must continue to build community and connect with our alumni associations throughout the country. I encourage you to get involved by volunteering and attending our events. We need your Tiger energy on full display so future alumni know that we are an extension of the nurturing family found at JSU.

Thank you for all you do. I look forward to our continued collaboration and another successful year!


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In an exclusive interview, new Jackson State Head Football Coach T. C. Taylor discussed program goals while firmly focused on continuing the championship legacy. The former JSU quarterback and wide receiver (1998-2001) played professionally before moving into the coaching ranks in 2005, and has been on the Jackson State football coaching staff since 2019.

Taylor, who holds the school record for most receptions in a season, is motivated to continue the greatness of JSU Football by winning on the field and in the classroom while fostering an excellent football culture. Taylor is ready for the new chapter of Tigers' football, and he provided insight into the vision for the future.

How do you plan to build upon the existing success?

Our vision for the program is to continue to win, to continue to graduate our student-athletes on a yearly basis and to recruit the top talent in the country. We want to continue bringing in dominant football players who can come in and help us win championships. That's what we're going to continue to do moving forward.

Are there any particular challenges or areas of concern you anticipate encountering as the new coach, and how do you plan to address them?

We've had a lot of turnovers in the roster with the transfer portal and many guys moving on. However, we have a lot of new talent here and we are continuing to improve the chemistry of our football team. I think that's the biggest thing, that

these guys can come together on a day-to-day basis, and if so, we'll be fine going forward.

What are your short-term and long-term goals for the program, and how will you measure success?

Our short-term goal is to take it day-to-day and understand the assignment. There are a lot of expectations here as the head coach at Jackson State, so I'm going to try to win one day at a time. Our longterm goals are to continue to win championships and graduate our student-athletes.

How do you plan to handle the pressure and expectations that come with coaching the JSU football program that has a celebrated legacy of success?

I don't believe in pressure. (The expectations) are what it was when I accepted the job. That's what it's all about; winning football games. I'm a winner. I love to win, so that's the expectation. To say pressure, I don't talk about pressure. I know it comes with the territory. I played in it, I grew up in it, so I get it.

With the transfer portal becoming more prominent, how do you approach recruiting and player retention in this new landscape?

In regards to retention, you want to make sure to take care of the players you have in-house. You talk to them about that once you bring them into the JSU Tiger family. You talk to the parents as well. You have to get to know the parents. They play a big role in these student-athletes' lives.

We're going to continue to use the transfer portal. Kids are going in daily, weekly; it seems like. So, we're going to be in there daily, weekly as well. We will continue to use the transfer portal and work on keeping the guys we do have here by treating them right and ensuring their stay at Jackson State is one of a kind.

We're looking to grow our alumni base, and that's among the things the transfer portal can affect. You want to make sure while you have those studentathletes on campus that you're doing right by them.

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JSU alum Nicole Betson leads cancer research efforts in Belize

Jackson State University alumna Nicole Betson, Ph.D., embarked on a journey to improve cancer treatment worldwide, starting in her country of Belize.

“I realized so many gaps and deficiencies needed to be addressed. That's how I came to the mission of trying to navigate that process and be not only an advocate but be able to get Belize where it needs with respect to cancer,” Betson said.

Betson credits her interest in biomedical research and science to a perspective that goes beyond “seeing a patient” but provides a look at the mechanisms and pathways of sickness and, along the way, this led her to discover a passion for research.

Her areas of training include medical oncology, biomedical sciences, epidemiology, and biostatistics.

She completed her training in translational molecular pathology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, studying new animal models that recapitulate pancreatic and colorectal cancer in humans and innovative translational research conducted on patient-derived models and bio-specimens.

Fengxiang Han, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Atmospheric Sciences at JSU, is one of the numerous professors at JSU who have been instrumental in her life, she said. “Almost all of my professors – and even those who weren’t my professor – that I have worked with during graduate school have become family,” Betson said.

Han is pleased that Betson is continuing to surpass the expectations of academic and medical excellence that she built upon while pursuing her Ph.D.

“Dr. Betson plays a very important role in promoting cancer research and better serving the country of Belize. She is a very motivated and self disciplined medical professional with a solid scientific foundation and excellent academic training,” said Han. “I am very proud of her achievements.”

the jacksonian 10 cybersecurity technology
William H. Kelly III
“I found something that I want to embark on.”

More than six months ago, Betson started her mission as a health planner at the Ministry of Health and Wellness in Belmopan, Belize. Her responsibilities include establishing a research unit and the policy for it, plus developing a national comprehensive cancer plan, but her main concern is advocacy for cancer patients.

“What's happening in Belize is that most of the patients, who have cancer, are experiencing a lag time,” she said. “And we know that you need to act immediately when you're diagnosed with cancer.”

Many patients must prolong their treatment for cancer because of financial stipulations and because the country lacks resources for treatment. Betson said that Belizeans are unsure of what to do or where to go once they’ve been diagnosed with cancer, and citizens must travel to other countries, such as Mexico, Guatemala, or the U.S., if they can afford it, for treatment.

There is no cancer registry for Belize, and Betson is developing one. A cancer registry is an information system that collects, manages and analyzes data based on persons diagnosed with cancer or cancerous tumors.

“That is where your evidence-based planning occurs and is a part of your public health training because, with the data, you're able to understand not only the mortality rates but the incidence rates, the prevalence, what ethnicity is affected the most, what part of the country and more,” Betson said.

Betson strongly believes that every cancer patient needs to have the availability of a Cancer Continuum of Care being offered. The cancer continuum of care aims to reduce the incidence, morbidity and mortality of cancer and to improve the quality of life of cancer patients in a defined population through the systematic implementation of evidence-based interventions for prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and palliative care.

Nearly a year and a half ago, while studying and working at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Betson received a call from her mother, Carolyn Betson, saying she had been diagnosed with Stage 2 bladder cancer. That motivated Betson to fight for a better, more inclusive healthcare system for cancer patients.

At the height of her career, Betson left the U.S. and moved to Belize to support and care for her mom.

“I came in with the picture of knowing and seeing what it was like firsthand with my mom, and that devastated me,” she said. “I was crushed because I didn't know the situation in Belize. If it wasn't for our persistence and connection to the medical system, she wouldn't be able to receive the treatment she got. Then I thought, ‘How many Belizeans can afford this opportunity?’ Not a lot.”

Betson traveled to Mexico with her mother so she could receive the bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) for immunotherapy treatment. This process acts directly on the immune system to regulate and

strengthen the immune system, teaching it how to locate and destroy cancer cells.

“While I was focused on my mom and fighting for her survival, my heart was very heavy. I thought to myself, ‘This is the reality of the situation that is going on as it pertains to cancer,’” said Betson. “That's when I was fueled like, ‘OK, I'm not going to just be here for my mom throughout her cancer process, but I need to make a difference. I need to be part of the Ministry of Health and Wellness and be in a position where I can advocate for change on a policy level, too.”’

In May 2023, Carolyn Betson was declared cancer free but will continue recommended check-ups. “The message that I always want to stress every time I have a platform or opportunity is that because you're declared cancer free doesn’t mean it's over,” she said.

Betson knows it will take time to see a change in cancer treatment in Belize and worldwide.

“I just pray and hope that it continues catching fire and that everybody can understand, see the need and know this priority. Let's be relentless about it and act now. It's not tomorrow, not the future, but now and every little step and milestone that we take in acting now leads onto a bigger catalytic change for the future.”

jackson state university 11 Alumni Focus
Jackson State University Alum, Dr. Nicole Betson, is a Belize native and health planner at the Ministry of Health & Wellness in Belmopan, Belize. Her responsibilities include establishing a research unit and policy for the Ministry, plus developing a national comprehensive cancer plan.



thanks JSU for latest win

ne never knows where their path may lead, but looking back is a useful reminder of the journey, believes Jackson State University alum DeMarco Morgan, who was named co-anchor of ABC’s “GMA3:What You Need to Know.” The show is an afternoon spin-off of the nationally syndicated "Good Morning America."

In an emotional interview, Morgan told GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts that he immediately began crying when he learned the news.

"That wasn't supposed to be my story. The little boy from Tulsa, Oklahoma, with the Jheri curl back in the day. Thank God for a mother who believed in making sure she poured herself into what I wanted to become," Morgan said.

But as the saying goes: Everything happens for a reason.

"Sometimes you don't understand why you make a move going left or right. Or, why you move from one city to the next," he said during an interview with JSU.

In 2019, Morgan's professional path took an unpredictable turn. The coronavirus pandemic spread to the U.S., and employers would have to quickly adjust in ways unforeseen.

At that time, Morgan, a CBS news correspondent, moved from New York to Los Angeles to work as the anchor at CBS's West Coast flagship station, KCBS, and CBS2's weekday, covering the 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. newscasts.

In mid-March, CBS's New York headquarters temporarily closed after

three reported cases of COVID-19. All employees, including anchors and production staff, had to shelter in place. New York was among the hardest hit and one of the states with the highest number of COVID-19 cases.

"New York called and asked if I would anchor the local shows for WCBS in New York City from Los Angeles. They also asked that I anchor the National CBS Weekend News," he said.

The situation was a first for the network, but unprecedented challenges often call for creative solutions. Selecting Morgan seemed like a good solution because New York and the tri-state area audiences were already familiar with him.

An experienced journalist, Morgan spent four years of his career in New York delivering news from the field and CBS headquarters. He covered a range of topics, from natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey and California wildfires to the funeral of Aretha Franklin and the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, and did a series of reports on the country's heroin crisis.

To pull off the bi-coastal broadcast, the CBS production team in New York and Los Angeles worked from home, while a small crew, following CDC guidelines, assisted with televising the news from the L.A. office.

"God will always have you prepared for what is to come," said Morgan, who, on March 13, 2019, posted an Instagram photo of him seated at the L.A. news desk.

The universe has shifted again, landing Morgan back in New York on “GMA3” post-pandemic. Reflecting on his educational aspirations, Morgan makes a point to shout out his alma mater, JSU.

"I applied to 12 colleges and universities and was denied acceptance to all of them but one. Jackson State University was the only one that said,

Alumni Focus the jacksonian 12

'Yes.' I wouldn't be where I am had it not been for that HBCU," Morgan told Roberts.

Having not applied himself and finishing high school at the bottom of his class, Morgan made the most of his time at JSU, receiving a Bachelor of Science in 2001. He also credits JSU for prepping him for graduate studies at Columbia University.

Morgan contends that there is a special beauty in attending an HBCU. "Sometimes, we don't have the same amount of capital as some of the larger schools. But we had enough, and we made do with what we have," he said.

What sets JSU apart?

Morgan said an HBCU gives students a chance.

"They will embrace you with open arms. I always tell people, 'I live for Jackson State, and I die for Jackson State.' That is my school. I was able to accomplish a dream that I've had since second grade... without Jackson State, that would not have been possible."

jackson state university 13
JSU alum DeMarco Morgan (center) with Eva Pilgrim (left), co-anchor of “GMA3: What You Need to Know” and ABC News correspondent, and Dr. Jennifer Ashton (right), chief health and medical correspondent for ABC News and co-host of “GMA3: What You Need to Know.” (Photo credit: ABC News)


he love between Alexis and Stephen, or "Deuce," began on the campus of Jackson State University circa 2014. During a freshman week event, I introduced myself to Alexis as "Deuce." However, not much stemmed from this initial interaction. I made a point to always speak to Alexis when we crossed paths on campus, but she would always claim to be "too busy" to stop and chat for long. A year later, Alexis finally made an effort to attend one of the many events I invited her to. She made sure to let it be known that she did, in fact, come to support the event.

During the summer of 2015, Alexis came to her senses and finally decided to give this persistent man an opportunity to be in her life Thank God! From there, we went on a few dates and had plenty of conversations about life, expectations and goals.

If you know Alexis, you know she has a strong addiction to cake/cupcakes. One day, I offered to get Alexis' car and have it detailed. On this particular day her craving for cake was like no other. I informed her that her car would be returned with a small cake to satisfy this outrageous craving. After returning the car, I told her I had forgotten the cake. At this point, I might as well had not washed the car.

A few minutes later, after leaving the campus, I called Alexis and told her I had left something in her trunk and asked her to check it. When she opened the trunk, there was her cake, flowers, and a sign asking her to be my girlfriend. Alexis called me back with the biggest Kool-aid smile, ecstatic with her "yes."


Seemingly, the years flew by as our young love matured into old. Life transitioned from all-night parties at the frat house to all-night cram sessions for professional degrees. We grew from childish desires for promise rings to Stephen promising that he would only give me a wedding ring. It seemed as though he couldn't ask the big question soon enough.

On Thanksgiving Day 2021, Stephen proved to be a man of his word and popped the big question in front of my family, and of course, I said yes!

On September 17, 2022, the day had finally come. I was officially marrying my college sweetheart and Prince Charming. We vowed our love for one another before our family and friends. Our special day became everything we dreamt it to be, a moment to share the #RayfordRomance with a reception as lit as a JSU Hotspot!

Alexis and Stephen


Reginald "Reggie" and I officially met on campus between Alexander Hall and the Jacob L. Reddix building. As a new member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, I remember being approached by Reggie, a recently elected SGA justice, as he began to express the importance of the role of leadership vehemently and representing their affiliated Greek letter organizations in the best possible light.

He had just visited the "tree" where all the neophytes for Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta sat with their new paraphernalia. I didn't remember much about what he said, but I remember his conviction and passion for what he believed. When Reggie completed his comments, I introduced myself as the just-appointed SGA vice president, an occurrence he had not been aware of. As we continued to converse, it became evident that we had similar goals of service, community engagement, academic scholarship, and strong familial connections and love for our dear old college home.

What we did not know was that each of us had been checking each other out from afar. Reggie inquired with one of his fraternity brothers about me. I had gone as far as verbally claiming that he would be my husband after seeing him walk across the plaza that day. After our initial meeting, we formed a strong friendship. Working on committees and in various organizations, we began to spend more time together. Although we were not actively pursuing an exclusive relationship then, our friendship blossomed into an undeniable bond.

On our first official date, I was preparing to bow my head to say grace silently, and he reached across the table, grabbed my hand and blessed the food for us both. It was a welcomed surprise that solidified my growing attraction.

Our love story was not without challenges. Over the next couple of years, we "made up to break up" a few times, but those separations did not last long. We always found our way back together. We navigated long distances due to Reggie attending graduate school while I served my final year as SGA president and enrolled in graduate/professional school.

For Reginald, the phrase, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ was a true testament to his feelings for me while away from home. He said he realized I was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Once we completed our professional studies, we moved in together and have been together since.

This year, we will be celebrating 17 years of marital bliss. We have four future tigers, Hart, Jacob, Brooklynn and Eli. Hart was recently offered a full presidential scholarship to attend JSU. In all we do, we try to embody the motto that was impressed upon us as undergrads- God, Family, and JSU!


We met in the summer of 2013 when Lauren was running for freshman class parliamentarian. I still remember her campaign pitch to me, "My name isn't Ralph Lauren, but I sure am Taylor-made." She gave me her campaign spiel, and the only thing I could remember was how beautiful and well-spoken she was. Little did she know she was Taylor made for me.

We became friends in 2014 in SGA, and I remember us having to wear those hot suits in 95-degree weather, marching in as we arrived at the SGA football game box. We had to find a partner to walk in the games with for every game before entering the stadium. We decided that every time we were at the game together, we would always go as partners.

We started attending the same church in college and completed the same summer internship at FedEx headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. On July 1, 2016, we had our first date at Life Kitchen in downtown Memphis.

After graduating from Jackson State, we started dating long-distance and were engaged in May 2018. Lauren thought we were going to see the movie "Acrimony," but she didn't know I had rented out the entire theatre and filmed a movie of me asking for her hand in marriage. The theatre was pitch black, and her family was in the front row. The "movie" started with regular commercials, and then I popped on the screen asking her to marry me. All of Lauren's family and my family were in the film saying, “Congratulations!” She had no idea her ticket to see the movie "Acrimony" was her invitation to be married.

On June 1, 2019, I lived the dream of marrying my college sweetheart. We have been married for over four years and reside in Franklin, Tennessee.

jackson state university 15 Alumni Focus
Reggie and Janelle – The Jeffersons

Anton Vincent establishes $100K scholarship at Jackson State University in honor of his parents

When Anton Vincent, president of Mars Wrigley, North America, visited Jackson State University to serve as the keynote speaker for the Spring Graduate Commencement Ceremony, he left more than pearls of wisdom. The Jackson native bestowed a generous $100,0000 gift to establish The Pearl and George Vincent Educational Excellence Scholarship in honor of his parents, who served on the faculty for 25 years.

“My parents were lifelong educators, between them 88 years of educational leadership. Teaching students from early childhood all the way to Ph.D. students,” says Vincent. “This scholarship is in honor of their commitment, leadership and legacy in the educational field. I really want to offer talented students who are passionate about a career in education a chance. Investing in these students impacts all of society.”

The scholarship will be used to pay for tuition, textbooks, supplies and other fees included in the cost of education for eligible students. To be eligible for the scholarship, a candidate must be an undergraduate student majoring in education and enrolled full-time at Jackson State University, must maintain a 2.75 GPA or above, and must demonstrate a financial need.

the jacksonian 18
"I look forward to my family helping to build more dedicated educators through this scholarship."

College of Education and Human Development Dean Jerri Haynes, Ed.D., said this gift will enable students to fill the void left by public education funding cuts, minimize students' debts, support equitable outcomes and expand students' networks.

"The Pearl and George Vincent Educational Excellence Scholarship will pave the path to the future of education in the College of Education and Human Development by allowing our students' access to become future educators. It will allow our students to spend more time on their academics and less time thinking about how they will pay for school. The contribution made by Mr. Vincent is transformative. We cannot say thank you enough for such a significant contribution to the future of education. People like Mr. Vincent make a difference in education and our society, and we are incredibly grateful,” said Dean Haynes.

Vincent is a graduate of Murrah High School in Jackson, where he was a scholar-athlete having played on many championship basketball teams for legendary Coach Orsmond Jordan, Jr. He is enshrined in the Murrah High School Hall of Fame and was voted Most Likely to Succeed. Vincent recalls his parents’ guidance as educators helped prepare him for a purpose driven life and leadership in a global economy.

“My parents were beautiful people. They were tough and supportive. Most importantly, they ensured we had a spiritual foundation, worked hard,

didn’t make excuses and never set limits on what we could achieve. These are fundamental principles that they instilled in me and my four brothers George, Michael, Pierre and Tyrone. We’ve tried to embody those principles throughout our lives.” Vincent says he is excited to play a role in supporting the next generation of educators who will soon leave lasting impressions on their students, just like his parents did for so many in the Jackson metro area and across the south.

“My parents loved educating students. They got no greater joy than seeing students break through and achieve,” says Vincent. “I can’t tell you how many times the thousands of students whom my parents taught enthusiastically saying, ‘your mom taught me’ or ‘your dad taught me.’ My parents impacted lives every day. I look forward to my family helping to build more dedicated educators through this scholarship.”

jackson state university 19
Anton Vincent, president of Mars Wrigley North America and Global Ice Cream, pictured with his family. (Photo special to JSU) George and Pearl Vincent were lifelong educators who have left a legacy at JSU touching the lives of many students throughout their tenure. (Photo special to JSU) Anton Vincent, president of Mars Wrigley North America and Global Ice Cream delivers keynote during JSU Spring 2023 graduate commencement. (Photo by Charles A. Smith)

t all started with an email and the courage to care. When Girmay Berhie, Ph.D., arrived in the U.S. from Ethiopia, he was committed to making a difference in the lives of other African refugees like himself. He found that resources were scarce, so he decided to investigate writing grants.

“I realized when I was at Marshall (University) the need for informatics and analytics. I asked to start a program, but they were not sure because of money,” he said. “Once my daughters were off with their own lives, I wondered if there was a possibility that I could make a difference at an HBCU. In 2019, I landed at JSU.”

In June 2021, JSU Vice President Joseph Whittaker, Ph.D., forwarded an email to Berhie, then dean of the College of Health Sciences, about a new workforce development program named PHIT (Public Health Informatics and Technology). The program aimed to strengthen public health information technology efforts in the U.S., improve COVID-19 data collection and increase representation of underrepresented communities within the public health information technology workforce.

Berhie submitted a grant proposal that was awarded $10 million by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. The 10 recipients, which include Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs) and other institutions of higher education, will form multiple consortia to collectively train more than 5,000 individuals in an interdisciplinary approach in public health informatics and technology during a four-year period.

The consortia will develop curricula, recruit and train participants, secure paid internship opportunities and assist in career placement at public health agencies, public health-focused nonprofits or other public health-focused organizations. Berhie envisions JSU becoming a more diverse, technologically advanced university that is a catalyst for digital transformation.

“My only question to the administration was, ‘Can we make a difference in the lives of our kids?’ Our kids need to have the skills, the knowledge and the values to compete in a digital world,” he said. “I shared with them at that time that the only thing I would need is the latitude to work with faculty, the chairs (of departments) and the staff to make this program a reality.”

Berhie has successfully secured funding for several major projects and continues to do so. In addition to the initial award, PHIT was awarded $230,500 for a high school component, HISTA (Health Informatics, Science and Technology Academy), that will expose high school students to Python, Tableau, AI and cybersecurity, and a community college training program was funded for $300,000 through bio-technology giant Genentech.

A second division, a Digital Telehealth Hub, received $700,000 for the study of health inequities in diabetic, cardiovascular, mental health and maternal health patients. Those programs can run without the support of state funding and will in no way burden the university, Berhie said.

PHIT Executive Director Loria Brown Gordon, Ph.D., who has accrued 30 years at JSU that includes serving as the dean of the Honors College, said working with the team to craft the PHIT proposal was a better option for her than retiring.

“This was something new for Jackson State. Something new for me. Something to learn,” she said. “We’d not had a public health informatics or an informatics and analytics grant awarded to Jackson State. It’s not every day that you get a lump sum of $10 million over a period of time.” Each of the programs will anchor PHIT in multiple ways, Gordon said. There are four milestones for the PHIT grant: Curriculum development (training, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral), consortium development, training, and sustainability.

“Part of Dr. Berhie’s vision for the curriculum is us creating a pathway, then recruiting students and helping them matriculate in that pathway,” she said. “We’ll continue to write other proposals, along with our performa budgeting that will offer long term viability.”

The tie to real-world experiences cannot be understated, Gordon said. PHIT will position students for internships that are relevant and then, ultimately, gainful employment, she said.

Jarek Peterson, a sophomore therapeutic recreation major, is interning with PHIT’s HISTA program. He considers PHIT important because students will use informatics and data collection in almost every field they pursue after graduation, and he quickly signed up when the opportunity presented itself.

“I’ve always wanted to expand my learning when it came to technology. When I was informed about the training me and my fellow students would receive, I was interested immediately,” said Peterson, a native of Jackson. “Since starting, I’ve studied Tableau, informatics, coding and many other tools that will stick with me forever.”

The PHIT program expects to award 75 certificates and 120 degrees in data science and public health informatics in the next four years. It is the only program of its kind that can benefit students in numerous disciplines, whether it is business, education and human development, health sciences, liberal arts or STEM. The program will offer students real-time training in their fields of choice and give them skills to analyze raw data to help the productivity of any business or system. JSU will partner with Alcorn State University’s Cora S. Balmat School of Nursing and develop curricula to train Alcorn students in nursing informatics.

Berhie said, "When programs operate in silos it costs more money, they are less efficient and have difficulty working collaboratively. Working with all the deans to minimize silos and create synergy will be more cost effective and make better use of resources, he said. First, we want to be transformative. We want commitment. You have to have the courage to care,” he said.

Cover Story jackson state university 21

JSU Political Science Department uses pipeline for student success

he Political Science Department at Jackson State University leads the nation in placing African Americans in doctorate programs, according to Byron Orey, Ph.D., JSU political science professor. He credits the department’s successful pipeline with placing 20 students in some of the country's top political science Ph.D. programs during the last 10 years.

"I'm intimately familiar with HBCUs,” Orey said. “PWIs (Predominantly White Institutions), based on sheer numbers, don't have the number of African Americans to where they could produce that many students over that short period.”

The department's success stems from a grant it received in 2009 from the National Science Foundation. To date, the department has received an estimated $1.5 million in research grants and an additional $200,000 in student fellowships.

"This shows that we have the students capable of performing at such high levels, and we have the faculty talented enough to develop students to meet the challenge," said Political Science Department Chair Maruice Mangum, Ph.D. "Alternatively, it also speaks to the lack of diversity in other places and that JSU is a leader to fill that void."

Orey also credits students' strategic placement in programs and developing relationships with other universities.

"Some people think that you have to get a master's degree first and then a Ph.D., but our success has been with sending undergraduate students into Ph.D. programs directly from the undergraduate program," he said.

