2018-2019 Annual Report

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Dear Junior League of Syracuse members and friends, The 2018-2019 year was one during which the JLS achieved tremendous impact across our organization and in Syracuse. From Community to Membership, Communications to Fund Development, our members continued to move the Junior League mission forward in a multitude of ways. A few highlights are below: COMMUNITY Our Community Collaborations committee planned over 20 opportunities this year for all JLS members to create impact with our community partners. All together, members contributed over 400 hours through these collaborations, equivalent to a value of over $12,000! The committee designed numerous collaborations through our renewed association with Chadwick Residence, and continued successful partnerships with organizations including the YWCA, St. Lucy’s Church, and Danforth Middle School and during National Volunteer Week. Additionally, our Public Policy committee resumed work in partnership with the New York State Public Affairs Committee (NYSPAC) to advance current advocacy issues. MEMBERSHIP The Membership Development Council oversaw a full 2018-2019 calendar of education, training, and new member development opportunities. The Education and Training committee planned a robust schedule of speakers that included community partners, Junior League members, and community members who presented at over 10 GMMs and sectionals throughout the year. In addition, the New Member Recruitment and Development committee redesigned the new member experience and created a standardized curriculum that was rolled out to two classes. The JLS was thrilled to welcome 31 vibrant and dedicated women to active membership! COMMUNICATIONS Throughout the year our Communications team informed and engaged internal and external audiences in the mission and activities of the JLS. A new format of the NOTES was launched to more effectively share the impact of League initiatives. The Public Relations committee advanced the JLS’ marketing and outreach efforts, developing collateral materials and arranging appearances in local media outlets. And, our social media and website teams utilized the League’s online platforms to communicate our activities and their impact to members of our organization and the greater community. FUND DEVELOPMENT The Fund Development Council worked during the year to ensure financial support of the JLS mission and our continuing and new initiatives. The Holiday Shoppes committee planned a successful 23rd annual 2 | JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SYRACUSE ∙ ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019

event, cementing the fundraiser as central New York’s premier holiday shopping event. The Fund Development committee continued to grow our spring fundraiser, now 4 years running and newly rebranded as Night at the Derby. This committee also managed our spring fundraising appeal and had success securing new grant opportunities which allowed the JLS to increase our community impact. Sustainers Our Sustainers continued to embody lifelong membership in the Junior League. From annual staples like the Sustainer Dinner and Golf Outing to a record-setting Pie Baking event, Sustainers celebrated their shared membership in and community impact through the JLS. The year also saw numerous offerings of Sustainer programming focused on continued member engagement and learning, including monthly R&Rs and educational opportunities including a road trip to Auburn. Sustainers also were instrumental in the success of the JLS Socks Store that debuted during Holiday Shoppes. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION To kick off the JLS’ diversity and inclusion (D&I) work this year, in October the JLS held the 2018 Salt City Summit. During the event’s two days and three sessions, featured speaker Vicki Clark educated members of the JLS, CNY community organizations, and sister Junior Leagues about the importance of D&I to organizations and their members. Additionally, this year the JLS’ D&I Task Force was formed. Work by the Task Force began in the winter and spring and opportunities for member engagement will continue in the 2019-2020 year ahead. UNSTOPPABLE During this past League year, JLS members connected and engaged with the League in extraordinary ways: by developing programs, furthering partnerships, and refining initiatives - all helping our organization to serve our members and continue our impact in Central New York. I invite you to read more in the pages ahead about all the ways our members advanced our mission and vision. Grateful thanks to each and every JLS member for your continued commitment to the JLS, and to our community partners and supporters for your ongoing support of our mission. Congratulations on a successful year of continuing the JLS’ enduring and unstoppable legacy in central New York!

Jessica Murray

President 2018-2019



THE JUNIOR LEAGUE WELCOMES ALL WOMEN WHO VALUE OUR MISSION. WE ARE COMMITTED TO INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENTS OF DIVERSE INDIVIDUALS, ORGANIZATIONS, AND COMMUNITIES. The Junior League of Syracuse continued work during the 2018-2019 year to demonstrate our organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. In October the JLS held the Salt City Summit featuring special guest Vicki Clark, a renowned speaker, facilitator, and trainer. Vicki presented several interactive and engaging sessions in the Summit’s focus area of diversity and inclusion (D&I), stressing the importance of D&I to organizations, their ability to move forward their missions, and the impact on their communities. Among these opportunities was a Friday afternoon community lunch and learn, “A Conversation on Diversity and Inclusion.” During the session, JLS members were joined by representatives from 11 local non-profits, including current partners Chadwick Residence and the Food Bank of CNY. The Summit also included a special Super Saturday GMM,

