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October 2013 • Issue 3

In This Issue: • End Human Trafficking • Sustainer News • Fund Development • Holiday Shoppes • Community Collaborations • Kudos • Meeting Briefs • 2013 – 2014 Board and Leadership Teams

END Human Trafficking Save The Date Tuesday, October 8: October GMM • JLS Office • 6 pm: Social • 6:30 pm: Meeting

Thursday, October 31: Halloween

Tuesday, November 12: November GMM • Location TBA

November 15 – 17: Holiday Shoppes

• NYS Fairgrounds Horticulture Building

Human Trafficking Definition: Organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited (as being forced into prostitution or involuntary labor). — Merriam-Webster Human Trafficking Facts: • Approximately 80% of victims are women and girls • Over 50% of victims are under the age of 18 • 300,000 children in the U.S. are at risk for sexual exploitation • Human Trafficking is a form of organized crime that creates a $32 billion dollar a year underground global industry • New York is the 4th worst state – California, Texas and Florida outrank NYS in terms of a growing Human Trafficking problem. • Anyone can be trafficked: immigrants or American citizens, the elderly or young, male or female. • Human Traffickers prey on vulnerable populations in society such as runaway and homeless youth, impoverished groups/ individuals. Traffickers do not discriminate in choosing victims – College students and children in affluent neighborhoods have been targeted.

This summer was busy with planning for our Human Trafficking Advocacy Campaign. We were busy meeting, creating shirts and signs, posing for photo shoots, and planning for the campaign. Right now we are focused on training our membership on the issue of Human Trafficking and how it affects us right here in our community. The next phase will be educating the community. We are currently working on the “Phases” of the Advocacy campaign and will roll those out soon.

Our Mission Statement: To raise awareness in the community to identify that Human Trafficking is an organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions, controlled and exploited, and forced into prostitution.

Your voice matters! We have conducted several brainstorming sessions (one with the leadership team and the second at September’s GMM) on our issue of Human Trafficking and our advocacy campaign. If you have any thoughts or ideas to share please reach out to Susan Shubmehl (Active at Large). We will continue to keep everyone up to date on the Advocacy Campaign through the GMMs, NOTES and E-mail Blasts. — Heather Ford Wallace

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More information on Human Trafficking: • AJLI: o Blog: women/2013/04/is-human-traffickingreally-one-of-our-issues/ • Short link: o Webinar Wednesdays: • Log in to AJLI • Training & Meetings Tab • On Demand Webinars • 2012 – November 14, Alison Boak: Dimensions of Human Trafficking • The Polaris Project: • Fair Girls: • Vanity Fair: features/2011/05/sex-trafficking-201105 • Short link:

We hope that you all enjoyed the hot and steamy Summer and are back to your regular Fall routines! Lynn and I are pleased to be Sustainer VP Co-Chairs for the coming League year and look forward to seeing and hearing from you often. We are excited to offer some new opportunities to volunteer and socialize in addition to our favorite annual events like the golf outing, pie baking, cocktail party, and more. We are looking for a sustainer or group of sustainers who would be willing to coordinate the monthly R&R’s. We have held these events at Saratoga Steaks on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the past, but the restaurant has changed hands and we are looking for a new venue as well as a new chair(s) to head this up. Please watch the Sustainer e-mail blasts for an upcoming Lunch & Learn on the topic of Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is the focus of the League this year. We plan to educate Sustainers on the subject so that we stay connected with the

Actives and can help make a difference in our community. We will be reaching out to you to update our Advisory Group Directory, cultivate new ideas for sectionals, and discuss “what Sustainers really want” from their League experiences. Please begin to think about these areas so we can put plans into action sooner than later. Feel free to contact Lynn or me with any questions, comments, or suggestions for the upcoming League year. We look forward to seeing you soon!

— Amy Sumida

Contact the Sustainer VP Co-Chairs: Lynn Horowitch Amy Sumida

HOLIDAY SHOPPES The Holiday Shoppes committee has been working full steam ahead! We are less than two months away and look forward to seeing everyone November 15 – 17 in the NYS Fairgrounds Horticulture Building. Thank you in advance for your support, Holiday Shoppes would not be the event it is without the continued support of our membership.


FUND DEVELOPMENT The Fund Development Council was hard at work this summer! We were excited to once again partner with Macy’s for their annual Shop For A Cause event. A huge THANK YOU to all who supported the event by purchasing tickets, raising awareness, and representing JLS. We look forward to continuing our involvement next Summer, please watch for future announcements.