Faculty members encourage students to participate in research activities and experiential learning.

the jacksonian 22
JSU alumnus Attorney Bob Owens (center) attends the unveiling of the Bob Owens Pre-Law Center with Dr. Rozell Chapman, nephew (left) and Dasheen Kaur Chapman, niece (right).

"It's important for students of color to ascend to the academy. We get closer to understanding all sorts of phenomena when different minds weigh in on these subjects. Because of that, we encourage students to consider graduate school in political science because there are places for them. In fact, they're desired," Mangum said.

The expectation is to nurture critical-thinking skills in students by encouraging them to enroll in summer programs at Harvard, Princeton, the University of California in Berkeley, the University of Michigan (UoM) and other institutions.

"Before we knew it, Michigan was offering an emerging scholar program where students could present their research, and my colleagues contacted me to see if we'd participate, and that's how we got started," said Orey about the JSU and UoM collaboration.

The political science department has had nine students travel to Michigan as research presenters or to conduct research alongside a mentor.

"One of the strongest variables that contribute to success is placing undergraduate students in programs where you have Ph.D. students they can relate to and communicate with, and those students serve as mentors," he said.

Orey strives to connect undergraduates with a graduate student or faculty member who will fuel their desire to conduct research, ultimately leading them to pursue a Ph.D. He calls the process the "each one, teach one" model and considers it the making of a successful student pipeline.


Last year, the Bob Owen Pre-Law Center opened in the JSU College of Liberal Arts, distinguishing itself as the first and only pre-law center at an HBCU in the state. The center exists to set students on the course to law school and is designed to meet their needs. Charles Irvin, J.D., serves as the center's director.

"This is just another brick to how great Jackson State truly is," said Jacobi Grant, J.D., adjunct professor and compliance officer for the Division of Research and Economic Development.

Irving believes in the vision of the center's founder, Bob Owens', J.D., a 1973 JSU graduate, who wanted Jackson State to become a significant pipeline for law schools nationwide.

"We want to have a program that promotes the tools and resources not just to get people into law school but have them excel in law school," Irvin said. "We

offer diversity readiness, professional development, and law school admission test prep, and we have them ready for every avenue to get in and succeed."

In its first year, the pre-law center accepted nine students into the Bob Owen's Pre-Law Academy, the center's premier program. Two students have since graduated. Beginning this fall, all Bob Owens Pre-Law Center students will be enrolled in virtual LSAT prep courses. In the 2023-2024 school year, the center expects to have about 20 students enrolled in the competitive program.

In April, the center had three students participate in the FormanWatkins Diversity Pipeline Program. Forman Watkins is one of the nation's most respected trial law firms and among the largest in the region. The law firm's pipeline program aligns with the pre-law center's goal to increase the diversity of law school applicants.

"Those three students in the Forman Watkins Diversity Pipeline Program are now set up to have shadowing opportunities at that law firm potentially and to compete for summer internships, and if they're successful, that is the actual feeder program for job placement after law school,” Irvin said.

The facilitators of the pre-law center assist students with writing, resume' building and teaching them the importance of career networking.

"One of the biggest things is creating a network, having the students understand the importance of the network and what they should look to learn from people," said Grant. "We have planned events with law schools to make the admissions process as understandable and easy as possible."

The Hinds County Public Defender's Office and the Hinds County District Attorney's Office are among the local organizations that granted pre-law center students hands-on opportunities to gain experience in a law office setting.

The interdisciplinary program is selective, and students must have a 3.4-grade point average or higher to gain entry. The center accepts applications in the spring.

"We've always produced lawyers at Jackson State, but it is tremendous to have that under the supervision of the pre-law center, to have an umbrella for nurturing it within the College of Liberal Arts and to have it available for all disciplines,” Irvin said.

jackson state university 23 Faculty Highlights
Charles Irvin, J.D. D'Andra Orey , Ph.D. Jacobi Grant, J.D.

When Khaylah Rose, a rising junior computer engineering student at Jackson State, was offered an internship this summer with the global software company Autodesk, she found it an exciting opportunity that validated the education and experience she already had.

“Autodesk was looking for an intern with a specified skill set, and I had exactly what they were looking for,” Rose said. The internship required knowledge of SharePoint, HTML and CSS, each of which was on her resume.

Rose credits her robust resume to experiences that Jackson State helped cultivate for her. “If it wasn’t for the experience that Jackson State gave us, like competing in hackathons and doing small side projects … I would never have gotten most of my experiences that I have now,” she said.

Williams said interning at Apple provides an opportunity to develop new capabilities, refine his current skill set and expand his professional network.

“I want to be a software developer, a software engineer in the future. I want to improve my understanding of technological frameworks, programming skills, ability to problem solve a piece of code that has an issue,” he said. “I definitely try to meet as many people as I can. There are many smart people at Apple. These are people who are going to be doing incredible stuff in the future. And so it’s good to keep those kinds of contacts.”

Segun Olutade, a rising junior computer science student interning at Microsoft, was excited to see how a major company operates from the inside. “I’m honestly looking forward to learning how to navigate the dynamics of the corporate world before I graduate college. Learning about that would help me create my own startup in the future, preferably in Africa,” he said.

The internship opportunities help students identify career opportunities they have not considered. Rose assumed the career path for a computer science student would be straightforward, but working on the strategic foresight team at Autodesk helped her realize how many different paths she could take.

The on-campus Center for Innovation provided and continues to provide invaluable resources so Rose can advance her knowledge and capabilities and interact with other students and faculty members. “The first time I went to the Innovation Center, I was like, ‘I wish I knew about this earlier because it has everything from EA games, laptops, desktops to virtual realities and free 3D printing,”’ she said.

Extensive and impressive resumes allowed Rose and other Jackson State students to acquire internships at some of the most sought-after companies including Apple, Amazon, Deloitte, and Microsoft and ensured they were positioned to do meaningful work during their summer experiences.

“We work on different things that are helpful to the company. They don’t just give you a throwaway project,” said Opeoluwa Williams, a graduate student in computer science, about his internship with Apple. “Whatever you work on, it is something that’s going to be relevant to helping people.”

“My path just broadens. I know I can really do any work in any field,” she said, explaining how her strategic foresight team is responsible for analyzing events taking place around the world and how they may one day impact the company. “Until my internship, I didn’t really think I’d be part of analyzing change for the future. You know, that sounds pretty cool.”

Experiences outside of an academic setting in the realworld help clarify for the students the kind of companies they want to work. Ka’Pri Burden, a rising senior computer science major and marketing minor, interned at Deloitte this summer. Not only is she hoping to expand her technical skills and business knowledge, but she wants to contribute to a company she respects and admires.

“I really support their culture and what they stand for,” Burden said. “There is a small percentage of women in tech, let alone Black women in tech. Deloitte has an inclusive culture focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. They really engage their people and care not only about their career, but their success outside of the office as well.”

Student Highlights jackson state university 25

Jackson State University, in collaboration with Getty Images, is curating a 25-30 piece exhibit of archived images detailing the history of JSU and its impact on Black academia from 1877 to now. The exhibit is set to debut in the Johnson Hall Art Gallery during JSU's Homecoming in October 2023.

"It's surreal. It has an affirmative quality to me because when I look at some of that imagery, I know some of those people," said JSU's Chief University Photographer Charles Smith. "There are just tons and tons of imagery that, as I was going through it in this process, I was blown away with the story this university has to tell. As alumni, we don't know what's out there, and I think there's an opportunity to let people see who we are as an institution by sharing that love internally and then with the community.""

In 2021, Getty Images announced its Photo Archive Grants Program for HBCUs, funded with $500,000 from the Getty family and the philanthropic organization Stand Together. The funding helps with the digitization of thousands of archival photos, post-production, metadata and equipment such as scanners necessary for the universities.

Cassandra Illidge is the vice president of Global Partnerships and executive director of the HBCU Grants Program at Getty Images. Illidge's team manages over 310

premium content partners secured by Getty Images, including Disney General Entertainment Content, Washington Post, NBCUniversal, BBC Studios, Sky News and Independent Television Network.

"This grant was created with pure impact in mind and to bring solutions to HBCUs, but also to complement the work that HBCUs are already doing to preserve their history," said Illidge.

According to Smith, the exhibit is intended to trigger the same sense of emotion in others, almost transporting viewers through space and time while giving them "a sense of time and place."

Through the imagery, guests will witness the transformation of West Jackson, which Smith says was the "hub for Black class, middle class, and working-class citizens" gaining their education. Along with the growth is the rare opportunity to experience the development of the campus's surrounding perimeters as it expands further into downtown Jackson.

"These images allow you to visually see what you read about Jackson's growth and the institution's growth," said Smith. "Starting as just a teacher's college and a college to train ministers and teachers, it ended up being a multifaceted university with Ph.D., science, technology, education programs and all the above. So that evolution and imagery speak to all that, to its current date."

However, detailing over 145 years of history, making 146 years on October 23, 2023, is a challenging task.

"Well, you first do it with the buildings. That is going to give people a sense of time and place.

Out of that comes the people operating within that physical plan. You would start with Ayer Hall as the center point and bring everything into that up to Ayer Hall today," said Smith. "So it'll be a visual thing, but you will get an opportunity to read about some history and the movements that Jackson and Jackson State went through."

Guests can expect to see never before seen images of JSU campus life, historical moments, distinguished events, and traditions that are long gone or have lived on.

"The whole core of building a Black middle class in this country has been wrapped around the significance and importance of the growth and development of HBCUs because that is how the Black middle class came about."

Through the grants program, Getty Images is helping to fund the framing and installation of the handpicked photos showcased at the exhibit. Jackson State will be the first university to partner with Getty Images on a project of this magnitude, and Illidge is excited to establish more in the future.

"Considering the number of photos that are coming from Jackson State, it became a no-brainer that this would be a great way to collaborate with the school to create an experience where guests are immersed in the photos on display and see the significance and meaning of JSU’s history and legacy,” said Illidge.

Illidge says that 100% of the revenue generated from any content from HBCUs that goes on is distributed to HBCUs and continues to impact the grants program. Fifty percent goes to the HBCU that owns the copyright, 30% goes toward a scholarship, and

the remaining 20% re-plenishes the grant to help other schools.

Throughout the exhibit, participants can purchase a framed image of their choice, which will be directly mailed to their homes via Getty Images fine art print sales website Participants can also select the preferred sizing and framing of the photo, with visual examples on the website of how it may appear in their desired space.

JSU’s Division of Library and Information Resources is another key partner in the exhibit and culmination of the Getty Images partnership. The division houses the university’s archives where many of the photos are being handpicked."

“The Getty Images project has been a trailblazing experience for the library. It has been something that has taken us out of these walls, which is on the fifth floor of the H. T. Sampson Library, and exposed us to the world,” said Interim Dean of University Libraries, Locord Wilson, Ph.D. “This will be an event that will showcase what the archives have and all the hidden treasures we have in all of the little rooms, boxes and drawers.”

As part of the grants program, Epson donated scanners and printers to each partner institution. Adnet Global representatives are working alongside university archivists to assist in production, and Denny's provides stipends for students interested in working with the grants program.

JSU photography, including historical and iconic moments, can be licensed at Getty Images.

Student Highlights jackson state university 27
(L-R) Charles Smith, chief university photographer, Locord Wilson, interim dean of university libraries, and Getty Images contributor, Aron Smith, are shown in one of the university’s vaults. Not pictured are University & Digital Archivist, Darlita Ballard and, JSU senior, Jordan Riley. (Photo by William H. Kelly III/JSU)

The Jackson State University GAP Emergency Fund was created to help students who may need extra financial assistance after all financial aid and scholarship awards have been applied toward tuition. The fund is also meant to support students in need due to an emergency that could disrupt their learning experience.

Managed by the Major and Planned Gifts Department in the Division of Institutional Advancement, the fund is unrestricted dollars available for students who experience financial hardships after they have exhausted financial aid and scholarship support from the University, said Gwen Caples, interim vice president of Institutional Advancement.

“Scholarships do not cover emergencies that may arise during a student’s matriculation. However,

JSU Community the jacksonian 28
By Anthony Howard

the GAP Fund helps students in an economic crisis on a case-by-case basis,” Caples said.

For example, a student had a death in the family, and the family could not afford to bring the student home for the services. GAP funds were used to help purchase a plane ticket so the student could return home.

The GAP Emergency Fund was established in 2017 through the Division of Institutional Advancement’s Major and Planned Gifts Unit, led by Constance V. Lawson, interim associate vice president of Institutional Advancement.

The fund aided over 600 students in its first year. The program sets an annual campaign goal of $2.5 million for student scholarships and emergency expenses. The budget includes generous donations from university partners, alumni, and JSU supporters.

According to Lawson, “It is imperative that alumni and friends continue to give back in support of the university and the students we serve. Without our donors’ financial contributions, many students would not be able to complete their academic studies.”

The fund is managed with the assistance of the Office of Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Admissions and the Jackson State University Development Foundation. The university awards financial assistance through private support, including endowments and annual scholarships.

Caples said the fund is an example of how much the university cares about the success of its students. In the 2022-2023 academic year, roughly $100,000 in GAP funding was used to cover the remaining balance of graduating seniors, allowing them to walk across the stage worry-free.

"We had about 40 students this spring and about another 60 students in December who could not get cleared for graduation because they still had an outstanding balance. The money is now being utilized to help and support students throughout their matriculation," Caples said.

Cleveland, Ohio, native Alexis Johnson is a recent graduate who credits the emergency fund for helping her walk across the stage at the 2023 spring commencement. The funding provided her with the assistance she needed for several semesters throughout her time at JSU and kept her education on track.

"My sophomore year after I received GAP funding and I knew everything was taken care of and I had somewhere to sleep and a meal plan, it allowed me to do better in classes," said Johnson. "That year, I was actually on the Dean's List. Knowing that I did not have to figure out how I would survive financially, I was able to focus on getting my degree."

When she enrolled at JSU, Johnson said she received financial assistance from someone back home during her freshman year. Once that funding became unavailable, she faced adversity and feared she could not finish school.

"It was a mental battle, and I would question if I belonged at JSU. I have family members who went off to college and could not finish because they could not afford it financially. I always wondered whether that would be my story," said Johnson.

Now, Johnson has a more confident outlook about furthering her education and plans to pursue a master's degree soon.

In March 2020, when COVID-19 forced a global shutdown, the GAP Emergency Fund helped ease the financial burden students faced as they returned home during the pandemic. More recently, the Jackson water crisis disrupted campus operations in the 2022 fall semester.

As a result, little to no water pressure delayed students moving onto campus, inconveniencing numerous students and their families. Problems with the city's water resurfaced in November 2022, forcing many faculty and staff members to work remotely and students to attend classes virtually and deal with various unforeseen hardships.

"We quickly realized there was a significant inconvenience for our students when the water crisis occurred, so we wanted to make sure that we could support students in any way possible," said Fran'Cee Brown-McClure, Ph.D., vice president for student affairs. "We set up an application process for students to reach out to us and let us know how they were impacted and how we could assist them."

Brown-McClure said the university received an overwhelming number of inquiries from students. The institution spent an estimated $300,000 of the GAP Emergency Fund to aid students during the unprecedented situation. The fund received donations from various corporations and community organizations to help mitigate the water crisis.

"There were students who were single mothers who lived off campus who had to take care of their children and figure out how to get water into their homes. We had students who were too far from home and had to stay in hotels, students who could not wash their clothes, you name it, we had students in those scenarios," Brown-McClure explained.

Caples said that the Division of Institutional Advancement is grateful to its donors who continue to give and invest in the education of the next generation of leaders.

JSU Community jackson state university 29

JSU professor’s research works to combat ‘most preventable cancer’ among Black women

Jackson State University professors are doing considerable research in ways to enhance and protect the health of communities nationally and internationally. Visiting Assistant Professor Angela Omondi, DrPH, conducted two studies comparing cervical cancer screening knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors among young pregnant Black women in Kenya, Eastern Africa, and young Black women in Mississippi.

“My key goal is prevention, to ensure that younger Black women of reproductive age have knowledge of risk factors for cervical cancer and access to early detection screening services. This can ultimately improve health outcomes,” said Omondi. “Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer. We must equip young women with essential knowledge and access to screening services to reduce incidence and deaths related to advanced-stage cervical cancer. The Pap smear test detects precancerous cells and supports early treatment and care.”

According to a study released by the American Cancer Society, cervical cancer is the most common cancer affecting women of all ages worldwide. In the United States, about 13,960 new cases of cervical cancer will be diagnosed, and about 4,310 women will die from the disease in 2023.

Little named HBCU Band Director of the Year

Jackson State University’s Sonic Boom of the South Band Director Roderick Little, Ph.D., is the 2022 HBCU band director of the year by Best American Craftsman (B.A.C.) Musical Instruments.

The manufacturing company hosted its inaugural Greatest of All Times (G.O.A.T.) Awards Ceremony last year in Chicago, making Little the first band director to win the award. The G.O.A.T Awards highlighted nine HBCU band directors across several categories, including showmanship and arranger of the year.

Master Craftsman and B.A.C. CEO Michael Corrigan gathered a panel of HBCU band directors, band staff members, and musicians to select the band directors most deserving of recognition. JSU Associate Director of Bands, Kevan Johnson, was nominated for the Arranger of the Year award.

Corrigan acknowledged Little for his direction and his passion while leading the Boom. Each award recipient was given a hand-crafted trophy that resembles the bell of a brass horn made by the company.

While there have been improvements in cervical cancer screening (Pap tests) rates among women of color, many underserved and underrepresented communities still do not have access to the resources and screening services to help eliminate cervical cancer, often described as the most preventable form of cancer.

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JSU WINS $100,000

Home Depot Retool Your School Grant for campus revitalization project

Jackson State University has secured another $100K Home Depot Retool Your School Campus Improvement Grant thanks to the votes from the JSU community. JSU is one of 36 Historically Black Colleges and Universities set to be awarded.

The program is part of Home Depot's ongoing efforts to recognize how HBCUs provide students with the academic success and professional development necessary to improve and impact their communities.

"We truly enjoy this grant because it is something Home Depot invests in yearly. With this being our sixth year winning, we would like to thank our amazing students and alumni base for always showing up and voting out," said Heather Denne', Ph.D., JSU director of community engagement."

The top ten schools with the most votes per cluster received grants ranging from $40,000 to $150,000. JSU had enough votes to take home the second-place spot in the Campus Improvement Grant Cluster 1, landing them $100K.

JSU senior integrated marketing major Tianna Williams, who serves as an intern in University Communications and Marketing, worked closely with the department on developing marketing strategies to engage student and alumni demographics.

Jackson State University ranked a top school for online master’s in social work for 2023

Jackson State University’s social work program has been recognized as one of the best for online learning at the master’s level by OnlineMastersDegrees. org (OMD). The social work program earned top honors for overall quality, affordability and commitment to student success. analyzed more than 7,700 accredited universities by using each school’s data and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). After the data was compiled, OMD’s data science team then applied a proprietary algorithm to rank all qualifying schools for each of the different master’s degree specialties.

JSU ranked 16 out of 50 and is among the top 6% of regionally accredited postsecondary institutions to earn a ranking. began in 2020 to support online learning at the master's level. The research-backed content helps students find scholarships, resources, and financial aid and connect with accredited colleges and universities nationwide. To be eligible for the ranking, a university must hold active regional accreditation and have at least one partially online master's program in the ranking subject.

University Highlights jackson state university 31

JSU Air Force ROTC program soars to new heights with flight simulator debut

Jackson State University introduced a new Air Force flight simulator program that engages and equips cadets with the technical aspects and hands-on training necessary for piloting a commercial or military-grade aircraft.

The program is designed to provide additional hours of training for cadets interested in becoming a pilot. Only cadets on the fence about becoming a pilot can learn more about the career pathway through introductory training and exposure.

“If you look at the demographics for the Air Force, we have about 14,000 active duty pilots right now. Less than 300 are African American, so less than 2% of the Air Force active duty force is African-Americans operating aircraft,” said Lieutenant Colonel Natosha Reed, JSU Air Force ROTC commander.

Day at the Capitol: JSU advances legislative priorities, celebrates academic excellence and SWAC Champions

The Jackson State University delegation filled the halls of the Mississippi State Capitol in large numbers and high spirits in support of JSU programs and legislative priorities, as well as acknowledging the 2022 SWAC Championship teams programs, including football, women’s soccer, women’s tennis and men’s cross country.

“From our student-athletes, our coaches and other representatives, we deeply appreciate the fact that you recognize JSU excellence in this chamber today,” said JSU Acting President Elayne H. Anthony, Ph.D. “We are so very pleased to be a part of this, and I want to thank each and every one of you for what you do to support our fine university.”

Mississippi state legislators assembled inside the Senate and House chambers to salute the efforts of Jackson State University athletes, both in and outside

“I believe that the main reason is lack of exposure to our population versus those who’ve been exposed to flight simulators, flying programs, etc., since middle and high school. The ultimate goal and value of having a simulator within the detachment is to provide exposure and experience to our cadets, leading to production of more pilots in the Air Force from this detachment.”

The program is available for all cadets within the program as an additional support item for their curriculum and those who may have curiosity about the world of piloting. With this level of exposure and intentionality of programs readily available in underrepresented communities, visions of the future are becoming more colorful and promising, opening windows of opportunity and confidence for JSU students.

of the classroom. In attendance among state legislators were JSU alums Sen. Sollie B. Norwood, Sen. Derrick Simmons, Sen. Hillman Frazier, Rep. Chris Bell, Rep. Bo Brown and Rep. Rufus Straughter.

In the latest NCAA Graduation Success rate report for the 2021-22 academic year, the Tigers of JSU touted a graduation success rate of 90%, securing the top spot amongst other SWAC institutions and tied with the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University athletics for the highest position in the state.

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Group of pre-law students empowered by Future Black Lawyer Institute workshop in Phoenix

Five Jackson State University pre-law law students were invited to partake in a “Future Black Lawyer Institute” workshop in Phoenix during Super Bowl LVII. The trip was primarily sponsored by JSU leadership.

“The Department of Political Science believes that it is vital to bestow upon our students influential, long-lasting and unique experiences,” said Department of Political Science Chair Maruice Mangum, Ph.D. “Such high-impact practices encourage students to strive for higher heights and improve student success.”

The workshop attendees said they felt empowered by the experience, especially since it was a group of young black women who all aspire to become lawyers. The JSU students were also asked to mentor and assist high school and middle school students who attended the workshop as well. Sophomore political science major Kourtney Graves credited the opportunity for strengthening the bond between her and her peers.

In addition to meeting Arizona Supreme Court justices and mentoring, the pre-law students worked with the general counsel for the National Hockey League’s Arizona Coyotes and Minor League Baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Super Bowl host committee. They also networked with entertainment lawyers who offered them internship opportunities.

JSU’s Department of Political Science celebrates 50 years, McLemore receives resolution by state senate, and Reeves honors student

Jackson State University’s Department of Political Science celebrated 50 years of existence with an anniversary jubilee in honor of its founder, Leslie-Burl McLemore, Ph.D. Several distinguished political science alums and retired faculty members paid their respects to the department and educators who laid the foundation for their professional careers.

District 26 Senator John Horhn presented McLemore and the Department of Political Science with an official State Senate resolution, recognizing the department’s 50 years of service. The event ended with an anniversary reception, including the Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society induction ceremony, graduate and professional school announcements and awards presented to exceptional political science students.

The Department of Political Science department was established in September of 1972 under the leadership of McLemore, who served as chair until 1984. The retired professor gave reflections at the celebration opening. He spoke about the department’s emphasis on critical thinking, rigor in writing and analysis, imposing questions of the day and not being afraid to question authority.

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Jackson State University's College of Education and Human Development teamed up with Microsoft TechSpark, Amazon Future Engineers BootUp Professional Development Program and the CS for Y’all initiative to establish an influx of K-5 computer science teachers in the Jackson area.

Students selected for the fellowship will partake in professional development from March to June to learn to code and apply their practice at a local summer school program during the 2023 summer. Six Jackson State University pre-service teachers have been selected to participate.

"Computer science educators are essential in K-12 to build a computer science pipeline for the future. It is estimated that in the future, more than 1.5 million jobs will be needed in computer science. In today's

Codes to a new age: JSU's College of Education partners with Microsoft TechSpark to teach coding in Jackson classrooms

job market, minorities represent approximately 10 to 12% of computer science jobs," said Jerri Haynes, Ph.D., dean and professor at the College of Education and Human Development.

Haynes further explained that computer science education majors at an HBCU are desperately needed to increase equity and representation in the workforce.

"Teachers must be able to teach students how to think critically, use abstract reasoning, and logic—all of which are mathematical ways of thinking," she said.

JSU’s College of Education and Human Development receives CAEP accreditation

Jackson State University’s College of Education and Human Development (COEHD) received accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). The college becomes one of 41 educator preparation providers to receive the accreditation for spring 2023 from the accreditation council.