“Junior Leagues Taking Action: Moving Toward Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competence.” Members from Syracuse were joined by members of the Rochester, Greater ElmiraCorning, and Troy Leagues. During 2018-2019, the JLS also established our Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Open to all JLS members, the Task Force is charged with assessing current D&I practices, identifying opportunities across the JLS organization, and partnering with councils and committees to move these opportunities forward. The D&I Task Force met four times during the year and utilized education and training resources, including those offered by AJLI and within our community including the YWCA of Syracuse and Onondaga County’s Day of Commitment. Members interested in joining the D&I Task Force should contact Jessica Murray. JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SYRACUSE ∙ ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019 | 3



We would like to thank all our members, both Active and Sustaining, who volunteered their time and energy to help make the 23rd annual Holiday Shoppes a success! Our merchant co-chairs, Courtney Jones and Jessica Pease, did a great job soliciting new merchants and managing all merchant needs and requests throughout the planning process. Many of these new merchants already plan to return for our 2019 show. Amy Slivka was a tour-de-force again this year on tickets and staffing, we are so thankful she was part of the committee. Marie Norkett and the Fund Development team did a fantastic job securing sponsors and coordinating print media for the weekend, ensuring that our sponsors were well recognized. Julie Palmer and Whitney Browne worked hard on press releases, billboard designs, print advertising and securing media spots. President Elect, Audra Mueller, and Merchant Co-chair, Courtney Jones, did a fantastic interview on Bridge Street to drum up support!

Formerly known as Corks, Forks, Brews, and Chews, we’ve rebranded to embrace Derby weekend with a glamorous event to match!

Karen Fejta jumped in feet first, creating a beautiful and very well managed/organized raffle display. Thank you to everyone who helped secure donations to our grand raffle. We received items from Stickley, Audi & Co., Syracuse Food Tours, Mirbeau Inn & Spa and Cazenovia Jewelers, just to name a few. Rachel Nelson changed up our Merchant Hospitality Suite this year – we have received nothing but positive feedback on her hard work. She secured a sponsorship from Chick-Fil-A, which we were able to partially use for the Merchant Hospitality room and Marie secured daily food donations from Original Grain – both were met with excitement and enthusiasm from our merchants. Another new item this year was our “Socks for a Cause” booth. We partnered with We Help Two to sell packs of funky socks. For every pack sold, We Help Two sent us a pair of warm winter socks to distribute to our community partners, and the JLS earned 60% of the proceeds. In total, we earned 224 pairs of warm socks to distribute and $1,900 for the Junior League of Syracuse! Holiday Shoppes is a huge undertaking, and without the support of our membership would never be as successful as it is. Melissa deJesús & Amanda Spence, our co-chairs, brought great energy to the event, we’re grateful for their hard work! We would like to give a huge “thank you” to President, Jessica Murray, and President-Elect, Audra Mueller, for their support throughout the planning process and for being available to the committee whenever we needed them. Holiday Shoppes 2018 gross profit was $98,345, with net profit reaching $60,262! 4 | JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SYRACUSE ∙ ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019

Thank you to all who attended the Night at the Derby event, our volunteers, and our fantastic Committee members! The outfits were dazzling, the horses were fast, and the event was a success! SKY Armory hosted the Junior League of Syracuse and friends from the community on May 4th from 5-9PM. The Julie Howard Quartet provided swinging tunes while guests enjoyed delicious food from the chefs at SKY and a spread of donuts from Glazed and Confused! The silent auction kept the bidders busy, with lucky winners walking away with a Behind the Scenes tour of the Dome at SU, a Tour of the Capitol with Congressman John Katko, Dinner Cruise for Two on Skaneateles Lake, a custom ceramic bowl from MacKenzieChilds, and more! The blockbuster of the evening was certainly the Derby Diamond Dash sponsored by Cazenovia Jewelry! 100 pairs of cubic zirconia earrings from Cazenovia Jewelry were sold, with the chance to win a pair of diamond earrings valued at $1,800. The judges kept us guessing well into the evening, and Pick Your Pony players waited to hear their winning number called! Congratulations to all our winners! Corporate sponsorships more than doubled from 2018, reaching $6,500! The 4th annual Night at the Derby gross profit was $17,500, with net profit of about $9,500.

