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Many things have changed since our first CYO event No longer are there tennis matches, swim meets, or a talent show, but personal

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best and

others is still

the fundamental philosophy and heart of CYO’s mission

a let ter from our executive Director Celebrations are a wonderful part of life . . . and we at the CYO have much to celebrate this year. Seventy-five years ago the Archdiocese of Indianapolis founded this organization with the goal of creating an entity that was devoted to serving the youth of our community. Throughout the years, archdiocesan parishes and schools in conjunction with the leadership of the CYO staff and its board of directors have worked to create programs that help youth to develop into the best that they can be. CYO activities challenge young people to seek out their potential and cultivate it in athletics, music, science, chess, and camping. While nurturing their skills in these areas they inherently learn about the intangibles of leadership, the humility found in success as well as defeat and the importance of treating others with kindness and compassion. We truly have much to celebrate. Our 7,000 volunteer coaches, athletic directors and over 30,000 participants breathe life into this organization. They shape who we were, who we are now and who we will become. Together we have created an entity that truly serves the youth of our community. Over the next several months we will be sharing some of the history of CYO with you. We realize that nearly everyone that has been involved in any facet of the Catholic Youth Organization has a “CYO Story”. Please tell us about your CYO adventure … be it as simple as sitting through countless football games at Kuntz Stadium, dancing the night away at a CYO Sock Hop, performing in a CYO Talent Show, winning an award in the baking or sewing contests, losing a close tennis match or swim meet, playing in a semi-final or final tournament game or going for your first horseback ride at CYO Camp. Your stories are our stories. Please help us to weave stories of our history together. Send your comments to Jennifer Peterson at and look for us to share them in the coming weeks. Thank you….all of you, and may God bless you and keep you all the days of your life.

b oa r d o f d i r e c to r s

Gail A. Lowry Secretary

Alison D. Archer Rodney W. Byrnes Elizabeth H. Ellis John P. Finke Rev. Robert J. Gilday Christopher C. Kaufman James M. Koers

K.C. Leffler President

William S. Sahm Vice President

William A. Kuntz David L. Leising Nancy A. Leming William M. Lynch Mary M. McCoy


John W. Fitzgerald Treasurer

Michael T. McNelis Karen S. Peterson David R. Prechtel Michael J. Sullivan Patrick G. Sullivan Deborah F. Tobias Lori F. Wright

catholic youth o r g a n i z at i o n Annual report

2012-2013 ta b l e o f contents

3 Financial Report 4 CYO Calendar of Events 5-8 Fall Activities Report 9 - 12 Winter Activities Report 13 - 14 Spring Activities Report 15 Volunteer Awards 16 Camp Rancho Framasa 17 - 26 Donor Reports Catholic Youth Organization 580 E. Stevens St. Indianapolis, IN 46203 P: 317-632-9311 F: 317-632-8767


Financial Report July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 3%



% 4%



United Support UnitedWay Way Support Contributions Contributions Archdiocesan Support Archdiocesan Support 67%

Special SpecialEvents Events


1% 1%




11% 2% 2%


4% 4%






Program Service FeesFees Program Service

Extraordinary Income - Endowment Extraordinary Income - Endowment Distributions, & Other IncomeIncome Distributions,Grants Grants & Other

Archdi 67%

$1,841,682 $323,492





Extrao Distrib

Total Revenue 6%



6% 6%

10% 10%


30% 30%




Athletic & Enrichment Programs Athletic &&Enrichment Programs Athletic Enrichment Programs 54%

Camping CampingPrograms Programs 54%





$754,829 $1,342,514

Camping Programs Management & General Management & General


Fund-Raising Fund-Raising Management & General


Total Expenses Fund-Raising

Change in Net Assets



CYO is now accepting donations online through our website. Please visit to danate online today! The Catholic Youth Organization publishes this report annually in order to acknowlege and thank the hundreds of donors in the CYO family. Donors listed in this report gave gifts from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. The included school parish activites took place during the 2012-2013 school year. If there are errors or omissions, or to request more information, please contact Jennifer Peterson at or 317-632-9311. If you wish to donate to the CYO please visit our website at to donate online or call the office at 317-632-9311 for more information. If you would like information about other ways to give to the Catholic Youth Organization or are interested in including CYO in your planned giving program, please contact Ed Tinder, Executive Director at (317) 632-9311 or email him at Thank You!


calendar of Events January




BINGO Night, HS Girl’s Basketball Tournament, Boy’s HS & GS Basketball Tournaments, Girl’s Volleyball

Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Spring Kickball, Track & Field

CYO Kings Island Day, Camp Rancho Framasa Grasshopper Day Camp

Cross Country Finals, Girl’s Basketball, Chess, Football Tournaments Camp Rancho Framasa Fall Weekend and Father & Son Weekend



Volunteer Awards Ceremony, Track & Field Finals, Archdiocesan Basketball Tournament, Camp Rancho Framasa Boy’s Volleyball, Wrestling, Mother Daughter Weekend Music Contest, Honors Recital, HS Coed Volleyball Tournament


March Science Fair, Wrestling Tournament, Girls’ Volleyball Tournament

Camp Rancho Framasa Summer Programs begin their nine week session

August Fall Kickball, Green & White Night

September CYO Golf Outing, Camp Rancho Framasa Family Weekend, HS Girl’s Volleyball, Football, Cross Country

November Football Championships, HS Girl’s & Boy’s Basketball, GS Boys Basketball

CYO Camp Rancho Framasa hosts school-year environmental education, leadership, and retreat programs August through May





COME PLAY WITH US Green & White Night

Follow CYO, Indianapolis on Facebook and see photos and updates about our programs as they happen


Fall Activities Report 2012


FOOTBALL CADET AA LEAGUE Teams - 12 Participants - 275 Tournament Champion Mount Carmel Gold Tournament Runner-Up Immaculate Heart Royal CADET A LEAGUE Teams - 13 Participants 300 Tournament Champion St. Louis de Montfort Red Tournament Runner-Up Nativity Red JV LEAGUE Teams - 8 Participants - 225 Tournament Champion St. Simon Blue Tournament Champion St. Luke Royal The JV League was established for teams in the Cadet Football League that have 25 or more players on their team. This will give those teams another opportunity for quality playing time at the Cadet level.

56 AA LEAGUE Teams - 18 Participants - 345 Tournament Champion St. Michael, Indy Red Tournament Runner-Up St. Pius X Purple 2012 56 A LEAGUE Teams - 14 Participants - 275 Tournament Champion Nativity Red Tournament Runner-Up OL of Grace Gold 5TH GRADE LEAGUE Teams - 13 Participants - 255 Tournament Champion St. Jude Black Tournament Runner-Up St. Barnabas Gold 34 A LEAGUE Teams - 10 Participants - 200 Tournament Champion St. Rose Blue Tournament Runner-Up Nativity Red 34 AA LEAGUE Teams - 10 Participants - 195

34 AA LEAGUE (cont.) Tournament Champion St. Michael, Indy Red Tournament Runner-Up Holy Name Blue

4th GIRLS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 1st - Bea Perez, St. Maria Goretti 2nd - Delaney Klee, St. Louis de Montfort 3rd- Olivia Smith, Holy Spirit, Indy 4th- Hannah Wells, St. Monica

4TH GRADE A LEAGUE Teams - 8 Participants - 155 Tournament Champion St. Simon White Tournament Runner-Up St. Barnabas Gold

4th BOYS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 1st - Jackson Carlile, St. Louis de Montfort 2nd - Patrick O’Conner, St. Patrick, Terre Haute 3rd - Owen Teed, Immaculate Heart 4th - Holden King, OL of Grace

4TH GRADE AA LEAGUE Teams - 6 Participants - 145 Tournament Champion St. Louis de Montfort Red Tournament Runner-Up Immaculate Heart Royal 3RD GRADE A LEAGUE Teams - 8 Participants - 160 Tournament Champion St. Simon White Tournament Runner-Up St. Jude Yellow 3RD GRADE AA LEAGUE Teams - 8 Participants - 175 Tournament Champion Immaculate Heart White Tournament Runner-Up Christ the King Black


Participants - 655

4th GIRLS TEAM RESULTS 1st- Ss. Francis & Clare 2nd- OL of Grace 4th BOYS TEAM RESULTS 1st - St. Louis de Montfort 2nd - OL of Grace 56 GIRLS TEAM RESULTS 1st- Immaculate Heart 2nd- St. Malachy 56 BOYS TEAM RESULTS 1st - St. Jude 2nd - St. Malachy CADET GIRLS TEAM RESULTS 1st - St. Charles, Bloomington 2nd - St. Maria Goretti CADET BOYS TEAM RESULTS 1st - St. Charles, Bloomington 2nd - Christ the King