— Sarah Weber

Contact the Fund Development VP: Sarah Weber

2013 Holiday Shoppes • Friday, November 15: 10 am – 7 pm • Saturday, November 16: 10 am – 6 pm • Sunday, November 17: 12 – 5 pm • NYS Fairgrounds Horticulture Building

Please remember to purchase your Holiday Shoppes tickets and sign-up to work a shift! This year, members can purchase tickets at the exclusive price of $5.00. Tickets and staffing forms are available now at the JLS Office and at upcoming GMMs. This year’s Holiday Shoppes requirements and incentives are: 1. All active and associate members are required to work at least one 5-hour shift 2. Members are required to sell at least five tickets at a value, exclusive to members, of $5.00 per ticket 3. Any member/sustainer who sells ten tickets at a value of $5.00 per ticket will

2 | The Junior League of Syracuse, Inc. • The NOTES • October 2013

attend the 2013 Holiday Party at no cost (Beverages not included) 4. The three members and three sustainers who sell the most tickets (minimum of 30 tickets sold) at a value of $5.00 per ticket, will receive complimentary dues for the 2014 – 2015 JLS League year Please note: We are not looking for your money. We want people to attend the event! So, do your best to sell tickets and spread the word about Holiday Shoppes. Contact the Holiday Shoppes Co-Chairs: Kseniya (Lifanova) Hogan Christie Yesersky

COMMUNITY COLLABORATIONS The Community Collaborations Committee is in full swing – volunteering in the Syracuse community and planning for additional activities for the rest of the League year. Our committee consists of experienced members from last year along with new members – a great mix of women with fantastic ideas in support of our three focus areas: Women in Shelters, Education & Literacy of Teens & Young Adults, and Human Trafficking.

Assumption Food Pantry pick-up at the Regional Market.

In July, our committee began its participation in the food collection initiative at the Regional Farmer’s Market to support the Assumption Food Pantry. The pantry serves meals to anyone in need and any family can pick up a bag of fresh fruit and vegetables weekly. This initiative has been possible due to the generosity of several of the farmers and vendors at the Regional Market and volunteers who have helped distribute flyers, collect donations, and transport the donations to the Food Pantry. With JLS help, the pantry has collected a van full of produce nearly every Saturday this Summer. The one weekend we did not send JLS volunteers collections were significantly lower, so we really do help to make a difference. The initiative will continue through mid-October, and JLS volunteers are encouraged to participate from 1 – 2:30 pm each Saturday. Also beginning this Summer, our committee has been offering JLS members the opportunity to make sandwiches at Assumption Food Pantry and serve meals at the Rescue Mission on a weekly basis. We are hopeful that interest and participation will increase this Fall for both. In August, JLS representatives attended a reception at the new

KUDOS! Laura Byzet started a new job at Corning Incorporated as the Corporate Meeting & Event Coordinator. Jeanne Jackson has been elected to the Eldercare Foundation Board of Directors. Jenna Webb was promoted to Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations at Colgate. Congratulations to our Holiday Shoppes Co-Chairs who both tied the knot in September! • Kseniya (Lifanova) Hogan married Joseph Hogan. • Christie Yesersky married Ryan Novak. Sarah Shea Dempsey married Brandon Dempsey in May. Samantha Millier married Mike Balestra in June. Kerry Dominski gave birth to twins, Ryan and Clare, on July 5.

Catholic Charities Emergency Shelter for Men (formerly known as the Oxford Street Inn) and made a large donation of socks, since residents often save their socks and shoes for colder months. Beginning in September, we are participating again in the popular Fleet Feet Kids in Motion program, a series of ten-hour long fitness training sessions culminating in a 5K running race. JLS volunteers are encouraged to sign-up for at least two Saturday morning

Fleet Feet Kids in Motion

training sessions (8:30 – 9:30 am in Onondaga Lake Park) beginning September 14th. Our committee is also hoping to generate JLS member interest in OnPoint for College. Last year, the Membership Committee collected donations for this organization at a GMM and we would like to increase our involvement with them in support of our focus areas: Education & Literacy of Teens & Young Adults and Human Trafficking. Opportunities abound, including collecting additional supplies for freshman, driving students to / from college, tutoring, and helping students obtain internships; however, all mentors must apply and complete a background check first. OnPoint’s Mission is to open the door to higher education for inner city young and provide ongoing support that empowers them to succeed. Our committee met in early August to discuss agencies JLS has worked with in the past, as well as potential new ones, and strategize on future ideas and opportunities. We look forward to sharing an updated calendar and circulating the sign-up binder at the monthly GMMs. In addition, please be sure to check the e-mail blasts weekly. We hop to see many of you at Community Collaborations in the upcoming months! Contact the Co-Chairs:

Amanda Spence gave birth to a boy, Hudson, on September 12. ________________________________________________________________________________ If you would like to submit a Kudos to appear in an upcoming issue of The NOTES, please e-mail the 2013 – 2014 NOTES Editor Whitney Daniels at