Night at the Derby

ANNUAL/SPRING APPEAL We are very thankful to the Sustainer, Active, and Provisional members who continue to support the JLS in this manner beyond their annual dues.



Jerri Wilson Fund: $1,039 Community Allocation: $1,174 Annual Fund/Mission Support: $3,139 Total :




Fund Development expanded the scope of grant funding this League year, looking to identify grants specifically for community impact. The Gifford Foundation What If Mini Grant is being deployed at the Chadwick Residence on a children’s book nook and quarterly cooking classes. The grant, valued at $3,798, is one of the largest secured for direct community impact in recent years. The second secured grant benefitted the STEM Expo, from National Grid Community Foundation, valued at $2,500.

MISCELLANEOUS In addition to the above, $5,240 in general League sponsorships were secured. Marie Norkett, our VP, worked with Original Grain to bring them on as a long-term food sponsor, increasing ease and reliability of securing food for events.

Marie Norkett

Fund Development VP

Maeve Lanning

Fund Development Chair


COMMUNITY EVENTS & INITIATIVES PUBLIC POLICY / NYSPAC This year, the JLS reengaged more regularly with NYSPAC. Throughout fall 2018, President Jessica Murray and VP Casey Duffy alternated with participating in the monthly delegates call. Our engagement with NYSPAC increased when JLS members Jessica Pease and Violetta Raddell attended winter conferences in Albany February 2019. The training focused on three key issues: Salary History Ban, Separation of Children Accountability Response Act (SCAR), and Homeless Children & Youth Act. Jessica Pease also attended NYSPAC spring conference and advocacy day in April 2019 where the training and focus was to speak with local representatives in Albany. At the close of our JLS year, it is great to share the Salary History Ban passed in the Senate and Assembly. Jessica Pease will continue representing the JLS within NYSPAC for the 2019-2020 year.


JLS assisted It’s About Childhood and Family, Inc. again during their annual 5K run. We staffed a water table on the 5K course and assisted with Kids Zone (hand out medals for 2k Peace Run, help with kid activities). We had four JLS members attend (18 hours). WE RISE ABOVE THE STREETS SANDWICH SATURDAY

(SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 AND MARCH 2, 2019)

Following Al-amin serving as a keynote speaker during our September GMM, JLS volunteered at his weekly sandwich Saturday. JLS had 16 members (32 hours) attend and brought sandwich supplies to support the event costing $142.84. JLS volunteered at Sandwich Saturday in March with nine members (18 hours) and also brought ~140 pairs of warm winter socks we raised as part of a new fundraiser during Holiday Shoppes. 6 | JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SYRACUSE ∙ ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019


(NOVEMBER 15, 2018)

During our annual volunteering with the St. Lucy’s Thanksgiving Dinner, we provided dessert (cupcakes, cookies, pies) and our time to serve dinner to the community. 18 women, including some children and spouses, showed up to help set up, serve and clean up from serving over 200 people a Thanksgiving dinner they wouldn’t otherwise afford to have. We cumulatively spent at least 63 hours working at the event. Other organizations and individuals also offered their assistance during this event, but the JLS had the largest presence. Members to this day are still talking about the tremendous feeling we walked away with. St. Lucy’s Thanksgiving Dinner will be an event in which the JLS participates each year. MY SISTER’S CLOSET VALENTINES TEA

(FEBRUARY 17, 2019)

This is another annual event that the community collaborations committee created and has run successfully for the past several years. This event helps the residents of the YWCA to come and feel appreciated for a day. We serve tea and a light lunch while they listen to a guest speaker. This year, our keynote speaker was Jennifer Sanders from News Channel 9. This event also gives the residents an opportunity to “shop” gently used business attire and accessories donated by JLS members. This is such a great event that typically helps over 20 women and families. There were 10 JLS members (20 hours) that assisted Saturday with set up, and 25 members (50 hours) who assisted with the event day-of. PARTNERSHIP WITH CHADWICK Since 2006, the Junior League of Syracuse and Chadwick Residence have collaborated on programming events and the provision of supplies to assist women in developing

a year in review their independence. Aspiring to continue an ongoing relationship with Chadwick Residence and to formalize our partnership in working towards our mission, the memorandum of understanding (MOU) set up in June 2018 builds on the previous collaboration and the opportunity to further develop events, programs, etc. HARVEST FESTIVAL