56 GIRLS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 1st - Grace Hanley, Immaculate Heart 2nd - Katie Dietrick, Immaculate Heart 3rd - Lauren Rinehart, St. Malachy 4th - Ellie Pedersen, St. Simon 56 BOYS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 1st - Robert Boberg, St. Malachy 2nd - Nick Perkins, St. Jude 3rd - Liam Irwin, St. Jude 4th - Sam Fair, Holy Spirit, Indy CADET GIRLS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 1st - Kit Hanley, Immaculate Heart 2nd- Kat Dombroski, St. Maria Goretti 3rd - Lucia Perez, St. Maria Goretti 4th - Erin Arney, Little Flower CADET BOYS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 1st - Connor Schepers, St. Malachy 2nd - Trey Bomba, St. Charles 3rd - Jax Crawford, Christ the King 4th - Blaine Wilson, OL of Grace

KICKBALL CADET A GIRLS’ LEAGUE Teams - 24 Participants - 265 League Champion - St. Roch Gold League Runner-Up - St. Luke Gold Division #1 Champion - St. Luke Gold Division #2 Champion - St. Roch Gold Division #3 Champion - Holy Spirit, Indy CADET B GIRLS’ LEAGUE Teams - 11 Participants - 150 League Champion - St. Luke Royal League Runner-Up - IHM Blue Division #1 Champion - IHM Blue Division #2 Champion - St. Luke Royal 56 A GIRLS’ LEAGUE Teams - 29 Participants - 325 League Champion - St. Simon Royal League Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Gold Div. #1 Champion - St. Simon Royal Div. #2 Champs - St. Michael, Greenfield Div. #3 Champion - St. Barnabas Gold

56 A GIRLS’ LEAGUE (cont.) Division #4 Champion Central Catholic 56 B GIRLS’ LEAGUE Teams - 26 Participants - 300 League Champion St. Simon Blue League Runner-Up St. Jude Red Division #1 Champion St. Simon Blue Division #2 Champion St. Simon White Division #3 Champion St. Jude Red Division #4 Champion St. Roch Gold


4th GIRLS’ GRADE LEAGUE Teams - 25 Participants - 300 League Champion St. Luke Royal League Runner-Up St. Luke Gold Division #1 Champion St. Luke Gold Division #2 Champion St. Luke Royal Division #3 Champion OL of Lourdes Blue Division #4 Champion St. Jude Gold


Tournament Results 3rd Grade and Under King Division 1st - St. Pius X 1 2nd - St. Christopher 1 3rd - Christ the King 1 Queen Division 1st - St. Malachy 1 2nd - Christ the King 2 3rd - St. Christopher 2 Bishop Division 1st - Little Flower 2nd - MTCA 3rd - Christ the King 6th Grade and Under King Division 1st - St. Thomas Aquinas 1 2nd - St. Malachy 1 3rd - Christ the King 1 Queen Division 1st - St. Pius X 1 2nd - St. Christopher 1 3rd - St. Thomas Aquinas 2 Bishop Division 1st - St. Christopher 2 2nd - Christ the King 3 3rd - St. Louis de Montfort 2 8th Grade and Under King Division 1st - St. Pius X 1 2nd - St. Louis de Montfort 1 3rd - St. Malachy 1

CHESS LEAGUE RESULTS 3rd Grade and Under 1st - St. Pius X 1 2nd - Christ the King 1 3rd - St. Christopher 1 4th - St. Thomas Aquinas 1 5th - St. Christopher 2

Queen Division 1st - St. Louis de Montfort 2 2nd - St. Louis de Montfort 3 3rd - MTCA 1

6th Grade and Under 1st - Christ the King 2 2nd - St. Malachy 1 3rd - St. Thomas Aquinas 1 4th - St. Pius X 2 5th - Christ the King 2

CADET A AMERICAN Teams - 13 Participants - 110 Tournament Champion St. Barnabas Gold Tournament Runner-up St. Jude Red

8th Grade and Under 1st - St. Pius X 1 2nd - St. Louis de Montfort 1 3rd - St. Pius X 2 4th - St. Malachy 1 5th - Christ the King 1

CADET A NATIONAL Teams - 14 Participants - 115 Tournament Champion Cardinal Ritter Jr. High Black Tournament Runner-up OL of Greenwood Green



CADET B AMERICAN LEAGUE Teams - 12 Participants - 100 Tournament Champion - St. Pius X Purple Tournament Runner-up - St. Malachy Green CADET B NATIONAL LEAGUE Teams - 12 Participants - 100 Tournament Champion - St. Matthew Black Tournament Runner-up - Christ the King Black CADET C BASKETBALL LEAGUE Teams - 7 Participants - 60 Tournament Champion - St. Pius X Purple Tournament Runner-Up - St. Matthew Black 56 A AMERICAN LEAGUE Teams - 16 Participants - 130 Tournament Champion - St. Barnabas Gold Tournament Runner-Up - St. Simon Royal 56 A NATIONAL LEAGUE Teams - 20 Participants - 160 Tournament Champion - St. Susanna Blue Tournament Runner-up - Holy Name Gold 56 B NATIONAL LEAGUE Teams - 21 Participants - 145 Tournament Champion - St. Barnabas White Tournament Runner-Up - St. Jude Gold 56 B AMERICAN LEAGUE Teams - 20 Participants - 135 Tournament Champion - St. Simon Royal Tournament Runner-Up - Immaculate Heart Blue 56 C LEAGUE Teams - 10 Participants - 85 Tournament Champion - Nativity White Tournament Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Black 4th GRADE NATIONAL LEAGUE Teams - 21 Participants - 145 Tournament Champion - Ss. Frances & Clare Silver Tournament Runner-Up - St. Susanna Blue 4th GRADE AMERICAN LEAGUE Teams - 22 Participants - 145 Tournament Champion - St. Luke Royal Tournament Runner-Up - St. Simon Royal

H.S. VOLLEYBALL Girls High School League & Tournament Teams - 25 Participants - 200 Tournament Champion - OL of Lourdes Blue Tournament Runner-Up - Nativity Red

Fall Activities Report 2012


Winter Activities Report 2012 -2013


BOYS BASKETBALL CADET A NATIONAL LEAGUE Teams - 20 Participants - 160 Tournament Champion - St. Roch Gold Tourney Runner-Up - St. Michael Grnfld Gold CADET A AMERICAN LEAGUE Teams - 18 Participants - 145 Tournament Champion - St. Luke Blue Tournament Runner-Up - St. Charles Black CADET B AMERICAN LEAGUE Teams - 28 Participants - 195 Tournament Champion - Mount Carmel Gold Tournament Runner-Up - St. Luke Royal CADET B NATIONAL LEAGUE Teams - 26 Participants - 175 Tournament Champion - SLDM, Red Tournament Runner-Up - HS Geist Gray CADET C LEAGUE Teams - 36 Participants - 235 Tournament Champion - IHM Blue Tournament Runner-Up - St. Malachy Green 56 A AMERICAN LEAGUE Teams - 18 Participants - 150 Tournament Champion - St. Pius X Gold Tournament Runner-Up - Mount Carmel Gold 56 A NATIONAL LEAGUE Teams - 18 Participants - 125 Tournament Champion - OL of Grace Blue Tournament Runner-Up - St. Susanna Blue 56 B NATIONAL LEAGUE Teams - 31 Participants - 200 Tournament Champion - OL of Grace Blue Tournament Runner-Up - SLDM, Red

CADET A ARCHDIOCESAN TOURNAMENT Tournament Champion - St. Luke Blue Tournament Runner-Up OL of Perpetual Help, New Albany

H.S. BASKETBALL Junior-Senior Boys Teams - 41 Participants - 285 Tourney Champion - HS Geist Blue Tourney Runner-Up - St. Roch Gold Junior Boys Teams - 20 Participants - 160 Tourney Champion - IHM Gold Tourney Runner-Up - St. Jude Blue Freshman-Soph. Boys Teams - 38 Participants - 250 Tourney Champion - HS Geist Blue Tourney Runner-Up - SLDM Red Freshman Boys Teams - 20 Participants - 140 Tourney Champion - HS Geist Silver Tourney Runner-Up - OLMC Gold Girls’ HS League Teams - 18 Participants- 145 Tourney Champion - HS Geist Black Tourney Runner-Up - OLL Gold

MUSIC CONTEST The 2013 CYO Music Contest was held, Saturday, February 9, 2013 at Bishop Chatard High School. Over 800 young people performed in the Piano, Vocal, Instrumental and Ensemble Divisions.