"This accreditation reaffirms and emphasizes the high-quality education offered by our College of Education," said JSU Provost Alisa Mosley, Ph.D. "I commend our faculty and staff for meeting the academic standards of a rigorous but necessary process. This significant accomplishment is a reflection of the academic excellence JSU is known to produce.

The COEHD began the seven-year CAEP accreditation process in 2016, now joining the ranks of 541 institutions with the same national accreditation. According to CAEP, more than 600 educator preparation providers participate in the accreditation system, including some previously accredited through former standards.

“Every higher education institution strives for some type of accreditation program to validate that their programs are effective, efficient, and meet the needs of their students that are graduating,” said Dean Jerri Haynes, Ed.D., College of Education and Human Development.

In spring 2023, the COEHD produced 199 postgraduate students and 119 undergraduate students with bachelor’s degrees. In the Fall of 2022, the college produced 186 postgraduate and 111 undergraduate students.

University Highlights the jacksonian 34

Jackson State University hosts “Blue Carpet Premiere” to celebrate new episode of The College Tour

Jackson State University rolled out the Hollywood-style blue carpet celebrating its new episode of The College Tour. The cast members were joined by administrators, faculty, staff and friends for an early screening prior to the official debut of season eight on Amazon Prime.

The 30-minute episode showcases what it’s like to be a JSU tiger through first-hand testimonials from the cast of eight students and one alum. The group shared their college experiences and why they chose to attend JSU. The university’s leadership is excited to see the institution’s story streamed on a large and reputable platform that will be used as a recruitment tool for prospective students.

Following the premiere screening, the cast participated in a Q&A session to answer questions about their experiences during the production and their time at JSU. Each cast member also participated in celebrity-style blue-carpet interviews to share a little insight into their lives.

Jackson State University and Google extend partnership with students and faculty for the Spring semester

Jackson State University and Google are furthering their partnership to help HBCU students access technology and training to prepare for the workforce. The latest collaboration includes Google donating a new line of Chromebooks to Jackson State CSET students so they can transition from school to professional life with a versatile laptop for work and play. The donation builds on JSU’s existing HBCU Career Readiness program with Google and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which helps prepare HBCU students for the workforce through digital skills training and career workshops.

Wilbur Walters, Ph.D., dean of the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology, cited the extended partnership with Google as an opportunity to engage students with cutting-edge technology like robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“This partnership is another example of academic and corporate partners teaming to directly benefit our students at JSU,” said Walters. “This contribution represents the continuation of exciting opportunities for our students and faculty to engage and benefit from the amazing Google brand.”

University Highlights jackson state university 35

JSU alum and distinguished



$1 million gift aims to inspire

ast year, Jackson State University received a $1 million gift from John Nau, president, and CEO of Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P., to establish the Brigadier General Robert Crear endowed scholarship for STEM and ROTC students.

The atrium in the JSU College of Science, Engineering and Technology building was also named after the retired brigadier general, who is a 1975 graduate of JSU.

Crear and his family have served 33 years on active duty worldwide. He has commanded and led soldiers and civilians at every level while serving in high-level leadership positions with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Crear is also president and CEO of the Crear Group LLC, a governmental relations and business development consulting firm in his native Vicksburg.

Nau said he donated out of his immense esteem for Crear's leadership and service to the nation. The longtime colleagues serve on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Vicksburg National Military Park.

Reflecting on the donation, Crear asserted his pride in being a JSU alum and his intention to inspire.

"It is my hope that alumni will continue to set an example by giving personally and that those who have been successful will use their relationships with wealthy individuals and corporations to ask them to

share their prosperity with JSU," he said. Crear added that the $1 million gift was in honor of Dr. John A. Peoples, president emeritus of Jackson State University, for his vision to establish the ROTC program at JSU.

Crear shared that Peoples understood the high esteem that officers held in society, and he wanted to leverage that to enhance the reputation of Jackson State. Crear explained that being commissioned as an Army officer through the JSU ROTC Program allowed him to build relationships with influential people worldwide, including his friendship with Nau.

The university held its annual Day of Giving in July, enticing supporters to give back, and they answered the call helping the university bring in over $689,000. Still, Crear believes that number can be elevated.

"If more people know about JSU's great academic programs and the accomplishments of its students, alumni, staff, and faculty, they will want to give to the university," Crear said before adding that $1 million is an achievable goal for the Day of Giving in the near future.

"We alumni must continue to give back to 'Thee I Love', then spread the word about JSU in every way possible so that others will be inspired to give," he said.

Crear majored in mathematics at Jackson State and was commissioned as an officer through the Army ROTC Program. His numerous assignments include serving at the Pentagon and commanding two U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Divisions.

Additionally, he served as president of the Mississippi River Commission, having been appointed by the U.S. president and confirmed by the Senate, a first for an African American.

Alumni the jacksonian 36

Crear also served on the ground in Iraq as commander of Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil (TF RIO), an organization he established, trained, and led in 2003. TF RIO was responsible for a first-of-its-kind mission for the Department of Defense, which was first to extinguish all oil fires and then restore the oil infrastructure, production, export capability and the internal distribution system in Iraq.

In 2005, Crear organized and served as commander of Task Force Hope, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers $14.6 Billion infrastructure recovery and restoration effort in Mississippi and Louisiana after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. It was the largest disaster response and recovery operation in the history of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

In 2010, he was inducted into the JSU Alumni Hall of Fame. In June 2016, he was inducted into the Army's inaugural class of the National Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Hall of Fame and the Jackson State University ROTC Hall of Fame. He gave the 2019 JSU Undergraduate Commencement Address. Crear is currently a member of the JSU Development Foundation, Inc.

Crear is married to his high school sweetheart and wife of 51 years, Reatha Hall Crear. Their union produced four children, all graduates

of JSU, Kristi Crear, human resource director for the Chief Digital and Artificial and Intelligence Office at the Pentagon; Kimberly CrearGregory, executive assistant to the Deputy Commanding General of the U.S. Army Contracting Command; Robert "Bo" Crear Jr., vice president of Operations; and Reginald Crear, vice president of Government Services at EJES Inc Architecture and Engineering Firm in Jackson, Mississippi.

The distinguished alum and his wife also have six grandchildren, including Kai Crear, a sophomore computer science major at JSU.

jackson state university 37
General Brigadier(Ret.) Crear pictured with his family during the naming ceremony for the atrium in the JSU College of Science, Engineering and Technology building. (Photo by William H. Kelly III/JSU)

promotion Tenure

Promotion and Tenure awarded during the 2022-2023 year, and effective the 2023-2024 year:

Luma Akil, Ph.D.

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor

Department of Behavioral and Environmental Health

Trenia Allen, Ed.D.

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor School of Social Work (BSW)

Leticia P. Alonso, Ph.D. Promoted to Associate Professor

Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Speech Communication

Pedro Hernandez, Ph.D.

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor School of Social Work

Hung-Chung Huang, Ph.D.

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor

Department of Biology

Patrice Jenkins, Ph.D.

Promoted to Professor School of Social Work

Saundra McFarland, J.D.

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor Business Administration

Vincent Mendy, DrPH

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor

Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Candis Pizzetta, Ph.D.

Promoted to Associate Professor

Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Speech Communication

Shana Smith, Ph.D.

Promoted to Professor

Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Speech Communication

Xiaoli Su, Ph.D.

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor

Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Tammi Taylor, Ph.D.

Tenured and Promoted Associate Professor

Department of Biology

Brent Thoma, Ph.D.

Promoted to Professor

Department of Biology

Yonghua Yan, Ph.D.

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences

Faculty Highlights the jacksonian 38

Alumni Notes

Antwon Woods, PH.D. was named dean of Alcorn University’s School of Business. He is responsible for developing current and future programs, increasing undergraduate and graduate student enrollment, cultivating strong alumni and external relationships and increasing the fundraising capacity for the School of Business. Woods holds a Doctor of Philosophy in urban higher education and a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from JSU, a Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University, and a Master of Science in sport management from Middle Tennessee State University. He completed studies at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, where he received a post-doctorate certificate in executive leadership.

Chinelo Bosah Evans, PH.D. was selected to serve as the assistant superintendent of the JPS Middle School Division for the 2023-2024 school year. Evans was previously the executive director of advanced academics for the Jackson Public School District. Her notable accomplishments include serving as the founding principal of the JPS-Tougaloo Early College High School program, where 20 high school seniors graduated from Tougaloo College with associate degrees prior to their 2022 high school graduations. She also served as principal of Northwest Jackson International Baccalaureate World Middle School, where the school was recognized as the No. 1 ranked middle school in Mississippi and one of the top 50 best schools in the United States out of 98,000 middle schools according to

Devon Horton, PH.D. was appointed superintendent of Dekalb County Schools in Georgia. Prior to his recent achievement, Horton served as the superintendent of Evanston/Skokie School District 65, north of Chicago. A native Chicagoan, Horton has served as an educator, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent and chief of schools. Touted as a disruptive leader, Horton has an unwavering belief in the potential for success for all children. Among his accolades, he was honored with the 2022 RTM National EdTech All-Star award for his support of other dynamic leaders in the field of education.

Alicia Walker, Ph.D. was named senior director of quality assurance and food-safety retail with Wayne-Sanderson Farms in Laurel, Mississippi. Walker has been in the poultry industry for 17 years and ensures that quality and food safety standards adhere to customer expectations and support the retail business unit’s organizational policies and objectives. Furthermore, she oversees all quality assurance managers throughout the company's retail complexes.

Aaron J. Thompson has been named assistant vice president for advancement and branding at Alabama A&M University. Thompson, whose appointment took effect January 17, 2023, will lead various fund development, marketing, alumni relations, and communications efforts for the University. He comes to AAMU after serving as director of content development for athletics at the University of Texas at Austin since 2017.

Thompson is a native of Madison, Mississippi, and holds a Bachelor of Science in communications from Jackson State University and a Master of Public Administration from the Bush School of Public Service and Administration at Texas A&M University - College Station. He is a life member of the Jackson State University National Alumni Association and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Rev. Glenell M. Lee-Pruitt, Ph.D. was named the 13th President of Jarvis Christian University. Her appointment as president went into effect July 1, 2023. Lee-Pruitt has been a part of the Jarvis administration since August 2012, when she began her tenure as provost and vice president of academic affairs. Since that time, she has added the role of interim vice president for student services to her portfolio of responsibilities.

Lee-Pruitt obtained her Bachelor of Social Work from Jackson State University, Master of Social Work from Temple University, Ph.D. in Social Work from Jackson State University and a Master of Divinity online from Payne Theological Seminary. She was born in Grenada, Mississippi, and served as dean of University College, a tenured assistant professor in the Department of Social Work at Mississippi Valley State University. Lee-Pruitt is a member of the National Council of Negro Women, Incorporated and the Chi Mu Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Alumni in Action jackson state university 39
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The Jackson State University Development Foundation is pleased to acknowledge the many donors who have chosen to support the University through corporate, foundation, organizational and individual contributions. With your support, we are able to continue elevating the University through research, scholarship and enhanced program offerings.

The following pages recognize the generosity of our donors who have supported Jackson State University for the period of July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023. We have made every effort to ensure that we have listed our donors’ names accurately. If you notice an error, please accept our apology, and send an e-mail to ariel.barnes@jsums. edu; or call 601-979-5835.

Thank you for your investment in Jackson State University and the students we serve!

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Chauncey Citchens

Chester Simmons

Christine Crate

Christopher Citchens

Christopher Mathis

Clarence Johnson

Claudette Richmond Richard

Cledus Bynum

Clinton Johnson

Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville

Connie Brown

Corrie WIlliams

Cory Wofford

Curtina Moreland-Young

Curtis Granderson

Cynthia Fields

Dallas Reed

Damian Thomas

Danielle Robinson

Darlene Hobbs

Deborah Washington

De’Keither Stamps

Delta Air Lines Foundation

Dena Bilbrew

Dennis Bowman

Dennis Holloway

Deon and Roshanda N Pittman-DeBoise

Derek Henson

Derek Simms

Dessye McIntyre

DeWanda Nelson

Diana Kimbrough

Donnie Fareed

Doressia Hutton

Dorothy Funches

Dorothy Johnson

Dylester Scott

E. Marcus and Rebecca Lee Wiggs

Ebonee Davis

Eddie Downing

Eddie Myers

Eddie Tiggs

Edward Roberson

Elayne Hayes-Anthony

Elinor Draine

Elizabeth Gray

Ella Davis

Entergy Services, Inc.

Eric Jackson

Ericka Midgett

Ernestine Crate

Eva Edeigba

Felicia Brown-Williams

Fellows Alumni Foundation of JSU, Inc.

Florida Hyde

Fox Corporation

Frank Carter

Frank Paterson

Gena Walker

Georgvell Christian

Geraldine Sturgis

Glenda Lattimore

Gloria Boyland

Gloria Tatum

Glyn Booth

Gregory Manogin

Gregory Speights

Gregory Thompson

Gwendolyn Etter-Lewis

Harold Haughton

Helmon and Barbara Ann

Irvin Johnson

Hollie Peek

Ida Berry

Imani Perry

Institute of Southern Jewish Life

Jacquelyn Thomas-Miller

James and Shelia Garner

James Brooks

James Luckett

James Lyons

James Oliver

Janelle Vanerstorm

Jannese Hayes

Javaris Powell

Jenise Menshew

Jerald Thomas

Jeremy Sanford

Jeremy Sims

Jerome Jones

Jerry Johnson

Jerry Turner

Jimmie Harmon

Jo Ann Taylor

Jody Owens

Joe Straughter

John and Rosia Anderson

John Coleman

John McGowan

John Neal

John Page

Joseph Whittaker

JSU Byram Terry Alumni Chapter

JSU Milwaukee Alumni Chapter

JSUNAA Savannah Metro Regional Alumni Chapter

Judy Coffey

Kathleen Cavanna

Kathryn Belden

Kayla Wilkes

Kayland Partee

Keisha Horton

Keithon Mosley

Kemal Catalan

Kenneth Williams

Keri Myers

Kerry Hughes

Ketina Moore

Kevin Causey

Keydron Guinn

Kimberly Bethea

Kimberly A. Wash-Blasingame

Kimberly Funchess

Lachie Jennings

Ladarius Watkins

Lakeland Premier Womens Clinic, PLLC

Lamarcus Norman

Lamont Jones

Lanai Whitaker

Lanease Dickens Fuller

Lanesa Fuller

Larry Shaw

Latonja Slaughter Robinson

Leecluster Sherrod

Leislye Ball

Len Jefferson


Leola Sanders

Leonard Burningham

Leroy and Chanda Mayers-Elder

Lesa Britt-Walton

Leslie McLemore

Linda Johnson

Lockheed Martin Employee

Political Action Committee

Lori Liddell-Jackson

Lot Swarns

Lovenso Henderson

Lutaya Stewart

Lynette Suttlar

Macedonia Baptist Church

Mae Grant

Mandy Strong White

Marcus Reed

Marcus Wallace

Margo Westmoreland

Marian Sampson

Mariea Thompson

Marilyn Moore

Marilyn Weakley

Mario Kirksey

Mark Williams

Marlon Richardson

Martha Anderson-Handy

Martha Magee

Martha McRavin-Oliver

Mary Crump

Mary Reeves

Maryemma Graham

Mattie Stevens

Maurice and Armelia Ray Braddy

McKenzie Crump

Melvin and Virginia C. Hollins

Michael Easter

Michelle Wright

Mildred Burnett

Mildred Short

Mishi Jackson

Mitchell Shears

Monique Caples

Mozella Jackson

Musette Collier Edwards

Myleme Harrison


the jacksonian 44
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Nakia Gayles

Nancy Bristow

Natalie Chadwell

New Life Fellowship

Baptist Church

New York Life Insurance Company

Northern Virigina Chapter


Not Just A Smile, Inc.

Okechukwu Anyamele

Olger Twyner

Opal Buckley

Opera Unique

Pamala Smith

Pamela Bydon-Bunker

Pamela Johnson

Pamela Jones

Parnell Long

Patricia Hodges

Patrick O’Connor

Patrick Phillips

Paul Keogh

PepsiCo Foundation

Perry Brooks

Prince Lewis

Rachel Reinhard

Raven Griffin

Raynetra Gustavis

Rebecca Corley

Regan Jackson

Reuben Hawkins

Reynaldo Reese

Richard and Edith S. Rayford

Richard and Myrtis J. Herrod

Richard Brown

Richard Caldwell

Richard Russell

RiverSource Mutual Fund

Robert and Regenia Shearrill


Robert Green

Robert Long

Robert Woodson

Rochel Thornton

Romericus Stewart

Ronald Johnson

Ronnie Flowers

Roosevelt Davis

Rose White

Rosie Harper

Roy Jones

Sam Buchanan

Sam Mozee

Scott Wansley

Sebetha Booker

Shannon Daniels

Shaquita Burke

Sharlyn and Larry H. Wilkinson

Sharon Brown

Sharon Tufts

Shavonte Bennett

Shawana Crawford

Shawn Wiggins

Shedrick Wright

Shellie Edwards

Sherman Jackson

Shinithia McGowan

Shirley Laird

Stephanie Hall

Stephanie Vaughn

Stewart Fleming

Strut45, LLC

Sutter Smith

Sylvester Phipps

Tamekia Rhymes

Tamieka Graves

Tammie Norton

Terez Dunnings Green

Terrence Rash

The Agency

The Community Foundation of Macon County

The Dick Molpus Foundation

Thelma Cocroft

Thelma Hickman

Timothy and Rita L.


Tina Austin

Tinny Davis

Toboris Williams

Toi Thurman

Tommie Stewart

Tommy Hairston

Toni Martin

Tonitrice Wicks

Tony Cook

Tosha White-Garner

Tracy Dodd

Tracye Davis

Tramaine Beane

Twenty Pearls of Canton

Tyrece Sayles

Victor Keyes

Victoria Halley

Wesley Prater

Willard Hart

William Carroll

Willie Don and Carolyn

Coleman Denard

Yalanda Barner

Yolanda Kelly

Yulanda Nelson

Yvonne Buchanan-Ratliff

Zachary Mathews

Zelma Bradley

$100 - $499

Aarika Smith

Aaron and Brenda J. Thompson

Aaron Dean

Aaron Gunn

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories Foundation

Abdul and Iely B. Mohamed

Accura Cobbins

Ada Funches-Nelson

Adam Jones

Addie Taylor

Adero Bell-Carter

Adoris Turner

Adrian Link

Adrian Mayse

Adrian Price

Adrian Techeira

Adrian Wood

Adrianne Davis Kelly

Adrianne Myers

Adrianne Swinney

Ahmad Gage

Ahmahtzyah Barrett

Aisha Benford

Aisha Haynes

Akeisha Denton

Akilah Artis

Akilah Irvin

Akinola Gonzalez

Al Gilmore

Alan Byrd

Alan Spears

Alandress Gardner

Albany Crudup

Albert and Lenora Brown

Alecia Reed-Owens

Alesha Russey

Aleshia Hall-Campbell

Alexandra Landing

Alexis Anderson

Alexis McElrath

Alexis Stanton

Alexis Wilson

Alferdteen Harrison

Alfred Allen

Alfred Johnson

Alfred Martin

Alfred Young

Alfreda Fields

Alfrenett Johnson-Orr

Algernon Stamps

Alice Doss

Alice Hughes

Alicia Dow

Alicia Gosha-Page

Alicia Riley

Alicia Walker

Alisa Benjamin

Alisa Carson

Alisa Huggins

Alisa Patrick

Alisha Johnson

Alison Pill

Alissa Perteet Jackson

Allegra Thigpen

Allen Turner

Allen Washington

Allison Lunsford

Allison Wade

Allstate Foundation

Alma Johnson

Almesha Campbell

Almetia Simmons

Alondria Owens

Alphonse Carter

Alphonso Hall

Alveria Crump

Alvin Creswell

Alvin Rembert

Alvin Sanders

Alvin Stewart

Alvis Johnson

Alyece Loyd

Alyse Samuels

Alyse Wells-Kilbert

Alzena Simmons

Amanda Arnold

Amanda Cavett

Amber Carson

Amber Hamp

Amber Jones

Amber Meeks

American Family Insurance

Dreams Foundation

American Fidelity Foundation

America’s Charities

Amethyst Whitley

Aminah Ford

Aminata Traore

Amy Hildreth

Amy Kleiner

Andre and Roshana Johnson

Andrea Davis

Andrea Norman

Andrea Robinson

Andrea West Wages

Andrew Collins

Andrew Lenoir

Andrias Lowe

Anetra Yearwood

Angel Drake

Angela Barial

Angela Brooks

Angela Clinkscales-Verdell

Angela Coleman

Angela Courtney

Angela Gates

Angela Hardiman

Angela McAllister

Angela Moffett

Angela Moore

Angela Mosley

Angela Reynolds

Angela Simmons

Angela Smoot

Angela Taylor

Angela Thomas Neal

Angela Toon

Angela Verdell

Angela Wiggins

Angelia Mikel-Brown

Angelica Rawls

Angelique Freeman

Aniecia Brewster

Anissa Kelly

Anita Jackson

Anitra Bender

Anna Jackson

Anne Kelsey

Annella Campbell-Drake

Annette Gaitan

Annette Jolly-Richards

Annette Robinson

Annie Lewis

Annie Webb

Annissa Clay

Ansis Paul

Answan Johnson

Anthony Brunson

Anthony Dillon

Anthony Eason

Anthony Jackson

Anthony King

Anthony McWhorter

Anthony Rundles

Anthony Sims

Anthony Ware

Anthony Witherspoon

Antionette Epps

Antoine Anderson

Antoine Cater

Antoinette Silas

Antonio Pittman

Antonius Caldwell

Apriel Powell Martin

April Cathey

April Kelly

April McGreger

April Moore

April Trice-Colter

Apryl Armstrong

Arby Martin

Archana Savla

Archie Peay

Ardena Flippin

Ardis Blanchard

Aretta Smith

Arianna Cargin

Arianna Stokes

Arielle Smith

Armel Peel

Armelia and Maurice L. Braddy

Arthena Peavy

Arthur and Louise Jackson Jones

Arthur Davis

Arthur Hicks

Arthur Rush

Arthur Sutton

Artis and Marilyn

Christmon Bolden

Ashley Davis-Holton

Ashley Floyd

Ashley Harvey

Ashley Henderson

Ashley Jones

Ashley King

Ashley Martin

Ashley Norwood

Ashley Robinson

Ashley Sanders

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Warner

Atoya Finley

Aubrey Bland

Aubrey Norman

Audrey Carmack

Audrey Flowers

Audrey Gary

Audrey House Turner

August Irving

Aurdie Smith

Austin Frey

Ava Kimble

Aviane Forde

Avis Heath

Ayanna Smith-Jenkins

Ayeola Kinlaw

jackson state university 45
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Azim Rashid

Azonda Goss

Bambata Hogue

Bank of America Foundation

Baraka Mapp

Barbara Howard

Barbara Hubbard

Barbara Kline

Barbara Luckett

Barbara Williams

Barnett Taylor

Barron and Patricia A. Banks

Barry Butler

Becca Andrews

Belinda and Robert C. Lawson

Belvely McClendon

Ben Lyons

Benedra Cleveland

Benjamin Bradley

Benjamin Latham

Bequita Pegram

Bernadette Buckhalter-Whitley

Bernadette Conrad

Bernard Samuel

Bernice Banks

Bernice Liddell

Bernice Shelwood

Bettina Brown

Betty Barnes

Betty Cunningham

Betty Easterling-Odems

Bettye Bowman

Bettye Rimmer-Hart

Bettye Washington

Beverly Hearns

Billie Standford

Billy Paige

Billye Sharp

Black Student Union of Dominican University NY

Blake Morehouse

Bluefoot Entertainment, Inc.