(OCTOBER 27, 2018)

JLS kicked-off the new partnership with Chadwick by hosting a Harvest Festival with the residents where there were opportunities to paint pumpkins, complete crafts, and connect with JLS members over donuts and ciders. The JLS had six members (12 hours) attend and the event cost. HOLIDAY GINGERBREAD HOUSES

(DECEMBER 8, 2018)

To assist the women in getting into the Holiday spirit, JLS members coordinated an opportunity for residents to build gingerbread houses. Nine members (18 hours) participated. “ADOPTED” RESIDENTS FOR THE HOLIDAYS (DECEMBER 20, 2018)

For the Holidays, the JLS adopted two high-need families from Chadwick Residence to provide gifts for the holidays. Families were selected by the employees of Chadwick Residence, who also collected a wish list from the individuals. JLS members shopped for, wrapped, and delivered all items. In addition, the JLS also donated several larger items for the benefit of all the women, including vacuum cleaners, brooms, and mops. JLS had nine members (18 hours) who participated.


(MARCH 7, 2019)

As part of the Gifford Grant ($2,500) the JLS secured, we built a new book nook at the Chadwick Residence. We set up the book nook, organized the space, and made it a great, engaging space for residents and their kids! We had six JLS members (12 hours) participate.


As part of the Gifford Grant ($2,500) the JLS secured, we planned a four part cooking series focused on meeting nutritional goals. Members assisted with cooking and reading/entertaining kids in the newly built book nook. Once the meal is complete, members and residents enjoyed a meal together. JLS had 10 members (25 hours) at the March class and nine members (22.5 hours) at the May class. MOTHER’S DAY EVENT

(MAY 11, 2019)

JLS wanted to focus on self-care for the women of Chadwick Residence. Residents had the opportunity to participate in self-care bingo and journaling during this event. JLS has seven members (21 hours) participate. CHADWICK FINANCIAL LITERACY JLS members Maeve Lanning and Jalyn Burnett conducted 3 sessions (6 hours) of Money Management (two parts with Melanie’s group and one part with Joy’s group). These sessions were each one hour focused on money basics, budgeting, finding an apartment, buying groceries, and managing debt.


community cont... STEM EXPO The Junior League of Syracuse hosted our 7th Annual STEM Expo with the 6th grade girls at Danforth Middle School on Friday, April 12. The theme of this year’s event was “Forensic Science”. JLS had 13 members (65 hours) attend. This was covered by a $2,500 grant received through National Grid. Students heard from keynote speaker, Dr. Kathleen Corrado, Director of the Onondaga County Center for Forensic Sciences. They then completed a Bricks 4 Kids activity. The second half of the Expo, students rotated around 5 stations: Latent Prints, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis/Serology, Digital Forensics, DNA, Tool marks and Tread marks. Young women from the Syracuse University Forensic Science Masters Program also assisted JLS members to help lead the stations. The girls were highly engaged and excited surrounding the Expo event and we look forward to the continued partnership with Danforth Middle School. NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK JLS members had a busy week, spreading our time to assist with various community partners. The beginning of the week, several members spent time at the CNY Diaper Bank assisting with the organization and re-packaging of diapers. Also, the JLS covered the cost of diapers for Chadwick Residence for one year, and presented that check during the event. Members also participated in #JLSMyMonday, where they volunteered doing something of their own selection. Many opted to bake cookies that were delivered to the Samaritan Center the following day. Following our Tuesday GMM, members packed 56 hygiene kits for the women and families at the YWCA including requested products of shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrush, laundry detergent, tampons, and body soap. Members also 8 | JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SYRACUSE ∙ ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019

joined at the JLS Office Thursday to prepare the bags for the Danforth students participating in the STEM Expo. Due to a grant received from National Grid, we were able to provide not only the girls in 6th grade participating in the Expo with supplies, but also the 6th grade boys! We rounded out the week with our 7th annual STEM Expo, and assisting We Rise Above the Streets as part of their Sandwich Saturday. The women of JLS continue to make an impact in the community! SUNDAY, APRIL 7: CNY DIAPER BANK

Members helped count, sort and repackage diapers to get them ready for families. We had nine members participate (27 hours). At this event, the JLS also provided a check for $1,500 to cover the cost of diapers for Chadwick Residence for a year. Furthermore, following our Derby Party Fundraiser, our silent auction had a donation bin available and we were able to donate an additional $100 to the Diaper Bank in May. MONDAY, APRIL 8: #JLSMYMONDAY