PIANO RESULTS Piano Solo - Class A Charlie Eppert, Eppert Studio 56 B AMERICAN LEAGUE Piano Solo - Class B1 Teams - 32 Participants - 215 Tiffany Xie, Teacher Grace Xu Tournament Champion - St. Simon White Piano Solo - Class B2 Nicholas Parackattu, OL of Greenwood Tournament Runner-Up - St. Charles Red Piano Solo - Class C1Annie Qin, Teacher Ada Shebanova 56 C BOYS LEAGUE Piano Solo - Class C2 Teams - 38 Participants - 245 Tournament Champion - St. Michael, Indy White Iris Yan, Teacher Ada Shebanova Piano Solo - Class D1 Tournament Runner-Up - St. Charles Black Campbell Adelsperger, St. Malachy Piano Solo - Class D24th GRADE BASKETBALL LEAGUE Missy Sharp, Hoosier Academy Teams - 32 Participants - 255 Piano Solo - Class E1 Tournament Champion - IHM Royal Katie Petri, Doe Creek Tournament Runner-Up - IHM Blue Piano Solo - Class E2 Hannah Smith, St. Maria Goretti 4th GRADE NATIONAL LEAGUE Piano Solo - Class H1 Teams - 33 Participants - 225 Jessica Sun, Teacher Ada Shebanova Tournament Champion -St. Charles Black Piano Solo - Class H2 Wesley Virt, St. Michael, Greenfield Tournament Runner-Up -St. Susanna Gold


VOCAL RESULTS Small Vocal Ensemble St. Maria Goretti Angels Medium Vocal Ensemble OLMC Raider Jr. High Choir Large Vocal Ensemble OLMC Raider Choir Vocal Solo - Class A1 Sydney Silcox, Nativity Vocal Solo - Class B1 Eva Scherrer, St. Luke Vocal Solo - Class B2 Christiana Mujica, St. Philip Neri Vocal Solo - Class H1 Alice Joson, Bishop Chatard HS Vocal Solo - Class H2 Chelsea Jones, Cardinal Ritter HS Vocal Duet - Class A & B Jenna Boothe & Brooke Sullivan, SMG Vocal Trio - Class B Jenna Boothe, Hannah Smith & Brooke Sullivan, St. Maria Goretti Vocal Quartet - Class B Julia Kurz, Tiger Pluckebaum, Maddie Sheil & Allie Stiffler, Nativity INSTRUMENTAL RESULTS Clarinet Solo - Class B Joel Padgett, St. Thomas Aquinas Clarinet Duet - Class B Catalina Dunasky & Sophie Pearraro, OLMC

Mixed Instrumental Duet - Class B -

Anna Montgomery & Jason Montgomery, OLL

Mixed instrumental Trio - Class B Angelina Bergsma, Maarten Bergsma & David Bergsma, St. Maria Goretti Drum Solo - Class A & B Zach Elcesser, St. Simon Guitar Solo - Class A,B and H1 Nathan Smith, St. Maria Goretti Violin Solo - Class A Jacob Lo, St. Simon Violin Solo - Class B Nathan Lee, St. Simon Vioin Duet - Class A & B Nathan Lee & Kalysta Lee, St. Simon Baritone Solo - Class A & B Anna Ardeleam, St. Susanna Trumpet Solo - Class B Therese Hinkley, St. Maria Goretti French Horn - Class A & B Megan Fisher, St. Susanna Alto Sax Solo - Class A & B Keegan MacDonell, St. Simon Tenor Sax Solo - Class B Clair Hawkins, St. Matthew Flute Solo - Class A & B Emily Haynes, Teacher Sherry VonHarton Large Ensemble - Class B Our Lady of Mount Carmel Small Ensemble - Class A & B Our Lady of Mount Carmel Beginning Band - Class A & B St. Maria Goretti

HONORS MUSIC RECITAL On Sunday, February 17, 2013 the CYO Honors Music Recital was held at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis. The outstanding participants from the Archdiocesan Music Contest held at Bishop Chatard HS on February 9, 2013 performed that evening before an audience of 300 people.

ARCHDIOCESAN SCIENCE FAIR Approximately 500 students took part in their school science fairs

Schools Represented - 16 Participants - 112 7th Grade Biological Science Over-All Winner: Moira Gula, St. Thomas Aquinas 2nd Place: Maggie Peck, St. Joan of Arc Other Winners: Maddie Moores, St. Matthew Jake Welch, St. Thomas Aquinas Anne Ventura, St. Thomas Aquinas 8th Grade Biological Science Over-All Winner: Konrad Bursten, St. Malachy 2nd Place: Emily Getz & Grace Lundy, CTK Other Winners: Sarah Hipksind, St. Pius X Isabel Cavosie, Little Flower 7th Grade Physical Science Over-All Winner: Kate Heiden, St. Jude 2nd Place: Tyler Hicks & Nicholas Plahitko, St. Jude Other Winners: Vinny Romano, St. Barnabas Matt Looney/Harrison Koppenhofer, St. Barn. Grace Murphy, St. Jude Katie Sage, Christ the King Tyler Sylvia, St. Malachy Patrick Rankin, St. Thomas Aquinas 8th Grade Physical Science Over-All Winner: Nathan Batta, St. Louis de Montford 2nd Place : Joseph Eisgruber & Arson Fischer, IHM Other Winner: Bo Sims, OLL

CADET A NATIONAL GIRLS Teams 20 - Participants - 145 Tournament Champion - Nativity Red Tournament Runner-Up - St. Roch Gold

56 C GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Teams - 23 Participants - 165 Tournament Champion - St. Monica Red Tournament Runner-Up- HS Geist Blue

CADET A BOYS VOLLEYBALL Teams -15 Participants - 105 Tournament Champion - St. Luke Royal Tournament Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Gold

4th GRADE GIRLS AMERICAN Teams - 34 Participants - 235 Tournament Champion - St. Simon Silver Tournament Runner-Up - St. Simon White

CADET B AMERICAN GIRLS Teams - 30 Participants - 215 Tournament Champion - St. Simon Blue Tournament Runner-Up - St. Pius X Purple

4TH GRADE GIRLS NATIONAL Teams - 28 Participants - 195 Tournament Champion - St. Jude Black Tournament Runner-Up - St. Jude Gold

CADET B NATIONAL GIRLS Teams - 24 Participants - 175 Tournament Champion - St. Malachy Silver Tournament Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Black CADET B BOYS VOLLEYBALL Teams - 6 Participants - 65 Tournament Champion -St. Barnabas White Tournament Runner-Up -St. Barnabas Maroon CADET C GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Teams - 15 Participants - 115 Tournament Champion - St. Simon White Tournament Runner-Up - St. Luke Gold 56 A NATIONAL GIRLS Teams - 23 Participants - 165 Tournament Champion - St. Roch Gold Tournament Runner-Up - Holy Spirit, Indy Gold 56 A AMERICAN GIRLS Teams - 16 Participants - 130 Tournament Champion - St. Jude Gold Tournament Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Maroon 56 A BOYS VOLLEYBALL Teams - 14 Participants - 115 Tournament Champion - St. Jude Gold Tournament Runner-Up - St. Pius Purple 56 B AMERICAN GIRLS Teams - 33 Participants - 265 Tournament Champion - IHM Royal Tournament Runner-Up - IHM White 56 B NATIONAL GIRLS Teams - 33 Participants - 255 Tournament Champion - St. Roch Gold Tournament Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Silver


56 B BOYS VOLLEYBALL Teams - 9 Participants - 75 CADET A AMERICAN GIRLS Tournament Champion - St. Barnabas Gold Teams - 17 Participants - 125 Tournament Champion - St. Barn. Maroon Tournament Runner-Up - St. Jude Red Tournament Runner-Up - St. Simon Royal


CO-ED H.S. VOLLEYBALL Teams - 12 Participants - 100 Tourney Champion - St. Thomas Aquinas Tourney Runner-Up - St. Roch Blue

WRESTLING WRESTLING TOURNAMENT Teams - 12 Participants - 150 Tournament Champion - SMG Tournament Runner-Up - St. Pius X 3rd Place - Nativity 4th Place - OL of Lourdes 68 lb. - Carson Eldred, St. Maria Goretti 73 lb. - Sam Fair, OL of Lourdes 78 lb. - Logan Bailey, St. Barnabas 84 lb. - Tyce Freije, St. Michael, Indy 90 lb. - Jake Rebein, OL of Lourdes 96 lb. - Kevin Greene, St. Maria Goretti 102 lb. - Dominic Pecoraro, SMG 109 lb. - Hunter Miller, Nativity 117 lb. - Zach Melloh, St. Pius X 125 lb. - Pat Waugh, St. Barnabas 134 lb. - Jackson Garrett, SMG 143 lb. - Ross Boyd, St. Pius X 153 lb. - Satchel Oskins, Nativity 163 lb. - Michael Tutsie, Nativity 175 lb. - Trace Wellman, Nativity 225 lb. - Jacob Obst, St. Maria Goretti 275 lb. - Jack Frey, St. Maria Goretti The 2013 Leo J. Mahoney Attitude Award was awarded to: Dominic Petrone, OL of Lourdes

Winter Activities Report 2012 -2013


spring Activities Report 2013


Kickball CADET GIRLS Teams - 12 Particpants - 150 League Champion- Nativity Red League Runner-Up- St. Roch Blue Div. #1 Champion- Nativity Red Div. #2 Champion- St. Roch Blue 56 GIRLS Teams - 18 Participants - 225 League Champion- St. Roch Blue League Runner-Up- HS Indy, Gold Div. #1 Champion- St. Malachy Grn Div. #2 Champion- HS Indy, Gold Div. #3 Champion- St. Roch Blue 4TH GRADE GIRLS Teams - 33 Participants - 375 League Champion-St. Malachy Grn League Runner-Up- St. Jude Red Div. #1 Champion - St. Malachy Grn. Div. #2 Champion - St. Mark Black Div. #3 Champion - St. Jude Blue Div. #4 Champion - St. Luke White Div. #5 Champion - St. Jude Red