Bob and Denise Owens

Bobby Potters

Bobby Watson

Bobbye McCain

Bonita Adams

Bonita Taylor

Bonnie Shirley

Bonnie Smith

Booker Wilson

Brandee Harrington

Brandi Turner

Brandi Woods

Brandon Manning

Brandon Thompson

Breanna Nash

Brekeitrea Jones

Brenda Briscoe

Brenda Coleman

Brenda Robinson

Brenda Smith

Brenda Thompson

Brendetta Scott

Brendon Bell

Brian Anderson

Brian Handy

Brianna Davis

Brianna McFarland

Bridgett Carey

Bridgette Batson

Bridgette Pritchard-Gordon

Bridgshe’ Freeman

Brigitte Burpo

Brionna Knighten

Brionna Wicks

Brittany Flaggs

Brittany Panzino

Brittney Holmes

Brittney Young

Broderwick Cochran

Bruce Straughter

Bruce Travis

Bryant Cunningham

Burell Lee

Burt Iwata

Byron Baldwin

Byron O’Neal

C M Lewis

C Vernon Gray

C. Liegh McInnis

Calvin and Willie Bell Scott

Calvin Chester

Calvin Hill

Calvin Mote

Camelia Cockrell

Cameron Caldwell

Cameron Wilborn

Camille Lee

Candace Chambers

Candi Hoskins

Candis Pizzetta

Candra King

Candra Nelson Scott

Canelda Perry

Caprice Smalley

Cara Babicz

Cara Mancini

Caramu Cunning

Carl Cunningham

Carla Anderson

Carla Reed

Carla Sutton

Carlisa Thompson

Carlos Dixon

Carlton Ragsdale

Carlyn Stewart

Carmella Henderson

Carmen Glover

Carmen Wright

Carol Burns

Carol Fleming

Carol Grubbs

Carol Syvertsen

Carol Wilson

Caroline Collins-Wright

Carolyn Coleman

Carolyn Dillard

Carolyn Herod

Carolyn Higgins

Carolyn Howard

Carolyn Johnson-Upkins

Carolyn Laury

Carolyn Patton

Carolyn Pryor

Carolyn Rhone

Carolyn Robinson

Carolyn Spencer

Carolyn Upkins

Carrie McCoy

Carrie Robinson

Carrie Williams

Carrine Bishop

Carroll Frazier

Carsheena Blanks

Carshena Bailey

Casey Nesbit

Cassandra Chandler

Cassandra Jones

Cassandra Townsend

Catavia Buck

Catherine Sutton

Cathleen Williams

Catrecia Bryan

Cecil Wolfe

Cedric Collins

Cedric Donaldson

Cedric Gilmer

Cedric Johnson

Cedric Walker

Cedrique Kelly

Celestine Lindsey

Chad Battle

Chaka Norwood

Chakeba Turner

Chakilia Gray Moody

Chakira Branch

Chamonda Gray

Chanda Hardiman

Chandra Gandy

Chandra Webb

Chandra Youngblood

Chanete Wooley

Chaney Hayes Walters

Charita Weathers

Charities Aid Foundation of America

Charles and Galetha P. Beard

Charles Bradley

Charles Britton

Charles Davis

Charles Dixon

Charles Holmes

Charles Jones

Charles Lenard

Charles Nash

Charles Russ

Charles Smith

Charles Spann

Charles Taylor

Charlotte Byrant

Charlotte Collins

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Smith

Chasity Jones

Chauncy Prentiss

Chea Walton

Chelia Woodfork-Thompson

Cher Clayton

Cherise Brown

Cheronda Adeyemo

Cheryl Barnes

Cheryl Hannah

Cheryl Hearns

Cheryl McLemore Hearn

Cheryl McNeil

Cheryl Peoples

Cheryl Pollard

Cheryl Wilson Gooden

Chester Owens

Chet Love

Chianti Woodfork

Chilion Stapleton

Chloe Crowley

Chotania Simmons

Chris Johnson

Chris Wansely

Chris Williams

Christa Griffin

Christen Scott

Christianna Rayborn

Christine Stevens

Christopher Alexander

Christopher Amos

Christopher Artis

Christopher Cathey

Christopher Funches

Christopher Holmes

Christopher Jermaine Brown

Christopher Miller

Christopher Mitchell

Christopher Neely

Christopher Powell

Christopher Robinson

Christopher Russell

Christopher Watts

Christopher Wheatley

Cindy Jacks

Cindy Teyssedou

Cinta Fuller

Claire Taylor

Claire Woody

Clarence Lovelady

Clarence Nixon

Claude and Patricia Brown

Claude and Stephanie

I. Chatman

Claude Wilson

Claudia Stevenson

Clauditte Tchakounte Tchakoua

Clearance Douglas

Clell McCurdy

Clemon Redmond

Cleophas Kinnell

Clifton Ellis

Clinton Johnson

Clinton Taylor

Clyde and Brenda M. Speaks

Clyde Patterson

Clyde Powell

Colandra Jones

Community Bank

Connie Childress

Connie Mallory-Armstrong

Conswella Magee

Contesha Clemons

Cordell Turner

Corey Brown

Corey Garner

Corey Harris

Corey Shaw

Corine Harris

Cornelius Antwine

Cornelius Marshall

Cory Horton

Cory Watts

Courtney Baker

Courtney Davis

Courtney Holmes Sayles

Courtney Rutledge

Craig Meyer

Craig Mordock

Craig Pollard

Craig Venson

Crystal Bausley

Crystal Brown

Crystal Etheredge

Crystal Harris

Crystal Lundy

Crystal Pittman

Crystal Webb

Crystal Wilson

Curtis Stapleton

Cydridge Gray

Cyndreka Havard

Cynthia Bell

Cynthia Branch-Brooks

Cynthia Buchanan

Cynthia Dixon

Cynthia Evans

Cynthia Glen-Cotton

Cynthia Heard

Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia Lockhart

Cynthia Lynch

Cynthia O’Banner

Cynthia Thompkins

Cynthia Whitworth and Kenny O’Banner

Cyris Jones

D Lana Griffin

D. Bruce Lark

Daffney Moore

Daisia Davis

Dale Sanders

Damarr and Christina M. Butler

Damion Grant

Dan Wetzel

Dana Johnson

Dana Williams

Danette Gaston

Daniel Belay

Daniel Huntley

Danielle Cameron

DaNielle Harris

Danielle Hassel

Danielle Willis

Danyel Tolbert

Daphne Chamberlain

Daphne McDonald

Daqwana Newbon

Daria Hester

DarKenya Waller

Darlene Dungee

Darlene White

the jacksonian 46
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Darlita Ballard

Darnesha Moore

Dar’Neshia Brown

Darrell Boarden

Darrell Clemons

Darrell Kaeding

Darrick Davis

Darrin Rankin

Darryl Christmon

Daryl and Lure Dean Brown-Berry

Daryl Barnes

Daryl Hanson

Davern Jones

David and Angelina Y. Howard

David Blount

David Clark

David Culpepper

David Dennard

David Dubose

David Gilson

David Jacobs

David Johnson

David Jones

David Lovelady

David Polk

Davietta Davis

Davis Watson

Dawatha Jones

Dawinna Davis

Dawn McLin

Dawn Rogers

D’Cory Owens

Deandre Stevens

Deanna Ward

Deborah Armstrong

Deborah Ewing

Deborah Purcell

Deborah Risper

Deborah Sanders

Deborah Taylor

Deborah Teague

Debra Davis

Debra Gibson-Thomas

Debra Goodman

Debra Hutchinson

Debra McGee

Debra Tate

Deidra Howard

Deidra Johnson

Deidre Ali

Deirdre Keys

Dejuan Buford

Delila House

Della Archie

Della Burt-Bradley

Delores Rankin

Delores Smith

Delores Talley

Delorise Hulitt-Love

Delorise Love

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Delyse Jones

Demesha Edwards

Demetria Adams

Demetria Robinson-Thomas

Demetrice Watson

Demetrius Gary

Denise Griffin-Whittington

Denise Ruffin

Denise Williams Greene

Dennis Skinner

Dennis Thurman

Dennis Walls

Derek Kelley

Derrell McGee

Derrick and Carlyn M. Hicks

Derrick Gilbert

Derrick Thomas Foundation

Deshun Nance

Desmond McKinney

Dessie Franklin-Hinton

Dessie Thompson-Scott

Destin Benford

DeSuan Dixon

DeVaughn Jones

Devin Starks

Dexter McCaskill

Diamond Whitker

Diana Williams

Diego Howard

Dildread Carstarphen

Dion Porter

Dionne Woody

D’Linell Finley

Dodi Gaines

Dominic Johnson

Dominic Thigpen

Dominique Williamson

Don Echols

Donald McWilliams

Donald Suber

Donald White

Dondiel Johnson

Dondreia McCrary

Donna Hawkins

Donna Hoffman

Donna Prather Williams

Donna Rodgers-Bradford

Donna Towns

Donnell Williams

Donnie Parris

Donovan Charles

Doris Dudley

Doris Gary

Doris Jackson

Doris Vickers

Dorothy Colom

Dorothy Edwards

Dorothy Lewis Dawson

Dorothy Quinn

Dorothy Smith-Nelson

Dorothy Vannoy

Dorothy White

Dorris Gardner

Douglas Breland

Douglas Lamb

Douglas Wilson

Dovie Reed

Drenna Armstrong

Drew Collins

Driscoll DeVaul

Duke Lewis

Dwan Robinson

Dwayne Campbell

Dwayne Cunningham

Dwayne Jamison

Dwayne Sharpe

Dwayne Stevens

Dwayne Thompson

Dwight Brown

Dwight Rawls

Dynastics, Inc.

E. Ann Bargains

Earl Gooden

Earlie Clemons

Earnest McDonald

Earnestine Gardner

Ebone Williams

Ebonee Dixon

Eddie and Constance V Lawson*

Eddie Anthony

Eddie Carr

Eddie Johnson

Edekia Nalls

Edgar and Luevennie Odom Bridges

Edith Myles

Edna Adams

Edna Caston

Edward and Rosalyn Sylvester

Edward Davis

Edward Gordon

Edward Randle

Edward Shelvin

Efrem Warren

Eldna Bates

Eleanor Peterson

Eleanor Williams

Elexis Teague

Elisabeth Neyland

Elise Cook

Elizabeth Fennell

Elizabeth Oredein

Elizabeth Sanders

Elizabeth Washington

Ella Jackson

Ella Keller

Ellis Goss

Elmira Williams

Elsie Chisholm

Eltease Moore

Eltorry Ficklin

Elvin Bennett

Emanuel Walker

Emelda Anderson

Emelle Broome

Emily Moses

Emily Tschiffely

Emmanuel Nwagboso

Emmett Johnson

Enterprise Holdings

Eric and Candice Elliott

Eric Hoskin

Eric Nelson

Eric Spann

Erica Coleman

Erica Loving-Coleman

Erica Mack

Erica Webber Jones

Ericia Johnson

Erick Adams

Erin Gillylen

Erin Mercer

Estelle Kendall

Esther Sutton

Ethel Green Lee

Ethel Loraine Lee

Eugene and Greta D. Baymon

Eugene Fisher

Eugene Harper

Eugene Steele

Eulanda Armstrong

Eun Mee Ju

Eva Hampton

Eva King-Bartley

Evelyn Reed

Evelyn Walker

Evette Stewart

Ewonia Polk

F. Darrin Wade

Faith Hannah Sullivan

Fallon Holmes

Fannie Jacobs

Fay Wooten

Felecia Peters

Felecia Stewart

Felicia Adams

Felicia Brown

Felicia Kent

Felicia Matthews

Felicia Wheeler

Felicia Young

Felisa Ford Hamlett

Fernandeis Frazier

Five Woods Realty

Flora Kenny-Kelly

Floyd Bailey

Floyd Williams

Folana Miller

Forestine Robinson

Frances Booth

Francesca Stephens

Francine Sutton

Francis Ubadineke

Frank Terry

Frankie Adams

Fred Kency

Freddie Love

Frederick Jefferson

Fredrick Burns

Freida Jones

Friends of Sollie B Norwood

Fujiyama Rice

Fulton and Artrie L. Caston

Gabriel Swan

Gabrielle Cooper

Gabrielle Spencer

Gail Smith

Gared Watkins

Gary Praylo

Gary Scott

Gene Bass

Gene Oppenheim

Geneen Russell

Gennie Hubbard-Alley

George and Lanette White

George C. and Dora Washington

George Toscano

Georgette Hunter-Franklin

Gerald Gipson

Geraldine Barial-Mannery

Geraldine Chaney

Geralyn Seals

Gia Jones

Gia Soublet

Gilda Robinson

Gisele Moncure

Gladys Hamilton

Gladys Nelson-Warner

Gladys Willis

Glen and Patrina Robinson Dace

Glenda Johnson-Marshall

Glenda Rowe

Glenell Lee

Glenn Hampton

Gloria Blaylock

Gloria Drake

Gloria Hardiman-Tobin

Gloria Johnson

Gloria Lee

Gloria Rogers

Gloria Salters

Gloria Williams-Greene

Greg Gainer

Greg Kenner

Gregory Conner

Gregory Hudson

Gregory Jones

Gregory Lewis

Gregory Myers

Gregory Pollard

Gregory Riley

Gregory Smith

Gregory Stewart

Gregory Ward

Greta Gordon

Gussie Fisher

Gwendetta McField

Gwendolyn Caples

Gwendolyn Chancellor-Lawson

Gwendolyn Dawkins

Gwendolyn Dunlap

Gwendolyn Harmon

Gwendolyn Lee

Gwendolyn Richard

Gwendolyn Washington

Hal Merritt

Hannah Scott

Harold and Gloria G. Liggans

Harvey Johnson

Harvey Parris

Harvey Stribling

Hattie McCune

Hazel Carlos

Hazel Jones

HCA Foundation

Heather Denne’

Heather Green

Helen Bailey

jackson state university 47
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Helen Caldwell

Helen Taylor Caldwell

Henny Hamilton

Henrietta Spates

Henrietta White

Henry and Linda I Jones

Henry Charles

Henry Evans

Henry Jackson

Henry Temple

Herbert Davis

Hillary Bingham

Hillman and Jean C. Frazier

Hope Miller

Horace Straughter

Howard and Beverly Ann

Blackwell Peavie

Howard Brown

Howard Gibson

Howard Hollins

Hubert Tate


Ian Jones

Imani Dhahabu

Inez Johnson

Ira Hodges


Irene Magee

Irma Plaxico

Isaac Culver

Isaiah Gibbs

Ivan Dixon

Ivan Walker

Izreal Cary

J.T. Roberson

Jaala Jones

Jackie Blackwell

Jackie Wilkinson

Jacob Robinson

Jacqueline Davis-Slay

Jacqueline Faulkner

Jacqueline Jenkins

Jacqueline Jenkins-Thompson

Jacqueline Lett

Jacqueline McDonald

Jacqueline McNair

Jacqueline Nicholos

Jacqueline Seldon Marshall

Jacquelyn Gore

Jacquelyn Lacey

Jacquelyn Powell

Jad Abumrad

Jaelrbreiret Williams

Jafari J

Jahelle Cato

Jairus Boone

Jalysa Edwards

James and Cecilia Bacchus

James and Jean E. Brooks

James Clemmons

James Daniel

James Ellis

James Farrish

James Feehan

James Gordon

James Gray

James Herron

James Lehaman

James Oatis

James Pitts

James Porter

James Pryor

James Robinson

James Scott

James Stokes

James Tate

James Wesby

James Whipps

James White

Jamesia Quick

Jamie Hudson

Jamie Rimmer-Gammage

Jamie Rosengard

Jamila Jones

Jan Baptist

Jana Davis

Jana Osborne

Jane Kanyi

Janee Powell

Ja’Nekia Barton

Janelle Graham

Janene Jones

Janet Cooley

Janice Carr

Janice Turner

Janie Harris

Janie Hobbs

Janita Stewart

Jannette Adams

Jannie Lewis-Blackmon

Janysia Smith

Jaques Group, Inc.

Jared Turner

Jarvis Dortch

Jasmene Frazier-Lewis

Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Hamlehdary

Jasmine Mayfield

Jason Austin

Jason Dean

Jason Hunter

Jason Smith

Jason Turman

Jasper D and Dorothy Frazier

Javida Jones

Jayda Grissett

Jaylin Thomas

Jean Curry

Jean Jacobs

Jeane Perkins Chapman

Jeanne Luckett

Jedah Mayberry

Jeffery and Patricia L. Taylor

Jeffrey and Demetria H. Sloan

Jeffrey Cornelius

Jeffrey Graham

Jeffrey Owens

Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey Travis

Jehovah-Jireh Convention Center

Je’Juan Gray

Jelani Parker

JeNea Jones

Jenice Whisenhung

Jennell Greer

Jennifer Camacho

Jennifer Clanton

Jennifer McDonald

Jennifer Shorter

Jennifer Tate

Jennifer Tolliver

Jenny Davidson

Jeralyn Mitchell

Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Coleman

Jeremy Durr

Jeremy Hardiman

Jeremy Hardy

Jeremy Hicks

Jeremy Payton

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Stocks

Jeremy Ward

Jermaine Oatis

Jerome Brooks

Jerome Edwards

Jerome Evans

Jerome Wicker

Jerri Bell

Jerri Haynes

Jerrica Frierson Davis

Jerry and Lena Y. Mitchell

Jerry Echols

Jerry Jackson

Jerry Knight

Jerry Zigler

Jeslyn Rumbold

Jesse Hall

Jesse Harris

Jesse Jackson

Jessica Barnes

Jessica Bristow

Jessica Catchings

Jessica Fordham

Jessica Hannah

Jessica Rich

Jessica Thomas

Jessica Washington

Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wonderlich

Jessie Bishop

Jessie Potters

Jewelstine Moore

Jill Myers

Jim Smith

Jimmie and Helen K. Brown

Jimmie Collier

Jo Patterson-Hunt

Joan Blanton

Joann Jones

Joann White

Joe and Corlis P. Johnson

Joe Ann Oatis

Joe Eckford

Joe Hendrix-Neyland

Joe Lloyd

Joe Pridgen

Joel Gibson

Johanna Strong

John Arnold

John Bennett

John Blue

John Coleman

John Cornelius

John Harkless

John Hutchison

John Mondy

John Moore

John O’Quinn

John Ruffin

John Sardin

John Schuhmann

John Swan

John Waits

John Westbrook

John Williams

John Winfrey

Johnathan Gibson

Johnathan Smith

Johnnie Bowden

Johnnie Brooks

Johnnie Elmore

Johnnie Gray

Johnny Dupree

Johnny McInnis

Johnny Norris

Jolisha Young

Jonas Bonds

Jonathan Coleman

Jonathan Logan

Jonathan Massey

Jonathan Payne

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Townes

Jones Lamont

Jonise Bell

Jorrie Jones

Joseph Bright

Joseph Hawkins

Joseph Latimore

Joseph Long

Joseph Thomas

Joseph Warnsley

Josephine Hudson-McQueen

Josephine Rhymes

Joshaunda Purvis

Joshua Frilot

Joshua McCoy

Joshua Taplin

Josiah Sampson

Joslyn Anthony

Jossellyn White-Sampson

Jovonna Lacy

Joy Johnson

Joy Lindsey

Joyce Anderson

Joyce Ball

Joyce Clark

Joyce Dorsey

Joyce Funches

Joyce Jones

Joyce Jordan-Gooden

Joyce Kersh

Joycie Page

Joylanda Williams

JSU Clarksdale-Coahoma County

Alumni Association

JSU Dallas-Fort Worth

Alumni Chapter

JSU Meridian/Lauderdale

Alumni Chapter

JSU Simpson County

Alumni Chapter

Juanake’ Taylor

Juanita Brandon

Juanita Doty

Juanita Duncan

Juaria Byrd

Judith Reifsteck

Judy Smylie

Jule Kucera

Julet Sandle

Julia Thomas

Julie James

Julie Suhr

June Swan

Justin Crosby

Justin Sanders

Justin Smith

Justin Wilkes

Justine Sarver

Kacie Jackson

Kaisha Brown

Kaizetta Hamilton

Kamela Evans-Davis

Kandace Hinton

Kaneshia Oliver

Kanyetta Wansley

Karen Austin

Karen Holtzclaw

Karla Echoles

Karla Frazier

Kassandra Bell

Kathleen Davis

Kathryn Golden

Kathy Ladipo

Kathy Sample

Katie Hathcock

Katie Mingle

Katrina Damon

Katrina Johnson

Katrina Knight

Kawain Reese

Kayla Dixon-Freeman

Kecia Dixon

Keenya Mosely

Keesha Johnson

Keia Johnson

Keiella Johnson-Butler

Keilani Vanish

Keisia Galmon

Keith Dunlap

Keith Johnson

Keith Lee

Keith Martin

Keith McMillian

Keith Pratt

Keith Williams

Keitha Boone

Kellei Samuels

Kelli Shields

Kelli Sibert

Kelli Ward

Kellie Grizzell

Kellie Rogers

the jacksonian 48
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Kelly Brown

Kelly Gills

Kelly Martin

Kelly McManus

Kelly Murphy

Kelvin Bryant

Kelvin Jones

Kelvin Montgomery

Kelvin Smith

Kendall Anderson

Kendra Armer

Kendra Bell

Kendra Daye

Kenneth Archer

Kenneth Bacchus

Kenneth Bell

Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Collins

Kenneth Davis

Kenneth George

Kenneth Goovey

Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Paige

Kenneth Ruffin

Kenny Jones

Kentrell Hooker

Kentrice Rush

Kenya Hamilton

Kenya Hudson

Kenya James

Kenya Theus

Kenyatta M. and Sonya T. Goins

Kenyatta Walton

Kermit and Ellistine Holly

Kermit Dilworth

Kesha Robbins-Chestnut

Kesia Pope

Keva Carter

Kevin Lavine

Kevin Lewis

Kevin Lipsey

Kevin Patterson

Kevin Simowitz

Kevin Walker

Kevin Wallace

Kevin Washington

Khalilah Shields

Kia August

Kierra Allen

Kimberla Little

Kimberly Brewer

Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Crear

Kimberly Dark

Kimberly Graise-Ratliff

Kimberly Hicks

Kimberly Johnson-Ragan

Kimberly Neal Smith

Kimberly Portis Carter

Kimberly Ratliff

Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Swims-Cornelius

Kimberly Thomas

Kimberly Viverette

Kimberly Williams

Kinda Grinnell

Kirk Johnson

Kirk Robinson

Kodi Chambliss

Koresa Taylor

Korey Adams

Kortney James

Krashod Byrd

Krishawn Austin

Krishonna Edwards

Kristen Butler

Kristen Gladney

Kristen Wells

Kristi Williams

Kristie Anderson

Kristie Croom

Kristy Maholmes

Krystal Giles

Krystel Braddy-Brown

Krystle Easley Taylor

K’Shatriyah Humphrey

Kwandis Wilson

Kyle Gundel

Kymberli Shields

Kymberly Fountain

Kymyona Burk

Kyren Garel

Kyris Brown

Kyrus Killingsworth

L. Dean

LaToya Hart

Lacey Hughes

Lachelle Heard

Ladies of Distinction Social and Civic Club

Ladonna Brown

Ladonna McGrew

LaJuana Vaughn

Lakeisha Coleman

Lakeisha Holmes

LaKesha Lewis Dixon

Lakita Calvin

Lamonica Bell

LaMonica Gardner-Sampson

Lanetra April

Laquala Coleman

LaQuwanda Catchings

Lareese Grazier

LaRhonda McCann

Larkin Tackett

Larry and Mary K. Heard

Larry and Rubbie Steam


Larry Bender

Larry Breland

Larry Cameron

Larry Goodwin

Larry McClain

Larry Robinson

Larry Stewart

Larry Willis

LaSha’ Baylis

Lashasa Griffin

Lasheda Wallace

La’Shon O’Neal

Latarsha Thompson

Latasha Holmes-Carter

Latasha Rice

Latavia Luckett

La-Terrica Hamilton

Latesa Hughes

Latisha Clinkscales

Latisha Houze

Latisha Jackson

Latonia Banks

Latonja Ellis

Latonya Dixon

Latorria Towner

Latoya Anderson

Latoya Boston-Johnson

Latoya Price

Latracia Price

Latrena Turner

Latrice Maxie

Latricha Ephfrom

Laura Bass

Laura Claiborne

Laura Foxworth

Laura Hall-Carney

Laura Kinson-Evans

Laura Sappelsa

Laurel Alumnae Chapter

DST Sorority

Lauren Bland

Laverne Ashley

LaVerne Nichols

Lavernita Martin

Lavonna Weddington

Lavonne Thomas

Lawren Long

Leah Foxworth Gaubert

Ledireada Kent

Ledora Williams

Lee Henderson

Lee Johnson

LeeTycha Baham

Lekeisha Simpson

Lekentric Caston

Lekisha Laster

Lela Jones

Lelar Norton

Lenora Reed

Lensuella Kidd

Leon Cole

Leon Willhite

Leonard and Priscilla

Truitt Anderson

Leonese Spann

Leonia Townsend

Leroy Smith

Leslie and Doris A. Martin Knott

Leslie Johnson

Leslie Leonard

Leslie Melton

Leslie Peters

Lessa Phillips

Lewis Stewart

Libby Thigpen

Lillian and Charlie Harris

Lillian Brown

Lillian Hemphill

Lillian Horn

Lillian James

Lillian Teng

Lillie Edwards

Lillie Madali

Lilly Silas

Linda De Sitter

Linda Ford Russell

Linda Head

Linda Loving

Linda Mark

Linda McCullar

Linda Owens

Linda Rigsby

Linda Waddell

Linda Wells

Linda Wiley Johnson

Linda Williams Harris

Linda Wynn

Lisa Baskin

Lisa Brooks

Lisa Gibson-McKee

Lisa Goldstein

Lisa Jones

Lisa Patterson

Lizette Minor

Lloyd Barnes

Lolly Bowean

London Thompson

Lonear Heard-Davis

Lonnie Graeber

Lora Lott-McCaskill

Lorene Portis

Lori Jackson

Loria Powell

Lorna Jackson

Lorna Thomas

Lorraine Dozier

Lorraine Eakin

Lottie Campbell

Lou Smith

Louis Sylvester

Louise McQuirter

Lucia Johnson

Lucille Green

Lucius McRunnels

Ludovica Pellicioli

Lula Williams

Lupita Aquino

Luretha Lucky

Luther Thomas and Janet Samuel

Lydia Echols

Lynda Robinson

Lynda Simmons

Lyneir Richardson

Lynette Lewis

Lynettea Jackson

Lynnette Hall-Lewis

Lynnette Huggard

Lysandra Webster

M. Jefferson

Mable Easley

Mack Jones

Madeline Janis

Mae Bozeman-Grant

Maggie Grove

Makaiya Smith

Makita Patterson

Malcolm Shepherd

Maletha Dixon-Singleton

Mamie Thorns

Mannie Milton

Marc Barnes

Marcello Gordon

Marchetta Kimmons

Marchetta Parker

Marci Blackman

Marci Collins

Marci Schnapp

Marcia Jones

Marcia McNeese

Marcus Cathey

Marcus Everett

Marcus Griffith

Marcus Henderson

Marcus Pittman

Marcus Williams

Marcus Younkins

Marek Walker

Margaret Bogdan

Margrett Davis

Maria Hantzopoulos

Maria Sandercock

Marilyn Charleston

Marilynn Walker

Mario Thomas

Marion Mark

Marjorie Conner

Mark Geil

Mark Henderson

Mark Jimerson

Mark Krommenhoek

Mark Schaefer

Mark Thorne

Marla Singleton

Marlena and Philip R. Pickering

Marlene Harris

Marley McDuffie

Marlo Curtis-Taylor

Marlon Harris

Maronda Dixon

Marque Debnam

Marquett Allen

Marquise Kessee

Marquita Lewis

Marsha Davis

Marsha Morgan

Marshall Myers

Marshandra Stepleton

MARTA Employees Charity Club

Martha Fairley

Martha G. Williams

Martha Kostmayer

Martha Tchounwou

Martha Toll

Marvell Foard

Marvin Bingham

Marvin Jones

Marvin Thomas

Mary Alfred

Mary Bibbs-Jarrett

Mary Brewster Perry

Mary Coleman

Mary Hill

Mary Mosley

Mary O’Banner

Mary Parks

Mary Peters

jackson state university 49 | honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Mary Phillips

Mary Thompson

Mary Trice

Mary Williams

Matt Duncan

Matthew McGlory

Matthew Thomas

Mattie Johnson White

Mattye Jones

Maudean Robinson

Maudell Smith

Maureen Lawless

Maurice and Mavis L.P. James

Maurice and Terri D.