This is our annual day to give all members a chance to be creative in how they want to change the community. Members chose from gathering clothes to donate, picking up trash, volunteering on their own, OR making cookies for the Samaritan Center. Once the activity is completed. members post a picture to any social media platform using #JLSMyMonday. 14 JLS members participated in this (28 hours). TUESDAY, APRIL 9: HYGIENE KITS FOR YWCA

JLS members stayed after the April GMM to assemble 56 hygiene kits for women and families at the YWCA. Highly needed and requested items in the kit included: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, sponge, dish detergent, laundry detergent, and deodorant. JLS has 26 women (52 hours) participated. THURSDAY, APRIL 11: BAG PACKING FOR STEM EXPO

Members put together the presenter and student bags for the JLS’ STEM Expo. This gave members who weren’t able to attend a chance to be part of this spectacular event. JLS has nine members (18 hours) participate and the cost of materials was covered by the aforementioned grant from National Grid. SATURDAY, APRIL 13: WE RISE ABOVE THE STREETS SANDWICH MAKING

We will be collaborating with We Rise Above the Streets to make and deliver sandwiches to help in the effort to fight hunger. Community Collaborations will be donating sandwich making supplies. We had 15 members (30 hours) participate in this event.

Casey Duffy

Community VP

Anna O’Neil

Community Chair

COMMUNICATIONS This league year the Communications Council continued to concentrate on reaching our members with relevant and timely news and information through diverse channels including social media, email blasts, the members’ website and our newsletter, The NOTES. We also focused on increasing the external visibility of the JLS’ mission, vision and underlying activities through a variety of communications platforms including our website, social media, and public relations efforts. The public relations team focused on bringing awareness of League initiatives to audiences outside the JLS through print and digital media, as well as new branding resources. The group designed new vertical banners highlighting the community and leadership benefits of the JLS and also procured a tablecloth with our new logo to use at events. In addition, the JLS obtained an iPad, projector and screen to use for internal and external presentation purposes, made possible by a grant fronm the Central New York Community Foundation. These new technology resources were used to present external slideshows designed by the public relations teams at Holiday Shoppes and Night at the Derby as well as for our internal annual dinner presentations. We look forward to using these resources for many years to come! Throughout the year the public relations committee developed media releases promoting JLS events and news including announcing our 2018-19 plans and board of directors, the Holiday Shoppes and Night at the Derby fundraisers, our annual member awards, and new member recruitment events. A special feature focusing on the JLS and authored by our Public Relations Chair was printed in the March issue of the Syracuse Woman magazine. Traditional print advertising, billboards, media appearances, and digital advertising helped raise awareness and generate excitement among internal and external audiences for our 23rd Holiday Shoppes. We also leveraged Facebook ads for both of our major fundraisers and designed a new logo for the Night at the Derby fundraiser to better reflect the nature of the event. The JLS promoted our

purpose and work throughout Central New York (CNY) at community events such as Women’s Day at The New York State Fair. The NOTES was redesigned with a new look and a renewed focus on content. Four issues were published this year on new glossy magazine-like paper for members receiving printed copies. This newsletter continued to be utilized as a tool to share League events and happenings with members who prefer to continue to receive printed materials. Throughout the year, the communications team also used social media to promote Junior League activities and opportunities to members, community partners, and supporters. Our external Facebook page and Instagram account were used to thank sponsors, feature AJLI campaigns and highlight member events and community activities. We used Facebook events to promote both the Holiday Shoppes and Night at the Derby fundraisers. Member enthusiasm for our fundraisers on Facebook helped in exposing these events to more individuals than ever before. We launched our #MemberMonday campaign to share our leadership team and each Monday we either featured a leadership profile or a motivational quote to inspire our followers to start their week off on the right foot. In addition, we celebrated various theme months, such as Diversity Month in April and National Women’s History Month in March, on our social media pages. Our internal Facebook group was also used to communicate a variety of information to our members including GMM featured speakers, league news, community and member events as well as donation needs. The website team oversaw the management of the public and members’ websites throughout the year. Our public website was refreshed with upcoming events, news and sponsors and the members’ website was frequently updated with items interest to League members. We also used the website to sell tickets to fundraisers and member events and to manage membership renewals and our annual appeal. continued on page 10 JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SYRACUSE ∙ ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019 | 9