SOFTBALL The league Championship game was played at Roncalli HS CADET GIRLS’ SOFTBALL Teams - 10 Participants - 150 Div. #1 Champion- St. Jude Div. #2 Champion- Holy Spirit, Indy League Champion- St. Jude League Runner-Up- Holy Spirit, Indy

56 GIRLS 50M. Dash- Rebekkaha Guess, St. Monica 100M. Dash- Rebekkaha Guess, St. Monica 200M. Dash- Sydney Ragsdale, St. Michael, Indy 400M. Dash- Sydney Manley, St. Simon 800M. Dash- Ellie Pedersen, St. Simon 1600M. Run- Lucia Perez, St. Maria Goretti 4 x 100 Meter Relay- OL of Mt. Carmel 800 Sprint Medley- St. Barnabas High Jump- Sophia Colmenero, St. Barnabas Long Jump- Olivia Allen, OL of Greenwood Softball Throw- Gretchen Guerrattaz, OLGrnwood

Kickball Throw- Sophia Cecil, St. Roch 4TH GRADE GIRLS 50M. Dash- Hannah Comstock, St. Monica 100M. Dash- Lilly Cadwell, Nativity 200M. Dash- Lilly Cadwell, Nativity 400M. Dash- Isabell Manley, SMG 800M. Dash- Delaney Klee, SLDM 4 x 100M. Relay- St. Simon 800 Sprint Medley - St. Maria Goretti High Jump- Paige Longenecker, St. Thomas Long Jump- Lilly Cadwell, Nativity Kickball Throw- Ella Rasche, OLGrnwood Softball Throw- Sarah Casper, St. Pius X BOYS CADET 100M. Dash- Nicholas Guy, IHM 200M. Dash- Jarrod Stiver, St. Pius X 400M. Dash- Anthony Banayote, CTK 800M. Dash- Brady Harless, St. Luke 1600M. Run- Brady Harless, St. Luke 100M. Hurdles- Satchel Oskins, HS, Indy 4 x 100M. Relay- St. Luke 800 Sprint Medley- Christ the King High Jump- Andrew Mappes, St. Jude Long Jump- Jarrod Stiver, St. Pius X Shot Put- Alec Najem, St. Simon

High Jump- Isaac Vencel, St. Charles Long Jump- Adam Delumpa, OLMC Baseball Throw- Austin Callahan, SMG TEAM RESULTS Individual Class Champions Girls 4th - St. Maria Goretti Girls 56 - St. Simon Girls Cadet- (Tie) OL Greewood & St. Maria Goretti Boys 4th - St. Simon Boys 56 - St. Luke Boys Cadet - St. Luke Overall Team Results Girls Champion - OL Greenwood Girls Runner-Up - St. Simon Girls 3rd Place - St. Maria Goretti Girls 4th Place - St. Charles Boys Champion - St. Luke Boys Runner-Up - St. Simon Boys 3rd Place - St. Charles Boys 4th Place - St. Jude

SOCCER 56 COED LEAGUE Teams - 30 Participants - 400 Champion - St. Malachy Green Runner-up - St. Christopher Red Semi-finalists- St. Matthew Red & St. Michael Grnfld Blue Div. #1 Champion- St. Malachy Green Div. #2 Champion- St. Christopher Red Div. #3 Champion- St. Michael Grnfld Blue Div. #4 Champion- St. Malachy White

CADET COED LEAGUE Teams - 32 Participants - 450 Champion - Mount Carmel Blue Runner-Up- OL Greenwood Gold Semi-Finalists - St. Mark Black & 56 BOYS TRACK & FIELD St. Louis de Montfort Red 50M. Dash - James (JP) Kurlich, SMG Div. #1 ChampionOLMC Gold CYO TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS 100M. Dash - James (JP) Kurlich, SMG Div. #2 ChampionSLDM Red 200M. Dash - James (JP) Kurlich, SMG Div. #3 Champion- OLGrnwood Gold The track and field Championships are 400M. Dash- Patrick Cherry, Ss. Frances & Clare held each year at the Michael A. Carroll 800M. Dash - Matthew Boberg, St. Malachy Div. #4 Champion- St. Mark Black Track Stadium on the IUPUI camous 1600M. Run - Matthew Boberg, St. Malachy BASEBALL 4 x 100M. Relay - St. Monica CADET GIRLS 800 Sprint Medley - OL of Mount Carmel 100M. Dash- Paige Saylor, OLGrnwood High Jump - Ethan Vencel, St. Charles, 7TH GRADE LEAGUE 200M. Dash- Paige Saylor, OLGrnwood Long Jump - Eric Osborn, St. Simon Teams - 6 Participants - 85 400M. Dash- Josie Asher, St. Barnabas Shot Put - Joshua Fryar, St. Mark League Champion- St. Barnabas Red 800M. Dash- Katherine Dombroski, SMG 1600M. Run- Katherine Dombroski, SMG 4TH GRADE BOYS CADET LEAGUE 100M. Hurdles- Jacqueline Kennedy, OLL 50M. Dash - Michael Reynolds, St. Susanna Teams - 21 Participants - 275 4 x 100M. Relay- St. Joan of Arc 100M. Dash - Dan Beckwith, St. Simon Champion - St. Michael, Indy White 800 Sprint Medley- St. Maria Goretti 200M. Dash - Kyle Adams, Holy Spirit Runner-Up - St. Simon Gold High Jump- Rebecca Coan, IHM 400M. Dash - Isaac Vencel, St. Charles Semi-Finalist - Holy Spirit, Indy Green Long Jump- Paige Saylor, OLGrnwood 800M. Dash - Jackson Carlile, SLDM Div. #1 Champion - St. Simon Gold Shot Put- Emma Schmidt, St. Mark 4 x 100M. Relay - St. Monica Div. #2 Champion - HS, Indy Green Kickball Throw- Mallory Whitsett, HS, Indy 800 Sprint Medley- St. Charles Div. #3 Champion- St. Michael Indy White


Volunteer Awards

St. John Bosco Award Tom Hayes Christ the King Sandy Clegg Little Flower

Monsignor Albert Busald Award Jim Kacius Christ the King

Tim Shilson Good Shepherd

Tim Greene Immaculate Heart

Sarah Stevenson

Jason Paul Lueking OL of Mt. Carmel

Gary Reising St. Barnabas

Dan McAllen Pat Spencer

Little Flower

St. Jude

Jim Hayes, Jr.

Brian Paras


St. Luke

Mark Bridges

Kathy Walton Peggy Martin

OL of Greenwood

James Hall Rachel Ayres

St. Malachy

Phil Kenney OL of Lourdes

Mary Jo Reed St. Luke Paul Weaver St. Pius X

Spirit of youth Award

Jesse Cleary John Smith John Hibner

Tyler Butler Christ the King

St. Mark

Richie Conway Good Shepherd

Kevin McNulty Tom Williams St. Matthew

Mary Piwowarski St. Michael, Indy

Steve Dickmeyer Christi Bastnagel Lucia Hardy St. Pius X

Mya Terrell Holy Angels Samantha Smith Katie Schultz Holy Spirit, Indy Nathan Lowe Immaculate Heart

Marty Logan St. Thomas Aquinas

OL of Lourdes

Dominic Nevins Little Flower

Maria Ruiz Coralys Miranda Cameron Powers St. Anthony Delaney Gael Collier Hayle Scanlan St. Mark Brooke Lentz St. Barnabas Daniel Weaver St. Pius X Sergio Samano Casimiro Samano Jordan Keyler St. Gabriel St. Roch Robbie Massing Annie Fleming St. Jude St. Simon Nick Schultz Maddie Hidalgo St. Lawrence Savannah Madden Matthew Perronie St. Thomas Aqu. Christin Rollett St. Malachy

The full list of Volunteer Award winners can be viewed online at under the ‘activities’ tab



program summary 2013


2013 Patrons 99.00

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Joan Margaret Adams Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Albers Brian & Katie Alkire Brian & Jenna Alspaugh Mrs. Jennifer Alvey ‘Red’ Ancelet Therese Andrews Elaine & Lanny Apple Ali & Jay Archer Steve & Patty Armbruster Mr. Charlie Babcock Mary Bakeis Jesse Balcer Katie Baldonado Susan L. Baron-Pannell Mr. Jon D. Bates Jennifer Bayliss Mr. Jack Bayt Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Becher Mrs. Jennifer Bechinski Mr. & Mrs. Steve Beck Ms. Elizabeth Bedwell Mary Jo Bell Mr. Joe Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Bennett Art & Ann Berkemeier Ms. Laura J. Berry Scott & Katie Beverley Mr. Max Bewsey Tom & Kathy Bewsey Mr. Jonathan Birge Kayla Blackburn Melinda Blakesley Mr. Daniel Boehm Joe & Janine Boivin Amy Borgert Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bowles Ms. Denise Boyer Bob & Betty Brabender