Murry Whalen

Maurice Dixon

Maurice McIntosh

Maurice Stokes

Mavis Creagh

Maxcine Rush

Maxie Jackson

Maxine Bolden

Maxine Odom Gilmore

May Bridges

Maya Hayes

Maya Lee

McKinley Williams

Mea Ashley

Meaghan Mingo

Mechelle Harris

Megan Nelson

Melaneice Gibbs

Melba Dixon

Melicia Brown

Melinda Heath

Melissa Houghton-Shukla

Melissa Irons

Melvin and Thelma

McLaurin Anderson

Melvin Bonds

Melvin Greenwood

Meredith Hairston

Michael and Glasetta

R. Barksdale

Michael Bembery

Michael Bland

Michael Boerner

Michael Bradley

Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael Fountain

Michael Gathings

Michael Gordon

Michael Haugbro

Michael Henry

Michael Hogan

Michael Holloway

Michael Lawler

Michael Miller

Michael Oakes

Michael Robinson

Michael Todd Cohen

Michael Watts

Michael Weaver

Michael Williams

Michele Dorsey

Michele Terry-Wheatley

Michelle and Theodore

P. Hassan

Michelle Boyd

Michelle Ferguson

Michelle Langdon

Michelle Nealy

Michelle Owens

Michelle Paul

Michelle Stone

Michelle Stovall

Michelle Williams


Miguel Gates

Mildred Jennings

Mildred Stuckey

Mildred Watts

Milisha Hart-Simmons

Millard Bingham

Milton Chambliss

Milton Suggs

Miltoria Heath

Mioshi Chaffin

Mitchell Harris

Mittie Tisdale

Miwa Messer

Mona Arnold McBride

Monet Schuler

Monica Barnes

Monica Cleveland

Monica Flippin-Wynn

Monica Harper

Monica Harris-McClamb

Monica Holmes

Monica Lewis

Monica Micou

Monica Miller

Monica Northington

Monica Scott

Monica Washington

Monica Wilson

Monique Cromartie

Monte Brown

Morning Star Baptist Church,Inc.

Morris Jackson

Movado Long

Muriel Lett-Davoll

Myles Smith

Myron and Carla N. McGowan

Myron Labat

Nakeesha Luckett

Nakia Stewart

Nancy Koziol

Nancy Saddler-Newson

Nanolla Yazdani

Naomi Green

Naora Horton

Naquisha Jackson

Narah Oatis

Natalie Anderson

Natalie Bynum

Natalie Davis-Winkfield

Natalie Woodson

Natasha Cayson-Kennedy

Natasha El-Scari

Natasha Frazier

Natasha Hardeman

Natasha Jackson

Natasha Jeffries

Natasha Martin

Natasha Walters Jackson

Natdrick Jones

Nathan Bartel

Nathaniel Hughes

Nathaniel Surrancy

Nathaniel Young

National Sorority of Phi Delta (Kappa Beta Eta)

Nationwide Insurance Foundation

Nedia Netters

Nekole Hulitt

Nellie Beard

Nellie King

Nequita Carter

Nettie Stowers

Nichelle Hayes

Nichole Young

Nicky Taylor-Carter

Nicole Powell

Nigel Miller

Nikela Gates

Nikita Haysbert

Nikita Nicholson

Nikki Draper

Ninetta Montgomery

Nkemdili Lewis

Noelle Gates

Nora Jones

Norman Pullen

Norris and Auwilda

Mason Polk

Novella Bridges

Nzinga Muhammad

Olayanju Kayode

Onome Ighoavodha

Ophera Davis-Antoine

Orel Lee

Oscar Neal

Ossie Whittington

Otis Stanford

Otto Meyers

Pachen Stirgus

Pacifico Antalan

Paje Schantz

Pam Bouldin

Pamala Smith

Pamela Avara

Pamela Berry-Johnson

Pamela Everett

Pamela Gary

Pamela McCoy

Pamela Sample-Dillard

Pamela Tucker-Gorden

Patrease Edwards

Patrice Boone

Patrice Turnball

Patricia Adams Walker

Patricia Barnes

Patricia Blake

Patricia Cloy

Patricia Crawford

Patricia Cummings

Patricia Drinkwater

Patricia Freeman

Patricia Grier

Patricia Halpin

Patricia Harris

Patricia Hickman

Patricia Hughes

Patricia Jessamy

Patricia Johnson

Patricia Thomas

Patricia Watkins

Patricia Williams

Patrick B. and Sonja Powe

Patrick Davis

Patrick Kelly

Patrick Mosley

Patrina Jones

Patrina Porter

Patty Gibbs

Paul McGrath

Paula Lamb

Paulette Bridges

Paulette Caston

Pearl and Darryl C. Wicks

Pearlie Noah-Montgomery

Percy Bryant

Percy Donaldson

Perna Roberson

Peter Gregory

Pheobie Coleman

Philip and Cherry L.


Philippian Stamps

Phillip Causey

Phillippa Dixon

Phoebe Penamon

Phylicia McGee

Phyllis Bell

Phyllis Bowman

Phyllis Brooks

Phyllis Darden-Caldwell

Phyllis Hogsett

Phyllis Lewis Hale

Piper Williams

Polly Battee

Porter Ross

Portia Collier

Powell Ogletree

Prime Performance

Baseball Academy

Princess Williams

Provecta Industries LLC

Pyper Bunch

Quinton Julius

Quotasze Williams

R. Prince Davis

Rachel Havens

Rachel Isler

Rachel James-Terry

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith Isler

Rachel Tetteh

Rachelle Perry

Rae Paris

Rafael Ordaz

Ralphael Longmire

Rameka Davis

Ramie Lynch

Ramona Alexander

Ramona Cork

Ramona Myles

Randall Pinkston

Randolph Perry

Randy Keyes

Ranetta Goss-Gay

Raphael Semmes

Raquel Mason

Raquel Milton

Rashawn Smarr

Rasheda McIntyre

Rasheda Wells

Ray Horton

Rayfield and Deborah L. May

Raylisha Gustavis

Raymond Gee

Raynetra Gustavis

Rays Baseball Club LLC.

RBM Law Group

Reba Moore

Rebecca Givan

Reggie Hamilton

Reggie Sykes

Regina and Garner Ted Brooks

Regina Dandy

Regina Davis

Regina Peaches

Reginald Harris

Reginald Betts

Reginald Bowens

Reginald Johnson

Reginald Jones

Reginald Knighten

Reginald Liddell

Reginald Walton

ReJohnna Lindzie

Renaldo Christmas

Renata Collins Spann

Renee Swanigan

Reuben and Etawl Dilworth

Revonne Johnson

Rhonda Carter Adams

Rhonda Fowler

Rhonda Holmes

Rhonda Jacobs

Rhonda Lee

Rica Miller-Gray

Ricardo LaFrance

Richard Brooks

Richard Lewis

Richardo Brown

Ricky Jordan

Rikiya Thomas

Rita Bibbs-Booth

Rita Gaines

R’Myni Watson

Robbie McNutt-Alexander

Robert and Martha Kincaid

Robert Britton

Robert Carter

Robert Chandler

Robert Collier

Robert Evans

Robert Hardy

Robert Johnson

Robert Luckett

Robert Patterson

the jacksonian 50
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Robert Rhymes

Robert Scott

Robert Smith

Robert Stewart

Robert Wallace

Roberta Achtenberg

Robin Silas

Robin Spann-Pack

Robine Grant

Robinette Rasberry

Rochele Henderson

Rocky Galloway

Roderick Hines

Rodney Harris

Rodney Hodge

Rodney Mayfield

Rodney Wilson

Roger and Ida Givens

Roger Clapp

Rogers and Devoyce

Campbell Morris

Rolean Brinson

Romereo Hartfield

Ronald Bozeman

Ronald Cotton

Ronald Henderson

Ronald Moore

Ronald Weathersby

Ronnie Harris

Ronsha Hill

Roosevelt Wallace

Rosalind Walls

Rosaline McCoy

Rosalyn Walker

Rosalyn Wilkerson

Rosalyn Wilson

Rose Flenorl

Rose Harless

Rose Lowe

Rose Morris

Rose Robinson

Rose Washington

Rosemary Smith-Joseph

Rosetta Edwards

Rosetta Sly-Young

Rosetta Walker

Roshellia Goines

Roshunda Sample

Rosia Anderson

Rosie Ladd

Rosie Payton

Rosie Seals

Rosiland Smith

Roslyn Kelley-Sykes

Roslyn Young

Roslynn Galtney

Ross and Audrey L. Fullilove

Rotary Club of West Jackson

Roxanne Sullivan

Roy Bergman

Roy DeBerry

Roy Lenard

Roy Slater

Royal Walker

Ruby Gary

Ruby Kennedy

Ruby Richardson

Rubye Funchess

Rudolph Fairley

Ruth Johnson

Ruth McBride

Sabrina Botts

Sabrina Ventris

Sadie Orey

Safiyyah Wrightsil

Sahcheon Lindsey

Sainabou Conteh

Sam Miller

Sammy Asemota

Samuel Hardrict

Samuel Hartzog

Samuel Hulitt

Sandra Adams

Sandra Banyard

Sandra Bridgeman

Sandra Dorsey

Sandra Harvey

Sandra Mayes

Sandra Mims

Sandra Robinson

Sandra Smith

Sandra T. Bush

Sandra Turner

Sandra Washington

Santita Hooper

Sarah Armstrong

Sarah Foote

Sarah Gilson

Sarah Holbrook

Sarah Moritz

Sarah Warren-Wells

Sataria Smith

Savannah Holmes

Savina Schoenhofer

Scott Reba

Seale Pylate

Sean Abram

Sean Woodson

Sebronette Barnes-Aborom

Selottie Thames

Seneca Turner

Shachella James

Shakir Jones

Shalawn Miller

Shalondria Hill

Shameka Golson

Shameka Reed

Shameka Woods

Shandra Hurd

Shanice White

Shanna Franklin

Shannon Brooks

Shannon Sandifer

Shantel Robins

Shantrell Nicks

Shareka Macon-Jefferson

Sharelle Burns

Sharese Reyes

Sharielle Austin

Sharion Smith

Sharion Tipler

Sharla Williams

Sharolyn Miller

Sharolyn Smith

Sharon Adams

Sharon Alexander

Sharon Barnett-Myers

Sharon Brown

Sharon Coleman

Sharon Fowler

Sharon Jamison

Sharon Johnson

Sharon Plaxico Brooks

Sharon Rosell

Sharon Shaw

Sharron Williams

Shateca McGee

Shauna Collier

Shauna Williams

Shaunda Matthews

Shawana Crawford

Shawana Goins

Shawanna Fowler

Shawn Gills

Shayla Carter

Sheba Borden

Sheila Lyons

Sheila Ramsey

Shekela Douglas

Shela Orr

Sheldan Perry

Shelia Fortenberry

Shelia Gibbs

Shelisha Robinson

Shelley Thomas

Shelton Allison

Shelton Knox

Shelton Stribling

Shenell Evans

Shenelle Waters

Shenetia Henderson

Sherdonna Miller

Sheree Smith

Sherik Smith

Sherika Jones

Sherina Edwards

Sherita Williams

Sherkita Collins

Sherrell Survillion

Sherry Moss

Sherry Nave Burks

Sherry Pickens

Sherwonna Evans

Sheryl Jefferson

Shevonda Gorden

Shi’Nitta Woulard

Shirlan Horne

Shirlean Jackson

Shirley Bacon

Shirley Calahan

Shirley Davis

Shirley Ellis-Saddler

Shirley Hampton

Shirley Johnson

Shirley Kelly

Shirley Lowery-Luallen

Shirley Nelson

Shirley Young

Shondolyn Jones

Shonna Mondy

Shukundala Clark

Sidney Young

Simmer Harry

Smyth Lai

Solid Rock Missionary

Baptist Church

Sollie Norwood

Sonia Butler

Sonia Dulaney

Sonja Robinson

Sonya Caston-Good

Sonya Hardwick

Sonya Johnson Clark

Sophie Griffin

Sophie Hooker - Griffin

Sophiea Major-Boyd

Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co.

Sparsula Simmons

Sreenath Panchagnala

St. Andrews Episcopal School

Stacey Davis

Stacey Harvey

Stacey Mathews

Stacie S.

Stacy Boone

Stacy Vance

Stafinee Patterson

Stanley Goss

Stanley Sims

Stephanie Burks

Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie Johnson Stevenson

Stephanie Jones-Heath

Stephanie Montgomery

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Wright

Stephanye Harris

Stephen I. and Lynette Ekunwe*

Steve Simpson

Steve Turner

Steven Momon

Steven Richardson

Suann Hereford

Sue Pylate

Sunny Fridge

Susan Colman

Susan Hardy

Susan Peterson

Susan Powell Jones

Susan Stamps Pratcher

Suzann Cohen

Sybil Moss

Sydney Walker

Sylvester Hollis

Sylvester Taylor

Sylvia Chaluissant

Sylvia McDonald

T.L. Mayers

T.J. Robinson

Tabatha Brim

Taja Wilson

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Ta’Kieya Renfro

Talora Johnson

Talya Straughter

Tamala Matthews

Tamara Brocks

Tamara Donaldson

Tamara Proctor

Tambria Barnes

Tambria Ware

Tamika Broome-Lewis

Tamika Harris

Tammi Taylor

Tammy Blackwell-Witt

Tammy Harris

Tammy Trice

Tammy Winston

Tammye Brown

Tampa Metro Alumnae Chapter

Delta Sigma Theta

Tanisha Smith

Tanneshia Kirby

Tanya Alexander

Tanya Wells-Kilbert

Tara Bell Hawkins

Tarae Manogin

Taron Knight

Tasha Gill

Tashunda Franklin

Taunya Falkner

Taura Denmon

Taurean Hearn

Taurun Weathersby

Tazinski Lee

Tedra Osell

Teffany Anderson Akins

Tenille London

Tenisha Mercer

Terence Williams

Teresa Demeritte

Teresa Harding-Wesley

Teresa Palmer-Jones

Teresa Tremble

Teri Gleason

T’Erica Hudson

Teronta Day

Terra Hobbs

Terrance Harrison

Terrance Johnson

Terrance Moore

Terrance Segars

Terrell Cole

Terrell Goldsmith

Terrell Smith

Terrence Hartwell

Terrence Holmes

Terri Love

Terri Powell-Brown

Terri Thornton

Terry Cross

Terry Miller

Terry Ross

Terrye Jones

Tevin Stubbs

Thaddeus Harrison

Thais King

Thao Ha

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Theodore and Anita Gail

Turner Atkinson

Theresa Crisler

Theresa Darty

jackson state university 51
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Theresa Green

Thermo Fisher Scientific, LLC

Thomas Brown

Thomas Hurley

Thomas McDonald

Thomas Meeks

Tia Hudson

Tiajuana James

Tiana Rhodes

Tiffany Ard

Tiffany Blakeney

Tiffany Carter

Tiffany Cowan

Tiffany Harris

Tiffany Hughes-Harrison

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Rozier

Tiffany Theriot

Tijuana Odom

Timothy Cornelius

Timothy Graham

Timothy Kenny

Timothy Stamps

Timothy Tobias

Timothy Tolliver

Timothy Vaughns

Timothy White

Tina and Austin S. Ellis

Tina Bunley

Tina Pillow

Tishea Robinson

T.J. Hurley

Todd Kelly

Tom Anderson

Tom Wallace

Tommy Winston

Toni Roberson

Tonisha Drummer

Tony Calvin

Tonya Jones

Tonya Neely

Tonya Wilkerson

Tori Whitley

Torian Watts

Torrey Thigpen

Towanta Reese

Toya Neely Monix

Tracey Askew

Tracey Broome Purvis

Tracey Elam

Tracey Lewis-Giggetts

Tracey Purvis

Tracey Rose

Tracey Taylor Gregory

Traci Cameron

Traci Thomas

Traci Washington Andrews

Tracie Jefferson

Tracy Day

Tracy Harris

Tracy Mouton


Travis Burks

Travis Turner

Travoris Adams

Trecina Green

Trenton Banks

Trevor Jennings

Trevor Washington

Trey Johnson

Trichia Hill

Tricia Mayes

Trizell Hardin

Troy Hulbert

Tungela Brooks

Twanda Longino

Twanna Cooper

Tye Hayes

Tyronda Strong

Tyrone Robichaux

Tyronza Thompson

Uchenna Nwagwu

United Family Fellowship

United Way of Greater Nashville

University Research Strategies

Valara Forsythe

Valarie Robinson

Valda Hall Barksdale

Valencia Norman

Valerie Anderson

Valerie Brown Jones

Valerie Edmond

Valerie Martin-Davis

Valorie Gladney

Vanessa Bridges

Vanessa Clark

Vanessa Epting

Vanessa Harris

Vanessa James

Vanessa Quinn

Vedet Coleman-Robinson

Velma Hankins

Venda Brown Hawkins

Vera Jones-Wilkins

Vernecia Gee-Davis

Vernestine Strickland

Vernita Barton

Veronica Cohen

Veronica Crawford

Veronica Diaz

Veronica Simmons

Veronica Trotter

Versia Collier

Vertie Martin

Victoria Montgomery

Vikki Robertson

Vincent Mangum

Vincent Mitchell

Vincent Russell

Vincent Williams

Virgie Coburn

Virnessa Latham

Virnessa McGee

Vivian Williams Beal

Vonda Allen

Vonda Buggs

Vonda Smith

W. Ralph Eubanks

W. Randall Pinkston

Wade Harris

Wade Jackson, Sr.

Wallace Crawford

Walter Brown

Walter Collier

Walter Crockett

Walter Hicks

Wanda Blocker

Wanda Cobbs

Wanda Elliott

Wanda Jennings

Warren Williams

Webster Bartee

Wendy Reed

Wengora Thompson

Wesley Taylor

Whitney Henderson

Whitney Williams

Wilbur Walters

William Blackwell

William Blowe

William Broussard

William Brown

William Carr

William Corley

William Hardiman

William Hayes

William Jenkins

William Johnson

William Smiley

William Smothers

Williams Florida

Willie and An’Drea V.

James Liddell

Willie and Beleven Bell Barnes

Willie and Sheryl

Watson Woods

Willie Cooper

Willie Evans

Willie Frierson

Willie Haynes

Willie Jones

Willie Leggett

Willie Morris

Willie Mosley

Willie Nathan

Willie Outlaw

Wilma Smith

Wilson Taylor

Winnifred Goodman

Women for Progress of MS., Inc.

Wyatt Sutton

Wynthia Jenkins

Xanshunta Polk

Yohhana Goode

Yolanda T. Brown

Yolanda Butler

Yolanda Good

Yolanda Griffin

Yolanda Hood

Yolanda Montague

Yolanda Owens

Yolanda Stringfellow

Yolonda Carson

Yolonda Kennedy

Yvonne Bayne

Yvonne Horton

Zakiya Summers

Zanice Bond

Zecie Perkins

Ziyadah Mu-Min

Zucchini Dean

Zuleika Moore

Zuri Williams

$1 to $99

A. Renee West

Aaliyah Mustafa Roberts

Aaron and Julia L. Jones

Aaron Honeysucker

Aaron Thompson

Aaron Zimmerman

Achia Williams

AD Marketing and Communication, LLC

Addie Powell

Addie Smith

Adonya McLaurin

Adrian Cargo

Adrian Craft

Adrian Frisby

Adrian Hughes

Adrian Naylor

Adrian Newman

Adrine Williams

Aerial Butler

Aerial Everett


Agnes Smith

Aireyunna Mallett

Airrion Tate

Aisha Davis

Aisha Jennings

Aisha Saffold

A’Jaylyn Caldwell

Akeelah Jones

Alaisha Wade

Alamein Lewis

Alana McCants

Alanda Jackson

Alando Ford

Alandrea Stewart

Alani Mathis

Albert Gatlin

Albert Gray

Albert Griffin

Albert Holmes

Albert Rio

Albert Stephens

Alean Smith

Aleesha Hudson

Aleisha Pendleton

Aleisha Sampson

Alesa Joulevette

Alesha Collier

Aletha Ringo

Alex Dougherty

Alex Hansen

Alexander Taylor

Alexia Moore

Alexia Ray

Alexis Evans

Alexis Jackson

Alexis Johnson

Alexis Neely

Alexis Ware

Alexus Johnson

Alfrado Butler

Alfred Smith

Alfred Thomas

Alfred Wilson

Alfred Worthy

Alfredda Payne

Alfredia Johnson

Alice Denny-Young

Alice Henderson

Alice Snow

Alice Wren-Smith

Alicia Blanton

Alicia Chavers

Alicia Daniels

Alicia Larry

Alicia Monroe

Alicia Movado

Alicia Muhammad

Aliecia Abram

Alisha Evans

Alisha Parker

Alisha Turner

Alison Acker

Aliyah Tipton

Allen Bender

Allen Sinegal

Allesha Reed

Allie Love-Bullock

Allyson Chambers

Alonzo Hutchins

Alonzo Washington

Alphanette Martin

Alphe Wells

Alphonso McDowell

Alta Ellis-Babino

Altamese Leggett

Alton Williams

Altrece and Tamiko J.