THANK YOU TO OUR 2018-2019 SUPPORTERS! Grateful thanks to the League and community members who generously contributed to the Junior League of Syracuse during the 2018-2019 year. Lisa Alford Ellen Bacon Barbara Benedict Kitty Bersani Mary Bradly Carolyn Brown Whitney Browne Sheryl Capozzi Wendy Carl Isome Barbara Christiana Carol Crosswell, Esq. Melissa de Jesús Linda Dombrow Jennifer Donahoe Deborah Donahue Mary Dougherty Casey Duffy Susan Estabrook Joan Ferrara Carolyn Audi Fischi Marion Fish Rachel Ford Ciotti Kelly Gillespie Judy Grabau Regina Grantham Janice Greco Donna Hamilton Sarah Hansen Lynn Horowitch Jeanne Jackson Margaret Karim Barbara Kimm Elizabeth Lane Maeve Lanning Jamie Lingenfelter Lise Marcinkowski Betsy Mariotte-McLane Mary Mathews Gail Meagher Anne Miller Maria Miller Marisa Montreal Wright Nancy Morse Jessica Murray Marie Norkett Mary-Pat Northrup

Sharon Northrup Anna O’Neil Mary Pat Oliker Julia Palmer Amanda Perrine Jennifer Pysnack Connie Reger Mary Ellen Reistrom Jeryl Reitzel Maudie Ritchie Jane Roller Theresa Russo Pamela Ryan Jill Sargent Lauren Schaefer Holly Scrano Sally Sheehan Susan Shubmehl Adelaide L. Silvia Mona Smart Priscilla Soden Diane Steckel Barbara Stratton Amy Sumida Tracy Tajbl Pat Tappan Amanda Thornton Cynthia Tracy Barb Tresness Julie Trop Mary G. Tucker Sally Porter Tuttle The Hon. Karen M. Uplinger Heather & Dean Wallace Linda Webb Judy Winslow Mary Winter Kate Zwecker Anonymous Donors Richard Cordaro Don Reed Fayetteville-Manlius CSD High School Activity Fund National Grid The Rosamond Gifford Charitable Corporation


communications cont... The communications leadership team also focused on improving our internal operations and processes this year. We continued to monitor the strategic plan set last year and began the process of digitizing historical photos so that they are easily available to all members as well as established a process to store new photos as they are taken. Finally, we launched a survey at Holiday Shoppes to solicit attendee feedback and add to our email database of JLS supporters that we can use to promote events and share league news. We hope to continue to expand the subscribers to this list in future years.throughout the year. Our public website was refreshed with upcoming events, news and sponsors and the members’ website was frequently updated with items interest to League members. We also used the website to sell tickets to fundraisers and member events and to manage membership renewals and our annual appeal.

Whitney Browne

Communications VP

TREASURER REPORT As of the end of June, the JLS revenue was 111% compared to the approved 2018-2019 budget. We were ahead of the planned budget due to grant income, strong Holiday Shoppes and Night at the Derby events, and member support during our spring appeal. Through the end of June we were right in line with planned expenses, coming in 101% compared to the approved budget. After operating expenditures, the JLS spent the majority of remaining income on member development, training, and building community partnerships to support our mission. Financial updates were given to the JLS membership at the September and April GMMs and in the Winter 2019 issue of The NOTES. We plan to communicate final details of the year end budget in September and will present the 2019-2020 budget to the membership in September. A financial review will also be conducted and the date is TBD.

Rachel Ford Ciotti Treasurer

Julie Garcia

Assistant Treasurer

SUSTAINER RECAP It was a busy year for the over 81 Sustainers who participated in Sustainer Activities. We started the year with the annual golf and dinner outing at Drumlins, thanks to Anne Miller and Susan Cronin. This was followed by a Community Progress Report presented by Patti Giancola Knutsen at Margaret Karim’s home, where we learned of the recent work to assess the state of the community engagement in CNY. For our next event Michele Jones Galvin led us to Auburn to visit the Harriett Tubman Home and the Seward House Museum. December found Sustainers in aprons with rolling pins under the direction of Sheila Corbishley; the group made a record number of apple pies for the Rescue Mission. Sustainers also supported the League’s community impact activities including a holiday donation drive in partnership with Chadwick Residence and the annual Valentine’s Day Tea in collaboration with the YWCA. In February, Karen Uplinger arranged for Judge Theodore Limpert to bring the Sustainers and Actives up to date on the Syracuse Human Trafficking Court. The 10 plus members of the Sustainer Book Club had lively discussions at individual homes throughout the year. Sustainers enjoyed getting together to socialize and learn about various topic of interest. R & Rs were held every month at various locations throughout the Syracuse area and also one in Skaneateles. A record number of Sustainers attended the Annual Meeting, where the League honored Michele Jones Galvin as the 2019 Spirit of Mary Harriman Award recipient. Two weeks later, Sunstainers ended the year by celebrating at a cocktail party at the home of Julie and John Trop.