Mr. Earl Brinker Frank & Betty Crossland Bob & Maria Galles Kim Brohm Xiomara Cruz Ms. Mary Gault Melissa Brooks Lois Cryder Mr. Charles Gearns Mr. Terry Brown Mr. James Csenar Joe Giacoletti Mr. & Mrs. Leo Buehler Jim & Nellita Cuniffe Mr. John W. Gill Ms. Jean-Marie Burrell Shelly Curtin Lew & Kay Gillespie Gretchen Bush Matthew & Amy Dafforn Christine Gillett Mr. & Mrs. William Buss Matt & Meghan Dagon Joe Gillis Ms. Vicky Butterfield Barbara Demarest & Sons Dr. Mike Glass Mr. Edward Cahill Mr. & Mrs. David Demarest Ms. Haydee Gloria Mr. & Mrs. James Cain Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dezelan Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Gogel Ms. Mary S. Callon The Dillon Family David & Polly Gorden Mrs. Sherry Campbell Michael & Mary Jane Donahue Melanie & Oren Gottlieb Billie J. Carr The Donaldson Family Nola Gregg Mr. Patrick Carter Ms. Louanne Douglass Mr. John Griffin III Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Catton Sally Dryer Katie Grissom Ms. Kathleen Cavanaugh Dr. & Mrs. C.P. Dristas Ms. Carol Gunn Megan Chaille Kathy Ducote Mr. John Haigerty Michael & Bonita Childers Mr. Kevin Duffin Mrs. Kelly Halberstadt Jim & Kathie Church Mrs. Amy Duke Mr. Wil Hampton Gary & Sandra Clark Mr. & Mrs. Steve Duncan Annette Harden Dixie Clark Nicholle Duncan Betty Hards Mr. David Clidence Thomas Elliott Jr. Christy Hartman James & Joan Close Ms. Irene Emery Deann Harvey Cheryl & Jeff Cohee Paul J. Federspiel Peter J. Haslett Doug & Betsy G. Cohn Mr. Mark Fellmeth Ann Hauser Adrienne Cohoat Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ferguson Alfred & Marguerite Heede Mary L. Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Steven Fey Ms. Elizabeth Heidenblut Mr. Patrick Collier Francine Figg Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hermerding Mr. Thomas Collins Corey & Mary Fillip Mr. & Mrs. John T. Hertz Duane & Karen Collins Sean & Megan Finnegan Tim & Cindy Heston Mr. & Mrs. Hans Confer Keric & Amber Fitzgerald Mrs. Victoria Hill Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Connor Brenden & Deneen Fitzgerald Mr. Jeffrey Hinshaw Bryan & Angie Conway Mrs. Elizabeth Flack Ken & Marinell Hinz Mr. Daniel F. Corsaro Scott Fleming & Gina Kuntz Fleming Mr. John Hochstetler Tony & Tina Corsaro Jan Follett Mary C. Hoffman Mandy J. Cothron Mike Fremion Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hofmeister Brad & Eileen Countryman John & Marty Frentz Dan & Lauren Holdcroft Keith & Jennifer Cox Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Gabbei Mike Holtkamp


Jackie Huser Mr. & Mrs. Jay Huser Kim Huser Mr. J. Randy Inman Mr. & Mrs. William Irwin Eric & Maria Jackson Larry & Patty Jacobs Mary & John Jaffe Ms. Lori Jensen Jim & Kay Johnson Mr. & Mrs. James P. Jordan Jennifer Joson Christy Justice Mr. Steve Kavanaugh Joe & Barb Keers Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Kellison Angel Kent, Jen Leitner & Teresa Turner Brent & Karen Kerns John & Ann Kesterson John & Renee Kestler Carmela Kidwell Mr. Brian Kinnaman Mr. Robert Kirkhoff Mr. Daryl Knecht Bob Koers Jonathon Koers Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Kreiner Mr. Daniel Kruse Roberta L. Kuehn Hurst Mr. Ronald Kunkel Mrs. Jenifer Lagomarcino Mr. & Mrs. John Larson Mr. & Mrs. Ed Latour Dennis & Leslie Lauck Kathy Lauer Susan Lay Mike & Debra Lecklider Mr. & Mrs. John Leemhuis Randy & Christina Lewandowski Mr. & Mrs. Michael Link Mona Loft Mr. & Mrs. Paul Looney Mr. & Mrs. Michael Loso Diane Lutz Mr. Richard Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Gerald G. Malone Dave Marren Josephine Marx Ms. Alice M. Mattingly Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Tim McClure Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCormick Angela McDonald Bill & Ginny McGee Tom & Anna McGinty

Mrs. Maureen McGrath Ms. Evelyn Pounds Deana & Rob McGraw Mr. & Mrs. Charles Powers III Mary McGreal Philip & Barbara Prieshoff Margee McHugh Ralph & Cathleen Purcell Mr. & Mrs. Larry McQueary Bob & Mary Quinn Ed & Susan McRoberts Troy & Kelley Ramey Erica McWhorter April Raymer Jack & Candice Mees Aaron & Kathy Reitz Mr. William Merkel Mr. Marty Rhodes Mr. Brett Merritt Kathy & Bob Ripperger Mr. & Mrs. Troy Mezera Mr. & Mrs. Russell Roberts Mr. Patrick D. Miles Mr. & Mrs. James Roberts Robert & Marilyn Miller Mr. Rick Robinson Pamela Miller Mr. David Rodebaugh Thad & Paige Miller Mr. Patrick Roe Joe Miller & Joan Amati Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Roher Mrs. Emily Mitchell Robert & Kathryn Roller Dianne Modleski Bill & Sue Rossetter Todd & Kristin Moistner Kevin Russell Mr. & Mrs. James Molenda Mr. Benjamin Russell Rev. Msgr. Lawrence Moran Mr. Michael Ryan Fr. Joseph Moriarty Mr. Donald Ryan The Moser Family Bill & Debbie Sahm Ms. Paige Muhlenkamp Mr. Michael Sahm & Don & Kathleen Murphy Alicia Christmann Mr. & Mrs. William Murphy Andrea Sandlin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Naughton, Jr. Mr. David Santarossa Mr. William Niezgodski Ms. Michele Sawyer Mr. & Mrs. E. Randolph Noel Mr. & Mrs. John Schaffner Don & Susan Noeller Kurt & Kris Schepers Jeff & Lori Norris Mr. & Mrs. Philip Schluge Jr. Ms. Barbara Nsonwu Larry & Patty Schmalz Ms. Kelley L. O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Donald Schneider Mr. Ted C. O’Donnell Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Schnell Mrs. Donna O’Donnell Mrs. Janet Schnieders Mr. & Mrs. Charles O’Drobinak David & Sue Schnieders Sally Oliphant Mr. & Mrs. Joe Schott Tom Olsinski Wm. R. Schreiner Susan & Don Orr Ann Schroeder Dawn Orr Mrs. Wendy Schwartz Tim & Patty Oskay Donald & Vivian Seaman Jamie Osman Jeff & Kate Sedam Karen & Derek Owen Kathy Seidel Mr. James Owens Joseph T. & Roseanne Sergi Mrs. Lisa Pacheco Christy Shanklin Mr. & Mrs. John Pacilio Mr. Glenn Sheeren Mr. Paul Page Marie Shikany John & Cindy Paligraf Sharon & Karen Shotts Joan Paligraf Kyly Siders Mr. Donald Palla Matt & Annie Sifferlen Mr. Eric Patberg Mary & Caitlin Simpson Michelle Perry Drew Smeltzer Mr. Michael Peterson Mary Theresa Snyder David & Jennifer Peterson Anthony Soller Mr. & Mrs. William Pfeifer Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Soller Bob Phillips Mrs. Suellyn Sorensen


Todd & Michelle Soucie Vicki Spears Patricia Spellacy Mr. William J. Spellman III Don & Carolyn Spencer Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Staab Howard & Ann Stahl Angel Stanton Mr. Thomas Steinmetz Stelzel & MacDonald Families Ryan Sterrett Joseph & Janice Stetzel Michael & Catherine Stevens Ms. Susan Straka Mr. & Mrs. Chris Street Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Struewing Don & Toni Stuhldreher Jnai Stuller Amy Supernaw Mr. Bret Swanson Mark & Kim Tarowsky Mr. David C. Taylor Ms. Shannon Terrell Jessica Thomas Mike & Jennifer Tinder Jerry & Pamela Troxel Christy VanHorn Courtney & Blair Vanvelse Anita Vaughn Sister Rita Ann Wade Ms. Eileen Walters Mr. & Mrs. Paul Warrenfelt Mr. & Mrs. Theodore R. Wasky Yvette Waterman Mr. Tony Watt Jean M. Waugh Ms. Eileen Hession Weiss Mr. Mark Wheatley Mr. Robert White Jennifer White Julie I. Wiesinger Charles & Jeanne Wiles Mary Ann Williams Don & Therea Williams Fred & Stacy Wiltshire Mr. Charles Wirth Colleen Yeadon Jennifer Yeadon Mr. Mark Youngstafel Mark & Heather Zierer