Posey Arnold

Alven Weathersby

Alvin Carter

Alvin Flowers

Alvin Franklin

Alvin Garabold

Alvin Gray

Alvin Hawkins

Alvin McCathen

Alvin Watson

Alvis Douglas

Alvis Johnson

Amanda Beard

Amanda Hartman

Amanda McGruder

Amanda Osborne

Amanda Plain

Amanda Rice

Amanda Sandford

Amanda Spalter

Amanda Stewart

Amanda Tillman

Amaree Mayfield

Amaya Butler

the jacksonian 52
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* Deceased Donors

Amber Davis

Amber Green

Amber Hamp

Amber Jones

Amber Lewis

Amber Redmond

Ambrosia Scott

Amel Anderson

Amelia Perryman

Amelia Wicks

Amelia Williamson

Amelya Hardaway

American Family Mutual Insurance

Amethyst Whitley

Amina Hammond

Aminah Farrakhan-Muhammad

Amirah Nelson

Amos Goodwin

Amy Davis

Amy Gardner

Amy Peardon

Anaiah Evans

Andrada Cunning

Andre’ Hite

Andre Johnson

Andre Wilkes

Andrea Anderson

Andrea Brown

Andrea Campbell-Williams

Andrea Engwer

Andrea Guidry

Andrea Powell

Andrea Riley

Andrea Robinson

Andrea Rucker

Andreanne Breton

Andrell Harris

Andrew Bates

Andrew Evans-Onwujurum

Andrew Hume

Andrew McQueen

Andrew Norfort

Andrew Scott

Andriena Coleman

Andross Milteer

Angel Longino

Angela Adams

Angela Addison

Angela Bridges

Angela Calvin Self

Angela Campbell

Angela Chandler

Angela Clark Jenkins

Angela Clemons

Angela English

Angela Graves-Harrington

Angela Gray

Angela Henson

Angela Jenkins

Angela Johnson

Angela Miller

Angela Shannon

Angela Walker

Angela Waller

Angela Williams

Angela Williamson

Angela Wright

Angelia Davis-Webster

Angelia Nedd

Angeline Reddick

Angelique Horace

Angelisa Marley

Angelita Currie

Angilique Jones-Cornelius

Anise Williams

Anita Harmon

Anita Levy

Anita Maynie

Anita Norfleet

Anita Young

Anitria Mack Lewis

Aniya George

Anji Williams

Anjulie Morehead

Ann Bourgeois

Anna Eatmon-Johnson

Anna Geraghty

Anna Jackson

Anne Dirden

Anne Westover

Annessa White

Annette Robinson

Annie Barnes

Annie Denham

Annie Owens

Annie Partee

Annie Tigue

Annika Dunmore

Annyce and Dennis L. Luckett

Anthony and Veronica Cooper

Anthony Brooks

Anthony Brown

Anthony Cleveland

Anthony Dean

Anthony Fair

Anthony Fleming

Anthony Moore

Anthony Webster

Anthony Williamson

Antjuanque Rimmer

Antoine Brown

Antoine Dixon

Antoine Walden

Antoinette Pierce-Slaughter

Antoinette Pippins

Anton Shinhoster

Antonio Calvin

Antonio Edwards

Antonio Ferraro

Antonio Lauderdale

Antonio Moffatt

April Dear

April Fuller

April Idleberg

April Jones

April McElroy

April Miller

April Tanner

April Thomas

Aretha Carmicheal

Aretha James

Arianna Elliott

Arick Luckett

Ariel Dawkins

Arionna Jones

Arlanda Gittere

Arlene Belton

Arlinda Day

Arlinda Fair

Arlisha Stewart

Arlishea Coverson

Armani Wooden

Armecia Cooper

Armerita Tell

Ar’Mond Abram

Arrion Tate

Arthena Peavy

Artherine Buckley

Arthur Douglas and Shellie Stubbs

Artis Johnson

Artis Smith

Arvella White

Ashanti Greenwood

Ashkelon Stapleton

Ashlee Gray

Ashlei Ainsworth

Ashley Beard

Ashley Berry

Ashley Caples

Ashley Dobson

Ashley Ellison

Ashley Kinnard

Ashley Slan

Ashley Williams

Ashley Yates

Ashton Teasley

Asia Thompson

Asia Winsley

Asiah Ford

Asjia Morgan


Astoria Stubbs

ATandT Corporation

Atahualpa Martinez

Aubrey Brownlow

Aubrey Watley

Auburn Hamme

Audrey and Ross

Bernard McCarty

Audrey Banks

Audrey Chatman-Farmer

Audrey Gilmore

Audria Jackson

Audrieal Ashmore

Autumn Wilson

Ava Jeanne Davis

Avril Somerville

Ayanna Preyor

Ayanna Wells

Azaria Edwards

B. Hopkins

B. J. Easterling

Bank of America Corporation

Barbara and Brandon L. Ledyard

Barbara Alexander

Barbara Blackmon

Barbara Carter

Barbara Gray

Barbara Landers

Barbara Longmire

Barbara Rascoe

Baron Evans

Barry Dixon

Baseemah Nance

Bayyinah Nance

Beatrice Green

Beatrice Thames

Beau Wilson

Bee Flynn

Bekira Mark

Belinda Fields

Belinda Mundora

Belinda Richardson-Cargle

Ben Jamal Dixon

Ben Tedford

Benita Monix

Bennie Green

Bennie Hopkins

Bennie Walker

Bereneice Madison

Bergie Jones

Berna Greer

Bernard Thompson

Bernetta Sanders

Bernice Body

Bernita Spriggs-Jones

Bertha Garrett-Frazier

Bertha West

Bessie Lewis-Myles

Bessie Shourts

Bessie Tucker

Beth Wolfe

Bethany Boston

Betsy Harris

Betsy Kim

Bettina Boles

Bettina Okafor

Betty Amerson

Betty Bankhead

Betty J. Holland

Betty Joyce Hughes

Betty Roberts

Betty Watson

Betty Young-Stewart

Bettye Holtzclaw

Bettye Hughes

Bettye Jenkins

Bettye Rimmer

Bettye Smith

Bettye Williams

Bevelyn Smothers

Beverly Hester

Beverly Sligh

Beverly Townsend

Beyonce Coney

Bianca Bentley

Bianca Cook

Bianca Mack

Bianca Thomas

Bill Johnson

Bill Washington

Billie Fair

Billie Reed Conner

Billy and Brenda A. Roby

Billy Bullock

Billy Crowther

Billy Johnson

Billy Peavie

Billy Walker

Billy Williams

Blanche McCarty

Bobbie Brown

Bobbie Glenn

Bobbie Griffin

Bobbie Hunter

Bobbie Kirby

Bobbie Patterson

Bobbie Smith

Bobby Baker

Bobby Mason

Bobby Stokes

Boman Collins

BoNita Harris

Bonita Powell

Bonnie Glasgow

Bonnie McNeal Harris

Bonnie Wright

Brandi Allen

Brandi Farmer

Brandi Taylor

Brandon Edwards

Brandon Jackson

Brandon King

Brandon Ward

Brandon Williams

Brandon Williamson

Brandy Flynn

Brandy Pittman

Brandy Vaughn

Brandye Latimer

Breanna Moore

Brenda Allen

Brenda Ard

Brenda Bennett

Brenda Ferguson

Brenda Frelix

Brenda Kennell

Brenda Lawrence-Matthews

Brenda McClendon

Brenda Sanders

Brenda Smith Davis

Brendan Quinn

Brendan Robinson

Brevlyn Whetstone

Bria Eichelberger

Bria King

Bria Sims

Briallen Hopper

Brian Cowan

Brian Foster

Brian Matthews

Brian Reed

Brian Scott

Brian St. George

Brian Wilks

Brian Wilson

Briana Frizell

Briana Jefferson

jackson state university 53
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* Deceased Donors

Briana Root

Briana Smith

Brianna Michaels

Brianna Turner

Bridges Reed

Bridget Heard

Bridgette Dale-James

Brigitte Cameron

Brittany Evans

Brittany Gibson

Brittany Harvey

Brittany Henderson

Brittany Javon

Brittany Johnson

Brittany Larkin

Brittany Singleton

Brittany Thomas

Brittney Beard

Brittney Williams

Brittni Johnson

Brittny Davis

Briyaunah Caston

Broderick Daniels

Brooklyn Cunningham

Brooktavia Hampton

Bruce Barnes

Bryan Evans

Bryan Lindsey

Bryant Steele

Bryant Taylor

Burbette Taylor

Burrell Lee

C. Jerome Brown, II

C. Hall

Caitlin Brooking

Calaphas Pernell

Caleb Anthony

Caleb Evans

Caleb Pratcher

Caleb Wade

Calvin Miller

Cameron Jackson

Camille Patton Sesley

Camille Tucker

Camry Cornelius

Camryn Sinegal

Candace Amos

Candace Beard

Candace Brown

Candace Caugills

Candace Riddley

Candace Saulsberry

Candace Worsham

Candice Hendricks

Candyce Simmons

Canisha Howard Scott

Caprice Manciel

Carl Burch

Carl Cunningham

Carl Johnson

Carl Marks

Carl Robinson

Carla King-Crockett

Carla Williams

Carlene Walker

Carlin Myrick

Carlos Moulds

Carlynette Lacey

Carmen Christmas

Carmen E. Lewis

Carnetta Vann

Carol Manning

Carol Redfield

Caroline Prewitt

Carolyn Adair

Carolyn Donerson

Carolyn Fairley-Holmes

Carolyn Ford

Carolyn Funches

Carolyn Jackson

Carolyn Kimble-Singleton

Carolyn Lake

Carolyn Levy

Carolyn Lumpkin

Carolyn Macon

Carolyn McCain

Carolyn Palmer

Carolyn Payne

Carolyn Pryor Shurn

Carolyn Ross

Carolyn Slay

Carolyn Sutton

Carolyn Taylor

Carolyn Trigg

Carolyn Tyler

Carrie Adams-Clark

Carrie Magee

Cason McKinney

Cassandra Hawkins

Cassandra Herron

Cassandra Hill

Cassandra Jones

Cassandra Lewis

Cassandra Moore

Cassandra Morris

Cassandra Opiela

Cassandra Wilson

Cathedral Woodruff

Catherine Burpo

Catherine Evans

Catherine Holmes

Catherine Pridgen

Cathey Jackson

Cathy Travis

Cathy Turner

Catreda Morgan

Catrina Jennings

Cazyah Daniels

Cecelia Jordan

Cecelia Stein

Cecil Forbes

Cecilia Morgan

Cedric Jordan

Cedric Pack

Cedric Shannon

Cedric Walker

Celess McEwen

Celeste Cook-Glenn

Ceruti Rouser

Chadrick Willis

Chadwick Hall

Chaka Johnson

Chalzack Abungu

Chan Miller

Chan White

Chandra Jimmerson

Chandra Smartt

Chandrina Perry

Chantana Funchess

Chara McGill

Charita White

Charities Aid Foundation

America c/o

Cybergrants LLC.

Charity Clark

Charity Dean-Cannon

Charkayla French

Charleen Purvis

Charles Beard*

Charles Bishop

Charles Campbell

Charles Cathey

Charles Gentry

Charles Harris

Charles Hooker

Charles Johnson

Charles Molden

Charles Pittman

Charles Richmond

Charles Seaton

Charles Vincent

Charlesteine Boyle

Charlette Harris

Charlie Avery

Charlie Cook

Charlie Moore

Charlotte and Phillip L Miller

Charlotte Evans

Charlotte Manning

Charlotte McNair

Charlotte Reddix-Williams

Charlotte Robinson

Charlotte Williams

Charlyn Kyles

Chauncy Wright

Chaunquerion Ward

Chelsea Crittle

Chelsea Swanier

Chelsey Gladney

Chelsey Turner

Chenika Henderson

Chenille Lynch

Cheree Felder

Chereigna Dixon

Cherrell Hawkins

Cheryl Cain

Cheryl George

Cheryl Jones

Cheryl McElroy

Cheryl Parks

Cheryl Sayles

Cheston Hinton

Chiara Murray

Chiketa Jiles

Chilindia McRaven

Chinelo Evans

Chinwe Nichols

Chip Boutwell

Chiquista Simmons

Chloe Bunch

Chloe L.

Chris Alexander

Chris Bell

Chris Burkett

Chris Stewart

Chrishan Watson

Chrishanna Cherry

Chrishonna Phinizey

Christa Cooley

Christal Spencer

Christen Robinson

Christian Allen

Christie Johnson

Christina Allen

Christina Collins

Christina Hill

Christina Kay

Christina Wash

Christina Wilder

Christine Cook

Christine Cooley

Christine Green

Christopher Awe

Christopher Burns

Christopher Dukes

Christopher Evans

Christopher Giannini

Christopher Hines

Christopher Hubbard

Christopher Kelly

Christopher Lane

Christopher Lavan

Christopher Luke

Christopher Routh

Christopher Sims

Christopher Thomas

Christopher Williams

Chrysanthemum Hill

Chrystal Mincey

Chuntil Johnson

Cicely Davis

Cierra Priest

Cindy Wilson

Cindy Woods

CITGO Petroleum Corporation

Matching Gift Program

Claboine Falls

Claire Dederer

Clara Lee

Clare Gullekson

Clarence Hayes

Clarence Simms

Claressa Jackson

Clarice Clayton-Johnson

Claude Willis

Claudette Alford

Claudette Carolina-Blanson

Claudia Greene

Clementine Donaldson

Clemmie West

Clemontine Whitaker

Cleotis Emerson

Cleveland Stiff

Clevette Woodberry

Clifton Ellis

Clois Slocum

Clyde Benjamin

Clyde Glenn

Clyde Jackson

Clyde Owens

Coe Alice Stirgus

Colette Alford-Clark

Colletta Dailey

Comeshia Hubbard

Conchetta Johnson

Connie Gamble-Lamb

Connie Taylor

Constance Evans

Corbin Jamison

Corean Strong

Corey Harris

Corey Johnson

Corey Taylor

Corey Williams

Coreyunta Hodge

Corinthia Bradfield

Corinthian Washington

Corky Wicks

Corliss Baldridge

Cornelius Cooley

Cornelius Cox

Cornelius Davis

Cornelius Fair

Cortez Bryant

Cortez Cole

Cortise Brown

Corunda Pruitt

Cory Thomas

Cotina Williams-Wicks

Coty Drew

Courtney Brent

Courtney Jones

Courtney Reynolds

Courtney Smith

Craig Bode

Craig Heidelberg

Craig Neal

Craig Porter

Cretonis Showers

Cristina Frisby

Crystal Barnes

Crystal Dunson

Crystal Jones

Crystal King

Crystal McNeill

Crystal Nash

Crystal Washington

Curinetha Hubbard

Curtis Camper

Curtis Gore

Curtis Jenkins

Curtiscile Flemon-Pepper

Cynthia Aiken

Cynthia Brooks

Cynthia Dixon

Cynthia Jackson

Cynthia Martin

Cynthia McClelland

Cynthia Melton

Cynthia Simpson

the jacksonian 54
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* Deceased Donors

Cynthia Smith

Cynthia Veals

Cynthia Wheat

Cynthia Wright

Cyrini Daniels

Cyrini Oliver

D. Haddon Foster, II

D. Harris

D. W. Howard

D.A .Anderson

Daarel Burnette

Daina Culbreath

Daisy Bates

Dale Knight

Dale Quinn

Dalila Giddens

Damaije Williams

Damani Johnson

Damarcus Haywood

Damina Lewis

Damon Reese

D’An Carter

Dan Gerstman

Dana Archer-Rosenthal

Dana Brown

Dana Williams

D’Andra Bell

Danetta Gaston

Daneva Arana

Daniel Edmond

Daniel Parker

Daniel Skinner

Danielle Cooper

Danielle Gaston

Danielle Graves

Danielle Hinton Hassel

Danielle McShan

Danielle Mickens

Danielle Obiorah

Danielle Ross

Danita Springfield

Danny Mosley

Danny Williams

Daphne and Christopher

James Barney

Daphne Barnes

Daphne McCadney

Daphne Moore

D’Arcy Ford

Daria Davis

Darian Walters

Darian Yates

Darion Warren

Darius Kennebrew

Darius Morris

Darlene Drew

Darmyra Perry

Darnechia McGrew

Darnetia Martin

Darnett Tardy

Darrell Boyd

Darrell Lee

Darria Thompson

Darryl Burton

Darryl Swanigan

Darshall McMiller

Daryl Misrac

D’Atra Gater

Datraonna Horton

Dave Clark

Dave Goren

Davell Carter

David Baxter

David Butler

David Clark

David Coleman

David Hall

David Kinsey

David Peterson

David Robinson

David Seymour

Dawn Eiland Stokes

Dawn Howard


Deandra Martinez

DeAnna Dixon

Deanna Walton

De’Arimus Smith

Debbie Bynum

Debbie Lowe

Deborah Bailey

Deborah Bell-Harris

Deborah Carlisle

Deborah Elliott

Deborah Hannon-Armstrong

Deborah Luckett

Debra Barr

Debra Dyer

Debra Estes

Debra Grows

Debra Wilson

Dedrick Brooks

Deidra Truitt

Deidre Hulbert

Deidre Johnson

Deion Fields

Deja Knight

Deja Laster

Delano Funches

Delesha Butler

Delesia Walker

Delicia McGee

Delie Shepherd

Delilah Johnson Hill

Della Lockhart

Della Youngblood

Delmon Cotton

Delora Campbell

Delores Worthy Hopkins

Deloris Birch

Deloris Richard-Carter

De’Martinez’ Simmons

Demethous Chambliss

Demetra Bates

Demetress Harrell

Demetria Blakes

Demetria White

Demetrice Wraggs*

Demetriuus Boyd

Demikel Miller

Deneen Showers

DeNina Cunningham

Denise Berkhalter

Denise Hooks-Anderson

Denise Hurley

Denise Lewis

Denise McCray

Denise Spencer

Dennis Conner

Dennis Luckett

Dennis Perry

Dentia Norris

DeOnica Mitchell

Derek Scott

Dereka Carrall-Smith

Derra Dukes

Derrick Contreras

Derrick Fisher

Derrick Harvey

Derrick Jean

Derrick Jones

Derrick Lewis

Derrick Washington

Desean Dyson

Deshayla Jackson

Desiree James

Dessie Hart

Dessie Johnson

Destan Wilkerson

Destiny Josey

Destry Haynes

Deuntagus Herndon

De’Vante Wiley

Devon Estes

Devonte McSwine

Dewayne West

Dewillican Middleton

Dewon Hall

Dexter Brookins

Dexter Day

Dexter Griffin

Dexter Kennedy

Dexter Strange

Dexter Williams

Diane Barnes

Diane Sanford

Dianna Hyde

Dianne Blackmon

Dillon Robinson

Dina Samimi

Dion Adkins

Dionne Cotton

Dionne Williams-Cole

Dirkland Smith

Dishell Sanders

D’Juan Hych

Dock Cooper

Dollye Robinson*

Dolores Hill

Dominique Hunter

Dominique McQueen

Dominique White

Dominique Williams

Don Murphy

Don Washington

Donald Brooks

Donald Johnson

Donald Lyons

Donald Mitema

Donald Naylor

Donald Richardson

Donaldson Shumpert

Donna Antoine-Lavigne

Donna Harris

Donna McDonald-Martin

Donna Moye

Donna Robinson

Donna Stockstill

Donna Williams

Donnas McGee

Donnis Johnson

Dontay Davis

Donteasha Tyler

Dontez Henderson

Doran Coleman

Dorcas Kennebrew

Dorian Allen

Doris Barnes

Doris Eiland

Doris Good

Doris Harris

Doris Hendricks

Doris Lewis

Doris Miller

Doris Payne-Lockhart

Doris Richardson

Doris Trussell

Doristeen Washington

Dorothea Garrett

Dorothea Johnson-Campbell

Dorothy Barnes-Griswold

Dorothy Brooks

Dorothy Chambers

Dorothy Fluker

Dorothy Jones

Dorothy Moore

Dorothy Paymon-Dennis

Dorothy Spears Harris

Dorothy Stamps

Dorothy Westbrook

Dorothy Williams

Douglas Fort

Douglas McWilliams

Doyle Banks

Dreadmon Yeamon

Duane Lewis

Duncan Slobodzian

Dwain Bowie

Dwan Jackson

Dwana Haley

Dwaune Johnson

Dwayne Douglas

Dwight Banks

Dwight Devaughn

Dyann Ryans

Dyanna Scott

Earl Rashid

Earline Russell-Smith

Earnestine Hagens

Earsell Collier

Easter McClain

Ebone’ Brownlee

Ebone’ Woods

Eboni Rideout

Ebonnie Wynn

Ebony Butler

Ebony Gunn

Ebony Palmer

Eddie Banks

Eddie Barnes

Eddie Fair

Eddie Johnson

Eddie Rigsby

Eddie Sanders

Edgar Hardy

Edith McDavid

Editha Maxwell

Edna and Myram E. Cooper

Edna Ruth Winsley

Edward Steward

Edward Watters

Edwin King

Edwina Flowers

Ehidanmegbe Akharume

Elaine Armster

Elaine Hulitt

Elaine Schmidt

Elbert and Karen Hebron

Elbert Cobbs

Eleazar Alarcon

Elena Stoian

Eli Grayson

Elias Wells

Elijah Andrews

Eliott Ford

Elisha Burns

Eliza Garcia

Elizabeth Cruikshank

Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth Robinson

Elizabeth Simmons

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Steeby

Ellen Delap

Ellen Scott

Ellis Turnage

Elmer Oneal

Elnora Woods

Eloise Froniabarger

Eloise Lavender

Eloise Williams

Elsie Bracey

Emanuela Bisconti

Emberly Holmes

Embrick Johnson

Emerald Johnson

Emily McDowell

Emily Williams

Emma Hall

Emmanuel Cain

Emmanuel Elmore

Emmitt and Louise Foster

Emoni Harris

Emoni Price

Ena Knott-Scott

Eno Essien

Eric Barnes

Eric Bradley

jackson state university 55
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Eric Cain