Jeanne Jackson Wendy Carl-Isome

Sustainer VPs


The Spirit of Mary Harriman Community Leadership Award annually celebrates a woman of outstanding leadership in the Junior League of Syracuse. She is a person who uses her talents and resources to improve the social and economic conditions of others and epitomizes the League’s mission and vision. She has made a positive impact in both her League and her community. The tradition and dedication of our Founder, Mary Harriman, lives on in this woman. JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SYRACUSE ∙ ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019 | 11



We welcomed 31 women this past recruitment year! We had two classes this year instead of our usual one. This allowed new members to get involved quicker and limited the wait time for those who missed the fall class. The committee created a new training plan that included classes with guest speakers, mentors, one fund development activity (Holiday Shoppes for fall and The Night at the Derby event for spring), one social activity, and a community service event at the Food Bank of CNY. Thank you to all of the new members for actively engaging throughout the year. Also a big thank you to all of the committee members who helped lead the monthly activities and create our new recruitment model.

An update on Human Trafficking presented by Judge Ted Limpert (presiding judge in Syracuse’s Human Trafficking Court), Barre3 class with JLS member Jennifer Rubin, Paint & Sip Night with league member Julia Zimmer, and a family fun and games day.



The Training & Education committee is responsible for organizing guest presentations at GMMs and logistics for the annual dinner. In the 20182019 year, T&E hosted seven GMMs, four sectionals, and the annual dinner. In addition, a special regional training with Vicki Clark was hosted in Syracuse in October by JLS leadership and five book club meetings were held.

The book club read “The Immortalists” by Chloe Benjamin, “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles, “Down Among the Sticks and Bones” by Seanan McGuire, “Educated” by Tara Westover, and “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng.



SEPTEMBER: Al-Amin Muhammad from We Rise Above the Streets and an overview of the JLS 2018-2019 year

The Junior League of Syracuse sent members to each of the six conference and Organizational Development Institute (ODI) opportunities offered during the 2018-2019 League year:

NOVEMBER: Joining Community Boards with Karen Krogman Daum of JLS & The Food Bank of CNY DECEMBER: Holiday pot-luck and social event JANUARY: Katelyn Galbraith, president of NYS Public Affairs Committee of the Junior League (NYSPAC) MARCH: Board and Leadership update on where we are in relation to the strategic plan APRIL: How to Run an Effective Meeting with Andrea Wandersee of NEHDA MAY: Presentation Skills Workshop with Diana B. Wolgemuth of Dale Carnegie of CNY 12 | JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SYRACUSE ∙ ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019

ANNUAL DINNER The committee planned the JLS annual dinner at the Craftsman Inn on June 11th.


AJLI CONFERENCES Two JLS members total attended each of AJLI’s three conferences. The JLS was represented at Fall Leadership Conference, Winter Leadership Conference, and Annual Conference, and sent a voting delegate to the Annual Meeting held in conjunction with Annual Conference. ODIS Four JLS members total attended AJLI’s three ODI opportunities. The JLS had representation at ODI opportunities held in October, January, and May, participating in several

unstoppable of the training tracks including Diversity and Inclusion, Governing for Excellence, Marketing and Communications, and Membership Development.

OTHER LEAGUE TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES JLS members participated in other education and training opportunities offered by Junior League and other community organizations: New York State Public Affairs Committee of the Junior League (NYSPAC) Winter Conference and Spring Conference & Advocacy Day (January and April 2019, 2 members) YWCA of Onondaga County’s 21st Annual Day of Commitment to Eliminate Racism and Promote Diversity (April 2019, 1 member) Junior League of Binghamton Community Impact and Membership Engagement (June 2019, 1 member)

Amanda Perrine

Membership Development VP







524 26





















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