2013 Friends of Youth 100.00-$249.00


Mark & Becky Adolay Ms. Diane Adrian Mr. Luke Age John Ajamie Mary Allen Penny Anderson Ms. Jennifer Andres William & Lisa Arnold David & Pamela Baker Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Baldwin Greg & Linda Bamrick Callie Barnhart & John Lawlor Mrs. Theresa Basciano Mike & Wilma Bauer Mrs. Kristine Becher Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beck Mr. Mark Bedics Mrs. Mary Berry Mrs. Karen Beyer Ms. Eileen Beyer Big 12 Conference Big Ten Conference, Inc. Joan & Michael Bindner Mr. & Mrs. David Blackburn Mr. & Mrs. David Blank Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bourquin Mike Bremer Juanita Briones Ms. Sharon Britton Broderick Basketball Family

Ed & Emily Brown Mr. Marco Cutchin Mr. E. John Fencl Brian & Bernadette Brown Helen P. Dale Mr. Thomas Ferry Jeff Bryan Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dalesandro John & Laura Finke Mr. David C. Burchard Timothy Daley & Family Mrs. Janice Fiori David & Mary Burger Mr. Michael Dalton Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Fish Steve & Carol Burkhardt Jim & Helen Dammann Mrs. Natalie Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Don Byrne John & Colleen Dangler Mike & Peg Fitzgerald Mr. Kevin Callon Tom & JoEllen Dascoli Mr. & Mrs. John W. Fitzgerald Paul & Mariane Cappel Jeff & Lori Daugherty The Flanagan Family Mr. & Mrs. Craig Carr Daum Trucking Inc. Mr. & Mrs. William Fleming, III Mr. Joseph Carter Arthur & Julie Davis Mr. David J. Flohr Lou Castellani John & Mary C. Davis Ms. Jo Ellen Flynn Mrs. Jessica Cecil Carolyn DeHoff Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ford Paul & Amy Chrisco Dr. Vincent Delumpa Mrs. Mary Kelly Forestal Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Claney Dr. Jan Dexter Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fowley Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Clark Tom Douple William D. Freeman Bert & Patricia Clausson Mr. & Mrs. George Dury Mr. Mark Gargula Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Coffey Mr. Michael Eagan Mr. & Mrs. David Gereau Mary Coffey Rex & Barbara Early Rev. Robert Gilday Conference USA Mrs. Jeanne Eck Mr. Michael Gilmore Mr. David Conner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Egold Ms. Beth A. Glynn Mr. Joseph Copple Mr. Frederick Eisele Bill & Donna Goebes Mr. Michael Corcoran Mr. & Mrs. Sam Ellingwood Alfreeda Goff William A. Corsaro & Mrs. Veronica Elmore Darrell & Thecla Gossett Vicki Renfrow Mrs. Linda Elson Great Lakes Valley Conference Mary Craft Kathy & Thom Fairchild Kris & Dana Greene Kroy & Kelley Crofoot Mr. William Fanelli Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Gutzwiller Marybeth & Jim Crossin William & Catherine Farney Susan & Steve Hagopian Cindy & Kevin Cuddihy Bill & Bernice Fehribach J. Thomas & Mary Hall Mr. & Mrs. Edward Curley Leo E. Feldhake Mary Haller


Ms. Marjorie Hamilton Mark & Jennifer Kugar Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Nester Mr. Wm. Michael Smeltzer Jeffrey & Lisa Smirz Ms. Mary Hanlin Dave & Joni Kuhn Lawson & Lisa Newton Marsha Soderholm Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H.atfield Mrs. Jennifer Springborn Lamb Mr. & Mrs. Michael Niehus Douglas & Diane Spaulding Ms. Teresa Hattabaugh Jim & Kathy Lauck John & Laura Noel Mr. Eric Spoo Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Haugh Antoinette Layer Mr. & Mrs. Sean Norton Spotts Family Ms. Sara Hawk Joan Lee Jeff & Mary O’Brien Mr. Joseph Steinmetz Mr. Casey A. Heckman Ms. Janell Lenahan James M. O’Donnell Mr. Frank Steratore Ms. Lucia Heid Mr. Anthony Lewis Paul & Diane Oefinger Jeff & Tricia Stieneker Gerald Hemmelgarn Ms. Candi Liberto Minnesota & Dakota Bill & Jane Stinson Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Hendricks Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Logan Basketball Officials Mr. Bryan Stonecipher Mr. & Mrs. Eugene E. Henn Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Looney Jane E. O’Malia Ms. Sally Stovall Mr. & Mrs. Eric Henn Mr. Brian Loughery The Osborne Family Donna Street Conrad & Marijane Hittle Mr. & Mrs. James W. Loughery Thomas Paligraf & Ms. Shannon Striegel Bob & Elaine Holloway Mr. Andrew J. Loviscek Mary Louise Miller Jess & Peg Stump Horizon League Mr. J. Scott Lowe Mr. & Mrs. Steven Pappas Mr. Justin Sufan Barry & Paula Howard Mrs. Mary Lutes Mr. & Mrs. Tony Pecoraro Mr. John Sullivan Mr. Don Hughett Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Madden Brenda Pfarr Tom Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. James Hummel II Mrs. Amy Magan Jamie Pike Patricia Sullivan Annie & Brian Hunt Dan & Joanne Mages Mr. & Mrs. Steve Pluckebaum Mike & Ann Sullivan Ott Hurrle, Jr. Virginia & Patrick Maher Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pottratz Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sullivan John Huser Bruce & Jean Mason Mr. Michael Pozsgai Paul & Mary Sullivan Indianapolis Fire Jenny Matthews Mrs. Nancy Prather Mr. Paul Susemichel Station #11 A-Shift Mr. Butch Matthews Mr. Terence Quinn Mr. Andy P. Sweck Todd & Harriet Irwin Mr. & Mrs. David Mattingly Ms. Martha Rardin Ms. Karen Swickheimer Mr. Matthew Jacob Ms. Cheryl McAllen Rev. Stephen W. Giannini William L. Sylvester Mr. William Jarosinski Ms. Kari McIntosh Mr. Brad Ringer Mr. Mark Taylor Jockish Flowers Mr. & Mrs. Michael McKay Mr. Joseph Rivelli Mr. John Timothy Jr. Kevin & Lori Johnson Mr. Tom McKeand Mr. Robert Rodriguez Mr. E. J. Tolentino Bill & Joanne Johnson Mr. Randall McMillan Mr. & Mrs. Jack P. Rossman Ms. Christy Vavra Michelle L. Jones Ken & Lynn Meier Mrs. Rosemary Rothkopf Steve & Kay Victor Larry & Colleen Kaelin Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Merritt David & Ann Ruhmkorff Carl & Kathy Wagner Nick Wehlage Dee Kantner & Sonya Gray Mr. & Mrs. Mark Merryman Charlene M. Runge Mr. Richard J. Weimer Mr. & Mrs. Kiernan Keating Mr. & Mrs. David Michau Bret & Caroline Rush Mr. Anthony Wellman Mr. David Kehres Midwest Computer Accessories Mr. G. Richard Russell Mr. Evan Wells Tom & Lori Kennedy Russ & Linda Miller Mr. Peter Rusthoven Toni Wick Phillip & Colleen Kenney Kieron & Courtney Mitchell Walt & Pat Sahm Christopher Wickman Sara Kern Robert & Mary Frances Mohr Bill & Cokie Scheidler Ms. Mary Williams Madonna & Tom Kidwell Mrs. Joan Montgomery Mrs. Patricia Scherschel John & Julie Wood Jim & Sue Kirschner Fran Moran Second Curve Partners Ms. Sarah Wuestefeld Bill & Debbie Kitchin Ms. Kathy Morrison Frank & Trish Sergi Mr. William Yates Mary Ann & Joseph B. Klein Mr. Mark Mowery Dr. & Mrs. Scott Shapiro Mr. & Mrs. Neal Ziliak Kris & Joan Knerr Joan & Tom Mulry Jane Shaw Mrs. Justine Koeberlein Virginia F. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shelburn Mr. James Koers Vincent & Mary Nagy Bill & Kathy Silvey Mark & Lori Kolbus Mr. John Nasser Mr. Joe Simon Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kruse Mrs. Mary Neal Mr. & Mrs. James Slaymon