Eric Cyrus

Eric Folk

Eric Hobson

Eric Horn

Eric Hughes

Eric Lawson

Eric Lyons

Eric Maher

Eric Smith

Eric Stringfellow*

Eric Strothers

Eric Suitt

Eric Terry

Erica Barnes

Erica Bridges

Erica Davis

Erica Gladney

Erica Payne

Erica Preston

Erica Robinson

Erica Simon

Erica Story

Erica Stringfellow Smith

Erica Sutton

Erica Wilson

Erick Stowers

Erika Bibbs

Erika Owens

Erika Reed

Erika Stewart

Erin Steverson

Erin Watkins

Ernestine Thigpen Jackson

Errick Benson Peart

Ervin Taylor

Eryn Bozeman

Essence Morgan

Estella Hunter

Ester Perry

Ester Stokes

Ester Washington

Esterlener Polk

Esther Honda

Ethan Ricks

Ethel Durham

Ethel Fuller

Ethel Winkfield

Ethel Woodson

Ettatina Flowers-Myles

Eugene and Cora Lavon


Eugene Elmore and

Lois Sargent

Eugene Redmond

Eula Anderson-Smith

Eva Caldwell

Eva Parker Hall

Evangeline Tabor

Evelyn Bass-Haley

Evelyn Collier

Evelyn Daniel

Evelyn Dixon

Evelyn Leggette

Everett Newchurch

Evin Bridgett

Faith Kearns

Faith Strong

Faith Thigpen

Falanda Addison

Fallon Triplett

Farrell Brassell

Fatihah Paige

Faydrian Jennings-Gilmer

Faye Jones

Felecia Burnett

Felecia Burton Brown

Felecia Huddleston

Felica Pendleton

Felicia Brisco

Felicia Whittington

Felicia Garner

Felicia Graves

Felicia Heming-McClinton

Felicia Magee

Felicia Robinson

Felicia Young

Flore Hall

Florence Anthony

Florida Smith

Flossie Satcher

Floyd Burton

Fonda Chapman

Fontaine Love

Ford Dixon

Fragelia Spears

Frances Collins

Frances Davis

Frances Hervey

Frances White

Franja Meeks

Frankie and Rose Free

Frankie Carpenter Trotter

Freda Bredy

Frederick Hampton

Frederick Howard

Frederick Sandifer

Fredna Lewis

Fredrica Packnett-Tyes

Fredrick Mosley

Fregene Daniel

Funtrol Ready

Gabriel Babineaux

Gabriel Cooper

Gabriel Norwood

Gabriel Parson

Gabrielle Stiff

Gale Taylor

Ganetta Anderson

Garmeshia Williams

Garrett Fevinger

Garry Brown

Garry Davis

Gayla Gardner

Gene and Barbara

Louise Leland

Genese Lavalais

Genetra Robinson

Geneva Daniels

Geneva Denson

Genice Knight

Genise Green

Gentle Calhoun

George Ervin

George Handy

George Harmon

George Jordan

George Ross

George Smith

Georgia Cohran

Georgia Ford

Georgia Knox

Georgia Redmond

Georgia Terrell-McCall

Gerald Antoine

Gerald Dodd

Gerald Owens

Gerald Williams

Geraldine Barnes

Geraldine Jones

Geraldine Lampkin

Gerius Patterson

Gerome Hughes

Gina Vann

Ginger Martin

Gisha Stewart

Gizmo Clayton

Gladys Foster-Jackson

Gladys Peters

Glen Williams

Glenda Jackson

Glenda Johnson

Glenda Taylor Grant

Glendolyn Dace

Gloria Barnes Johnson

Gloria Cotton

Gloria Johnson

Gloria Jones

Gloria Lindsey

Gloria Miller

Gloria Thompson

Gloria Washington

Grace Tenkhoff

Gracie Pitts

Graig Neal

Grashawn Dorrough

Greg Colston

Greg Whitaker

Gregory Harrington

Gregory Hayes

Gregory Richard

Gregory Smothers

Gregory Stephens

Gregory Taylor

Gregory Wilson

Gus Crittle

Guy Buford

Guy Hendree

Guy Omonaka

Guyton Mathews

Gwen Lipsey

Gwendolyn Barry

Gwendolyn Darty

Gwendolyn Davis-Washington

Gwendolyn Dean

Gwendolyn Gardner

Gwendolyn Jackson

Gwendolyn Latham-Chess

Gwendolyn Patton

Gwendolyn Taylor

H. Williams

Halecia Archie

Hallie Johnson

Hannah Pratcher

Harlon Mills

Harold Barnwell

Harold Jones

Harold McWade

Harral Allen

Harrell Henton

Harriet Speech

Harrison Johnson

Harrould Williams

Harry Barnett

Harry Nance

Hattie Alexander

Hattie Brown

Hazel Bell-Jones

Hazel Gardner

Hazel Prentiss

Heather Bennett

Heather Taylor

Helen Jackson

Helena Cook

Helena Martinez

Henderson Lane

Henry and Limmie M. Flowers

Henry and Vounzell Murphy

Henry Thompson

Herman D. and Doris Smith

Hersie Leon and Dorothy Lucas

Herve Gordon

Hilary Samuels

Hilda Casin

Hill Williams

Hilliard and Lillian Lackey

Hollie Noble

Hope Williams

Hosea Dorris

Houston Darden

Howard Bell

Howard Boone

Howard Merlin

Howard Mitchell

Howard Stapleton

Hubert Butler

Hursie and Richard H. Sullivan

I.D. Thompson

Ida Daniels

Idehen and Minnie L. Omoregie

Ike Ayozie

Ileanette Rosado-Wilson

Imonje Mignott

Ina Graves

Ineva Pittman

Ingrid Tchakoua

Ingrid Woullard

Ira Singleton

Ira Washington

Isaac Black

Isaac Mitchell

Isabelle Grimm

Isadore and Deborah Patrick

Isaiah Barnett

Isha Toney

Isis Young

Isom and Mary Weems

Issac Avant

Iva McCants

Iva Palmer

Ivan Brooks

Ivan Henton

Ivory Phillips

Ivory and Carolyn Thigpen

J. Shaw

J. T. Roberson

Jabrien Garrett

Jack and Elaine P. Witty

Jackie Richmond

Jacob Barton

Jacori Daniels

Jacqueline Bell

Jacqueline Brinson Seaton

Jacqueline Burns

Jacqueline Dotson - Thomas

Jacqueline Freeman

Jacqueline Frison-Owens

Jacqueline Gray

Jacqueline Hannah

Jacqueline Harvey

Jacqueline Hibbler

Jacqueline Hudson

Jacqueline Humphrey

Jacqueline Jackson

Jacqueline Martin

Jacqueline Murillo

Jacqueline Robinson

Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho

Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Williams Thomas

Jacquelyn Bracey

Jacqulyn Williams

Jade Portis

Jaelah Wright-Keely

Jahanna Cannon

Jakeiah Johnson

Jakel Carlisle

JaKelia Brown

Jaleel Exson

Jalyn McElroy

Jalynn Towner

Jamal Halloway

Jamall Singleton

JaMarcus Everett

Jamecia Allen

Jamee McAdoo

Jameil Weldon

Jameitha Griffith

Jameria Stokes

Ja’Merica Dixon

James and Dean Wiley

James and Lillie Belton

James and Pearl M. Clark*

James A. and Maggie Brooks

James Ashford

James Berry

James Cornetet

James Flint

James Ford

James Gilmore

the jacksonian 56
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

James Holden

James Holland

James Mangum

James McGhee

James McIntosh

James Minor

James Mitchell

James Molesworth

James Montgomery

James Sclater

James Staples

James Sturgis

James Thompson

James Thompson, Jr.

James Torrey

James Turner

James Washington

James Wheeler

James Wilson

Jameshia Brown

Jamessia Steele

Jami Tyler

Jamie Evans

Jamila Alexander

Jamius Cockrell

Jamuel Blakes

Jan Cooper

Janelle Adams

Janet Brown

Janet Courtney

Jani Polk

Janice Adams

Janice Brockley

Janice Carr

Janice Mitchell

Janice Nelson

Janice Porter

Janice Sherman

Janice Williams

Janie Bragg

Janieth Wilson Adams

Jaquan Walker

Jared Haynes

Jarkarta Garrett

Jarmila Allen Reed

Jaronda Primrose

Jarrad A. Craine

Jarred Grows

Jarrett Logan

Jarrette Hawkins

Jarvis Brown

Jasmaine Jenkins

Jasmin Gholston

Jasmin Searcy-Pate

Jasmine Bolden

Jasmine Cockfield

Jasmine Hamlin

Jasmine Hunt

Jasmine Jones-Watts

Jasmine Parham

Jasmine Rivera

Jasmine Stiff

Jasmine Wilson

Jasmyne Griffith

Jason Berkowitz

Jason Biehl

Jason Gibson

Jason Planer

Java Chatman

Javan Frinks

Javier High

Jay and Sonya A. Smith

Jayla Manor

Jayla Wilson

Jayln Mozee

Jazmine Young

Jean Ficklin

Jean Wheeler

Jeanette Magee

Jeanette Molden

Jeanifer Cheeks

Jeaninne Morrow

Jeffery Moore

Jeffery Parker

Jeffery Scott

Jelani Zarif

Jenaia Poole

Jennie Clay

Jennie Hall

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer De Lisi

Jennifer Dieter

Jennifer Ealy

Jennifer Gayden

Jennifer Heard

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Little

Jennifer Murchison

Jennifer Reisberg

Jennifer Rice

Jennifer Sims

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Spires

Jennifer Watkins

Jenny Hernandez

Jeremi Wright

Jeremy Armstrong

Jeremy Funchess

Jeremy Reese

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Washington

Jeremy Williams

Jermaine Carr

Jerome Forrest

Jeronika Daniels

Jerrdean Franklin

Jerrell McLin

Jerrica Johnson

Jerrold Mitchell

Jerry Brooks

Jerry Hale

Jerry Holmes

Jerry Jackson

Jerry McDonald

Jerry Whitfield

Jerry Williams

Jesse and Gladys Taylor

Jessica Bailey

Jessica Bell

Jessica Clinton

Jessica Dansby

Jessica Davenport

Jessica Harris

Jessica King

Jessica Russell

Jessica Stone-Weaver

Jessica Trader

Jessica Williams

Jessie Dorsey

Jewel Jackson

Jill Riggs

Jimelda Elliott

Jimeya Smith

Jimi Monix

Jimmie Griffith

Jimmie Jones

Jimmie Washington

Jimmie Williams

Jimmy Hunter

Jimmy Rice

Joanna McDaniel

Joanne Barron

Joanne Pinkston-McDuffie

Jocelyn Fisher

Jocelyn Pihlaja

Jodi Magee

Joe Richardson

Joe Tatum

Joe Young

Joel Friedman

Joel McCray

Joel Sewell

Johari Garrett

John and Daphne Monix Higgins

John and Deborah Louise Phillips

John Brown

John Hall

John Isaac

John Lampley

John Malvern

John Roberts

John Small

John Young

Johnell Worles

Johnetha Lindsey

Johnnie Applewhite

Johnnie Barnes

Johnnie Daniels

Johnnie Maberry

Johnnie Thompson

Johnny Baskin

Johnny Beason

Johnny Harper

Johnny McAfee

Johnny Winsley, III

Jomella Watson

Jon Barnes

Jonah Thomas

Jonathan Conrad

Jonathan Dallas

Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Ward

Joni Elrod

Joni Moore

Jonjalyn Humes

Jonnequia Cavett

Jonnie Patterson-Young

Jordan Bonner

Jordan Jackson-Brimer

Jordan Jones

Jordan Turner

Jordan-Danyel Payne

Jordyn Miller

Jorel Washington

Jori Hart

Jos Williams

Josalynn Segars

Joseph and Lynda L. Henderson

Joseph Beard

Joseph Griffin

Joseph Hall

Joseph Lee

Joseph Miller

Joseph Nance

Joseph Phillips

Joseph Saul

Joseph Scott

Joseph Tucker

Josephine Barton

Joshua Laffiette

Joshua Turner

Joshua Winsley

Josuf Turnipseed

JoVonna Brooks

Joy Brownlee

Joya Johnson

Joyce Baggett

Joyce Belcher

Joyce Holt

Joyce Jackson

Joyce Price

Joyce Rigsby

Joyce Robinson

Joyce Williams-Alexander

JP Judah

J’Quan Mayes

JT Robertson

Juan Thomas

Juanita Bynam

Juanita Powe

Juanquina Thomas

Judith Henderson

Juleigh Brown

Juli Kempner

Julia M. Mallory

Julia Parker

Julia Sullivan

Julian Henry

Julie Miller

Julius and Betty


Julius Taylor

June Dampier

Junoesque Jacobs

Juruthin Woullard

Justin Cosey

Justin Ellis

Justin Green

Justin Kelly

Justin Moore

Justin Standifer

Justin Terry

Jylen Whitten

KB Turner

Kadin Smith

Kaisha Allen

Kaitlin McCain

Kaiya Bell

Kalvin Evans

Kamela Davis

Kamesha Hill

Kamesha Strong

Kamryn Dismuke

Kandace Griffin

Kandis Foster

Kandis Weatherspoon

Kaptain Curt

Kareem Martin

Karen Brady

Karen Howard-Dawson

Karen Lavayen

Karen Parker

Karen Rappaport McHugh

Karen Stuckey

Karina Moore

Karl Walker

Karmon Austin

Karrington Tipler

Kashunna Fowler

Katharine McIntyre

Katherine Grayson

Katherine Sikkes

Katherine Ward

Kathleen Martin-Walker

Kathleen Williams

Kathryn Rodenmeyer

Kathy Berry

Kathy Blair

Kathy Johnson

Kathy Pitts

Katie Cordova

Katina Funches

Katina Robbins

Katina Walker

Katonia Jamison

Katrina Gray

Katrina Lackey-Davis

Katrina Pridgen

Katrina Woodard

Kay Beck

Kaye Robinson

Kayla Booker

Kayla Green

Kayla Hampton

Kayla Hudson

Kaylah Dowdell

Kaymen Russell

Keanna Abraham

Keary Raines

Ke’Asia Anderson

Keauna Toatley

Kedric Hayes

Keena Young-Wills

Keenen Jones

Keenya Mosley

Keesha Vaughn

Keira Morris

Keirsten Bradley

Keisha Jackson

jackson state university 57
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Keisha Morris

Keith Adams

Keith Seals

Kelee Miles

Kelia Neal

Kelisha Turner

Kelly Jackson

Kelly Ross

Kelly Springer

Kelvin Bailey

Kelvin Gates

Kelvin Verrett

Kembra Luckett

Kemima Caples

Ken Wells

Kendall Rhodes

Kendall Slay

Kendra Armstrong

Kendra Brown

Kendra Montgomery

Kendra Pope

Kendra Wright

Kendrick Marshall

Kendrick Smith

Kendris Lacey

Kenidi Sanders

Kenisha Devaul

Kenji Bell

Kenna Shaw

Kennecia Yarrington

Kennedy Jones

Kenneth Asher

Kenneth Bunch

Kenneth Burks

Kenneth Green

Kenneth Hair

Kenneth Jackson

Kenneth Thomas

Kennis Bourne

Kenoye Eke

Kentoria Wilson

Kenya Dotson

Kenya Horne

Kenya Johnson

Kenya Washington

Kenyada Clark

Kenyatta Adams

Kerem Hardy

Keri Saupitty

Kerry Smith

Kesha Bolton

Keshanna Martin

Keshia Dykes

Ketrina Hoskin

Kevin Davis

Kevin Greer

Kevin Hansbro

Kevin Lacy

Kevin McGee

Kevin Montgomery

Kevin Patterson

Kevin Robinson

Kevin White

Kewanee Johnson

Keyon Dixon

Khadijah Garrett

Khaela Jones

Khaleea Watson

Khaliya Ervin

Khari Morgan

Kiana McFadden

Kiara Bulloch

Kiara Flantroy

Kidada Brown

Kiera Spears

Kiersten Jennings

Kiesha Johnson

Kiffany Ward

Kim B

Kim Bennett

Kim Vallot

Kimberlin Brown

Kimberly Armstrong

Kimberly Baker

Kimberly Benford

Kimberly Brown-Morton

Kimberly Carr

Kimberly Crawford

Kimberly Drouineaud

Kimberly Fisher

Kimberly Hall

Kimberly Hardy

Kimberly Hayes-Johnson

Kimberly McCants

Kimberly Moton

Kimberly Pate

Kimberly Portlock

Kimberly Thomas

Kimberly Toney

Kimberly Wash-Blasingame

Kimberly White

Kimberly Williams

Kimble Funchess

Kindrela Culver

Kira Johnson

Kirk Williams

Kitsa Kelly-Davis

Kiyah Hillman

Kiyoko Alexander

Kolby Woods

Komosha Tyehimba

Kori Nichols

Korryn Williamson

Korteria Rudd

Kourtney Robicheaux

Kristan M

Kristen Davis

Kristen Ellis

Kristen Powell

Kristi Compton

Kristian Weatherspoon

Kristie Mullins

Kristin Anton

Kristin Hamley

Kristin Lane

Kristin Richland

Kristin Stewart

Kristina Pollard

Kristopher Murray

Kristy Brown

Krystal Brown

Krystal Latham

Krystal Madden

Krystal Martin

Krystal Sanders

Krystal Webster

Krystol Lamar

Krystyanna Moore

Kurtez Scott

Kuzari Olushola

Kya Mathis

Kyla Mitchell

Kyla Salone

Kymberly Hudson

Kyndall Bridgers

L. Sherie Dean

La Brita Dews

La Quisha Buchanan

LaBrandon Hill

La’Caris Jones

Lacey Wicks

La’Chary Teague

LaCurtis Powell

Lacy Gladney

LaDonna Gulley

Ladonna Northington

Ladonnis Davis-Hampton

LaDora Williams

LaJeffrey Rogers

Lajuana Fells

LaKeisha Bardwell

Lakeisha Gantt

Lakeisha Nicholson

Lakeisha Watson

Lakesher Robinson

Lakeshia Allen

Lakeshia Sutton

Lakesia Sutton

Lakeysia Briscoe

Lakino Woodson

Lakisha Thompson

Lamar Jackson

Lamarr White

Lamesha Lewis

Lamonica Stewart

Lamont Douglas

Lamonta Simpson

Lanassa Moore

Landon Arnold

Landra Williams

LaPeaches Pollard

Laquandra Paxton

Laqueta Taylor

LaquIncia Henderson

Laquinta Hall

Laquinta Thomas

Laquisha Milner

Lara Avery

LaRicky Harris

Larrance Cotton

Larry and Brenda L. Breland

Larry Branch

Larry Burks

Larry Camper

Larry Leggett

Larry Richmond

Larry Vance

Lashanda Griffin

LaShannon Morgan

LaShasta Taylor

Lashonda Aldridge

Lashonda Catchings

LaShonda Johnson

LaSondra Bean

Latacha Hamilton

Lataiya Barnes

Latambra Moody

Latario Powell

Latarius Hicks

Latasha Hadley

Latasha Jackson

Latasha Myles

Latasha Willis

Latecus Hopkins

Latesha Thomas

Lathario Barnes

Lathen Hardy

Latice Thompson

La-Tijera Edwards

LaTisha Bryant

Latisha Johnson

Latisha R. Lloyd

Latisha Williams

Latita Stanford

Latonya Butler

LaTonya Gunn

Latonya Lee

Latori Anderson-Herring

Latoria Golliday

Latosha Carter

Latosha Davis

La’Toya Atkins

Latoya Braxton

Latoya Brown

Latoya FAMU Counts

Latoya Horne

LaToya Jackson

LaToya Pritchard

Latoya Rembert-Sterling

Latoya Thorn

LaToysha Smith

Latrenda Watson

Latrinda Vaughan

Laura Cavett

Laura Lewis

Laura Moore Smith

Laura Pattison

Lauren Allen

Lauren Chambers

Lauren Corby

Lauren Franklin

Lauren Galtney

Lauren Powell

Lauren Zepp

Lauren-Alicia Morris

Lavar Brown

Lavelle Jones

Lavon and Lotoya Henry Beard

Lavon Lane, III

Lavonda Hart

Lawana Howard

LaWanda Smith

Lawrence Browder

Lawrence D. and

Pamela Thomas

Lawrence Evans

Lawrence Jennings

Lawrence Johnson

Layah McDonald

Lazashus Collier

Leamon Jenkins

Leanne Vicente

Lecia Robinson

LeCourtney Harness

Lee and Audrey Elaine Banks

Lee and Katie W. Bernard

Lee Hall

Lee Hampton

Lee Williams

Lekesha Byrd

Leland Magee

Leland Raymond

Leland Redmond

Lenora Lee

Leon Bracey

Leon Walker

Leona Dotson

Leonard Cooper

Leonard Holland

Leonard Taylor

Leroy Claiborne

Leroy Hartfield

Leroy Jossell

Les Range

Lesia Means

Leslie Howard

Leslie Jones

Leslie Raneri

Leslie Ross

Leslie Santamaria

Leslie Whiting

Lestrina Bailey

Letha Gray

Letitia Owens

Lettye Young

Lewis Liddell

Lewis Younger

Lianna Norris

Lila Meade

Lillian Fykes-McGee

Lillian Rivera

Lillie Hardy

Lillie St. Clair

Lillie Wade

Lillie Williams

Lily Reed

Linda Adams

Linda Braddy

Linda Bryant Angotti

Linda Bulter

Linda Coleman

Linda Daniels

Linda Gater

Linda Jackson

Linda Massey

Linda Merriweather

Linda Player

Linda Reed Walker

Linda Sanders

Linda Simpson

the jacksonian 58
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Linda Sykes

Linda Taylor

Linda Viverette

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Beerman

Lisa Caddle

Lisa Gertrude

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Moore

Lisa Smith

Lisa Turner

Lisa Williams

Liz Hutcherson

Liz Kettmann

Lola Redmond

Lonnie Lockett

Lora House

Lorenzo Hines

Lori Jackson Evans

Lori Love

Lori Paschal Patton

Lori Swanier

Lori Torrey

Lorraine Gayden

Lorraine Portis

Lorri Lanier

Lot Swarms

Lou Bogan

Louie Lindsay

Louis Jackson

Louise Nichols

Louwlynn Kelly-Williams

LuAnne Jackson

Lubrina Bryant

Luci Funches

Luddie Chapman

Luis Manuel Gomes e Melo

Luquen Cannon

Lurlene Irvin

Luscious Neal

Luther and Frances Moncrief

Luxie Frison

LV Starks

Lydia Fisher

Lydia Kiesling

Lydia Tuck

Lynard Carter

Lynda Brown-Wright

Lynetta Carr

Lynette Wilson

Lynice Higgins

Lynn Wade

Lynoris Latham

Mable Oatis

Mable Scott-Austin

Mable Williams

MaCarthur Hannah

MaChandra Forest-Wilder

Madelyn Prukop

Madelyn Shepherd

Madison Cathey

Madison Lockett

Magain Williams

Maggie Viverette

Magnoria Smothers

Maharri Smith

Mahdee and Danielle C. Purnell-Hopkins

Mahogany Mitchell

Majeska Coleman

Majuan Berry

Makala Lewis

MaKinley Taylor

Malaika Howard

Malcolm and Sabrina M. Perry

Malcolm and Tammiko

L. Harrison

Malcolm Harvey

Malcoma Brown-Ekeogu

Maleah Briggd

Maliik Omari

Malika Crawford

Mara Hall

Marc Cornelius

Marc Marshall

Marcellus Mayberry

Marcheta Walker

Marcus Crump

Marcus Kendrell

Marcus McWilliams

Marcus Robinson

Margaret Davis

Margaret Holmes

Margaret Jackson

Margaret Moore-Owens

Margie Carter-James

Margie Odom

Marguerite Johnson

Maria and Irwin E. Todd

Maria Dixon

Mariama Curry

Marian Barnes

Marie Rhodes

Marilyn Brown

Marilyn Davis

Marilyn Evans

Marilyn Hinkson

Marilyn Luckett

Marion Pinson

Mariyah Williams

Marjorie Cole

Mark A. and Vivian Swain

Mark Gulley

Mark Perry

Mark Roth

Mark Sampson

Markaiya Francois

Markeisha Robinson

Markenya James

Markesha Woods

Markita Davis

Markus Brooks

Markus Melvin

Marlo Hardiman

Marnika Nash

Marquas Wallace

Marquesha Street

Marquita McCullum

Marquita Miller

Marquviaus Mitchell

Marreo McDonald

Marsha Smith

Marshall Watson

Marteena Seaton

Martha and Robert J KIncaid

Martha Johnson

Martha Walker

Marthella Messenger Robinson

Marti Roberts

Marva Booth

Marva Moore

Marvin and Karla Jones

Marvin and Tanya Adams

Marvin Buckhalter

Marvin Cates

Marvin Lewis

Marvin Manhertz

Marvin Thomas

Mary and Alvin Stewart

Mary and Ed Herman Walker

Mary Alford

Mary Ann Bosley

Mary Bull

Mary Burton

Mary Coleman

Mary Diamond

Mary Ellison

Mary Fields-Gooden

Mary Hardy

Mary Hart

Mary Hodges

Mary Jackson

Mary Martin

Mary McElroy

Mary Nelson

Mary Peoples

Mary Riley

Mary Robinson

Mary Rushing

Mary Smith

Mary Spann

Mary Strong

Mary Sykes

Mary Taylor

Mary White

Matthew Bridges

Matthew Brown

Matthew Canada

Matthew Cone

Matthew Exline

Matthews Brian

Matthias Cooper

Mattie Collins Taylor

Mattie Hambrick

Mattie Hudson

Mattie Rush

Mattie Smith

Maude Summerville

Maudene Brown-Coleman

Maura O’Toole

Maurice Copeland-Bynum

Maurice Hampton

Maurice Polk

Mavis Jones

Maxine Johnson

May Clarke

Maya Brown-Thompson

Maya Hughes

Mayonie Reed

McKinley and Jennette

L. Alexander

McKinley KIncaid

McNair Smith

Meagan Picon

Mearle Purvis

Mecca Thompson

Mederia Magee

Megan Ashley

Megan Lowe

Megan Richmond

Meisha Seldon

Mekella Lloyd-Landry

Meko Williams

Melanie Talbert

Melanie Taylor

Melanie Townsend

Melinda Williams

Melissa Bickham

Melissa Bridgman

Melissa Nix

Melissa Ramos

Melissa Steele

Melissa Walker

Melodie Fisher

Melody Vaughn

Melonie Gore

Melvanique Thomas

Melvin and Judy C. Jackson

Melvin Chambers

Melvin Costict

Melvin Evans

Melvin Grant

Melvin McKinney

Melvin Roberson

Meme Daniels-Jones

Meranda Cavett

Meredith Mineo

Merly Gettis

Mia Pettigrew

Michael and Ada L. Gater

Michael and Vivian

Jackson Harris

Michael Adams

Michael Banks

Michael Baslee

Michael Black

Michael Braxton

Michael Brooks

Michael Brown

Michael Casey

Michael Chatman

Michael Cooper

Michael Daley

Michael Gates

Michael Gray

Michael Harrell

Michael Henry

Michael Howard

Michael Jefferson

Michael Magruder

Michael Moody

Michael Peterson

Michael Ross

Michael Swanigan

Michael Taylor

Michael Thomas

Michelle Beard

Michelle Booker

Michelle Brock

Michelle Egbujor

Michelle Gibson-Thompson

Michelle Jackson

Michelle Lowe

Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Myers

Michelle Nichols

Michelle Reese

Michelle Williams

Michelle Wright

Mickell Smith

Miesha Coleman

Mikala Hughes

Mike Barnes

Mike Mullen

Mike Woehst

Mikia Booker

Mildred Kelley

Mildred Nelson

Millard O’Banner, II

Milton Humphrey

Minnie Peggs

Minnie Thomas

Minnie Vaughn

Miracle Malone

Miranda Anderson

Miranda Myers

Miriam Holder

Mitrell Sanders

Mollie Freilich

Moncenaca Berry

Moncenaca Cyprian

Monesia Conley

Monica Bates

Monica Brinkman

Monica Dupree

Monica Gary

Monica KIncaid

Monica Lawrence-Rees

Monica Lewis

Monica Marshall

Monica Martin

Monica McBride

Monica Perry

Monica Smith

Monica Thomas-Tobies

Monique Smith

Monique Thompson

Monique Thorpe

Montrell Coleman


Morgan Beard

Morgan Witherspoon

Morris Anderson

Muriel Thomas

Murray Lewis

Myah Davis

Myra Havard

Myrtis Robinson

N. Jenette Wilson

NaKisha Franklin

jackson state university 59
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Nancy Newson

Nancy Price

Nanette Gray

Naomi Edwards-Terrell

Naomi Welch

Nashunda Baskin

Natalie Dickens

Natalie Green

Natalie Jones

Natalie Lowe

Natalie Thompson

Natalie Winkfield

Natalie Young-Bynum

NaTasha Manuel

Nathaniel Deronvil

Neiko Tolbert

Neja Hubbard

Nekici Johnson

Nellie Caldwell

Nicholas Dent

Nicholas Miller

Nicholas Walker

Nichole Jackson

Nick Lewis

Nickeela Miller

Nicole McNairy

Nicole Buckley

Nicole Chism

Nicole Gould

Nicole Lewis

Nicole Robinson

Nicole Samuel

Nicole Turner

Nicole Walker

Nicole West

Nikdra Ford-Stamps

Nikki Tate

Nina Dortch

Nina Haynes

Nina Pryor

Nita Welch

Nitty Thomas

Niyah Odum

Nora Lipps

Norel McAdoo

Norman Buford

Norris Clark

Norris Polk

Nyaja Johnson

Nycole Thelwell

Nykarra Middleton

Nykia Brown

Nykiconia Preacely

Nyla McKinney

Ocie Wallace

Octavia Gates

Octavia Haile

Odessia Jagers

Odie Verges

Okshoon Scott

Olandress Gilleylen

Olivia Salibellas

Ollie Liddell

Ollie Watis

Ona Gibbs

Ora Ephfrom

Ora Rawls

Otis Bumpers

Otis Dunn

Ozie Thomas

Ozzie Gilbert

Pablo Williams

Pam Nolan

Pam Rush

Pameilia Walters

Pamela and Gerald R. Self

Pamela Gills

Pamela Hervey

Pamela Husband

Pamela Shanks

Pansy Granberry

Paris Davis

Paris Menefee

Parrish Anderson

Pascha Harris

Patrice Donald

Patrice Hendricks

Patrice Turnbull

Patrice White

Patrice Woods

Patricia Body

Patricia Camper

Patricia Chaffin

Patricia Collins

Patricia Gavin

Patricia Gray-Williams

Patricia Greer

Patricia McGee

Patricia McGrew

Patricia Moore

Patricia Nettles-Pegram

Patricia Quick

Patricia Sims

Patricia Watkins

Patricia Winston

Patricia Woods

Patrick and Deidre Malone

Patrick Bradley

Patrick Holmes

Patrick McGriggs

Patrick Pettaway

Pattie Hatcher

Paul Elliott

Paul Hemphill

Paul Hobson

Paul Hulin

Paul Lucas

Paul Wade

Paula Epps

Paula Granger

Paula Matthews

Paula Scott

Paula Turnbull

Paulette Grim

Paulette Marshall

Pearl Draine

Pearl Mack

Pearlie Noah-Montgomery

Pearline Ball

Peggie Tisdale

Peggy Green

Penny Polk

Penny Scott

Pequawna Gilmore

Percy Thornbor

Pernell Goodwin

Perry Cleaver

Perry Davis

Perry Huff

Perry Martin, Jr.