Meg Husted Kim Lynch

The Junior League of Syracuse, Inc. • The NOTES • October 2013 | 3

Meeting Briefs September GMM: • The Anti Human Trafficking (HT) advocacy campaign was kicked off with a slide presentation featuring photographs of members wearing the League’s new HT t-shirts and new signs, facts about HT and the league’s advocacy mission. • Todd Bunnenberg of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security enlightened members about the realities of human trafficking in the CNY community and resources available to victims. • Members brainstormed ideas for the HT advocacy campaign; results will be presented at the October GMM. • Each member received a JLS HT t-shirt and 2013 – 2014 JLS directory. • A binder with details about possible 2013 – 2014 Community Collaborations was passed around so members could sign-up to help. • Members voted in the 2013 Holiday Shoppes member requirements: Members must work one 5-hour shift and sell at least five pre-sale tickets at $5 each (Price Chopper advance sale tickets will still be $6). Members who sell 10 tickets at $5 each will attend the holiday party at no charge (excluding drinks). The three members who sell the most tickets at $5 each (minimum of 30 tickets) will receive free JLS dues for the 2014 – 2015 League year.

• The league kicked off a book club! The first meeting is Tuesday, October 1, at 6 pm at the JLS office ballroom, where members will discuss the book “Sold” by Patricia McCormick. September Board Meeting: • Roles for the Human Trafficking (HT) advocacy campaign were discussed. Project phases this year will be constructed and overseen by Courtney Bintz, our AJLI Action Learning Team representative. The HT advocacy campaign is the focus of the ALT pilot program. • Four board members attended the September 17 meeting of the CNY AntiTrafficking Task Force held at the JLS ballroom. Connections were made that will help move the advocacy campaign forward. • The first issue of The NOTES will go out in October and new member Whitney Daniels has stepped up to be the Editor. Whitney will also explore advertising opportunities to help offset production costs. • Some committees are reporting low attendance at meetings. Accountability is a high priority. JLS members are expected to attend committee meetings and GMMs, respond to e-mails and phone calls,

follow through on assignments, including meeting minutes, etc. The Nominating Advisor should be notified if a member is failing to meet requirements. • The board is looking into making JLS merchandise, such as t-shirts, available for sale to members.

The notes By Mail Any member who would prefer to receive a copy of The NOTES via USPS can notify the office at Many thanks in advance! Office Hours: M/W/Th: 12 – 4 pm Tue: 2 – 6 pm Fri: 9 am – 1 pm NOTES Deadline: 2nd Tuesday of each month NOTES Editor: Whitney Daniels

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4 | The Junior League of Syracuse, Inc. • The NOTES • October 2013

2013 – 2014 Board Members 2013 – 2014 LEADERSHIP TEAM President: Heather Ford Wallace

AJLI ALT Representative: Courtney Bintz

President-Elect: TBA

Communications council: Public Relations Chair: Kerry Buske Dominski NOTES Editor: Whitney Daniels Assistant NOTES Editor: TBA On-Line Engagement Chair: Kate Kukan Zweker

Treasurer: Cathy Dotterer Secretary: Jill Lawlor COMMUNICATIONS VP: Sarah Shea Dempsey

HS Ornamentation Chair: Jennifer Barclay HS Hospitality Chair: Bonnie Kelly HS Tickets & Staffing Co-Chairs: Barbara Christiana & Sheryl Capozzi Assistant Treasurer: Sara Peirson Governance: Active At-Large: Susan Shubmehl

Community Council: Public Policy Chair: Brenda Vacarro Community Collaborations Co-Chairs: Megan Husted & Kim Lynch

Community VP: Linda Dombrow Fund Development VP: Sarah Weber Membership VP: Jennifer Jackson Parliamentarian: Anna O’Neil Sustainer VPS: Lynn Horowitch & Amy Sumida

Fund Development Council: Fund Development Chair: Lynne Hamilton-Johnson Holiday Shoppes Co-Chairs: Christie Yesersky & Kseniya Lifanova HS Merchant Co-Chairs: Julianna Herbert & Marisa Montreal HS Raffle Co-Chairs: Linda Woodrow & Maryann Revere-Lopez HS PR Chair: Whitney Browne

Membership Council: Nominating Chair: Betsy Mariotte-McLane Nominating Advisors: Courtney Bintz, Jean Kerr, Jessica Murray, Laura Nelson, Liz Razawich Placement Chair: Kelly Gillespie Membership Development & Recruitment Co-Chairs: Rea Carver & Jackie Azbill Education & Training Chair: Cathleen McColgin Arrangements Chair: Diane Mowrey

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The Junior League of Syracuse, Inc. • The NOTES • October 2013 | 5

431 E Fayette Street, Suite 225 Syracuse, NY 13202 O: 315-423-9773 F: 315-471-1464 Mission The Junior League of Syracuse is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and to improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. Vision The Junior League of Syracuse will be an organization of diverse women committed to enriching the quality of life for women, children and their families in the Central New York Community.

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JLS NOTES October 2013  

October 2013 news from the Junior League of Syracuse

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