Associate Members 250.00-$499.00


Elizabeth Alexander Bob & Peggy Elson Mark & Teresa Lubbers Richard & Marilyn Ryan Mr. & Mrs. John Sahm Mike & Elaine Alhand Richard K. & Jo Ann Engel Brian & Carol Madden Mr. William J. Sauer Ms. Melissa Allard Ms. Deborah Felisky Mr. Michael Markowski Dick & Jeanne Schott Chris Amore Mr. & Mrs. Frank Glidden Martha Marshall Mr. Gerald M. Servais Mr. Michael Andrikowich Michele Goodrich Mr. W. Greg McAtee Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Sims Martin & Carol Armbruster Jeff & Leslie Gould Bob McGee Barbara Jo Smith Kenneth & Ginger Betz Mark Hajduch McNulty Real Estate Services Brian & April Smith Joe Bill Rod & Mary Beth Hall Mike & Jackie Mewborn Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Southerland Mrs. Paula Bittelmeyer Dr. & Mrs. Richard Hamburger Bill Michaelis Mrs. Ruth A. Stegemoller Mark & Sue Bohnert Mr. Dennis Haworth Ms. Lynn Murphy Thomas & Judith Steiner Patricia Candler Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hedrick Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Noel Sam & Tara Strohl Mr. Jeffrey Chapman Mr. Steve Heiny Ms. Linda O’Bryan Mr. Hugh R. Sullivan Dr. & Mrs. Larry Clemons Mr. Terence Hickey John & Barb Ockomon Steve & Tina Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Coffey, Jr. Mr. David Hoefflin Paul & Rita O’Connor Jeff & Carol Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Michael Coffey, Sr. Joe & Diane Hollowell Larry & Rita Parsons Family Mr. & Mrs. James Tilson Ms. Mary Catherine Collet Paul & Shayla Holtkamp David & Sandra Pasotti Mr. Patrick Timpe Pat Commiskey Ms. Linda Hurm Ms. Brenda Rose Pence Jim & Kay Troy Context, LLC Aaron & Jill Irwin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Peters Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Tucker Pat Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kennedy Scott & Maureen Peterson Mr. Matthew Vance Mr. & Mrs. Brent D. Cuniffe Ms. Julie Kern Jacqueline Petersson Dr. Melissa Veenhuizen Mr. Robert Delaney Rich & Gail Kidwell Piano Solutions, Inc. Mr. Eric Wahlstrom Mr. & Mrs. Robert Desautels Ms. Molly Kilbane Joe & Marisa Porter Mrs. Melissa Warriner Mr. James Dossman Larry & Jamie Killion Mr. & Mrs. James Putnam Chuck & Jane Weisenbach Steve & Marcy Dowden Mr. Peter Koers Kimberly Quispe Tom & Theresa Weisenbach Kendall & Bridget Duckett Mr. Michael Konrad Joe & Suzanne Rauh Richard & Antoinette Dullaghan Mr. & Mrs. Dan Lareau Mr. David Reitz Pat Duncan Mike & Miki Lewinski Michael Rosner Mrs. Rita Edson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Loughery Mrs. Nancy Russell



Guardian Angels 500.00-$999.00


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Armbruster

Mrs. Elizabeth Flagg

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Lowry

Ed & Cathy Ryan Charles Schisla Mr. Coley Gaynor Bill & Linda Lynch Mr. John Beals Jenny Schnieders Girl Scout Troop 01125 Keith & Pam Martin Jim & Angie Bewsey Mrs. Laurie Ann Schrader Rich & Anita Graves Mr. Joseph Marxer Mr. Andrew Boylan Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Griffin William G. & Theresa Mason Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schultz Mr. Thomas Boyle Dr. Norman Sesi Stephen Hackman Mr. Thomas Maxwell Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Breen Ms. Kathleen Sites Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hagemann Mr. Vincent Meyers Ms. Sheila Brewer Christy Speitel Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hammerschmitt Mr. Stephen Miner Mr. Christopher Burcham Chuck & Debbie Hasbrook Mr. & Mrs. John Molloy Mr. & Mrs. William L. Spellman Mr. Tom Callon The Thomas Staab Family Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Heazeltine Ms. Teresa Morton Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Capo Mr. Anthony Sullivan Mr. David Hennon Mr. & Mrs. Jim Moylan Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cassinelli Tim & Jeanie Sullivan Mr. Chris Holewinski Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Mueller Mrs. Laura Chesebrough Mr. Kayser Swidan Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hughes Jim & Sue Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Clark Ed & Kathy Tinder Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Jeffers Anne Murphy Trish & Derry Condon Mr. & Mrs. Dan Thompson Larry & Joan Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Craig Myers Joe & Andee Corsaro Susie & Rick Thornburg Mr. Todd Jordan Mark A. & Janice Newbold Ms. Catherine Cox Tinder Co LLC Mr. Thomas Kaehr Jim & Jeanne Norton Mr. & Mrs. Bill Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Jim Tolin Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Keever Mrs. Cathy Papesh CSO Architects Mr. Thomas Totten Mike & Julie Keller Ms. Susan Patton Geraldine Darroca Mr. Brian Treece Mr. & Mrs. Leo Kiemeyer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Pearson Dick Deitchman & Bea Eckert Bob & Mary Pat Tully Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber Rebecca Peters Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dodson Mr. Brian Urbanski & Paul Kirchgraber Tim & Katie Peterson Downtown Optimist Foundation Mr. Fredrick Wesling Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kirk Mr. Kevin C. Potter Bruce Evans & Wishing Well Fund, Inc. Mike & Eleanor Kolbus Brad & Laura Rhoade Loretto Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Fagan

Tim & Colleen Kuehr

Mr. Daniel J Riley

Mr. Scott Farrar

Mr. Robert Lee Jr.

Angela Romano

Dan & Amy Fillenwarth

Annette “Mickey” Lentz

Robert L. Ross



Bosco Society 1,000.00 - $4,999.00


A & F Engineering Co. Ms. Nancy Abbott Ball-So-Hard Basketball Tournament David & Billie Bankoff Beck Service Center Tim & Elaine Bewsey Mr. & Mrs. W Patrick Bruen II Caito Foods Service, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Caltrider Mr. Joseph Cathcart Cathedral High School Bishop Chatard High School Timothy & Melanie Coady Bruce & Jeanne Conner Greg & Susie Corsaro Paul & Becky Corsaro Paul & Fran Corsaro Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Corsaro David & Kelly Day Leslie & Jim Deitchman Duke Realty Corporation Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Elliott Ermco Ed & Val Fillenwarth Tim & Pat Foley Mr. Brian Freyberger William E. Gervasio John & Stacy Gibbons Kathleen & Donald Graham Mrs. Nancy Haas Wayne & Mary Heisig

Abigail Hohmann Rick & Mimi Huck Huntington Bank Mr. & Mrs. Robert Huser Barbara J. Huser Indianapolis Fruit / Piazza Produce Mr. Nick Jarnagin Jim & Carol Jenks Rose A. Johnson Ms. Carol Karp Katz, Sapper & Miller Kennedy Tank & Manufact. Co. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kirch Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Koors Kreg Therapeutics Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kucer Joe & Amy Kuntz William A. & Martha Kuntz Mrs. Theresa Lawrence Mr. David Lewis Mr. Richard P. Lux, Jr. Mr. Thomas Malasto Managepoint, LLC Marian University Michael & Janet McCaslin Hugh & Jeanmarie McGowan McGowan Insurance Group, Inc. Dr. John P. McGrath Ph. D Meyer Najem Corp. Tom & Kathleen Miller

Mitchell, Hurst, Dick & McNelis, LLC Noel-Symser Engineering Corp. Mr. Ralph G. Nowak Mrs. Karen Oberting Mr. Michael Ososki Mr. David Page Pinnacle Partners, Inc. Bernie Price Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pruitt Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ray Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Reed Roncalli High School Kathy Russell Ryan Fire Protection, Inc. Ed Sahm Jim & Theresa Sapp Schaefer Technologies, INC. Mr. Donald Snemis Somerset CPA’s, P.C. Tom & Barbara Sponsel Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Stone Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Philip Taylor Mrs. Julie Tindall John Daniel Tinder Jack & Ann Vannice Dr. Robin Wagner Ms. Robyn Werner Mr. Joseph Wood Mr. Matthew Zimpfer Zinkan & Barker Development Co.

CYO is now accepting donations online through our website. Please visit to danate online today! If you would like information about other ways to give to the Catholic Youth Organization or are interested in including CYO in your planned giving program, please contact Ed Tinder, Executive Director at (317) 632-9311 or email him at Thank You!



visionaries 5,000.00 +


Mr. Tim Almack Dr. Henry U. Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Caito Matt & Jan Cohoat Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Corsaro David & Kelly Day Indianapolis Colts

Mr. & Mrs. David Leising Lilly Endowment Inc. Mike & Angi McNelis Mr. & Mrs. Tim C. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Dave Petroff Mr. & Mrs. David Prechtel Ms. Diane Stenson

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Sterrett Mr. & Mrs. Pat Sullivan St. Vincent Sports Performance Mrs. Deborah Flanagan Tobias Mr. & Mrs. Fred Tucker III Mr. William Witchger Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Zinkan

Other Designated Funds Ryan Patrick Condon Campership Fund Brian & Katie Alkire indianapolis David & Billie Bankoff Trish & Derry Condon

Center-City Financial Assistance Fund Mrs. Karen Oberting

catholic youth organization

In-Kind Donations Indianapolis Fruit/ Dick’s Sporting Goods Piazza Produce Mike & Eleanor Kolbus Wood Wind Golf Club Frito Lay Indianapolis Colts


RATE PARTN O P ER R O 2013-2014 S C


y ears s t ro n g A&F Engineering Co., LLC

Commercial Finishing Corporation

Jobsite Supply

Piano Solutions

Beck Service Center

Distribution Management Assoc. Inc.