Pertis Williams

Peter Rizzo

Peter Thorlichen

Peyton DeLaune

Phatia Wells-McClellan

Phillip Plumpp

Phillip Turner

Phyadragren Cole

Phyllis Donaldson

Phyllis Hammond

Phyllis Sims

Pierre Stokes

Porchia Gordon

Poteat Porter-Medley

Precious Malembeka

Premethius Cameron

Prenita Welch

Preston Robinson

Priscilla Clark

Priscilla Johnson-Evans

Priscilla Tenner

Purvis Short

Qiana Hampton

Quandon Sims

Quanita Jeffries

Quatrice Hyde

Queen Smith

Queena McGriggs

Quentin Hendree

Quentin Nelson

QuIncy Dillon

Quinn McNutt

Quintavis Collier

Quintessa Selmon

Quinton Scurlock

Quita Bride

Quotia Holland

Rachel Gibbs

Rachel Neal

Rachelle Daniel

Racquel Ivory

Racquel Johnson

Rahnesha Bankhead

Rajavion Mackabee

Raliyah Weathersby

Ralph Edwards

Ralphael Longmire

Ramee Chambers

Randall Thomas

Ranetta Cavett

Raquel Guise

Rashida Jenkins

Ravi Howard

Rawanda Fisher

Raymond Cox

Raymond Craft

Reagan Walker

Rebecca Coleman

Rebecca Huenink

Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Myles

Rebecca Perlmutter

Rebecca Punch

Rebecca Redmond

Rebecca Wilson

Rechelle Kelly

Reda Almlhem

Regena Hoye

Regina Austin

Regina Blackman

Regina Bonner

Regina Harris Jones

Regina Thorns

Regina Toney

Reginald Graham

Reginald Jefferson

Reginald Manning

Reginald Mayfield

Reginald Shaw

Rejeana Haynes

Rellie Williams

Remata Reddy

Renata Spann

Renata Swanigan

Renault Pannell

Renee’ Catchings

Renee Donaldson

Renee Slaughter

Renika Rice

Renita Johnson

Resa Holmes

Ressia Gentry

Reva Patrick

Reyanna Davis

Rhonda Anderson

Rhonda Bass

Rhonda Boles

Rhonda Buckley

Rhonda Cook-Andrews

Rhonda Dailey

Rhonda Howard

Rhonda Howard

Rhonda Lang

Rhonda Stegall-Cox

Rhonda Thompson

Rhonda Willis

Ricardo Horne

Rich Exclaimed, LLC

Richard Griggs

Richard Harris

Richard Johnson

Richard Lawson

Richard Murray

Richard Noble

Richard Smith

Richard Taylor

Richterica Ford

Rickerya Brown

Rickey Williams

Rico Davis

Riqiea Kitchens

Riquea Kitchens

Risalette Davis

Rita Royal

Rita Singleton

Robbie Bryant

Roberlyn Searcy

Robert and Clara Henderson

Robert and Ruby Tyler

Robert Anderson

Robert Braddy

Robert Brazile

Robert Cook

Robert Cowherd

Robert Giles

Robert Jenkins

Robert Lock

Robert Lunardini

Robert Randle

Robert Scott

Robert Staten

Robert Stringer

Robert Stubbs

Robert Tinkler

Robert Watts

Robert Wiggins

Robert Worthy

Roberta Wiggins

Robin Jackson Moffett

Robin Mathews

Robin Miller

Robyn Kennebrew

Roderick and Brenda

Lee Matthews

Roderick and Stephanie N. Paige

Roderick Chavez

Roderick Green

Roderick Hill

Roderick Johnson

Roderick Longino

Roderick Pipes

Rodney Beasley

Rodney Saffold

Roger Magee

Rogers Morris

Rohan Yelvigi

Roishina Henderson

Roman Brown

Romona Strong

Ron Huddleston

Ronald Andrews

Ronald Cooper

Ronald Frelix

Ronald Jones, Jr.

Ronald Moore

Ronald Sherrod

Ronald Swinney

Ronetta Shivers

Ronnie Cavett

Ronnie Crudup

Ronnika Cavett

Ronnika McFall

Roosevelt and Eula F Gentry

Roosevelt Greenwood

Roosevelt Harris

Roosevelt Littleton

Rosa Wilson

Rosalena McClendon

Rosalind Baileu

Rosalind Bailey

the jacksonian 60
| honor roll of donors |
* Deceased Donors

Rosalind Hal

Rosalind Loyd-Chisley

Rosalind Mark

Rosalind Shaw

Rosalind Smith

Rosalind Stevenson

Rosalyn Anthony

Rosalyn Johnson

Rosalyn Pendleton

Rosalynn Crawford - McKendall

Rosamond Kreshak-Hayden

Rose Friedland

Rose Kimble

Rose Portis

Rose Richmond

Rose Williams

Rosella Houston

Roshana and Andre A. Johnson

Roshanna Davis

Rosie McGowan

Rosie Smith

Rosiland Holloway

Rosland Walls

Roxanne Reed

Roy Reese

Roy Townsend

Rozana Johnson

Ruben Howard

Ruby Burks

Ruby Garner-Wiggins

Ruby Stewart-Mitchell

Ruby Thirus

Ruby Walker

Rudy Milton

Rufus Burks

Rushonda Cropper

Ryan Brown

Ryan Irving

Ryan McCree

Ryan Trollinger

Sabrina Gray

Sabrina Jackson Botts

Sadie Andrews

Sagirah Shahid

Sallie Pittman

Samandra Murphy

Sammy Wheat

Samuel and Roney M.


Samuel Byrd

Samuel Crumby

Samuel Smith

Samuel White

Sandra Bookhardt

Sandra Buck

Sandra Johnson

Sandra Lewis

Sandra Mack

Sandra Sellers

Sandy Johnson

Sannetta Shields

Sanyika Keyes

Sara Martin

Sara Pete

Sarah Briggs

Sarah Heying

* Deceased Donors

Sarah Pratcher

Sarah Tinkler

Sarita Ledlow-Baker

Saul Camara

Saundra McFarland

Savannah Sipple

Scheleria Banks

Schelerria Jenkins

Schemeka Jenkins-Turner

Sean and Chetonya Perkins

Sean Cotton

Sean Myers

Seatress Sanders

Sederick and Sophia W. Williams

Sedrick Jefferson

Sekufele Lewanika

Sela Brown

Semisha McSwine

Serita Griffith-Washington

Seth Fullilove

Shadya Sanders

Shakealia Finley

Shaki McLaurin

Shakira Dodson

Shakita Rodgers-Lofton

Shalaunda Bennett

Shalaunda Bennett

Shambrica Gibson-Hollman

Shameka Bell

Shamika Womble

Shamoni Jenkins

Shamonica King

Shan Ward

Shana York

Shandel Williams

Shandolyn Lawson

Shane Hooks

Shaneika Kelly

Shanesha Johnson

Shanetta Crisler

Shani Parker

Shani Walker

Shani Winters

Shanice Hopson

Shanika Lee

Shanista Robertson

Shannan Day

Shannon Alexander

Shannon Flood

Shannon Harrington

Shannon Kelly-Woods

Shannon Moore

Shannon West

Shante Brown

Shanteace Hare

Shaquita Brown

Sharda Angl

Shardae Jackson

Sharese Solomon

Shari Hales

Sharlene Brown

Sharon and Cedric E. Brown

Sharon Aiken

Sharon Campbell

Sharon Griffin

Sharon Hatten-Watson

Sharon Matthews

Sharon Owens

Sharon Ward

Sharriette Finley

Sharron Kyles

Sharron Purvis-Williams

Shasta Husband

Shaterra Bellazan

Shauniqua Thomas

Shawana Lewers

Shawanda Collins

Shawanda Williams

Shawn Angel

Shawn Bell

Shawn Gregory

Shawn Miller

Shawna Adams-Moore

Shawna Lewers

Shawonna Coleman

Shayla Allison

Shedrick Rodgers

Shedrick Wright

Sheena Anderson

Sheena Clay

Sheila Davis

Sheila Franklin-Buie

Sheila Lewis

Sheila Liddell

Sheila McDuffie

Sheila Swinney Lowe

Sheila Tinsey-Ward

Shelbi Ware

Shelby Alfred

Shelby Augustine

Shelby Clark

Shelethia Carson Clayborne

Shelia Baker

Shelia Dupree

Shelia Early

Shelia Francis

Shelia Kelly

Shelia Taylor-Clark

Shelia Thompson

Shella Sanders

Shelsea Buckhaulter

Shemeka Cleveland

Shemeka Lofton

Shemeka McClung

Shena Branley

Sheneidra Weatherspoon

Shenika Kendrick

Shenita Douglas

Sheralyn Hibbler

Sheretta Dobbins

Sherida Hicks

Sherika Aikens

Sherilyn Bratton

Sherley Fields

Sherll Coffey

Sherree White

Sherri Thacker Williams

Sherronda Anderson

Sherry Richardson

Sherwin and Lillian A.


Sheva Fairley

Shiniqual Love

Shirl Jasper

Shirlene Anderson

Shirley and Earnest Perry

Shirley Bonner

Shirley Giddens

Shirley Greene

Shirley Harden

Shirley Rainey

Shirley Williams

Shonda Deverteuil

Shonda Johnson

Shonda Moore

Shukundala Champion

Shunda Adams

Shunda Bogan

Shundra Lewis

Shunta Isaac

Shunterrance Walton

Shunya Cleveland

Shuretta Bell

Shyandrea Glass

Sidney Henderson

Siedah Austin

Silvanus Johnson

Sir Johnathan Rucker

Sonja Ellis-Jacobs

Sonja Fields

Sonji Pace

Sontyna Dixon

Sonya Bolls

Sonya Horton-Austin

Sonya Johnson

Sonya Leonard

Sonya Mitchell

Sonya Toaster

Sophia Chapman

Sophia Washington

Speak That! Movement Inc.

Ssanyu Gill

Stacey Baldwin

Stacey Ellis

Stacey Johnson

Stacey Keyes

Stacey Mack

Stacey Towns

Stacy Adams

Stacy Craine

Stacy Holton

Stanley Gunn

Stedmon Laury

Stephanie Barnes

Stephanie Catchings

Stephanie Denson

Stephanie Holloway

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Monarch

Stephanie Parris

Stephanie Tharpe

Stephanie Washington-Bostic

Stephanie Woods

Stephanie Wooten

Stephen Brown

Stephen Guy

Sterling Ferguson

Steve Binion

Steve Lewis

Steven Clark

Steven Smith

Steven Soublet

Steven Vandyke

Steven Wagner

Sue Brown Clark

Sue Van Woerkom

Summer Mallard

Susan Maneck

Susan Stoebner

Susanne Vandenbosch

Susie Calbert

Suzanne Smith

Sybil Harper

Sybla Rule

Sykeria Ross

Sylissa Thomas

Sylvester Brookins

Sylvester Jackson

Sylvia Cotton

Sylvia Pernell

T. Hawkins

T. J. Scott

Tabatha Joseph

Tabatha Terrell-Brooks

Tabitha Atkins

Tabitha Corley

Tabitha Liddell

Tabitha R. Liddell

Tabitha Stubbs

Tae’lor Yancey

Taheera Hoskins

Tajuania Pollard

TaKira Davis

Takisha Moore

Talia Sanders

Talisa Walton

Tamakia Gates

Tamara Barney

Tamara Crudup

Tamara Ellis-Meriwether

Tamara Jackson

Tamara Simmons

Tamara Terry

Tamea Washington

Tameika Jenkins

Tameika Jones

Tameika White

Tameka Battle

Tameka Crockett

Tameka Kersh

Tameka Townes

Tameka Wilson

Tamekia Jones

Tamela Mitchenor

Tametha Reaves

Tamia Taylor

Tamieka Brent

Tamika Shannon

Tammi Davis

Tammie Boggan-Brady

Tammie Jefferson

Tammie McKinney-Sledge

Tammy FIncher

Tammy Mallard

jackson state university 61 | honor roll of donors |

Tammye Worthy-Hughes

Tamra Jerdine

Tamyra Jackson

Tanaka Knight

Taneshia Quinn

Tangela Banks

Tangelia Kelly

Tanikka Gardner-Turner

Tanisha Kirkwood

Tanisha Pearson

Taniya Gaines

Tanji Parks

Tanya Ford

Tanya Haughton

Tanya Strong

Tanya Webber

Taqima Nance

Tara Blue

Tara Byrant

Tara Dunn

Tara Marino

Tara Parker-Blue

Tara Walker

Tarisa Busby

Tarkesia Williamson

Tarnika Love-Anderson

Tarongela Washington-Harris

Tarra Carson

Tarro Funches

Tasha Andrews

Tasha Derby

Tasha Randall

Tashala Williams

Tashika Stevens

Taunya Carpenter

Taurus Bailey

Taurus Phillips

Tawana Smith

Taye Brown

Taylon White

Taylor Johnson

Ted Atkinson

Teia McCormick

Tekesia McClendon

Tekisha Nash

Tekita Franklin

Telicia Smith

Tellis and Patricia B. Ellis

Temika Cooks

Tempress Holly

Tenecia Carr

Teneshia Smith

Tenetra Clemons

Tenisha Joiner

Tequa Gray

Terence Easterling

Teresa Baker

Teri Jordan

Terin Rash

Teriney Nails

Terion Reynolds

Terraceta Barmore

Terrance Alford

Terrance Daniel

Terrance Leonard

Terrance Moore

Terranee Brent

Terrecelyn Hutson

Terrel Stephens

Terrell Allen

Terrell Cook

Terrence Holt

Terrence Jones

Terrence Shelley

Terrence Spears

Terri Herron

Terri Holden-Bennett

Terri Love

Terri Smith

Terrica Jenkins

Terrice Stephenson-Thomas

Terrolyn Alexander

Terry Bennett

Terry Holloway

Terry Jones

Terry McMillian

Terry White

Teshanda Middleton

Tesia Hall Hill

Thaddeus Jones

Thaneisha Lee

Thee Love Consulting

Theejuana Love

Thelma Walker

Theodore Ealy, Jr.

Theodore Flogaites

Theodore Johnson

Theodore Montgomery

Theodore Williams

Therass Brooks

Theresa Okokon

Theresa Rash

Theresa Smith-Givens

Theresa Woodard

Theressa Booker-Wingard

Therisa Bradley

Theron Sanders

Theron Wilkerson

Thetis Hardy

Thomas and Myrtis

Marie Tolliver

Thomas Albright

Thomas Benjamin

Thomas Eade

Thomas G. and Mary Sutton

Thomas Gates

Thomas Robinson

Thomas Taylor

Tia Harlin

Tia Haslett

Tia King

Tiara Keyes

Tiara Todd

Tiara Tucker

Tiffani Turner

Tiffany Amos

Tiffany Ausler

Tiffany Berryhill

Tiffany Blackwell

Tiffany Caldwell

Tiffany Crawford

Tiffany Green

Tiffany Hardge

Tiffany Harrison

Tiffany Hedgemon

Tiffany Hunter

Tiffany Jackson

Tiffany Jefferson

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Paige

Tiffany Perry

Tiffany Smith

Tiffany Tolefree

Tiffany White

Tiffiany Bizor-Mack

Timaka James-Jones

Timantha Norman-Goff

Timila Bell

Timona Stapleton

Timothy Rush

Timothy Tolliver

Tina Braboy

Tina Carter

Tina Davis-Grimes

Tina Taylor

Tinka Barnes

Tionne Warren

Tiron Collins

Tobias Lagrone

Tod Etheredge

Todd A. and Carol Burt

Tokia Abram

Toland Black

Toliver Chapel Baptist Church

Tomeka Cain

Tomika and Benjamin W. Bates

Tomiko Owens

Tommy Jordan

Toney D. and Rosemary Cargin

Tongula Dunigan Kiner

Toni Dixon Jones

Toni Matthews Kersh

Toni Murdough

Tonia Holloway

Tonia Johnson

Tonja Davis

Tonja Murphy

Tonjuana McKinney

Tonnette Black

Tony and Gladys Smith

Tony Gines

Tony Porter

Tony Shelvin

Tony Stanford

Tony Tuggle

Tonya Adkism

Tonya Anthony

Tonya Hays

Tonya Lett

Tonya Morgan

Tonya Owens

Tonya Williams

Tonysha Hawthorne

Toria Crawford Brown

Torisha Williams

Tory Ratliff

Tosha Moore

Toya Fells

Toya Harrell-Matthews

Toyce Small

Tracey Brown

Tracey Clayton

Tracey Wade

Traci Jones

Tracie Brown

Tracie James-Wade

Tracie Johnson-Simmons

Tracy Banks-Ellison

Tracy Dove

Tracy Fletcher

Tracy James

Tracy Ramsey

Tracy Taylor

Travieis Rhynes

Travis Burns

Travis Patten

Trekeya Johnson

Trena Rodgers Mixon

Trence Collins

Trent Bounds

Triccia Hudson

Trichia Moore

Trimothy Shelly

Trinity Brown

Tristan Thomas

Troy and Shirley Catchings

Troy Dampeer

Tselane Price

Tulisha Haynes

Turia Neal

Twain Carter

Tyana Riley

Tylar Course

Tyra McCormick

Tyree Irving

Tyresha Nelson

Tyrique Carson

Tyrone Adams

Tyvarras Lindsey

U’Landa Jones

Una Pardue

UPS Gift Matching Program

Ursala Whalum

Ursla Offiah

Ursla-Marie Offiah

Ursula Nelson

Ursula Washington

Ursula Whalum

Valarie Thompson-Dillard

Valarie White

Valeka Cain

Valencia Little

Valeria Johnson

Valerie Anderson

Valleria Sewell

Valonique Woodfork

Valorie Gaston

Valtressia Brown Austin

Vanessa Banks

Vanessa Valdes

Vanessa Wallace

Vanetta Perkins

Vanette Montgomery

Varranda Love

Veleanor Ballard

Veleka Grady

Velma Johnson

Velma Warner

Velsie Gentry

Vera Lynn Evans

Vera Bishop

Vera Griffin

Vera Hill

Vera Hilliard

Vercell Vance

Verdis Lee

Verleser Williams

Verna Ransom

Vernon David and Mary


Vernon Ross

Vernon Weakley

Vernon Young

Veronica Bryant

Veronica Hill

Veronica Hudson

Veronica Jackson

Veronica Thomas

Vertis King

Vertis Trimble

Vicci Lee

Vickey Tate

Vickey Williams

Vickie Colenburg

Vickie Harris-Chatman

Vickie Lott

Victor Andrews

Victor Hall

Victor Turner

Victoria Davis

Vikki Craft

Vincent Kiprotich Langat

VIncient Martin

Vinechia Johnson

Vingilan Johnson

Viola Morgan

Virginia Tickles

Virginia Toliver

Vivian Fowler

Vivian Pearson

Vivian Taylor

Vivian Wilson

Von Anderson

Vondakay Hardin

W. Berry

W. Christine Hinton-Lee

Wade Gish

Walter Henderson

Walter Johnson

Walter Rayford

Walter Sikora

Wanda Barnes

Wanda Brown

Wanda FInch

Wanda Hayes

Wanda Keahey

Wanda L. Higgins

Wanda Macon

Wanda Moore

Wayne Brent

the jacksonian 62
* Deceased Donors

Wayne Goodwin

Wendell Griffin

Wesley Nichols

Wesley Prater

Whitney Brown

Whitney Gibson

Whitney Nowlin

Wilbert Battle

Wiley and Miriam

Houston Webb White

Wilfred Shavers

Wilfred Thompson

Will Chambliss

Will Crockett

Will Turner

Willa Woods

William and Goldia M. Revies

William Bradford

William Bryant

William Crump

William Gettis

William Hawkins

William Horne

William Johnson

William Kelly

William Lary

William Lowther

William Lucky

William Martin

William Neal

William Parks

William Thompson

William Washington

Willie and Bessie Mae


Willie and Cheryl Wade Pulphus

Willie Baker

Willie Brown

Willie Christmas

Willie Cooper

Willie Daniel

Willie Demus

Willie Flowers

Willie Hawkins

Willie L. Robinson

Willie Owens

Willie Robinson

Willie Thomas

Willis Smith

Willus Hall

Wilma Geeston

Wilson Taylor

Windolyn Boyd

Wynell Odom-Smith

Xavier Roberts

Xylan Epps

Ya’Mira Watts

Yashica Smalls

Yasmin McLaurin

Yasmin Partee

Yasmina Madden

Yawanya Straughter

Yazmine Brown

Ybelka Medina

Ylani Hayes

Yohn Ellis

* Deceased Donors

Yolanda Anderson

Yolanda Barnes

Yolanda Beard

Yolanda Emodogo

Yolanda Faye Patton

Yolanda Griffin-Clark

Yolanda Hardy

Yolanda Houston

Yolanda Jones

Yolanda McDuffey

Yolanda Pyrtle

Yolanda Ratcliff

Yolanda Thompson

Yolanda Winters

Yulunda and Derrick K. Gladney

Yuric Primer

Yvette Love-Bullock

Yvette McGowan

Yvonne Cooley

Yvonne Ellis

Yvonne Hodges

Zachary Sanders

Zaire Larkins

Zakaria Goodman

Zanette Sexton

Zataral Bolden

Zazar Moton

Zealyne Williams

Zellerie Cox

Zelton Johnson

Zina Kelly

Zyndall Jones


The Jackson State University Foundation would like to acknowledge the $50,000 gift from Mr. James E. and Mrs. Susie Conley O'Bannon, which previously omitted reference to Mrs. O'Bannon. We apologize for the error.

jackson state university 63


1400 John R. Lynch St. P.O. Box 17144 | Jackson, MS 39217

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