Katz Sapper & Miller

Pinnacle Partners

Becknell Industrial

Duke Realty Corporation

Kennedy Tank & Mfg. Co., Inc.

Premier Sign Group Roncalli High School

Beltrame Leffler

Dury Investment Group

Laser Business Forms

Bingham Greenebaum Doll, LLP

Enviro-Max, Inc.

The Loughery Family

Ryan Fireprotection

Bishop Chatard High School


Managepoint, LLC

Sahm's Restaurant & Catering Schaefer Technologies, Inc.


F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co., Inc.

Marian University

Kathy & Joe Caito

Guerin Catholic High School

McGowan Insurance Group, Inc.

Somerset CPAs, P.C.

Caito Food Service, Inc.

Huntington National Bank

Meyer-Najem Construction

Southeastern Supply

Cannon IV, Inc.

Indianapolis Colts

Mitchell Hurst Dick & McNelis, LLC

St. Vincent Sports Performance

Cathedral High School

Indianapolis Fruit/ Piazza Produce

Noel-Smyser Engineering Corp.

Sullivan Hardware

Cohoat & O’Neal Golf Management

Nick Jarnagin

The Peterson Companies, LLC

Zinkan & Barker Development Co.


75 years

s t ro n g




Memorials & Tributes

Larry Bakeis Mary Bakeis Alan Bell & Jeffrey Bell Mary Jo Bell John Bissmeyer Susie & Rick Thornburg Mary Chiplis Jim & Sue Kirschner Ryan P. Condon Trish & Derry Condon John & Barb Ockomon

Kathleen & Donald Graham Mark Hajduch Josephine Marx Tom & Anna McGinty Ed & Cathy Ryan Mr. & Mrs. John Sahm Second Curve Partners Michael & Catherine Stevens Steve & Tina Sullivan Mr. John Timothy Jr.

Danny & Maggie Corsaro Joe & Andee Corsaro Mrs. Betty Ann Countryman Jack & Ann Vannice

Dan Cunningham Maggelina Marie Corsaro Joe Miller & Joan Amati Elaine & Lanny Apple Art & Ann Berkemeier Deceased CYO priests Mr. Jonathan Birge Don & Kathleen Murphy Jeff Bryan Gary & Sandra Clark Mr. Robert DeHoff Tony & Tina Corsaro Carolyn DeHoff Paul & Fran Corsaro Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Corsaro Elsie J. DesJean William A. Corsaro & Vicki Renfrow Dr. Mike Glass Frank & Betty Crossland Daum Trucking Inc. Pat Deitchman Mr. & Mrs. David Demarest Leslie & Jim Deitchman Barbara Demarest & Sons Sally Dryer Rev. John P. Elford Scott Fleming & Gina Kuntz Fleming Dr. & Mrs. Larry Clemons John and Marty Frentz Vincent & Mary Nagy


Rick Elson, Sr. & Frank Lauck Mrs. Linda Elson Lou Erickson Paul & Diane Oefinger

James Flanagan The Flanagan Family Nula A. Harmon Donald & Vivian Seaman

Susie Kirkhoff Richard & Jo Ann Engel Mr. Art Koebel Mrs. Mary Berry Mr. & Mrs. William F. Kuntz William A. & Martha Kuntz William F. Kuntz Mr. & Mrs. Harold F. Kennedy Madonna & Tom Kidwell

Ott Hurrle, Sr. Ott Hurrle, Jr.

Bill & Hank Kuntz Greg & Susie Corsaro Joe & Amy Kuntz

Brian K. Johnson Bill & Joanne Johnson

Mr. Theodore H. Labus Elizabeth Alexander

Fran & Bill Kennedy McHugh Family Members Margee McHugh Kathy & Thom Fairchild John R. Newbold Mr & Mrs. Dick Kidwell Mark A. & Janice Newbold Rich & Gail Kidwell Jerry Kidwell Carmela Kidwell Charles Kinley & Margaret Kinley Glant Robert & Kathryn Roller

Chuck O’Donnell Mrs. Donna O’Donnell David P. O’Malia Jane E. O’Malia Mr. Phil Paligraf David & Pamela Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Caito Mr. & Mrs. Steve Beck Angel Stanton Cheryl & Jeff Cohee Big 12 Conference Stelzel & MacDonald Families Mr. William Sahm & Doug & Betsy G. Cohn Big Ten Conference, Inc. Mr. Frank Steratore Mr. William Kuntz Kroy & Kelley Crofoot Mr. & Mrs. David Blank Joseph & Janice Stetzel Mr. Michael Corcoran Cindy & Kevin Cuddihy Broderick Basketball Family Anita Vaughn Charles Schisla The Dillon Family Melissa Brooks Mary Ann Williams Mr. & Mrs. David Gereau Billie J. Carr Mark & Heather Zierer Major Schnieders Melanie & Oren Gottlieb Michael & Bonita Childers Jeff & Mary O’Brien Tom Roberts Jeff & Leslie Gould James & Joan Close Jenny Schnieders Bob & Peggy Elson Susan & Steve Hagopian Conference USA Michelle L. Jones Xiomara Cruz Mrs. Barbara Rock Patricia Scrogham Kennedy Tank & Manufact. Co. Lois Cryder Mr. & Mrs. Michael Coffey, Sr. Steve and Patty Armbruster Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Koors Timothy Daley & Family Mark & Jennifer Kugar Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dezelan Carol Roembke Mike & Debra Lecklider Tom Douple Dominic & Betty Sergi William & Lisa Arnold Joan Lee Alfreeda Goff Frank & Trish Sergi Scott & Katie Beverley Diane Lutz Great Lakes Valley Conf. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bowles Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCormick Nola Gregg Karen Smeltzer Mrs. Amy Duke Bob McGee Horizon League Mr. Wm. Michael Smeltzer Lew & Kay Gillespie Russ & Linda Miller Dee Kantner & Sonya Gray Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hermerding Jeff & Lori Norris Angel Kent, Jen Leitner Mr. & Mrs. Michael Coffey, Sr. Indianapolis Fire The Osborne Family & Teresa Turner Station #11 A-Shift Joan Paligraf Brent & Karen Kerns Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kirch Karen Smeltzer, Ben Harris, John & Cindy Paligraf John & Renee Kestler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mayer & Patricia Quinn Price Thomas Paligraf & Dave & Joni Kuhn Mr. & Mrs. Sean Norton Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Griffin Mary Louise Miller Mr. & Mrs. Ed Latour Mary & Caitlin Simpson Mr. Donald Palla Susan Lay Mary Theresa Snyder Mr. Tom Spellacy Bob Phillips Bruce and Jean Mason Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Staab Patricia Spellacy Mr. David Rodebaugh Robert & Marilyn Miller The Thomas Staab Family Dr. & Mrs. Scott Shapiro Pamela Miller Paul & Mary Sullivan Douglas & Diane Spaulding Todd & Kristin Moistner Katherine E. Svarczkopf Jerry & Pamela Troxel Mark & Kim Tarowsky Mr. & Mrs. William Murphy Dan & Lauren Holdcroft Ms. Eileen Hession Weiss Lawson & Lisa Newton Sara Kern Fred and Stacy Wiltshire Mrs. Josephine Pich Don & Susan Noeller Mike & Peg Fitzgerald Minnesota & Dakota Nancy Tucker Julia Ross Larry & Jamie Killion Basketball Officials Robert L. Ross Chuck & Debbie Hasbrook Fran Moran Sally Oliphant Mr. Fred Tucker III Mrs. Nancy Prather Susan & Don Orr Joan Ruhmkorff Spotts Family Karen & Derek Owen David & Ann Ruhmkorff Paul Wagner Michelle Perry Carl & Kathy Wagner Jack Price Troy & Kelley Ramey C. Joseph Russell Rose A. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Russell Roberts John Daniel Tinder Mr. Jim Weimer McNulty Real Estate Mr. & Mrs. James Roberts Mr. Richard J. Weimer Bernie Price Kathy Sauer Mrs. Janet Schnieders Mr. William J. Sauer Wm. R. Schreiner Gobby Williams Ann Schroeder William Pruitt Jess & Peg Stump William S. Sahm, Sr. Sharon & Karen Shotts Jim & Kathie Church Mark & Teresa Lubbers Barbara Jo Smith Walt & Pat Sahm Tom Yaggi Vicki Spears Anna Roberts Mike & Angi McNelis Don & Carolyn Spencer ‘Red’ Ancelet


Catholic Youth Organization 580 East Stevens StREET Indianapolis, IN 46203-1737


indianapolis catholic youth organization


Pa rt o f yo u r l i f e

y ears s t ro n g


. . . a l l yo u r l i f e

Be the best you can be within the framework God has given you and

help others to do the same 2 0 1 2 - 2 0 1 3 c yo a n n u a l r e p o rt

2012-2013 Annual Report  
2012-2013 Annual Report